Headstone Transcriptions

Springton - St. Johns

Transcribed by Marylin and Steve Jones and Lorraine Larment
from Photographs provided by M & S Jones and Val Beck.

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AUSTIN, Kevin Ronald. 16 May 2016

BAIN, Lorna Thelma, died 18 July 1987, aged 69 years
BROKATE, Adeline C., died 29.10.76, aged 75 years (with Edwin)
BROKATE, Auguste F, our dear husband and father, died 8 July 1941, aged 70 year's
BROKATE, Edwin E., died 31.8.83 aged 83 years (with Adeline)
BROKATE, Esther Valeska, 4 July 1981, age 80 (with Herbert and Jean)
BROKATE, Herbert Arthur, 15 July 1981, age 83 (with Esther- and Jean)
BROKATE, Jean, 1-5 November 1982, age 57 (with Herbert and Esther)

DROGEMULLER, Bernhardt W. E., passed away 4 June 1968, aged 77 years
DROGEMULLER, Selma Clara, died 29 April 1951, aged 57 years

ECKERT, Gustav Adolph, died 24 August 1968, aged 95 years (with Marie)
ECKERT, Herman Gustav, passed away 16 June 1986, aged 81 years, dearly loved husband of Hilda, loved father of Lyall, Margaret and Judith
ECKERT, Hilda Sophie, passed away 16 August 1991, aged 84 years, loved mother of Lyall, Margaret and Judith (with Herman)
ECKERT, Lyall Douglas, passed away 25 November 1971, aged 42 years, beloved husband of Margaret, loved father of Sandra and John
ECKERT, Margaret Colleen, beloved daughter of Herman and Hilda, died 8 August 1942, aged 11 years . No photograph
ECKERT, Mane Mathilde, died 25 September 1932 aged 61 years (With Gustav)
ELIX, E. Gustav, passed away 19. 11.63, aged 91 yrs (with Emelia)
ELIX, Emelia C., passed away 20.5.59, aged 84 yrs (with Gustav)
ELIX, Gary Howard, beloved son of Rella and Jack, brother of John and Colin, died 11 December 1976, aged 18 years, result of accident
ELIX, Louis Howard, (Jack), 1910 - 1992, dearly loved husband of Dorella (Rella) loving father of John, Colin and Gary

GALLON, Aubrey Hales. 13 May 1920 - 22 October 2005.

HERBIG, Edwin Louis, died 27 September 1931, aged 28 years
HERBIG, Emma Pauline, mother, who died 31 August 1941, aged 71 years
HERBIG, Errol John. 21 December 1928 - 13 March 2006
HERBIG, Frieda, loved wife of Os, died 15 November 1983, aged 82 years, loving wife and mother at rest
HERBIG, Harold Edgar, died 15 October 1962, aged 53 years (with Hilda)
HERBIG, Herbert Alwin, born 1 October 1902, died 19 December 1990, youngest son of the late Johann Wilhelm and Mathilde Emma
HERBIG, Hilda Cora, died 21 September 2000, aged 87 years (with Harold)
HERBIG, J. F. Wilhelm, husband of Louise, died 20 May 1957, aged 69 yrs
HERBIG, Johann Cart, died 19 July 1959, aged 89 years
HERBIG, Johanne Auguste, beloved wife of J. C. Herbig, died 14 January 1937, aged 69 years
HERBIG, Lena, died 3 March 1993, aged 83 years
HERBIG, Louise M, wife of Withelm, died 19 October 1954 aged 86 yrs
HERBIG, Norman, died 14 November 1961, aged 59 years
HERBIG, Olive Theodora. 30 October 1923 - 2 January 2014.
HERBIG, Os, beloved husband of Frieda, father of Erica, Margaret, John, David and Peter, died 8 April 1988, aged 87 years
HERBIG, Our Babe, sweetly sleeping Herbig, Pauline, born 9 September 1888, died 16 September 1952
HERBIG, Pauline. 9 September 1888 - 16 September 1952
HERBIG, Peter, our darling Peter, beloved son of Frieda and Os, died 9 December 1952, aged 9 years
HERBIG, Salome Rubina, passed away 29.1.1967, aged 52 years, loving mother of Lois, Kenneth and Christine (with Willhelm)
HERBIG, Withelm Edgar, passed away 19.4.2001, aged 81 years, loving father of Lois, Kenneth and Christine (with Salome)
HUDSON, Alice Bertha, died 25 March 1941, aged 40 years

JONES, Angie, died 6 February 2001, aged 43 years, dearly loved wife of Keith, loved mother of Becky and Rio

