Headstone Transcriptions

Mt Pleasant

Transcribed by Marylin and Steve Jones
and Lorraine Larment from photographs provided by Val Beck.

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ACKLAND, Susannah, who departed this life 16 January in the year of Our Lord 1872, aged 61 years
ARNOLD, Mavis Denton, (nee Oliver), 15 January 1910 - 29 October 1994; Great grand daughter ****
ATKINSON, Maria, died 26 November 1952, aged 76 years, mother of John and Mavis
ATKINSON, Percy T., died 8 September 1954, aged 62 years, father of John and Mavis (with Maria)

BAGSHAW, Margaret Ellen, 24.5.1925 - 12.1.1985, wife of John, dearly loved mother of Elizabeth, Karen and Rosemary
BAKER, Tamara Anne, aged 9, accidentally killed 9.9.1984 (with Judith Stringer and Teresa)
BAKER, Teresa Marie, aged 5, accidentally killed 9.9.1984 (with Judith Stringer and Tamara)
BANFIELD, Theresa Lawlor, daughter of the above, and dearly beloved wife of L. Banfield, died November 23, 1911, aged 45 (with Anne* Bennett)
BATH, Elizabeth, beloved wife of the above (John), died April 17, 1897, aged 78 years
BATH, John, died April 13, 1892, aged 62 years (with Elizabeth)
BATTEN, Mary, beloved wife of T. Batten (late of Victoria), beloved mother of Grace and the late John McConnell, died 17 May 1929, aged 90 years
BAX, Charles Forbes, 1860 - 1938, buried elsewhere in this cemetery; grandfather of Tom, Carlita* and Jack(with Jack, Kathleen and Mary)
BAX, G. J. (Jack), 27158 Flight Sergeant, Royal Australian Air Force, 25 September 1988, age 74; 458 Squadron; beloved husband of Kath and father of Joan, Rodney, Helen and Reginald (with Kathleen, Charles and Mary)
BAX, Kathleen Ann, nee Royal, wife of Jack, mother of Jo, Rod, Helen and Reginald, 13.3.1922 - 1.2.2001 (with Jack, Charles and Mary)
BAX, Mary Magdalene, 1888 - 1919, buried elsewhere in this cemetery, mother of Tom, Carlita* and Jack(with Jack, Kathleen and Charles)
BAYNETON, Thomas John, infant son f George and Katherine, born March 21, died May 21, 1874
BENNETT, Anne*, who died February 12, 1889, aged 54 years (with Theresa Banfield)
BENNETT, Moses James, beloved husband of Ann*, died 8 December 1875, aged 40 years
BRADFORD, Annie Jane, eldest daughter of Richard and Isabella, died January 10, 1906, aged 48 years (with George)
BRADFORD, George, dearest second son of Richard and Isabella, died October 29, 1917, aged 55 years (with Annie)
BRADFORD, Isabella, beloved wife of the above, died March 27, 1905, aged 79 years (with Richard, Annie and George)
BRADFORD, Richard, died April 4, 1900, aged 78 years (with Isabella, Annie and George)
BRIDGES, Charles, died December 29, 1931, aged 82 years (with Mary and George)
BRIDGES, George Harry, son of above (Charles and Mary), died April 11, 1905, aged 20 years
BRIDGES, Mary Ann, beloved wife of above (Charles), died August 23, 1918, aged 69 years (with George)
BROOKS, Frank, passed away 30 March 1996, aged 77 years, dearly loved husband of Mary, loved father of Noel and Lorraine
BRYANT, Grace S., beloved wife of Hector, loved mother of Dea and Kath, passed away 5 August 1972, aged 82 years
BRYANT, Hector Ross, beloved husband of Grace, loved father of Des and Kath, passed away 10 October 1955, aged 57 years
BRYANT, Les, AIF, SX25811, 24.12.75, age 52
BUCKERFIELD, Eliza, mother of the above (Ernest), who died on August 17, 1929, aged 94 years, 6 months
BUCKERFIELD, Ernest W., son of the late H W and E Buckerfield, died May 8, 1918 (with Eliza)
BUCKLEY, Edgar Harold, loved father of Jean, passed away 15 January 1978, aged 85 years
BUCKLEY, Edith Annie, loved mother of Jean, passed away 21 October 1975, aged 84 years
BUCKLEY, Eleanor J., died 17 June 1957, aged 55 years (with Lindsay)
BUCKLEY, Harry H., Private, 3114, 3 Light Horse Regiment, 3 March 1959, age 64; dearly beloved husband of Olive, loved father of Dorothy
BUCKLEY, John Stephen, dearly beloved husband of Mary, who died at Gum Vale, Tungkillo, July 13, 1927, aged 66 years
BUCKLEY, Lindsay E., our dear father, died 4 August 1945, aged 55 years (with Eleanor)
BUCKLEY, Mary Ann, wife of above (John), died September 5, 1944, aged 84 years
BUCKLEY, Olive, wife of Hartley, mother of Dorothy, died 28 March 1973, aged 77 years
BUCKLEY, W. J., died July 28, 1948, aged 60 Years
BURTON, Arthur Leonard, died 15 February 1977, aged 90 years, beloved father of Rita and Joyce (with Lillian)
BURTON, Lillian Mary, our dearly beloved wife and mother, died 11 January 1944, aged 56 years, beloved mother of Rita and Joyce (with Arthur)
BUSHELL, Charlotte (nee Phillis).  Wife of Henry died 1863.
BUTLER, Audrey Sinclair, 12 December 1917 - 12 December 1999, beloved wife of Louis, loving mother of Elaine and Julie, cherished grandmother of Emily, Benjamin and Julian, great grandmother of Jane Dowling

