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Uniting Church, Inman Valley

LUSH, Egbert, second son of J. A. & C. J. Lush, died May 3, 1903, aged 18; deeply mourned

MILLER, Arthur S., departed this life, Feb 13th 1913 [with George and Eliza]
MILLER, Eliza, departed this life, Aug 23, 1909 [with George]
MILLER, George, departed this life May 6th 1906

UNKNOWN. Stakes - 2

Inman Valley Cemetery

ASHBY, Alison Marjorie, born 7th February 1901, died 12 August 1987, aged 86 years

CRISP, Arthur, passed away 21 Sept 1954, aged 78 years, father of Lance, Verna, Hubert (dec) & Rex, [with Laura]
CRISP, Laura Evelyn, passed away 24th May 1952, aged 74 years, mother of Lance, Verna, Hubert (dec) & Rex
CRISP, Rex Illman, died 4th July 1994, in his 81 "' year, husband of Mildred (Millie), father of Verna, Beverley and families

DICKINSON, Bessie Isabel, daughter of S & W R Dickinson, interred at St Stephens Cemetery, Willunga, died 12th Nov. 1917, aged 25 years
DICKINSON, Susannah, died 17 Dec 1931, aged 75 years
DICKINSON, William Rylance, husband of Susannah, died 21 Sept 1938, aged 85 years
DUNSHEA, Ronald, Major, promoted to glory, 3.7.2000, aged 75 years, S/Army, JP, FACTS

ENGLAND, J. W. R-, AIF, 2862 Corporal, 10 Battalion, 4 November 1960, age 67, husband of the late Vida
ENGLAND, Vida, interred Cheltenham, 14.8.45 age 48

GOLLEY, Andrew, son of William & Anne, brother of William & Alice, died 17 Sept. 1972, aged 89 years

HADDON, Jean, passed away 19 March 1997, aged 83, wife of Stephen, mother of Graham & Glenys
HANCOCK, Sydney Digby John, 1896 - 1898, died of burns, infant son of Tom & Alice
HURRELL, Audrey Clare, passed away 4.1.2000, aged 87 years, wife of Douglas Stanley Isaac
HURRELL, Ernest G., passed away 19 April 1960, aged 81, father of Frank (dec'd) & Douglas
HURRELL, Frances Gwen, wife of Douglas Stanley Isaac, mother of Ralph, Eric & Enid, passed away 6th Aug. 1987: my dear wife Gwen
HURRELL, Frank, son of Ernest and Mabel, died 6 April, 1958, cremated, aged 54
HURRELL, Harriet Mary, passed away 5th May 1991, in her 88th year
HURRELL, Mabel Grace, wife of the Ernest, passed away 5th Oct. 1971, aged 91 years, mother of Frank (dec'd) & Douglas
HURRELL, Margaret Rosemary, 15.2.1947 - 15.7.1996, wife of Eric, Mum of Damien & Deborah
HURRELL, Roy, died 2 June 1947, aged 54
HUTCHINSON, Angas (Alec) George, and Emily Jane
HUTCHINSON, Elijah, husband of Florence, died 20th Dec 1968, in his 91st year
HUTCHINSON, Florence Adelaide, wife of Elijah, died 13 h Jan 1936, aged 50 years
HUTCHINSON, Frederick Henry, late 27th Batt, Ist AIF, died 15 March 1948, aged 63 years
HUTCHINSON, John Palmer, passed away 91 Oct 1952, aged 79 years
HUTCHINSON, Mal, 16.7.25 - 18.11.99
HUTCHINSON, Murray (Map), died 10th March 1999, aged 71 years, fourth son of Elijah & Florence, brother of Evelyn, Reg, Garnet, Frank & Lloyd

