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and Lorraine Larment from photos taken by Val Beck

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BATSON , Elsie. 17 September 1972 aged 87 years. (with William)

BATSON , Leslie. 11 December 1937 aged 26 years. (with Mary).

BATSON , Mary. 23 November 1939 aged 20 years. (with Leslie.

BATSON , William Lambert. 18 October 1958 aged 79 years. Husband of Elsie.

BEARD , Elijah Sturgess.

BEARD , Margaret. Wife of Elijah.

BEARD , Thomas Elijah. Father of Robert, Elizabeth and allan.

DICKER , Annie Agnes. 3 July 1886 - 1 June 1979. Wife of Jack.

QUICK , Rev. Robert Vernon. Died 27 June 1984. Father of Vernice, Harry, Robert, Helen, June.

QUICK , Louisa Sarah. Died January 2003. Wife of Robert Vernon, mother of Harry, Robert, Helen, June.

LAMBERT , A H (Tom). 13 December 1912 - 5 October 1986.

LAMBERT , Florence Amelia. 30 March 1957 aged 83 years. Wife of Walter. Wife and Mother.

LAMBERT , Ida M (Bill). 19 June 1911 - 6 June 1998

LAMBERT , Martha Matilda. 5 September 1959 aged 70 years. Wife of Sidney

LAMBERT , Sidney James. 22 February 1975 aged 82 years. Husband of Martha.

LAMBERT , Walter James. 17 March 1931 aged 63 years. Husband of Florence Amelia. Husband and father.

MERRETT , Mary Rosina. Died 25 June 1953. Wife of William.

MERRETT , William. died 23 December 1940.

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