CADBY, Edith E., died 24 July 1903, aged 30 years (with John, Ernest and Emma)
CADBY, Emma, wife of above, died 17 June 1914, aged 74 years (with John, Ernest and Edith)
CADBY, Ernest, died 22 May 1878, aged 7 years (with John, Edith and Emma)
CADBY, John, who died 29 May 1891, aged 55 years (with Ernest, Edith and Emma)
CAMPBELL, Irene, daughter of above (Sarah), died 14 March 1901, aged 1 year 9 months
CAMPBELL, James, husband and father of above (Sarah and Irene), died 9 September 1956, aged 78 years
CAMPBELL, Sarah Ann, died 20 November 1944, aged 66 years (with Irene and James)
CARNELL, George James, beloved husband of above (Jessie), died 3 May 1948, aged 78 years (with Ronald Fisher)
CARNELL, Jessie Maud, died 1 October 1929, aged 47 years (with George and Ronald Fisher)
CARNELL, V. R., Private, SX7158, 2/43 Infantry Brigade Headquarters, 3 May 1999, age 81; loved husband of Olive, father of Shirley, Bill, Heather and Rodney
CHAPMAN, Queenie, beloved wife of above (William), died 20 July 1970, aged 73 years
CHAPMAN, William J., beloved husband of Queenie, died 1 November 1944, aged 53 years
CHILCOTT, Eliza, the loved wife of above, who departed this life, December 14, 1905, aged 76 years (with Henry)
CHILCOTT, Henry, who departed this life, May 21, 1910, aged 74 years; a colonist of 60 years (with Eliza)
CLAYFIELD, Revd W. A., for the past 8 years incumbent of this Church, died September 12, 1874, in his 54th years; This stone was erected by his parishioners and friends
COOLING, Eliza, his wife, buried at Barton Churchyard, England, June 11, 1873, aged 52 (with George and Priscilla)
COOLING, George, died November 22, 1892, aged 72 (with Eliza and Priscilla)
COOLING, Priscilla, daughter of the above, died August 11, 1888, aged 32 (with George and Eliza)
COOPER, Bessie Hilda, died 15 August 1974, aged 85 years
COOPER, Charles Frederick, died 4 October 1944, aged 78 years, also his sisters, (with Mary and Matilda)
COOPER, Eliza beloved wife of the above, died 26 July 1957, aged 94 years (with George)
COOPER, George Walter, died 4 February 1943, aged 85 years (with Eliza)
COOPER, George, died October 9, 1913, age 79 years (with Matilda and Minnie)
COOPER, Jemima Ellen, 1881 - 1953 (with William)
COOPER, John Alfred, born 15 July 1903, died 11 May 1959
COOPER, Mary, died 21 April 1947(with Charles and Matilda)
COOPER, Matilda, died 14 September 1947, (with Charles and Mary)
COOPER, Matlida, beloved wife of above, died September 2, 1920, aged 85 years (with George and Minnie)
COOPER, Minnie, beloved daughter of above, died June 20, 1902, aged 15 years 11 months (with George and Matilda)
COOPER, Walter Sidney, loved youngest son of Alfred and Ellen, died 9 September, 1932, aged 11 years
COOPER, William Alfred, 1867 - 1948 (with Jemima)
CORK, covered with lichen
CRANE, Matilda, beloved wife of above (William), died 4 February 1928, aged 69 years
CRANE, William Jenkins, died 10 April 1921, aged 76 years (with Matilda)
† CROUCH, Hezekiah, who died October 20, 1907, aged 84 years 8 months; arrived in South Australia in 1849 (with Sarah)
† CROUCH, Sarah, wife of the above, who died January 4, 1904, aged 64 years; erected by Isaac James Crouch (with Hezekiah)

DEANE, George Arthur, beloved husband of Ruby, died 19 May 1977, aged 81 years, loved father of Elva, Hazel and Eric
DEANE, Ruby Maude, beloved wife of George, died 31 August 1986, aged 93 years, loved mother of Elva, Haxel and Eric
† DEWELL, Alice, died 1888, aged 9 years (with John)
† DEWELL, Amanda C. W., 16 December 1881 - 17 January 1949. (with Robert J)
DEWELL, Ann, the wife of the above (Robert), died July 19, 1863, aged 60 years
† DEWELL, Charlotte who died at Dewvale, Mt Pleasant, November 11, 1915, aged 82 years
DEWELL, Christyne* Joan Ide*, (with Hilda, William, Ross and Pamela)
† DEWELL, Franklin, loved husband of Jane, died 14 October 1943, aged 76 years
† DEWELL, Hilda Myrtle, beloved wife of W. G. Dewell, died 10 August 1935, aged 47
† DEWELL, Jane, beloved wife of the above (Franklin), passed away at Dew Vale, 24 May 1947, aged 82 years
† DEWELL, Jeannie Gunn, 30.6.1907 to 5.2.2000, beloved mother of Jeff and Rosemary (with Walter)
† DEWELL, John, beloved husband of Jemima, loving father of Sarah, Bob, Alice, Charlotte, Ellen and Bill, died 1883, aged 52 years (with Alice)
† DEWELL, Norman Robert, our dear husband and father, died 3 July 1950, aged 42 (with Rita)
DEWELL, Pamela J., 17 February 1987, age 56 years
† DEWELL, Rita May, died 5 August 1970, aged 63 (with Norman)
† DEWELL, Robert J. 21 November 1877 - 19 August 1954 (with Amanda).
† DEWELL, Robert, who died 22 July 1872, in his 70th year, a native of East Kent, England (with Ann)
DEWELL, Ross W., died 23.4.1990, age 71 years
† DEWELL, Walter Jack, 9.10.1903 to 3.11.1973, beloved father of Jeff and Rosemary (with Jeannie)
† DEWELL, William George, beloved husband of above (Hilda), died 15 May 1953, aged 69 years
DIBBEN, Geoffrey Herbert, born 26.8.1917, died 22.3.1991, husband to Margaret, father to Robert (dec), Graham, Janette and Terry
† DICKER, Eliza Jane. 30 June 1983 aged 88 years. Wife of John, mother of Audrey, Dudley, Milton, Laurel and Trevor.
† DICKER, John Gordon. 16 July 1971 aged 80 years. Husband of Ella Jane, father of Audrey, Dudley, Milton, Laurel and Trevor.
DIXON, Frances, wife of the late John, born August 10, 1804, died October 15, 1896, aged 92 years
DIXON, John, beloved husband of Frances, who died April 6, AD 1870, aged 63 years
DONALDSON, Christina, wife of the above (James), died August 29, 1882, aged 73 (with John, Janet, James and William Roberts)
DONALDSON, James, departed this life September 22, 1863, aged 46, (with Christina and John, Janet, James and William Roberts)
DOWLING, Edwin, beloved husband of the above, aged 83 years (with Jane)
DOWLING, Gerald, beloved husband of Mary, died 30 January 1949, aged 75 years
DOWLING, Jane, the beloved wife of Edwin, who died 17 August 1903, aged 71 years

EDWARDS, John, son of William and Jane, born 8 May 1860, died 30 June 1938
ELLIOTT, William Les, passed away 28 November 1976
ELLIS, Mary Elizabeth, who departed this life August 22, 1875, in her 57th year

