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Transcribed by Marylin and Steve Jones

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ABBOTT, Alfred, G., who died 13 October 1905, aged 78 years (with George McDonald and Esther)
ABBOTT, Esther, who died ?? January, 1908 (with George McDonald and Alfred)

BEATON, Murdoch, died January 28, 1869, aged 35 years (with Ann Wright)
BLACK, Margaret, beloved wife of W. G. Black, departed this life December 18, 1916 (with William John)
BLACK, W. G., husband of above (Margaret), died 24 September 1922, aged 89 years (with William John)
BLACK, William John, the infant son of (with Margaret and W. G.), aged 11 months
BLAIR, David, beloved husband of Elizabeth, died 30 December 1887, aged 63 years
BLAIR, Elizabeth, died 27 February 1905 (with David)
BLAIR, John, 1859 - 1940, aged 81 years

CAFFREY, Allan George, beloved son of W and E Caffrey, died December 3, 1906, aged 12 years
CAFFREY, Kate, who died 19 September 1880, aged 20 years and 10 months
CAMPBELL, Alexander Neil, his son (Alexander), died 21 October 1950, aged 39 years
CAMPBELL, Alexander, died 5 December 1950, aged 69 years (with Alexander)
CAMPBELL, Catherine, our dear mother, who died at Casterton, 25 December 1867, aged 35 years (with Dugald)
CAMPBELL, Dugald, his (Neil's) beloved son  who died on active service 16 November 1915
CAMPBELL, Dugald, who died at Casterton, 5 March 1908, aged 78 years (with Catherine)
CAMPBELL, Mabel, wife of Alexander, aged 63 years
CAMPBELL, Mary Ann, our dear mother, died 18 August 1942, aged 91 years
CAMPBELL, Mary, of Corndale, relict of the late Alexander, Kilbride, Argyleshire, Scotland, departed this life on the 14th day of June 1890, aged 81 years (with Mary)
CAMPBELL, Mary, the dearly loved eldest daughter of Dugald, who died 5 February 1905, aged 45 years (with Mary)
CAMPBELL, Neil, beloved husband of Mary Ann, born 1 May 1845, died 18 September 1925 (with Dugald)
CARMICHAEL, Anne, wife of George, died at Portland April 5, 1896, aged 66 years
CARMICHAEL, George, who died at Retreat Station October 30 1885 aged 66 ears.  A colonist of 47 years. (with Robert and Anne)
CARMICHAEL, Grace, daughter of George. and Mary (nee Fraser) Carmichael, of Retreat, who died March 15, 1867, aged 7 years (with Mary - in same enclosure as George and Anne)
CARMICHAEL, Mary Grace, daughter of George and Mary Carmichael, who died November 29, 1882, aged 13 years 8 months (with Grace - in same enclosure as George and Anne)
CARMICHAEL, Robert Glenelg, who died at Portland,  June 14, 1887, aged 35 years (with George and Anne)
CARROLL, Winifred Jane, died 11 June 1944, aged 57 years
CARRUTHERS, John, husband of Winifred, who died 10 April 1876, aged 43 years; Having been Shire Engineer for many years to the Glenelg Shire Council
CAWKER, Agnes, daughter of T. and M. Cawker, died 11 March 1881, aged 11 months
CAWKER, Elizabeth, wife of John, who died ? June 1895
CAWKER, Hannah, his beloved wife (John), who died 18 May 1878, aged 29 years
CAWKER, John H., his son (John), died January ?, 1873, aged 3 months
CAWKER, John, who died December 30, 1876, aged 31 years
CAWKER, John, who died on the 17th June 1876, aged 31 years (with Hannah)
CAWKER, Mary Minnie, wo departed this life 7 September 1898, aged 24 years
CAWKER, Mary, his loving wife (Thomas), died 16 April 1927, aged 75 years
CAWKER, Thomas, died 21 December 1926, aged 89 years (with Mary)
CAWKER, Victoria Martha, died 6 March 1885, aged 4 years
CHAFFEY, George, died 12 September 1883, aged 46 years (with Phillippa and Walter)
CHAFFEY, Phillippa, his wife (George), died 17 May 1907, aged 73 years 11 months (with Walter)
CHAFFEY, Walter Charles, died 22 April 1884, aged 13 months (with George and Phillippa)
CLARKE, Marie Bennett, 1817 - 1896 (with William, Marie and Hanna* McPherson)
CLEE, Martha, our aunt, died 7 March 1867, aged 37 years (with Elijah, Fanney* and Elijah Handley)
COOK, E., died 1931 (with S. Cook)
COOK, S., died 1919 (with E. Cook)
CORRY, Edward, his son (Edward), who died 24 April 1868, aged 1 year (with Sophia)
CORRY, Edward, who died 7 September 1880, aged 42 years (with Edward and Sophia)
CORRY, Sophia, his daughter (Edward), who died 21 September 1876, aged 2 years (with Edward)
COURTIS, Edward Charles, died 25 July 1903, aged 70 years

