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St Mary's Church, Busselton

Transcribed by Lorraine Larment
From photographs provided by Lorraine and Blue Larment

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BROCKMAN , Capel Carter. Widow of Edward Reveley Brockman. Born at Cattle Chosen 9 Nov 1839. Died 2 Dec 1924
BROCKMAN , Carlotta Louisa Prinsep. Born 24 Apr 1913, died 30 June 1920. Daughter of PS and CL Brockman. Granddaughter of HC Prinsep Esq. Great-granddaughter of JC Bussell Esq.
BROCKMAN , Carlotta Louisa. Born 17 Jun 1869, died 24 Sep 1960
BROCKMAN , Edward Reveley. JP. Third son of William Locke Brockman, MLC and Fanny his wife. Born Herne Hill, Middle Swan 2 Jul 1838, married 17 Feb 1862 to Capel Carter, eldest daughter of John Garrett Bussell, BA, Oxon and Charlotte his wife. Died at Busselton 18 Nov 1902.
BROCKMAN , Francis Drake. Fifth son of Edward Reveley Brockman, JP. Born at The Warren, 26th Oct 1800. Died at The Warren 23 June 1902. Buried at Balbarrup ?? June 1902, re-interred at Busselton 5 Nov 1903.
BROCKMAN , Francis Louisa. Wife of John Brockman. Daughter of Alfred Pickmore Bussell. Died 1928 aged 75 years.
BROCKMAN , Hugh S. 1868 - 1931
BROCKMAN , Isabel H. Daughter of Edward and Capel Brockman. 1876 - 1945.
BROCKMAN , Laura (nee Reynolds). Wife of Hugh. Born 1868. Died 1949.
BROCKMAN , Peter Spicer. Born 3 Oct 1874. Died 13 May 1944,
BRYAN , Ann. (Formerly Heppingstone, nee McKinley). Died 15 Apr 1878 aged 83 years. Mother of Robert Heppingstone, Charlotte Brown, Ann Elizabeth Turner, John Heppingstone, Ellen Bussell, Hannah Mason / Brown, William Martin Bryan.
BUSSELL , Alfred Pickmore. Died 18 Oct 1882 aged 42 years. Husband of Ellen. Father of Frances Louisa Brockman, Edith Agnes Bussell, Elizabeth Thomas / Noyes. Charlotte Harried MacLeod, Vernon Drake Brockman, Alfred John Bussell, Violet Harriet, Frederick Aloysius ???? Bussell, Filomena Mary Terry.
BUSSELL , Caroline Mary Ommanney. Born 2 Jun 1846. Died 11 Jan 1913. Third daughter of John Garrett and Charlotte Bussell of Cattle Chosen.
BUSSELL , Charles. Died 1856 aged 45 years
BUSSELL , Ellen Heppingstone. 16 Jan 1877 aged 42 years.
BUSSELL , Emily Jane. Daughter of G Bussell and widow of Frederick Castell Vines, FRCS. (who died at sea 11 Nov 1899). Born 1 Aug 1841 died 12 Aug 1911.
BUSSELL , J Vernon. Died 1860 aged 47 years.
BUSSELL , John Garrett. JP. BA of Trinity College, Oxford. Died 21 Sep 1875 aged 72 years. He was one of the earliest settlers in the colony and the pioneer of this district. This memorial is erected by his widow as a last token of her love and affection
BUSSELL , Lenox. Died 1845 Aged 35 years. 

CHAPMAN , Amelia. 27 March 1886. Aged 68 years. Wife of Henry. (On same headstone as James)
CHAPMAN , Henry. 15 Aug 1859 aged 53 years. Husband of Amelia
CHAPMAN , James. 26 Nov 1870 aged 67 years. (On same headstone as Amelia)
COOKSWORTHY , Frances. Wife of Joseph. 2 July 1928.
COOKSWORTHY , Joseph. Of ??????land. Died 21 Feb 1???. Aged 81 years. Husband of Frances.
CURTIS , Anthony. Son of Susan.
CURTIS , Susan. 12 Oct 1856. Aged 41 years. 

FORBES , C D'Oyly. Lt Col. ARD. 21 Jun 1916 aged 35 years.
FORREST , Gavin. 8 August 1863. No photograph available.

GALE , Richard and Rebecca. Of Fairlawn. 1940 

HERRING , Elizabeth. Arrived in Australia 1853. Died 31 Mar 1857 aged 73 years. Wife of John.
HERRING , John. Arrive in Australia 1830. Died 16 Apr 1866 aged 87 years. Husband of Elizabeth.

LAYMAN , George. Died 22 Feb 1841 aged 29 years. 

MOLLOY , Georgiana (Mrs) (possibly died 1843 aged 37 years) and two of her children, Mary and John are buried beneath St Mary's Church.
MOLLOY , John. A Lt Colonel in Her Majesty's Army, who died 8 Oct 1867 aged 87 years. He was with Sir John Moore's army from Salamanca to Vico and under Wellington. Fought at Rolica, Vimiera, Salamanca, Vittoria, The Pyrenees, The Nivelle, Nive Toulouse and Waterloo in the 95th Regiment. He was among the first settlers of this colony and died as he had lived, a Christian Gentleman.

PRINSEP , Charlotte Josephine. Wife of Henry Charles Prinsep. Died 24 Dec 1929 aged 62 years. Daughter of John Charles Bussell.
PRINSEP , Emily Frances. 1870 - 1960
PRINSEP , Henry Charles. Died 20 Jul 1922 in his 78th year. Husband of Charlotte Catherine 

SCOTT , Maria Agnes. 23 Dec 1860 aged 20 years. Wife of Robert Peel Scott.
SOWL , William. Died 18 Dec 1850 aged 34 years. Born Westport, Mass. USA. Late First Officer of the ship Hibernia of New Bedford, A Baker, Master.
SUTHERLAND , Frances Louisa (nee Bussell) "Aunt Fanny", died 7 Jul 1881 aged 74

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