Headstone Transcriptions

Ensay Cemetery

Transcribed by Marylin and Steve Jones

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ADAMS, Alice, passed away 5.12.73, aged 75 yrs
ADAMS, E. C., 6301 Gunner, 4 Field Artillery Brigade, 21 April 1961, age 66; beloved husband of Alice, loved father of Bill, Ivy and Iris
ADAMS, William Charles, died 23.2.75, aged 55 years, beloved husband of Marjorie, dear father of Peter, Geoffrey, Helen & Jean
AH CHOW, William, died 18 August 1967, aged 70 years, loved husband of Myrtle, dear father of Ray and Rose
ANGUS, James, born 22 June 1840 Aberdeenshire, Scotland, died 26 October 1931 (with Mary)
ANGUS, Mary Ellen, born 1842 County Tipperary, Ireland, died 29 September 1916 (with James)
ANTONOFF, Murray Victor, died 1 October 1978, aged 17 years, loved son of Victor and Gladys, brother of Garry, Fay, Lynne, Brett
ARMIT, Anne, loving wife of John, passed away 2.11.1983, 56 years
ARMIT, Joanna, beloved daughter of Anne and John, died 1959, aged 2= years
ATKINS, Charles C., died June 10, 1995, aged 79 years, loved son of Fred and Mary (dec), brother of Ivy, Fred (dec), Ruby, Russell and Eileen

BAILEY, Anne Isobel, 15.4.1916 - 13.11.1997, loved wife of Bill, beloved mother of Colin
BAILEY, William (Bill) H., 26.4.11 - 11.1.97, loved husband of Anne, devoted father of Colin
BAILEY, Gladys Annetta, died 25 April 1980, aged 88 years, our beloved Aunty Glad
BAKER, George, a loving husband and father, died 2 November 1955, (with Jane)
BAKER, Gladys Jean, our darling daughter and sister, died March 19, 1921, aged 8 years and 6 months
BAKER, Jane, aloving wife and mother, died 6 April 1932 (with George)
BALL, Nellie Victoria, passed away 1.10.72, loving wife of Walter, loved mother of all her children
BAYLIS, Clifford James, VX265141 Trooper, loved son of James and Anne, died 18.10.1970, aged 98 years
BENBOW, Susan Maria, died 7.6.1964, aged 73 yrs (with William)
BENBOW, William, died 6.4.1969, aged 89 yrs (with Susan)
BISSET, Robert, 1860 - 1943
BOCK, Alan John, died 22 May 1986, aged 26 years, loved son of Olive and Gordon, loving brother of Peter, Arthur, Sally, Kathleen, Jeanette, Con, Carole, Anne, Helen, David and families
BOCK, Olive Hope, died 21.4.2000, aged 80 years, loved wife of Gordon, loving mother of Peter, Arthur, Sally, Kathleen, Jeanette, Carole, Con, Anne, Helen, David, Alan (dec) and their families
BOUCHER, John Thomas, died 19 January 1937, aged 68 years
BOUCHER, Lillias*, 15.7.1916 - 1.10.1991, beloved wife of Russell, loving mother of Helen and Chips
BOUCHER, Mary Ann, beloved wife of Thomas, died 21 July 1921, aged 70 years
BOUCHER, Ruby Margaret, died 11 December 1972, aged 87 years
BROWNE, Sylvester Ulick, 216 Trooper, "Garomna", Julia Creek, N'Th Qlnd, 5 Light Horse Regiment, 10 November 1963, age 73
BRYCE, Edward Thomas, died 19 August 1990, aged 74 years, beloved husband of Evon*, loving father of Karen, loved pa of Nicole, Cindy, Danny and Adam
BURDEN, Annie, died 16 October 1937, aged 74 years (with William)
BURDEN, George Francis, loved husband of Lullus* Mary, devoted father of Hubert, Mary, Beth and Margaret, died 29 April 1949, aged 58 years
BURDEN, Hubert Francis, VX120995 Private, 24 Infantry Battalion, died Ensay 6.12.83, age 61 years, loving husband of Marion, beloved father of Louise, Jacqueline, Tim, Brigitte and Paul
BURDEN, John Edward, passed away 7th.2.74, age 72, beloved son of William Edward and Annie Josephine Burden
BURDEN, Lullis* Mary, died 31 May 1979, aged 81 years (with George)
BURDEN, Paul (Ginge) William, dearly beloved son of Hubert (dec) and Marion, loved brother of Louise, Jackie, Timothy, Gina and Brigitte, loved uncle of Zoe and Luke, 13.4.1965 - 8.3.1987, aged 21 years
BURDEN, William, beloved husband of Annie, died 4 June 1934, aged 87 years, loving husband and devoted father (with Annie)
BUTCHER, Junee Hazel, died 15 September 1924, age 3 years, loved daughter of William and Reubina*, dear sister of Lilian, Else*, Ernie, Harold, Jessie, Mona, Hubert, Colin, Maxwell, Yvonne

