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ADAMS, Hugh Cameron, 11.11.1969 - 14.10.1994, dearly loved son of Hugh and Margaret, loved brother and friend of Helen and Marion
ADAMS, Hugh William, 7.1.1941 - 14.9.2003, dearly loved husband of Margaret, loving father of Hugh (dec'd), Helen and Marion, adored grandfather of their children
ARMSTEAD, Francis E., died December 27, 1985, aged 67 years, beloved husband of Anita, dearly loved father of Carolyn, Frances, Sydney, Bruce

BAIN, Colin James, died 20 April 1981, age 71 years, loved husband of Dorothy, loved father of Lesley and Dorothy
BAKER, Arthur F., Bill, 23 December 1916 - 19 February 1990
BANKS, Douglas Boogie, born 25.12.40, passed away 16.6.03, father of Doug and Stephen
BARKER, Gladys Charlotte (Bon), 10.3.1915 - 27.7.1999, loving wife of Harold
BECKETT, Colin Francis, (Jack), 1959 - 1993

CAMERON, John Hugh, born Ballarat, December 17, 1860, died 13 June1955
CAUSH, Myftar, (Peter Ali), died 19 September 1979 [our apologies to the family if this name is the wrong way around]
CHRISTMAS, F. J., Private, 7852, 2 Field Ambulance, 1 February 1953, age 52
COCHRANE, Scott Michael, Cocko, 4.11.1981 to 13.5.2004, 22 years, miss you heaps, love you lots, Shirl, Jim and Narelle (photo)
COLLARD, Noel Edmond, passed away 30.5.98, aged 85 years
CONNELLY, Nicholas J., stillborn 2 February 1991, loved son of Pauline and Joe, twin brother to Christopher
CUTHBERT, George Neil, passed away March 6, 1987, aged 59 years, beloved husband of Lillian

DAVIS, William Malcolm, 27.5.1927 - 8.12.2002, aged 75 years
DRUMMOND, Charles Gordon, died 3 December 1975, aged 69 years
DRUMMOND, Lillian Isobelle, 17.8.1909 to 23.4.2001, wife of Charles
DUNOON, Mary Ellen, nee Lynn, 12.3.1902 - 7.12.1999, wife of Don (dec), loved mother of Lynn

EARLE, Anthony George Grenville, born 24 July 1916, Winchester, England, died in Marlo, Australia 1997 of cancer; served in His Majesty's service 1939 - 45, a devoted husband of Mildred (Jane), and loving friend of his sons Richard and Peter
ELLIS, Belinda Maree, died 14 June 1987, age 24, beloved daughter of Alan and Lesley (dec), beloved of Geoff Duniam, loved sister of Narine* and Greg, loved by Julia, Cynthia, Rebecca and Sophie
ELLIS, Lesley Margaret, died 26 June 1981, age 42 years, beloved wife of Alan, loving mother of Narine*, Belinda and Greg

FEARNLEY, Beryl, passed away 22 December 1996, aged 70 years, beloved wife of Norman, loving mother of Brenda, John, Stephen, Kathy and families
FEARNLEY, Norman, 4.6.1924 - 20.4.2001, loving husband of Beryl, loving father of John, Susan, Olive, Pamela and their families
FINK, Rowan Geoffrey, died 20 June 1982, aged 27 years, beloved son of Geoffrey and Helen, cherished brother of Miriam
FUSSELL, Robert George, passed away 3 January 1983, aged 64 yrs, dearly loved husband of Elsie May, loved father of Robert and Barry, loving father in law of Pat and Sue

GERALD, flowers, (no details)
GOLDSWORTHY, Bill, died March 15, 1981, age 62 years, loving father of Graeme and Beverely* (with Pearl)
GOLDSWORTHY, Pearl, died January 2001, aged 85 years, loving mother of Graeme and Beverely* (with Bill)
GOUGH, Laurence F., died 6 November 1991, aged 67 years, dearly beloved of Pat, loved father of Christine, Terry, Kevin, Paul, Robert, Desmond, Stephen

