Headstone Transcriptions

Recorded Events
Taken from the Narrogin Observer
From 1911 to 1915

Extract from the Narrogin Review published in 1936.

I have made every effort to be as accurate as possible. If you find any errors, please

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J. Clark sells Livery Stables to L. Whitford and J. Myers.
Death of Mr. A. H. Trefort.
Professor Lowrie recommends sale of State Farm.
14-Mile Brook Hall opened on March 15.
Father Phelan transferred to Dardanup.
Dean Brennan, of Boulder, appointed Parish Priest.
Mr. A. W. Manning starts business.
Narrogin Rifle Range - new site selected.
Building trade extremely brisk.
Dalgety & Co. opens Branch (J. E. Clayton agent).
Wheat yield for 19107= million bushels.
Send-off to George Wilson, manager Trading Co.
Dr. D. W. H. Mackie commences practice.
Mr. E. B. Johnston (Labour) returned for Williams-Narrogin, defeating the sitting member Mr. G. S. F. Cowcher and Capt. Sale.
Trains scheduled to run on Wickepin line on May 1.
Letter from Sir John Forrest intimating that new post office should be erected t a cost of £2300.
Agitation for Wickepin-Merredin railway.
Turf Club resuscitated under name of Picnic Race Club: A. E. Hardie President, A. H. Morrell secretary, and Committee J Barron, Bedwell, Dr. Lewis, J. Mann, G. A. Purdy A. C. N. Olden, E. Waddell, R. McDonald, R. McDonald. R C. Baird. J. E. Chipper, Facey, C. F. Mitchell, F. W. Floyed, J. Fox and Robson.
Council's new water cart creates a stir.
Cornwall Buildings erected; B. H. Dodds, architect; J, H. Brown, contractor. Elder Shenton & Co. (Elder. Smith) commence business.


Narrogin Polo Club; Dr. J. B. Lewis, President; A. E. Hardie, Hon. Sec.
Elder, Shenton & Co. opens under management of R. P. Buckland. (LaterElder, Smith & Co.).
New tennis courts opened opposite State School.
W. F. Wiese markets 2,000 bags of oats.
Strong deputation re Narrogin-Armadale railway proposal.
Departure of Captain J. J. Sale.
Referendum re Electric Light Scheme: For 60, Against 5. In favour of Municipality, 5; Against, 57.
Rechabite Hail destroyed by fire.
M. Brown, W. L. Graham. E. Kealley and Cullen contest for South-East Province; Cullen victor.
Farewell to Rev. Kennedy.
Departure of R. C. Baird, manager State Farm.
Death of F. H. Piesse.
Departure of Rev. Davis, Rector.
Death of W. Graham, "Torbling."
Council asked to take control of Recreation Reserve.
Conference of District Road Boards re contribution to Narrogin Hospital.
Tenders invited in Perth for purchase of Flour Mill. (None received).
Narrogin suggested as site for State Implement Factory.
Referendum re Sunday Football: For, 121; Against, 166.
Complimentary Dinner to Mr. W. E. C. Moss; 75 present, out of whom only 14 are at present living in Narrogin.
Offer of ten shareholders of Narrogin Flour Mill to purchase all paid up shares at 35/- each accepted. Purchasers were M. Brown, T. P. O'Connor, J. E. Clayton. W. Cornwall, S. S. Cowcher. J Barron,T. Lavender, H. J. Rintoul, W. F. Andrews and S. Connor.
Trading & Agency Co. shops destroyed by fire.
Conference of district local governing bodies favour Government control of hospital.
Harvest estimate of 9,389,804 bushels of wheat from 774,517 acres, averaging 12.1- double that of previous season.
Departure of Mr. A. H. Morrell, Clerk of Courts.


Scarcity of houses.
Transfer of Mr. C. F. Annear, postmaster; Mr. H. L Ottaway appointed to vacancy.
Death of Mr. J. C. N. Fisher, founder of Wickepin settlement.
G. A Purdie sells out to C. Jamieson.
Rev. L. Trevor new Rector.
Tender of Great Southern Flour Mills accepted for Electric Light concession.
Senator Pearce visits Narrogin.
State public debt £25,500,000.
Complimentary Dinner to Mr. L. M. Cohen, Senr.
Mr. Charles W. Treasure appointed manager of State Farm.
Wheat. 3/4 per bushel; oats, l/10d.
Yilliminning Kondinin railway opened.
E. Kealley wins first Municipal Garden Competition.
First Inaugural Flower Show a marked success.
Hotham Railway opened.
Sudden death of Mr. J. Chipper.
Fremantle Wool Sales up to lld. per lb.


Wheat yield for Western Australia 13,869,006 bushells
10th Light Horse, encampment at Narrogin comprising 327 men and 227 horses.
Mr. T. H. Bath, Minister for Lands, visits the district.
Narrogin State Farm takes the name of Farm School.
Dedication carried out by Wheat Commissioner G. L. Sutton Principal: Mr. Southern.
Mr. T. A Hardie elected President of Agricultural Society.
Mr. C. A. Piesse returned for South-East Province.
District Council of Primary Producers' Association formed; A C. N. Olden President, E S. Hall Secretary.
Death of Hon. C. A. Piesse; Mr. G. M. Sewell, of Pingelly, elected to vacancy.
Drought conditions, chaff sold at exceptionally high rate.
War declared.
Narrogin State School overcrowded.
Mr. E. B. Johnston defeats Mr. Sol Fisher for Williams-Narrogin seat.
"Narrogin Observer" removed to premises now occupied by Mr. Muller, the bootmaker.
Outgoing Municipal debit balance, £823/6/11. Town electrically lighted during the year.
Numerous war relief funds established.
Prayers for peace.
Mr. W. Clark elected Councillor in place of Mr. A. C. N. Olden who had enlisted.


Violent storms throughout district in February.
Belgium Children Relief Carnival realises £400.
Municipal Finance Committee recommends loan of £2,500 for general works.
Narrogin Road Board resigns owing to strictures of Public Works Department re non-collection of rates.
Farewell to Rev. Dean Brennan on his enlistment of R.C. Chaplain of the forces.
Anglican Church new building fund established.
Death of Surveyor-General F. H. Johnston, father of Senator Johnston.
Many enlistments for the front.
Municipal loan of £3,000 applied for works.
Important sale of Crown Lands.
Meeting of protest against closing of Egerton Street crossing.
October Wool Sales up to 12d. per lb. Mr. G. G. Lavater appointed Secretary to Road Board.
Municipal annual meeting; outgoing balance £946/2/9.
Narrogin Musical Society formed; Mrs. Ashton first President.
Farewell Dinner to Mr. D. C. Scott.
Arrival of Mr. W. F. Bird from Bridgetown.
Proposed Municipal loan deferred.

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