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Yankalilla Anglican

Transcribed by Marylin and Steve Jones

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AUKETT, Sheila Cynthia, 6.6.1928 - 4.3.1995

BADGE, Elizabeth Ann, our mother died 30th July 1944, aged 79 years; erected by Bessie, Phyllis & Harold
BADGE, Joseph, H. T., our father, died 20th April 1939, aged 73 years [with Elizabeth]
BAKER, Thomas, 22-10-1919 - 2-4-2000, beloved husband of Joyce, loved father of William, Ian, Graham, Barbara, Beverley & Ashley
BARTON, Albert James, 1892 - 1964
BARTON, Sarah, wife of Albert, 1892 - 1972
BEARD, Ben, beloved husband of above [Hulda] passed away 21st Sept 1968, aged 87 years
BEARD, Hulda S. T., beloved wife of Ben, passed away 10th Nov 1957, aged 73 years
BEARD, Sydney, beloved son of the above [Hulda and Ben] passed away 7th March 1960, aged 44 years
BENNETT, Evelyn, died 18th April 1994, aged 84 years, beloved wife of Thomas Arthur, loved mother of Jean, Shirley, Ross and David
BENNETT, George Vincent, beloved husband of Mary, died 30th March 1968, aged 59 years, loved father of Rosemary & Ian
BENNETT, Mary Ellen, beloved wife of George, died 6th June 1991, aged 78 years, loved mother of Rosemary & Ian
BENNETT, Thomas Arthur, died 12th April 1997, aged 86 years, beloved husband of Evelyn, loved father of Jean, Shirley, Ross and David
BIDDLE, Emily Rebeka, died 16th Sept. 1979 aged 91 years
BIDDLE, Marjorie, 5.1.1897 - 6.6.1959
BIDDLE, William Octavius, beloved husband of Emily R. Biddle, loved father of Dorothy, died 23rd July 1951 aged 68 years
BIERWIRTH, Sadie. Aged 1 day. Daughter of Ralph Bierwirth. Darling Sadie January 5th 1911
BIRD, Joseph, beloved husband of Ellen, who died 4th April 1904 aged 45 years
BIRD, Sydney, beloved child of J. & E. Bird, died Sept 28, 1891 aged 9 years [with Wilton]
BIRD, Wilton, died 1st March 1893 aged 8 months [with Sydney]
BOLT, Lulu Elizabeth, wife and mother of above [Richard and Richard], died 26 Dec. 1991, aged 71 years
BOLT, Richard Keith, loved husband of Lou, father of Richard, died 6th Oct. 1971, aged 47 years
BORLACE, Bill, beloved husband of Ethel, died 28th July 1991, aged 81 years, loving father of Brian ((dec’d)), bill, Kay, Peter, Colin, Dot, Barry, Rhonda & families
BORLACE, Brian, loving son of Bill & Ethel, loved brother of Bill, Kay, Peter, Colin, Dot, Barry, Rhonda & families, died 26th September 1978, aged 39 years
BOWYER, Alfred James, beloved husband of Elsie, died 27th Nov 1985, aged 70 years, loved father of eight children
BOWYER, Bruce John, loved son of Alfred & Elsie, died 18th Oct 1946, aged 6 months
BOWYER, Elaine, infant daughter of Alf & Elsie, died 27th Jan. 1943, aged 19 months
BOWYER, Eleanor, beloved wife of above [George] who died 8th Jan 1942, aged 85 years
BOWYER, Ellen, died Sept. 3, 1950, aged 81 years [with Thomas and Thomas]
BOWYER, Elsie Florence, beloved wife of Alfred, died 11th July 1987, aged 73 years, loved mother of eight children
BOWYER, Fanny Beatrice, dearly beloved wife of George, died 1st January 1936, aged 50 years
BOWYER, George, beloved husband of Fanny, died 17th July 1936, aged 51 years
BOWYER, George, the beloved husband of Eleanor, who died June 13th 1913, aged 63 years
BOWYER, Harry, our beloved brother, the sixth son of the late George & Fanny, died 12th Oct. 1940, result of accident, aged 22 years
BOWYER, Henry, our dear father, beloved husband of above [Sarah E.] who died Set. 4, 1919, aged 78 years
BOWYER, Isabel Agnes, died 16th Oct. 1995, aged 85 years, beloved wife of Walter, loving mother of Donald, Neville and Geoffrey
BOWYER, K. G., AIF, SX1397, Private, 2/10 Infantry Battalion, 24th February 1949, age 37; Sadly missed by his loving wife Beatrice and daughter Heather
BOWYER, Lorie, died June 8th 1887 [with Susannah]
BOWYER, Sarah E., our dear mother, who died July 22, 1918, aged 74 years [with Henry]
BOWYER, Susannah, who died Jan 24, aged 3 years, 1881 [with Lorie]
BOWYER, Thomas, died Nov. 15, 1944, aged 77 years [with Thomas and Ellen]
BOWYER, Thomas Henry, only dearly beloved son of T. & E. T. Bowyer, who died November 15th 1915, aged 22 years
BOWYER, Walter Henry, died 26th June 1994, aged 87 years, beloved husband of Isabel Agnes, loving father of Donald, Neville and Geoffrey
BRIDGE, Grace Adeline, died April 21st 1897 aged 10 months
BROWNLOW, Eliza, beloved mother of above [Robert] who departed this life August 23, 1914, aged 84 years
BROWNLOW, Robert, died July 19, 1891, aged 33 years [with Eliza]