DANCOCKS, C. C., Private, 118, Australian Imperial Forces, 5 April 1915
DANCOCKS, Clarence Edward, died at Mt Gambier, 15 July 1950, aged 78 years
DANCOCKS, Edward Bearcroft, born Gloucester, England, died July 3, 1915, aged 75 years
DANCOCKS, Elizabeth Ann, born 1844 - died 1929, aged 84 years
DANCOCKS, Hercules Hailes, died 22 March 1910
DANCOCKS, Jane, our mother, born at Portland, Vic., died 15 September 1926, aged 91 years
DANCOCKS, John Thornton, 1869 - 1951, 5th Light Horse, 1st A.I.F.
DANCOCKS, Nellie Evelyn, died 15 April 1960, aged 82 years
DYER, Fanny (Grannie), died July 1908, aged 95 years

GALPIN, Alfred, died 22 December 1942, aged 81 years (with Helen)
GALPIN, Helen Jemima, my dear wife and our loving mother, died 13 December 1939, aged 75 years (with Alfred)
GLOVER, Linda E., died 15 July 1940, aged 77 years
GLOVER, Louisa C., died 21 August 1945, aged 69 years
GLOVER, Mima, our dear sister, died 18 April 1949, aged 69 years
GLOVER, Richard F., our dear brother, died 17.2. 44, aged 74 years
GLOVER, Sarah Jane, my dear sister, died 4 July 1952, aged 35 years

HANDLEY, Elijah, eldest son of the above (Elijah/Fanney*), died 16 April 1896, aged 44 years (with Martha Clee)
HANDLEY, Elijah, our father, died 14 November 1860, aged 37 years (with Fanney*, Martha Clee and Elijah)
HANDLEY, Fanney*, our mother, died 3 March 1886, aged 70 years (with Elijah, Martha Clee and Elijah)
HOLDEN, William, who died at Strathdownie, December 6, 1906, aged 70 years (with Elizabeth McEachern)
HUMPHRYES*, Caroline, daughter of Henry and Mary (with Edith)
HUMPHRYES*, Edith, daughter of Henry and Mary (with Caroline)
HUMPHRYES*, H. R., died 2 January, 1945, aged 87 years (with Mary, Edith and Caroline)
HUMPHRYES*, Mary Jane, died 12 February 1929, belovd wife of Henry R., aged 69 years (with Edith and Caroline)

JELLY, George Mark, his son (George) died February 26. 1868, aged 1 year 11 months (with Jane)
JELLY, George, dearly beloved husband of Jane, died December 23, 1896, aged 81 years (with George)
JELLY, Jane, his beloved wife (George), died March 12, 1920, aged 87 years (with George)
JESSUP, Jane Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Walter, who departed this life 23 December 1887, aged 59 years

