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Transcribed by Marylin and Steve Jones

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A'BECKETT, Henry Alfred, passed away 5 October 1966, aged 53 years, loved husband of Amy Mavis, father of Ray, Jan and Ken
ADAMS, M. A., no details
AHWAN, E. F., Private, SX5501, 2/43 Infantry Battalion, 15 April 1991, age 72; loved husband of Peg, father and pa of Trevor and Margaret and families
AIRTON, Eunice Mary, (nee McWilliams), died 5.1.2000, aged 83 years, loving wife of James (dec'd), much loved mother of Kay, Kathleen, Brian, Kevin and families
AIRTON, James, died 30 November 1985, aged 69, husband of Eunice Mary, father of Kay, Kathleen, Brian and Kevin
AIRY, William, son of William Airy, MA, Vicar of Keysoe, Bedfordshire, England, born March 16, 1838, died July 21, 1894
ANDERSON, Charles Alfred, beloved husband of Marie, and loving father of Charles, Edna, Jack and Doris, died 27 April 1940
ANDERSON, Peter, beloved husband of Jessie, died 4 January 1920, aged 57 years
ANGEL, Malcolm Ross, passed away 23 October 2002, aged 76 years, beloved husband of Shirley, loving father of Kathy, Steve and Peter, dearest poppa of 8 grandchildren
AYLIFFE, Cathryn. K. A., died 17 July 1973, aged 84 years
AYLIFFE, ????ff and E. (cross only)

BALCHIN, Delia Eleanor, beloved third daughter of Stanley and Mary, died 18 September 1920, aged 4 years
BALDOCK, Edward Vincent, died 27 January 1969, aged 54 years
BALD, Arch., loving husband of Grace, daddy of Dianne, Kev, John and Trev, accidentally killed 31 March 1952, aged 43 years
BALD, George Reginald Greenway, born 16.2.1910, died 18.5.1992, husband of Olive
BALD, Herbert William, 1879 - 1952, (with Lydia)
BALD, Joan Austria, died 19 March 1928, aged 11 years
BALD, Lester Keith, 1.6.1924 - 20.7.1992, dearly loved husband of Mavis, loving father of Margaret, grandpa of Joshua, Rochelle and Vashti
BALD, Lydia Stevens, 1887 - 1948 (with Herbert)
BALD, Olive Morvah Winifred, born 24.11.1909 Cygnet River, died 11.3.1989 aged 79 years, beloved wife of Reg, a true pioneering islander
BAOHM, C. F., Private, SX18284, 2/10 Infantry Battalion, 28 November 1969, age 52; beloved husband of Gertrude, loved dad of Gloria, Waneeta*, Kevin and Eunice
BARNES, Emily May, beloved wife of J. L. Barnes, died 13 July 1927, aged 37 years
BARRATT, Ivy Myrtle, passed away 26.12.2000, aged 96 years, beloved mother of Peter, Margaret and Neil, loved by her grandchildren and great grandchildren (with Thomas)
BARRATT, Thomas Wolverson, passed away 13.4.1967, aged 67 years, dearly loved husband of Ivy, beloved father of Peter, Margaret and Neil, loved by his grandchildren and his great grandchildren
BARRETT, Arthur Stanley Glen, 12.1.1895 - 5.10.1978, father of Glenda, Stanley (Bill), Walter, Thelma, Marjory, George (with Ethel)
BARRETT, Ethel May, 11.7.1898 - 7.2.1988, dearly loved mother of Glenda, Stanley (Bill), Walter, Thelma, Marjorie, George (with Arthur)
BARRETT, George, beloved husband of Jane, died 13 March 1943, aged 83 years
BARRETT, Ina Morten (nee Sundberg), 8.11.1909 - 16.4.1999, loving mother of Rex, Helen, Shirley, Nancy, June and Graham (with Keith)
BARRETT, Jane, beloved wife of George, died 29 August 1934, aged 74
BARRETT, Keith Robert Brian, 28.2.1901 - 28.11.1992, loving father of Rex, Helen, Shirley, Nancy, June and Graham (with Ina)
BARRETT, nee Lay, Edith Kathleen Beryl, 1905 - 1975, aged 70 years, wife of William and mother of Bob, Audrey (dec), Pamela, Brian, Betty (dec), John and Wendy, grandmother of 16, niche wall
BARRETT, (Bill), William Edward Orme, 1906 - 1971, aged 65 years, husband of Edith, father of Bob, Audrey (dec), Pamela, Brian, Betty (dec), John and Wendy, grandfather of 16, niche wall
BATCHELOR, John Egerton, January 27, 1901 - January 6, 1968, husband of Laura Melba (Jill), father of Brian, David, Richard and Michael, only son of the late Hon and Mrs. E. L. Batchelor*
BATES, Arnold William, beloved husband of Joy, loving father and father in law of Mick, Heather, Grant and Adrienne, loved pop to Leah, Sandy, Troy, Byron, Kirsty (dec), Kimberly*, 29.3.22 to 28.4.95, niche wall
BATES, Clorice Linda Aileen, 15.7.1916 - 7.11.1997, beloved wife of Keith, much loved mother of Wayne, Maureen, Trudy, Trevor, Jayne, Helen and families, special nana to 14 grandchildren
BATES, Elizabeth Jane, beloved wife of James George, passed away 30 June 1964, aged 86 years
BATES, George James, born Sussex 1844, died 20.12.1913, arrived KI 1858, married 19.4.1866 with Martha)
BATES, Gilbert Ralph, born September 4, 1908, died December 29, 1917, aged 9 years
BATES, James Arthur, (Boy), 25.11.1920 - 14.10.1996, beloved husband of Nancy, loved father of Shirley, Janet, James and Christopher, aged 75 years
BATES, James Griffiths, (Jimmy Jumpoff), 16.3.1927 - 21.12.1994, loving husband of Dorothy, father of Susan, Marie, Neil and Brian; John, Kathryn and Joanne; grandpa of seven grandchildren, niche wall
BATES, James G., died 20 September 1949, aged 83 years Hall, Kenneth, aged 22 years, and his brother Stanley, aged 18 years, who were accidentally drowned 13 December 1936
BATES, Keith D., Private, SX10452, 2/43 Battalion, 12 March 1987, aged 74 years; beloved husband of Clorice, father of Wayne, Maureen, Trudy, Trevor, Jayne, Helen
BATES, Lewis Bruce, died 30.4.1992, aged 68, father of ten children, grandfather of thirteen grandchildren, niche wall
BATES, Lindsay Walter (Tom), born 12 November 1915, died 19 May 1976
BATES, Margaret Annie "Joy", beloved wife of the late Arnold, loved mother and mother in law of Mick, Heather (dec), Grant and Adrienne, loved nan to Leah, Sandy, Troy, Byron, Kirsty (dec), and Kimberly*, 23.2.23 to 18.7.04, niche wall
BATES, Martha Ann (nee Murray), born Adelaide 3.9.1850, died 18.5.1898 (with George); Pioneers of Hog Bay and Emu Bay - Parents of 12 children
BATES, Nancy Jean, beloved wife of Arthur (Boy), loved mother of Shirley, Janet, James and Christopher. died 23 October 1995, aged 66 years
BATES, Ottilia Louisa, our dearly beloved wife and mother, who passed away 10 April 1948, aged 64 years
BATES, William Walter, our dearly beloved father, who passed away 3 April 1949, aged 72 years
BATTS, Eddie, our dear boy, who fell asleep in Jesus, January 15, 1903, aged 8 years 5 months
BECKMAN, Calvin William, passed away 9 May 1993, aged 91 years, dearly loved husband of Elva Dulcie, devoted father of Laurie and David
BECKMAN, Elva Dulcie, passed away 11 August 1997, aged 93 years, devoted mother of Laurie and David (with Calvin)
BELL, Alfred Douglas, our loved father, beloved husband of Emma, died 30 January 1944, aged 75 years
BELL, Arthur, beloved husband of Myrtle Jessie, passed away 7 June 1948, aged 41 years
BELL, baby daughter of Garne and Alice, 13 April 1955, stillborn
BELL, Brian Hayden, beloved son of Leslie and Valerie, and loved brother of Betty, Graham, Iris, Raelene and Michael, called home 10 January 1961, aged 19 years
BELL, Charles Archibald, 11.8.1902 to 20.9.1981, son of Alf and Emma Bell of K.I., beloved husband of Edith, loved father of Charles, Margaret and Anne, niche wall
BELL, Charles James, passed away 3 February 1942, aged 68 years, loved father of Bessie, Edna, Hilda, Colin, Ronald, Ralph (with Grace)
BELL, Craig Douglas, died as result of accident, 14 July 1996, aged 28 years, 4th child of Dean and Leonie, brother of Gary, Jane and Tony
BELL, Dean Frederick, passed away 20 March 2003, aged 66 years, dearly loved husband of Leonie, father of Gary, Tony, Jane, Craig and families
BELL, Diana Louise, dearly loved daughter of Catherine and Gordon, sister of Christopher, died result of accident 22.12.1968, aged 7 months
BELL, Douglas, died 20 August 1988, aged 87, dearly loved husband of Barbara, loved father of Dean, Malcolm, Roslyn and Brenda
BELL, Edgar Carlee, son of Benjamin and Eliza, died 5.6.1991, aged 81 years
BELL, Edith Alice, passed away 12.11.1988, aged 81, dearly loved wife of Harold, loved mother of Victor, Robert (dec'd), Kevin, Frank, Vivien, Allen, Gordon (dec'd), Archie, Shirley and families
BELL, Edith Mary, 10.1.1909 to 28.6.1991, daughter of Wilf and Lilla Partridge, beloved wife of Charles, loved mother of Charles, Margaret and Anne, niche wall
BELL, Edna Lucy, beloved wife of David, and loving mother of Daphne and Ian, loved daughter of Lucy and Charlie Connell, passed away 19 September 1957, aged 25 years
BELL, Eliza, loved wife of the late Benjamin Henry, passed away 18 February 1958, aged 77 years
BELL, Eric Benjamin, beloved husband of Lina, died 22 November 1990, aged 78 years, son of the late Benjamin H. and Eliza Bell
BELL Florence Violet Adeline, "Lina", died 7 March 1996, aged 88 years, loved mother of Janet, Terance, Jeffrey, George, Mary and families
BELL, George Preston, passed away 1 September 1950, aged 84 years
BELL, Grace Elizabeth, passed away 8 April 1960, aged 79 years, loved mother of Bessie, Edna, Hilda, Colin, Ronald, Ralph (with Charles)
BELL, Harold, passed away 10.9.1995, aged 90, loved father of Victor, Robert (dec'd), Kevin, Frank, Vivien, Allen, Gordon (dec'd), Archie, Shirley and families (with Edith)
BELL, Jason Vaughan, died 12.4.1987, aged 9 years 3 months, dearly loved son of Rodney and Judie*, loved and loving brother of Travis and Lachlan
BELL, Leslie Percival, dearly loved husband of Valerie, died 14 January 1994, loving father of Betty, Graham, Iris, Brian (dec'd), Raelene and Michael
BELL, Mary, who died June 28, 1924, in her 83rd year (with Preston)
BELL, Neville Victor, dearly loved youngest son of Valmay and Victor, a loved brother and uncle, friend of Tracey, passed away suddenly 7 March 1991, aged 22 years
BELL, Preston George, infant son of B. H. and E. Bell, died September 8, 1903
BELL, Preston Thomas, who died April 4, 1921, in his 79 year (with Mary)
BELL, Reg, passed away 7.12.2001, aged 74, loved husband of Edith, loved father of Steven, Bobby and Sharon, much loved grandpa
BELL, Roy Clarence, dearly loved husband of Annie, loving father of Benjamin, Preston, Kenneth and Kelvin, passed away 13.10.1995, aged 82 years
BELL, Stanley Eric, died 1 June 1974, loving father of Nigel (dec), Reg, Lewis, Barbara, Mary and Bill (with Sylvia)
BELL, Sylvia Eliza, died 19 September 1974, loving mother of Nigel (dec), Reg, Lewis, Barbara, Mary and Bill (with Stanley)
BENNETT, Margaret Doreen, 5.1.1938 - 17.5.2004, loving mum of Susan and Jayne, nanna to Beck and Steph
BENNETT, N. L., (cross only)
BENNET, Eliza Ann (nee Gilmour), loved wife of Arthur, mother of Arthur and Margaret, died 20 October 1945, aged 89 years
BERGGRENN, Ain Thomas "Tom", *8 February 1952 Halmstad Sweden, 7 November 2002, aged 50 years, much loved and cherished husband of Lois, devoted father of Anders, adored son of Erik and Laine, dearly loved brother and friend of Roy
BERRY Harry Lloyd, 29.8.1919 - 25.5.1984, loving husband of Dawn, dad to Jill, Cindy and Lloyd and to Jeff, Rodney and Christine, Opah to nine grandies, niche wall
BLACKMAN Albert, May 11, 1893 - July 22, 1972
BLACK, John Robert (Bob), dearly loved husband of Margaret, died 22.11.1991, aged 72, loved father and father in law of John and Annette, loved grampy of Adele
BOEHM, I. E., (cross only)
BOETTCHER, Adelaide Millicent, *21.5.1895 - 14.1.1977, beloved wife of Ernest, mother of Daphney, Colin, Olive and Merle
BOETTCHER, Christina, died 17 August 1963, aged 82 years (with William)
BOETTCHER, Ernest Herman (Harry), *17.11.1894 - 16.11.1991, father of Daphney, Colin, Olive and Merle (with Adelaide)
BOETTCHER, Ethel Mary, 7.9.1926 - 8.10.2002, beloved wife of Colin, loving mother of Roger, Judith, Shirley, Heather, Geoffrey (dec), and Brian
BOETTCHER, Geoffrey Colin, 16.8.63 - 2.11.63
BOETTCHER, Johann Friedrich, our father, who died 11 November 1938, aged 87 years
BOETTCHER, William August, died 2 August 1971, aged 87 years (with Christina)
BOOTHEY, Sarah Ann, loving wife of Vic (dec'd), loved mother of Joan, Marny, Jack, passed away 18.9.1974, aged 83 years
BORGMEYER, Beatrice Annie, 21.1.1908 - 3.7.1981 (with William)
BORGMEYER, William Gilbert, 18.2.1912 - 29.12.1980 (with Beatrice)
BOURKE, Leon Patrick, husband of Judith, father of Katie and Michael, 1951 - 1985
BOWDEN, Leon James (Jay), aged 16 years beloved son and brother of Rita and Jim, Anne and Chris
BOWDEN, Rita Irene, beloved wife of L J (Jim) Bowden, loved mother of Chris, Anne and Leon (Jay), 2.7.1920 - 8.3.2001
BOWERY, Mary M., (nee Molineux), died 24 September 1983, in her 92nd year, loving wife of William (Scotty)
BOWERY, W., (cross only)
BOWERY, Walter Romaine, born, 4 February 1910, died 21 May 1989, niche wall
BOXALL, Wallace Robert, L/Cpl, SX1918, 2/10 Battalion, 7 March 1995, aged 84 years; husband of Priscilla, father of Malcolm, Bryce and Joan.
BOXER, Albert John, (Jack), 11.1.1994 - 17.12.1976, loved and loving father of Bevaley*, Jacqueline and Jonathan, (with Bessie)
BOXER, Bessie Helena, 5.2.1907 - 18.1.2003, loved and loving mother of Bevaley, Jacqueline and Jonathan (with Albert)
BOXER, Anne, 22.4.1917 - 21.9.1996, aged 79 years, dearly loved wife of Maurice, loving mother of Stuart and Ian
BOXER, Clement Richard, beloved husband of Minnetta Eva, loving father of Warren, Marie and Russell, died 19 January 1993, aged 80 years
BOXER, E. G., Private, SX7480, 2/12 Infantry Battalion, 5 August 1974, age 68; husband of Lorraine, father of Helen
BOXER, Graham Reece. Born 1954. Died several days after birth.
BOXER, Janet Marlene. Born 12 November 1951. Died of burns 1 December 1956.
BOXER, John, the beloved husband of Marianne, died May 14, 1883, aged 38 years; also the infant daughter of the above
BOXER, Lucy Mary, beloved wife of William, loving mother of Clem, Maurie, Aubrey and Fay, died 29 June 1988, aged 99 years
BOXER, M. C., Signalman, SX9914, Signals 9 Aust. Division, 19 January 1994, age 80; loved husband of Anne, father of Stuart and Ian
BOXER, Minnetta Eva, beloved wife of Clem, loving mother of Warren, Marie and Russell, died 13 February 1980, aged 67 years
BOXER, Tracie Jane Mary, beloved little daughter of Margaret and Warren, passed away 16 April 1965, aged 6 months
BOXER, William Richard, beloved husband of Lucy, loving father of Clem, Maurie, Aubrey and Fay, died 10 January 1976, aged 93 years
BRACKEN, wooden cross only
BRANFORD, Janine Rae, 29.8.1955 to 23.5.1996, aged 40 years and nine months, first born child of Ruth and Darcy, loving sister of Julie, Graeme, William (dec'd) and Roger, dearly loved aunty of Rebecca, Tayla and Russell
BRANFORD, William Arthur, son of Ruth and Darcy, born 19.3.60 tragically killed 25.9.82, aged 22 years and 6 months, dearly loved brother of Janine, Julie, Graeme and Roger, fond uncle of Rebecca
BROWN, Cyril Richard, passed away 21 November 1990, aged 83, loved husband of Mary, niche wall
BROWN, Donald Wyndham, born Hamley Bridge 1923, died Kingscote 1997, loved husband of Margaret, father of Elizabeth and Paul
BROWN, Keith Lee, 1977 - 1998
BROWNE, Stephen Bruce, dearly son of Marj and Jim, fond brother of Michael, David, Robert and Terence* (dec'd), died result of accident, Katherine N.T., 13 August 1976, aged 18 years 10 months
BROWNE, Terence* Raymond, dearly loved son of Marj and Jim, died 31 August 1958, aged 5 days
BRUCE, Natalie, passed away 10 October 1976, aged 50 years, sadly missed by Bill and family
BRUCE, Trampas, died 8 August 1995, aged 17 years, beautiful son and brother of Darky and Lindy, Natalie, Luke and Cherikee*; Rest easy Trump* we love you
BUCHANAN Archibald, A., F3066 CPO, Royal Australian Navy, 14 July 1990, aged 72 years; husband of Barbara (dec'd), father of Tony (dec'd), brother of Alice, Elsie and Ruby and Clarrie and Bill (both dec'd)
BUCK, Arthur Ernest, 22.10.1920 - 28.12.2002, dearly loved husband of Phillys*, loving father of Elizabeth, Phillip and Bruce
BUCK, Charles Edward, who passed away 15 October 1963, aged 75 years (with Ida)
BUCK, Ida Amy Alice, beloved wife of above (Charles), passed away 11 August 1986, aged 94 years
BUCK, Louise Tracy, 13.5.3002, aged 18 years
BUCK, Samuel William James, our father, died 24 May 1928, aged 78 years (with William)
BUCK, William Henry, father of above (Samuel), died 12 June 1966, aged 84 years
BUDARICK, I. H. (Bill), aged 83 years, beloved husband of Marnie, much loved dad of Pam, Carol, Vicki, Linda, John (dec), Steven and Barry, loved poppa Bud to all his grandchildren and great grandchildren
BUDARICK, John Wayne, died 27 August 1987, aged 31 years, much loved husband to Bobby, and dad to Kane and Jay
BUDARICK, Ronald C., died 26 November 1983, aged 77 years
BUICK, Agnes Campbell, beloved wife of Hartley, mother of Wayne and Debra, also David (dec'd), passed away 28 September 1994, aged 72 years
BUICK, Archibald Oswald, died 30 April 1971, aged 87 years (with Violet)
BUICK, David John, beloved son of Agnes and Hartley, brother of Wayne, died 18 February 1958, aged 2 days
BUICK, Donald M., loved husband of Barbara, loving father of Heather and Sharon, died 5.2.1985, aged 49 years
BUICK, Edgar Arthur, died 14 October 2000, aged 89 years, loved father of Donald, Arthur, Lynette, Marlene, Maurice, Judith, Trevor, Denise, Bronwyn, Barry and Brian (with Florence)
BUICK, Florence Eileen, died 11 August 2000, aged 81 years, loved mother of Donald, Arthur, Lynette, Marlene, Maurice, Judith, Trevor, Denise, Bronwyn, Barry and Brian (with Edgar)
BUICK, Garry David, loved father of Freda and Struan (dec'd), died 24 November 1945, aged 83 years
BUICK, Hartley Oswald, dearly loved husband of Agnes, devoted father of Wayne, David (dec'd), and Debra, died suddenly 24 March 1979, aged 58 years
BUICK, Herbert George, died 3 October 1984, aged 69 years, loving husband of Joyce, father of Dianne and Stephen, and papa of Suzanne, Ashley and Jamie
BUICK, Joyce Eleanor, died 5 January 1987, aged 61 years, loving wife of Herbert, mother of Dianne and Stephen, and nan of Suzanne, Ashley and Jamie
BUICK, Nigel Ronald, born 22.9.31, died 5.1.94, aged 62 years; married 1954, Margaret Elaine Spangler; children Cheryl, Gavin, Dion, Lex, 9 grandchildren, niche wall
BUICK, Susanna, formerly Day, passed to another life October 13, 1941, aged 74 years. Ever remembered by her loving children
BUICK, Thelma Rose, born 6.6.1918, died 21.11.2000, aged 82 years, youngest daughter of Alexander and Violet May Buick
BUICK, Violet Rachel, wife of above (Archibald), died 25 August 1951, aged 61 years
BURDON, A. K., Private, SX12932, 18 Infantry Battalion, 10 January 1991, age 81; loved husband of Gwen, and loved father of Jennifer, Mignon and Suzanne
BURDON, Jean Margaret, born 2 October 1912, died 23 February 1913, loved daughter of Kate and Len, sister of Sylvia, Keith and Horace
BURDON, Vivian Lorna, died 24.4.1950, aged 42 years
BURGESS, Alfred, born December 2, 1832, and departed this life 15 September 1889; erected by his loving sons
BURGESS, Edward, our dear father, passed away 6 September 1948, aged 72 years (with Wilhelmina)
BURGESS, F. J., (Freddie), 18.7.1946 - 2.12.1982, dearly loved husband of Judy, loving father of Raymond, Steven and Peter, loved only son of Hilde
BURGESS, Judith Anne, 14.1.1948 - 9.4.2001, loved wife of Fred, daughter in law of Hilda, loving mother of Raymond, Steven and Peter, Oma of Jessica and Ebony
BURGESS, Maurice M. Driver, SX9982, 8 Div. Amm.Sub.Park., 29 January 1981, aged 60 years, prisoner of war, born 2 May 1920
BURGESS, Wilhelmina, passed away 28 December 1948, aged 70 years (with Edward)
BURLINSON, Albert Nicholas, born 22.9.1917, died 8.2.1981, loving husband of Eileen Mary
BURLINSON, Eileen Mary, born 14.4.1917 died 26.6.1988, beloved wife of Albert, loved mother of John, mother in law of Gloria, nan of David, Julie and Allan
BUTTERY, Malcolm Keith, died 26.3.1984, aged 62, beloved husband of Mary Amelia, loved father of Nanette and Melba, father in law of John and David
BUTTERY, Mary, died 22.6.2004

