Headstone Transcriptions

Quindanning Cemetery

Transcribed by Lorraine Larment
From photographs taken by Lorraine and Blue Larment

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BAILEY , John. 25 Sept 1955 aged 82 years. Husband of Martha. Erected by loving son and daughters.
BAILEY , Martha. 10 May 1957 aged 83 years. Wife of John. Erected by loving son and daughters.
BURNS , Roderick (Bob) T. 14 December 1986 aged 44 years. Devoted father of Tania, Michael (dec) and Melissa.

CARROTTS , Harold Ernest. Accidentally 15 April 1981. Darling husband of June, loved father of Anne, Lorraine and Paul, loved son of Ivy.
CARROTTS , Ivy Myrtle. 6 October 1984 aged 77 years. Beloved wife of Robert, loved mother of Charlie and Harold.
CARROTTS , Maria. 29 April 1960 aged 81 years. Loved wife of Robert, fond mother of Robert and John.
CARROTTS , Robert. 8 January 1965. Loved husband of Ivy, loved father of Harold and Charles (dec), fond father-in-law of June.
CARROTTS , Robert Charles. 21 December 1961 aged 34 years. Loved husband of Hazel, and a devoted father. Fond son of Ivy and Bob. Brother of Harold, brother-in-law of June.
CURTEIS , Fleetwood Ashburnham. 5 February 1981 aged 93 years. Beloved husband of Patience Amelia, father of Allin and Lionel.
CURTEIS , Fleetwood Lionel. 4 October 1913 - 22 August 2002. Brother of William Allin Curteis, brother in law to Vera Curteis, uncle of Ken, Vicky, Glenyce, Allin and John.
CURTEIS , Pamela Amelia. 12 June 1954 aged 72 years. Loving wife of FA Curteis, darling mother of Allin and Lionel
CURTEIS , William Allin. 13 August 1984 aged 73 years. Beloved husband of Vera, loved father of Kenneth and Vicky, loved brother of Lionel.

de HOGHTON , Eugene. 27 June 1946 aged 67 years. Dearly loved husband of Elsie and fond father of Phil.
de HOGHTON , Elsie. 17 February 1956 aged 76 years. Beloved wife of Eugene. Fond mother of Athol, Bruce (dec), Keith and Philip (dec)
de HOGHTON , Phil. 31 May 1946 aged 26 years. Dearly beloved husband of Grace and only son of Eugene and Elsie.

FEE , Florence Mary. 17 August 1908 - 5 June 1993. Mother of Ailsa Beamish, grandma of Bruce and Janine, great nanna of Matthew and Amanda
FEE , William Edgar Lawrence. 12 January 1908 - 15 October 1967. Father of Ailsa Beamish, pop of Bruce and Janine, great pop of Matthew and Amanda
FLETCHER , Thomas. 13 May 1944 aged 72 years. Erected by nephew Bill.
FLETCHER , William. 3 December 1952 aged 77 years.

HENRICKSON , Beatrice. 11 July 1911.
HENRICKSON , Daniel. 13 February 1938. Husband of Susannah. Our Dad
HENRICKSON , Susannah. 4 October 1869 - 1 September 1960. Loving wife of Daniel.
HENRICKSON , May. 18 September 1930
HOEK , Andrew Robert. 28 October 1973 - 1 December 1988 aged 15 years. Loved son of Ray and Elizabeth, loved brother of Marie, Michael, Anita, Leanne and Katrina.

KING , Minnie. Aged 85 years. Loving mother of Herbert (dec), Everett (dec), Cecil (dec), Frank, Fred, Edna and Stan.

LITTLE , Brendon Andrew. 27 October 1983 - 14 March 2004 aged 20 years. Cherished son of Ally (Albert) and Therese, loving and loved brother to Renee.
LITTLETON , Charles Bath. 14 July 1985 aged 90 years. Anthony, Hubert, Annette.
LITTLETON , Hubert Canford. 23 June 1982 aged 91 years. Brother of Charles. By nieces, nephews and families.
LITTLETON , Sharina Janine. 5 August 1974 - 12 February 2004 aged 29 years. Loved youngest daughter of Anthony and Emily. Loved sister of Therese, Wayne and Joanne, sister in law of Ally and loving aunt of Brendon and Renee.
LITTLETON , Una Lillian. 3 September 1973 aged 71 years. Beloved wife of Charles, loved mother of Anthony, Hubert and Annette