MATHESON, Donald, who died 29 October 1861, aged 11 years
MATHESON, Faquhar, who departed this life 28 March 1883, aged 91 years (with Mary)
MATHESON, Mary, born in Loch Alsh, Ross-Shire, Scotland, died 15th of July 1903, aged 90 years (with Faquhar)
MATHESON, Mary, who died June 22, 1918, aged 75 years
MATHESON, Murdoch, who died at "Craic" Henty, on the 23rd December 1896, aged 56 years
MCCOMBE, Annie, who died 29 April 1908, aged 31 years (with Jane, John, Sarah and Charles)
MCCOMBE, Charles, who died 6 January 1917, aged 79 years (with Jane, John, Sarah and Annie)
MCCOMBE, Jane, who died 31 August 1893, aged 19 years (with John, Sarah, Annie and Charles)
MCCOMBE, John, died 31 August 1894, aged 27 years (with Jane, Sarah, Annie and Charles)
MCCOMBE, Sarah, their mother (Jane and John), who died 29 October 1905, aged 64 years (with Annie and Charles)
MCDERMOTE, Henry, who died 19 August 1859, aged 47 yrs
MCDONALD, George, who died 25 October 1871, aged 52 years (with Alfred C. and Esther Abbot)
MCEACHERN, Elizabeth Mary, who died at East Strathdownie, October 24, 1876, aged 15 years 9 months (with William Holden)
MCJANNETT, Maria, who died 12 March 1883, aged 27 years (with William)
MCJANNETT, William, son of Maria, who died 26 October 1900, aged 21 years
MCKENZIE, Susan, died November 21, 1892, aged 53
MCLEAN, Christina, who died June 20, 1876, aged 22 years
MCLEAN, Malcolm, born in Melbourne September 1840, drowned at Casterton September 23, 1873, aged 33 years
MCPHERSON, Hanna*, wife of Alfred, 1841 - 1874 (with William, Marie and Marie) + original headstone 'Hannah, wife of A. W. McPherson, taken to her rest 4 June 1874, aged 33 years'
MCPHERSON, Marie Josephine, infant daughter, 1853 - 1854 (with William, Marie and Hanna*)
MCPHERSON, William, 1822 - 1867, Nangeela (with Marie, Marie and Hanna*) - this from is a plaque alongside the original headstone which is illegible
MERCER, George, died 20 June 1886, aged 48 years (William)
MERCER, William Herbert, his son, died 20 October 1864, aged 11 months (with George)
MITCHELL, Thomas, who died August 23, 1863, aged 46 years
MURPHY, Catherine Mary, born 2 February 1888, died 5 January 1952
MURPHY, Daniel, died 30 August 1887, aged 65 years (with Mary and Jessie)
MURPHY, Jessie Ann, wife of John, died 4 August 1939, aged 74 years (with Daniel and Mary)
MURPHY, John, born 12 July 1860, died 4 April 194?
MURPHY, Mary, his wife (Daniel), died 14 January 1888, aged 55 years (with Jessie)
MURRAY, Elizabeth Louisa, 1868 [illegible] (with John)
MURRAY, John A. Sinclair, 1869 [illegible] (with Elizabeth)

NEIL, James, who died 27 December 1897, aged 78 years; erected by his wife E K Neil
NEWTON, Eliza Rebecca, the beloved wife of James, who died 4 April 1897, aged 33 years

PATCHING, James, died 27 January 1961, age 84
PATCHING, Margaret Mary, died 28 August 1952, aged 68 years
PATCHING, Richard, died 1st January 1916, aged 53 years
PATTERSON, Mary Grace, daughter of Rev. Simson, wife of Horace Patterson, born 11 February 1854, died 21 June 1885 (with Rev. Smith)
PEACHEY, Charles, died January 28, 1864, aged 28 years (with Elizabeth)
PEACHEY, Elizabeth, died August 6, 1861, aged 12 days (with Charles)
PEACHEY, Elizabeth, died September 14, 1892, aged 64 years
PEACHEY, Grace, died February 24, 1872, aged 7 months,
PEDEN, James, her husband (Rose), native of [illegible], died 28 August 1933, aged 48 years
PEDEN, Janet, native of [illegible], died 1 February 1930, aged ?2 years (with Robert, Rose and James)
PEDEN, Robert James, died [illegible] 1937, aged ?? Years (with Janet, Rose and James)
PEDEN, Rose, died 12 May 1967. Born 1901. (with Janet, Robert and James)

