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Generously provided by Graham Barlow - Swan Reach Museum
who had transcribed to 1997
and Marylin and Steve Jones from 1997 onward

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ADEY, Daisy Rebecca, beloved wife of John Archibald and daughter of the late James Mayfield, died August 27th 1911, aged 32 years
AKERS, Jean Alison, loving wife of Ross, mother of Lucy, born 14th Sept 1954, died 13th May 1989
ASHMAN, Kathleen Esther, 22.1.1936 - 12.8.1985;
ASHTON, Rebecca Lucy, widow of the Rev J. H. Ashton and daughter of the late Robert & Elizabeth Mayfield (of Bald Hills) 1868 - 1954
ATTRILL, Daniel, died April 6th 1882, aged 75 years
ATTRILL, Louisa June, born April 19, 1871, died 11 April 1948, daughter of Sarah & John
ATTRILL, Sarah, the beloved wife of John, who died 13th June 1871 aged 35 years

BACKSHALL, Ethel Maud, died 17th Sept 1964 aged 76, beloved wife of William Edward, loved mother of Doreen, Stanley, Mildred (dec) Irene, Wallace & Leila
BACKSHALL, William Edward, died 8th Jan 1970, aged 85, loved father of Doreen, Stanley, Mildred (dec), Irene, Wallace & Leila [with Ethel]
BAILEY, Ann, wife of above [William] died Oct. 11th 1909, aged 27
BAILEY, Mary Elizabeth, died Oct. ?6th 1922, aged 70, daughter of above [Ann and William]
BAILEY, Richard, died 29th June 1901, aged 45, son of above [Ann and William]
BAILEY, William, died April 21st 1894, aged 72
BARCLAY, Harold, C. C. (?), loved husband of Kathleen, died 29 Aug 1975 aged 86 years [with Kathleen]
BARCLAY, Joyce, died 25th May 1997, aged 77 years, daughter of Kathleen & Harold, sister of Jean, sister in law of Rick
BARCLAY, Kathleen dearly loved wife of Harold, loved mother of Jean and Joyce, died 11 Feb 1965, aged 73 years
BARTLETT, Albert Josiah, beloved husband of Jessie Hannah, died 13th Sept. 1961 aged 74 years, father of Roland, Mervyn, Glanville, Trevor, Fernetta & Albert (deceased)
BARTLETT, Brenton, died 13th June 1955, aged 2 days [with Mervyn]
BARTLETT, Glanville Rex, passed away 20th Nov 1997 aged 72 years, loving husband of Fay Patricia, devoted father of Sharon and Diane, cherished papa of Jessica, Emma and Melanie
BARTLETT, Jessie Hannah, beloved wife of Albert, died 21st Feb. 1963 aged 72 years, mother of Roland, Mervyn, Glanville, Trevor, Fernetta & Albert (deceased) [with Albert]
BARTLETT, Mervyn McCallum, beloved husband of Myrtle, died 31st Jan 1973 aged 54 years, loving father of Neville, Dean & Brenton (dec’d)
BARTON, Benjamin Thomas, dearly loved husband of Edith died 27th April 1960, aged 76 years
BARTON, Edith Louisa, loved wife of above [Benjamin], died 4th July 1975, aged 96 years
BARTON, George Burnard, beloved husband of Jessie, died 9 July 1967, aged 80 years, loved father of Burnard, Edmond, Lois & Raymond
BARTON, Jessie Maud, beloved wife of George, died 4 May 1977, aged 96 years, loved mother of Burnard, Edmond, Lois & Raymond
BAXTER, Elizabeth Ann, died 6.10.61 aged 91
BAXTER, John, died 17.7.46 aged 82
BEAVIS, Daniel John, 13.5.1974 - 8.3.1997, dearly loved son of Val & Ray, loved brother of Mathew, cherished grandson of Glad, Anne & Jack
BEENHAM, Elizabeth Mary, passed away 13th Aug. 1971, aged 32, loved wife of David, loved mother of Sharon & Carol
BERRY, David, beloved son of above [John and Esther] who died June 12, 1901 aged 43 years
BERRY, Esther, who died Sept 2, 1904 aged 74 years [with John and David]
BERRY, Henry, died 30th July 1935 aged 83 years
BERRY, John, the beloved husband of Esther Berry, who died Nov 27, 1865 aged 45 years
BERRY, Mary, died 26th Nov 1933 aged 71 years
BIDDLE, Alfred Alvin, loved husband of Winifred, died 2 Sept 1996 aged 82 years, loved father of William, Merle, Jack & Jenifer [with Winifred]
BIDDLE, Sophia Louisa, beloved wife of above [William], died 24 April 1939, aged 77
BIDDLE, William, died 11 March 1925 aged 73
BIDDLE, Winifred Hope, beloved wife of Alfred, died 17 May 1973 aged 73 years, loved mother of William, Merle, Jack & Jenifer
BIECHA, George, 25.4.1932 to 14.1.2000, "A man of the sea"
BISHOP, D. I. H., AIF, SX27394, Private, 2/8 Infantry Battalion, 25th April 1984, age 60; Lest We Forget
BLACK, R. J., AIF NX 163459 Lieutenant, Headquarters, 31st May 1993, age 77, loved and remembered by his family
BLESING, Phillip Mark, born 27th Sept - died 25th Nov 1992, dearly loved son of Mark and Val
BONE, Kitty, daughter, died 30 April 1943 aged 30 years [with Elizabeth Hunt]
BONE, Kitty, loved wife of H. C. Bone, loving daughter of E & E Hunt, died 30th April 1943 aged 30 years
BOWELL, Harry, beloved husband of Laura, died March 8, 1914 aged 57 years
BOWELL, Susannah, beloved wife of James, died 17th December 1896 aged 68; There remaineth therefore a rest/To the people of God
BOWYER, Allan James, loved son of Elsie and the late James Henry, died Sept. 12th 1961 aged 51 years
BOWYER, C., AIF, SJ0021, Sapper, Royal Australian Engineers, 11th September 1962, age 51; dearly loved and sadly missed by his wife and children; vases " To Colin from Mother; Colin from Linda & children
BOWYER, Elsie, beloved wife of the above [James] died 14th Jan 1969, aged 82 years
BOWYER, Frederick Andrew, AIF, 3.11.23 - 20.7.96, husband of Audrey, loved father of Diane, Trevor, Barry, Lennie, niche wall
BOWYER, Garnet Richard, beloved husband of Lila and loved father of Lionel & Malcolm, died 6th Dec. 1971, aged 59 years
BOWYER, James Henry, beloved husband of Elsie, died 6th Jan 1951, aged 65 years
BOWYER, Lila May, beloved wife of Garnet and loved mother of Lionel & Malcolm, died 24th May 1993 aged 82 years [with Garnet]
BOWYER, Rebeckah, the beloved wife of Thomas, who died Oct 25th 1869 aged 39 years
BOWYER, Thomas, who died Oct. 16, 1879, aged 69 years
BRITTON, George, who died 9th August 1911, aged 84 years
BRITTON, Sarah, who died 20th August 1866, aged 37 years [with George]
BROOKS, Clarice Ivy (Claire), 1914 - 2001, wife of Geoffrey, mother of Geoffrey
BROOKS, Geoffrey Graham "Mac", 1908 - 1994, husband of Clarice, father of Geoffrey; our loved rockhound
BROWN, James, 24.11.33 - 26.6.93, loved husband of Gladys, loved father of Tony & Paul
BUCHANAN, Elfrida, the beloved wife of R. Buchanan, who died Sept 14 1889 aged 21 years
BULL, Harold Roy, died 6th May 1946 aged 51 years
BURNARD, Lorna Phillis (nee Shakeshaft) loved mother of Stephen & Cathryn and a devoted nanna passed away 7th May 1983 aged 49 years
BUTTERWORTH, Isabella, wife of John, who died 31st May 1908, aged 84 years
BUTTERWORTH, John, who died at Normanville, November 20th 1900 aged 76 years

