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Transcribed by Graham Barlow

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BARTCH, Alma Sophie Agnes. Aged 3y 5m. Last abode Steinfield. Died 23-8-1907. Buried 1907. Plot No.N. Comment: Oswald (father) Born. 1904
BARTCH, Clarence Martin Oswald. Aged 12. Last abode Sandleton. Died 3-11-1913. Buried 1913. Plot No.S. Comment: Traugott Ernst Oswald (father) Born.1902

FROST, Freidrich W. Buried 1956. Plot No.30 b. 1873
FROST, Emma A. Buried 1952. Plot No.29 b. 1875

GERLACH, Ernst Heinrich. Aged 33. Last abode Towitta. Died 6-1-1903. Buried 1902. Plot No.4. Comment: Born 1868
GERLACH, Gustav Paul. Aged 22. Last abode Sandleton. Died 10-12-1903. Buried 1903. Plot No.6. Comment: Born 1881
GERLACH, Johanne Mathilda. Buried 1918. Plot No.14. Comment: Born 1844
GERLACH, Maria Elizabeth. Aged 13m 2w. Last abode Nr. Truro. Died 17-1-1908. Buried 1908. Plot No.O. Comment: Johann Gottlieb. Born 1907

HARTWIG, Harrold Edwin. Aged 6 mths. Last abode Sandleton. Died 24-9-1906. Buried 1906. Plot No.M. Comment: August (father). Born 1906
HARTWIG, Maria Anna. Aged 2. Last abode nr Towitta. Died 1-2-1897. Buried 1897. Plot No.C. Comment: Johann Carl August (father). Born 1896

JURECKY, Elizabeth Anna. Aged 15y 5m. Last abode Sandleton. Died 24-4-1901. Buried 1901. Plot No.3. Comment: Friedrich August Wilhelm. Born 1885
JURECKY, C.A. Buried 1973. Plot No.20. Comment: Born 1888
JURECKY, Pauline. Buried 1942. Plot No.18. Comment: Born 1860
JURECKY, Pauline Emma. Buried 1952. Plot No.19. Comment: Born 1886
JURECKY, Theo Walter. Buried 1920. Plot No.U. Comment: Born 1919
JURECKY, Wilhelm A. Buried 1931. Plot No.17. Comment: Born 1858

KOOP, Anna Franciska. Aged 81. Last abode Sandleton. Died 2-5-1902. Buried 1902. Plot No.5. Comment: Born 1820
KRETSCHMER, Emilie Helene Alma. Aged 3 mths. Last abode Sandleton. Died 8-2-1905. Buried 1905. Plot No.K. Comment: Gustav (father). Born 1904
KRUGER, Louise Hulda. Aged 5. Last abode Black Hill nr. Sandleton. Died 11-4-1904. Buried 1904. Plot No.J. Comment: Wilhelm Johann(father). Born 1898
KRUGER, Maria Alma. Buried 1918. Plot No.T. Comment: Born 1918
KRUGER, Maria Ernstine. Buried 1946. Plot No.24. Comment: Born 1861
KRUGER, Wilhelm Carl. Buried 1968. Plot No.33. Comment: Born 1884
KRUGER, Wilhelm Julius. Buried 1948. Plot No.25. Comment: Born 1859
KUHN, Arthur Harold. Buried 1934. Plot No.21. Comment: Born 1912
KUHN, Ernst Gustav Adolph. Buried 1936. Plot No.22. Comment: Born 1877
KUHN, Arthur Harold. Buried 1934. Plot No.21. Comment: Born 1912
KUHN, Clarence Percy. Buried 1930. Plot No.15. Comment: Born 1914
KUHN, Melva Lorna. Buried 1928. Plot No.V. Comment: Born 1916
KUHN, Unnamed male Infant. Stillborn. Buried 1912. Plot No.R. Comment: Born 1912

MARKS, Albert. Buried 1937. Plot No.23. Comment: Born 1892
MARKS, Emilie. Aged 2. Last abode Black Hill nr Sandleton. Died 17-7-1905. Buried 1905. Plot No.L. Comment: Carl (father). Born 1903
MARKS, Laura. Aged 6 mths. Last abode Sandleton. Died 2-10-1911. Buried 1911. Plot No.Q. Comment: Carl Marks(father). Born 1911

