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Transcribed by Marylin and Steve Jones
and Lorraine Larment from photos provided by Jo-anne Graham.

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AHERN, Basil (son of Patrick) 1897 - 18
AHERN, Bridget (wife of Patrick) 1862 - 11
AHERN, Catherine (daughter) 1869 - 51
AHERN, Elizabeth (daughter) 1877 - 01
AHERN, Honorah (daughter) 1875 - 53
AHERN, Horace (son of Patrick) 6 months
AHERN, James (son) 8 months
AHERN, John (son) 1860 - 37
AHERN, Margaret (daughter) 1871 - 03
AHERN, Mary (mother) 1834 - 06
AHERN, Mary (daughter) 1866 - 30
AHERN, Patrick (son) 1862 - 11
AHERN, William (father) 1820 - 95
AHERN, William (son) 1864 -27 (Interred West Terrace Cemetery)
all together with marble surround, separate tablet for each person except James [infant son] and Mary [mother] who share a tablet
AMBER Bridget. 3 January ???? aged 29.

BACKSHALL, Bridget, wife of above [George] died 29th Nov 1914, aged 50 years
BACKSHALL, Ethel Mildred, grand daughter of above [Ethel and George] died 30th Oct. 19?1, aged 17 years
BACKSHALL, George Michael, died 20th Oct. 1944 aged 86 years [with Bridget and Ethel]

CHIRGWIN, Catherine. 30 Jan 1970 aged 66 years. Wife of John. mother of Richard.
CHIRGWIN, John. 11 April 1993 aged 82 years. Husband of Catherine, father of Richard.
CLARK, James Brian. 27-10-1926 - 2-11-2004. Husband of Kathleen, father of Anne, Helen, Carolyn, Lisa.
CLARK, Ada Walker. 2 June 1902 aged 43 years. Husband of James Andrew.
CLARKE, Aileen Mary, beloved wife of above [George], died 31st May 1969 aged 78
CLARK, James Andrew. 20 Nov(?) 1933 aged ??. Husband of Ada/
CLARKE, Alexander, 27.3.1873 - 5.11.1943 aged 70 years; Remembered by your families, Jubilee 150 year, 1986
CLARKE, Annette, 23.7.1918 - 3.8.1918 aged 11 days [with Alexander and Catherine]
CLARKE, Catherine. 13-5-1893. Wife of John.
CLARKE, Catherine Mary (nee Haskett) 14.5.1872 - 21.7.1950 aged 78 years
CLARKE, Charles Joseph. 22 April 1984 aged 71 years. Husband of Isla, father of Yvonne, Andrew, Beryl, Ruth, Valerie, Faye, Lynton, Brent.
CLARKE, Eileen Gladys (nee Millard). Born Port Pirie 14-2-1914 died Yankalilla 16 May 2008. Wife of George, mother of Garry and Cynthia.
CLARKE, Ethel Mary. 29 July 1975 aged 89 years. Wife of Ethel Mary.
CLARKE, Frederick Lawrence. 17 April 1947 aged 62 years. Husband of Ethel Mary.
CLARKE, George Francis, born at Wattle Flat 14th March 1910, died Normanville 15th February 1998, loved husband of Gay, father of Garry & Cynthia, niche wall
CLARKE, George Joseph, loving husband of Aileen, died 30th Dec 1957 aged 76
CLARKE, Johanna, beloved wife of Thomas, died 1st June 1946 aged 72 years
CLARKE, John. 28-11-1890.
CLARKE, Lawrence Andrew. 8 March 1972 aged 62 years. Husband of Gwen, father of Lorraine and Colleen.
CLARKE, Mary Winifred June, 1907 - 9.5.1920 aged 12 years 11 m, daughter [with Alexander and Catherine]
CLARKE, Patrick Joseph, passed away 21.4.71 aged 54 years
CLARKE, Sarah, passed away 10 Nov 1939 [with Thomas]
CLARKE, Thomas, beloved husband of above [Johanna] died 31st May 1947 aged 70 years
CLARKE, Thomas, passed away 21 Aug 1917 [with Sarah]
CLEARY, Ellen, died 11 June 1901 aged 76 [with Phillip, William and Michael]
CLEARY, Michael, died 29 March 1934 aged 73, their son [with Ellen and Phillip and William]
CLEARY, Philip, died 4 Aug. 1895, aged 72 [with Ellen William and Michael]
CLEARY, William, died 4 Sep. 1925 aged 63 [with Ellen, Philip and Michael]
COMERFORD, Johanna, died 28 April 1912 aged 74 [with John]
COMERFORD, John, beloved husband of above [Johanna] died 20 Aug 1915 aged 78

