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ANDERSON, Charles, late AIF, dearly loved husband of Edith, died 9 June 1940, aged 63
ANDERSON, Edith, died 12 June 1960, aged 84 years (with Charles)
ASPINALL, William Norval*, drowned February 9, 1939, loved brother of Pamie*, aged 25 years

BAKER, Gladys, nee Lowe, died 14 December 1973, aged 72 years
BARTLETT, Hubert Leopold, 24.12.1897 - 12.5.1992, loving father of Gladys, John, Mary and Thomas (with Irene)
BARTLETT, Irene, 6.12.1900 - 24.8.1983, loved wife of Hubert, loving mother of Gladys, John, Mary and Thomas
BARTLETT, Owen John, beloved son of Thomas and Helen, died 4 February 1980, aged 13 years, loved brother of Troy, Jason and Kyle
BARTLETT, Thomas Leonard, beloved husband of Helen, died 19 October 1977, aged 39 years, loved father of Troy, Jason and Kyle (with Owen)
BILNEY, Coral Bingee, died 11.4.1942, aged 73 yrs (with Henry Bilney and Alice and Myra Walters)
BILNEY, Francis Russell, 19.10.66, 70 yrs
BILNEY, Harriet Joyce, passed away 4.8.1994, aged 89, loved daughter of Coral and Henry (with Rupert)
BILNEY, Henry Alfred, died 6.1.75, aged 72 yrs (with Coral Bilney, and Alice and Myra Walters)
BILNEY, Robert Lawrence, 14.10.34, 2 months, infant son of R. H. and M. Bilney
BILNEY, Rupert Hartley, passed away 14.4.1995, aged 82, loved husband of Mavis (dec), (with Harriet)
BLACKALL, Robert A., loved son of M. C. and A. Blackall, died 3 January 1940, aged 1 year 10 months
BOTT, Eileen Pearl, 12.9.1917 - 15.3.2000, mother of Thelma, Julia, Jessie, Thomas, Harold and Lynette, Janett* (with Thomas)
BOTT, Harold Bruce (Harry), 21.8.1944 - 14.7.1994, loved husband of Philippa, loving father of Simon, Kristen, Alison and Tim
BOTT, Jessie, passed away 15.8.1966, loved mother of Linette* and Janet (with Lindsay)
BOTT, Lindsay Charles, passed away 24.6.1958, loved father of Linette* and Janet (with Jessie)
BOTT, Thomas Harold, 29.12.1897 - 12.10.1944, father of Thelma, Julia, Jessie, Thomas, Harold and Lynette, Janett* (with Eileen)
BOTT, Thomas William, 6.8.41 - 2.5.88, husband of Hazel, father of Carolyn (dec), Jacquelyn* and Suzanne
BOYLE, Dennis, 1944 - 1979 beloved son of Mabel, (with James and Mabel)
BOYLE, James Daniel, 1917 - 1980, beloved husband of Mabel (with Dennis)
BOYLE, Mabel Dorothy, 1919 - 1997, beloved wife and mother (with Dennis and James)
BRENNAN, Maisie Olive, beloved wife of Richard, born 16 December 1905, died 23 February 1982, aged 77 yrs
BRENNAN, Richard Michael, 16 May 1904 - 6 April 1999, (with Maisie)
BROWNLAW, James Clarence, 'Resting'
BUDDLE, Alfred S., died 25 April 1985, aged 77 years, dearly loved husband of Sylvia, loved father of Denzil and Wendon, loving grandpa of Stephen and Beth
BUDDLE, Grace, passed away 10 February 1954, aged 76 (with Joseph)
BUDDLE, Joseph, passed away 11 July 1946, aged 76 (with Grace)
BUDDLE, Sylvia A., died 18 April 1992, aged 84 years, loved mother of Denzil and Wendon, loving nanna of Stephen and Beth (with Alfred)
BYRNE, Alexander Stanley, Gunner, 101 Aust Anti Aircraft Reg., 2nd AIF, died 23 August 1975, aged 71 years, beloved husband of Winifred Elsie
BYRNE, John, loved husband of P. A. Byrne, died 21 July 1955, aged 90 years
BYRNE, Phyllis Ann, loved wife of J. Byrne, died 31 May 1950, aged 79 years
BYRNE, Stephen George, dearly loved eldest son of John and Phyllis, died 2 May 1943, aged 52 years