JAGGER, Alan William, 8.4.1919 to 21.1.1988, husband of Ida, father and grandfather of Keryn, Stuart, Crystal & Todd Ogilvie, Gillian, Keith, Nell, Derek & Kyle Jorgensen
JAGGER, Ethel Mabel, Nvife of Herbert James, passed away 31st July 1973, in her 90th year
JAGGER, Herbert James, husband of Ethel Mabel, passed away 22nd March 1957, in his 79th year
JAGGER, Ida Maud, 19.4.1919 to 2.8.1991, wife of Alan, mother and grandmother of Keryn, Stuart, Crystal & Todd Ogilvie, Gillian, Keith, Neil, Derek & Kyle Jorgensen
JAGGER, lvan Rutland, died 22 June 1992, aged 80 years, husband of Vera Grace Jagger, loved parents of William, Anne & Halpin
JAGGER, William James, died 28.6.1995, aged 53 years, son of Vera & Ivan, brother of Halpin & Anne
JAMES, Elsie Lina Mary, born 3.7.1872, died 18.1.1964 [with Percival]
JAMES, Percival J., husband of Elsie, died 21 June 1954, aged 70 years
JONES, David Malcolm Wynford, eldest son of Malcolm and Margaret, brother of Anne, (dec'd), Megan, Brant Philip and Charles, died 26th June 1961, aged 16 years

KENT, Leslie Ross (Mick), died 19th Nov 1994 aged 74 years, husband of Nancy Joy

LITTLELY, Edith, wife of Hilton, died 2 Nov 1949, aged 74 years
LITTLELY, Hazel, aged 1 year & 9 months, interred in Guildford, WA, daughter of Edith and Hilton
LITTLELY, Hilton Richard, called to higher service 24th January 1947, aged 74 years, husband of Edith
LITTLELY, Mervyn Albert, husband of Irma, father of Malcolm, Richard & Marilyn, died 20 Oct. 1962, aged 54 years
LITTLELY, Roy, aged 11 1/2 years, interred in Guildford, WA, son of Edith and Hilton
LOGLI, Mario, passed away 3rd July 1988, aged 81 years, 1905 - 1988

MARTIN, Alice Bracewell, wife of John S. B., passed away 25 th June 1966, in her 84th year
MARTIN, Elizabeth, wife of Richard, who died November 13th 1897, aged 62 years
MARTIN, Elizabeth Dorothy, wife of Hurtle, mother of Medora, died 15th Jan 1965, aged 84 years
MARTIN, Evelyn Edith, wife of H. T. Martin, died 1 Nov 1956, aged 72 years
MARTIN, Gwenda Daphne, wife of Rylance, mother of Fairalie, Dennis and Leslie, died 30th March 1970, aged 58 years
MARTIN, Hector W. Turner, third son of Herbert & Louie, accidentally killed Inman Valley, July 20, 1920, aged 14 years
MARTIN, Henry Albert, 1868 - 1944 [with Elizabeth and Richard Martin]
MARTIN, Herbert, husband of Louie E., father of Cliff, Max & Joyce, who passed away 29 July 1958, in his 87th year
MARTIN, Hurtle Inman, husband of Elizabeth, father of Medora, died 4 Sep. 1955, aged 75
MARTIN, John Stanley Bisset, passed away 21 Jan 1951, aged 68 years
MARTIN, Louie, wife of Herbert T. Martin, mother of Cliff, Max & Joyce, passed away 8 May 1941, in her 68 th year
MARTIN, Richard, [husband of Elizabeth], died September 23 1913, aged 80 years
MARTIN, Rylance Thomas, died 14th Nov. 19% aged 85 years, husband & father of Gwenda, Fairalie, Dennis & Leslie, grandfather of six, husband of Una from 8.1.1978
MILLARD, Annie, died 15th Jan 1963, [with Owen], mother of Mildred & Maurice
MILLARD, Charles, passed away Inman Valley 2nd Aug. 1952, aged 88 years
MILLARD, Eliza, died 17'h May 1937, aged 71 years
MILLARD, Frederick George, son of May and Charles, died 22 Dec. 1924
MILLARD, Ethel Mary, died 8th Aug. 1989, aged 92 years, wife of Malcolm, mother of Edna, Doris & Mary
MILLARD, Helen Margaret, baby daughter of Reta & Maurice, sister of Bruce & Coralie, Oct. 20, 1948, aged 16 days
MILLARD, Joseph, died Sept 19th , 1926, aged 66 years [with Sarah]
MILLARD, Malcolm Charles, husband of Ethel Mary, died 15th March 1953, aged 63 years, father of Edna, Doris & Mary
MILLARD, May Wood, wife of Charles, died 14th Nov. 1934, aged 67 years
MILLARD, Mary, wife of Will, aged 79 years, mother of Len & Jack Lawrie
MILLARD, Owen Bruce, died 2"d Oct 1940, aged 48 years, [with Annie], father of Mildred & Maurice
MILLARD, Reta Alice, 25.5.1917 - 29.10.2001, wife of Maurice Bruce, mother of Bruce, Coralle & Helen
MILLARD, Sarah, wife of Joseph, died Feb 10, 1927, aged 64 years
MILLARD, William George, died 5.8.1973, aged 91 years, [with Mary]
MONIS, Bemard John, 9.5.1918 - 13.8.1990, husband of Allison, father of Lynton and Roslyn
MOULDS, Hartley Roy, called to a higher service 10 December 1986, in his 82nd year, husband of Vera, father of Hazel and Ron; thank you for 61 years of happiness, until we meet again, Vera
MOULDS, Ronald Hartley, 12.11.1928 to 22.2.1998, husband of Tracy, son of Hartley & Vera Moulds
MOULDS, Vera Edith, met her loving husband again on 25 th April 1990, deeply respected and remembered by her family and many friends