CAIN, Martin Douglas, died 17th Feb 1987, aged 78 years
CALLAN, A. A., RAAF, 166083, Corporal, Royal Australian Air Force, 30th June 1997, age 71, loved husband of Roma, father of Chris and David, grandpa of Ben, Emma and Ethan
CAMERON, Ewen, beloved husband of Olva, died `8th June 1934 aged 51 years
CAMERON, Olva, his beloved wife, died 30th Nov 1952 aged 71 years
**CANNAN, James, beloved husband, who died 29th September 1903 aged 60 years Putland, Bessie Cornellia, loved wife of Arthur John, died 15th April 1949 aged 74 years; our parents Bessie C died 15.4.1949 aged 74; Arthur J. died 2.8.1954 aged 78
CHEESEMAN, Pamela Kay, died 3rd Oct 1944 aged 2 months
CHENOWETH, Audrey Martha, beloved wife & mother & gran of above, died 25th July 1993, aged 72 years [with Ronald James]
CHENOWETH, Bob, beloved husband of Doris, died 1st July 1956 in his 69th year [with Mabel]
CHENOWETH, (nee Stacey), Doris Maud, born 11.2.1903, died 29.5.2001, aged 98 years, loving wife of the late Robert
CHENOWETH, Mabel Caroline, beloved wife of Robert, died 28th April 1945 aged 58 years
CHENOWETH, Mary, died 25th Jan 2003, aged 72 years (wooden cross)
CHENOWETH, Mary Ann, Mother, passed away 10th October 1924 aged 69 years
CHENOWETH, Philip, Father, passed away 24th August 1927 aged 65 years; Erected by their loving children
CHENOWETH, Robert James, died 1st July 1956 in his 69th year [with Mabel]
CHENOWETH, Ronald James, (SX32536 2nd AIF), beloved husband of Audrey, loved father & papa of Janice, Angela & families, died 21st Oct 1980, aged 61 years
CHENOWETH, Wilfred Keith, beloved son of Robert James & Mabel Caroline, died 5th Sept 1977, aged 56 years
CLARK, Edith R., died 14th Dec. 1960 aged 86 years
CLARK, James, beloved husband of M. A. Clark, died January 9th 1921 aged 69 years
CLARK, John, beloved husband of Edith R., died 4th Sept. 1945 aged 83 years
CLARK, Mary Ann, wife of above [James] died Oct 10th 1941 aged 76 years
CLARK, Annie beloved wife [Charles] & mother of above 21st August 1963 aged 79 years
CLARK, Charles William, beloved husband of Annie M. L. loved father of Bessie, Reta, Elma, Dorothy & Roy, 21st April 1956 aged 69 years
COAD, Charles, 1912 - 1978, loved husband of Jean, father of Margaret, Helen & Linda
COAD, Jean, 1912 - 2003, mother of Margaret, Helen & Linda [with Charles]
COCKRUM, Gladys, 6.12.1916 - 15.3.2002, beloved wife of the late Vern, dearly loved mother and mother in law of Jillian and Bob, Verna (dec’d) and Robert, Gloria (dec’d), nanna of five and great nanna of thirteen children; proud to be the wife of a true Freemason
COCKRUM, Josey A M, beloved wife of Will G. H., died 30th Nov 1947 aged 66 years
COCKRUM, Kathleen Mary, beloved daughter of Josey & Will, died 26th Nov 1927 aged 21 years
COCKRUM, Vern, 10.9.1917 - 23.7.2000, loving and devoted husband of Gladys, dearly loved father and father in law of Jillian and Bob, Verna (dec’d) and Robert, Gloria, grandpa of five, great grandpa of eleven children; A true Freemason
COCKRUM, Will G. H., beloved husband of Josey A. M., died 16th Nov 1957 aged 79 years
COCKRUM, William Henry, beloved husband of Ruby, died 23rd Dec 1970, aged 65 [?] years, loved father of Jeffrey, Malcolm and Evonne
COOK, Joyce Florence, 12-8-1929 - 27-11-1997, beloved wife of David George, loved mother of John, Norman, Gregory and Robert; A life of love, faithfulness & kindness/Praise be to God who is her keeper
COOK, Paul John, loved son of Chris & John, brother of Peter, Mark, Abbey & Jamie, born 7.9.1971, died 2.5.1987; [with C P Leaker]
CORNISH, Esther Jane, beloved wife of John and daughter of Robert Kelly, Esq. J.P. Cornhill who died Decr 5th 1889 aged 34 years: Jesu, thy blood and righteousness/My beauty are, my glorious dress;/Midst flaming worlds in these arrayed,/With joy shalt I lift up my head.
CORNISH, Jane, beloved wife of the above [John] who died 29th April 1899, aged 76 years
CORNISH, John, the beloved husband of Jane, who died 23rd Decr 1875 aged 56 years
CORNISH, John, beloved husband of the above [Esther Jane] and of Sarah Annie, only son of the late John & Jane Cornish, died Feb. 22, 1921, aged 71 years; a colonist of 65 years
CRANWELL, L. W., RAN, Able Seaman PA 3696, Royal Australian Naval Rescue, 13th December 1990, aged 65, cherished husband of Ruby, dearly loved father of Peter & Cathryn
CRANWELL, Ruby, and son Peter (wooden cross)
CRAWFORD, Colin John died 10th March 1977 aged 50 years, cremated beloved husband of Isabel
CRAWFORD, Isabel Margaret, died 24th Dec 1985 aged 60 years cremated, beloved wife of Colin loved father & mother of Gregory, Anne & Craig
CRAWFORD, Kenneth, dearly loved husband of Marjorie, loved father of Douglas, Colin & Joyce, died 28th Aug 1953 aged 3 years
CRAWFORD, Marjorie, beloved wife of above [Kenneth], died 18th July 1973 aged 73
CROSSMAN, Albert William, died 24 June 1959 aged 74 [with Lavinia]; erected by the Taverner family
CROSSMAN, Giles Edward, (late 50th Batt AIF) beloved husband of Edith Mary loved stepfather of Nanette, died 15th March 1957 aged 71 years
CROSSMAN, Lavinia Mary, died 15 Oct 1939 aged 53 [with Albert]; Erected by the Taverner family
CURRIE, Joseph, who died at Yankalilla Novr 19, 1903 aged 85 years