CALDECOTT, Gweneth Ann, passed away 27.9.1986, aged 69 years, loved mother of Gweneth, Judith, Susan, John and Sharon, and their families of 14 children (with John)
CALDECOTT, John Keith Monash, passed away 20.7.1987, aged 68 years, loved father of Gweneth, Judith, Susan, John and Sharon and their families of 14 children (with Gweneth)
CALNAN, Maud Jane, youngest daughter of Charles and Mary Ann, who died March 21, 1879 aged 2 years and 3 months
CANE, A., (cross only)
CANNON, Vicki, 6.6.1963, beloved infant daughter of Yevonne* and John, sister of Susan and Maria
CARLTON, Hilda Alvera, died 22 August 1974, aged 74 years, loving mother of Norman (with Peter)
CARLTON, Norman Clarence, died 21 January 1975, aged 56 years, dearly loved husband of Dorothy, loved father of Jennie and Gaenor (with Peter and Hilda)
CARLTON, Peter Martin, died 28 October 1974, aged 93 years, loving father of Norman (with Hilda)
CARTER, Charlotte* Emily, dearly loved wife of J. H. Carter, and loving mother of Roy, Cyril and Marjorie, who passed away 1 April 1937, aged 72 years
CARTER, Joseph, beloved husband of Charlott* and dear father of Cyril, Marjorie and Roy, passed away 10 May 1943
CARTER, Marjorie, beloved daughter of Charlott* and Joseph, and dear sister of Cyril and Roy, passed away 20 August 1945
CARTER, Roy James Charles, died 26 August 1970
CASHMORE, Helen Anne (nee Seager), 29.4.1926 - 23.9.1995, loved mother of Mark, Mary, David and Janeta
CASS, Marjorie, 26 November 1988, loved wife of Ken, mother of Roger, niche wall
CASS, William Kenyon, niche wall
CHAPMAN, Alice Miriam Mary, here lie the ashes of, passed away 12 November 1988, aged 80 years, loved by her brothers
CHAPMAN, Eliza Sylvia, wife of above (Richard), died 13 June 1952, aged 94 years, loving mother of William, Marsden and Gladys Geisler, [illegible]
CHAPMAN, Gladys Amy, died 14 October 1988, aged 78 years (with William)
CHAPMAN, Margaret Mary, died 25 December 1983, aged 76 years, loved mother of Tom and Freda
CHAPMAN, Marsden Blyth, died 19 May 1971, aged 88, father of Alice, Lewis, Marsden and Frank (with Mary)
CHAPMAN, Martha Hope (Pops), beloved wife of Frank, loving mother of Gifford, Kingsley, Penelope and Russell, died 4 March 1981, aged 68 years
CHAPMAN, Mary Adelaide, died 11 August 1966, aged 91, mother of Alice, Lewis, Marsden and Frank (with Marsden B)
CHAPMAN, Rayleen Margaret, babe of Thelma and Clem, died 15 March 1934
CHAPMAN, Richard Clement, died 3 October 1989, aged 79 years, beloved husband of Thelma, loving father of Rayleen (dec'd), Patricia, Beverley and Geoffrey
CHAPMAN, Richard William, our beloved husband and father, died 23 May 1966, aged 86 years (with Sarah)
CHAPMAN, Richard, died 25 November 1923, aged 74 years, loving father of William, Marsden and Gladys (with Eliza)
CHAPMAN, Sarah Mary, beloved wife of the above (Richard), died 17 July 1975, aged 92 years
CHAPMAN, Sylvia Jane, who departed this life April 11, 1879, aged 14 months
CHAPMAN, Thelma Jean, (nee Coote), died 21 June 1996, aged 83; beloved wife of Richard, and loving mother of Raeleen (dec'd), Patricia, Beverley and Geoffrey
CHAPMAN, Walter Frank, beloved husband of (Pops), loving father of Gifford, Kingsley, Penelope, Russell, died 13 August 1996, aged 82 years
CHAPMAN, William David, loved son of Ted and Patricia, in his 7th year, 1963 + plaque 'brother of Vickie, James, Della and Tricia
CHAPMAN, William Ross, died 29 May 1984, aged 78 years (with Gladys), Ted, Alison and families
CHILDS, Graeme, our dear son and brother, accidentally drowned 2 October 1954, aged 3 years
CHIRGWIN, Cecil C. 1904-1989
CHIRGWIN, Darrell, loved son of Ruth and Roy, brother of Murray, passed away 3 July 1960, aged 30 years
CHIRGWIN, Eliza Jane, beloved wife of above (Martin), died 23 July 1940, aged 69 years
CHIRGWIN, Florence Sylvia, beloved wife of above (Victor), died 23 August 1985, aged 78 years
CHIRGWIN, Horace Martin, died 22 June 1979, aged 69 years, loved father of Max, Jan and Bob (with Thelma)
CHIRGWIN, Martin James, our dear father, died 22 December 1939, aged 75 years (with Eliza)
CHIRGWIN, Rhoda, died 31 March 1977
CHIRGWIN, Thelma Annie, died 13 August 1991, aged 79 years, loved mother of Max, Jan and Bob (with Horace)
CHIRGWIN, Victor Russell, beloved husband of Florence, died 31 July 1969, aged 71 years
CHIRGWIN, Rhoda, died 31 March 1977
CHRISTOPHERS, A. G. Clinton, died 17.3.1994, aged 92 years
CHRISTOPHERS, Edna Dorothea, died 16 June 1989, aged 77 years, loved wife of Frederick
CHRISTOPHERS, F. W. J., Private, SX15565, 2/43 Infantry Battalion, 5 June 1970, age 59; beloved husband of Edna
CHRISTOPHERS, George C., died 8 May 1928, aged 61 years
CHRISTOPHERS, Meta D., died 1 July 1975, aged 70 years
CHRISTOPHERS, Steven John "Tom", 23.5.1962 - 14.2.1998, much loved son, brother, brother-in-law and uncle
CLARE, Robert James, born 24.9.1921, passed away 8.5.2000, loved husband of Lydia, loving father of Rosemary and Jo + service plaque Sapper, SX39560, 2/7 Aust. Docks, Operating Company; age 79
CLARK, David Herbert Weir, died 25 April 1980, aged 79 years, with Mabel + plaque 'David H. W., Private, SX8101, 2/2 Army Fd, W/Shops, 6 Reg. Sect., 24 April 1980, aged 79 years; beloved husband of Mabel, and loved father of Tom and Pat, born 4 June 1900
CLARK, Doris Ethel (Schoff), died March 13, 1980, aged 84 years, niche wall
CLARK, Henrietta Maud, our dear mother, beloved wife of the late Thomas, who passed away on October 13, 1936, aged 57 years
CLARK, Hilda May, passed away May 14, 1991, age 85, beloved daughter of Henrietta Maud and Robert Thomas Clark, and dearly loved sister of David, Nigel, Victor, Rose, Tibby and Muriel, niche wall
CLARK, Mabel Ethel, died 14 August 1988, aged 80 years (with David)
CLARK, Mary, died 8 October 1976, loved wife of Victor, loving mother of Robert and Ian, loving nanna of Kerry, Julie, Matthew, Leanne and Paul
CLARK, P., (cross only)
CLARK, Victor Robert, died 14 August 1997, beloved husband of Mary (dec'd), loving father of Robert and Ian, treasured grandpa of Kerry, Julie, Matthew, Leanne and Paul
CLAVERT, Leonard, "Boof", died 23.6.2003, 82 years
CLIFFORD, Bernard Gray, Private, SX22861, AIF, died 8.11.1993, aged 73 years; beloved husband of Isabel, father of David, Ann, Jim, Trevor, Graeme and Ngari
COLLESS, Nancy May, died 27 September 1995, aged 81 years, RIP Mum, Patricia and Robert
COLLESS, Robert Vivian, died 19 October 1990, aged 87 years, [Freemason symbol
CONNELL, Charles S., passed away 17 December 1995, aged 88 years, beloved husband of Lucy, loving father of Edna dec'd, Desmond, Ruth, Ronald, Trevor, Graeme, Roger, Philip, Peter and Raelene
CONNELL, Lucy, passed away 4 March 1982, aged 71 years, beloved wife of Charles, loving mother of Edna (dec'd)
COOK, Annie Margaret (nee Caril), 2.3.1904 - 10.9.1976, loved wife of Percival H. W. Cook, loving mother of Netta, John, Margaret, Weston, Mary and Lance
COOK, Elizabeth, died 24 March 1920, aged 47 years (with Vincent)
COOK, Eric B. F., Private, S114487, 19 Aust. Works Coy, 2 July 1981, aged 70 years; loving husband of Shirley, son of Reginald Cook
COOK, K. A., Sgt, SX29233, Signals 12 Aust. Div., 23.7.1994, age 87
COOK, Lance William, born 12 November 1947, died 1950, son of Perce and Annie
COOK, Louisa Henrietta, nee Lykke, born 9 September 1878, died 3 June 1961, loved mother of Perce and Eric (with Reginald)
COOK, Percival H. W., 19.5.1902 - 20.2.1983 (with Annie)
COOK, Reginald James, born 10 August 1876, died 21 March 1939, loved father of Perce and Eric, (with Louisa)
COOK, Shirley D., passed away 24.10.1984, aged 62 years, loved wife of Eric
COOK, Vincent H. F., died 19 September 1940, aged 72 years (with Elizabeth)
COOPER, Christopher (Priest), 1909 - 1997, husband of Dorothy, father of John, Margaret, Jim and Helen, grandfather of 9 grandchildren
COPE, Cyril Maxwell (Peter), loved husband of Marion, died 23 September 1989, aged 64 years, loving father of Una, Harold and Kym
COPE, Ian Kym, died 24 August 2000, aged 44 years, loved son of Marion and Peter, loving brother of Una and Harold
CORDES, Allan Maurice, died 7 November 1987, aged 77 years, dearly loved husband of Catherine (Rene), and father of Neville, Patricia, Dene and Colline*
CORDES, Frederick, beloved husband of Ottelie*, father of Laurence, Allan and Desmond, died 25 January 1947, aged 68 years
CORDES, Ottilie*, passed away 7.9.1957, aged 78 years
CORLETT, Sarah, dearly loved wife of the late Thomas, aged 33 years
CORLETT, Thomas, dearly loved husband of the above (Sarah), aged 88 years; Interred Isle-of-Man; loving parents of Katie
COUCHMAN, Brace, died 7 February 1975, age 40, loved husband of Rosalie, devoted father of Micheal*, Teresa and Adrian
COX, Edna Harland, dearly loved wife of Ron, dearest mum of Ron, Dawn, Vin and Cindy, 1921 - 1993
COX, Mary Camelia Rose, 19.3.1901 - 18.6.1976
CRABB, Crystal Isobel Mary, wife of Digger, mother of Isobel, Benjamin and John, died 1 May 1978, aged 59 years
CRABB, Douglas M. K., born 16 December 1916, died 20 April 1978
CRABB, H. R., Private, SX8810, 2/48 Battalion, 9 May 1966, age 44 years; beloved husband of Crystal, loved father of Benjamin and John, step-father of Isobel
CRABB, Lynne Denise, died 2 March 1957, aged 3 years 9 months
CRACKNELL, Raeleen Mary, nee Sundberg, wife of Rev. Dr. V. J. Cracknell, mother of Dale, Lisa, Paul and Mary, 25.2.1938 - 14.10.1992, niche wall
CRIMP, M. K., wife of Alf (dec'd), mother of Dulcie (dec'd), died 26 December 1983, aged 95 years