FEATHERSTON, "Bob", beloved husband of Eileen, 17.4.1921 - 5.9.2005, loved father of Pauline, cherished puppa* of Nicole and Adrian and Zane (with Robert)
FEATHERSTON, Robert Emmet, SX19316, Corporal, 2/28 Aust Inf. Bn., 19.9.1986, age 64 (with Bob)
FISHER, Ronald Lyall, 22.12.1912 - 23.4.1987, loved husband of Lila Maud, father of Les, George and Beth(with Jessie and George Carnell)
FISHLOCK, Maria Ann, beloved wife of Thomas, who died 14 November 1903, aged 57 years####
FISHLOCK, Thomas, husband of the above, who died 10 November 1911, aged 69 years (with Maria)
FLETCHER, Floss, died 24 September 1982, aged 60, beloved wife of Harry, loving mother of Valerie, Kay, John and Lorna
FORREST, Allan Ross, 21.2.1919 - 27.6.1994, dearly loved husband of Muriel May, loved father of James, David and Jennifer
FORREST, Christina Tura*, his beloved wife, died 29 October 1955, aged 73 years (with William)
FORREST, Emily Edith, 1888 - 1980 (with James)
FORREST, George Allen, Sgt, their fifth beloved son, who died of wounds received in France, February 20, 1918, aged 29 years 10 months (with Sarah, William and Sarah)
FORREST, James Joseph Ross, 1883 - 1972 (with Emily)
FORREST, Muriel May, 14.5.1918 - 13.4.2004, loved mother of James, David and Jennifer (with Allan)
FORREST, Sarah Ann, passed away February 14, 1929, aged 75 years, mother of Jane and Allen (with Sarah, George and William)
FORREST, Sarah Jane, beloved eldest daughter of W and S A Forrest, born February 1, 1877, died February 16, 1918 (with George, William and Sarah)
FORREST, William John H., died 25 September 1956, aged 75 years (with Christina)
FORREST, William Ross, dear son of W. J. and T. Forrest
FORREST, William, passed away October 7, 1928, aged 79 years 10 months, father of Jane and Allen (with Sarah, George and Sarah)
FREEMAN, John, who died 27 July 1873, aged 76 years (with Mary)
FREEMAN, Mary, his wife, died 3 June 1879, aged 84 years , formerly of Somerset, England (with John)
FROMM, Marianne Joan, drowned February 1, 1955, aged 7 yrs, daughter of Clive and Joan, sister of Charmaine and Cherie
FULLER, Esther Sylvia, died 22.9.1987, aged 88 yrs, loved wife of Herbert (with Keith)
FULLER, H. W., Private, 1869, 2/5 Pioneers, 15 October 1969, age 80 years; loved husband of Esther Sylvia
FULLER, Keith Frederick, second son, died 24.12.1986, aged 55 yrs (with Esther)
FULWOOD, Alfred, loved son of above, aged 2 years (with Frank and Bertha)
FULWOOD, Bertha Elizabeth, beloved wife and mother of above (Frank and Alfred), died 5 November, 1962, aged 85 years
FULWOOD, Doris Bertha, 1907 - 1990, daughter of Frank and Bertha (with Frank)
FULWOOD, Edwin Gilbert (Joe), 1909 - 1989, loved husband of Ivy (Ike), loving father of Dion and Vere*
FULWOOD, Eliza, relict of the above (Thomas), born January 28, 1832, at Eastry, Kent, England, died December 13, 1902, arrived in South Australia 1839
FULWOOD, Finlay Christian, died 14 May 1991, aged 90 years, beloved husband of Marjorie, loving father of Jennifer, Nancy and Peter
FULWOOD, Frank Thomas, 1903 - 1986, son of Frank and Bertha (with Doris)
FULWOOD, Frank, died 24 October 1912, aged 40 years (with Alfred and Bertha)
FULWOOD, Ivy Ruth (Ike), 1912 - 2002, loved wife of Edwin Gilbert (Joe), loving mother of Dion and Vere*
FULWOOD, Thomas, born March 22, 1829, at Falmouth, England, died September 5, 1901, arrived in South Australia 1847 (with Eliza)
FULWOOD, Vere* Broughton, 3 June 1944 - 28 February 1989, loved husband of Helen, loving father of Rachel and Alison

GEORGE, Frederick Arthur, 1900 - 1973, loved father of Brenton, Marie and David, (with Mabel)
GEORGE, Mabel Phillis, (nee Fulwood), 1904 - 1992, loved mother of Brenton, Marie and David (with Frederick)
GILES, Blanche, our loved sister, October 10, 1916, aged 62 years (with Henry, Mary, Thomas and Sarah)
GILES, Bruce, second beloved son of H A and E R Giles, who died at Roseworthy Agricultural College, April 27, 1882, aged 17 years (with Ross)
GILES, Eleanor Rowena, wife of Henry, who died at Adelaide, May 23, 1897, aged 47 years (with Marian and Henry)
GILES, F. Lancelot, died 29 June 1923, aged 32 years (with three plots all surrounded by iron and concrete - Meakins + Giles)
GILES, Henry Arthur, beloved husband of E R Giles, who died at Mt Pleasant, 25 September 1921, aged 76 years (with Eleanor and Marian)
GILES, Henry, who died November 29, 1892, aged 80 years (with Mary, Thomas, Blanche and Sarah)
GILES, Marian Eleanor, beloved daughter of H A and E R Giles, who died February 2, 1872, aged 17 months (with Eleanor and Henry)
GILES, Mary Ann, beloved wife of above, who died April 5, 1873, aged 55 years, interred in West Terrace Cemetery (with Henry, Thomas, Blanche and Sarah)
GILES, Ross, fifth beloved son of H A and E R Giles, who died at Chatchook, River Murray, February 5, 1895, aged 5 years (with Bruce)
GILES, Sarah Kate, died July 11, 1926, aged 75 years (with Henry, Mary, Thomas and Blanche)
GILES, Thomas, died May 23, 1894, aged 45 years (with Henry, Mary, Blanche and Sarah)
GOLDING, Sylvia Marian, beloved wife of L. J., loving mother of Gloria and Joan, died 5 June 1947, aged 50 years
GORDON, Elizabeth Mary (Bettie), beloved wife of L H R Gordon, third beloved daughter of Mary A and the late David Shannon, departed this life November 4, 1914, aged 26 years
GREGORY, Albert G., beloved husband and father of above (Bessie and three daughters and two sons), passed away 21 March 1964, aged 79 years
GREGORY, Bessie, beloved wife of Albert, loved mother of three daughters and two sons, passed away 24 January 1959, aged 70 years
GREIG, Andy, dear husband of Gwen, father of Lawrence, Rex and Glenys, died 5 May 1965, aged 58 years
GREIG, Gweneth Jean (Gigi), our dear mother, passed away 7.5.1985, aged 78 years (with Andy)
GRIGG, Douglas Morris, 1.8.1919 - 4.9.1999, aged 80 years, loved father of Lorraine, Brian and Maureen
GRIGG, Florence Sophia, beloved wife of above, died 24 June 1953, aged 84 years
GRIGG, Gordon Halliday, 25 February 1975, age 71 (with Norma), Rose Garden
GRIGG, Herbert Hugh, beloved husband of Florence, died 18 February 1946, aged 76 years
GRIGG, Norma Elwyn May, 7 January 1982, age 65 (with Gordon), Rose Garden
GRIGG, Roger Gordon, 17.7.1955 - 7.6.2005, dearly loved husband of Marianne, much loved father of Brooke and Kane, loved poppa of Jacob+ vase 'Loved brother of Rae, Lyn (dec), Denny and families'
GROVE, James, beloved husband of Evelyn, died February 15, 1924, aged 45 years
GROVES, Nettie, of Stoney Bank, granddaughter of S and H Tapscott