CAMERON, Lindsay Gordon, 2.6.18 - 1.7.95, loved husband of Margaret (Peg), devoted father of Heather and Carole
CAMERON, Margaret Caroline (Peg), 21.11.23 - 25.9.98, dear wife of Lindsay, loved mum of Heather and Carole, devoted nan of Jodi, Mathew, Daniel and Dean (photo)
CAMPBELL, Barry John, died 27 February 1969, aged 19 yrs, beloved son of Ivy, stepson of Michael, loved brother of Douglas and Michelle
CAMPBELL, Edith M., &Ramrod& Ensay, died 5.4.1986, aged 85 yrs
CAMPBELL, John Thomas, died 28 July 1971, 24th Battalion, 1st AIF, husband of Edith, father of Evon*, grandfather of Karen
CARROLL, A. P., VX142781, Craftsman, Corps of Elec. and Mach. Engineers, 12 September 1993, age 68; loved husband of Bernadette, father of Brendan, Vincent, Gerard and Maree*
CARROLL, Dennis Joseph, 10.9.1919 - 2.8.1999, loved husband of Muriel Isobel, dear father of Bryan, Sheron*, Mary, Monica and Dennis
CARROLL, Jessie Mary, our dear mother, died 6 March 1970, aged 85 years (with Thomas)
CARROLL, Kaye Christina, died 14 June 1991, aged 40 years, loved wife of Brendan, mother of Damien and Deslie
CARROLL, Muriel Isobel, 10.7.1921 - 25.10.2000, loved wife of Dennis Joseph, dear mother of Bryan, Sheron*, Mary, Monica and Dennis
CARROLL, Thomas James, our dear father, died 2 August 1966, aged 92 years (with Jessie)
CLARK, Alan Robert, died 19 January 2000, aged 67 years, loved husband of Jean, dear father of Gayle and Gregory
COMMINS, James Arthur, 17.12.1922 - 28.5.2001, loved husband of Norma, loved father of Anetta*, Bruce, Chris and their families
COMMINS, James Lilburn, died 12 August 1960, aged 77 (with Marjorie)
COMMINS, Marjorie Lilburn, died 12 August 1960, aged 61 (with James)
COMMINS, Norma Kathleen, 7.5.24 - 12.3.98, loved wife of James, loving mother of Anetta*, Bruce, Chris and their families
COMMINS, Phillip Lilburn, late Pilot, RAAF, accidentally killed, 2 January 1954, aged 29 years
COOK, Harry, beloved husband of Gert, father of Tom, passed away 22.4.75, aged 89
COOK, Thomas William, (Tom), 26.4.29 - 8.10.99, dear husband of Beverley, loved father of Philip and Meredith, fond grandfather of Brent, Rohan, Merryn*, Toyah* and Stephie*
COOPER, Sarah, loved wife of Thomas, died 3 October 1936, aged 56 years
COSTELLO, Richard Leo, died 16 February 1964, aged 59 years
COX, A. J., VX5624, Corporal, 2/7 Infantry Battalion, 13 January 1969, age 56; loving husband of Beryl, father of Frances, Carol, Jim, Dawn and Pauline
CRAIG, Elizabeth Marion, our darling mother, who died 23 September 1918, aged 73 years
CRISP, Constance Edith, died 27.3.1973 - age 79, loving mother of her children, beloved wife of James William
CRISP, James William, died October 9, 1957, age 73, beloved husband of Constance Edith, loving father of Godfrey, Muriel, Alex, Helen, Edward, Bernard and Peter
CUMMING, William Gordon, 27.5.1912 - 23.11.2003, loved husband of Margaret (dec'd), father of Lynette and Peter (dec) and beloved husband of Marjorie

DAVIS, James, beloved husband of Pauline, loving father of Neville, John and Barbara, passed away 14 December 1958, aged 69
DAVIS, Lorna Fraser, 1.10.1927 - 22.1.1993, loved wife of Neville, loving mother of Janet and Andrew
DAVIS, Neville James, 28.11.1928 - 19.7.1995, loved husband of Lorna, loved father of Janet and Andrew
DUGGAN, Bernard Keith, her husband (Maisie), died April 1, 1993, aged 79 years
DUGGAN, Blanche, wife of George, loved mother of Doris, Mona, Mavis and Bernie, died 18 November 1941, aged 69 years
DUGGAN, Charles Henry Stephen, VX 137774, Sapper, 8 Field Coy, R.A.E.
DUGGAN, Eileen, loving wife and mother, died 2.7.1989, aged 83 (with Thomas)
DUGGAN, Ellen, died 9 July 1951, aged 79 years (with Michael)
DUGGAN, Frank, died 7 September 1929
DUGGAN, George Charles, died 24 January 1950, aged 76
DUGGAN, J. C., (Jack), VX46100 Private, 2/2 Pioneer Bn
DUGGAN, Maisie Caroline, died November 17, 1981, age 57 years (with Bernard)
DUGGAN, Michael, died 24 May 1962, aged 91 years (with Ellen)
DUGGAN, Thomas, dearly loved husband of Eileen, dear dad of Maxwell and Peter, died 1.1.1973, aged 73