NOTTLE, Agnes Laura, wife of William, died 10th Sept 1947, aged 77 years
NOTTLE, Bessie Ella Bracewell, passed away 10 Dec. 1998, aged 89 years
NOTTLE, Frank A. W., husband of Bessie, father of Graham, Gwenda & Barbara, passed away 30 Sept. 1972, aged 67 years
NOTTLE, William Thomas, died 7th July 1946, aged 77 years

PALMER, Evelyn, dear friend of Eliza, Millard, died 2 Nov 1923, aged 13 years
PAYNE, William T., late of Penong, West Coast, died 20 Dec 1949, aged 74 years; Erected by his son Ross
PEAKE, Harold George, husband of Medora, passed away 8th March 1950, aged 57 years
PEAKE, Medora, wife of Harold, died 11 July 1954, aged 45 years

ROADS, AIF, 520825, Private W. R., 43 Infantry Battalion, 12th September 1997, age 81, husband of Gwenneth, father of Bronwyn and Carol

SEARLE, John S., 1920 - 1989
SERK, Luise, 25.10.1925 - 27.8.1991, wife of Henry, mother of Ingrid and Peter

TAPLEY, Morris James, died 19th Dec 1991, aged 83 years, husband of Nita Joyce, father of Barry, Dean, John & Gaylene
THOMAS, Beatrice Muriel, died 25 April, 2001, aged 83 years, wife of Bevan, mother of Brian & Edna
THOMAS, Bevan, died 31 Dec 1995, aged 72 years, husband of Beatrice, father of Brian & Edna
THOMAS, Linley, died 7 June 2000, aged 69 years, sister of Ida, Vic, Jeff and Bevan and sadly missed by Bruce and Christine Mason
TUGWELL, Vera, born 23.12.1899, passed away 20 Sept 1947, aged 47 years, wife of Victor, mother of Neil & Valma
TUGWELL, Victor, AIF, 3rd L.H., V' A.I.F., 4.2.1889 - 3.6.1985, husband of Vera, father of Neil & Valma
TURNER, David William, died 27 Jan. 1983, aged 60 years, father of Helen, John, Sally and Richard, husband of Hazel
TURNER, Katie Winifred, died 9th Oct. 1969, wife of William mother of David & Peter
TURNER, William Charles Blachley, died 7 March 1963, husband of Katie, father of David & Peter

UNKNOWN. Concrete surround - 1
UNKNOWN. Mound only - 1

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