DALY, George John, dearly loved husband of Ruby, 21.3.21 to 7.9.86
DAVIES, Ann Elizabeth, wife of Bernard, died 23 July 1992, aged 87 years
DAVIES, Bernard, Lieutenant, VX117066, Australian Intelligence Corps, died 19 October 1981, aged 76 years (with Ann)
DAVIES, John Nash, died 12 May 1937, aged 65 years
DAVIES, L. B., Ldg Aircraftman, 47497, Royal Australian Air Force, 10 December 1960, age 38; dearly loved and sadly missed by his wife Gladys and children
DAVIS, Colin H., 26.4.1919 - 23.1.1968, husband of Betty, father of Trevor, Shirley and Rodney
DAVIS, Ivan Stanley, 1920 - 1988, loving husband of Joy, loving father of David, Peter, Marie, Ivan, Robin and Mervyn
DAVIS, Ralph Baker, 7 February 1930 to 8 February 2002, dearly loved husband of Pam, devoted father and father-in-law of Judy and David, Susan, Mark and Anne, Christine and Allan, adored poppa of Kerry and Aron*, Michael, Andrew and Hannah, Ben and Donna, Lisa and Tim, Luke and Jenna, great poppa of Taya
DAVIS, Stephen Charles, 8.2.1973 - 10.9.1975, loved son of Trevor and Rosalie
DAW, Arthur Theodore, dearly beloved son of Arthur and Clara, who died February 15, 1902, aged 6 years and 5 months
DAW, J. W., who died February 21, 1911, aged 84 (with Mary)
DAW, Mary, wife of the above (J. W.), who died December 22, 1911, aged 85
DEACON, Muriel Joan, born 6.6.1919, died 28.3.1998, daughter of Robert Thomas and Henrietta Maud Clark, loving wife of Lawrence Frederick Deacon, much loved mother of Roger, Suzanne, Christine and Deborah and nana to eight, niche wall
DELAHANTY, James, missionary, called home July 8, 1920, aged 66; 50 years a preacher of the gospel
DESMOND, Ruth, Ronald, Trevor, Graeme, Roger, Philip, Peter and Raelene
DIXON, Alma Christina, passed away 5 June 1979, aged 85 years, beloved wife of Sgt Arthur Brant Cyril Dixon, (Late 1st AIF), loving and devoted mother of Alfred, Leslie and Donald
DIXON, Elizabeth 'Liz', aged 26 years, beloved eldest daughter of Alec and Stella (dec) McEwen, tragically killed 26 April 1973
DIXON, Alfred Granville, died 11 June 1985, aged 67 years, beloved husband of Phyllis Muriel, loving father of Beverley, Robert (dec'd), Kaye, Graham, Valerie and Susan
DIXON, Natalie Elizabeth, passed away 11 December 1972, aged 46 years, beloved wife of Donald, mother of Dianne and Stephen
DIXON, Phyllis Muriel, died 6 December 1998, aged 77 years, beloved wife of Alfred, loving mother of Beverley, Robert (dec'd), Kaye, Graham, Valerie and Susan
DIXON, Richard Granville, aged 7 years and Sonya Phyllis, aged 6 years, darling grandchildren of Phyllis, Alfred and Alec, tragically killed 26 April 1973
DIXON, Robert Granville, aged 30 years, beloved eldest son of Alfred and Phyllis, tragically killed 26 April 1973 (with Elizabeth)
DOLTRUP, Finn Edvard, born 7.1.1940 in Denmark, died 5.8.1964 at Kingscote
DONNELLAN, Lisa Jane, 17.6.1976 - 9.12.2001, daughter of Heather and Tony, sister of Colene*, mother of Thomas, Patrick and deceased son
DOW, C. J., Private, SX24261, Signals 9 Aust Division, 26 October 1980, aged 61; beloved husband of Peg, father of Maurice, Ted, Catherine and Jimmie
DUFFY, Claud Henry, 1913 - 1995, beloved husband of Clarice, loved and respected dad of Pat, Ann, Sue (dec'd) and Don, loving papa of his extended family
DUNCAN, Samuel Robert, husband of Patricia, father of Gail and Grant, 1922 - 2000
DUNN, Frederick J., passed away 8 December 1944, (with Gertrude)
DUNN, Gertrude, passed away 26 March 1958 (with Frederick)
DUNN, W.M., Private, SX5763, 2/3/Machine Gun Battalion, 12 December 1999, age 84; in loving memory of Mick - husband of Leila, father of Fred and Ann
DUNSTAN, Eileen, mother of Donald, Patricia, Pamela and John, passed away 20 September 1983, aged 84 years
DUNSTAN, Robert Edward, died 23.7.1981, aged 61 years, husband of Betty, father of Peter, Pamela and Trevor

EDWARDS, Anne Rosalie Clara, wife of A. E. Edwards, loving mother of Violet, Francis, Klemm and Jean, passed away 11 May 1958, in her 78th year
EDWARDS, Epps, 1854 - 1915
EDWARDS, Francis Reginald, son of the late Clara and Ernest, passed away 8 March 1977, aged 69 years
EDWARDS, Klemm Clifford, beloved husband of Lucy Elizabeth, and dearest father of Robert, born at Karatta, KI, 9.3.1911, died at Grassdale 14.1.1955
EDWARDS, Lucy, 14.5.1914 - 27.1.2000
ELLERY, Frederick Richard (Rick), born Dongara 9.12.1934, died Kangaroo Island 29.9.2003, sadly missed by his brother Peter and family and his lifelong friend, Sue de Rohan
ELLSON, Florence Edith, loved wife of William John, interred Cheltenham 1921, loving mother of Ivan, passed away 11 November 1968, aged 86 years; Gold Medal London, College of Music 1921; founder of Ellsons Seaview, 1924
ELLSON, Lilian Mavis, loved wife of Ivan Christian, passed away 13 August 1977, aged 65 years, loving mum of Bernie, Barry, John, Peter, Malcolm, Carolyn
ELSEGOOD, Elizabeth Dawn, loved wife of Fred, and loving mother of Susan, Maree, Rosalie, Vivien and Barbara, died 18 November 1970, aged 43 years
ELSEGOOD, Frederick Charles, died accidentally, 2.12.1982, aged 63 years, much loved dad of Susan, Maree, Rosalie, Vivien and Barbara; fond poppa
ELSEGOOD, Frederick Charles, husband of Olive M., died 11 March 1943, aged 65 years
ELSEGOOD, Marion Eva, died 30 June 1986, aged 67 years, beloved wife of Jack, loving mother of Elizabeth, Jennifer and Lynette
ELSEGOOD, Olive Mabel, passed away 24 January 1964, aged 74 years
ENGELBRECHT, Max, son of L. W. and Enid, accidentally killed March 29, 1910, aged 6= years

FERGUSON, F. R., (cross only)
FERGUSON, Ruby, passed away 11.4.1996, aged 79 years, loving wife of Fred, loving aunty of Mary, Pam, Matt, Simmon*, David and Donna
FLAVEL, Maxwell George, died 27 September 1974, aged 61 years, loved husband of Dorothy, loving father of John
FLORANCE, Alfred John, dearly beloved husband of M. A. Florance, died 25 September 1952, aged 80 years
FLORANCE, Alicia Jayne, 18.1.87, daughter of Tony and Elizabeth, sister of Christopher, stillborn
FLORANCE, Cecil Holgrave, dearly loved son of A. J. and M. A. Florance, died March 8, 1916, aged 9 years 2 months
FLORANCE, Clifton John, 5.4.1900 - 1.12.1937, loving father of Norman
FLORANCE, Cora Gwendolyn, daughter of A. J. and M. A. Florance, died 11 February 1920, aged 3 months
FLORANCE, Edna Jean, passed away 5 January 2002, aged 68 years, dearly loved wife of Bruce Graham, loving and devoted mother of Geoffrey, David, Barbara and families
FLORANCE, Elsa Mildred, dearly beloved daughter of A. J. and M. A. Florance, died March 21, 1916, aged 2 years 7 months
FLORANCE, John Biggan, beloved husband of above (Martha), died 21 September 1902, aged 57 years
FLORANCE, Lance Kingsley, born Wisanger 15.9.1917 - died Kingscote 27.11.1998, loving husband of Lola, father of Baden, Malcolm (dec'd), Monica, Katherine, Heather. His ashes are placed at Malcolm's grave; niche wall
FLORANCE, L. E., Private, SX17019, 2/10 Infantry Battalion, 9 March 1969, age 54
FLORANCE, Malcolm, beloved son of Lola and Lance, died 18 October 1945, aged 4 years 11 months
FLORANCE, Margaret Ruth, dearly loved wife of Allan, and loving mother of Leanne, Brenton and Amanda, died 18 June 1985, aged 32 years
FLORANCE, Martha, died 23 May 1925, aged 71 years (with John)
FLORANCE, Maurice Roy, dearly loved husband of Denise, died 6 December 1986, aged 45 years, loving father of Sharon, Cindy, Neil and Glen
FLORANCE, Millicent Anne, dearly loved wife of Alfred John, died 13 July 1958, aged 79 years
FLORANCE, Myra Adelaide, dearly beloved daughter of A. J. and M. A. Florance, died February 16, 1908, aged 6 weeks
FLORANCE, Olive Evelyne, dearly beloved daughter of A. J. and M. A. Florance, died March 3, 1916, aged 13 years 3 months
FLORANCE, Phyllis Mary, (nee Wiadrowski), died 7.7.1987, aged 78, loved mother of John (dec'd), Bruce, Ralph, Kelva*, Thomas,
FLORANCE Stanley Ivanhoe, died 13.1.1992, aged 87, loved father of John (dec'd), Bruce, Ralph, Kelva, Thomas, Kingsford, Minion, Myra, Patrick, Dean, Claire, Julie, Walter, Valerie and Allan (with Phyllis)
FLORANCE, Vera Mabel Isabel, 18.8.1900 - 28.7.1931, loving mother of Norman
FLORANCE, Vernon Lindley, *3.11.1911 2.9.2003, beloved husband of Sylvia, dearly loved father of Trevor, Gwenda, John, Michael, Janice and Gary, loving grandfather and great grandfather
FORSTER, John Joseph, loved husband of Madge, loving father of Howard, died 12 September 1999, aged 86 years)
FORSYTH, Colin Jeffries, loved son of Alan and Isabel, 29.11.1913 - 25.2.1991
FRANCIS, Russell L., died 2 May 1972, aged 15 years
FRASER, Thomas, born Shetland Isles, 1854, and Jens Dithlefsen*, born Denmark, 1866, arrived at Weir Cove, June 9, 1911; The toll of the sea; Erected by their friends
FRAWLEY, George Patrick, 2 AIF, 211 Mcs. REI, RSL VX7101, passed at KIGH on 14 December 1994, loving husband of Inez (dec'd), son of Michael and Catherine (both dec'd), brother of Peter, Frank, Emily and Mary, also Clive, Kath, Noia*, Ellen, Mick, Jack (all dec'd)
FRAWLEY, Inez Alice, born 29 November 1901, died 9 March 1988, beloved wife of George, loved mother Vi, and beloved grandmother of Keith, Wendy, Malcolm, John, Philip and Vivienne
FREEBAIRN, Gloria Christine, 23.6.1951 - 12.4.1997, beloved wife of Phillip Clifford, loving mother of Anthony and Kevin
FREEBAIRN, J. L. C., Private, SX1151, 2/10 Battalion, 1 February 1959, age 60; dearly beloved husband of Gwenda
FREER, D. J., (cross only)
FRIDD, E.A.D., Leading Aircraftman, 141886, Royal Australian Air Force, 10 August 1997, age 84, loved grandpa of Marilyn and Adam