DALITZ, Margaret Janet, beloved wife of William, mother of Alan, Jenny, Sue, Roger & Yvonne, died 7th June 1972, aged 42 years
DALITZ, Marjory, 19.12.1946 - 4.2.2001, dearly loved mother of William, Raelene, Robert, Barrie & Kenneth, also dearly loved mother of Helen [with Roy]
DALITZ, Martha, beloved wife of William died 21st May 1976 aged 97 years
DALITZ, Roy, 28.2.1909 - 4.2.1948, dearly loved father of William, Raelene, Robert, Barrie & Kenneth
DALITZ, Wilhelm, beloved husband of Martha, died 8th July 1946 aged 73 years
DALITZ, William R. (Bill), 16.7.1914 - 29.11.1994, loved husband of Margaret, loved father of Alan, Sue, Jenni, Roger & Yvonne
DANIELS, Alfred Thomas, late R.N., beloved husband of Elizabeth & loving father of Jack & Mary, died 9th May 1962 aged 70 yrs; Kind and generous was he
DANIELS, Elizabeth Sarah Hope, beloved wife of Alfred, much loved & loving mother of Jack & Mary, died 30th Aug. 1980, aged 93 years
DAVEY, Allan Edgar, beloved son of S & A C Davey, died 12 June 1912 aged 10= years
DAVEY, Blanche, youngest daughter of above [Edwin and Mary] died March 8th 1932, aged 40 years
DAVEY, Edwin, our dear father, who died June 11th 1918, aged 70 years
DAVEY, John, our beloved father, died 13 Dec. 1935 aged 60 years
DAVEY, our dear mother, Mary Ann, who died Jan. 9th 1924, aged 73 years: "Nothing in my hand I bring/Simply to thy cross I cling"
DAVEY, Samuel, beloved husband of Annie Elizabeth, died 17 July 1937 aged 68 years
DAVEY, William James, died 3rd Oct. 1960 aged 80 years
DEVERSON, Maude Alice, died Oct 1950, aged 53 years
DINNISON, Lucy, loved wife of Roll, mother of Ian, died 19th Nov 1970 in her 75th year
DINNISON, Rolland, loved husband of Lucy, father of Ian, died 10th May 1990 in his 85th year
DRIVER, Jack, 22.6.1918 - 7.9.2001, beloved husband of Thelma, father of Rosalie, Geoffrey & Wendy, niche wall
DUFTY, John, of Normanville, who died 19th June 1894, aged 59 years [with Susan; also Emma Sampson]
DUFTY, Susan Ann, beloved wife of above [John] who died July 25th 1923 aged 84 years [with John; also Emma Sampson]
DUNHAM, James Eugene (Jim), 15th Oct 1946 - 1st March 1999, husband of Gi, father of Lucy Sky, loving son of Margret, Eugene
DUNN, Fanny, died 28th Jan 1906, aged 69 years
DUNSTALL, Beatrice Eva, baby daughter, 14 weeks, died 1906 [sister of Prudencia, Emily, Guy, Gladys & Elsie] [with Emily and Robert]
DUNSTALL, Douglas Raymond, beloved son of G & M Dunstall, died 20th November 1953 aged 18 years
DUNSTALL, Emily Ann, 1872 - 1906, loved mother of Prudencia, Emily, Guy, Gladys & Elsie [with Robert and Beatrice]
DUNSTALL, Guy, beloved husband [of Mildred] & father of above Dorothy, Bob, Jean, Dulcie, Gwen, Bill, Allan, Norman, Elva & Doug (dec), died 4th Sept 1984 aged 86 years
DUNSTALL, Guy, beloved husband of Sarah, died Dec 25, 1913 aged 67 years
DUNSTALL, James, 1783 - 1869, husband of Philadelphia (nee Guy) 1783 - 1840, father of John arrived 1840, James arrived 1846, Guy arrived 1851, William arrived 1851; pioneers of South Australia; erected by their descendants 1998; refer to local library
DUNSTALL, Mildred, beloved wife of Guy, loved mother of Dorothy, Bob, Jean, Dulcie, Gwen, Bill, Allan, Norman, Elva & Doug (dec), died 5th Aug 1955 aged 59 years
DUNSTALL, Robert Abbott, 1872 - 1907, loved father of Prudencia, Emily, Guy, Gladys & Elsie [with Emily and Beatrice]
DUNSTALL, Sarah, wife of above [Guy] died March 22nd 1929 aged 82 years

EATT, Ernest Alfred, beloved son of the above [Sarah and Reuben] died 26th April 1904 aged 24 years
EATT, George Reuben, beloved husband of M. A. Eatt, who died February 2nd 1893, aged 28 years
EATT, Sarah Elizabeth, beloved wife of Reuben who died July 27th 1896 aged 53 years
EDWARDS, James Thomas, (ashes interred), 9.1.1910 - 19.7.1983, father of Robert & Stephanie [with Lorna]
EDWARDS, Lorna Alma, 17.2.1924 - 10.3.1991, loved wife of James, mother of Robert & Stephanie

FAULKNER, Sarah, died 23rd Aug. 1914, aged 42
FAULKNER, William, beloved husband of above [Sarah] died 12th April 1960, aged 92
FAULKNER, William Stanley, passed away 9.2.1989, aged 82, beloved husband of Evelyn May, dearly loved father of Helen, Daphne & Heather
FIELD, Helen Wilson, born 23.12.1901, died 5.12.1978 [with Isabella Wilson Innes]
FOARD, Alice May (Putland), 1902 - 1999, wife of Howard and mother of Dorothy, Margaret, Valerie, Graham, John, Lennard & Heather, niche wall
FREEBAIRN, M. A., AIF, SX23638, Sergeant, 1st Aust Armoured Regiment, 30th April 1963, age 46, loved husband of Coral and loving father of Kay, Rae and Kym

GARDNER, Jane, who died May 5th 1870 aged 11 months [with John and Susan]
GARDNER, John, who died September 26th 1870 aged 58 years
GARDNER, Susan, who died April 4th 1888 aged 72 years, wife of the above [John]
GOODE, David George, passed away Oct 14th 1990, aged 76, dearly loved husband of Vera Blanche, loved father of Janet, loved grandpa of Samantha
GOODE, Vera Blanche, passed away March 31st 1996, aged 77, loved mother of Janet and loved nanna of Samantha
GRANT, Karen Marie Nitsche, died 9th May 1970, aged 52 years, loving wife of William, mother of Astrid, John and Lena
GREEN, Charles, beloved husband of Jeanie A., died 26th June 1938, aged 88 years
GREEN, George, husband of above [Sarah], died Dec 20th 1914 aged 89 years
GREEN, Jeanie Arthurson, beloved wife of Charles, loving mother of Will, died 22nd August 1943
GREEN, Sarah, died Nov 2nd 1914 aged 90 years
GREGORY, Isobel [with William]
GREGORY, William [with Isobel]

HAMERSLEY, Paul, L/Cpl, musician North Queensland Army Corps Band, Townsville, born England 31st January 1956, accidentally killed Townsville 2nd November 1982, aged 26, beloved son of David & Doreen Hamersley, brother of the late Carl
HAMLYN, Allan, 1906 - 1964
HAMLYN, John Raymore, beloved husband of Pat, died 3rd Nov 1983, aged 55 years, loved father of Trevor and Peter
HEATHCOTE, Jane Marshall, beloved wife of above [John Edwards] died 25th March 1934, aged 81 years
HEATHCOTE, John Gilbert, beloved son of J. E. & J. M. Heathcote, born 24 Feb 1889, died 10 Dec 1956
HEATHCOTE, John, J.P. of Yankalilla, who died 21 November 1887 aged 86 years
HEATHCOTE, John Edwards, died Dec. 1st 1930, aged 82 years
HEATHCOTE, Mary, wife of above [John] who died 9 August 1878 aged 73 years
HERRING, Phyllis Laura, died 13th Aug. 1980 aged 93 years [with Spencer]
HERRING, Spencer James, beloved husband of Phyllis Laura, died 11th Sept 1966 aged 85 years
HERRING, William James, beloved husband of Hazel, loved father of Pamela, died 28th Nov 1981
HICKS, Dorothy Rosalind, 28.6.1902 - 7.12.1999, beloved wife of Frederick George, dearly loved mother and mother in law of Brenton & Sue, loving grandma of Ben, Nick & Tom
HOBBY, Trevor, beloved son of D. & J. Hobby, died 24 May 1952, result of accident aged 6 years
HODGE, William Henry, died 31st March 1949, aged 74 years
HOLLAND, Samantha Kate, 1.6.1987 - 2.6.1987, precious infant daughter of Julie & Wayne, loved sister of Christopher, Melissa & Allison
HOPGOOD, Mabel, died 6th Sept 2001, aged 81 years, loving mother of Trevor [with Ronald]
HOPGOOD, Ronald William, died 20th March 1996, aged 75 years, beloved husband of Mabel, loving father of Trevor
HUNT, Alec (Jock), 2.8.1904 - 8.10.1974, Always remembered, Les, Anne and Ian
HUNT, Don, son [of Ted and Elizabeth], died 31 Jan. 1971 aged 55 years
HUNT, Elizabeth Ann, wife of Edwin, died 23 Feb. 1954 aged 77 years [with Kitty Bone]
HUNT, George, our dear father, beloved husband of Medora, who died at Wattle Flat, 26th June 1939, aged 79 years
HUNT, George, loved husband of Ruby, died June 21st 1965 aged 80 years
HUNT, Howard James, passed away 23rd June 1973 aged 78 years
HUNT, James Edwin (Ted), husband of Elizabeth, died 22 Dec.1958 aged 81 years
HUNT, Les, 20.3.20 - 7.8.97, much loved husband of Anne, loved father of Ian, father in law of Wendy, Poppa of Elizabeth
HUNT, Medora, our dear mother, dearly loved wife of above [George] died 27th April 1946 aged 87 years
HUNT, Sussanah Ruby, my wife, called to rest 15.3.64 aged 72 years, also
HUTCHINSON, Emma, died 10th March 1928 aged 38 years, wife of John Palmer Hutchinson (dec’d), son Loxley
HUTCHINSON, Frederick Henry, loved husband of Ivy, brother of Loxley, died 15.9.1976, aged 59 years
HUTCHINSON, Geoffrey, died 10.5.1975, aged 13 years, loving son of Frank & Lois, loved brother of Kenneth, Christine & Robert