CANT, John Thomas, dearly beloved husband of Mary Isabella, born Kimbolton, England, Sept. 7, 1860, passed away Mt Alma, Inman Valley, Oct 5, 1924, loving father of nine sons and four daughters
CANT, Mary Isabella, passed away Nov. 21, 1959, in her 99th years, loving mother of nine sons and four daughters
CHEESEMAN, Henrietta Selina, beloved wife of John, loved mother of Alfred & Charles, died 28th Sept 1956, aged 67 years
CHEESEMAN, John, died 24th Aug 1968, aged 91 years [with Henrietta]
CHEESEMAN, John, our dear father, died Sept. 10th 1929 [with Mary]
CHEESEMAN, Mary, our dear mother, died May 10th 1931 aged 92 years
CHEESEMAN, Sarah Ann, died 2nd August 1968, aged 86 years
CLARK, Elizabeth Burchell, died 12th August 1979 aged 90 years, daughter of Jessie
CLARK, James, the beloved husband of Emma, who died 14th Nov 1891 aged 79 years
CLARK, Jessie, who departed this life on 24th March 1910 aged 48 years [with Elizabeth]
CLARKE, Alvine Anne, died 10th Dec. 1994 aged 89 yrs, loved wife of Sydney, mother of Hazel, Arthur, Mavis, Gwen, Don, Ray, Merle, Ken, Jeff & Ian [with Sydney and Lynette]
CLARKE, Donald Sydney, beloved husband of Marion died 7th Sept 1980 aged 49 years, loved father of Karen, Barry & Paul
CLARKE, Lynette Heather, infant daughter of Ray and Heather, *15th May 1959 3rd June 1959 age 18 days [with Alvine and Sydney]
CLARKE, Sydney Norman, 9th Light Horse, 1st A.I.F. died 25th Oct. 1958 aged 59 years, loved husband of Alvine, father of Hazel, Arthur, Mavis, Gwen, Don, Ray, Merle, Ken, Jeff & Ian [with Alvine and Lynette]
CLARKE, Nancy Raye, 29.7.1921 - 24.4.1984, beloved wife of Arthur, loved mother of Lesley & Neil
COOKE, Alfred, beloved husband of Kate A. Cooke, died 29 Aug 1957 aged 82 years
COOKE, Kate A., wife of the above [Alfred] died 29th Jan 1976 aged 84 years

DAVISON, Ernest Westlamp, loved husband of Evelyn, died 27th Feb 1986, aged 72 years, loved father of Terry and Julie
DAVISON, Evelyn M. Ann, loved wife of Ern, died 25th May 1991, aged 78 years, loved mother of Terry and Julie
DUNSTALL, Charles Henry, born 15th March 1872, died 30th Oct. 1960 [with Eliza]
DUNSTALL, Eliza, beloved wife of Charles H., died 24th Oct. 1954, aged 81 years
DUNSTALL, Guy, who died May 17th 1884, aged 73 years [with Philadelphia]
DUNSTALL, Henry, who died July 10, 1896, aged 55 years [with Sarah]
DUNSTALL, Philadelphia, his [Guy’s] wife who died Jan 1st, 1897, aged 86 years
DUNSTALL, Sarah, beloved wife of above [Henry] who died April 5, 1921 aged 77 years