ELLIOTT, Henrietta Phyllis, born Cassilis 25 February 1915, died 13 April 1996, cherished wife of John Ivan, mother of Terrence and Kevin
ELLIOTT, John Ivan (Jack), VX18966, 1st Aust. Corps Signallers, POW, 6 June 1996, aged 84 years

FAIRWEATHER, Lois Kathleen, died 27 September 1998, aged 77, loved wife of Neil (dec), loving mother of Marion and Ian, grandmother of Tamara, Nathan, Tara and Nicholas
FAIRWEATHER, Neil James, died 19 September 1984, age 73 years, loved husband of Lois, loving father of Marion and Ian
FARMER, Margaret Aimee, 10.9.1931 - 19.2.2003, loved wife of Tom, loved mother of Suzanne and George, dearly loved by granddaughter Jerusha*
FELMINGHAM, James Edward, "Jim", born Hobart, Tasmania, 26.8.1934, untimely death 21.12.1995, as result of accident 4.12.1995, loving father of Richard James and Sally Anne
FERRIS, Reuben Marshall, our loving brother, who died December 2, 1930; erected by his sisters and brothers
FERRY, Peter Alan, 5.2.58 - 1.5.58, beloved son of John and Hermoyne*, brother of Robert, Colin, Vivianne* and Garth
FITZPATRICK, Joe, George Edward, 9.5.1910 - 13.5.2000
FITZPATRICK, Stanley Herbert, husband of Margaret, father of Tom, Alex, Dick, Shirley, passed away 15.1.1976, aged 70 years
FLYNN, Catherine, wife of Michael, who died on 4 September 1929, aged 52 years
FLYNN, James, born 3 November 1912, died 17 June 1999, loved husband of Marie, loving father of Brendan, John, Catherine, Bernadette and Elizabeth
FLYNN, Michael Joseph, beloved husband of Kathleen, died 8 February 1965, aged 54 years
FRASER, Alexander, died 26 November 1909, aged 62 years; erected by his loving sister Mary and nephews Reg and Alex. Young
FRASER, Donald, loving husband of Una, father of George, 1 Setember 1924, aged 34 years
FRASER, Doris, beloved wife and mother of of above [John, Kenneth, Heather, John, Coral, Lois], died 6 May 1970[?], aged 52 [we've joined the dots]
FRASER, H., 3196 Corporal, 46 Battalion, 30 June 1960, age 67; beloved husband of Mary, loved father of Hugh, John, Marjorie and Marie
FRASER, Hugh Thomas, 1.9.1924 - 21.5.2002, dearly loved husband of Jessie, devoted Dad of Christine, Peter, Helen, Alison and Peter, Lorna and Mark, and Isobel, loved Pa of Daniel, Craig, Sally, Naomi and Braden
FRASER, John, dearly beloved husband of Doris, father of Kenneth, Heather, John, Coral and Lois, died 17 November 1942, aged 37
FRASER, Margaret, died 8 February 1962, aged 84 years (with Simon)
FRASER, Simon, dearly beloved husband of Margaret, and father of Keith, Irene and John, died 1 August 1937, aged 75 years
FRASER, x 4, all joined together, no details

GALLAGHER, Agnes, aged 77
GALLAGHER, Charles Sydney, died 31 August 1982, aged 85 years, loved husband of Mary, loving father of Roy, Owen, Lois, Daryl, Kenneth and George
GALLAGHER, Mary Jane, died 19 March 1994, aged 95 years, beloved wife of Charles, loving mother of Roy, Owen, Lois, Daryl, Kenneth and George
GAPES, Kathleen Josephine, 24.8.1941 - 15.8.2001, loved wife of Neville, loved mother of Julie, Kathleen and Jane
GEORGE, Laura Jane, 15 December 1987, 1 day, loved daughter of Mick and Lisa, loving sister of Rohan and twin sister of Nicole
GEORGE, M. L., 432466 Flt. Sgt., 2 June 1975, age 50; loving husband of Jean, father of Jim, Wayne and Mick
GLENNON, Barry Carlton, died 12.4.1972, aged 36 years
GRINTER, Daisy, died 22 January 1991, aged 85 years, beloved wife of Bill, loving mother of Ron, Tom, Jill, Beryl
GRINTER, William C.P., (Bill), died 13 September 1990, aged 83 years, beloved husband of Daisy, devoted father of Ron, Tom, Jill and Beryl
GWILLIM, David F., 14.4.1950 - 9.6.1976, niche wall
GWILLIM, Frank E., died 11 October 2002, aged 88 years, loved husband of Irene Florence, dear father of Robyn and David (dec), niche wall