DAVIS, Dr. Peter Stanislaus. 13-12-1927 - 11-9-1993. Husband of Pam, Dad of Douglas, stepfather of Mack, Jenny and Emma, father of Mike, Kitty, Tim, Zanna, Xave and Luke.
DIXON, Bertha S, 18th April 1977, aged 72 [with Thomas White and James Dixon]
DIXON, James, 15th December 1971, aged 72 [with Thomas White and Bertha Dixon]
DUNBAR, Ethel May. 5-10-1909 - 31-10-2002. Wife of Walter Vincent.
DUNBAR, Walter Vincent, beloved husband of May, loved father of Vince, Val, Clive, Claire, Nev & Charlie, passed away 13th June 1972, aged 63 years; loved by all

ESTICK, Kathleen Estelle (nee Kelly). 28-8-1907 - 6-7-2003. Wife of Gilbert Victor.
FITZGERALD, Amelia Margaret, beloved wife and mother of above [Donald; Kevin, Max, Rhonda, Neva & Maurice], passed away 30th May 1986 in her 86th year
FITZGERALD, Donald Robert Kitchener, beloved husband of Amelia, loved father of Kevin, Max (dec'd), Rhonda, Neva & Maurice, passed away 23rd Oct 1970 aged 69 years
FITZGERALD, Kevin Arthur, died 14th Dec 1989 aged 66 yrs, son & brother of above [Donald and Amelia; Kevin, Max, Rhonda, Neva & Maurice]
FLYNN, Edward Charles "Ted", born 28.4.1935 died 17.4.1992, loved husband of Marjorie, loving father of Peter, Mark & Greg
FLYNN, Gregory David. 7-8-1964 - 27-4-2002. Youngest son of Ted and Marjorie, brother to Peter and Mark.
FOLEY, Michael John, everlasting and loving memories, died September 1994 aged 33 years

GARARD, Agnes Eileen, called to God's care 18.2.2000 aged 92 years, loved mother of Catherine & Thomas [with Thomas]
GARARD, Thomas, called to God's care 24.12.1973 aged 65 years, beloved husband of Agnes, loved father of Catherine & Thomas

HAMLYN, James Arthur, D 23.5.1901 [with Kate Lawless]
HAMLYN, Kate (Lawless). 12-10-1935. (with James)
HAUSSEN, Colin C. P. 22 August 1973 (with W, D and K McGowan.
HICKEY, Jeremiah James, who died at Broken Hill, 5th Jan 1912 aged 48 years [with Mary]
HICKEY, Mary Cecilia, died 14th May 1934, aged 37 years, beloved wife of the late Jeremiah
HOWES, Timothy William, born 11.7.1918 UK, died 27.1.1993 SA, niche wall

JOHNSON, Mary, beloved wife of John, pensioner; maiden name Mary Mallaine, County Cork, Ireland, died March 26th 1875, aged 56 years

KELLY, Clifford Hoskin, 1918 - 1992, beloved husband of May loving father of Marie
KELLY, Colin Nielsen, 29.6.1915 - 5.7.1998, beloved husband of Phyllis Blanche, loving father of Denis, Michael & Richard
KELLY, Ellen, beloved wife of above [Michael], died 19th June 1951 aged 70 years
KELLY, F. James, died 22nd June 1949, aged 74 years 9 months, beloved husband of the late Sophia Louisa Kelly; erected by his sons & daughters
KELLY, Lillian May, 1920 - 1998 beloved wife of Clifford loving mother of Marie
KELLY, Margaret, mother, died 22 Aug. 1934, aged 100 years [with William]
KELLY, Mary, beloved wife of William, died 17th April 1924, aged 54 [with William]
KELLY, Michael, beloved husband of Ellen, died 9th Feb 1940 aged 62 years
KELLY, William, father, died 9 Aug. 1897 aged 65 years [with Margaret]
KELLY, William, husband of Mary, died 17th Oct. 1947, aged 77 [with Mary]
KELLY, Winifred (Winnie), dearly beloved daughter of M & E Kelly, died 11 Nov 1934, aged 28 years
KERIN, Don. 26-8-1994. Husband of Phyl.
KERIN, Phyllis S. 25-11-1986. Wife of Don.

LAFFERTY, Alfred M. 1912 - 1978. Husband of Ruth.
LAFFERTY, Ruth. 1916 - 1999. Wife of Alfred.
LAWLESS, Patrick and Mary 1910 - 1952, Catherine, Johannah, Mary, Margaret, Mary Ellen, Stephen, John, Patrick, James, Michael, James Arthur Hamlyn
LEUNBERGER, Eileen Mary. 13-3-1923 - 11-10-1998. Wife of Ulrich (Rick), mother of Catherine, Elizabeth and David.

MCGOWAN, Doris A. 29-11-1973.
MCGOWAN, Kenneth. 1-5-2006
MCGOWAN, William F. 3-6-1967 aged 71.
MCHENERY, Kathleen. 15-12-1991. Wife of William Vincent, mother of Peter and Molly.
MCHENERY, William Vincent. 4-11-1984 aged 79 years. Husband of Kathleen, father of Peter and Molly.