INGLIS, Mary, who died Oct 5th 1872 aged 65 years
INNES, Isabella Wilson, born 14.10.1888, died 11.7.1977 [with Helen Wilson Field]

JAMES, Artland George, dearly loved husband and father of above [Jessie, Geoff & Ken] passed away 16th Oct 1975 in his 80th year
JAMES, Daphne Jean, beloved daughter of the late John & Janet James, passed away 15th July 1975 aged 65 years [with Doris Irene]
JAMES, Doris Irene, passed away 2nd October 1997, aged 91 years [with Daphne Jean]
JAMES, Elizabeth Robertson, loving wife of above [Joseph Keith] died 9th December 1972 aged 70 years; loved mother of Betty
JAMES, Elsie Matilda, beloved daughter of the late John & Janet James, passed away 5th Nov 1974, aged 84 years
JAMES, Janet, dearly beloved wife of the above [John] who died July 24th 1948, aged 83 years
JAMES, Jessie, dearly loved wife of A. G. James, loving mother of Geoff & Ken died 18th Nov 1969 in her 76th year
JAMES, John, beloved husband of Janet, who died March 25th 1926, aged 66 years
JAMES, John Alfred, youngest son of Rev. W. F. & E. J. James who died 20th May 1905 aged 20 years
JAMES, Joseph Keith, loving husband of Elizabeth Robertson James, dearly loved youngest son of Janet and the late John James, accidentally killed 30th July 1934 aged 35 [? Illegible] years; loved father of Betty
JAMES, Melvie Janet, our dear sister and beloved daughter of the late John and Janet James, passed away 18th Oct 1959, aged 55 years
JAMES, Winifred Marion, daughter of the above [John and Janet] died April 8th 1889 aged 10 months
JEFFERY, Richard, died 1st August 1881 aged 53 years
JONES, Rosa May, beloved wife of Walter, mother of Beryl, Frank, Norman & Milton died 12th Sept 1957, aged 66 years
JONES, Walter, husband of Rosa, died 20-2-1962 aged 72 years, father of Beryl, Frank, Norm & Milton
JOY, Percy Ralph (wooden cross)

KAIRL, Ernest E., died 21st April 1941 aged 30 years
KELD, George Angus, who died Dec 5th 1888, aged 11 years
KENNEDY, William, beloved husband of Annie, loved father of Neil, died 16th July 1949, aged 64 years

LANGLEY, Catherine Maud, dearly loved wife of the late Wonna [?], passed away 22nd Jan 1974 aged 85 years
LAW, Charles Joseph, beloved husband of Jessie M. Law, loved father of Graham, Peter & Josephine, died 7th March 1954 aged 51 years
LAW, Ellen, loved wife and mother of above [Robert; George and Ross] passed away Aug. 3, 1965 in her 85th year
LAW, Jessie May, 1914 - 1996 [with Charles]
LAW, Joseph, our father, died 6th July 1921, aged 79 years [with Mary]
LAW, Joseph, passed away July 1st 1946 aged 76 years; "Forever with the Lord"; erected by his nephews Joe, George and Ross Law
LAW, Mary Ann, our beloved mother, dearly loved wife of Joseph, died 24th Dec 1910 aged 75 years: A painful shock, a blow severe,/To part with one we loved so dear;/Our loss is great we won’t complain,/But trust in God to meet again.
LAW, Robert, loved husband of Ellen, passed away May 2, 1957 in his 89th year; erected by his loving sons, George and Ross
LAW, Verdun Ross, beloved husband of Elsie (Pete) and father of Paulette, Suzanne & Robert, died 5th Dec 1960, aged 43
LEAKER, C. P., AIF, S47366, Private, 25 Employment Company, 27th May 1988, Age 70; Awaiting the resurrection [with Paul Cook]
LEHMANN, Reginald Sydney, 10.6.22 - 17.6.93, loved husband of Flo, loved father of Trevor & Christine, loved father in law of Heather & Chris, loved gramps of Sharon, Joanne, Alison, Daniel & Mark
LEVERINGTON, Florence Mary, beloved wife Lloyd John, died July 15th 1937, aged 59 years
LEVERINGTON, Lloyd John, beloved husband of above [Florence] passed away Jan 12th 1961 aged 85 years
LITTLE, Ted, beloved husband of Mavis, died Oct. 11th 1972, aged 50 years, dear father of Frances, Wendy, Graham & Dennis
LOVE, Brian Gibson, B.E.M., beloved husband of Jane, devoted father of Catherine, Sarah, Judith, Christopher; A loving friend to all
LOWE, Mary, who departed this life Feb 10th 1858 aged 55 years; first buried in this cemetery
LOWE, Eva, elder daughter of John & Caroline, 1888 - 1970
LOWE, Harry, beloved son on G. & L. M. Lowe, died Novr 26th 1895 aged 8 years

