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Kingscote Pioneer Burials

Transcribed by Marylin and Steve Jones
and Lorraine Larment from photos provided by Jo-anne Graham

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In memory, of those who died, en route to this settlement;
Mr EDMUNDS, 3rd mate and Mr THOMPSON, 1st mate, "Lady Mary Pelham". Elizabeth CHANDLER an emigrant, "John Pirie" 1836 - buried at sea. William HOWLETT, an emigrant, "The Emma" 1836 - died after arrival, Buried hereabouts by S. Stephens. Mr E. E. OSBORNE and Dr John SLATER, passengers on the "Africaine", Lost when walking across K.I. November 1836. Maria KLEEMAN, nee Helm, "Solway" 1837 - died at sea, Buried hereabouts. And other unknown. ER

BEARE, Elizabeth. 8th child of Lucy Ann and Thomas Hudson Beare. Born in London on 16-10-1834 - died at Netley, SA, on 9-1-1846. Arrived at Reeves Point on 27.7.1836 on board the "Duke of York", the first emigrant ship. Carried ashore by 2nd Mate, Robert Russell, enabling her to be known as the First colonist. Interred at West Terrace Cemetery.
BEARE, Lucy Ann, born 1803 in England and the wife of Thomas Hudson Beare, who brought the first family of settlers to South Australia in the first ship, the barque 'Duke of York', which arrived at this island 27 July 1836. Lucy died in childbirth 3 September 1837, leaving five children under the age of eleven years. She was the first woman settler buried on Kangaroo Island. This memorial donated by Beare descendants, was unveiled by Robert Hudson Beare, 27 July 1991 + 'aged 34 years' on sarcophagus
BROADBENT, Luke, baby, 1836 - 1837, his family wished to raise him in the New World but he was taken to a world beyond. On this plaque he is remembered by the descendants of his family, rested, resurrected in their memories. Baby Luke's parents, Harriet and Luke Broadbent, and their children came to South Australia in the "Buffalo", landing at Holdfast Bay in 1836. They journeyed on to Kangaroo Island where Luke was employed by the South Australia Company. The family stayed for a year or two before ret
BYASS, infant son of Lovel and Rebecca, who died 1838

CALNAN, Charlotte Ann, who departed this life December 1, 1859, aged 5 years and 1 month
CALNAN, Jeremiah, Born in 1797 in County Cork, Ireland. Arrived Nepean Bay on 'The Africaine' 2.11.1836, Husband of Mary Ann, nee Bow. Father of John, Charles, Michael and Mary Ann. Died at Encounter Bay, February 1837. Burial place unknown. (with John)
CALNAN, John, son of Jeremiah and Mary Ann, born 1823 at Bermondsey, Greater London. Arrived Kangaroo Island, on 2.11.1836. Drowned in Backstairs Passage while transporting mail to Encounter Bay in 1853. Husband of Eliza Jane, (later Reeves), Father of Mary Agnes (later Snelling). The Calnan family descendants have continuously resided on Kangaroo Island from 1836 to 1996. Erected by descendants, 27 July 1996
CALNAN, John, who departed this life October 30, 1859, aged 2 years 3 months
CHANDLER, Elizabeth. 1836 aboard "John Pirie". Buried at Sea.
COX, Adelaide R., (broken slate headstone)

DAW, Ada Emily, died November 9, 1862

EDMUNDS, Mr. 3rd Mate aboard "Lady Pelham" Died en route to KI.

GILES, Edward H., died 18 July 1839, aged 8 months, (see Samuel)
GILES, Samuel, died 18 February 1839, aged 9 years (with Edward), Erected by their brothers and sisters in 1882
GRANGER, George, arrived on K.I., 1856, accidentally drowned, Bay of Shoals, May 9, 1881, aged 54 years
GRANGER, Harriet, beloved wife of George, died October 27, 1862, aged 40 years

KLEEMAN, Maria (née Helm). (Liebling), who died at sea on the ship "Solway", 14 October, buried 16 October 1837, the loved wife of Friedrich W. Kleeman
KNUCKEY, Charles Kingscote. 1888 - 1988. son of Louisa Calnan (granddaughter of Jeremiah Calnan) and John Randall Knuckey. Father of Kim, Naida and Richard.
KNUCKEY, Nora (née Drury). 1898 - 1988. Wife of Charles. Mother of Kim, Naida and Richard.

LYNNE, Annie, daughter of J and R Lynne, died 1838

MILDE, Emma Karoline (sic), born 10.9.1838, died 7.4.1839, buried in this cemetery; remembered by the Milde descendants, July 1989

OSBORNE, E. W. Arrived on the "Africaine". Lost when walking across KI November 1836.

PARIS, Sarah Mary (née Chennell), 1849 - 1884, wife of George James, (Telegraph station master, Kingscote, 1876 - 1884) mother of Sarah, Ada, George, Charles, Margaret, Amy, Ella, died 8 July 1884, Interred in this cemetery; + plaque 'Erected by descendants of Ella Mary and unveiled by her daughter Win. Moore, 27.7.1991
POWELL, Charles Bendin. 1-3-1810 - 12-1-1898. Husband of Jane (née Gillard), father of Charles, Alicia, William and grace.

REEVES, Augustus. 1830 - 1905. son of Samuel and Charlotte.
REEVES, Charlotte Martha (née Kemp). Died at Alberton 1866. Wife of Samuel.
REEVES, Samuel. 1856. Infant son of Augustus and Eliza.
REEVES, Samuel. 1788 - 1881. Husband of Charlotte.

THOMPSON, Mr. 1st Mate aboard "Lady Pelham" Died en route to KI.

WALLEN, Henry, known as "Governor", the first farmer in South Aust. He was a resident on Kangaroo Island from 1819 to 1856, departed this life at Adelaide, May 2, 1856, and brought to K. I. for burial. Aged 62 years

Memorial Tablet:
Governor WALLEN - 1794 - 1886
Anne BEARE - 1803 - 1837
John CALNAN - 1823 - 1853
Samuel REEVES - 1856
Ada Emily DAW - 1862

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