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ABOLS, Andrejs, born in Latvija*, 1923 - 1971
ANDREWS, Elva Joyce (Joy), died 17 August 1997, age 73 years, dearly loved wife of Bryce, loved mother of Jannifer*, Patricia, David and families
ANDREWS, Esmerelda Daphne May, 19.7.1911 - 13.8.1996, devoted daughter of the late Janet and William, dearly loved by her nieces and nephews
ANDREWS, Janet Ann (nee Walden), died Mt Gambier 1932, beloved wife of the late William George (interred in Adelaide in 1926), loved mother of Alfred George, Myrtle Ann, Adeline Rose, Ivy Jane, William Millard, Albert James, Charles Linley, Elsie Florence, Ada Robena, Esmerelda Daphne May, also Sarsfield (Rod) and families

BOULT, Clifton Seymour, late 2nd AIF, 48th, 14.8.1908 - 25.10.1996, beloved husband of Dulcie, loving father of Kevin and Lyndon and families
BRADSHAW, Charlotte, 1891 - 1968
BRADSHAW, Milton L., 1891 - 1973
BROOKS, Ashley, loved son of E & M Brooks, accidentally killed 23 August 1949, aged 9 years
BROOKS, Edward Joseph (Ted), beloved husband of Minnie, 1889 - 1971
BROOKS, Irene Mary, 1919 - 1995, beloved wife of Allan, loving mother of Len, Bill, Raelene and Pat
BROOKS, Minnie Ethel, beloved wife of Ted, 1891 - 1970
BROOKS, Richard Neil, 14.9.1942 - 15.9.2001, tragically taken, dearly loved father of Denise and Jeff, loving pa to all his grandchildren

CARTHEW, Emily, 1888 - 1966
CARTHEW, Esther Elizabeth Tregonning, 1894 - 1977
CARTHEW Esther Jane, mother, died 17 December 1915, aged 64 years (with James and Stephen)
CARTHEW, Florence, passed away January 24, 1971, aged 64 years
CARTHEW, James, father, died 19 May 1930, aged 81 years (with Esther and Stephen)
CARTHEW, Nellie, passed away 28 February 1973, aged 81 years
CARTHEW, Stephen, brother, died 9 July 1925, aged 47 years
CARTHEW, Thomas E., passed away July 13, 1962, aged 75 years
CHAMBERS, Alex Stanley, beloved husband of Emily, loved father of Vaughan, Rae, Eric and families, 23.1.1899 - 1.6.1985
CHAMBERS, Darren Bruce, 10.2.1968 - 7.10.1987, dearly loved son of Bruce and Jan, loved brother of Nadine and Shane
CHAMBERS, Emily Marie, beloved wife of Alex Stanley (Stan), loved mother of Vaughan, Rae, Eric and families, 13.10.1908 - 28.7.1997
CHAMBERS, Vaughan Stanley, 24.9.1927 - 18.18.2000, loved husband of Connie, devoted father of Robert, ...., Mary, Lance and families
CHAPMAN, Phyllis May, 2.5.1914 - 4.5.2004, wife of Max (dec), mother of Arthur (dec), Beryl (dec), and Fay, garden plaque
CHILTON, Emma Jane, born silently on 11 August 1987, daughter to Helen and Ian, sister [to] Lauren, Rachel, Travis, Sohie and Abby
CLARK, Andrew Archibald, 5.2.1935 - 23.3.1996, loving husband of Valma, loved father of Beverly, Marilyn, Steven, Julie, Craig, Kym, Christopher, David, Shane, Maryanne and families
CLARK, Andrew, 1870 - 1925
CLARK, Archibald Ernest, loving husband of Esther, father of Andrew, Betty, Janet and Donald, passed away 1967, aged 58 years
CLARK, Ethel Susan, 1877 - 1959