HAMILTON, Aimee, died 18 July 1966, aged 74 years (with Thomas)
HAMILTON, Edith Gordon, December 1900, aged 15 (with Norah and Irvine)
HAMILTON, Norah, 1894, no details (with Edith and Irvine)
HAMILTON Irvine, Drum Aberdeenshire, Scotland, died 6 July 1895,aged 75 years (with Norah and Edith Hamilton - headstone broken)
HAMILTON, Thomas Ian, beloved husband of Aimee Dorothy, died 14 April 1934, aged 50 years
HAMMOND, Anita, died 5 July 1969, aged 76 (with Walter)
HAMMOND, George, born 1842, died 1914, (with Mary)
HAMMOND, Mary Jane, his wife (George) born 1851, died 1919
HAMMOND, Walter Mark, died 4 July 1949, aged 59 (with Anita)
HARDING, J., Gunner, 4th Brigade A.I.F., Field Artillery, died Omeo 16 July 1965, aged 80 yrs
HARMAN, Catherine Margaret (née Sutton), born 15.2.1928, died 23.6.1997, loved wife of Lindsay, devoted mother of Janine, Geoffrey, Julie, Maree, adored nanna of her grandchildren (photo)
HARMAN, Eva, died 8 March 1954, aged 68 (with Henry)
HARMAN, Henry, died 13 February 1954, aged 74 (with Eva)
HARMAN, Ivan Walter Lindsay, "Lindsay", 3.3.1928 - 10.2.2002, loving husband of Dell, devoted father, step father, pa and poppy, soul mate at rest
HAYWARD, Alice Maud, my dear wife, who died 12 October 1946, aged 71 years, beloved mother of Ida, Jack and Bill (with John)
HAYWARD, Constance Vera, died 7 August 1973, aged 75 years (with John)
HAYWARD, Edwin, 1870 - 1932, second son of pioneer settlers John and Honora, Cassilis and Ensay, (with Elizabeth)
HAYWARD, Elizabeth May, died 1942 (with Edwin)
HAYWARD, Irene Monica, died 10 May 1970, aged 59 years, dearly loved mother of Wendy, Peter and Janice (with William)
HAYWARD, John Graham, 1931 - 1995, loved husband of Betty, devoted father of Ken, Chris, Rodney, Jenny
HAYWARD, John Raymond Casilis, beloved husband of Viv and dear father of Beverley and John, died 25 September 1962, aged 66 years (with Constance) + service plaque, DCM, 3237 Lance Corporal, 7/29 Battalion 1st AIF, served in France 1916 - 1918
HAYWARD, John Thomas, who died 2 November 1951, aged 82 years (with Alice)
HAYWARD, William Edwin George, died 6 March 1961, aged 62 years dearly loved father of Wendy, Peter and Janice (with Irene)
HAYWARD, William, died 19 November 1960, aged 86 years; Jack and Ida
HEALY, Eliza Mabel, passed away 7 August 1970, aged 80, a loving wife and mother
HEALY, Hugh Patrick, passed away 28 December 1958, aged 88, a loving husband and father
HILL, Francis, beloved husband of Mary, died 6 December 1938, aged 61 years
HILL, Mary Lambert, died 3 February 1949, aged 71 years (with Francis)
HOARE, Hilda Evelyn Sybil, born 9.5.1902, died 30.12.1993, loved wife of Thomas, loving mother of Barbara, fond grandmother of Jaqueline, Karen and Barry
HOLSTON, A. C., VX57580, Private, 2/7 Infantry Battalion, 17 February 1977, age 67
HOLSTON, Alice Susannah, passed away 20.8.1938, age 64 yrs
HOLSTON, Anthony Hagborth, (no details)
HOLSTON, Sidney Norman Abel, passed away 14.6.1970, aged 70 yrs
HORMAN, Andrew Keith, died 14 December 1991, aged 33 years, loved husband of Meredith, adored father of Toyah and Stephanie

JAMES, John Murray, 6.2.1945 - 31.1.2004, loved and remembered always by his wife Fran, and children Cole, Glenn and Kay
JOHNSTON, Agnes Mary, 1878 - 1966 (with Thomas)
JOHNSTON, Annie, died at Tongio 19 January 1933, aged 75 years
JOHNSTON, Betty Norma, 22.11.1922, 25.1.2001, mother of Peter, Kenneth (stillborn), Anne and Ian (with Keith)
JOHNSTON, Helen, 1912 - 1980
JOHNSTON, Keith James, 6.3.1915, 6.9.1974, father of Peter, Kenneth (stillborn), Anne and Ian (with Betty)
JOHNSTON, Mabel Irene, died 15 September 1972, aged 68 yrs (with Ronald)
JOHNSTON, Ronald Tongio*, dearly loved husband of Mabel, loving father of Barbara, Tommie and Mabely*, died 18 September 1953, aged 54 years
JOHNSTON, Thomas, 1859 - 1932 (with Agnes)
JONES, Emma Elizabeth, died 7 March 1958, aged 79 years, beloved wife of John
JONES, Vernon R. M., 12264, Driver, 1 Div Field Artillery HQ., died 18 June 1965; loved brother of Claude, 1st A.I.F. (dec), Reg, George, Will (dec'd), Stella and Blanche