CHUCK, John.
CHUCK, Leonard Lindsay, died 19 September 1989, aged 94 years, father of Eric, Reg and Stan (with Myrtle)
CHUCK, Myrtle Mary, died 21 November 1966, aged 67 years, mother of Eric, Reg and Stan, (with Leonard)
CHUCK, Reginald Lindsay (Reg), 25.12.1920 - 13.9.2001, loving husband of Jean Florance, loving father of Janet and Marion, loved parps* of Ann-Maree, Leesa* and Mariska*
CROWE, Edmund John, died 1908, aged 14 yrs (with Edmund and Mary)
CROWE, Edmund, died 1939, aged 76 yrs (with Edmund and Mary)
CROWE, Mary, died 1939, aged 65 yrs (with Edmund and Edmund)

DALWOOD S. C., Sapper, SX39274, 4 Docks Operating Company, 7 May 2002, age 85; loved husband of Joan, father of Peter and Craig
DALY, Michael Patrick, died 16 May 1956, aged 7 days, loved son of Gloria and Cyril Daly, loved brother of Sharon, Raelene and Daryl
DAVIDSON, Ernest George, beloved husband of Ruby, loved father of Raelene, passed away 5 September 1971, aged 57 years
DAVIDSON Ruby Hannah, beloved wife of Ern, loved mother of Raelene, passed away 11 May 2000, aged 88 years
DAVIES, Lionel Rhys(?), husband of J. Davies, died 29 March 1933, aged 58 years
DAVIES, Margaret Henrietta, died 27.11.1989, aged 83 years
DEAN, Annie Sarah, died January 12, 1961, aged 82 (with Frederick)
DEAN, Ellice* Tarlton, died 2 January 1967, aged 78 years
DEAN, F. W. H., passed away 14 June 1974, aged 64
DEAN, Frederick Henry, died January 18, 1967, aged 87 years (with Annie)
DEAN, George Lancelot, died 26 October 1962, aged 82 years
DEAN, Robert, passed away 18 March 1968, aged 53
DIGNAN, Hilda Eileen, loved wife of Jno., died 14 November 1946, aged 44 years
DIXON, Alice Emily, wife of C. T. Dixon, died 8 June 1946, aged 46 (with Charles)
DIXON, Charles Thomas, died 26 April 1984, aged 92 (with Alice)
DIXON, Harry Thomas, SX2674, (Late 2nd AIF, 2nd/9th Battalion), 7.2.1921 - 25.10.1996, beloved husband of Carmille, loved father of Neville and Christine and families + service plaque 'Sgt, age 75'
DIXON, Nancy Joyce, loved daughter of Charles and Alice, died 28 June 1987, aged 55 years
DOMAN, Emma Elizabeth, died 11 May 1983, aged 7? Years, beloved wife of Bert, mother of Sarah (?)
DOMAN, Gilbert Frederick, died ?? May 1985, aged 73 years, husband and father of the above
DUNN, Alexander Murray, died 13 September 1980, aged 75 years, loved husband of Florance, dearly loved father of Allen, Valmae and Ian
DUNN, Florence Hannah May, died 4 September 2003, aged 91 years, dearly loved mother of Allen, Valmae and Ian (with Alexander)
DUNN, Hazel Annie, died 18 December 1947, aged 43 years beloved mother of Verna and Ivy (with Russell)
DUNN, Russell Ernest, died 14 October 1972, aged 72 years, beloved father of Verna and Ivy (with Hazel)

EDKINS, Robert McIntosh, died 2 October 1923, aged 9 months
ELLISON, Daniel Edward, born 18 October 1876, died 17 August 1951
ELLISON, Dorothy Evelyn, passed away 16 July 1985, aged 88 years, loved mother of Geoffrey, Zoe and Judith (with William)
ELLISON, Eliza Minetta*, born 5 August 1894, died 25 April 1947
ELLISON, William George, passed away 16 July 1963, aged 84 years, beloved husband of Dorothy, loved father of Geoffrey, Zoe and Judith

FERGUSON Mary Margaret, died 26 June 1966, aged 37 years
FOWLES, Elizabeth Margaret, died 27 July 1969, aged 76 years, loving mother of Murray, (with Kennion)
FOWLES, Kennion* Moseley, died 4 August 1967, aged 72 years, loving father of Murray, (with Elizabeth)