HALL, Isaac, the beloved husband of Janifer*, died December 17, 1903, aged 82 years
HALL, James, who died 4 December 1871, aged 58
HALL, John, Bro.,This tablet was erected by the Independent Order of Odd Fellows Manchester Unity in memory of Bro. John., a native of America and a member of the Mount Pleasant Lodge, who departed this life suddenly at Rosebank, South Rhine, on the 11th day of December AD 1867, aged 30 years
HAMILTON, Charles White, who died 8 July 1905, aged 63 years (with Ida and Frederica)
HAMILTON, Frederica P. A., beloved wife of above, who died May 13, 1924, aged 71 years (with Ida and Charles)
HAMILTON, Ida, loved daughter of the late Charles and Freda, died 20 September 1969, aged 90 years (with Charles and Frederica)
HARMER, Verna Lois, died 21 September 1990, aged 79, Rose Garden
HARMER, Warren John, Sergeant, SX3854, 7 Div. AASC, 21.6.1988, age 79, Rose Garden
HAYDEN, Euphemia, died January 1939, (remainder covered in lichen)
HILLAM, Harriet, beloved wife of Priestly, who died at Baroota, September 17, 1877, and beloved daughter of C and C E Phillis, aged 34 years; buried in Port Germain Cemetery
HILLAM, Jane, the beloved wife of Priestly, who departed this life February 24, 1866, aged 55 years
HILLAM, Marion, of Rosebank, 1862 - 1940
HISSEY, 1925, aluminium plate
HISSEY, Clara*, beloved wife of Thomas, died 27 April 1968, in her 93rd year
HISSEY, Edgar Ronald, passed away 19 August 1971, aged 55 years, beloved husband of Margaret, loved father of Judith and Eleanor (with Margaret)
HISSEY, Frank Henry, beloved son of Thomas and Clara, died 23 ???? 1967, aged 58 years
HISSEY, Lima Aldergrove, beloved wife of Murray, 1896 - 1922 (with Doris Olsen)
HISSEY, Margaret Emma, 11.10.1923 - 5.7.2004, wife of Edgar Ronald (Ted), also Geoff Dibben; loved mother of Judith and Eleanor
HISSEY, Murray Thomas, died 27 February 1986, aged 88 years, beloved husband of Lima and Olive, loved father of Len, Ken and Ron
HISSEY, Olive Jean, wife of Murray, passed away 9 February 1935, aged 26 years; sadly missed by her sons Ken and Ron
HISSEY, Thomas Henry, beloved husband of Clare*, died 10 June 1939, aged 70 years
HITTMANN, Gustav, beloved husband of Adeline, died November 30, 1921, aged 58 years (with Veronica and Gustav)
HITTMANN, Gustav, our dear husband and our father, who died 19 October 1899, aged 76 years (with Veronica and Gustav)
HITTMANN, Veronica, our beloved mother, died 5 June 1901, aged 71 years (with Gustav and Gustav)
HODGSON, Gertrude Glenda, born 24 August 1863, died 16 June 1870 (with Hugh) brother and sister ####
HODGSON, Hugh, died September 13, 1873 (with Gertrude) ####
HOUGH, Annie Louisa, our dear mother, died 31 March 1946, aged 77 years (with David)
HOUGH, David, died 10 October 1946, aged 78 years (with Annie)
HOUGH, Elizabeth, who died at Mount Pleasant, January 7, 1895, aged 60 years (with William)
HOUGH, William, who died at Mount Pleasant, December 24, 1898, aged 69 years (with Elizabeth)

IDE, Christyne* Joan, born 23 October 1954, died 29 September 2001

JENZEN, Alvina, died 3 December 1927, aged 60 years (with William, Hettie, Edwin and Hugo)
JENZEN, Edwin, died of wounds, Gallipoli, 10 May 1915, aged 21 years (with Alvina, William, Hettie and Hugo)
JENZEN, Hettie, died 21 March 1911, aged 26 years (with Alvina, William, Edwin and Hugo)
JENZEN, Hugo, died 21 January 1918, aged 18 years (with Alvina, William, Hettie and Edwin)
JENZEN, William C. F., husband of above, died 18 November 1938, aged 80 years and their beloved children (with Alvina, Hettie, Edwin and Hugo)
JOHNSON, Muriel May, passed away 19 November 1999, aged 72 years, dearly loved wife of Douglas, loving and devoted mother of Karen and Michele*
JONES, Brynmor*, 10 April 1924

KEITH, Phyllis Muriel, (nee Goodfellow), 12.12.1932 - 25.5.2000, dearly loved wife of Desmond Travers, loved mother of Robert, Helen, Michael and Peter, loving grandma of Trent, Matthew and Jason: Michelle, (Natasha), and Daniel Khouzam: Kristina*, Grant, Nichole*, Adam, Simon, Benjamin, (Samantha), Timothy and Thomas
† KEMP, Charlotte Elizabeth, 1862 - 1936
KEMP, Jemima, died June 27, 1917, aged 72 years 7 months, (with Henry)
† KEMP, Mary Fleming, died 1875, aged 42 years, beloved mother of Pleasant*, Ellen, Charlotte and Emma, wife of William Henry
† KEMP, William Henry, who died 23 February 1910, aged 79 years and 8 months (with Jemima)
KENNEDY, Alice Elsie, nee Cooper, born 8 January 1906, died 11 December 1989, loving wife of Thomas, mother of Maureen, Betty, John and Peter
KHOUZAM, Tasha, Natasha Fleur, very dearly loved daughter of John and Helen, loved sister of Michelle and Danny, 20.12.1979 - 22.3.1998, tragically taken doing what she loved; Outstanding achievements .Australian National Champion, .SA State Champion,.Young Citizen of the Year (Barossa Council),.Equestrian Federation of Australia Young Rider Eventing Scholarship Winner,.Mount Pleasant and District Sport Star of the Year,.Youngest rider to compete in the inaugural Adelaide International Horse Trials,.An A-Gr
KING, Albert Edwin, beloved husband of Ethel, died 15 April 1964, aged 66 years
KING, Ethel May, beloved wife of Albert Edwin, died 4 July 1971, aged 76 years
KOIVISTO, Gwen, beloved wife of Willy, mother of John and Helen, passed away 12 November 1961 (with Martha Langaard)

LAIDLAW, Agnes Dixon, 24 September 1958, 75 years
LANGAARD, Martha, loving mother of Gwen, Kathleen, and Ronda, who passed away 29 May 1942, (with Gwen Koivisto)
LANGFORD, Emma, beloved wife of above (Frederick), died 19 September 1936, aged 72 years
LANGFORD, Frederick George, died 16 February 1929, aged 67 years (with Emma)
LEWIS, John Llewellyn, died 10 January 1962, aged 69 years (with Mary)
LEWIS, Mary Elizabeth, beloved wife of John, born Rosebank, 17 September 1890, died 8 March 1954
† LLOYD, Emma, died 25.11.19014, aged 41, mother of Doris, Ivy and Tom
† LLOYD, Thomas, who died 25 December 1901, aged 29 years, dearly beloved husband of Emma, father of Doris, Ivy and Tom
LORKE, Lillian May, died 2.1.71, aged 64 years
LOUTIT, Jane, his wife, died July 30, 1925, aged 97 years (with Thomas)
LOUTIT, Thomas Flett, died 20 September 1876, aged 41 years (with Jane)
LOWE, Edward Mark, beloved husband of the above (Jane), died May 1, 1886, aged 67 years
LOWE, Jane, died May 18, 1867, aged 42 years (with Edward)
LOXTON, Susannah, the beloved daughter of above, who died August 26, 1873, aged 27 years (with William and Harriett Phillis)
LUTZOW, John Ferdinand, died August 7, 1886, aged 56 years