NIKOLAI, Anna Pauline. Aged 35. Last abode Sandleton. Died 4-7-1904. Buried 1904. Plot No.8. Comment: Johann Gottlieb Wilhelm. Born 1871
NIKOLAI, Gottlieb Wilhelm. Aged 69y 3m. Last abode Hd of Bagot. Died 18-5-1903. Buried 1903. Plot No.7. Comment: Ernstine Louise (wife). Born 1842
NIKOLAI, Gustav Adolph. Aged 3 mths. Last abode Hd. of Bagot. Died 30-3-1898. Buried 1898. Plot No.E. Comment: Johann Gottlieb Wilhelm (father). Born 1898
NIKOLAI, Johanna Ernestine. Aged 63. Last abode Black Hill nr Sandleton. Died 21-3-1897. Buried 1897. Plot No.1. Comment: Johann Gottlieb Wilhelm (father). Born 1834
NIKOLAI, Ernestine Louise (nee Kuhn). Aged 62. Last abode Sandleton. Died 22-11-1909. Buried 1909. Plot No.11. Comment: Born 1846
NIKOLAI, Johann Heinrich. Aged 7 mths. Last abode Sedan. Died 2-1-1897. Buried 1897. Plot No.B. Comment: Born 1896

PFEIFFER, Ernst Gottlieb. Aged 5wks. Last abode Sandleton. Died 29-12-1897. Buried 1897. Plot No.D. Comment: Julius (father). Born 1897
PFIEFFER, Julius Heinrich. Aged 46y 21w. Last abode Sandleton. Died 9-2-1907. Buried 1907. Plot No.10. Comment: Born 1860

SAEGENSCHNITTER, Anna Lydia. Buried 1966. Plot No.28. Comment: Born 1895
SAEGENSCHNITTER, A.L. Meta. Buried 1964. Plot No.32. Comment: Born 1897
SAEGENSCHNITTER, Arthur H. Buried 1947. Plot No.26. Comment: Born 1930
SAEGENSCHNITTER, Carl Wilhelm. Aged 1y 17d. Last abode Sandleton. Died 3-4-1898. Buried 1898. Plot No.F. Comment: Friedrich Wilhelm (father). Born 1898
SAEGENSCHNITTER, J. Betrhold. Buried 1957. Plot No.31. Comment: Born 1895
SAEGENSCHNITTER, J.F.W. Buried 1926. Plot No.16. Comment: Born 1857
SAEGENSCHNITTER, Ronald D.K. Buried 1937. Plot No.Y. Comment: Born 1936
SAEGENSCHNITTER, Johannes Gotthold. Aged 31. Last abode Sandleton. Died 19-5-1906. Buried 1906. Plot No.9. Comment: Born 1874
SAEGENSCHNITTER, W. Gustav. Buried 1950. Plot No.27. Comment: Born 1885
SAEGRENSCHNITTER, Reginald P. Buried 1933. Plot No.W. Comment: Born 1933
SAEGRENSCHNITTER, Walter Alec. Buried 1935. Plot No.X. Comment: Born 1935
SCHADOW, Mathies. Aged 61. Last abode Sedan. Died 16-5-1915. Buried 1915. Plot No.12. Comment: Emma Susan (wife). Born 1854
SCHWERTFIEGER, Unnamed male infant. Stillborn. Buried 1910. Plot No.P. Comment: Born 1910
SCHWERTFIEGER, Edmund Albert Gustav. Aged 10m 21d. Last abode Anna, Hd of Bagot. Died 27-6-1902. Buried 1902. Plot No.H. Comment: Ernst Wilhelm (father). Born 1901
SCHWERTFIEGER, Hermann Freidrich Wilhelm. Aged 2y 10m. Last abode Hd. of Bagot. Died 9-6-1902. Buried 1902. Plot No.I. Comment: Ernst Wilhelm (father). Born 1899
SCHWERTFIEGER, Rheinehold Freidrich Karl. Aged 7 mths. Last abode Hd of Bagot. Died 6-10-1898. Buried 1898. Plot No.G. Comment: Ernst Wilhelm (father). Born 1898
SCHWERTFIEGER, Ernst Wilhelm. Aged 58. Last abode Hd.of Bagot. Died 28-12-1915. Buried 1915. Plot No.13. Comment: A.E. Schwertfieger (wife). Born 1856
SEMMLER, Anton Heinrich. Aged 36. Last abode Sandleton. Died 2-10-1899. Buried 1899. Plot No.0. Comment: Born 1863
SEMMLER, Herbert Arthur. Aged 6wks. Last abode Sandleton. Died 1-4-1896. Buried 1896. Plot No.A b. 17-2-1896. Comment: Anton Heinrich (father) Emma Louisa Pauline (nee Matchoss) (mother)

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