HALL, John Robert, died 30 January 1998, age 62 years, dearly loved husband of Margaret, loving father of Gregory, loved father in law of Sharon, pa of Angela, Leigh*, Renae, Jessica, Nicholas and Megan
HALL, Lance, born 21.7.23, died 14.5.92, loved husband of Edna Isobel, dear father of Wayne, Gregory, Colleen, father in law of Gayle, Robyn, Karsten*, pa of Shannyne*, Andrew, Allison, Tiffany, Gemma, Daniel, Bradley, Katrina
HALL, Margret Joan, died 16 October 1983, age 58 years, dearly loved wife of John Robert Hall, loving mother of Gregory, loved mother in law of Sue, nana of Angela and Lee
HELMERS, Shaun Robert, died 31 August 1995, age 17 yrs 10 mths, loved son of Wayne and Carol, brother of Jodie, Shannon, Deon* and Kathryn (photo)
HEPWORTH, Roland Henry Hawtrey, R.N., 1921 - 1992
HINCHCLIFF, John Laurie, 9 May 1921 - 17 March 2003, beloved brother of Venna* and Doreen
HUNTER, Donald Keith, passed away 16 November 2000, aged 75 years, VX92848, 1st Australian Machine Gun Battalion
HURLEY, Kenneth William, 9.6.1950 - 14.7.2001, beloved partner of Darlene, loving father of Kristen, Ben and Luke

ISETT, Anna Elizabeth, 29.7.1919 - 7.11.1984, loved mother in law of Bradley
ISETT, Cornelius, 22.9.1917 - 18.2.1976, loved father in law of Bradley

JENKINS, E. M. M., (Jay), died 1 February 1999, age 90 years, beloved wife of Ernest (dec), loving mother of Beverley, grandmother of Mark and Peter
JONES, Dex Stanley, retired engine driver, Victorian Railways, passed away 21.7.1999, aged 73, husband and fishing mate of wife Phyllis
JORGENSON, Rupert Leslie, died 5 September 1989, aged 75 years, beloved husband of May

KRUPA, Fryderyk* Stanislaw, passed away 20 February 1981, aged 57 years, beloved husband of Mavis Violet, loved father of Robert, David, Margaret, Carol

LAMBERT, Ada, born May 21, 1915, passed away April 27, 1984, beloved wife of Geoffrey, loved mother of Godfrey and Kay, aged 68 years
LITTLE, Kenneth David, born 23 November 1925, died 21 August 1998, loved husband of Jean, loving father of Wayne, Graham, Marlene, Gary and Karyn, loved pop of all his grandchildren and great grandchildren
LOFTUS, Frank, Private, VX139661, 5th Infantry Brigade, HQ, 2nd AIF, SWPA, born 13 July 1918, died 18 March 1992
LYNN, Sam, 20.9.1927 - 3.7.1999, loved husband of Tryphene* and a wonderful father of Suzanne, Geoffrey, Colin, Gerard, Jane, Mary-Anne, Teresa and Jamie

MARINO, Paul, died 5.3.1993, aged 63 years, adored father of Hins-Te-Ra
MATTHERS, Michael P., died 31 July 1988, aged 59 years, dearly loved husband of Shirley Dawn, loved father of Malcolm, Stephen, Brendan and Peter, loving pa of all his grand children
MATTHEWS, A. P., (Perc), Capt., 21st INF. Brigade, 2nd AIF, died 29 July 1982, age 78 years; beloved husband of Mary (dec), loving father of Bettye*, Janice and Lynette
MATTHEWS, Mary, died 3 September 1981, age 78 years, beloved wife of Perc, loving mother of Bettye*, Janice and Lynette
MCCOOEY, Arthur William, died 11 May 1988, age 66 years, beloved husband of Vera, loving father of Helen (dec), Gregory, Denise, Carol, Noelene, Timothy and Gayle, loved grandfather of all his grandchildren
MCKEOWN, Grace Jane, who passed away peacefully on 3 July 1993, aged 87 years, dearly loved wife of John for sixty years, loved mother of Lesley, John and Jan and families
MCKEOWN, John Edward, passed away 9 September 2000, aged 93 years, beloved husband of Grace, loved father of Lesley, John and Jan and families
MCLEOD, Barry, called to rest 2 February 1990, much loved husband of Aileen, loved and cherished father of Kellie, stepfather to Graham and Wayne
MULLER, Alfred James, died 28 December 1988, aged 83 yrs, loved husband of Marjorie (Molly), loved father of Stuart, Michael (dec), Sheelagh*
MUNDY, Angus Henry, (Harry), passed away 13 October 1989, beloved husband of Catherine, dearly loved father Graeme, Helen and Judy