MAITLAND, Alexander, who died and was buried at Castlemaine, Victoria, March 25, 1851 aged 53 years (with Elizabeth)
MAITLAND, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of the above (Alexander), who died November 11, 1869 and was buried here, aged 64 years
MASON, Joseph James, beloved husband of Alice, died 7 August 1947, aged 68 years
MAYDWELL, Charles William Morse, son the late Colonel Maydwell, of the 2nd Batt., Duke of Cornwell's Light Infantry, died at Palmer, November 4, 1909, aged 27
MC CONNELL, Hugh James, died 14 January 1972, aged 80 years (with Myra)
MC CONNELL, Jane Eliza, his beloved wife, died 16 October 1960, aged 93 years (with John)
MC CONNELL, John, died 14 May 1904, aged 44 years (with Jane)
MC CONNELL, Myra, died 20 November 1970, aged 72 years, beloved wife of Hugh
MC INTYRE, Charles, second son of Peter McIntyre, Glasgow, who died October 10, 1915, aged 55 years
MC LACHLAN, Alison Melrose, and their daughter (Alison and Ian), born 6 May 1911, died 20 June 1974
MC LACHLAN, Ian, husband of Alison (nee Murray), born Largs Bay January 13, 1908, died Victoria, November 22, 1998
MEAKINS, Anna Rosalie, beloved wife of James, died 5 September 1954, aged 68 years
MEAKINS, Levi, the dearly beloved husband of Wealthey*, who died 20 April 1923, aged 71 years and 10 months
MEAKINS, S. James, beloved husband of Anna, died 11 December 1967, aged 77 years
MEAKINS, Wealthey*, wife of above (Levi), died 18 December 1940, aged 83 years
MEAKINS, William Levi, who was accidentally drowned on the 9 February 1890, at Rosebank, Mount Pleasant, aged 11 years and 5 months
MELROSE, Alexander, son of George and Euphemia, born Rosebank 1865, died 1944
MELROSE, Emily, his wife (John), born 1862, died 1923
MELROSE, Euphemia, wife of George, who died at Rosebank October 31, 1887, aged 58 years
MELROSE, George Thorburn, son of George, born at Rosebank June 18, 1855, died May 11, 1924
MELROSE, George, born at Balerno, near Edinburgh, Scotland, 22 December 1806, died at Rosebank, 8 April 1894, aged 87 years
MELROSE, Gwendoline Grace, the wife of Robert, 1908 - 1991
MELROSE, John, Kt, of Ulogloo, born 1860 - died 1938 (with Emily)
MELROSE, Robert Thomson, son of George and Euphemia, and beloved husband of Gwen?, born Rosebank 1862, died Rosebank 1945
MILLYARD, Charles Junr, who departed this life on 10 May 1904, aged 62 years and 9 months
MILLYARD, Charles, died January 20, 1889, aged 70 years 10 months (with Mary)
MILLYARD, Christina, wife of the above (John), died 4 May 1946, aged 87 years
MILLYARD, John, dearly beloved husband of Christina, died 4 August 1933, aged 77 years
MILLYARD, Mary Ann, wife of the above (Charles), died April 14, 1897, aged 80 years
MILLYARD, Thomas W., died June 10, 1927, aged 74 years
MORGAN, Edwin Thomas, dearly beloved husband of Maria, died May 18, 1924, in his 66th year
MORGAN, Harry, beloved husband of Roma, died 30 December 1959, aged 41 years
MORGAN, Maria, wife of the above (Edwin), died December 10, 1940, in her 71st year
MUDGE, Ada, their beloved child, 18.2.1881 - 2.12.1973, age 92 (see Stephen)
MUDGE, Angas, their beloved child, 21.4.1885 - 26.1.1976, age 90 (see Stephen)
MUDGE, Ethel, their beloved child, 31.5.1893 - 3.8.1979, age 95 (see Stephen)
MUDGE, Florence, their beloved child, 1878 - 1962, age 84 (see Stephen)
MUDGE, Jane, his wife, 1843 - 1941 (see Stephen)
MUDGE, Stephen Joseph, 1846 - 1898 (with Jane, William, Florence, Ada, Angas and Ethel)
MUDGE, William, their beloved child, 1876 - 1962, age 85 (see Stephen)
MUELLER, Arnold George, died 7 December 1982, aged 78 years (with Lilly)
MUELLER, Beryl Dawn, died 16.3.1950, aged 20 years, beloved wife of Ross, loving mother of Colin
MUELLER, Colin Ross, died 30.12.1972, aged 22 years (with Beryl)
MUELLER, Florence Emily, died 23 May 1941, aged 67 years (with Hermann)
MUELLER, Florence Pearl, beloved wife and mother, died 18 June 1993, aged 77 years (with Walter)
MUELLER, Herman Clement, died 15 July 1985, aged 83 years
MUELLER, Hermann Frederick, died 23 May 1968, aged 92 years (with Florence)
MUELLER, Lilly May, beloved wife of Arnold, died 14 November 1976, aged 73 years
MUELLER, Walter James, our beloved husband and father, died 26 December 1957, aged 52 years (with Florence)
MURRAY, Alexander Borthwick, son of Lizzie and the late John, died 12 July 1886, aged 7 years
MURRAY, George Melrose, died October 18, 1881, aged 18 months
MURRAY, Joan, and their daughter (Alison and Ian), born 27 August 1916, died 10 June 1963
MURRAY, John Stanley, Kt., born Rosebank 27 March 1884, died 30 May 1971, (with Olive)
MURRAY, Olive, his wife (John), born 23 June 1885, died Rosebank, 15 December 1964

NASH, 29.10.1958 (Aluminium plate)
NOBLETT, Evelyn May, beloved daughter of CA and EM Noblett, died 13 October 1939, aged 16 years
NOBLETT, Lindsay Robert Vivian, loved brother Ron, Nell, Bill, Elda* and families; always remembered Lynette, Marie, Tony, Ebony, Carlinda* and Kade (with Rubina and Roy)
NOBLETT, Roy James, passed away 8.6.1963, aged 60, father of Ron, Mick, Ellen, Bill and Elder* (with Rubina and Lindsay)
NOBLETT, Rubina Blanche, passed away 2.9.1948, aged 47, mother of Ron, Mick, Ellen, Bill and Elder* (with Roy and Lindsay)
NORTHRIDGE, George, dearly loved son, died 8 February 1941, aged 48 years (with Martha and John)
NORTHRIDGE, John, dearly beloved husband of above, died 14 December 1934, aged 79 years (with Martha and George)
NORTHRIDGE, Martha, dearly beloved wife of John, died 25 May 1925, aged 71 years (with John and George)
NORTHRIDGE, May, dearly loved daughter of J and M Northridge, died March 16, 1908, aged 24 years (with Myrtle)
NORTHRIDGE, Myrtle, dearly loved daughter of J and M Northridge, died 27 August 1917, aged 31 years (with May)