KENNEDY, Edward John, "Jack", passed away 25.11.1971, aged 57 years, loved husband of Thelma, father of Jeanette, Barbara and Timothy + service plaque VX72176, Gunner, 106 A/T, Regt., R.A.A.
KENNEDY, Lena, died 20 January 1926, aged 41 years, loving mother of Gladys, Ronald, John, Arthur and Monica (with Richard)
KENNEDY, Richard John, died 30 December 1943, aged 71 years, loving father of Gladys, Ronald, John, Arthur and Monica (with Lena)
KENNEDY, Thelma, nee Young, passed away 14.1.2003, aged 85 years, loved wife of Jack, mother of Jeanette, Barbara and Timothy, loving grandmother
KROSSE, Walli E. nee Uhlig, 11.12.1913 - 25.11.2003, loved wife of Heinz (dec), dear mother of Marlis and Fritz Glasl. Ruhe in Frieden

LAING, Robbie, Robert John, 9.7.1963 to 24.12.1999, loved husband of Denise, loving father of Donna, Andrea and Tamara, (photo)
LAMB, Joyce Olive (Jo), result of accident, 17.6.1920 - 23.10.1987, loved mother of Adrienne (Jo), mother in law of Michael, loved wife of Roy
LANGSKAILL, Greta, 1927 - 1974, loving wife of Charles
LANGTREE, Charles Crawfurd*, died 17 May 1990, age 68 years, beloved husband of June, loving father of Ian and Cheryl + service plaque, VX72946, Lance Corporal, 2/48 Aust. Infantry Battalion
LANGTREE, John Samuel, born 27 September 1906, died 4 September 1962 (with Mary)
LANGTREE, Mary Enid, died 25 November 1952, loved wife of John
LANGTREE, Nancy Irvine, 12 June 1914 - 2 May 199?, (with Thomas)
LANGTREE, Thomas Macknight Hamilton, 26 January 1916 - 9 January 1995 (with Nancy)
LEE, Shirley, 21.8.1923 - 5.12.1995, loved wife and best mate of Bert, beloved mother of Lyndy*, special nana to Lee, Michael, Lauralyn*, Suzannah* and Aidan
LEES, Amelia, born 20 December 1898, died 23 September 1990, loved wife of Alfred, dear mother of Annie and John
LEES, Jean Kathleen, born 1 March 1922, died 30 June 1980, loved wife of John Thorpe, dear step-mother of Joan and David
LIGHTFOOT, Gerald John, 460 Squadron RAAF, 1912 - 1997, beloved husband of Sheila, dear father of David (dec), Monica, Genevieve and Barbara
LIGHTFOOT, Sheila Mary, 17.4.1917 - 20.7.2003, beloved wife of Gerald, dear mother of David (dec), Monica, Genevieve and Barbara
LOCKE, Charlotte, our dear sister, died 26 June 1935
LUCAS, Clarence Walter (Clarrie), died 11 December 2001, aged 89 years, loved husband of Mary Enid (Mollie), loved father of Janet, Irene, Paul, Alma, Joan
LUCAS, Henrietta, our dear mother, passed away 3 October 1954, aged 61 years
LUCAS, Mary Enid, (Mollie), died 8 January 1992, aged 81 years, loving wife of Clarence W., loving mother of Bede and Barry Glennon, Janet, Irene, Paul, Alma and Joan
LUCAS, William A., our dear father, who passed away 11 November 1934
LUCAS, William C. A., my dear son, died 23 October 1934, aged 23 years
LUCAS, William M., died 31 July 1959, aged 45 years