GALVIN, Gertrude Maria, beloved wife of Stephen James, 25.1.1908 - 15.11.1987
GASK, Bernice St. Clair "Bunny", died 19 April 1981, aged 71 years, beloved wife of Geoffrey, mother of Jillian and Raelee, nanna of six grandchildren
GASK, Geoffrey, Cpl, SX17722, 2/9 I.AD A.I.F., 7 May 1997, 87 years; loved husband of "Bunny", loved father of Jillian and Raelee, grandpa of 6, great grandpa of 3
GASMIER, Archibald Oswald., Driver, SX13265, 105 General Transport Company, 8 July 2002, age 95; husband of Doreen, father of Digby and Fran, stepdad to Murray and Jeff
GASMIER, Frances Serena (nee Buck), beloved wife of George, died 21 August 1964, aged 87
GASMIER, George, beloved husband of Frances, died 19 September 1949, aged 76 years
GASMIER, Joan, beloved wife of Arch, died 20 June 1964, aged 51 years, devoted mother of Peter, Digby and Francie
GASMIER, Mildred Dulcie (nee Davis), passed away 20.7.1971, aged 53 years, wife of Victor Herbert, loving mother of Kevin, Margaret and Robert (with Victor)
GASMIER, Victor Herbert, passed away 9.11.1969, aged 61 years, loving father of Kevin, Margaret and Robert (with Mildred)
GEISLER, Coral May, dearly loved wife of Bill, 12.5.1915 - 25.9.1980
GEISLER, Heinrich Ewald, dearly loved husband of Coral, 24.10.1911 - 24.10.1997, loved parents* of Doreen, Malcolm, Carol, Madelene, Graham and Judy
GEISLER, J. Carl Heinrich, died 19 June 1949, aged 86 years
GEISLER, Maria Pauline, 12.9.1877 - 22.3.1941
GERLACH, Betty L., d 3.4.85, 57 yrs, loved wife and mother of Clarrie - Mary-Anne, John, and Jane, descendant Richard Stone 1852 Devon, Eng., remains distributed at Centennial Park Crematorium Rose Garden, niche wall
GEUE, Wilfred, dearly loved husband of Vera (dec'd), loving father of Jenifer* and Maurice, laid to rest 15.8.1994, aged 82 years
GILES, Hugh Maurice, born 19.7.1920, died 24.11.1987, loved husband of Patricia, father of Meg, Philip, Ann and David, loved poppa of 8 grandchildren
GITTERDOTTE, William George, stillborn 20.6.90
GODDEN, Ena, 9.10.1935 - 3.12.2000, beloved wife of Fred, loving mother and mother-in-law to her children, and devoted grandma to 14 grandchildren
GODDEN, Mark Norman, 29.9.1961 - 13.2.1988, beloved husband of Belinda, loving father of Bradley and Sam, niche wall
GOLDER, Larry Arthur, born 14 January 1951, died 17 April 2002, loved brother of Michael and Brently*, soulmate of Beverly* and dearly loved father of Joey, loved father to Cassie and Miles, niche wall
GOLDER, Leslie Hubert, loving husband of Mavis, born 13 December 1915, died 7 November 2000, dearly loved father of Michael, Larry and Brently*, niche wall
GOLDER, Mavis Annie, born 18 May 1921, died 21 May 1995, dearly loved mother of Michael, Larry and Brently* (with Leslie), niche wall
GOUGH, Ernest James, 9.2.1921 - 19.4.1997
GRAHAM, Edward Roy, 6.7.1927 - 8.4.1983, beloved father of Desmond, Peter, Micheal* (dec'd), Terry (dec'd), and Barry (with Vyvionne*)
GRAHAM, Terry, died 1.7.1963, aged 3
GRAHAM, Vyvionne June (nee Jenkins), 2.6.1931 - 19.2.1984, beloved mother of Desmond, Peter, Micheal (dec'd), Terry (dec'd) and Barry (with Edward)
GRANT, Alexander Robert, (Butch), beloved son of A M and J Grant, died 5 March 1965, aged 16 years and 7 months, result of accident
GRANT, Alexander, Private, S111948, A M F., 3 July 1983, aged 84 years; loved husband of Lindsay, father of Len, Pat, Maureen, Alec (dec), Terryr
GRANT, Joyce, 6.8.1918 - 9.7.1999, loved mother of Len, Pat, Maureen, Alec, Terryr Boswell, Loris, beloved wife of Kevin, loving mother of Vicki, Kim and Glenn, died 22 December 1966, aged 36 years
GREGOR, Foster Lenard, AIF, 9.4.1917 - 5.3.1975, beloved husband of Norma, loved father of Shirley, Stephen and Helen, niche wall
GRIFFITH, Annette Susan "Annie", 19.4.1955 - 8.12.2003, cherished wife of Ian, devoted mother of Lily and Tomas*
GRIFFITH, A. L., Private, SX5371, 2/43 Infantry Battalion, 7 September 1995, age 75; Allan, loved husband of Jean, devoted father of Howard, Rosalyn and Ian
GRIFFITH, Llewellyn Gryffydh, died 12.11.1941, husband of Ethel Varina, father of Bert (dec'd), Allan, Nellie and Ray
GRIFFITH, Raymond Harold, (Freemason), aged 70 years, born 22.1.1926, died 6.11.1996, devoted husband of Daph, loving father of Trevor, Barry, Vivienne, Mark and families
GUM, Steven James, RAAF, A410136, 10.5.1964 - 4.2.1984, loved son of John and Marion, brother of Heather and Kevin, accidentally killed at Amberley

HAGEN, Neil Eric, died 30.12.1969, aged 16 months
HAGERSTROM, Anita Mary and Sonia Kay, beautiful twin daughters of Bob and Kay, much loved sisters of Melody and Brett, sisters in law of Geoff, cherished aunties of Damon and Ben, loved by grandma Boehm and all the Hagerstroms, Sonia beloved companion of Rob, and Anita his dear friend, lost, (believed drowned) from Neptune Island, 27 December 1989, aged 23 years, niche wall
HALLORAN, Clive, born 12.4.21, died 11.12.99, loving husband of June, loved father of Bob, Geraldine, David, Jon and Steve, niche wall
HALL, Bertha Louise (Peggy), born in England 1904, died KI 7.8.1978, loving wife of William George, mother to Lionel and Wendy
HALL, Constance May, *23.6.1911 15.4.1997, age 85 (Herbert)
HALL, Edmond, beloved husband of Sarah, died 25 March 1948, aged 71 years
HALL, Enid Joyce, *12.6.1918 27.8.1995, dearly loved wife of Alfred, loved wife of Merilyn, Kenneth, Walter and Kerry
HALL, Freda, beloved wife of the late Frederick, died 31 October 1985, aged 75 years
HALL, Frederick H., beloved husband of Freda, died 18 July 1975, aged 65 years
HALL, Herbert Richard, died 10 July 1983, aged 75 years, loving husband of Constance May, loving father of Ronald, Beryl, Elaine, John, Stanley and Robert
HALL, James, father, died October 27, 1919, aged 82 (with Martha)
HALL, Lionel Harold, passed away 11.9.1997, aged 63 years, loving husband of Inge Karla, much loved dad to Petrina
HALL, Martha, mother, died July 17, 1920, aged 76 (with James)
HALL, R. P., Private, SX6247, 2/3 Machine Gun Battalion, 25 March 1948, age 35; "Bob", beloved husband of Ruby, and loving daddy of Edmund* and Ann
HALL, Sarah, wife of Edmond*, died 17 August 1964, aged 86 years
HALL, W. G., (cross only)
HAMILTON, William Holmes, died 13 June 1931, (Birchnorf Lagoon, KI), loving father of John H. O. A. Hamilton (with Annie)p
HAMILTON, Annie Freer, died 5 June 1901 (Queenscliffe, KI), loving mother of John H.O.A. Hamilton (with William)
HAMMAT, Daphne Jean, dearly loved wife of Ern, loving mother of Graham, Darryl, Raymond and Barry, died 16.5.1985, aged 62 years
HAMMAT, Ernest Lloyd, dearly loved husband of Jean, loving father of Graham, Darryl, Raymond and Barry, died 26.4.1987, aged 79 years
HAMMAT, Fred, beloved husband of Dorothy, and loving father of Judith, died 16 March 1962
HAMMERICH, Brenda Jean, 19.7.48 - 14.10.93, dearly loved by all her family (photo)
HAMS, R. R., Leading Aircraftman, 122654, Royal Australian Air Force, 23 February 1988, age 78; always remembered by his loving wife Una, Ron, Yevonne* and their families
HANCOCK, Duncan Mark, 1.12.1961 - 24.6.1999, loving husband of Marilyn, mate to Shane, beloved son of David and Barbara, loved son-in-law of Daphne, brother to Carolann*, brother-in-law to Brendan, uncle to Meaghan* and Dylan
HANSEN, Harald,* died 19 May 1964, aged 76 years (with Violet)
HANSEN, Violet, died 6 October 1959, aged 67 years (with Harald)
HANSEN, Leopold H., died 27 April 1952, aged 69 years
HARDY, Harry, died 19 November 1972, aged 72 years, loved husband of Olive
HARDY, Olive, died 10 July 1998, aged 96 years, loved wife of Harry
HARMER, Ern, died 3 June 1965, aged 54 years, loved father of Mark and Sharon, (with Roslyn)
HARMER, Roslyn Mary, died 4 September 1996, loved mother of Mark and Sharon (with Ern)
HARRINGTON, Leon, WO, 4451 and 8110, 28 Bn and SA L of C Workshop, 30 October 1978, aged 84 years, loved by his wife and family May, Rita, Jim, Chris, Anne, Jay
HARRIS, John William Joseph, died 30 January 1960, aged 41 years, loving father of Shirley, Lorraine, John and Brian
HARRIS, Kathleen, died 24 March 1961, aged 43 years, loving mother of Shirley, Lorraine, John and Brian
HARRY, Annie, 1972, mother of Mavis (with Arthur)2 Harry, Arthur, 1966, father of Mavis, (with Annie)
HARVIE, A. H., Corporal, SX14365, 2/9 AA Regt, 19 June 1967, age 50 years
HASELDINE, Glenda Laurel, 14 years, dearly loved daughter of Vera and Gordon, beloved sister of Pam, Mary and Judy, killed in accident December 22, 1968
HAYNES, Benjamin E. J., PA2719 A/B., R.A.N., 18 June 1983, aged 59 years; beloved husband of Kathleen and much loved father of Sue and Debbie
HELYAR, Arthur Stanley, born 18.5.14, died 12.1.95, reunited with his dearly loved wife Dot, and son Neil, sadly missed by Ann, his grandchildren Jamie, Jody and Sally, great grandson Ben, niche wall
HELYAR, Doris I., d. 4.7.85, 70 yrs, loved wife of Arthur, and mother of Neil, descendant Richard Stone, 1852, Devon, Eng., remains distributed at Centennial Park, Crematorium Rose Garden, niche wall
HELYAR, Neil Douglas, died 28.10.88, age 47 yrs, beloved husband of Ann, loved father of Jamie, Jody and Sally, grandfather of Ben, niche wall
HEMMINGS, L. M., no details
HEMMINGS, Roland (Ray), passed away 4 January 1975, aged 50 years
HICKMAN, Oliver Sidney, Private, SX4220, 2/27 Inf Bn, 17 January 2004, age 91 years
HILDER, Aileen Harriet, 23.3.1916 - 28.2.1994, loved wife of Jack, loved mother and mother in law of Brian and Rob
HILDER, J. L., Leading Aircraftman, 28494, Royal Australian Air Force, 12 April 1991, age 75; Jack, loved husband of Aileen, loving father of Valda, Brian and Charlie
HILL, Douglas Harold, dearly loved husband of Joan, loving father of Peter, Kym, Ian, passed away 16 December 1997, aged 67 years, niche wall
HILLZ, Franziska* Maria, born 2.2.1899, died 28.11.1990, dearly loved mother of Friedel, mother in law of George, loved Omi of Peter and Ann
HINDES, Frederick John, beloved husband of Irene P. Hindes, died 27 September 1955, aged 70 years
HINDES, Irene Phillipa, loving wife of Frederick J. Hindes, died 17 July 1972, aged 81 years
HORJUS, Alfred, 8.7.24 - 12.1.04, 79 yrs
HOWARD, Gweneth Valmai (Val), 2.9.1928 - 20.6.1995, dearly loved wife of Lindsay, forever remembered by the children Janet, Beverly*, Allan and Ian
HUDSPETH, Jean Raymond, loved and loving wife of R. K. Hudspeth, died 6.8.1982, aged 68 years
HUNT, Alice Maud, (U.K.) aged 71 yrs, beloved wife of Charles, died 7 March 1986B
HURST, Patricia D., 16.12.1957 - 15.7.1962, 2nd daughter of Max and Daphne, sister of Richard, Robyn, Gregory, Sandra, Barbara and Diane
HURST, Richard George, 29.1.1951 - 13.2.1977, elder son of Max and Daphne, brother of Robyn, Gregory, Patricia, Sandra, Barbara and Diane

INGLIS, Alex D., beloved brother of J. Angus and E. Williams, died November 3, 1919, aged 54, beloved husband of C. E. Inglis
INGRAM, Anne Charlotte, passed away 3 July 1980, beloved wife of Frank
INGRAM, Bryan P., died 20.12.1964, aged 36
INGRAM, Claire, 26.11.1923 - 30.3.1997, beloved wife of Ken, loving mother of Graham and Peter and families
INGRAM, Frank Hamilton, passed away 12 October 1973, beloved husband of Anne
IRELAND, D. R., Lance Corporal, SX10213, 2/9 Australian General Hospital, 15 June 1993, age 73; devoted wife of Nerida, Terry, Diane, Dennis, Robin (dec'd), Ashly*, Sharon, Glenys

