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Ballarat cemeteries - partial

The following information transcribed by Ian Thacker - Email Ian.

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The following information transcribed by Ian Thacker - Email Ian.

ALLEN, Sarah died Sep 1940 (nee Pulbrook) age 72

BRITNELL, Lily (nee Laverick) died 22 Sep 1948 age 63 dau of Ralph & Eliza

LAVERICK, Ada Florence (nee Callcott) died Dec 1941 age 44 wife of Baden
LAVERICK, Albert Clarence died 23 Sep 1905 age 3 months son of Ralph & Eliza
LAVERICK, Alfred John died 13 March 1897 age 15 years son of Ralph & Eliza
LAVERICK, Alma Vera died May 1908 infant daughter of John Thos and Matilda C
LAVERICK, Baden John died 16/6/1965 age 65 son of John Thomas and Matilda Caroline
LAVERICK, Clarice May died 21/2/1938 age 32 spinster daughter of John Thos and Matilda C
LAVERICK, David died 15 Feb 1918 age 41 son of Thos E & Henrietta
LAVERICK, Eliza (nee Mayell) died 29 July 1937 age 76 wife of Ralph
LAVERICK, Frederick David died 10 Feb 1908 age 7 son of Frederick & Ethel
LAVERICK, Henrietta (nee Hayden) died 5/9/1944 age 88 widow of Thomas E
LAVERICK, Ivy (nee Blanche) died 31 march 1995 age 92 second wife Baden
LAVERICK, John Thomas died 11 Nov 1941 age 68 son of Thos E and Henrietta
LAVERICK, Matilda Caroline (nee Pulbrook) died 5 May 1951 age 77 wife of John Thos
LAVERICK, Ralph died 12 May 1919 age 60 son of John and Mary (Gray)
LAVERICK, Ralph Mayell died 28 April 1889 age 8 months son of Ralph & Eliza
LAVERICK, Thomas Ernest died 23/1/1895 age 43 son of John and Mary
LAVERICK, Wallace died Jan 1902 infant son of John Thos and Matilda C

PULBROOK, John Joseph George died 4 Mar 1912 age 59 son of Geo and Maria
PULBROOK, Joseph died 1930 age 67 son of George and Maria
PULBROOK, Maria (nee Grix) died 16 Mar 1916 age 83 wife of George

QUICK, Bertha Mary (nee Heath) died 21 Oct 1942 age 71 wife of Richard Major II
QUICK, Elizabeth (nee Major) died 1879 age 69 wife of James (buried in Ballarat Old Cemetery)
QUICK, Richard Major II died 2 Sep 1927 age 65 son of Richard Major & Mary Ann

RICHARDS, Ethel Maude (nee Laverick) died 12 July 1916 age 34 dau of Ralph & Eliza

THACKER, May Adeline (nee Lancaster) died 1982 age 77 wife of William R J (Bill)
THACKER, William Ronald John (Bill) died 16 Aug 1974 age 68 son of James and Mary Rosina

Ballarat Old Cemetery:

BECKERLY, Edward died 5/11/1857 age 38

GRAY, John Whiteman died 2 Nov 1884 age 61

LAVERICK, Charlotte (nee Williams) died 19 Jan 1895 age 35 wife of Alexander W
LAVERICK, Clara died Aug 1866 age 11 months
LAVERICK, Mary (nee Gray) died 15 Aug 1868 age 40 wife of John
LAVERICK, Mary died Nov 1866 age 3 years

QUICK, Charles Sandow buried 10 Mar 1871 age 6 wks
QUICK, Edith Letitia (nee Avery) died 25 Sep 1947 age 74 wife of Robert James, SBD 51
QUICK, James died 17 Nov 1864 age 52 son of Israel & Fanny
QUICK, Mary Ann (nee Howe) died 7 Jan 1907 age 64 wife of Richard Major
QUICK, Richard Major died 28 Jul 1926 age 89 son of James & Elizabeth
QUICK, Robert James died 17 Jul 1950 age 83 son of Richard Major & Mary Ann, SBD 51
QUICK, Susan died 4 May 1864 age 4 daughter of James & Susan
QUICK, William Edward buried 26 Aug 1868 age 2 wks

Transcribed by Lorraine Larment from photographs provided by Peta

GODDARD, Emily (nee Ward). Wife (2) of George Edward. 26 February 1941. Sister of Sarah Ann Goddard
GODDARD, George Edward. Husband of Sarah Ann (1) and Emily (2). 20 February 1917.
GODDARD, Sarah Ann (nee Ward). Wife (1) of George Edward. 12 March 1885. Sister of Emily.

HARKER, John. Husband of Delia.14 November 1930 aged 52 years.
HARKER, Magdalene Delia(nee Ward). Wife of John. 24 July 1960? aged 73 years.

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