NIELSEN, Bridget, died 3rd Jan 1935, aged 29

O'CONNOR, Annie Agnes, died 9th May 1951, aged 91 years [Margaret and Patrick]; A benefactress to this Church
O'CONNOR, Kate, died 2nd Nov. 1944, aged 87 years [with Margaret and Patrick]
O'CONNOR, Maggie, died 22nd Feb. 1915, aged 56 years [with Margaret and Patrick]
O'CONNOR, Margaret, our dear mother, died 3rd Nov 1913, aged 84 years [with Patrick; Mary, Maggie, Patrick, Kate, Annie]
O'CONNOR, Mary, died 24th May 1869 aged 13 years [with Margaret and Patrick]
O'CONNOR, Patrick, died 4th Feb. 1935, aged 75 years [with Margaret and Patrick]
O'CONNOR, Patrick, our dear father, died 28th March 1893, aged 73 years [with Margaret; Mary, Maggie, Patrick, Kate, Annie]
O'CONNOR, William Henry, dearly beloved husband of Mary, died 23 Jan. 1935, aged 69
O'NEILL, Ellen, the beloved wife of P. H. O'Neill, died 19th Decr 1885 aged 35 years

PETERSEN, Margaret, beloved wife of Walter, died 14th Feb. 1988 aged 82 years [with Walter]
PETERSEN, Walter, dearly loved husband of Margaret, died 1st Jan. 1965 aged 77 years [with Margaret]
POPE, Moira Ellen (nee Fitzgerald - formerly Fogden). 15-9-1927 - 9-4-2004. Reunited with Reg, mother of Leslie, Colin, Patricia, Michael.
PYNE, Gerard Octavius, born 21.3.1932, died 22.2.1995, dearly loved husband of Maureen, loved father of Kathryn, Michael & Angela
PYNE, John, father, died August 6th 1918 [with Margaret and Mary]
PYNE, John Skipper. 27-11-1931 - 28-3-1997. Husband of Ainslie Lois, father of Andrew and Heloise, brother of Elizabeth and Patricia.
PYNE, Margaret, mother, died October 28, 1887 [with John and Mary]
PYNE, Mary Genevieve, died January 8th 1916 [with John and Margaret]
PYNE, Dr Remington John, beloved husband of Margaret, loved father of Remington, Nicholas, Alexander, Samantha & Christopher, 6 March 1929 - 9 April 1988

ROBINSON, Jim, loved husband of Stephanie, 9 July 1916 - 29 July 1999, niche wall
ROBINSON, Stephanie, loved wife of Jim, 8 Sept 1921 - 8 March 2001, niche wall

SKINNER, Michael John. 1935 - 2006.
SMITH, John Walter. 14 July 1904(?) aged 68 years. (with Margaret).
SMITH, Margaret. 6-4-1896 aged 87 years. (with John Walter).
SQUIRES, Anora, beloved wife of J. Squires, who died Sept 26th 1924 aged 74 years
SQUIRES, James, died 2nd Decr 1929, aged 81 years; erected by his nephew Michael Nielsen
SQUIRES, Mary, our dear mother, who departed this life 1st Jany 1908, aged 69 years
STARRS, B. M., AIF, SX8333, Lance Corporal, 2/9 Cavalry Regiment, 29th March 1982 age 65, beloved husband of Noreen, father of Paul, Lyndley and Mark

TAYLOR, Frank H. 5-7-1921 - 7-1-2008. Husband of June, father and step father of 8.

UNDERHILL, Emma Mary. 1-12-1967 - 1991. Mother of Douglas and Katrina. Daughter of Pam and Pat, stepdaughter of Pater, sister of Mark and Jerry.
UNKNOWN, concrete surround and blue metal -2
UNKNOWN, concrete surround and blue metal with picket fence
UNKNOWN, concrete surrounding large plot with picket fence
UNKNOWN, iron surround, two broken headstones - double plot
UNKNOWN, mound
UNKNOWN, mound and stones - 2
UNKNOWN, rock, concrete slab - indecipherable
UNKNOWN, wood and wire surround, double plot
WALSH, James Joseph, loving husband of Mary who died Sept. 12th 1906 aged 38 years
WALSH, Johanna. 23-10-1899. Wife of Richard.
WALSH, Joseph Michael, beloved brother of Richard, James & Andrew, passed away 5th Dec. 1977, aged 83 years
WALSH, Mary. 23-11-1945 aged 82 years. Wife of late J. J. Walsh.
WALSH, Richard Edmund, passed away 4th April 1970 aged 76 years, beloved brother of Joseph, James & Andrew
WARMAN, Peter Richard. 26-9-1931 - 16-11-2006. Husband of Ann, father of Therese, Christopher and Danielle.
WHITE, Thomas, died 22nd Sept. 1887 aged 76 years; deeply regretted by his loving son, Peter [with Bertha and James Dixon]

YOUNG, Margaret, beloved wife of John B. Young, died 24th Nov 1946, aged 68 years

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