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EMMERTON , Adeline Esther . 20-May-77 . Aged 73 years

JONES , Henry Charles . 20-Aug-73 . Aged 67 years

WILLIAMS , Charlie Ernest . 26-Jan-76 . Aged 74 years
WILLIAMS , Thomas Charles . 28-Aug-93 . Aged 68 years


The following information provided by Janet Zeuschner.
Sourced from The Advocate (Burnie Tasmania), The Circular Head Chronicle, headstones. No photographs of these burials.

ENNISS Patrick Montagu, died, 27 Aug. 1937 husband of Rose Hannah
ENNISS Rose Hannah (née Williams) died 30 June 1939.
ENNISS Henry (Harry) died 29 Oct 1929 husband of Rose
ENNISS Rose, (née Saward) died 13 Aug 1916 aged 44
ENNISS Ellen Rose, died 17 March 1904 aged 5 daughter of Henry & Rose Enniss

ENNISS Montagu George, died 9 Aug 1965 son of Henry and Rose Enniss

ENNISS Richard Alfred died 31 May 1961 husband of Mary Aileen
ENNISS Mary Aileen, (née Enniss) died 16 June 1931 aged 34
Richard Alfred was the son of John and Selina Ennis
Mary Aileen was the daughter of Henry and Rose Enniss

ENNISS Joseph, died 6 March 1978 son of Richard and Mary Enniss

ENNISS James Christopher (Chris) died, 10 March 1956 husband of Winifred Mollie (always known as Mollie)
Winifred Mollie (née Davidson) died 16 July 2003 and is buried in the Burnie Lawn Cemetery.
Chris and Molly had an only child, Enid Ruth (Mrs. W. Warner) who died 19 Dec 2009 and is buried
in the Burnie Lawn Cemetery.
Chris’s first wife was Louisa Lillian (née Williams). Louisa and her infant baby passed away suddenly.
Both buried 24 Dec 1931 in the C.of.E Cemetery, Montagu, Louisa was in her 22nd
ENNISS Francis Patrick (Frank), died 23 Nov 1953 husband of Mona Myra
ENNISS Mona Myra (née Williams), died 4 Nov.1991
MOLES Monica Rose (née Enniss) died 2 Sept 2009
Monica’s Ashes are placed at the head of her parents.

HANSON Thomas John, died 24 June 1973 aged 81 husband of Clara Ellen
HANSON Clara Ellen (née Blake) died 22 June 1980
JONES Catherine (Kate), (née Enniss/Hanson) died 21 Mar. 1935 wife of James Jones
Catherine was 1st married to James Augustus Hanson who died 16 Mar 1900

JONES Catherine (Kate), (née Enniss/Hanson) died 21 Mar. 1935 wife of James Jones
Catherine was 1st married to James Augustus Hanson who died 16 Mar 1900

JONES James, died 7 Feb 1953

JONES: Charles Henry died 20 August 1973 second son of Kate and James Jones.

PARSONS Mrs. Jane Parsons died 15th Oct.1956 at Montagu. Aged 85
Mother of Jean Agnes Williams

SAWARD James Snr, died 25 Sept 1930 husband of Frances Sarah Mary
SAWARD Frances Sarah Mary, (née Enniss) died 14 Oct 1946

SAWARD James Patrick died 2 March 1911 aged 9 years
Son of James Snr and Frances Sarah Mary Saward

SAWARD George Henry, died 30 Oct 1895 husband of Mary Jane
SAWARD Mary Jane, (Ennis/ Mulraney died 6 Jan 1918

SAWARD Private (4075) Vivian Charles Arthur, died 25 Sept 1967
Eldest son of James and Frances Sarah Mary Saward

SIMPSON Mary Jane, (née Williams) died, 13 July 1954 wife of Arthur
Arthur died 12 Sept 1956, buried Smithton General Cemetery
SIMPSON Ellen Anne (née Williams) died 14 June 1927 aged 40 wife of George
George died 23 Feb. 1964, buried Smithton General Cemetery
WAINWRIGHT Richard Cameron, died 30 March 1944 aged 53 husband of Valerie Alice
WAINWRIGHT Valerie Alice (née Saward) died 12 May 1940 aged 43

WAINWRIGHT Robert James died 24 Aug 1924 aged 5 yrs & 10mths
2nd son of Richard and Valerie Wainwright

WAINWRIGHT Baby, died 30 Dec 1931 parents were Richard and Valerie Wainwright
Buried in this cemetery but have no details as to where