DANGERFIELD, Clifford Mervyn, beloved husband of Pat, loved father of Arlene, Trevor (dec'd), and Garry, died 1 June 1989, loved pa to his grandchildren and great grandchildren
DANGERFIELD, Trevor Mervyn, passed away 7 June 1988, aged 42 years, dearly loved husband of Robyn Kaye, loving father of Tracy, loved pa of Tyi* and Trevor
DIXON, Robert Alwen (Bob), 21.2.1928 - 19.7.2000, beloved husband of Rae, loving father of Meg and Jan, loved father in law and devoted grampy

FARMER, Hilda May, 15.5.1895 - 4.8.1979, aged 84 yrs, loved mother of Mervyn Ray and Roma (with William)
FARMER, William Alfred, 28.4.1889 - 10.8.1971, aged 82 yrs, loved father of Mervyn Ray and Roma (with Hilda)
FOSTER, Allen, (no details), granite surround)
FOSTER, Lily, died 14 March 1951, loving mother of Gwen, Phyl and Bob (with Robert)
FOSTER, Robert, died 31 May 1930, loving father of Gwen, Phyl and Bob (with Lily)

GALWEY, Adeline Rose, died 3.7.32, aged 39 years, mother of Ethel, Jim, Stan, Alex, Maisie (dec), Joy and Lionel (with William)
GALWEY, Alexander Sarsfield, 1.2.1919 - 4.6.2003, beloved husband of Jean, loved father of Betty, John, Vanice and Kay
GALWEY, Beatrice May, (Trix), loved wife of James, 1912 - 1987, devoted mother of Yvonne, Sylvia and Patricia
GALWEY, Clinton Claude, dearly loved father of Lynette, Wayne, Robyn, Glenyce and Jack, died 1 March 1983, result of accident, aged 60 years, wonderful father, father in law and grandfather
GALWEY, Dorothy Maehy, 27.5.1925 - 29.8.1997, beloved wife of Jim
GALWEY, James Henry, (Jim), 1.2.1915 - 16.9.1995, beloved husband of Dorothy, and the late Beatrice
GALWEY, James Henry, (Jim), loved husband of Beatrice, 1915 - 1995, loving father of Yvonne, Sylvia and Patricia
GALWEY, Lillian Ethel, 19.2.1919 - 25.1.1998, beloved wife of Stan (William Stanley Alfred), loving mother of Stanley, Barbara, Terry and families
GALWEY, W. S. A., Private, SX16832, 2/8 Field Ambulance, 1 December 1995, age 78; loved husband of Lillian, father of Stanley, Barbara and Terry
GALWEY, William Stanley, died 5.2.73, aged 80 years, father of Ethel, Jim, Stan, Alex, Maisie (dec), Joy and Lionel (with Adeline)
GILLIS, Annie, died 2.11.1881, aged 36 years, wife of John, mother of Margaret, Elizabeth, Sarah, John and Hector, remembered by her descendants 1994

HALES, Justin Robert, born 10 February 1972, taken suddenly 2 June 1972, loved baby son of Jan and Peter, brother of Jonathan
HALES, Sandra Paulene*, 13.3.59 - 26.1.95, dearly loved youngest daughter of Paulene* and Sidney, loving sister of Peter, Annette, Meredith, Janine, Geoffrey and families
HALES, Sidney John (Sid), devoted and loving husband of Paulene*, loving father of Peter, Annette, Meredith, Janine, Sandra (dec), Geoffrey and their families, 16.3.1925 - 20.2.2000, + service plaque S J Hales, 140217, L.A.C., RAAF, age 74
HARVEY, Nigel Philip, loved third son of Jan and Philip, loving brother of Peter, Derek and Melissa, born 27 September 1968, accidentally killed 2 May 1972
HARVEY, Philip Hurtle, of Southend, dearly loved husband of Jan, loving father of Peter, Derek, Nigel (dec) and Melissa, 6.10.30, died at sea 2.10.78
HARVEY-JONES, Jan, 6.2.42 - 8.1.00, dearly loved wife of Kevin Jones and the late Phil Harvey, loving mother of Peter, Derek, Nigel (dec), and Melissa, devoted grandma of 8
HUMPHRIES, Doris Eunice, loved wife of Keith, died 8.3.79, aged 49 years
HUMPHRIES, Elizabeth, mother, (nee Bigmore) (with Ellen and Joseph)
HUMPHRIES, Ellen, 1878 - 1891 (with Joseph and Elizabeth)
HUMPHRIES, Joseph Frederick, 1880 - 1891 (with Ellen and Elizabeth)
HUMPHRIES, Keith Alvyn, loved husband of Doris, died 13.7.84
HUMPHRIES, Leon, beloved son of Keith and the late Doris, loved brother of Wendy, result of accident, 9.1.1976, aged 19 years
HUMPHRIES, Sarah Matilda, died 11 September 1978, aged 85 years, loving mother of Keith and Beryl (with Thomas)
HUMPHRIES, Thomas George, died 10 December 1927, aged 46 years, loving father of Keith and Beryl (with Sarah)