MARTIN, Annie, died 1953
MARTIN, Dulcie, February 1990, loved mother of Roger and Valerie (with Walter)
MARTIN, Samuel, died 1950
MARTIN, Walter, April 1964, loved father of Roger and Valerie (with Dulcie)
MCCOY, Charlotte Helen, beloved daughter of James and Margaret, who died of Diptheria on the 22 April 1895, aged 7 years and 3 months (with Robert)
MCCOY, Edith Alice, died September 5, 1939, aged 50 years (with James)
MCCOY, James Alex, died April 14, 1938, aged 53 years (with Edith)
MCCOY, James, died July 11, 1919, aged 64 years (with Margaret)
MCCOY, Margaret McNeil, beloved wife of James, died at Ensay 21 January 1914, aged 51 years
MCCOY, Robert Duncan, beloved son of James and Margaret, who died of Diptheria on the 22 April 1895, aged 2 years and 6 weeks (with Charlotte)
MCKENNA, Christopher Gerard, 30.9.1959 - 4.9.2000, loved husband of Cheryl, loving father of Lindsay, Lewis and Chelsea
MCLARTY, Emma Caroline, beloved wife of Mac, loving mother of Tom and Peg, passed away 22 May 1964, aged 76 years
MCLARTY, Richard Hugh, passed away 5 June 1966, aged 76 years (with Emma)
MCLARTY, Thomas John Hugh, 1.11.96, age 78, loved husband of Mary, loved father of Jim, Helen, Gill and families
MCLEOD, George, died 1.5.96, aged 89 years
MCMILLAN, Hugh Allan, my beloved husband, who died 3 September 1931, aged 62 years (with Margaret)
MCMILLAN, Margaret, died 10 November 1962, aged 94 years (with Hugh)
MEIER, Herman Wiebrand, born in Holland 25 May 1929, went to Australia in 1959, he died 28 August 1993
MERRIFIELD, George H., died 25.8.88 aged 64 years, loved son of William and May, loving brother of Carrie, Isobel, John, Dorothy, Nancy, Linton and Margaret
MILES, Basil Owen, passed away August 4, 1980, aged 67
MILES, Richard H.G. (Kanga), 1.12.1925 - 8.5.1996, adored husband of Marie, beloved father of Veona*, grandfather of Anton
MINCHIN, Alan Charles, loving husband of Helen, father of Sandra, youngest son of Eliza and Frederick, brother of Nona, David, Jean, Ian and Helen, passed away 5.11.1963, aged 21 years
MURRELL, Albert Dixon, died September 26, 1917, aged 61 years
MURRELL, Robert John, died 3 November 1965, aged 72 years (with Ruby)
MURRELL, Ruby, died 30 December 1944, aged 52 years, a devoted wife and mother (with Robert)
MUSGROVE, Walter Phillip, VX6563, 2/8 Battalion, 6th Div., 2nd A.I.F., died 19.9.2000, aged 90 yrs

NALLY, Elizabeth Ann, his beloved wife (Mathew), died 5 March 1947, aged 78 years (with Margaret)
NALLY, Margaret, and daughter (of Mathew and Elizabeth), died 25 January 1908, aged 3 years
NALLY, Mathew, died 20 November 1914, aged 56 years (with Elizabeth and Margaret)
NEWCOMEN, Arthur, my beloved husband, passed away 18 August 1957, aged 62 years, loved father of Gerald, Barry, Evan and Elaine (with Gwen)
NEWCOMEN, Gwen, passed away 8 April 1993, aged 85 years, loved mother of Gerald, Barry, Evan and Elaine (with Arthur)
NEWCOMEN, James Andrew, born 15 June 1994, beautiful baby son of Reece and Wendy
NEWCOMEN, Peter Wayne, baby son of Betty and Gerald, died 19.4.59
NEWCOMEN, Stephen Russell, 5.5.1962 - 1.2.2003, dearly loved son of Betty and Gerald, devoted father of Ricky
NICHOLSON Allen Duncan, died 30.3.88, aged 84 years, reunited with Thelma
NICHOLSON, Thelma, loved wife of Allen, loving mother of Rosemary, Elva and Laurel, died 8 January 1950, aged ?? (Illegible) yrs

O'BRIEN, Brian Anthony, born 7.6.38, died 26.7.97, loving son of Jack (dec), and Clare, loved brother of Con, Terry (dec), Pat, Noreen and Greg
O'BRIEN, Clare Marie, died 27 June *, aged 92 years, loving wife of John (dec), mother of Con, Terry (dec), Pat, Noreen, Brian (dec), Greg, nana of 20 grandchildren and 25 great grandchildren
O'BRIEN, Daniel James, died 16.10.78, aged 52, loved husband of Joan
O'BRIEN, James Terrence, beloved son of Clare and Jack, loved brother of Con, Pat, Noreen, Brian and Greg, died 7 November 1956, aged 23 years
O'BRIEN, John Patrick, died 21 January 1994, aged 90 years, loving husband of Clare, father of Con, Terry (dec), Pat, Noreen, Brian, Greg, pa of 20 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren
O'BRIEN, Kevin Albert, 9.1.1918 - 28.9.1991, loved husband of Sheila, fond father of Joan
O'BRIEN, Mary Bridget, our dear mother, beloved wife of Daniel, died 2 June 1959, aged 78 years
O'CONNELL, Pamela Dawn, nee Bartlett, 9.11.1950 - 10.1.2000, loved wife of Peter, dear mother of Melissa and Bradley
O'CONNELL, Peter, "Bill", 17.7.1946 - 7.7.2000, loved husband of Pam, dear father of Melissa and Bradley
OVEREND, Lesley, 3.9.1927 - 26.11.1997, dearest sister of Joan, Ennis and John, at rest in her beloved Ensay, also interred ashes of loving parents Frank and Eileen Overend