O'SHEA, Winifred, 24.12.16 - 23.3.98, loving wife of Daniel (dec)

PACH, O. J., (Chips), 18.2.1913 - 28.2.1992, 2nd AIF, loved brother of Belle Drummond and Chris Ward
PALMER, B. A., Able Seaman PM 4936, Royal Australian Navy, 16 August 2001, age 76; cherished husband of Dot, father of Judy, gramps of Travis and Simon
PALMER, Charles A., 2/17th It. A/A Bty (Airbonne) AIF, VX68122 BOR, dued 19 June 1994, aged 71 years
PALMER, Doris Isabella, 3.10.1914 - 28.12.2001, loving wife of Basil (dec), treasured mother of Judith, cherished nan of Travis and Simon
PALMER, Frank William, died 16.6.92, aged 63 years, father of 7 children, brother of 5 sisters, dear friend of Bev

RICE, Gilbert, passed away 1 December 1981, aged 68 years, loved husband of Doreen, father of Thelma, Gwen and Neville (dec)
RICHARDSON, Samuel, born Godalming, England 1821, pioneer, sawmiller, boat builder at Tabbara, lost at sea off Marlo, November 12, 1890
RODWELL, James Stephenson, died 3 April 1996, 78 years, beloved husband of Lillian, loving father of Noal* and Chris
ROSS, Marie Theresa, died 27 October 1993, age 70 years, beloved wife of Ronald Niel*, loving mother of her eight children
ROSS, R. N., Corporal, 57651, Royal Australian Air Force, 2 November 1987, age 63; loved husband of Marie and father of his eight children

SCHIEBEL, Muriel June, died 2 January 1988, aged 60 years, dearly loved wife of Oscar, loving mother of Dorothy, Jennifer, Terrence and families
SCHIEBEL, Oscar William, died 23 July 1988, aged 58 years, dearly loved husband of Muriel, loving father of Dorothy, Jennifer, Terrence and families
SEEBACH, Clarence, died 19 April 1987, aged 79 years, loved husband of Dorothy Mary, dear father of Russell and Claire
SEEBACH, Dorothy Mary, died 10 July 1977, aged 65 years, loved wife of Clarence, dear mother of Russell and Claire
SHONE, Patrick (Mick), loving husband of Theressa*, loving father of Helen and Michael, loved grandfather of Lisa, Rodney, Wayne
SLEIGHT, Peter James, died 8 August 1991, by the sea he loved, remembered always, Lyn and family
SMITH, Monty, my beloved husband, died 5.1.94, aged 62 years, resting beside the sea he loved, your loving wife Esma
SMITH, Sydney Eric, dear father of Clifton and Eugene, died 28 October 1991
STIRLING, Ann, died 1914, age 86 yrs (with William, James and James)
STIRLING, James, died 1908, age 83 yrs (with William, Ann and James)
STIRLING, James, died 1917, age 63 yrs (with William, James and Ann)
STIRLING, John, died January 27, 1934, aged 74 years, beloved husband of Ann, loved father of William, Alexander, Ann and Jean
STIRLING, William, died 1878, age 20 yrs (with James, Ann and James)

TAYLOR, Edward (Ted) Henry, Lieut Comm., KANVR, husband of Kalphine* (Sue), died 26.5.95, age 85 years
TESORIERO, Antonino,died 27 June 1989, aged 57 years, loving husband of Hermine, dear father of Dominic, Stepfather of Marie and John, grandfather of Catherine, Jessica, Nathan, Joshua and Stacey

WARD, Christina Evelyn, 1911 - 1987 (with Roy)
WARD, Roy Alexander, 1908 - 1979 (with Christina)
WEATHERBY, Albert Charles, died 28 October 1984, aged 61 years, beloved husband of Diana, loved father of Peter, Elizabeth, Sue and son-in-law Ian
WINCHESTER, Peter Donald, passed away 1.8.1974, Home again my darling

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(photo) affixed to headstone

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