KALMS, Emma, died 12 June 1951 at Springton, aged 76 years (with Fred)
KALMS, Fred, died 15 July 1952 at Sydney, aged 76 years (with Emma)
KROEHN, Ruby Dorothy, died 19 January 1969, aged 55 years, loving mother of Keith, Alan, Max, Joan, Betty, fan, David, Peter, Leon, Neil and Ronda (with Ronald)
KROEHN, Ronald Elwin, died 25 April 2001, aged 86 years, also husband of Doris Oliva Scholz, loving father of Keith, Alan, Max, Joan, Betty, ]an, David, Peter, Leon, Neil and Ronda (with Ruby)
KUCHEL, Ailleen Lorice, 2.1.1924 - 8.7.1988, dear wife of Lawrence, loving mother of Leslie, Lynette, Kenneth, Kathryn and Patricia
KUCHEL, Christian Friedrich, died 30 September 1934, aged 69 years
KUCHEL, Gottleib Ferdinand, born 5 April 1867, died 24 November 1955
KUCHEL, Hulda Bertha, born 12 October 1891, died 23 May 1964 (with Otto)
KUCHEL, Johann Heinrich, died 14 October 1934, aged 84 years
KUCHEL, Kenneth Linsay, aged 17 days
KUCHEL, Lawrence Waiter, 16. 12. 1921 - 6.1.2000 loving father of Leslie, Lynette, Kenneth, Kathryn and Patricia (with Ailleen)
KUCHEL, Otto Friederich Rudolph, born 5 September 1889, died 15 April 1956 (with Hulda)

LABLACK, Felix Erdmann, passed away 19.4.2004, aged 67 years, dearly loved husband of Lois, loving father of Susan, Karen, Tania, Linda and families
LAUBE, Friedrich W., born 10 April 1875, died 23 August 1964 (with Josephine)
LAUBE, Josephine T. R., born 26 October 1887, died 29 July 1950 (with Friederich)
LAUBE, Waiter Rudolph, born 18 August 1910, died 24 December 1996, aged 86 years
LOECHEL, Doris Sophia, loving mother of Laurel and Dorella, died 13 August 1941, aged 44 years
LORKE, Alma Agnes, our dear mother, passed away 6 November 1952, aged 59 years (with J. F. Wilhelm)
LORKE, Antonia Hilda, died 15 October 1989, aged 86 years (with Edward)
LORKE, Carl Bernhard, beloved husband of May, died 11 September 1977, aged 78 years, father of Helen, Max and Diana
LORKE, Carl, died 9 July 1965, aged 60 yrs
LORKE, Edward R., my dear husband, died 8 July 1975, aged 01 years (with Antonia)
LORKE, J. F. Wilhelm, our dear father, passed away 8 December 1972, aged 76 years (with Aima)
LORKE, Johanne Auguste (nee Steigal), our mother, died 16 May 1948, aged 82 years
LORKE, Thelma Mavis, loving daughter of Alma and Wilhelm, sister of Edward and Mavis, passed away 7 September 1977, aged 61 years

MACZKOWIACK, Albert Edwin, died 8 July 1960, aged 54 years
MUELLER, AIF, Pte Victor Hugo, No 2646, 5th PNR Salt., l st AIF, died 27 August 1949, aged 61 years; beloved husband of Clara
MUELLER, Clara M. E, died 15 October 1976, aged 86 years, beloved wife of Hugo

NITSCHE, Julius Irwin, died January 20, 1940, aged 39 years
NOACK, Colleen Kay, died 1 July 1996, aged 47 years, loved mother of Michael and Brett (with Kelvin)
NOACK, Kelvin Victor, died 1 April 1983, aged 32 years, loved husband of Colleen, loved father of Michael and Brett

PFITZNER, Gunther, born 3 March 1929, departed 27 December 1997, loving father and step father

RANKIN, Alma Gertrude, wife of Andrew and mother of Neville, died 31 October 1956, aged 64 years
RATTEI, Frieda Hannah, our dear mother, born 29 October 1910, died 31 December 1990 (with Herbert)
RATTEI, Gustav Alfred, born 7 July 1897, died 21 October 1983 (with M. L. Cacilie)
RATTEI, Herbert Hermann, our dear husband and father, born 31 August 1905, died 24 August 1980, (with Fieda)
RATTEI, M. L. Cacilie born 13 November 1890, died 10 July 1976 (with Gustav)
RATTEY, Johannes Emmanuel, who was caged from this world of sin and sorrow on the 11 May 1949, aged 83 years
REIDEL, Alwine, my dear wife, died 2 July 1957, aged 63 years
ROESLER, Elizabeth Anne Doris, died 9 July 1971, aged 73 years
ROESLER, Elliott Keith, passed away 29 March 1986, aged 63 years, beloved husband of Joan Florence, loved father of Suzanne and Trevor
ROESLER, Joan Florence. 27 February 2012 aged 89 years.
ROHRLACH, Antonia Adelheid, beloved wife of W. E. Rohrlach died 9 April 1956, aged 59 years
ROHRLACH, Waiter Edgar, loved husband of Olga, father of Colin and Daphne, born 22.12.1896, died 30.11.1979
ROSENZWEIG, Herbert Arthur, passed away 23 July 1988, aged 79 years, beloved husband of Hilda Marie, loved father of Claire, Evonne, Rodney, Maureen and Mark
ROSENZWEIG, Hilda Marie, passed away 20 January 2002, aged 86 years, loved mother of Claire, Evonne, Rodney, Maureen and Mark (with Herbert)