MANFIELD, Winifred, the beloved wife of Walter, and mother of Harold, who died at Victor Harbour, May 23rd 1925 aged 47
MAPLE, Alexander Montrose, died January 1999, aged 87 years, dearly husband of Mary Margaret [with Andrew]
MAPLE, Andrew Montrose, born 26.10.77, died 17.10.02 (wooden cross)
MAPLE, Thomas, who died April 9th 1893 aged 76 years
MARTIN, Adele, died 23rd Aug.1971 aged 62 years, beloved wife of Stanley, loved mother of Robert & Mary, grandmother of Tim, Greg, Craig & Adele
MARTIN, Alfred, beloved husband of Elizabeth J., who died at Normanville Nov 21, 1894 aged 51 years
MARTIN, Ann, wife of the above [James] who died Jan 2nd 1900 aged 74 years
MARTIN, James, the beloved husband of Ann, who died December 6th 1894, aged 69 years
MARTIN, Stanley John Leith, died 5th March 1994, aged 89 years, loved father of Robert & Mary, grandfather of Tim, Greg, Craig & Adele [with Adele]
MAYFIELD, Amy Ann, his beloved wife [of Harold], died 10th June 1970 aged 83 years
MAYFIELD, Collins Hirst, second son of the late Thomas and Emily (of Inman Valley) 1897 - 1947
MAYFIELD, Edward Hurtle, beloved husband of above [Helen] died 26th June 1950 aged 23 years
MAYFIELD, Elizabeth Ada, 2nd daughter of the late Robert & Elizabeth Mayfield, died 19th Nov 1949 aged 84
MAYFIELD, Elspeth May (Bobbie) 1.6.1911 - 4.8.2000 [with Helen, Edward and Ethel]
MAYFIELD, Emma Jane, eldest and dearly loved daughter of J. and J. B. Mayfield, died May 28, 1896, aged 33 years
MAYFIELD, Emily, dearly beloved wife of T. W. Mayfield, died 5th Oct. 1915 in her 47th year
MAYFIELD, Ethel Flora, 15.7.1907 - 17.5.1999[with Helen, Edward and Elspeth]
MAYFIELD, Harold Charles, [husband of Amy Ann] born 21st Feb 1878, died 15th July 1961
MAYFIELD, Helen, beloved wife of Edward H., died 8th Aug 1941 aged 65 years, also
MAYFIELD, Horace Edgar, died 29th July 1907 aged 29 years [with Julia]
MAYFIELD, Howard Bliss, AIF 2645, L/Cpl, 5th Pioneer Battalion, 9th Sept 1934, husband of Marjorie and father of William and James
MAYFIELD, James, died February 22nd 1899, aged 65 years
MAYFIELD, Jane Bowden, beloved wife of James, died August 22nd 1927, aged 86 years
MAYFIELD, Julia Edith, our dear sister who passed away 14th Oct 1938 aged 69 years [with Horace]
MAYFIELD, Marjorie Annie, wife of Howard, mother of Thomas (dec’d) William & James, 1896 - 1982
MAYFIELD, Rose A. C., born December 5th 1864, died May 13th 1930
MAYFIELD, Thomas Mostyn, eldest son of Howard & Marjorie, died 27th Feb 1929 aged 15 months
MAYFIELD, Thomas William, beloved husband of above [Emily] who died Oct 8th 1944 aged 81 years
MCLEOD, Angus, beloved husband of Margaret and loving father of Nan, Phyllis & Gwen who passed away 10th Feb 1963 aged 86 years
MCLEOD, Margaret, beloved wife of Angus who passed away 22nd August 1971 aged 84 years
MCLEOD, Phyllis Jean, beloved daughter of Angus & Margaret, sister of Ivan & Gwen, died 6th July 1939 aged 21 years
MCNEIL, Augusta, beloved daughter of Robert Mac Indoe & Annie Robertson, died 30th January 1942, aged 81 years [with Norman and the Robertson family]
MCNEIL, Norman Bruce, loved husband of Augusta, died 8th May 1925, aged 50 years [with Robertson family]
MCSHANE, Jeffrey, dearly beloved husband of Barbara, 22nd October 1983, age 56, loved father of Carolyn, Alan & Mark
MERNIE, Christian August, loved husband of Liela, father of Eric, died 14th April 1964 in his 77th years
MERNIE, Liela, died 30th March 1992, in her 90th year, loved wife and mother of above [Christian and Eric] [with Christian]
MESSENGER, Amy, wife of the above [Thomas] died April 22, 1913, aged 79 years [with Matilda and John Stock]
MESSENGER, Thomas, died Feb. 22, 1910 aged 79 years [with Amy; Matilda and John Stock]
MILLARD, Alan James, beloved husband of Mary, died 27 March 1970 in his 82 year
MILLARD, Archibald Thomas, 1885 - 1960 [with Edith and Muriel]
MILLARD, Celia Hannah, [wife of Thomas] died July 11 1969, aged 81 years
MILLARD, Edith May 1892 - 1930 [with Archibald and Muriel]
MILLARD, George, dearly beloved husband of Sarah, died 29th June 1921, aged 67 years
MILLARD, Mary Pearl, beloved wife of Alan, died 20 Jan 1975, in her 85th year
MILLARD, Muriel Elsie 1916 - 1941; loved parents [with Archibald and Muriel] and sister of Ethel, Frank and Hazel
MILLARD, Sarah, wife of above [George] who passed away 9th June 1951 aged 91 years
MILLARD, Thomas Leonard, dearly beloved husband of Celia, died Jan 26, 1922 aged 37= years, result of accident
MILLS, William, who died Feby 1st, 1890, aged 59 years: "After labour rest"
MITCHELL, Eileen Aldyth, beloved wife of Horace, died May 30th 1924, aged 27 years, loved mother of Murray: "She still lives"
MITCHELL, Ethel Pretoria (nee Stacey), wife and mother of above [Horace and Eileen), died July 27th 2000,
aged 94 years MITCHELL, George, died 4th June 1938, aged 86 years [with Sarah]
MITCHELL, George, born 28th May 1935, passed away 1st July 2002, aged 67, dearly loved husband of Helen Claire, loving father & papa of Kym, Cathryn, Mark & their families
MITCHELL, Horace, beloved husband of Ethel and father of Murray, George & Faye, died Dec. 29th 1973, aged 81 years
MITCHELL, Marion, wife of the above [William] who died October 26, 1900 aged 63 years
MITCHELL, Sarah Ann, our dear mother, died 8th July 1938 aged 81 years [with George]
MITCHELL, William, who died August 5, 1891, aged 73 years [with Marion]
MODRA, Muriel Rita, 15.7.22 - 13.10.93, beloved wife of Lou, mother of Sandra, mother in law of Deane, grandmother of Kylie & Bevan
MORGAN, Alberta Maude, passed away 8th April 1975, aged 89 yrs, loved mother of Kath, Max, Clive, Olive, Ron(?), Phyl & Gwen [with John]
MORGAN, John Allan, passed away 9th Aug. 1965 aged 78 years, loved father of Kath, Max, Clive, Olive, Ron (?), Phyl & Gwen
MOTEN, Colin H., B. Jan. 1, 03; D. May 15.07

NEAL, Alfred, 15.12.19 - 16.9.85, loved husband of Joan, niche wall
NEAL, Joan, 17.5.29 - 4.6.89, loved wife of Alfred, niche wall
NEEDHAM, Dulcie, passed away 9 April 1956 aged 34 years 2 months, loving daughter of Vic & Emma [with Gwen]
NEEDHAM, Emma Jane, passed away June 25, 1963 aged 69, beloved wife of Victor
NEEDHAM, Gwen, passed away 26 April 1927 aged 11 years 8 months, loving daughter of Vic & Emma [with Dulcie]
NEEDHAM, Victor James, passed away April 11, 1976 aged 80, beloved husband of Emma; mother and father of Gladys, Helen, Hedley, Lloyd, Nora, Ken, Joyce & Rex, also Gwen, Dulcie, Alison dec’d
NESS, Charles W., beloved husband of Marion and loving father of Lange, Freda and Ron who passed away 8th Oct 1941 aged 69 years
NESS, Marion Alice, his [Charles] beloved wife, passed away 24 September 1964, aged 87 years
NEWBOLD, Ernest George, died 18th Sept. 1983, aged 82 years; remembered by his nieces Jan, Thelma, Dulcie & Kath
NEWBOLD, George, beloved husband of above [Jane] who died 27 March 1907, aged 67 years; erected by their children
NEWBOLD, Jane, the beloved wife of George, who died 11 April 1901, aged 61 years
NEWBOLD, Hermann, beloved husband of above [Martha], died 26 Sept 1946, aged 70 years
NEWBOLD, Lillian Vernon May, third daughter of above [George and Jane] who died March 9, 1916, aged 37 years
NEWBOLD, Martha Grace, beloved wife of Hartley Hermann, died June 12, 1927 aged 34 years
NEWMAN, Alfred, father, a colonist of 78 years, died 11th Feb. 1934 aged 82 years
NEWMAN, Ethel May, sister of the above [Grace], died 9th June 1905 aged 24 years
NEWMAN, Grace, daughter of A & LP Newman, died 13th Oct 1908 aged 20 years
NEWMAN, Lydia Piper, mother, died 1st March 1934, aged 82 years [with Alfred]
NILLSEN, Carl, died 2nd March 1928 aged 80
NORMAN, John who died April 12th 1873 aged 66 years
NOSWORTHY, Martha Jane, wife of above [William], died March 9th 1944 in her 90th year
NOSWORTHY, Rosa Ann, daughter of above [Martha and William] died Sept 10, 1935 aged 56 years
NOSWORTHY, William G., died at Bald Hills, Jan. 8, 1912 aged 75 years

OWENS, Dorothy, passed away June 1st 1970
OWENS, Ernest Frederick, beloved husband of Dorothy May, beloved father of Daphne, died 1st March 1940, result of accident, aged 41 years