O'DEA, Haidie*, beloved wife of above (Thomas), died 8 March 1990, aged 94 years
O'DEA, John, died 5 June 1941, aged 67 years
O'DEA, Lillias, daughter of above (Pauline and Michael), died 25 September 1940, aged 11 years
O'DEA, Michael, our father, died 29 September 1944, aged 59 years (with Pauline and Lillias)
O'DEA, Pauline, our mother, died 24 September 1940, aged 48 years (with Michael and Lillias)
O'DEA, Thomas, late 1st AIF, beloved husband of Haidie*, died 21 September 1958, aged 75 years
OLSEN, Doris Caroline, beloved wife of Herb., 1898 - 1927 (with Lima Hissey)
ORCHARD, Barbara Dorothy Irene, died 3 April 2005, aged 76 years, loving mother of Christopher, Len, Lydia, Kevin, Maria, Shirley, James
ORCHARD, Gladys Violet Laura, died 9 September 1992, aged 82 years, loved wife of James, beloved mother of Douglas, Leonard, Charles, Harry and James
ORCHARD, James, died 7 September 1983, aged 75 years, loved husband of Gladys, loving father of Douglas, Leonard, Charles, Harry and James
ORCHARD, Leonard John, born 12.2.1975, tragically killed 27.3.1993, dearly loved only son of Len and Linda, loving brother of Lydia and Laura (photo)
ORCHARD, Leonard John, died 19 October 1995, aged 64 years, beloved husband of Barbara, loving father of Christopher, Len, Lydia, Kevin, Maria, Shirley, James
ORCHARD, Shirley Jayne, passed away 20 September 1996, aged 31 years, loving daughter of Leonard and Barbara, and sister of Christopher, Leonard, Lydia, Kevin, Maria and James
OWEN, Henry Walker, husband of Maria of Port Lincoln, who died at Adelaide 28 September 1898, aged 63 years + plaque, Born on HMS Buffalo, restored by descendants 1989

PAGE, (Jack), E. H. J., dearly loved husband of Mabel, loving father of Pat, Trevor and families, passed away 30.7.1982, aged 67 years + service plaque, Corporal, SX 22572, 19 Machine Gun Battalion
PAGE, Edward Seager, beloved husband of Ethel, died 7 February 1953, aged 77 years (with Ida)
PAGE, Ethel Eliza, beloved wife of above (Edward), died 12 July 1972, aged 86 years (with Ida)
PAGE, George Edward, dearly beloved son of F and E Page, died 16 April 1935, aged 17 years
PAGE, Ida Mary, daughter of above, passed away 1 July 1955, aged 31 years (with Edward and Ethel)
PAGE, John Henry, their son, died 2 June 1895 aged 23 years (with John, Margaret and Margaret Tee)
PAGE, John, born England 28 May 1837, died 15 March 1909, aged 72 years (with Margaret, John and Margaret Tee)
PAGE, Margaret, his dearly beloved wife, died the same day (15 March 1909), aged 73 years (with John, John and Margaret Tee)

PHILLIPS, Elizabeth, (nee Bradford), died 20 June 1942, aged 82 years (with George)
PHILLIPS, George, beloved husband of Elizabeth, died 2 April 1933, aged 74 years
PHILLIS, Albert, passed away 14 August 1952, aged 91 years
PHILLIS, Caroline Elizabeth, dearly beloved wife of George, who died at Spring Vale, Mount Pleasant, December 5, 1904, aged 70 years ; arrived in the colony November 5, 1836, by the Africaine
PHILLIS, George, dearly beloved husband of above (Caroline), who died at Spring Vale, July 22, 1909, aged 82 years; arrived in the colony December 21, 1839 by the Duchess of Northumberland
PHILLIS, Harriett*, the beloved wife of above (William), who died May 14, 1867, aged 42 years (with Susannah Loxton) #### (aged 44, SA Deaths)
PHILLIS, James, who died August 31, 1889, aged 92 years (with Martha)
PHILLIS, Jessie L., passed away 29 October 1943, aged 79 years
PHILLIS, L. C., 1865 - 1947
PHILLIS, Martha, the beloved wife of James, who died September 27, AD 1875, aged 61 years
PHILLIS, Sarah, the wife of the above (William), died October 17, 1886, aged 78 years
PHILLIS, Susannah Caroline, 3rd daughter of the late G. and C. E. Phillis, Mt Pleasant who died at Adelaide 26 April 1937, aged 78 years
PHILLIS, Susannah, beloved mother of George, died December 30, 1930, aged 40 years; interred in West Terrace Cemetery (with Harriet Hillam)
PHILLIS, William, beloved husband of Susannah, who died 14, March 1889, aged 68 years (with Harriett and Susannah Loxton) ####
PHILLIS, William, died 14 March 1889, aged 68 years #### (camera malfunction)
PIKE, Lilly, the beloved wife of R H J Pike, who died at Tungkillo, July 22, 1910, aged 26 years and 11 months
PLUCKROSE, 8.11.1956 (Aluminium plate)
POCOCK, Elsie Beatrice, the beloved daughter of J and S S Pocock, died March 20, 1892, aged 4 months
POLDEN, Isabella, beloved wife of James, who died 13 January 1905, aged 47 years
POLDEN, James, beloved husband of above, who died August 15, 1910, aged 54 years (with Isabella)
POPLE, George, the dearly beloved husband of Martha, who departed this life at Kensington, August 23, 1887, in the 68 year of his age
POPLE, Sarah, who departed this life May 11, 1875, aged 54 years, the beloved mother of Elizabeth Taylor
† PORTER, Eric Lincoln, born 23 January 1909, died 22 April 1989, loved husband of Lorna Marjorie, loved father of James and Barbara
† PORTER, Lorna Marjorie. 18 December 1913 - 15 October 2005. Wife of Eric Lincoln, mother of James and Barbara.

REEKS . Passed away 5 July 1956 (weathered, very difficult to read this much)
RENDLL*, J., 1943, (with M.) aluminium plate
RENDLL*, M., 1971, (with J.) aluminium plate
ROBERTS, James D., died May 3, 1864, aged 1 month (with James and Christina, John, Janet and William)
ROBERTS, Janet Edith, died 6 July 1872, aged 3 months(with James and Christina Donaldson and John, James and William)
ROBERTS, John D., died November 12, 1863, aged 16 months, (with James and Christina Donaldson and Janet, James and William)
ROBERTS, William, died 5 September 1876, aged 3 months - grandchildren of above (with James and Christina Donaldson and John, James and Janet Roberts)
RODDA, P., aluminium plate
ROHRLACH, A. W. (Nance), 1920 - 2003, wife of Ian, mother of Robyn, Bill and families, Rose Garden
ROHRLACH, Edward, 1894 - 1960, beloved husband of Holly
ROHRLACH, Holly J., 1894 - 1993, beloved wife of Edward
ROHRLACH, Ian, 1920 - 1995, husband of Nance, father of Robyn and Bill, Rose Garden
ROY, Charlotte Elizabeth, beloved wife of William, died 6 August 1932, aged 76 years
ROYAL, Anthony William (Tony), died 13 August 1995, aged 49 years, treasured son of Bill and Von*, beloved husband of Carol Lynn, loving father of Karen, Lucy, Clint and Renee, loved brother of Dianne
ROYAL, Cecil Oswald, beloved husband of Pearl, died 6 April 1955, aged 71 years, loved dad of Rhoda, Jan, Dinks, Bill and Kath (with Pearl and Bill)
ROYAL, Pearl, devoted wife and mother, died 17 February 1968, aged 81 years (with Cecil and Bill)
ROYAL, William Nicholls (Bill), 5.4.1920 - 10.5.1998, father of Tony and Dianne (with Cecil and Pearl)