EDWARDS, Andrew Hopkins, died Dec 6, 1957, aged 80 years
EDWARDS, Dorothy Joan, died 25th July 2001, aged 72 years, beloved wife of Ronald Frederick, loving and devoted mother of Beverley, Dean, Wendy, Roslyn, Peter & families
EDWARDS, Olive Mary, wife of Andrew, mother of James and Mary, died Nov 11, 1955, aged 73 years
EVANS, Sandra Kathleen, baby daughter of E and A Evans, died 13 Sept. 1948, aged 6 months

FALCONER, A. C., died 10 June 1885, aged 44 years
FALCONER, Agnes, wife of A. C. Falconer, 1849 - 1932
FORBES, Elizabeth T., who died July 22nd 1910, aged 50 years; erected by her brothers
FORBES, Ellen M (Nellie) dearly beloved wife of C. T. Forbes, and affectionate daughter of G. & S. Mitchell who died July 22nd 1908 aged 27 years
FORBES, Louisa Harriet Ellen, the dearly beloved wife of Charles and affectionate daughter of Thomas and Mary Skinner, Yankalilla who died April 29, 1888 aged 30 years
FRYER, William Conway (Bill), born 18th Dec 1932 passed away 30th Nov 1997 aged 64 years, much loved and devoted husband of Lillian (Lily), loving father of David and Andrew, cherished grandpa of Wayne, Kimberly, Chantelle, Ashleigh and Jayden
FULLER, John, who died July 22nd A.D. 1883 aged 76 years [with Mary Ann]
FULLER, Mary Ann, the wife of the above [John] who died July 21st A.D.1885 aged 78 years

GRAHAM, A. S., born 1853, died 1894 [with Malcolm]
GRAHAM, F. Malcolm, born 27th July 1856, died 3rd May 1911
GREGSON, (nee Kelly), Helen Durward, 14.8.1948 - 3.11.2002, aged 54 years, loved wife of Kym Arthur, loving mother of Paul, Matthew and Shane, loving grandmother of Mitchell, Zac, Matthew and Ryan
GROTH, Cameron Kingston, 4.2.1909 - 25.12.1980, loved father of John and Jean
GRUNDY, Joseph Henry, 24.7.1911 - 21.9.2000, dearly loved husband of Lorna Margaret, loved father of Colin & Janice, Papa Joe to all their families

HAMLYN, Alfred Ernest, Beloved husband of Mary Ann, died 28th June 1948, aged 76 years
HAMLYN, Bessie, died 21st Nov 1950, aged 58 years, beloved daughter of above [Alfred and Mary]
HAMLYN, Mary Ann, beloved wife of above [Alfred] died 26th Aug. 1958, aged 93 years
HAMLYN, Melva, passed away 22.1.2000, aged 94 years, loved wife of Ray, loving mother of John, Alison and Richard
HAMLYN, Ray, passed away 9.11.1973 aged 74 years, loved husband of Melva, loving father of John, Alison and Richard
HAMLYN, Rosalie, died 16th Oct 1949, aged 57 years, beloved daughter of above [Alfred and Mary]
HARRIS, Milton Bruce, passed away 22nd July 1998, aged 75 years, dearly loved husband of Dulcie, loved father of Wendy & Rodney
HAWKE, John Nicholas, beloved husband of Alice Hamp, died 11th Aug 1946 aged 73 years
HERBERT, Anna, [sarcophagus of slate, badly eroded and covered with lichen] departed 11 Oct.
HERBERT, Sarah, the beloved wife of R. J. Herbert who fell asleep on Novr 29th 1872, aged 65
HERBERT, Septimane [sarcophagus of slate, badly eroded and covered with lichen] died 23rd April 1886 aged 79 years
HODGE, Robert Raymond, beloved husband of Mavis, 1908 - 1985, loved father of Robert, David and Richard
HOSKIN, Hanna, beloved wife of J. T. P. Hoskin, died 19 May 1922, aged 70 years [with James]
HOSKIN, James T. P., beloved husband of H. Hoskin, died 10 April 1899 aged 53 years
HUMPHRIES, Robert David, 8th June 1964 ~ 24th Dec 1984, son of Elizabeth ~ David Humphries, brother of Bob ~ Peter ~ Colleen ~ Bernard ~ Died as a result of an accident ~ Northern Territory 24.12.84
HUNT, Alice Jane, died 18th April 1925, aged 75 years [with Edwin and Walter]
HUNT, Edwin James, died 24th Sept 1918, aged 72 years [with Alice and Walter]
HUNT, John, beloved husband of Martha, died November 4, 1902 aged 91 years 6 months
HUNT, Louisa, died 10th February 1906, aged 43 years
HUNT, Martha, wife of the above [John] died 28 February 1907 aged 86 years [with Rose and Gladys Mills and Cissie Morrison]
HUNT, Walter Joseph, son of above [Alice and Edwin] died 6th Jan 1949, aged 65 years