PALMER, Alan, loved husband of Daveda, father of Phillip, Heather, Lynette, Colin, died 12th Sept 1983, aged 61 years
PARKER, Fanny, beloved wife of above [Frederick] died 18th Sept.1981, aged 91 years, loved mother of Doris, Clem & Laurel
PARKER, Frederick Robert, beloved husband of Fanny, died 15th Dec.1950, aged 70 years, loved father of Doris, Clem & Laurel
PATTERSON, Anthony "Tony", 4-5-1943 - 18-11-2001, beloved husband of Kathy, loving father of Sharon and Dean, Jeff, David, Chris and Adrian [with Florence and Frederick)
PATTERSON, Florence F. (Sticks), died 24-9-1979 aged 67 years, loved mother of Neville, Graham & Anthony [with Frederick]
PATTERSON, Frederick W. J. (Bushy), died 1-3-1959 aged 47 years, loved father of Neville, Graham & Anthony
PEARCE, Albert Edward, died 17th March 1931 aged 22 years [with Henry and Katherine]
PEARCE, Henry Thomas, died 22nd April 1951 aged 79 years [with Katherine and Albert]
PEARCE, Katherine Frances, died 9th Aug 1954 aged 80 years [with Henry and Albert]
PEARSE, Anne Claire, born 31st July 1970, died 25th Dec 1996, daughter of Mark & Jill, sister of Ruth & Alex
POLKINGHORNE, Alfred Edward, who died August 11th 1864 aged 7 months [with Mary]
POLKINGHORNE, Mary Jane, the beloved wife of John Junr, who died Octr 11th 1865, aged 27 years: My flesh and my heart faileth;/but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever
PRIDEAUX, H. Keith, beloved husband of Madge, died 31st May 1989, aged 78 years, loving father of Margaret & John
PRIDEAUX, Laurence, husband & father of above [Maude May, Ron, Keith, Len & Eric] died 28.10.1999, aged 80 [?illegible]
PRIDEAUX, Madge Eleanor, beloved wife of Keith, died 27th Sept 1991, aged 78 years, loving mother of Margaret & John
PRIDEAUX, Maude May, beloved wife of Laurence, & loving mother of Ron, Keith, Len & Eric, died 26 Aug.1937, aged 56 years
PRIDEAUX, Nellie, wife of Ronald, died 26 March 1981 aged 74 [with Ronald]
PRIDEAUX, Ronald L., died 11 Feb 1967 aged 59
PUTLAND, Ada Mabel, died Sept 30th 1891 aged 14 months [with Charles]
PUTLAND, Albert, died 4th Aug. 1967 aged 84, father of Gwen and Betty
PUTLAND, Albert Charles, beloved husband of Charlotte Hilda, passed away 26th May 1962, aged 73 years, loved father of John, Dorothy, Ruth & Eva; Loved by all
PUTLAND, Amelia, beloved wife of the late Charles, died 26th July 1944 in her 86th year
PUTLAND, Anne, 2.7.1986, in her 93rd year [with Walter]
PUTLAND, Charlie, died 23.10.62, father of Lesley, Raelene, Juanita, Helen & Robert
PUTLAND, Charles, who died July 13th 1893 aged 35 years [with Ada Mabel]
PUTLAND, Charlotte Hilda, passed away 19th Nov. 1979, aged 86 years, loved wife and mother of above [Albert; John, Dorothy, Ruth & Eva]
PUTLAND, Ernest W (Jock), 15.6.17 - 23.12.98, S20822, 27th Battalion (AIF), Scottish Regiment, O.C.O., beloved youngest son of Bessie & Arthur Putland, loved brother of Alice, Charles, Daisy, Rosa, Juanita, Hilda, and their families, niche wall
PUTLAND, Ethel, dearly loved wife of George and mother of Ron, Stan, Ivy, Norm, Hedley and Les (dec.) died 9th Sept.1974, in her 87th year
PUTLAND, Fanny Elizabeth, died 6th Sept.1967 aged 77, mother of Gwen and Betty [with Albert]
PUTLAND, George, beloved husband of Harriet Anne died 30th Sept 1945 aged 93 years
PUTLAND, George Frederick, beloved husband and father of above [Ethel; Ron, Stan, Ivy, Norm, Hedley and Les (dec.)] died 20th April 1975, in his 90th year.
PUTLAND, Gwendoline Janet, 28.2.17 - 1.8.89, loved wife of Stan, loved mother of Janet, Carolyn & Philip (Dec), niche wall
PUTLAND, Harriet Anne, beloved wife of George, died 13 April 1941 aged 84 years
PUTLAND, John, 1790 - 1864, pioneer, 1840
PUTLAND, Laurel, died 23.10.72, loved mother of Lesley, Raelene, Juanita, Helen & Robert [with Charlie]
PUTLAND, Norman Eric, 23.3.23 - 17.5.90, loved father of Paul & Lia, niche wall
PUTLAND, Ruth, died 24th June 1974, aged 52 years, daughter of Hilda & Albert, sister of John, Dorothy & Eva
PUTLAND, Sarah, beloved wife of John, 1790 - 1864, pioneer, 1840
PUTLAND, Walter, 17.4.1981, in his 89 year, beloved husband of Anne

QUINN, Betty Robertson, 25.11.29 - 29.10.92, loved wife of Allan, loved mother of Ian, niche wall

RAYE, Jack Reginald, died 17th March 1943 aged 43 years
RAYSON, John Robert, died 30th Dec 1986, aged 68 years
RAYSON, Philip Bruce, died 25th Sept 1994, aged 37 years
RAYSON, Robert Peter, died 6th April 1968, aged 15 years
ROADS, Annie, born July 25th 1876, died March 12th 1880, the beloved children of R & J Roads [with Frank]
ROADS, Eliza, the beloved wife of Frank, who died Sep 2, 1871, aged 24 years: So teach us to number our days/That we may apply our hearts unto wisdom
ROADS, Frank, born Oct 17th 1867, died Jan 10th 1868 [with Annie]
ROADS, Geo., who died Nov 12, 1869, aged 1 year 8 months
ROADS, Jane, beloved wife of above [Richard], died Feb 26th 1920 aged 82 years
ROADS, Martha, wife of the above [Thomas] died July 8, 1897, aged 75 years
ROADS, Richard, who departed this life on July 25th 1913 aged 78 years [with Jane and Sandy]
ROADS, Sandy, their son [Jane and Richard], died May 11th 1893 aged 31 years
ROADS, Thomas, died August 29, 1892 aged 83 years [with Martha]
ROBERTSON, Annie, beloved wife of above [Robert], [illegible] 1916, aged 92 years
ROBERTSON, Margaret Annie, beloved daughter of above [Annie and Robert], who died May 12th 1909
ROBERTSON, Robert Indoe Mac, died 4 September 1902, aged 71 years
ROGERS, James, who departed this life 27th August 1866, aged 46 years: "E’en as he died a smile was on his face/And in that smile affection loved to trace/A cheerful trust in Jesus" power to save/An aged pilgrim’s triumph o’er the grave"
ROGERS, Verna Adele, beloved daughter of Maurice J & the late Doris, loved sister of Maurice, died 30th Sept 1941 aged 9 years

SAMPSON, loved daughter and son of the late William Hamilton and Jessie Reid Sampson, Brooklyn Farm, Myponga Beach. Alma Wilson 8.9.1895 - 4.2.1987; Lambert George 1st AIF 2.10.1896 - 12.5.1955 aged 59
SAMPSON, William Hamilton, 1854 - 1945, and Jessie Reid, 1856 - 1899, loved parents of:
Eleanor A P 1881 - 1952
Jessie R 1892 - 1953
Lilian M 1882 - 1884
Samuel W 1893 - 1968
James A 1884 - 1970
Hugh H 1895 - 1929
Hector H 1885 - 1903
Alma W 1895 - 1987
Harrold J 1887 - 1966
Lambert G 1896 - 1955
Maud J 1888 -1909
Glory M V 1896 - 1915