POPLE, James Thomas, 6 December 1952, (illegible, weathered) Ensay
POYNTON, Albert Edward, died 15 December 1961, aged 68 years, loving father of Bill and Jack, grandfather of John and Jim (with Mabel)
POYNTON, Edward J., (Bill), died 19 August 1988, aged 73 years, beloved husband of Hope, loving father of John and Him, grandfather of Tanya and Robert
POYNTON, Jack, beloved son of Albert and Mabel, loving brother of Bill, died 3 February 1951, aged 32 years
POYNTON, John T., died 11 July 1943, aged 78 years (with Sarah); erected by their loving family
POYNTON, Mabel Winifred, died 7 February 1982, aged 86 years, loving mother of Bill and Jack, grandmother of John and Jim (with Albert)
POYNTON, Sarah, beloved wife of John T. Poynton, died 28 August 1933, aged 63 years

QUICK, Nancy, 1941 - 1998, loved wife of Walter Edward (Ted), dear mother of Mark, Steven, Brendan, Michael (dec), and Randall

RAY, James Edward, VX26322, Corporal, 2/6/Infantry Battalion, died at Omeo, 17.10.1984, aged 75 years
ROBERTS, Valerie Joyce, born 17 February 1942, died 5 July 1992, loved wife of Frederick John, mother of Donna, Tony, Karen and Michelle
ROTH, Alexander, her (Sarah) beloved son, died April 1924, aged 50 years
ROTH, Christian, my dear husband, loving father of Son and Chrissie, died 25 December 1957, aged 85 years (with Sarah)
ROTH, Edith Vera, died 15.9.1993, aged 86 yrs (with John)
ROTH, John Urbonus, died 1.7.1978, aged 77 yrs, beloved husband of Vera, loved father of Jean
ROTH, Sarah Agnes, our dear mother, died 2 February 1971, aged 94 years
ROTH, Sarah, born at Girvin, Scotland, died at Ensay 25 May 1922, aged 78 years (with Alexander)

SANDY, Elma Joan, died 21 Marh 1998, aged 74 years, beloved wife of Jim, devoted mother of Jo-Anne and Martin, fond nanna of Michael, Riana, Christopher and Andrew
SANDY, Emma Emily, died 26 June 1953, aged 75 years
SANDY, Florrie, died 12 August 1994, aged 94 years, beloved wife of Doc, loving mother of June, Jim and Tom
SANDY, Joseph, beloved husband of Florrie, loving father of June, Jim and Tom, died 10 September 1945, aged 53 years
SANDY, Joseph, died 12 February 1904, aged 56 years
SHELTON, Agnes, December 1968, age 90 (with Alfred)
SHELTON, Alfred Eric, died 19 December 1991, aged 86 years, beloved husband of Nell, loving father of Barbara and Brian
SHELTON, Alfred, June 1948, age 76 (with Agnes)
SHELTON, Charlotte Mary, a loved wife and mother, passed away 13.7.78, aged 102
SHELTON, Melba Christina, died 20 September 2004, aged 83 years, loved wife of Bill, devoted mother of Irene, Ron, Colin and Kaye
SHELTON, our dear son and brother - illegible
SHELTON, William George, a loved husband and father, passed away 4.8.59, aged 90
SHELTON, William John, died 20 January 2000, aged 87 years, loved husband of Melba, devoted father of Irene, Ron, Colin and Kaye
SIDEBOTTOM, Peter Robin, 22.10.1941 - 17.7.2000, loved husband of Sue, loving Dad of Nigel, Damian, Denielle*, special Pa of Rosie
SIMKIN, Clarence W., died 25.8.1950, aged 63 years (with Violet)
SIMKIN, Janet Murray, died 2 February 1981, aged 86 yrs (with Stanley)
SIMKIN, Margaret Elizabeth, beloved wife of William, died 10 July 1936, aged 73 years
SIMKIN, Stanley George, died 21 August 1965, aged 74 years (with Janet)
SIMKIN, Violet R., died 13.11.1977, aged 91 years (with Clarence)
SIMKIN, William, beloved husband of Margaret Elizabeth, died 4 May 1940, aged 80 years
SMITH, George Bridgnold*, died November 11, 1970, aged 77 years
SMITH, Wayne Alan, 13.1.1944 - 2.12.1999, loved husband of Patti, loved father of Janne and Malcolm, "Smithy'
SOMERVILLE, Beryl Kincaid, died 1.9.97, aged 62, loved wife of Alan, loving mother of Trevor, Heather and Shane
SUMMERELL, Agnes Amelia, 23.8.1942 - 4.10.2000, loved wife of Noel James (Peter), loved mother of Brett and Jeremy
SWETNAM, Charles William. Father - Thomas Eugene Swetnam, mother - Mary (née Waterstreet) of Woods Point, Victorial
SWETNAM, Rosaline Mary, our dear mother, died 28 February 1972, aged 91 years (with James)
SWETNAM, Christina Kate, born 18.4.1903, died 27.8.1982 (with John)
SWETNAM, James William Eugene (Nugget), born 3.12.1904, died 4.8.1994, loved son of James and Rosaline Mary, dear brother of Thelma and Lionel (Bert)
SWETNAM, James, beloved husband of R. M., loved father of James, Thelma and Bert, died 29 May 1935, aged 66 years (with Rosaline)
SWETNAM, John Alfred, passed away 7 April 1979, loving husband of Chrissie
SWETNAM, John Garland, loving husband of Lillian, devoted father of Jack, passed away 13 September 1950, aged 76 years
SWETNAM, Lillian Jessie, loved mother of Jack, died 21.10.75, aged 99
SWETNAM, Thomas Eugene, died 9 August 1921, aged 57 years, loved husband of Amy, dear father of his nine sons and six daughters