JAMES, Elson Jane, loved wife of above [Lyndon] passed away 26-12-1982
JAMES, Lyndon Howard, beloved husband of E. J. James, died 20 Aug. 1959, aged 57 years
JERVOIS, Arthur A. G., beloved husband of Dorothy, died 18th July 1958
JERVOIS, Murry, deadly loved second son of A. A. G. & D. M. Jervois born August 17th 1917 died December 11th 1924
JOHNSTON, Florence, beloved wife of James, died 10 July 1972 aged 78 years
JOHNSTON, James, husband of Florence, died 15th June 1986 in his 96th years
JOSLING, Richard, Revd, for sometime curate in charge of the united parish of Yankalilla and Glenburn and late curate of Woodville, died Jany 17th 1879, aged 52 years; erected by parishioners and friends

KEAST, James, our father, born 16th January 1861, died 3rd June 1942, aged 81 years and 5 months
KEAST, Rose, our mother, the beloved wife of James, born 22nd February 1871, died 16th January 1920, aged 48 years and 11 months
KELLY, Kathleen Grace, beloved wife of Ray, loving mother of Helen, nanna of Paul, Matthew & Shane, passed away 6th Feb. 1985 aged 64 yrs
KELLY, Sophie Louisa, our dear mother, beloved wife of J. Kelly, died 30th Aug 1944, aged 62 years
KIBBLE, Elsie Kathleen, died 20th Dec 1967, aged 65, beloved wife of Robert, loved mother of David
KIBBLE, Robert George, died 25th April 1995, aged 88, loved father of David
KIESZLING, Cyril, beloved son of above [Ernest and Elsie] died 28th April 1990, aged 81 years
KIESZLING, Elsie, loved wife of Ernest, died 26th Oct. 1971, aged 85 years [with Ernest and Cyril]
KIESZLING, Ernest Charles, loved husband of Elsie, died 24th July 1959, aged 79 years, loved father of Doris, Hannah & Cyril

LORD, Audrey Joyce, loved wife of Horace, died 7th June 1997, aged 82 years, loved mother of Kevin & Desmond
LORD, Bessie, died 11th March 1892, aged 48 years
LORD, Edna Joyce, beloved wife of Eric, died 17th March 1997 aged 83 years, loved mother of Brian & Aileen
LORD, Eric George, beloved husband of Edna, died 9th May 1981 aged 71 years, loved father of Brian & Aileen
LORD, Horace James, loved husband of Audrey, died 27th May 1987 aged 77 years, loved father of Kevin & Desmond
LORD, James, died Dec 16, 1898, aged 68 years
LORD, Rosalie, beloved daughter of the late Joseph & Mary, died 9th March 1936, aged 59 years
LOVELOCK, Alton Eulie, died 22nd Sept. 1950, aged 36 years
LOVELOCK, Elijah, died 17 Sept 1907, aged 78 years
LOVELOCK, M. A., died June 5, 1904, aged 77 years, a wife and mother [with Elijah]
LUNNAY, Amy M., died 2nd July 1968 aged 73 years [with Richard Wilkinson]

MCARTHUR, Arthur, beloved husband of Jeannie, died 28 Sep 1939, aged 75 years
MCARTHUR, Jeannie, dearly beloved widow of Arthur, died 20 Sep 1951, aged 85 years
MCGUINNESS, Frederich, who died Sep 26, 1917, aged 30 years
MATTIESON, Ida Ottilie, beloved wife of John, died 15 Jan. 1952 in her 72nd year
MATTIESON, John Heinrich, beloved husband of Ida, died 16 Nov. 1972 in his 95th year [with Ida]
MILLS, Gladys, [daughter of Rose and Alfred] died 1922
MILLS, Rose, [daughter of John and Martha Hunt] who died June 15th 1915 aged 48 beloved wife of Alfred and loving mother of Gladys, Jean and Ross
MORRISON, Cissie Jean, nee Mills, [with John and Martha Hunt; Rose and Alfred Mils] passed away 6th November 1996, aged 90 years dearly loved devoted wife of Jack, cherished mother of Cynthia (dec.) and Ian loving grandma and great grandma
MORSE, Charles William, Priest - AET 69; At Rest; 26 July 1901 - Archdeacon of Adelaide for 33 years; Vicar of this parish with Glenburn and Myponga
MORSE, Juliet, July 16th 1926, aged 86 [with Charles]