SAMPSON, Emma, sister of the above [with John and Susan Dufty] died Feb 3rd 1933, aged 50 years
SANDERS, Beryl Juanita Ward, our darling, dearly loved second daughter of C and J Sanders, accidentally drowned January 12, 1905 aged 8 years 9 months
SANDERS, Charles, departed this life Feb 27, 1932 aged 75 years [with Beryl and Jessie]
SANDERS, Jessie, wife of above, died Feb. 21, 1950 aged 92 years [with Beryl and Charles]
SCRAGG, Maureen Emma (Betty), nee Robertson, 15.12.24 - 13.8.93, loved wife of George Henry, loved mother of Beverly, Marcene, Susan & Maureen, loved grandmother of 12 grandchildren & 16 great grandchildren, niche wall
SHADWELL, Evangeline Phoebe, beloved wife of the above [James] died May 9th 1938
SHADWELL, James Matthews, born Sept 10th 1850, died May 28th 1930
SHAKESHAFT, Howard Raymond, passed away 4th July 1999, aged 76 years, much loved and devoted husband of Gwenda Grace; "Footprints in the sand"
SHAKESHAFT, Keith William, beloved husband of Dianne Maree died 8.1.1970 aged 52, AIF SX32517 Cpl, A.A.S.C.
SHAKESHAFT, Pearl, his beloved wife died 2.9.1976 aged 80 years [with William]
SHAKESHAFT, William died 9.3.1947 aged 63 years [with Pearl]
SLATER, Kitty, beloved wife of Sid, passed away 7th April 1967, aged 61 years, mother of Jean, Thelma, Dulcie, Kathleen & Bert (dec)
SLATER, Sid, beloved husband of Kitty, passed away 28th Nov 1972, aged 70 years, father of Jean, Thelma, Dulcie, Kathleen & Bert (dec)
SMITH, Agnes, the beloved wife of James, JP, who died at Brookside Yankalilla March 16, 1889 aged 65 years
SMITH, Alexander, who died 30th Decr 1904 aged 76 years [with Ann Elizabeth]
SMITH, Ann Elizabeth, wife of the above [Alexander] who died 17th Oct 1915 aged 72 years
SMITH, Brien George, accidentally killed Yankalilla, 1st July 1978, loved son of Wallace and the late Mada, treasured and loyal friend of John, Joan, Bradley and Vikki Andrewartha
SMITH, Emma Sutie, died 1 Dec. 1956, aged 92 years [with George H.]
SMITH, George (Geordie), born Newmilns Scotland on 30.1.1836, killed by fall from horse on 27.5.1867 at Gorge Bridge, husband of Margaret (nee Kearney) father of John, Elizabeth, James and Charles
SMITH, George Hamilton, beloved husband of Emma S. Smith, died 24 Nov. 1939, aged 76 years
SMITH, James, husband of the above [Agnes] who died Oct 26th 1905 aged 80 years
SMITH, John (1800 - 1871), his wife Janet Reid Smith (1803 - 1873) and their children Flora, Hugh, George, Elizabeth, William, Wilson and Barbara, Scottish emigrants, arrived 25.12.1853 on Epimomondas, to join their sons James and John as Yankalilla settlers Erected by their descendents 1993
SMITH, Wallace George, loved father of above [Brien] passed away 19th Oct 1981, aged 82 years
SPARROW, Douglas Yates, 4.1.1926 - 22.4.1994, dearly loved husband of Laurel, loved father of Wayne (dec), Kaylene, Peter, Trudie & Jodie, loved grandpa of 8
STACEY, George, who departed this life October 6th 1893, aged 85 years [with Sarah]:Nothing in my hand I bring/Simply to thy cross I cling
STACEY, George Angus, beloved husband of Maud S., died 3rd Sep1941 aged 62 years
STACEY, Maud Sarah, beloved wife of above [George] died 8th Sep1960 aged 81 years
STACEY, Betty, wife of above [Thomas] died Dec.15th 1955 aged 96 years
STACEY, Sarah, the beloved wife of George, died July 24,1890, aged 75 years: In labour hard I spent my days,/Hoping at last for rest and ease./I unto all, have been just,/And in the Saviour put my trust.
STACEY, Thomas, the beloved wife of Betty, died June 9th 1930, aged 62 years
STACEY, William Alfred, beloved husband of Winifred Edith, died Feb 2nd 1976 aged 93 years, loving father of Gladys, Jean, Bert, Keith and Rex
STACEY, Winifred Edith, beloved wife of William Alfred, died Feb 10th 1961 aged 72 years, loving mother of Gladys, Jean, Bert, Keith and Rex
STEINWEDEL, Adelaide, beloved wife of William, mother of Ronald, Irene (dec’d) & Trevor, died 21st August aged 90 years [with William]
STEINWEDEL, Irene Joy, passed away 20th Aug 1981, aged 38 years, loving daughter of William (dec) & Adelaide, sister of Ron & Trevor
STEINWEDEL, William, beloved husband of Adelaide, father of Ronald, Irene & Trevor, died 24th Sept. 1962 aged 53 years
STEVENS, Yolland Morgan, passed away 21.1.1994, aged 73 years, late 2/33 Aust Inf Bn, AIF, beloved husband of Edna, loving father of Joy, Anne & Kevin, father in law of Glen, Peter & Terry, lovingly remembered by nine grandchildren
STOCK, John, died 29 June 1938, aged 81 years [with Thomas and Amy Messenger and his wife Matilda]
STOCK, Matilda, their daughter [Thomas and Amy Messenger], beloved wife of John, died August 29, 1891, aged 79 years
STONE, Albert P., our dear father, died 7 Feb 1935 aged 51 years [with Myrtle]
STONE, Beryl Beatrice, nee Bond, loved mother of Glenda, Darryl & Heather, passed away 16th July 1990, aged 64 years
STONE, Daniel, beloved husband of E. A. Stone who died at Torrens Vale, January 28th 1913, aged 57 years
STONE, Ellen Ann, beloved wife of above [Daniel] died 26th July 1938, aged 83 years
STONE, Glenda Beryl, daughter of Beryl & Desmond, fond sister of Darryl & Heather, passed away 30th Sept.1962, aged 14 years
STONE, Myrtle J., our dear mother, died 28 April 1935 aged 48 years [with Albert]
STONE, Viola Diana (Lin), 11.11.1921 - 5.10.2002, dearly loved wife of Maurice, loving Mum of Rodney
STOREY, Francis Samuel (Frank), beloved husband of Kath, died 9 May 1998, aged 94 years
STOREY, Kathleen Mary, beloved wife of Frank, died 14 July 1973, aged 72 years
STRAUSS, Angus Clifford, 12.4.1911 - 18.11.1990, loved father of Jan, Jill, Pam, Richard, Gaye, Rodney, Charlene & Julene
STRAUSS, Lorraine, 10.12.1917 - 3.8.1992 [with Angus Clifford] loved mother of Jan, Jill, Pam, Richard, Gaye, Rodney, Charlene & Julene
SYMONDS, Amelia, the beloved wife of Thomas, who died April 19, 1898, aged 36 years
SYMONDS, Betty, (nee Slape), 23.7.1926 - 29.3.1997 aged 70 years, beloved wife of Malcolm, loving mother and mother in law of Elaine & Vincent, John & Beverley, Barry & Carol, grandparent of Cheree, Kerry, Matthew, Bronwyn, Aaron, Benjamin & families, great grandparent of Samuel, Jarred, Caitlin & Mikaela
SYMONDS, Caroline, beloved wife of Alfred, of Victoria who died 14th Feby 1907 aged 62 years; A devoted wife and fond mother/Now free from pain at rest, at rest/To die was gain God knew the best;/Though now we mourn for this we pray/To meet thee when we pass away. Erected by her husband and 10 children
SYMONDS, Catherine, died 1910 aged 80 years; mother of eight children; [with John]
SYMONDS, Charles, died 7th Sept 1953 aged 87 years [with Janet]
SYMONDS, Hannah Gertrude Stock, died 17th June 1948 aged 87 years [with William]
SYMONDS, Henry, died 8th July 1935 aged 80 years [with Sarah]
SYMONDS, Hilda May, died 9th Aug. 1952 aged 53 years
SYMONDS, Ivy Blanche, beloved wife of Fred, died 27th Jan 1942 aged 56 years
SYMONDS, Ivy Ethel Jane, beloved wife of Ross, died 10th May 1985, aged 87 years
SYMONDS, Janet Hayter, died 15th May 1952 aged 86 years [with Charles]
SYMONDS, John, pioneer from Lincolnshire, England 1853 aboard William Stewart, died 1881 aged 59 years; father of eight children; [with Catherine]
SYMONDS, Maria May, beloved wife of Henry William and mother of Ivan & Austin, died 14 April 1939, aged 37
SYMONDS, Ross, beloved husband of Ivy, died 18th Dec. 1966, aged 72 years
SYMONDS, Sarah Ann, beloved wife of the above [Henry] died 17th March 1936 aged 81 years
SYMONDS, William Knibb, died 4th Sept 1899, aged 38 years [with Hannah]