SCHED, Tyrone Hermann, died 11 August 1981, aged 22 years, loved and remembered by Daniel and all his loved ones
SCHULZ, Edwin Alfred, our dear husband and father, born 27 August 1910, died 7 November 1978 (with Melba)
SCHULZ, Margaret Evelyn, our dear daughter, passed away 26 July 1953, aged 21 years
SCHULZ, Mathilde Hulda, born 6.10.1913, died 26.5.1990, loved sister of Alwine, Nita, Wanda and Edwin
SCHULZ, Melba Gertrude, our dear mother, born 31 December 1912, died 28 June 1982 (with Edwin)
SEIBOTH, Arthur Leonard, beloved husband of Rita, died 16 May 1978, aged 59 years, father of Alien and Peter
SEMLER, Albert Edward (Ed), passed away 4 January 1987, aged 83 years, loved husband of Elda, loved father of Maxine and Janet
SEMLER, Elda Elise, passed away 12 August 1990, aged 82 years, loved mother of Maxine and Janet (with Ed)
SEMLER, Emma Ottilie, his beloved wife, died 13 May 1966, aged 82 years (with Ernest)
SEMLER, Ernest) Emil, my dear husband, died 17 August 1946, aged 64 years (with Emma)
SIMMOUNDS, John Rodney. 17 November 1932 - 14 July 2013.
SMITH, Elva Regina, wife of Raymond L., loving mother of Pamela, born 2.7.24, died 26.10.47
STAEHR, Ann E., 1931 - 1982
STANDISH, Elizabeth, beloved wife of S. Andreas Standish, died 21 January 1934, in her 80th year
STARICK, Avis Ruby. 9 May 1931 - 17 July 2012.
STARICK, Brian Claude, 22.12.26 - 21.8.88 (with Rudy, Elva and Max)
STARICK, C. A. Theodor, our dear husband and father, died 26 October 1935, aged 40 years (with Otga)
STARICK, C. T. Gustav, our dear husband and father, died 19 October 1967, aged 75 years (with Ella)
STARICK, Cart August, died 2 May 1938, aged 89 years (with Louise)
STARICK, Ella Bertha, dear wife and mother, died 3 November 1981, aged 79 years (with Gustav)
STARICK, Elliott Allan. 28 December 1929 - 25 July 2000.
STARICK, Elva Blondina, died 29 July 1993, aged 90 years (with Rudy)
STARICK, Emma Amanda, our wife and mother, born 7 October 1901, died 20 April 1954, dear mother of Helen, Elliott, Avis, Marlene, Raymond and Kevin (with Ernst)
STARICK, Ernst Edwin, born 9 February 1902, died 15 February 1989, dear father of Helen, Elliott, Avis, Marlene, Raymond and Kevin (with Emma)
STARICK, J. A. Bertha, died 16 September 1931
STARICK, Louise Maria, Wife of August, died 2 October 1935, aged 68 years
STARICK, Lynette Rosalie. 21 July 1944 - 10 July 2007.
STARICK, Max Allen, son of Rudy and Elva dearly loved husband of Edna, much loved father of Wayne and David, 16.6.1923 - 26.9.1997. No photograph
STARICK, Olga R. S., died 23 May 1968, aged 70 years (with Theodor)
STARICK, Raymond Ernest. 30 May 1941 - 4 December 2008.
STARICK, Ronda Evelyn, 3.9.1937 - 30.11.1994, loving wife of Jeff, dearly loved mother of Tim and Andrew
STARICK, Rudy, our dear husband and father, died 7 July 1954, aged 52 years (with Elva)
STRELAN, Marie C. (nee Schmidt), 1876 - 1947

WESTPHALEN, John Arthur, died 31 July 1992, 62 years, husband of Elizabeth, father of David, Richard, Thomas, Peter and John
WIENKE, Richard George, passed away June 20, 2005, aged 57 years

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