LLOYD, Sarah Lillian, (nee Payne), 23.12.1922 - 20.5.2002, dearly loved wife of Geoffrey, loving mother of Jane and Tim, devoted grandma of Eddie and Lilly

MALINS, Arnis, father of Peter and Michael, January 1983

NILSON, Oscar Freidrich, 1893 - 1953
NILSSON, Annie Jenner, 1888 - 1980, aged 92 yrs, loved mother of Colin, Clem and Lila (with Charles)
NILSSON, Charles John, 1887 - 1980, aged 93 yrs, loved father of Colin, Clem and Lila (with Annie)
NILSSON, Dossie Grace, 16.9.22 - 13.9.89, beloved wife of Colin, loved mother of Kevin, Gary, David and Julie
NILSSON, Martin, died 19 March 1934, aged 80 years (with Matilda)
NILSSON, Matlida, died 16 January 1935, aged 79 years (with Martin)

OLSSON, Noel Holmquist, 2.5.1931 - 24.11.1995, dearly loved husband of Fay, loving father of Phillip, Grant and Noelene and families, garden plaque

PAYNE, Const. Mathew John, born 7 June 1959, killed on duty, 29 March 1982, dearly loved son of Frances and Robert, and loved brother of Suzzanne* and William, + plaque 'Fondly remembered by his workmates at Darlington Patrol Base'

REDMAN, June Bell, belovd wife of Alf, loving mother of Kim, John, Derek and Di, aged 45 years

SANDY, Herbert J. L., called away 2 August 1952, aged 68 years (with May)
SANDY, May E., called home, 29 August 1967, aged 82 years (with Herbert)
SCHINCKEL, Minna F., born 1850 Rendelsham, died 1924, aged 73 years
STEWART, Duncan, born Scotland, 3.2.1834, died Rendelsham 27.7.1913 (with Sarah)
STEWART, Elizabeth, his loved wife, 1870 - 1971, aged 100 years (with Ernest Emanuel)
STEWART, Ernest Emanuel, beloved husband of Elizabeth, died October 1, 1937, aged 72 yrs
STEWART, Ernest James Finlay, 1908 - 1977, loved father of Rosslyn*, Donald, Iain* (with Phyllis)
STEWART, Marjory Nina, 1905 - 1998, daughter of Ernest Emanuel and Elizabeth Stewart, sister of Finlay and Una
STEWART, Phyllis Merle, loved mother of Rosslyn, Donald and Iain (with Ernest James)
STEWART, Sarah Ann, born England 7.8.1836, died Rendelsham 19.6.1920 (with Duncan)
STILES, Enid S., died December 25, 1967, aged 53 years
STRATFORD, Ethel Elma, loved wife of Colin, 1913 - 1992, devoted mother of Rosalie and Judith

* - as per headstone
Brick surround - 2
Wire mesh surround, child size - 1
Mounds - 9
Mounds with flowers - 2
Concrete surround - 4
Rock surround - 2

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