TAVERNA, G. A., died 15th Dec. 1915 aged 1 years [with L. A.]
TAVERNA, L. A., beloved wife of above [G.A.] died 9th Nov 1939 aged 76 years
TAVERNER, Alfred George, died June 19th 1975 aged 76 years [with Violet]
TAVERNER, Niel Alfred, beloved infant of Violet & Alfred, died 22nd Oct 1947 age 17 days
TAVERNER, Violet May, loved wife of Alf, died Sept 15th 1987 aged 84 years
TAYLOR, Elizabeth Steele, 19.4.1903 - 28.2.1987 lovingly remembered by all the family; "Far frae hame" [with Robert]
TAYLOR, Robert, 21.2.1903 - 23.4.1977, remembered by his wife Elizabeth, children and grandchildren; united with his bonnie lassie
THOMAS, Emily May, widow of Jim Thomas & eldest daughter of the late Robert & Elizabeth Mayfield (of Fairview Bald Hills) died 1st Sept 1948 aged 87
THOMAS, Helen Rebecca, died 26th Nov 1931, aged 78 years, beloved niece of Emma Sampson and devoted foster mother of Norma L. Jefferies
TONKIN, Alfred James, the beloved youngest son of James and Prudence, died December 8, 1899, in his 25th year
TILLER, Maurice Wilfred, died 6th Dec 1993, aged 53 years, beloved husband of Joylyn, loved father of Alanie, Gregory & Derek
TORR, Ellen, wife of John S. Torr and daughter of Dr. G. Bollen of Port Adelaide, who died at Normanville July 13th 1887 aged 35 years
TRESISE, Ellen, beloved wife of the Rev. C., died at Yankalilla July 16th 1888 aged 39 years
TWYFORD, Helen Mary, born 16.11.1926, died 17.10.1990, husband John, daughter Coralie, son Tony & Julie

??UNKNOWN, Kenneth, wooden cross
UNKNOWN, bricks surround, double plot
UNKNOWN, concrete surround
UNKNOWN, concrete surround, blue metal top
UNKNOWN, iron surround 3
UNKNOWN, iron surround, small - 2
UNKNOWN, marble surround, double plot
UNKNOWN, rock, illegible
UNKNOWN, rock surround
UNKNOWN, triple concrete slab - 2
UNKNOWN, wooden picket fence surround 4

VERRALL, Bradley William, 1.5.1968 - 28.7.2002 (wooden cross)
VIECELI, Giovanna Teresa, "Nella" beautiful in heart, mind & spirit/so loving so much loved/our precious darling/your light is within us always, 24th January 1948 - 1st April 1997

WATERS, Sylvia Kathleen, (Kath), passed away 12th March 1997, aged 68 years, dearly loved wife of Kenneth Herbert, much loved and devoted mother of Mark and Susan, cherished nanna of Kristen, Jenna and Megan, daughter of William and Pearl Shakeshaft
WEINERT, Doris Grace (Dorrie), (nee Millard), passed away 11th July 1997, aged 66 years, dearly loved wife of Perce, loved mother of Trevor & Ruth
WEINERT, Perce Edgar, passed away 19th Sept 2000 aged 77 years, loved father of Trevor & Ruth [with Dorrie]
WENHAM, Archie Hope, loved husband of Minna, died 4 April 1980, aged 83 years, devoted father of Bernard, Lloyd, Lois, Douglas, Grace & Desmond
WENHAM, Bernard Roy Hope, died 3-5-2000 aged 89 years, loving husband of Edith, loved father of Donald, Rhonda, Joyleen, Graeme & Trevor (dec)
WENHAM, Cecil Hope, died 5th July 1997, aged 95 years, devoted father of Neva, Ron, Ian & Stewart
WENHAM, Edith Mary, died 23-10-1995 aged 85 years, beloved wife of Roy, loved mother of Donald, Rhonda, Joyleen, Graeme & Trevor (dec) [with Bernard]
WENHAM, Gertrude Frieda, loved wife of Cecil Hope, died 10 April 1980, aged 76 years, devoted mother of Neva, Ron, Ian & Stewart
WENHAM, Graeme, died 19.10.77 aged 38, dearly loved son of Roy and Edith, loved brother of Don, Rhonda and Joyleen
WENHAM, Henry, Father, born 22nd Sept 1949 [with Rebecca]
WENHAM, Hilda Joyce, died 6th Nov 1991, aged 73 years, beloved wife of Lindsay Hope
WENHAM, John, died 15th November 1938 aged 79 years
WENHAM, Lindsay Hope, died 30th Aug 2002, aged 88 years [with Hilda Joyce]
WENHAM, Minna Mahala, loved wife of above [Archie], died 16 November 1984, aged 80 years, devoted mother of Bernard, Lloyd, Lois, Douglas, Grace & Desmond
WENHAM, Rebecca, Mother, born 25th Oct. 1870 passed away 27th Feb.1943 [with Henry]
WHELLER, Christina, beloved wife & mother of above [Norman; Norma & Jim] died 19th Sept.1960 aged 63 years
WHELLER, Norman S., beloved husband of Christina, loved father of Norma & Jim, died 25th Jan 1953 aged 62 years; late 1st A.I.F.; Lest We Forget
WILLCOCKS, Edward Francis (Frank), 27.7.1922 - 27.9.1998, loved husband of Gladys, loved father of Ann, Peter, Kaye, Lynette, Ian and their families, niche wall
WILLS, Graedon Samuel, 22.7.1924 - 11.11.1998, loving husband of Avine Janet, father to Lyn, John, Julie and Heather, Poppa to Naomi, Simon, Joy, Deborah, Joshua, Karyn, Mark, Daniel and Ben
WILLSMORE, Edwin Stanley, died 16 Nov 1975 aged 82, husband of Florence, father of Murray, Clarrie, Joyce, Ken & Ralph
WILLSMORE, Florence, died 22 April 1994 aged 92, mother of Murray, Clarrie, Joyce, Ken & Ralph [with Edwin]
WILLSMORE, Leonard Stanley, born 14.10.1961, died 10.12.1978 (road accident)
WILLSMORE, Sally Ann, died S.I.D.S. 4th Feb 1981 aged 6 weeks, loved daughter of Phil & Faye, sister of Carissa & Matthew, twin sister of Russell
WILSON, Phyllis Virginia, died 3rd November 1997 aged 59 years, beloved wife of Donald John, loving mother of Anthony, Debra, Craig & Kerrie

YATES, Charles. (buried with Jane) died 13th October 1908, aged 80. (Plot 18A)
YATES, Ernest Alfred, passed away 2nd June 1959 aged 84 years
YATES, Jane (nee Coulter), (buried with Charles) died 17th April 1922, aged 90 (Plot 18A)
YATES, James, died 28th Dec 1949 aged 83 years [with William]
YATES, William, died 24 March 1940 aged 77 years [with James]

There are no indicators of any system, rows or religion affiliation apparent in this cemetery.
Plaques for cremations are indicated by "niche wall" at the end of the transcription
?There doesn’t appear to be a surname for Maurice. My apologies to the family if this is incorrect
?? Kenneth is all that appears on the wooden cross
** All three on the same headstone

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