JAMES, Charles Ernest, passed away 14.8.85, loved husband and father of Grace, Charmaine and Tania, fond stepfather of Dianne and Malcolm; Kevin and Leonie; John and Vickie; Trevor and Joanne, and respective grandchildren
JAMIESON, Maxine Joan (nee Kaye), 28.8.1938 - 5.8.1999, loved wife of Len, dearly loved mother and nanna
JENKINS, Angela Louise, loved daughter of Veronica and Rodney, 11.7.81 to 4.9.81
JENKINS, A.G., (cross only)
JENKINS, D. I., (cross only)
JENKINS, Edwin Clement, *24.8.1902 - 24.1.1980, loved husband of Dorothy, father of Bryon, Jeffrey, June, Merridy* and Anthea
JENKINS, Jeffrey Rex, 29.12.1929 - 13.6.1992, loved and loving husband of Norma Mansell, and father of their children Linda, Daniel, Rodney, Glenys, Lorene and April
JENKINS, Olive F., loved wife of Alfred, loving mother of Madge and Clem, aged 82 years
JOHNSON, Ada Evelyn, 14.6.1902 - 27.9.1988, loving mother of Lyall, Ray, Vern, Dean and Trevor (dec'd) (with Frank)
JOHNSON, Cheryl Robyn, beloved wife of David, died 12 December 1976
JOHNSON, Frank George, 3.2.1899 - 9.3.1990, loving father of Lyall, Ray, Vern, Dean and Trevor (dec'd) (with Ada)
JOHNSON, H.J.C., Flight Lieutenant, 039618, Royal Australian Air Force, 31 March 2003, age 80; loved husband of Ngaire, devoted father of Derek, Rodney and Elizabeth
JOHNSON, Kevin Mark, our dearly beloved son and brother, born to Joy and Dean, 5.9.1960, tragically killed 9.4.1981, aged 20 years; forever in our hearts, Mum, Dad, Philip and Jeffrey
JOLLY, Linton, our dear son and brother, result of accident, 7 December 1957, aged 16 months
JONES, Beatrice Maria, beloved wife of Albert James, died at Adelaide August 21, 1933, aged 50 years and 9 months
JONES, Eileen Hazel, loved wife of Ken, died 27 November 1983, aged 84 years
JONES, Horace Henry, beloved husband of Marian Ruth, father of Dennis, Peter and Iris, died 19 February 1964, aged 56 years
JONES, J. R. A., Private, 3824 and SX8437, 32 Bn 1 AIF, and 2/27 Bn 2, AIF, 26 December 1969, age 77 years; loved husband of late Amy, ever remembered by his children
JONES, Kendell Mitchell, loved husband of Peggy, poppa Kendell to the Zygy's, born 5.8.1916, died 26.7.1998
JONES, Louisa, wife of W. H. Jones, who died April 14, 1888, aged 27 years
JONES, Marian Ruth, (nee Allen), born St Biton's Farm, near Cuckfield, England, on 28 June 1908, died 6 June 1981, beloved wife of H. H. Jones. Dear mother of Dennis, Peter and Iris
JONES, Peter Allen, loved son of H. H. and M. R. Jones, born 4 October 1930, died 19 September 1994, dear brother of Iris
JONES, (nee Zygmant), Peggy Iris Pauline, loved wife of Kendell, mother of the Zygy's, born 27.2.1921 - died 25.2.1995

KASEHAGEN, F. E. R., MM, Captain, S1187, 25 Garrison Battalion, 18 September 1977, age 83; beloved husband of Gladys Sylvia
KASEHAGEN, Gladys Sylvia, died 14 June 1982, in her 92nd year, beloved wife of Frank E. Kasehagen
KEELING, Annie Louisa, born 7.9.1905, died 4.5.1992, aged 86 years, dearly loved mother of Joyce and Myrtle
KELLY, Dudley Gould, loved husband of Edith, father of Ian, Margaret, Mary and Kathryn, 19.3.1908 to 25.10.2003, niche wall
KELLY, Edith, loved wife of Dudley Gould, mother of Ian, Margaret, Mary and Kathryn, 23.6.1907 - 15.7.1989, niche wall
KELLY, Marjory, loved wife of Bill, loving mother of Bryan, Christine and Hugh, died 9 December 1997, aged 80 years
KENT, William Henry (Bill), beloved son of Esther and Joe, died 6 April 1960, aged 21 years
KENT, William Henry (Joe), died 27 March 1991, aged 83 years, 11 months, loved husband of Esther, and father of Bill, Joyce, Robert, Gladys, Geoff and Gwen
KENYON, Michael George, 9.5.30 to 17.1.01
KILDEA, John Brian, born 11 June 1928, died 9 May 1984, loved husband of Mary, beloved father of Michael, Sean, Patrick, Angela and Bob
KILDEA, Mary Teresa, born 13 January 1934, died 24 August 2001, beloved mother of Michael, Sean, Patrick, Angela and Bob, (with John)
KILDEA, Patrick Jeremy, dearly loved son of Michael and Lindley, died 1 April 1989, aged 4 months, niche wall
KING, Olive May, nee Boettcher, loving wife of Albert, mother of James and Pamela, 2.6.26 - 21.2.97, niche wall
KING, Ronald Anthony Paul, 20.4.1939 - 28.2.1999, husband, father, partner
KING, William Ellison, loved husband of Cath, father of Billy, Peter, Stephen, Lesley, grandad to Dane, Trent, Taylor and Lauren, at rest in Bay of Shoals, 23.3.35 - 6.1.94, Shalom a Manchester man, niche wall
KINGSFORD, Minion*, Myra, Patrick, Dean, Claire, Julie, Walter, Valerie and Allan (with Stanley) + tablet gives age as 79 years
KNOFEL, Maurice (Sam), died 6 September 1991, aged 82 years, loved husband of Ede (dec'd), loved father of Ashley, father in law of Val, fond grandfather of Bronwyn also Greg (dec'd)
KREFFL, J. B., born 5 March 1905, died 28 December 1968
KRUEGER, Anna, born 18 January 1864, died 2 January 1930, aged 66 years
KSCHENKA, N. F., (cross only)
KUHLMANN, George G., died 18 July 1939, aged 69, loved husband of Laurel, loving father of Keith, Aubrey, Mortimer, Martin, Boyd and Jocllyn*

LADE, Donald Anthony (Tony), husband to Ruth, father of Donald, Joan, Robyn, Rodney, grandpa to 10 grandchildren, 8 July 1917 - 30 June 1997
LADE, Donald Raymond, of Falmer, Sussex, born 1868, died 1944
LADE, Ellen Elizabeth, born at East Chiltington, Sussex, 1883, died 26 July 1966
LADE, John Stacey, born at Falmer, Sussex 1908, died 12 July 1958, loved and devoted son of D. R. and E. E. Lade
LADE, Ruth Stevens, wife to Donald (Tony), mother of Donald, Joan, Robyn, Rodney, granny to 10 grandchildren, 4 March 1920 - 27 August 1999
LAMBERT, Irene Muriel. Born 15 September 1923 - Died 14 February 2005. Loved Mum & Grandma. Reunited with stan.
LAMBERT, Stanley John, loved husband of Irene, loved father of Ronald, Lynette and Suzanne, passed away 6 April 1964, aged 44 years
LANGFORD, Eric Murray, 6.4.1921 - 14.4.1989, husband of Anita, father of Graham and Shirley
LARCOMBE, Dean Leslie (Chib), 25.4.1957 - 12.9.1996, aged 39, beloved son of Pam and Ron, much loved brother of Ian, Gaye and Steven
LARCOMBE, L. P., (cross only)
LARCOMBE, R. W., (cross only)
LATHAM, Dorothy Edith, beloved wife of Reg, died 7 June 1951
LEAHY, Daniel, died 23 August 1915
LEONARD, Robert Blair, dearly loved father of Scott and Guy, died 31 December 1994, 68 years
LEY, Florence Edna Jean (Jean), (nee Stevens), 19.9.1914 - 13.1.1987, loved wife of Trevor, dearly loved mother of Christine and Richard, devoted grandmother of Anthony and Nathan
LEY, George Trevor (Trevor), 2.3.1915 - 1.7.1999, dearly loved father of Christine and Richard, devoted grandfather of Anthony and Nathan (with Jean)
LITTLELY, Amber Kylie, 2.3.1982 - 24.6.1982 (cot death), loved by David and Fran (with Betty)
LITTLELY, Betty Margaret, 7.6.1927 - 5.8.1984, loved by David and Fran (with Amber)
LITTLELY, Brian Barrett, 1.12.1932 - 1.6.2003, beloved son, brother and uncle
LITTLELY, Doris Maud, 18.4.1897 - 19.5.1988, beloved wife, mother and grandmother
LITTLELY, Roy Henry, 15.5.1897 - 10.10.1960, beloved husband, father and grandfather
LOCK, Brian Wilder, 6.4.1930 - 9.3.2002, loved husband of Gillian, father to Peter and Helen, Trevor and Christine, Heather and Geoff, pa to Daniel, Ben and Ashyka*, Jakob*, Nick and Riley
LONZAR, Antony George accidentally killed 22 May 1971, son of Alfred M Lonzar, brother of Christine and Debra + Tony 16 years (with Peter)
LONZAR, Jean Patricia, aged 30 years, 1962
LONZAR, Peter Helmin accidentally killed 22 May 1971 son of Joyce and George Lonzar, brother of Mary + Peter 15 years (with Tony)
LOUZAR, Lucia, our dear mother, beloved wife of Antonio, died 6 October 1956, aged 84 years; erected by her children
LOVE, H. R., Private WX7285, 2/4 Machine Gun Battalion, 31 October 1965, age 60, dearly loved and sadly missed by wife Ada, stepchildren Trene, Colin and Max
LOVERING, Alice Jane, died 25 March 1960, aged 72 years
LOVERING, Archibald George, died 7.1.1987, aged 75 years, husband of Daphne, father of John, Garry and Danny
LOVERING, Daphne Laurel, died 2.9.2001, aged 87 years, mother of John, Garry and Danny (with Archibald)
LOVERING, Leslie (Pud), loved husband of Una, 1913 - 1990
LOVERING, Richard, died 17 February 1944, aged 60 years
LOVERING, Timothy Richard (Rin), suddenly 17 June 1995, aged 29 years, much loved son of John and Jill, loved brother of Peter, Simon and Matthew
LOW, David, our baby boy, 14 June 1954
LOWE, Aileen Emily, wife of Ron (dec), mother of Shirley, Joyce, Murray, Maureen and Geoffrey, born 11.12.1916, died 23.11.1999, in her 83rd year
LUCAS, Trevor, 17.11.2004, aged 67 years
LUCHETTI, Mabel, beloved wife of Joseph James, loving mother of Nancy and Pat, nanna of seven grandchildren, died 19.1.1987, aged 89

MACKLIN, Elizabeth May, our dear mother, passed away 25 August 1960, aged 90 years, 'A Pioneer
MAITLAND-PATTISON, (Sister) E. M., died 4.2.57, aged 77 years, erected by her sister and friends
MALYCHA, Pearl Cable, 7.3.1911 - 18.9.1964, beloved mother of Patricia, Kathleen, Veronica, Angeline, (with Tom)
MALYCHA, Tom David, 20.12.1909 - 22.11.1996, beloved father of Patricia, Kathleen, Veronica, Angeline (with Pearl)
MANSELL, Ben, son of Robert and Erika, born asleep, 28.5.1985
MARGRIE, Cecelia, died 8 July 1945, wife of Tom= Margrie, Tom, who died on the 30 November 1919, aged 74 years
MARSHALL, Alfred William (Fred), died 2 July 1995, aged 77 years, loving father of Lesley, Irene, Allan and Dean (with Jean)
MARSHALL, Jean Elizabeth, died 28 January 1962, aged 42 years, loving mother of Lesley, Irene, Allan and Dean (with Fred)
MAY, Alwyne Myrtle, passed away 14 April 1977, aged 78 years, mother of Trevor and Neville
MAY, Annie May, mother, died 15 February 1934, aged 73 (with Charles)
MAY, A. J., (cross only)
MAY, Caroline, wife of William J., passed 29.1.59, aged 82
MAY, Charles Ernest, beloved husband and father of above (Clara, Gordon, Clyde and Beryl), passed away 23 September 1980, aged 82 years
MAY, Charles James, father, died 23 July 1931, aged 75 (with Annie)
MAY, Clara Elsie, beloved wife of Charles, and loving mother of Gordon, Clyde and Beryl, passed away 31 October 1966, aged 73 years
MAY, Frank William, 10 years; Helen Anne 9 years; darling children of Trevor and Elly, beloved brother and sister of Helga, Linda, Manfred and Gunter, killed in accident December 22, 1968
MAY, F. E., Frank, Private, SX9487, 2/10 Battalion, 5 February 1985, aged 65 years; loved husband of Dorothy, loving father of Robert, Janet, Phillip, Bernard, Terry, Margaret and Cathy
MAY, Ingrid Marilyn, 15 years, darling daughter of Trevor and Elly, beloved sister of Helga, Linda, Manfred and Gunter, killed in an accident December 22, 1968
MAY, Millicent, our dear mother and nan, died June 1956
MAY, Roy, dearly loved husband of Dorothy, dear dad to Myra, Terry, Robyn, Quentin and Denise, aged 78
MAY, Terry, dearly loved son of Roy and Dorothy, dearly loved brother of Myra, Robyn, Quentin and Denise, aged 26 yrs
MAY, William J., husband of Caroline, passed away 29.4.66, aged 87
MCARDLE, V. B., Private, SX30017, Army Ordnance Corps, 1 July 1999, age 79; dearly loved husband of Molly, dear father of Kathryn, David and Meredith
MCCLURE, James, died January 26, 1907, aged 85 years
MCCLURE, Robert, who died April 8, 1895, aged 48 years
MCEWEN, Alec Cameron, 2/106 A.G.T. NX25496, 8.3.1914 - 2.1.1989, aged 74 years; loving husband of Stella, father of Elizabeth (dec'd), Mary, William
MCEWEN, Stella, beloved wife of Alec, and mother of Elizabeth, Mary and William, died 21 December 1953, aged 35 years
MCINTYRE, William N., beloved husband of Martha V., who died July 11, 1918, aged 57 years
MCKAY, Olive May, beloved wife of John, loving mother of Doreen and Bernice, died 14 January 1981
MCKINNON, Gregor Charles, beloved husband of above (Isabella), died 4 September 1937, aged 87 years
MCKINNON, Isabella, died 6 May 1930, in her 80th year (with Gregor)
MCMAHON, Dorothy Mary, 1920 - 1986, loved wife of John (dec'd), mother of Mary and David
MCMAHON, John Ignatius, died 8 October 1975
MCMURTRIE, Enid, beloved wife of Ralph, loving mother of Anthony and Elizabeth, passed away 18 December 1971, aged 51 years
MCMURTRIE, Ralph John, died 14 September 1989, aged 70 years, loved and loving husband of Norma and the late Enid, loved and loving father of Anthony and Beth
MEAD, Donald George, 18.5.1912 - 15.10.1985, beloved husband of Lydia
MEAD, Lydia May, 6.9.1918 - 17.12.2000, beloved wife of Donald George (dec'd)
MELVILLE, Hector Reece, 1896 - 1954, beloved husband of Phyllis, father of 5 daughters
MENESDORFF, Audrey Ruth, died 6 March 1998, aged 73 years, beloved wife of Clive Thomas George, loving mother of Lynette (dec'd), Daryl and David, cherished grandma of Rebekah, Matthew, Ben, Lynton, Helen, Andrew, Emily and Monique
MILLER, Thomas Max, 28.4.1922 - 16.1.2002, loving father and father-in-law of David and Evelyn, Adrienne and Grant, Annette, Maxine and Wayne, dear grandpa of Troy, Byron, Kirsty (dec), Kimberley, Sean, Matthew, Beau, Jayden and Damon
MITCHELL, Alice, who died 24 July 1885, aged 28 years
MORRISON, Ronald Frank, 24.6.2003, 74 years
MORRISON, S. C., Sergeant, 757 and V286037, 3rd Squadron AFC (AIF), 11 March 1969, aged 72 years; loving husband of Blanche, father of Alex, Ken, Max, Ron and Beth
MORRIS, Eileen Sarah, beloved wife of Harry, and loved mother of Maureen, Richard and David, died 12 September 1961, aged 61 years
MORRIS, Harry, died 2 July 1971, aged 75 years (with Eileen)
MORRIS, Perry, (David Peregrine), dearly loved son of David and Jill, 8.3.1962 - 20.12.1979
MOSES, Kym, 1.12.52 to 30.6.00, cherished husband and sole* mate of Sue, devoted father of Sankara and step father of Jemima, niche wall
MOYLE, Donald Frank, 27.3.1947 - 24.12.1996, much loved husband of Patricia Anne, cherished father of Simone, Christine and Bridgette, fond poppy of Aidan, Zack and Aaryn
MULLEN, Margaret Jean, 29.11.2003, 57 yrs
MURCH, Fred, 9 December 1989, age 62, loved husband of Fay, loving father of David, Christine and Lorraine, niche wall
MURRAY, J. H. Jack, passed away 5 June 1988, aged 77 yrs, loving husband of Roma, loved father of Brian, Jan, Judy and Debbie, step father of Tom and Pam

