Headstone Transcriptions

Nardie Cemetery

Transcribed by Lorraine Larment
From photographs taken by Marylin and Steve Jones

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CHITTY , George Edward, son of the above, fell in action in France, June 13, 1918, aged 25 years, (with Mary)
CHITTY , Mary Elizabeth, our dear mother, beloved wife of James, died March 19, 1919, aged 72 years, (with George) in same plot as Keith and Daphne Ferguson
CLARKSON , R. S., died 1 March 1874, beloved daugher of Dr A and Ann Green, (with S. M. H. Green)
COOLEY , Alvin Augustus, who died 30 May 1879, aged 26 years 10 months
CRAMPTON , Bernard Lee, who died October 9, 1893, aged 54 years

DEACON , Ethel Annie, our dear sister, who fell asleep, 28 December 1932, beloved wife of Albert E. Deacon, fond mother of Carol, and affectionate friend of Doris C. Turner, aged 50 years: Erected by her loving sisters

FERGUSON , Alexander, (Sandy), who departed this life 15 April 1858 (with Christina) (weathered sandstone)
FERGUSON , Christina, (with Alexander) + plaque 'To commemorate the Colonies 150th Anniversary; Erected by their descendants'
FERGUSON , Daphne Joy, passed away March 16, 1922, aged 3 years, (with Keith)
FERGUSON , Keith Milroy, died 12 June 1921, aged 8 weeks, (with Daphne Joy) in same plot as George and Mary Chitty

GILES , John Street, died 14 April 1911, aged 78 years
GREEN , Ann Elizabeth, 'Nancy', wife of Dr Alfred Green, born London 21 August 1811, died Toodyay 25 August 1867, the eldest daughter of James Woodward Turner and the widow of Captain James McDermott
GREEN , S. M. H., died 1 September 1916, (with R. S. Clarkson)
GROWSE , A. E., born 20 December 1831, died 2 November 1877, (with A S Growse)
GROWSE , A. S., died 31 May 186, aged 15 months (with A E Growse)
GROWSE , Phoebe H. G., born 2 June 1836, died 17 April 1931

HUSSEY , Bertram Fowler, (with Mary) - no details
HUSSEY , Bertram,loved husband of May, died 17 January 1923, aged 55 years; Wesche* Hussey
HUSSEY H, Mary Elizabeth La Roche, (with Bertram Fowler Hussey) - no details

LLOYD , Catharine, our dearly loved mother, beloved wife of Joseph M. Lloyd, died 26 April 1927, aged 81 years
LLOYD , Charles, who departed this life 23 April 1910, aged 73 years; Erected by his wife and children
LLOYD , Jane, beloved wife of the late Charles, died 11 September 1914, aged 72 years; Erected by her loving daughters
LLOYD , Joseph Morris, beloved husband of Catharine, died 7 July 1932, aged 87 years, headstone broken

MCDERMOT , Charles Simeon*, beloved husband of Marjory, and father of Veronica, Peter and John, who died 26 August 1951, aged 63 years, own headstone, in family plot
MCDERMOTT , Lewis. 12 Jun 1884 - 22 May 1962
MCDERMOTT , Anna Louisa, died 3 March 1929, aged 68 years, (with James T. M.) in family plot
MCDERMOTT , Charles David, loving husband of above, died 24 August 1928, aged 67 years; Erected by his loving children, (with Jane) in family plot
MCDERMOTT , Hannah Jane, beloved wife of James, died 22 November 1888, aged 54 years, own headstone, in family plot
MCDERMOTT , Harold George, our dear son, who died 12 June1904, aged 12 years 3 months and 3 weeks, own headstone, in family plot
MCDERMOTT , James T. M., died 28 March 1922, aged 59 years 7 months, (with Anna) in family plot
MCDERMOTT , James, who died 23 November 1910, aged 75 years 10 months, own headstone, in family plot
MCDERMOTT , Jane, died 24 December 1926, aged 63 years; Erected by her loving children, (with Charles) in family plot
MCDERMOTT , John Hubert, who departed this life 24 March 1916, aged 23 years, own headstone, in family plot
MEREDITH , Benjamin Richard, late 16th Batt. AIF, died 7 October 1938, aged 65 years; Erected by Jesse and Alice
MILLARD , Sarah, his wife, died 31 August 1900, in her 88th year (with Thomas)
MILLARD , Thomas Edny*, died 6 March 1890, aged 77 years, (with Sarah)

SHERIDAN , Burdett, dearly beloved wife of James L. V. Sheridan, who died 24 January 1914, aged 25 years

TWINE , Henry James, born 28 May 1841, died 23 June 1913, aged 72 years, (with Sarah)
TWINE , Henry James, died 20 December 1876, aged 12 years, (with Laura) in Twine family plot
TWINE , James, beloved husband of the above, who died 8 November 1905, aged 92 years, (with Mary) AVR for month plaque: 'arrived in Australia from England 27.1.1833 on HMS Cygnet, settled in Toodyay 1840's, James a leading pastoralist for his time, Est 'Newgain' and 'Maisemore' properties; This plaque dedicated by their decendants in 1994
TWINE , Laura Ann, died 19 April 1895, aged 13 years and 9 months, (wih Henry) in Twine family plot
TWINE , Mary, (nee Sturgess), who died 16 November 1885, aged 75 years, (with James)
TWINE , Sarah Hannah, wife of the above (Henry James), born 18 July 1846, died 28 April 1907, aged 60 years, in Twine family plot

WHITFIELD , Ann E., died 1924 - aged 91 (with Geo., Cyril and Percy)
WHITFIELD , Cyril, infant (with Geo., Ann and Percy)
WHITFIELD , Elizabeth, born 23 April 1820, died 30 March 1873, (with Mary)
WHITFIELD , Evelyn Mary, beloved wife of J O G Whitfield, who died 9 September 1916, aged 41 years
WHITFIELD , Geo. M., died 1891 - aged 75 (with Ann, Cyril and Percy)
WHITFIELD , Jane, died July 1927
WHITFIELD , Mary, born June 1844, died 25 July 1848, (with Elizabeth)
WHITFIELD , O C G, Major WX32641, NWAR 30.11.1996, age 81; dearly beloved husband of Kathleen, father of Kerry and Kim, at gate (with Evelyn)
WHITFIELD , Percy, infant (with Geo., Ann, and Cyril)

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