GALL, Ellen, died 13 July 1931, aged 78 (with Emily, Gertrude and William Lowe)
GRAHAM, Ethel, his beloved wife (George), died 3 November 1962, aged 76 years
GRAHAM, George, died 6 February 1945, aged 71 years (with Ethel)
GUENTHER, Heinrich Zacharias, 3.4.1925 to 10.2.1998, beloved husband of Anneliese, dearly loved father of Wolfgang, father in law of Debbie, dear Opi of Narissa and Alexander; Our precious paps

HEMMINGS, Ada Mary, loved wife of above (August), mother of Burnice*, died 3 March 1980, aged 83 yrs
HEMMINGS, Agnes Bertha Johanna, died 6 October 1944, aged 84 years
HEMMINGS, August Frederick George, died 3 June 1967, aged 83 years, loving husband of Ada, father of Burnice*
HEMMINGS, Susan, beloved wife of Thos. Hemmings, died 19 May 1933, aged 67 years
HEMMINGS, Thomas Anderson, loved infant son of Veronica and Thomas, loved brother of Gwen, Corrine and Helen, 31.7.1940 - 26.8.1940
HEMMINGS, Thomas Keith, beloved husband of Vera, loved father of Gwen, Corrine and Helen, passed away 31 May 1977, aged 78 years
HEMMINGS, Thomas, beloved husband of S. Hemmings, died 5 February 1952, aged 80 years + plaque at foot 'Beloved parents of Ina Copping, Ruby Mann, Thomas, Conmurra Hastings, Grace Graves, Jessie Currie and Pearl Brown, remembered by their grandchildren, 1992'
HEMMINGS, Veronica Margaret, beloved wife of Tom, loved mother of Gwen, Corrine and Helen, passed away 21 July 1991, aged 80 years
HEMMINGS, William James, died 12 November 1944, aged 85 years
HEWITT, Grace Eliza, died 6 August 1943, aged 66 years (with John)
HEWITT John Edward, died 10 July 1943, aged 70 years (with Grace)
HILL, Gertrude Ann, sister and daughter of above (Florance, J B and S L Hill), died 24 April 1971, aged 86 years
HILL, James Bennett, loved husband of Sarah, who died 12 May 1942, aged 83 years 11 months
HILL, James Lloyd, loved husband of Bessie, pased away 9 November 1964, aged 68 years
HILL, Millicent Bessie Banks, devoted wife of Lloyd, passed away 19 December 1972, aged 76 years
HILL, Sarah Lydia, loved wife of above (James), who died 27 March 1949, aged 89 years
HILL, Sister Florence Emily, R.B.W.A., loved daughter of J B and S L Hill, died 25 March 1952, aged 65 years (with Gertrude)
HOFFMAN, Jack, died 17 February 1945, aged 59 years
HOIRNE, Ellen, died October 2, 1904, aged 38 years
HUNT, John Davies, (grandfather), born 6.11.1897, died 11.12.1987, ninety years at Kalangadoo
HUNT, Mary Lillian, (nee Lewis), 1899 - 1996, wife of John Davies Hunt, mother of Lewis, Megan, Mary, June and Thomas
HUNT, Thomas, 27.5.1923 - 4.3.2000, beloved husband of Margaret, father of Mary and Nick, loved eldest child of Jack and Mary Hunt
HUPPATZ, John Frederick, dearly loved husband of Lucy, and affectionate father of Jean, died July 22, 1913, aged 33 years
HUPPATZ, Lionel Henry, loved husband of P. Huppatz, died 14.12.67, aged 57
HYNES, Gladys Margaret, [illegilbe] James J. - illegible

KENNEDY, Anne, died 22 April 1936, aged 37 years (with Michael)
KENNEDY, Michael, died 6 July 1932, aged 78 years (with Anne)