NASH, Alex, died 1965
NEAVE, Barbara Jean, beloved daughter of P. A. and G. Neave, aged 19 months (with Ian)
NEAVE, Edna Doreen, nee Florance, beloved wife of Reuben, 11 October 1905 - 17 January 1969
NEAVE, Eleanor Ann, the beloved wife of Albert, who died 14 April 1900, aged 37 years
NEAVE, Ian Percival, aged 5 days (with Barbara Jean)
NEAVE, Reuben Ivo., beloved husband of Edna, and devoted father of Hugh, died 5 March 1938, aged 38 years
NEIGHBOUR, Joan, (Nash), born 19 July 1919, died 6 May 1999, beloved wife of "Chinner", loving mother of Jan, Wendy and Jackie, niche wall
NEIGHBOUR, John Nelson, "Chinner", born 31 October 1916, died 11 February 1988, beloved husband of Joan, loving father of Jan, Wendy and Jackie, niche wall
NEIGHBOUR, Robert Sutton, Flight Sergeant, RAAF, K.I.A., 21.9.43, Island of Rhodes, beloved son of Bill and Ruby, loved husband of Betty, proud father of Fay, loving brother of Nelson, Judith and Roger, niche wall
NEIGHBOUR, Ruby, beloved wife of William, and mother of Nelson, Robert, Judith and Roger, died 12 April 1958, aged 61 years
NOBLE, Barbara J., 9 June 1977, age 50, niche wall
NORTHCOTT, Charles Henry, dearly beloved husband of Eleanor, died September 13, 1918, aged 26 years
NORTHCOTT, Geoffrey Ian, died 14 August 1976, aged 17 years, son of Bruce and Irene, brother of Wendy, Steven and Richard
NORTHCOTT, Jane, beloved wife of Thomas, died 1921, aged 87, a devoted mother, granny and midwife
NORTHCOTT, L. I., (cross only)
NORTHCOTT, Peter Wayne, born 21.5.1958, died 20.7.1975, loving son of Bob and Beryl, brother to Dianne, Elizabeth and Vicki, brother in law of Trevor, Ron and John, nieces and nephews

O'CONNOR, James Peter, who departed this life May 25, 1914, in his 67th year; erected by his son
OLDFIELD, Alice, loved wife of Raymond Earle, daughter of Archibald and Lucy Rebecca Buchanan, born 17 March 1911, died 10 June 2001
OLDFIELD, R. E., Staff Sergeant, SX5724, 2/43 Infantry Battalion, 13 October 1983, age 73; husband of Alice, father of Joan, John, Mary, Ted and Janyce
OLSEN, August, born Norway, June 1, 1841, died May 25, 1919, erected by [his] friends
OSTERSTOCK, Andrew Christian, our dear husband and father, who passed away 21 November 1946, aged 54 years (with Violet)
OSTERSTOCK, John James, our brother and uncle, who passed away 21 September 1945, aged 65 years
OSTERSTOCK, Violet Annie, passed away 12 December 1980, aged 80 years (with Andrew)

PAGE, Colin P., 7 May 1997, age 44, niche wall
PALMER, Frederick Laurence, Private, 5727905, Dorset Regiment, 24 October 2000, 81 years; loved husband of Dolly, father of Lawrie and Rosie
PARSONS, Connie, loved wife of Bill, loving mother of Betty, died 16 July 1987, aged 70 years
PARSONS, William Albert, loved husband of Connie, loving father of Betty, died 4 September 1991, aged 81 years
PATTEN, Bernard John, born 3 March 1913, died 18 December 1992, son of Cathrine* and Alfred, brother of William, Louis, Maurice, Frank, Vincent and Cathrine*
PATTERSON, Leslie Norman, J P, (Bob), loved husband of Ruth, loving father of Robert and Bevan, died 24 April 1965, aged 59 years
PATTERSON, Ruth Emma, nee Havelberg, loved wife of Bob, loving mother of Robert and Bevan, died 12.2.1996, aged 85 years
PATTERSON, R. E., (small white cross with rock surround)
PEACH, Frank, 1898 - 1982
PEACH, Margaret Anne, died 8 September 1978
PEARCE, Mervyn G., Private, SX12567, 243 Battalion, 21 January 1952, aged 63 years; loving brother of Leila
PEASE, Richard Leonard, died 21 September 1991, aged 64 years, dearly loved husband of Maureen, father of Ian, Gail and Brenton
PENGILLY, C. J., Sergeant, SX4393, 2/31 Infantry Battalion, 16 October 1976, aged 60; loving husband of Maureen, father of Michael and Angela
PENGILLY, Glen Stanley, beloved husband of Vila, devoted father of Malcolm, Pat, Sandra (dec'd), and Deidre, died 17 March 1987, aged 66 years
PENGILLY, Sandra Carol, dearly loved daughter of Glen and Vila*, darling sister of Malcolm, Pat and Deidre, died result of accident 7 May 1972, aged 18 years
PERROTT, Frederick Charles, beloved husband of Lillian Barbara, died 13 July 1954, aged 74 years
PERROTT, Lilian Barbara, beloved wife of Frederick Charles, died at Hastings, Victoria, 3 July 1966, aged 78 years, cremated at Springvale, Victoria
PETERSEN, Jacob, passed away 9 October 1956, aged 72 years
PETERSEN, Theodor Christian, died 16 July 1942, aged 83 years
PETRAS, H. C., beloved husband of M. E. Petras, died 7 December 1918, aged 37 years
PIECHOCKI, Antony Wincenty, died 1 September 1996, aged 76 years
PILLAR, Donald, PA2061, A/B. Royal Australian Navy, 18 August 1984, aged 62 years; loved husband of Stella, father of Julie, Heather, Graham, Ruth
PILLAR, S. T., (cross only)
PITT, Gilbert Kenneth Ronald, born 5 January 1911, died 5 January 1980
PITT, Robert George, loved son of Mary and Ken, brother of Mary, Ronald and John and Beverley, passed away 7 January 1953, aged 17 years
PITT, Sidney, our dear son and brother, and father of Lorraine and Shirley, died 2 April 1951, aged 38 years
PIX, Bro. John, died January 5, 1948, Erected by Kingscote Lodge, RAOB No 128
POHLNER, John Edward, dearly loved son of Lewis and Colleen, sadly missed brother of Edward, Lynette, Robyn, Kim and Janine, aged 25 years, result of accident, 22.9.1990
POWER, Brian Albert, loved Husband of Elaine, loving father of Len, Mary, Jill and John, died 27 January 1995, aged 68 years, "Gone fishing"
PURBRICK, Joseph Christopher, "Joe", passed away 4 March 2002, aged 85 yrs, dearly loved husband of Peg, loving father of John, Kaye, Graham, Phil, niche wall
PURBRICK, Kathleen Margaret "Peg", passed away 9 August 1992, aged 77 years, dearly loved wife of Joe, loving mother of John, Kaye, Graham and Phil, niche wall

RAYMOND (?)man, died 4 December (?), wooden cross
RAE, George William, 17.6.1907 to 3.4.1982, (with Ivy)5 Rae, Ivy Doreen, 20.4.1912 to 16.9.1986 (with George)
RANSOM, John, loved husband of Joan, loving father of Julie, Susan, Vicki and Anne, grandfather of Andrew, Karl, David, Benn, Kate, Emma, Paul, Scott and Sarah, born 13.10.20, died 3.3.99, niche wall
RAWLINGS, Edith Jean, 4.3.1916 - 25.11.1996, beloved wife of Bill, loved mother of Kevin, Les, Jean and Heather
RAWLINGS, Kevin C., accidentally killed at Snug Cove, 21 May 1980, beloved husband of Pauline, father of Sue, Danny and Allan
RAWLINGS, W. C., Private, SX17572, 2/10 Infantry Battalion, 14 February 1969, age 56; beloved husband of Edith, and loved father of Kevin, Les, Jean and Heather
RAWLINSON, Albert Edward, husband of Hilda May, 13 March 1909 to 13 May 1985
READ, Victor Walter, 'Squeaker', 1904 - 1988, daughter Lorna, son John, and friends Ron, Bev, Amanda and Luke Connell, niche wall
REDDING, Frank Robert, passed away 12.3.1981, loved father of Peter, Roger and Patricia (with Thelma)
REDDING, Thelma Joyce, passed away 27.7.1978, dearly loved mother of Peter, Roger and Patricia (with Frank)
REEVES, Arthur Edward, son of Augustus and Eliza, born at Reeves Point 9.3.1860, died at Seaview Farm, 16.12.1911, age 51 years; Third generation of Reeves pioneers
REEVES, Augustus, born Red Hills, Tasmania, 19.1.1830, son of Samuel and Charlotte, moved to Kangaroo Island 1847, resided at Kingscote. Moved to Reeves Point in 1855. Later became the first official Post Master on KI (1871 - c1883). Died at The Bluff, Seaview Farm, Bay of Shoals, 13.3.1905, age 75 years (with Eliza)
REEVES, Eliza Jane, formerly Calnan, nee Young, born England 1832, died 16.12.1902, age 70 years at the Bluff Homestead, Seaview Farm. The parents of 9 children, born at Reeves Point; erected by their descendants 27.7.1996 (with Augustus)
RICHARDS, Michael John, died 11 January 1970, aged 9 months
RILEY, Martin John, died 7 October 1979, aged 22 years, dearly loved son of Daphne and John, brother of Wayne and Tina
ROBERTS, Adelaide (Addie), passed away 18 September 1997, aged 81 years, dearly loved wife of Benjamin (Ben)
ROBERTS, Elizabeth Anne, no details (wooden cross)
ROBERTS, Elsie Caroline, beloved wife of James, and loving mother of Alice, George, Ben, Annette, Gwen, Dorothy and Phoebe, died 1 July 1983, aged 89 years
ROBERTS, George Edward William, 4.5.1917 - 5.1.2004, aged 86 years, loving and devoted father of Valerie Jean and Graham George Leslie and families (with Hilda)
ROBERTS, Hilda Irene, 16.12.1923 - 17.10.2003, aged 79 years, dearly loved wife of George, loving and devoted mother of Valerie Jean and Graham George Leslie and families
ROBINSON, William Banks, born 4 February 1914, died 15 March 1975
RODGER, Helen I., died 25 September 1982, loved and loving wife of Bob
ROBERTS, James George, beloved husband of Elsie, and loving father of Alice, George, Ben, Annette, Gwen, Dorothy and Phoebe, died 12 February 1949, aged 66 years
ROPER, Herbert Phillip, died 26.9.1984, aged 82, loved father of Mary and Phillys, father in law of Malcolm (dec'd) and Arther (with Mary)
ROPER, Mary Melba, died 6.10.1977, aged 75, loved mother of Mary and Phillys, mother in law of Malcolm (dec'd), and Arther* (with Herbert)
ROSTRON, Geoffrey Dean, died 7 January 1989, aged 60 years, loving father of Sharon and Milton, niche wall
ROWE, George Henry, 13.7.1904 - 22.9.1955, ????? Son of the late George and Alice Rowe
ROWE, Rita Doreen, 14.8.1917 - 22.11.1987, dearly loved mother of Keith and daughter in law Claire, and devoted grandmother of Mark, Grant and Darren (with William)
ROWE, William Ross, 12.9.1928 - 22.9.1987, dearly loved father of Keith and daughter in law Claire, devoted grandfather of Mark, Grant and Darren (with Rita)
ROWLEY, T. R. (cross only)
ROWSELL, Allan Arthur C., 30.11.1911 - 24.6.1981, loved husband of Dora, loved father of Julia, Allan, Philip, Barbara and families
ROWSELL, Aubrey Milton, Gunner, SX22736, 1 Aust. Mount Bty., 6 November 1989, aged 68 years; loved husband of Gwen and loved father of Terry and Ross
ROWSELL, Dora Lilian (June), nee Sare, 29.6.1916 - 14.7.1983, loved wife of Arthur, loved mother of Philip, Barbara and families
ROWSELL, Neville Maxwell, dearly loved husband of Stella, 14.6.1908 - 8.3.1974
RUMBALL, George W., born 29 August 1907, died 15 April 1983
RUTHVEN, Elizabeth Alice, died 8 May 1973, aged 81 years (with Norman)
RUTHVEN, Norman John, died 13 March 1981, aged 93 years (with Elizabeth)

