Headstone Transcriptions

Boraning (Marling Cemetery

Transcribed by Lorraine Larment
From photographs taken by Lorraine and Blue Larment

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COWCHER,Adelaide Leah Asseneth. 30 July 1982. 79 years. Wife of Harold. Mother of Brian, Keith, Colin, Doris, Kevin, Mary and Kaye.
COWCHER, Arnold. 18 September 1953. aged 50 years. Husband of Diana. Eldest son of Staniford and Harriet.
COWCHER, Catherine (Katie). 9 September 1911. Aged 6 1/2 years. Daughter of Henry and Ellen.
COWCHER, Charles Henry. 23 October 1916. Aged 58 years. Born 29 Jul 1858.
COWCHER, Colin. 11 November 1932. Aged 2 months. Son of H and A Cowcher.
COWCHER, Doris Eileen. 26 Jan 2003 aged 93 years. Born 21 August 1909. Wife of Thomas, mother of Patricia, Wendy and Timothy.
COWCHER, Ellen. 16 May 1940. Aged 79 years. Wife of Henry, mother of Harold.
COWCHER, Ellie Josephine. 25 June 1984. Aged 82 years. Wife of William, mother of Neil, Willie, Bruce, Max, Kath and Geoff.
COWCHER, Edward, 18 October 1940. Aged 74 years. Husband of Rose.
COWCHER, Ernest Augustus. 5 September 1962. Aged 87 years 3 months. Husband of Frances. Father of George.
COWCHER, Frances Emily. 13 April 1986. Aged 76 years. Wife of Ernest, mother of George.
COWCHER, George Francis Stanyford. 1 January 2005. Born 28 January 1929. Husband of Betty, father of George, Kerry and Corinne, Grandfather of StJohn, Alex and Emily.
COWCHER, George Stanyford Francis. 4 August 1925. Aged 71 years.
COWCHER, Harold Stanyford. 17 March 1964. Aged 62 years. Husband of Addie, father of Brian, Stan, Keith, Doris, Kevin, Mary and Kaye.
COWCHER, Harriet. 10 June 1961. Born 14 Jul 1869. Wife of Stanyford Spurling, mother of John, Arnold and Tom.
COWCHER, Henry. 26 January 1927. Aged 66 years. Husband of Ellen, father of Harold. Brother of JE and SS Cowcher.
COWCHER, Horace. 8 March 1930. Aged 33 years. Son of RL and R Cowcher, brother of William Augustus, Lancelot and Vernon.
COWCHER, John Edward. 29 January 1941. Aged 84 years. Husband and father.
COWCHER, John Stanyford. 22 October 1901. Aged 4 weeks. Son of Harriet and Stanyford.
COWCHER, Kevin Harold Lavender. 1 April 1988. Aged 49 years. Husband of Ann, father of Francine, Daryl, Stephen, Raelene, Stuart, Vicki and Darren. Poppy of Rebecca.
COWCHER, Lancelot Stanyford. 11 December 1978. 72 years. Son of Robert and Ruth, brother of Horace, Willie, Gus and Vern.
COWCHER, Louisa. 20 April 1944. Aged 81 years. Wife of John Edward.
COWCHER, Patricia. 5 November 1942. Aged 2 years. Daughter of Doris and Tom, sister of Wendy and Timothy.
COWCHER, Robert Lancelot. 26 August 1950. Aged 79 years. Husband of Ruth, father of Willie, Gus, Lance, Vernon and Horace (dec)
COWCHER, Ruth. 7 October 1961 aged 90. Wife of Robert Lancelot, mother of Willie, Gus, Lance, Vernon and Horace (dec).
COWCHER, Stanyford Spurling. 21 December 1938. Aged 74 years 11 months. husband of Harriett, father of Arnold and Tom.
COWCHER, Theodore Barber. 15 July 1947. Aged 74 years. Brother of Robert.
COWCHER, Thomas Spurling. 9 August 1982. Aged 74 years. Husband of Doris, father of Patricia, Wendy and Timothy. Born 30 October 1907.
COWCHER, Vernon Alfred John Stanyford. 20 April 1982. 72 years. Son of Robert and Ruth, brother of Horace, Willie, Gus and Lance.
COWCHER, William. 8 May 1934, Aged 5 years 1 month. Son of WG and EJ Cowcher, brother of Neil, Bruce, Max and Kath.
COWCHER, William George. 16 June 1978. Aged 80 years. Husband of Ellie, father of Neil, Willie, Bruce, Max, Kath and Geoff.

FLETCHER, Alice M.A.G. 1910.
FLETCHER, Alma. M.M.E. 1910.
FLETCHER, Jane. 17 May 1931. Aged 65 years. Mother.
FLETCHER, Mary. 26 August 1928. Aged 104 years. Sister.
FLETCHER, Richard. 27 November 1943. Aged 84 years. By his Daughter.
FLETCHER, Sydney. 2 August 1935. Father of Max and Dick. Born 3 August 1902.

LAVENDER, Annie Gemini. 29 July 1947. Aged 72 years. Wife of William, mother of Ernest, Ethel, Florence (dec), George (dec), Elsie and Ray
LAVENDER, Catherine. 23 October 1921 aged 85 years. By her Children.
LAVENDER, Ernest. 1 October 1959 aged 63 years. Husband of Thelma, father of Ross.
LAVENDER, George Edward. 2 January 1941. Aged 38 years. Son of William and Annie, brother of Ernest, Ethel, Florence and Elsie. Born 16 January 1903.
LAVENDER, John Henry. 23 July 1957. Aged 90 years.
LAVENDER, Kristopher William. 6 January 1982. Aged 38 minutes. Son of Ross and Mary.
LAVENDER, Margaret. Daughter of Catherine and William.
LAVENDER, Mary Anne. 2 January 1945. Aged 87 years.
LAVENDER, Thelma Williams. 8 October 1972. Aged 69 years. Wife of Ernest, mother of Ross/
LAVENDER, Thomas. 13 April 1964. Aged 102 years.
LAVENDER, William. 1 April 1908. Aged 81 years. Husband of Catherine.
LAVENDER, William. 30 May 1936. Aged 71 years. Husband of Annie G, father of Ernest, Ethel, George and Elsie.
LAVENDER, William Ross. 20 April 1994 aged 48 years. Born 28 January 1946. Husband of Mary, father of Kristopher (dec) and Natarsha.

POLLARD, Clarence Augustus. 27 September 1947. Aged 76 years. Husband of Matilda.
POLLARD, Lennard Michael. 10 February 1915. Aged 3 years. Son of CA and MM Pollard.
POLLARD, Matilda. 13 May 1956. Aged 83 years. Wife of Clarence Augustus.

ROBINS, J E. 1 April 1917. Aged 41 years.

WALDOCK, Charles Aubrey. 17 May 1965. Aged 72 years. Husband of Ciss.
WALDOCK, Florence. 29 March 1933. Aged 32 years. Wife of Harding, mother of Ray.
WALDOCK, Rose. 22 June 1943. Aged 45 years. By husband and family.
WARREN, Emma. 27 July 1936. Aged 77 years. (with Joseph)
WARREN, Joseph. 3 May 1927. Aged 65 years. (with Emma)
WILLIAMS, Geoffrey. 1923.

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