NEWMAN, Henry, the beloved husband of M. A. Newman, who departed this life Febry 4th 1889 aged 68 years
NEWMAN, Mary Ann, wife of the above [ Henry] died 19th January 1901 aged 81 years
NICHOLAS, Frank, beloved husband of Win, died 6th April 1949, aged 65
NICHOLAS, Winifred, beloved wife of Frank and loving mother of Joyce & Margaret, died 9th Nov. 1958, aged 68
NORMAN, Sarah, who died July 6th 1864, aged 79 years

PARKES, Doris Emily (nee Kieszling), beloved wife of George, died 3rd Oct 2000, aged 95 years
PARKES, George E., beloved husband of Doris, died 15th July 1962, aged 54 years
PARSONS, (Rick) Frederick Ernest, beloved husband of Joan, fond father of Gail, died 9th Dec 1982, aged 67 years
POWELL, Edith C. M., beloved wife of C. F. Powell, who fell asleep 10th August 1900 aged 42 years
PUTLAND, Annie Maria, beloved wife of Walter, died 18th Jan. 1957 aged 60 years

ROADS, Alfred, beloved husband of Bessie, died November 9th 1929, aged 60 years
ROADS, Alice Jane, died 28th Feb. 1963, aged 78 years, cherished mother of Susie & Betty
ROADS, Arnold, loved son of Will & Edith, passed away 2nd June, 1914, aged 1 year & 7 months
ROADS, Bessie, died March 2nd 1964, aged 91 years [with Alfred]
ROADS, Cecil J.
ROADS, Charles, beloved husband of above [Harriet] passed away 4th Oct. 1955
ROADS, Clara, daughter of the late George & S Roads, died 11th Sept 1943, aged 78 years
ROADS, Doris, daughter of W & E Roads, accidentally burnt to death Sep 26, 1921 whilst trying to save her home, aged 17 years; erected by the residents of the district as a lasting memorial of her bravery
ROADS, Edith, beloved wife of above [William] passed away 29th June 1964 aged 87, loved mother of Eric, Doris, Arnold & May
ROADS, George, beloved and affectionate husband of above [Susannah] who died 25th Feb. 1920, aged 86 years
ROADS, Harriet Louisa, beloved wife of Charles, passed away 3rd April 1954
ROADS, Henry, died 12th Dec. 1963, aged 83 years, cherished father of Susie & Betty, [with Alice]
ROADS, Lorna Myrtle, died 9.4.1944, aged 23 years, loved daughter of Wilfred & Myrtle
ROADS, Myrtle Jane, died 2.8.1985 aged 95 years [with Wilfred]
ROADS, Susannah, beloved and affectionate wife of George, who died 8th Nov. 1911, aged 73 years; A good mother and beloved by all who knew her
ROADS, Walter Cleve, died 25.2.1953, aged 18 years, loved son of Wilfred & Myrtle
ROADS, Wilfred Frank, beloved husband of Myrtle, died 12.9.1989, aged 100 years
ROADS, William, beloved husband of Edith, passed away 3rd Aug 1956, aged 84, loved father of Eric, Doris, Arnold & May

ROWLEY, Cornelius, died 1st May 1955, aged 90 [with Harriet]
ROWLEY, Edward Cornelius, died 8th June 1969, aged 68 years [with Ellen and Sarah]
ROWLEY, Ellen May, loved sister of John, Edward & Sarah, died 29th March 1968, aged 73 years [with Edward and Sarah]
ROWLEY, Harriet Anne, died 6th December 1943, aged 75, beloved wife of Cornelius
ROWLEY, Sarah Alice, died 4th August 1982, aged 77 years [with Ellen and Edward]