SAWYER, Russell Charles, passed away 29.11.1992, aged 65 years, always remembered by his cousin Bob and friends
SCHAEFFER, Charles Lloyd, youngest son of Oscar Benjamin and Caroline, died 13 May 1955, aged 21 years
SCHAEFFER, Florence, loving mother of Ross, Clarice, Joyce and Milton, died 7 June 1981, aged 94 years
SCHAEFFER, Harry Benjamin, died 29 September 1969, aged 82 years
SCHULTZ, William Claude, 1911 - 1986, elder son of Sydney and Lucy
SCOTT-MYERS, Anna Lydia, died 21.4.1978, aged 86 years (with William)
SCOTT-MYERS, William, died 27.11.1979, aged 93 Years
SEAGER, Alexandra, dearly loved wife of Clarendon, born in Victoria, died 12 March 1930
SEAGER, Clarendon James, 4.3.41, aged 83
SEAGER, Edward Clarendon, DCM, died 23 September 1965, aged 70 years
SEAGER, Mavis L. A. (Jan), died 4 September 1987, aged 84 years
SEAGER, William Edward, 22.5.1928 - 12.3.1993, husband of Rosemary, father of Alexandra, Sally, James and Louise, ashes scattered at Hawk's Nest
SEMLER, Richard Graham, 14.6.1949 - 1.3.2003, dearly loved husband of Sue (Suzie), devoted father to Kate, Megan, Joshua and Rebecca, and treasured son-in-law Michael, adored poppi* to Lili and Heidi
SHANNON, Vera Grace. 4 Sep 1981.  Wife of Sylvester.
SHANNON, Sylvester Allan, Corporal, 65280, Royal Australian Air Force, 18 March 1977, age 68. Harvie, Lorna Claire (Dawn), (nee Radford), 1914 - 1977
SHARAM, William Holmes, loving husband of Amy, died 2 February 1937, aged 60 years
SHARPE, Beatrice M., Erected by her school mates and friends
SHEPHERD, Bridge (ashes interred), loving wife of Dudley, loving mother of Lesley and family, 6.6.1910 - 29.11.2003
SHEPHERD, Dudley Herbert, died 29 February 1968, aged 64 years
SHERIDAN, Margaret, beloved wife of Peter, died 2 January 1974, aged 40 years, loved mother of Joanna, Robyn, David and Paul
SHERIDAN, P. M., (cross only)
SHERIDAN, R. E. E., (white cross only)
SHERIDAN, (cross only)
SIEKMANN, David William, 1 October 1946 - 25 October 1995, so loved by his wife Valerie Anne, and daughters Mardi, Kirsty, Felicity and Emma, much loved poppa Dave of Luka and Ella
SIMPSON, J. D., Leading Stoker, R162479, Royal Naval Auxiliary, 5 August 1960, age 57; dearly loved and sadly missed by his wife Jean and family
SING, Susannah, beloved wife of the late Otim, died 25 October 1964, aged 92 years
SLADE, Sheila Lorraine, beloved wife of Bill, loving mother of Janice and David, passed away 15 February 1980, aged 55 years
SLADE, William (Bill), Sergeant, SX27960, 10/48 Battalion, 10 July 1988, aged 70 years, dearly loved husband of Sheila, father of Janice (dec'd), and David
SMITH, A. K., Corporal, SX7440, Signals and Aust. Division, 3 February 1992, age 77; loving husband of Elva, and father of Michael, Marie and Josephine
SMITH, D., (cross only)*
SMITH, Elva Joyce, 12.12.1916 - 30.12.2001, beloved wife of Allan Keith, loved mother of Michael, Marie and Josephine
SMITH, Gordon Thomas, 3.3.1923 - 9.10.2001, aged 78 years, beloved husband of Merl*, loving father of Ian, Penelope, Meredith and Stuart, niche wall
SMITH, Henrietta Kate, dearly loved wife of Mervyn, and loving mother of Grant, passed away 24 December 1969, aged 79 years
SMITH, Mervyn, beloved husband of Henrietta, and loving father of Grant, died 15 August 1956, aged 79 years
SMITH, Michael T., Tele., JX671608, Royal Navy, 20 February 1984, aged 58 years; loved husband of Dorothea, father of Edwin, Maurissa, Janet, Ivan
SMITH, Ronald Graham, 3.12.1928 - 15.11.2000, dearly loved husband of Maureen, loved father of Rodney, Sandra, Edward, Nick, (Leonard Deceased) and Michelle, devoted father-in-law, cherished pa, great-grandpa
SMITH, Vernon John, 28701 Sgt. R.A.A.F., died 25.11.1990, aged 68, beloved husband of Dulcie, loved father of Sharyn, Sandra and Suezanne*
SNELLING, Eliza Ann, beloved wife of George, passed away 6 July 1924, aged 74
SNELLING, Elizabeth, beloved wife of Henry, died December 6, 1901, aged 76 years
SNELLING, Ellen Kingston, beloved wife of Alfred, who died 12 December 1905, aged 48 years
SNELLING, George, dearly beloved husband of Eliza Ann, died January 6, 1916, aged 63 years
SNELLING, Henry, beloved husband of Elizabeth, died July 11, 1898, aged 80 years
SOBEY, Susan Burgess, 17.2.1948 - 6.6.1994, beloved friend and partner of Bill, daughter of Clarice and Claud, sister of Pat, Ann and Don
SOUTHERN, Barry John, 5.7.1970 - 19.5.1991, loved son of Bill and Vern (dec'd), loved brother of Paul and Sharon
SOUTHERN, Vernice Monica, 30.11.1984, beloved wife of Bill, loved mother of Paul, Sharon and Barry
SPEED, Violet Loveday, 25.2.1922 - 10.5.2001, beloved wife of John, and mother of Brenton, Janette, Graeme, Neale and families
STANBRIDGE, Eunice (cross only)
STANGER, Maud, beloved wife of the late John Stanger, Q'ld, died January 16 1969, aged 77 years, ever remembered by her children and grandchildren
STANTON, Ann, passed away 10 April 1978, sadly missed by Dean and family
STODT, Gertrud*, *13.8.1913 Germany 11.7.1989, loving mother of Edith, Inge, Gerda, Karl and Lotte, devoted grandmother of 13, great grandmother of 16
STODT, Karl Heinrich, *8.11.1909 Germany 13.5.1982, devoted husband of Gertrud*, loving father of Edith, Inge, Gerda, Karl and Lotte, devoted grandfather of 13
STOKES, Margaret, the beloved and affectionate wife of Henry, who died October 9, 1894, aged 76
STRAWBRIDGE, Eliza Stockholme, 1819 - 1897 (with William)
STRAWBRIDGE, William Hartland, grandson of above, 1910 - 1922 (with Eliza)
STROUT, Constance Margaret, beloved wife of Edward, 1910 - 1981
STROUT, E. W., Captain, SX24552, Royal Australian Engineers, 10 December 1970, age 66
SUGARS, Kevin Neil, died 14 August 1995, aged 35 years, much loved husband of Susan, and father of Nicole, son of Thelma and Ron, brother of Pat, Judy and Neville
SUGARS, R. J., Gunner, SX1868, 2/1 Field Regiment R.A.A., 1 January 1981, age 65; husband of Thelma, father of Patricia, Judith, Neville and Kevin
SUNDBERG, A. H., Sapper, SX5718, 2/43 Battalion, 12 March 1967, age 49 years; loved husband of Doreen, father of Murray and Jeffrey
SUNDBERG, Edna Clarice "Katie", 2.4.1918 to 4.3.2001, loving wife of Eric, much loved mother of Kym, and Kaye, Tas and Ann-Marie, Ian and Jan, grandmother of five, niche wall
SUNDBERG, E. S., Private, SX13487, 2/43 Infantry Battalion, 5 July 1992, age 77, loved husband of Edna, loving father Kym, Tas and Ian
SUNDBERG, Martin died 25 March 1942, aged 26 years (with Mary)
SUNDBERG, Mary Louisa, died 20 August 1956, aged 84 years (with Martin)
SUNMAN, Gregory Stanley, died 27.3.1976, aged 17 years, dearly loved son of Stan and Melva, dear brother of Kay, Diane, Pamela, Nola and Leonie, Greg
SUNMAN, Melva Laurel, died 23 March 1989, aged 72, loved wife of Stan, loving mother of Kay, Diane, Pamela, Nola, Leonie and Greg (dec'd)
SUNMAN, Stanley Arthur, loved husband of Melva, died 7 September 1995, aged 84 years

TABOR, Eric W. G., Sergeant, SX28944, JP., 1st New Guinea Btn., 17 December 1992, aged 73 years; beloved husband of Sheila, greatly loved father of Suzanne and Carmel
TAYLOR, Geraldine Joan, 26.3.1943 - 14.6.1997, loved wife of Robert, daughter of Lila and Hedley Williams, sister of Patricia, aunt of Tony and Micheal
TAYLOR, Robert Donald, 11.2.1940 - 14.6.1997, eldest son of the late Donald and Edna Taylor, Adelaide, devoted husband of Gerry, remembered by Bob's sister June, brothers Graham, Brenton, Wayne and their families
TELFER, Edna Mary, wife of Gilbert, mother of Peter and Donald, 28.12.1913 - 18.5.1992
TELFER, Gilbert Eustace (Bert), 12.12.1913 - 13.8.1995, husband of Edna, father of Peter and Donald
THOMAS, Adam Lee, laid himself to sleep on 18 February 1999, brother and brother in law to Amanda and Darrel, proud uncle of Kyle and Breanna, loved son of Steve and Wendy (dec'd), niche wall
THOMAS, Thomas Charles, beloved husband of Alice A., who died through a gunshot wound, September 24, 1919, aged 40 years
THOMPSON, Jane, nee Thomas of North Cape, KI; Died 10 August 1904, aged 87 years, wife of William (1814-1884), who arrived on Kangaroo Island in 1835, and was associated with the early whaling industry, parents of Eliza Jane Sylvia Chapman (1858-1952); Erected by her descendants; Unveiled 27 July 1996
THOMPSON, William, the beloved husband of Jane, died 19 June 1884, aged 70 years
THOMSON, Annie, beloved wife of Frank, who died April 20, 1879, aged 23 years, daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Snelling
THOMSON, Edgar Dudley, who died April 15, 1879, aged 5 years, the beloved child of Henry and Isabella
THOMSON, Gertrude Novenia, who died April 23, 1879, aged 7= years, the beloved child of Henry and Isabella
TIGGEMANN, Adolph August, died 25 June 1971, aged 87 years, (with Mary Jane)
TIGGEMANN, Cyril John, Pte, SX39901, 27 SA Scottish Regt, 28 May 2000, 89 years; loved brother of Perc, Eva, Doug, Addie, Harold, Keith, Madge, Blanche, Lance and Daphne
TIGGEMANN, Eva Jessie, daughter of Adolph and Jane, sister of Perce, Jim, Doug, Addie, Harold, Madge, Keith, Blanche, Lance and Daphne, died 23.7.1980, aged 68 years
TIGGEMANN, Lillian May, beloved wife and mother of above (Percival, Barbara, Brian, Shirley, Wayne, Kevin and Joy) 29.3.1912 - 3.12.1992
TIGGEMANN, Mary Jane, died 3 November 1954, aged 68 years, loving mother of Percival, Cyril, Eva, Douglas, Adelaide, Harold, Madge, Keith (deceased), Blanche, Lance, Daphne and grandchildren (with Adolph)
TIGGEMANN, Percival Clifton, 19.5.1909 - 1.6.1984, beloved husband of Lillian, loved father of Barbara, Brian, Shirley, Wayne, Kevin and Joy
TIMPERON, D. W. W., David, 1930 - 1980, adored husband of Anne, loved father of Scott, Craig and Sarah, 26.6.1930 - 26.11.1980z
TOLHURST, Irene Olive, passed away 7 January 1975, aged 75, beloved wife of Ralph, loving mother of George and Ruth
TOLHURST, Ralph Edwin Tennyson, 7.8.1899 to 12.5.1984, loving husband of the late Irene Olive Pearl nee Pearce, dearly loved father of George and Ruth
TREMAINE, Jack Anzac, A.M., J.P., ex RAAF, born 19.6.1916, died 5.4.1993, aged 76 years, loved husband of Norma, and father of Mervyn, Shirley, Colin, Margaret, Joyce and John
TUCKER, Horace Leslie, died 29 May 1967, aged 78, beloved husband of Violet, loved father of Ellie, Hilda and Shirley
TUCKER, Violet Irene, died 20 July 1992, aged 89, loved mother of Ellie, Hilda and Shirley (with Horace)
TURNER, Alfred James (Alf), born 23.4.1905, died 3.4.1973, father of Ken, Morrie, Ailsa, Kaye and Bevon*, niche wall
TURNER, Alfred, died May 31, 1923, aged 82 years; erected by his loving brothers George and John Turner
TURNER, C. A. R. (Dick), beloved husband of Julia, died 19 November 1970, aged 71 years
TURNER, Elsie Verna, 14.1.1893 - 29.7.1989, beloved wife of George Alfred, loving mother of John and Daphne, grandmother of 9, great-gran of 9
TURNER, Evelyn Roma, 11.5.1941 - 26.11.1999, aged 58 years, dearly loved wife of Jeff, much loved mum and nanna of Gregory and Narelle, Stephen and Danielle, Helen and Marcos and grandchildren
TURNER, Freda Hazel, wife of Randell, died 4 May 2004, aged 89 years, forever in our hearts, Colin, Philip, Tiffany and families
TURNER, Garry, dearly loved son of Freda and Oscar, and loved brother of Milton, Yvonne and Neville, passed away 24 September 1951, aged 19 years
TURNER, George A., beloved husband of Elsie, and father of John and Daphne, died 22 April 1940, aged 47
TURNER, George, died 5 August 1939, aged 86 years (with Mary)
TURNER, Graham Paul, 23.11.1963 - 27.11.2001, aged 38 years, result of accident, dearly loved by his children Desiree and Lincoln, his parents Vivienne and Neville, dearly loved brother of Peter, Anne, Greg, Robert and Julie
TURNER, John, beloved husband of Esther, died 24 October 1931, in his 80th year
TURNER, Joseph Randell, died 27 November 1984, aged 71 years
TURNER, Lindsay Neil, infant son of June and Peter, died 2 May 1960
TURNER, Lois Mary, died 27 November 1990, aged 47 years, beloved wife of Terance* Harcourt, dearly loved mother of Rosalie, Brenda, Denise and Carolyn, grandmother of Loren and Cassandra
TURNER Mary Amelia, dearly beloved wife of George, died 29 November 1932, aged 7? Years
TURNER, Oscar George, 27.7.1908 - 10.1.1996, dearly loved husband of Freda, loved father of Milton, Gary (dec'd), Yvonne and Neville, a devoted grandfather and also great grandfather
TURNER, Rosemary May, beloved daughter of Julia and Dick, died 12 August 1951, age 16 months
TURNER, Ruth Dorothy, died 26 July 1991, aged 40 years, dearly loved wife of George, dearest mum of Cheryl, Pauline and Justin
TURNER, T. C., Private, 4720253, 5 Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, 15 June 1969, age 21
TURNER, V. Harcourt, beloved husband of Lina, and father of Janet, Terance*, Jeffrey, George and Mary, died 24 January 1952, aged 48 years

UREN, Allan Mark, aged 24 yrs, lost at sea at Cape Kersaint, 25 April 1981, loved youngest son of Eileen and Alby, brother of Ann and Raymond, brother in law of Jeff and Gayle, treasured uncle of Kate and Sue and loved nephew and cousin of our family, niche wall
UREN, Emily Jane Eliza, mother, passed away 30 August 1963, aged 84 years
UREN, Estelle, beloved wife and mother of above (Stanley, Barry and Sandra), passed away January 24, 1985, aged 76 years
UREN, Stanley, devoted and beloved husband of Estelle, loving father of Barry and Sandra, passed away suddenly August 27, 1967, aged 63 years

VEITCH, Marj., died 6.7.1998, aged 73 years, wife of Marvin, mother of Wayne and Eliz.* Janice and Tim, nanny to Leanne, Cathy, Simon, Michelle, Michael, Camille
VEREYCKEN, Hazeltine E., loving wife of Henry, died 6.5.1988, aged 84 years
VEREYCKEN, Henry F., loving husband of Hazeltine, died 5.3.1987, aged 87 years
VEREYCKEN, P. Joseph, loving father of H. F. Vereyecken, died 6 August 1941, aged 97 years
VEREYCKEN, (Nurse), Dorothy F., dearly beloved only child of H. F. and H. E. Vereycken, died 12 October 1946, aged 21 years, 11 months
VESEY, M.A., (cross only)
VIGAR, Ellen Frances, 10.2.1916 - 20.12.1999, loved wife of John Samuel Vigar (dec'd), mother of Ted, Miriam, John S. (dec'd), John, Jim, Robert, Peter
VIGAR, John Samuel, Ex RAAF, died 29.9.1990, leaves wife Ellen, father of Ted, Miriam, Samuel (dec'd), John, Jim, Robert and Peter
VILLIS, Ian William, dearly loved husband of Joan, loving father of Richard, John and Julie, passed away 29 June 1973, aged 34 years
VILLIS, Kenneth J. H., beloved husband of Stella, loved father of Howard, Jeanette, Shirley, Rodney and Malcolm, died 27 April 1972, aged 58 years
VILLIS, Margaret Jean, loved wife of Bill, and mother of Joyce, Audrey and Ian, died 4 September 1988, aged 89 years
VILLIS, William, (Bill), loved husband of Margaret, and father of Joyce, Audrey and Ian, died 26 July 1966, aged 71 years