SAYER, Mary Ann, the beloved wife of Rowland, died July 15, 1896, aged 58 years
SAYER, Rowland, who departed this life on August 28, 1905, aged 69 years
SCHOFIELD, Catherine, wife of the above (John), born December 8, 1815, died June 11, 1897, aged 82 years
SCHOFIELD, John, who departed this life June 5, 1869, in his 51st year of his age
SCOTT, Elizabeth, dearly beloved wife of the above (William), who departed this life on September 7, 1903, aged 89 years ####
SCOTT, William, the beloved husband of Elizabeth, died 17 May 1886, aged 71 years
SHERIFF, William, who departed this life on the 28th July 1867, aged 48 years
SHIPARD, Horace Ralph, beloved son of S. R. and M. A. Shipard, who died 24 November 1875, aged 10 months
SIMOUNDS, Doris Evelyn, passed away 17 September 1982, (with Robert)
SIMOUNDS, Keith Edgar, passed away 20 December 1995, aged 58 years, loved father of David and Trevor
SIMOUNDS, Robert Edgar, passed away 13 August 1989 (with Doris)
SKERMER, Martha, H. J., who died June 18, 1872, aged 7 years
SMITH, Clive, died 19 May 1941, aged 29 years
† SMITH, Emma Jane, our beloved mother, died 10 February 1944, aged 83 years (with William)
SMITH, Jabez, beloved husband of Hannah, who departed this life 10 October 1883, aged 41= years
† SMITH, William, our beloved father, died 3 May 1905, aged 43 years (with Emma)
SMYTH, Arthur Edward James, beloved husband of Caroline, died 4 December 1947, aged 73 years
SMYTH, Caroline Adelaide, died 25 March 1952, aged 80 years (with Arthur)
SPARKS, Ida, who died at Mount Pleasant, 7 November 1881
STAPELS, Charles, who died on 8 May 1903, aged 41 years (with Hetty and Lawrence)
STAPELS, Hetty H. C., dearly beloved wife of the above, who died on the 25 August 1921, aged 59 years (with Charles and Lawrence)
STAPELS, Lawrence Gilbert, dearly beloved son of Robert E G and Elizabeth, who died 28 September 1910, aged 5 weeks, (with Charles and Hetty)
STAPELS, A., 21.6.1984, aluminium plate
STAPELS, Charles Henry, interred at Hamilton Vic., passed away 31 August 1961, aged 78 years, father of Gladys, Alfred, Donald and Sylvia
STAPELS, E., aluminium plate
STAPELS, Elizabeth, and his loved wife (Bob), died 5 August 1973, aged 94 years
STAPELS, Frederick, died 18 April 1978, aged 85 years, dearly father of Kelvin (with Lydia)
STAPELS, J., aluminium plate
STAPELS, Kate Amelia, passed away 14 March 1958, aged 75 years, wife of Charles, mother of Gladys, Alfred, Donald and Sylvia
STAPELS, Lydia, died 15 June 1944, aged 53 years beloved wife of Frederick, dearly loved mother of Kelvin
STAPELS, Norman Frederick, beloved son of Robert and Elizabeth, died 24 August 1940, aged 28 years, result of accident
STAPELS, O., 21.9.1963, aluminium plate
STAPELS, R. E. G., (Bob), beloved husband of Elizabeth, died 13 January 1968, aged 83 years
STAPELS, R., 10.4.1970, aluminium plate
STAPELS, A., aluminium plate
STAPELS, R., 13.12.1940, aluminium plate
STEPHENS, C., aged 35, (with Lilian)
STEPHENS, Lilian, infant daughter of the above, died 23 April 1875 (with C.,)
STONE, Mary, who departed this life 13 June 1885, aged 80 years
STRINGER, Judith Anne, beloved daughter of Daphne and John, died result of accident 10.9.1984, aged 31 years (with Tamara and Teresa Baker)
SWIFT, Asmaile (Sam), dearly loved husband of Yvonne, died 25.3.1985, aged 74 years
SWIFT, Barry William, born 18.11.48, died 10.11.2000
SWIFT, Yvonne Dorrien*, dearly loved wife of Sam, died 1.6.1983, aged 56 years, mother of Heather and Barry

TAPSCOTT, Alice, wife of Vincent R. Tapscott, died August 29, 1967, aged 88 years; Interred North Road Cemetery
TAPSCOTT, David Ross, dearly loved son of Mal and Mavis, result of accident, W. A., 25 March 1973, aged 22 years
TAPSCOTT, Edward John, her beloved husband (Lillia), who died 28 June 1950, aged 75 years
TAPSCOTT, Harriett*, died August 24, 1915, aged 79 years
TAPSCOTT, Jessie, daughter of S and H Tapscott, who died January 15, 1878, aged 11 months
TAPSCOTT, Lillia, dearly beloved wife of Edward, who died at "Lily Bank", Mt Pleasant, 30 August 1929, aged 46 years
TAPSCOTT, Malachi Groves, beloved son of Harriet and Samuel Tapscott, died May 1, 1902, aged 29 years ####
TAPSCOTT, Malachi Meakins (Mal), passed away 13 July 1985, aged 76 years, beloved husband of Mavis, loved father of Ron, Rill, Keith, Doug, Peter, Ian, David and Stephen
TAPSCOTT, Mary Ann, died 5 June 1968, aged 84 years
TAPSCOTT, Mavis Jean, passed away 9 July 1986, aged 75 years, beloved wife of Malachi, loved mother of Ron, Bill, Keith, Doug, Peter, Ian, David and Stephen
TAPSCOTT, Melville Harry, died 24 April 1964
TAPSCOTT, Samuel, dearly loved husband of Harriet, died November 1, 1899, aged 75 years
TAPSCOTT, Selina Holly Phillis, beloved daughter of Harriet and Samuel Tapscott, died September 18, 1893, aged 22 years ####
TAPSCOTT, Vincent R., died November 21, 1939, aged 60 years
TEAKLE, Angus Edward, loved husband of May and Eileen (dec'd), died 6 September 2004, aged 82 years, loving father of Janice, Brian and Christine
TEAKLE, Eileen Grace, loved wife of Angus, died 2 May 1978, aged 58 years, loving mother of Janice, Brian and Christine
TEE, George, beloved husband of the above, died August 13, 1898, aged 82 (with Julia and Selina Underwood)
TEE, Julia Ann, died September 17, 1884, aged 63 (with George and Selina Underwood)
TEE, Margaret, wife of John and daughter of the above, died 3 September 1900, aged 30 years (with John, John and Margaret Page)
THOMSON, Elizabeth Macgregor, the beloved wife of Robert, Caurnamont, who died May 13, 1904, aged 75 years
THOMSON, Elizabeth, beloved wife of F. Thomson, died May 10, 1827, aged 69 years
THOMSON, Ellie, beloved daughter of F and E Thomson, died November 12, 1891, aged 10 years 11 months
THOMSON, Francis, died June 19, 1927, in his 80th year (with Elizabeth)
THOMSON, Frank Carlyle, eldest son of F and E Thomson, accidentally drowned April 22, 1908, aged 25 years 10 months
THOMSON, Janet, relict of John (late of Kirkcaldy), who died at Lily Bank, 18 June 1882, aged 82 years
THOMSON, John, native of Kirkanldy*, Scotland, late of Mt Pleasant, departed this life on the 12th day of November 1869, aged 75 years (headstone of slate, broken, lying flat on sheet of asbestos)
THOMSON, Robert, of Caurnamont, died 30 September 1912, aged 85 years (with Elizabeth)
† THYER, Joseph, born Hickham, Somerset, 1806, died at Mt Pleasant, February 1, 1889 (with Sarah)
† THYER, Sarah, the beloved wife of Joseph, died April 1, 1887, aged 82 years and 10 months
TOULMIN, Vaughan, 14 September 1986, age 54 years, Rose Garden
TRELOAR, Sidney Arthur, beloved husband of Violet, dear father of Bevan, Donella, Errol and Carolyn, died 9 September 1950, aged 45 years
TREMLETT, Elizabeth, born 27 September 1867, died 23 May 1939 (with James and Mary)
TREMLETT, James, born 27 March 1860, died 23 May 1946 (with Elizabeth and Mary)
TREMLETT, Mary, born 25 July 1862, died 21 March 1949 (with Elizabeth and James)