SAMPSON, James, who died August 10th 1879, aged 41 years
SHARRAD, William, died Feby 14th 1893 aged 78 years
SINCLAIR, Archibald, died 28th Jan 1930 aged 79 years [with Mary and Winifred]
SINCLAIR, Mary Ann, died 21st May 1904 aged 49 years [with Winifred and Archibald]
SINCLAIR, Winifred Alice, died 2nd July 1929 aged 44 years [with Mary and Archibald]
SKINNER, Mary Jane, beloved wife of the above [Thomas] died 29 July 1907, aged 85 years
SKINNER, Thomas, beloved husband of Mary J Skinner, died at Yankalilla April 2, 1902, aged 80 years
SMITH, Alexander Donald, died 21st March 1984, aged 76 years, beloved husband of Laurel, loved father of Joylene & Donald
SMITH, Alice Ann, beloved wife of John Walter, and mother of above [Alice] died 2nd Oct. 1940, aged 68 years
SMITH, Alice, died 19th Sept. 1937, aged 38 years
SMITH, Charles Henry, beloved husband of Elizabeth Grace, passed away 17th Sept 1951.
SMITH, Elizabeth Grace, passed away 1st March 1982 [with Charles]
SMITH, Elsie May, beloved wife of Walter, died 19th Dec 1980, aged 77 years, loved mother of Vi, Max (dec), Joan, Colin & Brenda
SMITH, Laurel Doreen (nee McArthur), died 15th Dec 1987, aged 80 years, loved mother of Joylene & Donald
SMITH, Maxwell John, beloved husband of Marie, loved father of Kym, Sharon, Craig & Paul (dec), died 2nd May 1975, aged 48 years
SMITH, R. H., AIF, 1654, Gunner, 102 Battery, 14th November 1961, age 67
SMITH, Robert John, beloved only son of Winifred & Sydney, died 3rd Sept 1968, aged 20 years and loved brother of Janice
SMITH, Sydney Frederick, (late 2/6th Battalion 2nd A.I.F.) beloved husband of Winifred Ada, loving father of Janice & Robert ((dec’d)), died 12th April 1983, aged 70 years
SMITH, Walter, late 9th Light Horse 3rd Brigade, 1st AIF, died 28th Feb 1984 aged 90 years, loved father of Vi, Max (dec), Joan, Colin & Brenda
SOUTER, Hazel Forster, nee Morris, died 11th May 1992, aged 95 years [with Robert]
SOUTER, Robert John de Neufville, M.B.B.S., died 6th Oct. 1969 aged 71 years [with Hazel]
STOCK, Francis John, beloved husband of above [Melita] died 18th Oct 1962 in his 80th year
STOCK, Melita Anne, beloved wife of F. J. Stock, died 19th Feb 1960, aged 65 years

TAVERNER, George Alfred, (late Boer War) dearly loved husband of Bessie, father of Heather, Lulu, George and Wilma, died 12th June 1961, aged 80 years
TAVERNER, Winifred Bessie, loved wife and mother, died 31st Dec. 1964, aged 69 years [with George]
TONKIN, Ernest Edwin, died Oct. 1932, aged 65, beloved father of Jim
TONKIN, Minnie Helen, beloved wife of Ernest, died Dec. 1960, aged 86, beloved mother of Jim
TOWNSEND, John and Laura; Re-united

*UNKNOWNMother and gran
UNKNOWN, brick surround - 2
UNKNOWN, brick surround, small plot
UNKNOWN, brick surround, weathered slate
UNKNOWN, iron surround, slate fallen in
UNKNOWN, marble surround, small plot
UNKNOWN, mound only
UNKNOWN, sarcophagus of slate, badly eroded: This stone placed here by her children

WEBB, Anne, wife of Craig, October 10th 1920, aged 59
WEBB, Lucy, eldest daughter of Robert and Ann Webb, died at Victor Harbour, Sept 11th 1953, aged 82 years [with William]
WEBB, William Gilbert, fell asleep St Andrews Day 1885, aged 87 [with Lucy]
WILKINSON, Richard, beloved husband of Amy M. Lunnay, loved father of Eleanor, Norma, & Bill [with Amy]
WILLIAMS, Alice, beloved wife of above [Frank] died 3rd January 1970, aged 89 years
WILLIAMS, Frank, died 6th July 1953, aged 80 years
WILLMOTT, Thomas, the beloved husband of Mary, who departed this life Easter Sunday, 21 April 1889, aged 58 years
WOODCOCK, Charlotte Emily, died July 18th 1886, aged 35 years [with Hannah]
WOODCOCK, Hannah, relict of the late William Moorhouse, died August 5th 1891, aged 77 years
WOODCOCK, Joe, beloved husband of Marion A. Woodcock, who died 21st August 1903, aged 67 years
WYCHERLEY, William Spencer, died 22 Dec 1973, aged 68 years

* No other information on the headstone.

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