MORGAN , Alan Courtney 20 May 1977. Husband of Irene Sirlones, father of Roslyn and Janice.
MORGAN , Irene Sirlones. 9 May 1992. Wife of Alan Courtney, mother of Roslyn and Janice.
MORGAN , Ernest Frank. 20 February 1976 aged 72 years. Husband of Mavis, father of Anne, John and Denis
MORGAN , Elsie Marjorie. 17 August 2000 aged 78 years. Beloved wife of Gordon, mother of Malcolm and Keith
MORGAN , Eileen Mavis. 30 December 1990 aged 81 years. Beloved wife of Ernest, mother of Anne, John and Dennis.
MORGAN , Maude. 11 February 1950 aged 73 years. Loving mother of Lily, Ernest, William. Alan, Gordon and Russell.
MORGAN , Frank S. 14 June 1952 aged 75 years. Loving father of Lily, Ernest, William. Alan, Gordon and Russell.
MORGAN , Gordon Sidney. 17 August 1978 aged 67 years. Beloved husband of Elsie, loved father of Malcolm and Keith
MORGAN , Mavis C. 13 September 1996. Beloved wife of Russell, loved mother of William and Robert.
MORGAN , Russell C. 3 June 1999 aged 84 years. Husband of Mavis, loved mother of William and Robert.
MORGAN , Sylvia Claire. 1917 - 1998. Dearest wife of William James, loving mother of Philip and Suzanne, dear daughter of Florence Oates, loved sister of Jack.
MORGAN , William James. 11 April 1954 aged 47. ?brother? Of Lily, Ernest, Alan, Gordon and Russell.

PAGE , George Leonard. 25 January 1982. Loved uncle of Max
PAGE , John. 21 January 1939 aged 62 years. Beloved husband of Matilda. Loving father of John, Jane and Leonard.
PAGE , John. 27 February 1917 aged 94 years. Husband of Sarah, father of John and Maria
PAGE , Sarah. 2 October 1930 aged 89 years. Wife of John, mother of John and Maria
PAGE , J A. 29 July 1971 aged 70 years. Loved husband of Sarah, loving father of Roy, Mervyn, Marc, Donald, Gilbert and Kathleen
PAGE , James Henry. 9 February 1947 in his 75th years. By wife and family, sister Martha and nephew.
PAGE , Matilda. 21 September 1964 aged 74 years. Beloved wife of late John, loving mother of John. Jane and Leonard, fond grandma of Max and Delphine.
PAGE , Mary Ellen. 26 November 1955 aged 79 years. Erected by loving sons and daughters.
PAGE , Robert James. 17 May 1993 aged 36 years. Loved son of Mervyn and Mavis, loved brother of Janet and Leanne
PAGE , Sarah Lillian Elizabeth/ 2 April 1988 aged 78 years. Beloved wife of James Arthur, loved mother of Roy, Mervyn, Margaret, Donald, Gilbert and Kathleen

REEVES , Ann. 23 October 1934 aged 79 years. Beloved wife of Handy, dearly loved mother of Eugene de Houghton, Max, Maud, Pete. Nellie and Harry.

SHERRY , Harry. 5 February 1943 aged 70 years. Husband of Letitia, father of Fay and Kevin
SHERRY , Maxwell Burton. 19 December 1929 aged 1 years. Dearly loved son of Everett and Rose, brother of Ron, Joy and Barry.
STOCKTON , Nellie Gertrude. 7 April 1959 aged 68 years. Beloved wife of William, loved mother of Norman, Jim and Mick
STOCKTON , William Norman. 2 January 1971 aged 88 years. Beloved husband of Nellie, loving father of Norman, Jim and Mick

TAYLOR , Suzanne Clare. 1950 - 2003. Loving and devoted mother of Sarah and Anna, darling daughter of William and Sylvia Morgan, dear sister of Philip

WALDOCK , Annie Emily. 1893 - 1978. Beloved wife of John, loving mother of Ernie and Mick
WALDOCK , Harding (Mick). 13 October 1913 - 19 May 2006. Beloved husband of Lila, loved father of David (dec), Sandy, Bill, Cheryl and Greg.
WALDOCK , John Edward. 1888 - 1964. Beloved husband of Annie, loving father of Ernie and Mick
WALDOCK , Letitia. 30 January 1973 aged 72 years. Loved mother of Kevin and Fay.
WALDOCK , Lila Kathleen. 17 December 1996 aged 70 years. Loved wife of Mick. Loved mother of David (dec), Bill, Cheryl and Sandra.
WALDOCK , Eliza Gertrude. 10 October 1939 aged 53 years. Wife of Thomas Henry.
WALDOCK , Thomas Henry. 19 October 1955 aged 79 years. Husband of Eliza Gertrude.
WALDOCK , William. 1 November 1955 aged 83 years.
WILSON , Charlotte Maud. 3 July 1901 - 11 August 1975. Loving sister of Rebbie, Muriel and Wilfred.
WILSON , Martha Lily. 12 March 1912 - 28 January 1977. Beloved wife of Wilfred, cherished mum of Beverly, Gary and Mark.
WILSON , Thomas Wilfred. 8 June 1985 aged 82 years. Beloved husband of Martha Lily, loved father of Beverly, Gary and Mark.

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