LEPLEY, Hilda Ruby, beloved wife of Roy, loved mother of Les and Peter, died 24 May 1974, aged 72 years
LEPLEY, Roy Hamilton, died 24 November 1990, aged 85 years (with Hilda)
LEWIS, Ellen, our dear mother, died 4 July 1958, aged 92 years (with Elma)
LEWIS, Elma, our dear sister, died 8 June 1919, aged 15 years (with Ellen)
LITTLE, Mary Anne, beloved daughter of Valma and Robert, loved sister of Allan, died result of accident 3 July 1975, aged 22 years
LOWE, Ada, mother, passed away 14 February 1958, aged 89 (with George Lowe and James Davidson)
LOWE, Bertha, loved wife of above (James), died January 7, 1937, aged 77 years
LOWE, Emily E., died 23 May 1954, aged 71 (with Ellen Gall and Gertrude and William Lowe)
LOWE, George, father, passed away 29 June 1926, aged 59 (with Ada Lowe and James Davidson)
LOWE, Gertrude C., died 14 April 1915, aged 34 (with Ellen Gall, Emily and William)
LOWE, Iris, passed away 4 December 1979, aged 71 years, loved wife of Ray, loved mother of Marienne*, Peter, Cathryn*, William and Josephine
LOWE, James, dearly loved husband of Bertha, died March 8, 1913, aged 83 years
LOWE, James, their loved grandson (George and Ada), infant son of Ern and Ruby Davidson, passed away 15 December 1947
LOWE, Raymond, passed away 6 July 1987, aged 79 years, loved husband of Iris, loved father of Marienne*, Peter, Cathryn*, William and Josephine
LOWE, Una Georgina, passed away 29 December 1981, aged 74 years, loving mother of Phyllis and June
LOWE, William T., died 12 April 1938, aged 59 (with Ellen Gall, Emily and Gertrude)

MAGIERA, Jozef Stanislaw, (Joe), 25.3.1915 - 21.5.1999, dearly loved husband of Nancy and Rene (both deceased), loving father of Denise and Tony, Tony and Kathy, Michael, Margaret and Ben, Lisa and Len, Robyn, Beryl and Ron, Max and Libby and families, stepfather to the Thomas family, devoted grandfather and great grandfather
MASTERS, Molly, 8.6.1913 to 5.9.1994, loved wife of the late Steve Ryan, and Spen Masters, loved mother of Gerald, Peter, Terry and Leanne, Interred Centennial Park
MCCALL, Archer S., died 23 December 1977, aged 61 yrs, loved son of the late Neil and Elsie McCall (with Eric)
MCCALL, Elsie Mary, dearly beloved wife of Neil, passed away 7 October 1940, aged 65 years
MCCALL, Eric William, died 23 September 1979, aged 75 yrs, loved son of the late Neil and Elsie McCall (with Archer)
MCCALL, Neil, her beloved husband (Elsie), passed away 31 July 1949, aged 75 years
MCDONALD, Clorence* Ethel, devoted wife of George, died 19 February 1974, aged 79 years, mother of John, Jean and Mary
MCDONALD, George Pennicott, beloved husband of Ethel, died 5 July 1972, aged 73 years, father of John, Jean and Mary
MEDHURST, Arthur George, died 10 January 1969, aged 72 years, loving father of Joy, Heather and Bill (with Elizabeth)
MEDHURST, Elizabeth Harwood, died 15 December 1983, aged 81 years, loving mother of Joy, Heather and Bill (with Arthur)
MESSENGER, Rupert Gilbert, late 43rd Bat. 1st AIF, died 10 July 1945, aged 50
MEYER, Marjorie Amy, *18.6.1927 - 26.11.2002, dearly loved wife of Vernon Maxwell, loving mother of Kristine*, John, Allen, Greg, Leanne, Karen and Tracey, and devoted nanna and mother in law
MILLARD, Berneice*, beloved wife of Jack, loved mother of Alan, Sylvia, Max and Gerald, died 30 August 1982, aged 64 years
MILLARD, John Clarence (Jack), beloved husband of Berneice*, loved father of Alan, Sylvia, Max and Gerald, died 30 July 1996, aged 95 years
MILLS, Ethel Gertrude, and his wife (H. C. Mills), joined him on 22 February 1969
MILLS, H. C., 19929, Driver, 3rd DAC, 11 May 1956, age 59 years' beloved husband of Gertrude, father of Mervyn, Leonard and Dawn
MITCHELL, Fanny, his wife (James), died March 23, 1961, aged 89 years
MITCHELL, James McNicol, died November 29, 1913, aged 54 years (with Fanny)
MITCHELL, Robert Harrison, loved husband of Evelyn, passed away 17 Seotember 1949, aged 49 years MORITZ, Jack Russell, died 17 June 1975, aged 55 years
MORRISON, Henry J. H., died 17 September 1963, aged 48
MURRAY, John S., a loved husband and father, died 30 July 1969, aged 39 years