RALSTON, Louis D. B., died 5 October 1858, aged five months
RALSTON, Mary Josephine, born 22 June 1865, died February 29, 1868, aged 2 years and 8 months
RILEY, Cecil, R.I.P.
ROBERTSON, George, her husband (Mary), who died 10 September 1940, aged 83 years; Colonist of 50 years
ROBERTSON, John, of Struan, died 15 January 1888, aged 34 years
ROBERTSON, Mary, beloved wife of George, [illegible line], died 17 August 19??, aged 79 years
ROBERTSON, William, late of Windy Hill [illegible]

SIMSON, Charles, Rev., Roseneath, formerly O'Brien's Bridge, Hobart Town, Tasmania, died 11 March 1872, aged 60 years (with Mary)
SMITH, Charles Rearden Strachan, eldest son of Charles and Mary Helen, who died 15 April 1875, aged 5 months
SMITH, Henry, died 13 April 1837, aged 35 years (with Mary)
SMITH, Mary Ann Caffrey, died 20 April 1920, aged 95 years (with Henry)
SPRIGG, Alice Jane, died April 18, 1875, aged 5 months
STEWART, Esther Inez Hilda, our darling, died 6 April 1889, aged 6 months, dearly loved child of W and A Stewart (with Gordon)
STEWART, Gordon Craig, our darling, died 9 May 1904, aged 7 months, dearly loved child of W and A Stewart (with Esther)

TAYLOR, Annie, wife of John, who departed this life on the 17 March 1875, aged 33 years (with Catherine)
TAYLOR, Catherine, their infant daughter (John and Annie), who died on the 8th day of April 1875, aged 27 days (with Annie)
TYLER, Mary Victoria. Wife of William Tyler. Born Coleford, Gloucestershire, UK. Died 21 August 1920 aged 65 years. No headstone on grave.
TYTHERLEIGH, Charles S., died 17.5.12, aged 40#
TYTHERLEIGH, Elizabeth A., died 15.5.33, aged 69#
TYTHERLEIGH, John, died 30.3.1916, aged 75#
TYTHERLEIGH, Mary E., died 13.5.43, aged 51#
TYTHERLEIGH, Mary Eliza A., died 6.6.1904, aged 71#
TYTHERLEIGH, Mary Isabel, died 12.12.1900, aged 36#
TYTHERLEIGH, Robert, died 17.6.1899, aged 80#
TYTHERLEIGH, Susan S., died 4.12.42, aged 75#
TYTHERLEIGH, Thomas R., died 2.10.1943, aged 78#

WAYMAN, George, died February 13, 1853, aged 22 years
WHITE, Hellen*, who died August 4, 1912, aged 72 (with James and Margery*); Colonists of 60 years
WHITE, James Henry, erected by Hellen* in memory of her beloved husband, died 25 May 1889, aged 60 years (with Margery* and Hellen)
WHITE, Margery* Catherine, their daughter (Hellen and James), died 18 March 1879, aged 2 months
WOMBWELL, Edith Lillian, died 19 January 1964, aged 69 years
WOMBWELL, Peter, died 20 October 1961, aged 73 years
WOODALL, Scotia, who died at Garraroom, 28 February 1876, aged 86 years
WRIGHT, Ann, his wife (Murdoch), died April 11, 1882, aged 46 years
WRIGHT, Anne, died February 3, 1884, aged 79; [illegible] this stone ... daughter Anne Carmichael

Iron surround, child size - 3
Iron surround - 6
Broken headstone - illegible - 1
Broken headstone - June 19, 1861, aged 13 years
Concrete surround - 2
Headstone fallen face down - 1
* as per headstone
# all on one headstone
Some shown as illegible are weathered others are illegible on the photos we have taken - due to the angle or the amount of sunlight or lichen or other deposits!

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