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Sandleton St Pauls

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x - denotes marked grave
x ALBERS, Johann Ernst Friedrich Louis. Aged 67. Last abode Sandleton. Died 3-5-1915. Buried 1915. Born 1848

BARTSCH, Johann Carl Eduard. Aged 30y 10m. Last abode Sandleton. Died 16-9-1894. Buried 1894. Born 1863

FROST, Arnold. Died 1928. Born 1924
x FROST, Gustav. Died 1960. Born 1877
FROST, Infant. Stillborn. Died 1927. Born 1927
FROST, Lydia Mathilde. Aged 4y 6m. Last abode Sandleton. Died 8-4-1894. Buried 1894. Born 1890. Comment: Freidrich Wilhelm (father).
x FROST, Martha. Died 1961. Born 1885

HONKE, Marie Elisabeth. Aged 81. Last abode Sandleton. Died 26-9-1890. Buried 1890. Born 1809. Comment: Johann Christian (husband).

KOOP, Heinrich Joachim. Aged 75. Last abode Sandleton. Died 15-8-1894. Buried 1894. Born 1819

x LEMKE, Daniel Heinrich. Aged 64y 6m. Last abode Sandleton. Died 2-7-1897. Buried 1897. Born 1835
LEMKE, Meta Mathilde. Aged 7 mths. Last abode Sandleton. Died 1-6-1904. Buried 1904. Born 1903. Comment: Gustav Nathanael (father).
LINKE, Infant. Stillborn. Died 1881. Born 1881

NICKOLAI, August. Aged 13. Last abode Black Hill. Died 19-9-1892. Buried 1892. Born 1879. Comment: William (father).
x NITSCHKE, Emma Elisabeth. Aged 23. Last abode Anna. Died 8-6-1885. Buried 1885. Born 1861. Comment: Hermann (husband).

x PFEIFFER, Anna Caroline. Aged 87. Last abode Sandleton. Died 7-9-1908. Buried 1908. Born 1821. Comment: Johann Gottlieb (husband).
x PFEIFFER, Johanne Beathe Louise. Aged 39. Last abode Sandletown. Died 31-7-1890. Buried 1890. Born 1850. Comment: Freidrich Ernst (husband).
x PFEIFFER, Johann Gottlieb. Aged 66. Last abode Hd of Anna. Died 11-2-1885. Buried 1885. Born 1819

SAEGENSCHNITTER, Ernst Rudolph. Aged 7. Last abode Sandleton. Died 29-5-1890. Buried 1890. Born 1883. Comment: Wilhelm (father).
x SEMMLER, Anna Mathilde Bertha. Aged 3y 6m. Last abode Sandleton. Died 26-5-1885. Buried 1885. Born 1881. Comment: Anna Elizabeth (mother).
SEMMLER, Anna Elisabeth. Died 1887. Born 1843. Comment: Ludwig (husband).
SEMMLER, Ludwig. Aged 48. Last abode Sandleton. Died 30-1-1885. Buried 1885. Born 1837. Comment: Anna Elizabeth (wife).
x SPERLING, Friedrich. Died 1968. Born 1893
x SPERLING, Friedrich Wilhelm Dienegot. Aged 11 mths. Last abode Anna. Died 5-1-1890. Buried 1890. Born 1889. Comment: Johann Wilhelm (father).
x SPERLING, Gottlieb. Died 1969. Born 1885
x SPERLING, Johann Wilhelm. Aged 68. Last abode Sandleton. Died 21-1-1914. Buried 1914. Born 1846
x SPERLING, Maria Auguste. Died 1951. Born 1884
x SPERLING, Johanne Mathilde. Died 1933. Born 1855

WICKE, Christine Charlotte. Aged 54. Last abode Sandleton. Died 6-7-1885. Buried 1885. Born 1830. Comment: Otto (husband)

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