WALDEN, Horace L. G., L.A.C., 141104, RAAF, 3 May 1983, aged 57 years; lovingly remembered by his wife Doris, and family, Graham, Malcolm, Ian, Jeanine
WALLACE, Evelyn Merle, 15.11.1933 - 17.5.2004, dearly loved wife of Geoffrey, loved mother of Kaye and Ian, loving nanna of Kieran
WALLER, Ada Clara, died 31.3.1981, aged 92; loved wife of Albert, loving mother of Bill, Bob, Roy, George, Alby, Vera and Betty and
WALLER, Albert Edgar, beloved husband of Ada, died 8 February 1966, aged 59 years
WALLER, Albert E., Gen., SX4355, 2/27 Battalion, 18 September 1980, aged 69 years, born 15 December 1910
WALLER, Alfred James, our dear father died 29 September 1925, aged 73 years (with Mary)
WALLER, A. A., Private, 953, 27 Battalion, 11 June 1974, aged 80 years
WALLER, A. W., Private, 416, 43rd Battalion, 14 April 1975, aged 80 years * as per headstone
WALLER, C.J., Private, SX31155, 64 Infantry Battalion, 30 March 2001, age 77; loved husband of Gloria, father of Rosemary, Phillip, Debra, Timothy and Daryl
WALLER, Daphne Irene, passed away 17 September 1994, aged 83, beloved wife of Edgar Charles (Bob), loved mother of Marilyn, mother in law of Bob and Duncan, grandma of Brian and Warren (both deceased), and Shane
WALLER, Edgar Charles, aged 68 years, passed away 9 November 1974, beloved husband of Daphne, loved father of Marilyn, father in law of Bob, grandpa of Shane, Brian and Warren (dec'd)
WALLER, Elsie Alma, died 10 March 1978, aged 81 years; from her sisters
WALLER, Emily Josephine, died 13.8.1939, loved wife of Lewis, mother of Charlie, Harold, Hazel, Joyce and Bill
WALLER, Emma Jane, loving wife of H.Waller, died 5 August 1933, aged 74 years
WALLER, Emma Jane, who died March 17, 1926, aged 24 years, 11 months
WALLER, Ethel May, loving wife of Arthur, mother of 6 sons and 3 daughters, died 30 May 1971, aged 74 years
WALLER, Henry, dear father, who passed away 28 March 1934, aged 79 years
WALLER, Hubert Roy, beloved son of Mrs A. C. and the late A. E. Waller, passed away 19 October 1972, aged 64 years; Veteran of 2/9 Btn. 2nd AIF; erected by his nieces
WALLER, James Henry, died 30 August 1960, aged 82 years
WALLER, Jodie Marie, died 2 February 1968, aged 5= months, baby daughter of Rhonda and Les, and always loved by sisters and brothers
WALLER, Kathleen May, dearly beloved eldest daughter of Jim and Mavis, died 1 April 1960, aged 12 years
WALLER, Lewis C. H., Private, SX1525, 2/27 Inf. Battalion, 22 June 1993, aged 55 years; dearly beloved husband of Phyllis, dearest father of ?, Gloria, Brian and Raelene + vase 'Charlie'
WALLER, Mary Ann, died 17 September 1932, aged 67 years (with Alfred)
WALLER, Mavis Alice, beloved wife of Jim, mother of Colin, Kathleen, Daphne, Patricia, Ken, Margaret and Maurice, died 16 January 1986, aged 62
WALLER, Millie Eva, beloved wife of Bill, loving mother of Evelyn, died 3 October 1985, aged 76 years
WALLER, V. E., (cross only)
WALLER, William Henry, beloved husband of Millie, loving father of Evelyn, died 2 February 1969, aged 63 years
WALSH, Betty Margaret, 11.11.1924 - 14.10.1999, dearly loved mother of Pam, Cate, Sue, Jackie, Bill, Marie, Ian and Patrick and their families (with John)
WALSH, John Kevin, 10.10.1920 - 19.7.1988, dearly loved father of Pam, Cate, Sue, Jackie, Bill, Marie, Ian and Patrick and their families (with Betty)
WALTERS, Brian Robert, loved son of Marilyn and Robert, died 30 October 1967, aged 3= months
WALTERS, Warren Charles, died 13 April 1972, loved son of Marilyn and Bob, brother of Brian (dec'd) and Shane, aged 3 years, 1= months
WARD, Arthur W. (Spog), died 4.3.1986, aged 73 years
WARNE, Edith May, loved wife of Douglas, died 6 November 1987, aged 67 years
WARNE, Francis Douglas, born 11.6.1925, died 21.9.1996, loving husband of Marlene
WATERTON, Mavis Olive, passed away peacefully on 20 May 1992, dearly loved wife of Norm, loved mother of Malcolm and Ronald, niche wall
WATSON, Martha E., beloved wife of Walter, and mother of May, Doris, Edna and Walter (dec), died 8 March 1969, in her 93rd year
WATSON, Walter Charles, beloved husband of Martha F., and loving father of Walter, Mary, Doris and Edna, died 22 October 1945, aged 69 years
WATTS, Allen Robert, aged 11, (with Peter) accidentally drowned 21.10.65, beloved sons of Robert and Sylvia, loved brothers of Monty and Linda)
WATTS, G., no details
WATTS, Peter Thomas, aged 9, (with Allen)
WEATHERSPOON, Arthur J., died 26 August 1942, aged 60 years
WEATHERSPOON, A. V., (white cross only)
WEATHERSPOON, Edna, nee Geisler, died 3 September 2002, aged 84, dearly loved wife of George, loving mother of Dean, Bruce and families
WEATHERSPOON, George Herbert, died 12 December 1980, aged 68 years, dearly loved husband of Edna, loving father of Dean, Bruce and families
WEATHERSPOON, Kevin, aged 18 years, only son of Roy and Mary, brother of Rosalie and Linda
WEATHERSPOON, Minna C. (Lena)., died 28 April 1965, aged 84 years
WEATHERSPOON, P. J., L/Cpl, SX8249, 2/48 Battalion, 1 May 1966, aged 52 years, son of a. J. and M. C. Weatherspoon
WEATHERSPOON, Roy Allen, 21 November 1907 - 4 December 1979, husband of Mary, father of Rosalie, Kevin and Linda, loving papa
WEATHERSPOON, Sydney Arthur, beloved husband of Vera, father of Gloria, father in law of John and papa of David, died 15 January 1994, aged 57 years; + also loving poppa of Allan
WELLS, Dorothy L.M., 6 February 1938 to 12 February 2002, much loved wife of John, mum to Andrew and Mandy, mum-in-law to Steve and Julie, grandma to Alex, Emma, Stuart, Leah
WEST, E. Bertha M., 13.5.1905 - 29.9.2000, loving wife of Harry, much loved mum, grandma, great grandma and great great grandma
WEST, H. F., Private, S2975, 25/33 Aust. Garrison Battalion, 15 March 1968, age 68 years; husband of Bertha, father of Bill, Allen, Laurie, Edward, Betty, Irene, Priscilla
WEST, J. P., (cross only)
WEST, Lawrence Raymond, 18.8.1932 - 11.7.1998, loved husband of Janine, dearly loved father of Mark and Alison
WESTLEY, Wilma (Little Dee) Ruth, (nee Bates), born 31.7.08, died 17.6.80; at rest with brother Gilbert
WETHERALL, P. A., Lieutenant, NX26569, 2/9 Field Regiment, R.A.A., 10 December 1995, age 79; loved husband of Shirley, father of Pauline, James and Meaghan*
WHEATLEY, F. J., (white cross on concrete surround)#
WHEATON, Eric L., died 18.6.92, age 76, loved husband of Rita, loving father of Margaret, Linda, Barry, ashes distributed Red Banks Farm, niche wall
WHEATON, Joan, dearly loved wife of Eric, died 29 August 1942, aged 24 years
WHEATON, Mary M., died 11 September 1987, aged 102 years (with Robert)
WHEATON, Robert (O.B.E.), died 21 August 1974, aged 88 years (with Mary)
WHITE, Ray Baron, Lt (E) RANVR, loved husband of Florence and loving father of Ray, Ian, Susan and Pamela, buried at sea, died 22.8.1983, aged 64, niche wall
WHITTLE, Archie, son of H and M Whittle, died 31 August 1934, aged 10 years
WHITTLE, A., (cross only)
WHITTLE, Cyril Alexander, died 11 July 1999, aged 71 years1
WHITTLE, Harold Alexander, beloved husband of Maud, died 18 October 1947, aged 62 years
WHITTLE, Leo C., beloved husband of Winnifred*, died 16 May 1968, aged 55 years (with Leonard)
WHITTLE, Leonard C., died 16 August 1969, aged 17 years, result of accident (with Leo)
WHITTLE, L. F., (cross only)k
WHITTLE, Maud Alice May, our mother, died 30 May 1964, aged 79 years
WHITTLE, Maxwell Leslie, beloved husband of Shirley, died 19 October 1993, aged 67 years, loving father of Brian, Margaret and Michael
WHITTLE, Shirley Joan, beloved wife of Maxwell, died 2 February 1989, aged 59 years, loving mother of Brian, Margaret and Michael
WHITTLE, Winifred* Lorraine, passed away 29 July 1991, aged 74 years, dearly loved wife of Leo Clarence, loving and devoted mother of Kelva, Tom, Evon*, Malcolm, Albert, Diane, Leonard (dec) and families
WHITWORTH, Walter E. (Ted)., 19.4.1927 - 18.1.1996, dearly loved husband of Doreen, loving father of Karen and Greg, grandpa of Brett, Cassie, Levi and Hayley (Freemason symbol)
WIADROWSKI, Doris Effie, beloved daughter of H. and E. Wiadrowski, died 26 October 1925, aged 19 years
WIADROWSKI, Emily Mary, died 10 August 1967, aged 86 years (with Herbert)
WIADROWSKI, Herbert Julius, died 8 March 1957, aged 74 years (with Emily)
WILLIAMS, Beryl Alice, 29.7.1916 - 1.4.2003, wife of Stanley (Happy), loving mother of John, Pauline and Roger, grandmother and great grandmother
WILLIAMS, Daphne Jean, (nee Boettcher), loving wife of Gordon, mother of Beverley and Gloria, 6.5.22 - 19.6.99, niche wall
WILLIAMS, Gra., died May 1974
WILLIAMS, Hedley John, 24.7.1909 - 16.4.1996, beloved husband of Lila Minnie, loved father of Patricia and Geraldine, dearest "Ed" of Tony and Michael
WILLIAMS, James Charles, our dear father, late of Angaston, died 3 June 1941, aged 69 years
WILLIAMS, John Charles, 19.11.33 to 2.5.03
WILLIAMS, Lila Minnie, 29.1.1915 to 21.6.1995, beloved wife of Hedley John, loved mother of Patricia and Geraldine, dearest nan of Tony and Michael
WILLIAMS, Minnie, formerly Airy, nee McDonald, died 4/6/1919, born Willunga 1853, mother of William, G. Basil, E. Mabel and W. J. Reg Airy
WILLIAMS, Robyn Lee, died 25 July 1983, aged 24 years, loving daughter of John and Elaine, loved sister of Karen, Susan, Helen, Patricia and Neil
WILLIAMS, S. C., Ldg Aircraftman, 45494, Royal Australian Air Force, 28 February 1962, age 53; dearly loved 'Happy' sadly missed by his wife Beryl, Robert, John and Pauline
WILLSON, Ada Rubelle, born 17 November 1890, died 16 December 1956, erected by D Willson
WILLSON, Archibald Sydney, (late RAN), 22.7.1922 - 30.5.1990, dearly loved husband of Joy Margaret, loving father of Paul, Bernard (dec'd), Jennifer, Gavin, Anthony and Garry
WILLSON, Barbara Joyce, (nee Conroy), wife of Gilbert, loved mother of Martin, Peter, Gillian and Robert, 29.1.1936 - 20.11.1974
WILLSON, Bernard James, dearly loved son of Arch and Joy, died 17 October 1955, aged 5 years, 11 months + vase 'from Paul and Jennifer
WILLSON, R. W., MM, Warrant Officer 11, SX1708, 2/31 Infantry Battalion, 31 August 1990, age 76
WILSON, James T., 6.5.2000
WOOD, Brian, died 16.2.1991 aged 57 years, husband of Doreen, father of Julie, Stephen, Tertia and Lisa, grandad of Matthew, Angela, Kylie and Lara; Kangaroo Island Funeral Director 1974 - 1991
WOOD, Florence Emilie (Flip), 1907 - 1991, loved wife of Dean, and mother of Richarda Wood, Dean Charlton, died 27.2.1998 aged 88 years, beloved husband of Flip, and father of Richard
WOOD, Jack Newbury, 1907 - 1990Y Telfer, Peter Gilbert, husband of Cate, father of Sam and Jessica, 21.12.1949 - 12.3.1990
husband of Anne, father of Stuart and Ian
WOOD, Robert, *31.3.1905 26.4.1986
WOOF, Raymond Gordon, 30.6.16 - 13.6.85, dearly loved husband of Dulcie, loved father of Raelene, Jeffrey, Brian, Kenneth, Graeme and Gregory, niche wall
WOOLDRIDGE, Ann, born 16 July 1910, departed 23 April 1995, aged 84 years
WRIGHT, Arthur Horace, beloved husband of Marj., uncle to many, 4.6.17 to 14.8.94, niche wall
WRIGHT, Betty, 7.10.1921 - 24.4.1993, aged 71 years, loved sister of Joan
WRIGHT, Emily Annie, June 1978, 87 years (with Francis)
WRIGHT, Francis John, October 1960, 79 years (with Emily)
WRIGHT, Herbert, loving husband of Lucy Ellen, died 6 October 1983, aged 99 years
WRIGHT, John, passed away 6 January 1953, aged 100 years
WRIGHT, Lucy Ellen, beloved wife of Herbert, loving mother of Edgar, Eunice, Martin, Orville, Arthur and Doris, died 20 December 1981, aged 97 years
WRIGHT, Marjory Jean (nee Anstey), beloved wife of Arthur, aunty to many, 28.2.16 - 13.5.93, niche wall
WRIGHT, Martin George, passed away suddenly on August 20, 1992, aged 78 years, beloved husband of Ida, loved father of Christine Clifford

ZACHER, Ian James, 28.1.1969 - 21.4.1969, beloved son of Eric and Margaret, brother of Julie, Jeffrey and Lloyd
ZEITZ, Albert Edwin, called to higher service 30 June 1996, aged 57 years

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