WALTERS Vivian Thomas died 24 June 1916 (Born 21-3-1911)
Third son of Hubert Thomas and Alice Eliza (née Enniss) Walters

WILLIAMS Private (2909) J.C.A. (Nobby), died 10 Aug 1939 husband of M.A.E
Mary Alice Edith (M.A.E.) (née Hanney) died 20 Feb 1983 buried at George Town TAS
Father of Francis Charles (Frankie) Williams died 31 May 1980 buried at George Town TAS

WILLIAMS Charles Arthur, died 27 Nov 1945 husband of Mary Jane aged 86
WILLIAMS Mary Jane (née Enniss), died 28 Nov 1945 aged 83

WILLIAMS Richard James, (Jimmy) died 5 Nov 1957 husband of Olive Grace

WILLIAMS Olive Grace (née Coffey), died 6 Aug 1929 at the Harcus aged 26
WILLIAMS Also baby Raymond son of Charles Ernest and Ivy Ann died 6 Aug 1929 and buried with Olive.

WILLIAMS William Alfred (Alf), died 27 May 1967 aged 74 husband of Jean Agnes
WILLIAMS Jean Agnes (née Parsons) died 18 July 1968 aged
WILLIAMS Master Allen, sadly drowned in a well on Christmas day 25 Dec 1931
Aged 20 months, son Mr. & Mrs. Jim Williams, Montagu.
Buried on Boxing Day, Mr. R. A. Enniss performed the burial service.
WILLIAMS Gloria Caroline Bernadette (Con) (née Ainslie), died 31 Jan 1960 aged 31
Wife of Cyril (Barney) Williams, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Ainslie
WILLIAMS Private (TX 14014) Harry Valentine, died 18 June 2008,
Husband of (Margaret Lesley dec) and Lexie Gladys AINSLIE (née Howard)

WILLIAMS Jennifer Mary, died 18 April 1950 aged 2 hours infant daughter of Margaret and Harry
WILLIAMS Margaret Lesley, died 21 Sept 1950 aged 25 wife of Harry Valentine Williams
Jennifer Mary and Margaret Lesley are buried in the same grave.

WILLIAMS Ernest John, died 11 Nov 1950 husband of Rachel Ann (known as Ann)

WILLIAMS Rachel died 12 May 1966 daughter of Rachel (Ann) and John

WILLIAMS Rachel Ann (Ann) (née Enniss), wife of John Williams died 20 Dec1980
WILLIAMS Byron John, died 18 July 1981 son of Rachel (Ann) and John

WILLIAMS Margaret died 13 April 1995 daughter of Rita Williams (Mrs. Ackroyd)
Grand-daughter of Rachel (Ann) and John Williams

WILLIAMS Geoffrey Michael died 19 May 1971, aged 15 yrs
Son of Earl and Marjory Williams

WILLIAMS Marjory (née Baldock) died 23 Dec 1983, wife of Earl

WILLIAMS Violet Adeline Teresa (née Enniss) died 2 May 1978 aged 92 wife of Ernest James
Ernest James died 1954 buried C.of.E. Cemetery, Montagu

WILLIAMS Charles Ernest died 26 Jan 1976 husband of Ivy Ann
Ivy Ann (née Emmerton) died 21 Dec 1977 buried C.of.E. Cemetery Forest
WILLIAMS Thomas, (Tommy), died 28 Aug 1993

WILLIAMS Henry, died 1 Nov 1994 husband of Lillian (née Breadmore)

WILLIAMS Cyril died 7 Feb 1995

WILLIAMS George, died 22 Sept 2006
All 4 are the sons of William Alfred (Alf) and Jean Agnes Williams

WILLIAMS Death occurred at the Harcus of the infant daughter of Mr.& Mrs. Jas
(Jimmy) Williams from Whooping Cough, Buried 3 Mar. 1929.
Mr. R.A. Enniss read the Burial Service No details as to where the grave is

WILSON Rachel Mary (née Saward), died 25 Aug 1978 wife of Cliff Wilson

WILSON Winston (Mick), died 8 Dec 1984 husband of Frances (née Williams)
WILSON Frances, died 7 March 2008 (daughter of John and Ann Williams)
ZEUSCHNER Olive Jane, (née Williams) died 21 Oct 1934 wife of Frederick William Henry (Harry)
Harry died 27 August 1963 and is buried in the Smithton General Cemetery
Daughter of Charles Arthur and Mary Jane Williams and twin sister of Charles Ernest Williams

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