TAYLOR, Arthur Wright, died 28 September 1990, aged 89 years, beloved husband of Myra, loving father of Ethel, Lorna and Frank
TAYLOR, Caroline Rebecca, my dear wife,[Thomas] who died July 9, 1918,
TAYLOR, Clarice Valda, 1916 - 2000, loving wife of Jack, loving mother of John, Gordon, Ronald, Judith and their families
TAYLOR, David, VX56470 Private, 2/2 Pioneer Bn., 11.2.1969, age 48
TAYLOR, George Cannon, born 14.4.1898, died 6.2.1986 (with Myrtle)
TAYLOR, John Hartley, 1913 - 1998, loved husband of Val, loving father of John, Gordon, Ronald, Judith and their families
TAYLOR, Myra, died 9 August 1982, age 81 years, beloved wife of Arthur, loving mother of Ethel, Lorna and Frank
TAYLOR, Myrtle Ensay, born 30.6.1895, died 10.2.1976 (with George)
TAYLOR, Robert Gordon, dearly loved son of Glenice and Gordon, loved brother of Tracey, 1964 - 1981
TAYLOR, Thomas Charles, our dear father, died 22.3.1953, father and mother re-united
TRACY, Kevin Patrick, born Dublin 17.3.1940, died 17.7.1981

UNKNOWN, Irene Verity, (no details)
UNKNOWN, Mary (lichen covered), 1934, aged 76 years [may be Young nee Fraser - next to Alexander Fraser's headstone]

WARFORD, C'Karma* M., 30.3.1935 - 25.2.2000, dearly loved wife of Ernest F., loved and cherished mother of Yvonne, Leonie and Christine
WARFORD, Ernest Finleigh, born 7 June 1932, now in God's care 16 August 1996, loving husband of C'Karma*, devoted father of Yvonne, Leonie and Christine
WARFORD, Jannett*, beloved wife of F. A. Warford, died October 26, 1925, aged 30 years
WATKINSON, Harold B., age 59, born 19.9.35, died 9.5.95, beloved husband of June, loving father of Sharon, Helen, Janet, Alan and Dianne, father in law of Anthony, Colin and Gary, beloved poppy of his 9 grandaughters*
WATKINSON, June P., 16.6.1940 - 26.2.2004, loved wife of Harold (dec), loving mother of Sharon, Helen, Janet, Alan and Dianne
WILLIE, Leslie Norman, born 29.2.1904, died 1.12.1980, beloved father of Marie and Ted, father in law of Rich and Margaret, loving grandfather of Jennifer, Lynnette*, Robert, Annette, Darren, Sarah and also his great grand children
WILSON, Christina, our dear mother, died 16 August 1971, aged 90 years (with Thomas)
WILSON, Thomas Patrick, our dear father, beloved husband of Christina, died 7 April 1959, aged 89 years
WINNETT, George Herbert, died 10.7.1964, loved son of William and Isobella, fond uncle of his nieces and nephews

YOUNG, Alexander T. F., died 10 June 2000, aged 80 years, loved and loving husband of Daphne (dec), father of Sandra and Suzanne, father in law of David, grandad of Lara and Tom, friend of Andrew
YOUNG, Alexander Thomas William, passed away 25 June 1954, aged 69 years, beloved husband of Lucy and loving father of Thelma, Alex, Maisie, Lorna and Jim
YOUNG, Andrew John, 1963 - 1964, dearly loved infant son of Reg and Leila, dearest brother of Ian and Denice*
YOUNG, Daphne Sara, died 1 July 1984, aged 62 years, loved and loving wife of Alex, mother of Sandra and Suzanne, mother in law of David, granny of Lara and Tom
YOUNG, Lucy May, passed away 1.1.1987, aged 93 years, dearly beloved wife of Alexander, and loving mother of Thelma, Alex, Maisie (dec), Lorna and Jim
YOUNG, Reginald George, (Mason symbol) 1919 - 1999, beloved husband of Leila, father and friend of Ian, Denice*, Andrew (dec)

* as per the headstone
(photo) on headstone
Iron surround - 1
Mound - 2

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