UNDERWOOD, Selina, beloved wife of Alfred and daughter of above, died 2 April 1929, aged 70 years (with Julia and George)

† VERRALL, Allen Percival, our dear husband and father, died 28 February 1957, aged 53 years
† VERRALL, Claris Marjory, beloved wife of the above (Hector), passed away 20 July 1986, aged 83 years
† VERRALL, Elsie Lilly May (nee Kemp), born 29 November 1888, died 18 April 1984, aged 95 years, loved mother of Ron, Keith and Gwen (with Harold)
VERRALL, George Anglia, died 12 April 1942, aged 90 years (with Mary)
† VERRALL, Harold Angley*, 5th Pioneer 1st AIF, 1914-18, born 16 November 1894, died 16 October 1978, aged 83 years, beloved father of Ron, Keith and Gwen (with Elsie)
† VERRALL, Hector McDonald, beloved husband of Claris, passed away 10 June 1979, aged 79 years
VERRALL, Mary Eliza, died 28 June 1934, aged 74 years, beloved wife of George
† VIGAR, Clara Jane, died 3 October 1964, aged 91 years, beloved daughter of William and Jane Vigar
† VIGAR, Emily Winifred, 1882 - 1965, wife of William Thomas, mother of Kathleen, Leonard and Elizabeth
† VIGAR, Leonard William Shannon, died 17 July 1991, aged 75 years, dearly loved husband of Marguerite, beloved father of Christopher and Penelope
† VIGAR, Marguerite Constance Macbeth, beloved wife of Leonard, loving mother of Christopher and Penelope, 1912 - 2000
† VIGAR, William Thomas, 1879 - 1956, Emily and family
VIRGO, Jean, beloved wife of Kenneth George, loving mother of Barry, Malcolm and Anne, died 30 April 1954, aged 37 years
VIVIAN, Alice Jemima, beloved wife of Edwin, passed away 23 February 1967, aged 89 years
VIVIAN, Edwin Wallace, beloved husband of Alice, passed away 29 January 1944, aged 75 years
VIVIAN, Eileen Bertha, passed away 14 September 1999, aged 88 years, beloved wife of Norman, loving mother of Kathleen, Beryl and Peter
VIVIAN, Mavis Irene Maria,1914 - 1994, wife of Robert, mother of Graham and Gwen, Rose Garden
VIVIAN, Norman James, passed away 6 July 1985, aged 76 years, loved husband of Eileen, loving father of Kathleen, Beryl and Peter
VIVIAN, Robert Wallace, died 28 January 1988, aged 76 yrs, Rose Garden
VIVIAN, Scott John, 18.5.1985 - 14.3.2003, loved son of John and Debra, brother of Troy, Ryan and Chad

WATKINS, Dennis William. 25 January 1921 - 4 October 2012. Husband of Lilian, father of David, Joan, Joyce and Steven.
WATKINS, Lillian, died 15 May 2003, aged 85 years, dearly loved wife of Dennis, loved mother of David, Joan, Joyce and Steven
WEGENER, Harold, 20/1/28
WEGENER, Pauline, our dear mother, wife of above (Robert) died 13 July 1951, aged 81 years
WEGENER, Robert, our dear husband and father, died 10 October 1936, aged 75 years (with Pauline)
WESTPHALEN, Grace Edith, died 5 February 1986, aged 83 years, beloved mother of Kenneth and Leith (with Harrold*)
WESTPHALEN, Harrold* Barton, died 5 July 1998, aged 97 years, beloved father of Kenneth and Leith (with Grace)
WHALE, C., 1906 (with H.), aluminium plate
WHALE, H., 1940 (with C.), aluminium plate
WHEATLAND, Maud, beloved wife of William, 1885 - 1951
WHEATLAND, R. W., 29.9.1961
WHITE, Eliza, beloved wife of the above (James), died August 13, 1921, aged 86 years
WHITE, James Henry, the beloved husband of Eliza, who departed this life, July 2, 1875, aged 44 years
WHITE, William, born Kilwinning, Scotland, died 24 April 1879, aged 46 years
WOOD, Ann, beloved wife of Robert, loved aunt of Jean Forbes, died 23 February 1953, aged 74 years
WOOD, Robert Allen, beloved husband of Ann, died 20 May 1955, aged 75 years
WYATT, James William, who died March 3, 1918, aged 61 years and 10 months
WYTKIN, Hilda Irene Emma, beloved wife of John, 23 April 1973, aged 73 years, mother of Raymond, Lindsay, Helen and Graham
WYTKIN, John Stanley, beloved husband of Hilda, 20 December 1977, aged 78 years, father of Raymond, Lindsay, Helen and Graham + plaque 'Loving memories from his wife Olive Clara, 1974 - 1977'

Brick surround, double - 1
Concrete surround - 2
Concrete surround, double - 2
Headstone, broken, removed - 1
Iron surround, double - 1
Mound - 7

* as per spelling on the headstone
???? Month covered in lichen, not necessarily consisting of four letters
#### checked against SA Deaths 1842 - 1915, usually to find a 3 or a 5
**** This headstone and grave is covered with a very healthy rose bush and an equally healthy lavender bush which made some of it illegible
Photo malfunction means Steve thought he had an image but when it came time to transcribing he didn't and we were well away from Mt Pleasant - my apologies to these families and their researchers

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