PRIDER, [Mrs], mother, who passed away August 15, 1900, aged 53 years; Erected by her loving husband J. Prider and family

RICHARDSON, J. W., Private, SX3882, 2/27 Infantry Battalion, 5 July 1987, age 72; Loved husband of Mary and loved father of Claire, John, Robert and William
ROGERS, Agnes, his beloved wife (Martin), died 1 October 1950, aged 84 years
ROGERS, Alice Mary, died 30 October 1978, aged 79 years, devoted wife and mother of above (John, Joan, Fay, Betty, Ian and ROGERS, Allan, died 11 June 1944, aged 41 (with Lucy)
ROGERS, John Frater, died 1 February 1972, aged 75 yrs, beloved husband of Mary, devoted father of Joan, Fay, Betty, Ian and Ross
ROGERS, Lucy May, died 3 November 1999, aged 91 (with Allan)
ROGERS, Martin, beloved husband of Agnes, died 24 November 1932, aged 71 years
ROGERS, Robert Rowe, died [illegible] 1922 (with Ronald)
ROGERS, Ronald William, died 19 March 1936, aged ? (with Robert)
RYAN, Gerald, died 30.7.83, aged 45 yrs

SAVAGE, Raymond William, 16.7.1923 - 12.3.1991, beloved husband of Gladys Irene, loving father of Peter and Tim + service plaque 'SX35395, Private, 31/51st Battalion, age 67'
SEDMAN, Mary Ellen, 21.4.1913 - 27.12.1967, aged 54, loved wife of Harold, mother of Margaret, Marie, Frank and Kevin
SUDHOLZ, Johann Carl, of "Areegra", died at "Coopara" July 25, 1901, age 51
SUGGATE, Annie Effieleda*, (nee Rowan), beloved wife of Allan, mother of Douglas, Shirley, Jill, Jock and Beryl, died 18 September 1973, aged 76 years
SWIGGS, David John (Jack), 12.11.1923 - 4.3.2002, aged 78 years, loved and loving husband of Peg, dearest father of Theresa, Pauline, Angela, Peter, Helen, Carmel, David and Danchai* and their families

THOMAS, Arnold Percival (Peter), beloved husband of Doris (Peg), loved father of Ronald, died 24 July 1997, aged 95 years
THOMAS, Doris Hazel, beloved wife of A. "Peter", loved mother of Ronald, died 2 November 1980, aged 77 years
THOMPSON, Walter W. C., died 28 September 1954, aged 40 years
TUCKER, Arthur David, died 9.3.1975, aged 64 years, loved husband of Gay, devoted father and grandfather
TUCKER, David William, devoted husband and father, died 14 March 1956, aged 82 years
TUCKER, Gladys Clara Malvina, died 27.12.1987, aged 79 years, loved wife of Arthur, devoted mother and grandmother
TUCKER, Mary Hannah, devoted wife and mother, died 20 June 1949, aged 74

WALTERS, Alice Dorothy, wife of J. W. E. (Jim) Walters, daughter of H & C Bilney, died 13.3.1930, aged 32 yrs (with Henry and Coral Bilney and Myra Walters)
WALTERS, Myra, daughter of J. W. E. and A. Walters, born 17 January 1927 died 2.4.1928, aged 1 year 3 months (with Henry and Coral Bilney and Alice Walters)
WAUGH, Agnes, beloved wife and mother of above (James, Roger and Margaret), passed away 7 September 1990, aged 87 years
WAUGH, James Robbie, beloved husband of Agnes, father of Roger and Margaret, passed away 10 June 1977, aged 82 years
WILKINS, Lynette Anne, died 30 January 1957, aged 2 years 4 months
WILSON, David, 15.9.46, 48 yrs
WILSON, George St. Vincent, third son of the late James Yelverton Wilson, Portland, born 13 March 1846, died 30 December 1913
WINSER, Louise, 19 January 1984 - 2 July 1988, dearly loved daughter of Peter and Mary, and loving sister of Simon
WRIGHT, Frank, 7 May 1924 - 25 July 2004, aged 80 years, much loved husband of Thelma Emily, loving father of Peter and Kathryn

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