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Transcribed by Marylin and Steve Jones

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ALCORN, Beryl Maude, passed away 18 September 1989, aged 62 years, beloved daughter of Herbert and Maude, loved sister of Ken, Ivor, Dudley, Joan and Bruce
ALCORN, Bruce, beloved son of H and M Alcorn, died September 12, 1944, aged 12 years
ALCORN, Clara Ruth, 1872 - 1945, beloved mother of Hazel, John and Max (with James)
ALCORN, Dudley Raymond, 24.5.1923 - 5.1.2000, husband of Valmai, father of Brian, Neil and families, rose garden
ALCORN, Florence, beloved wife of Robert, died 18 August 1960, aged 65 years
ALCORN, Hannah, beloved wife of William, died May 18, 1921, aged 73
ALCORN, Harold Robert, died 20 November 1973, aged 51 yrs, loved husband of Dorothy, father of Mervyn, Dean, Elaine and Fay
ALCORN, Hazel Moore, 23.9.1906 - 24.9.1995, beloved daughter of James and Clara, loved sister of Jack and Max
ALCORN, Herbert, passed away 2 February 1977, aged 84 years (with Maude)
ALCORN, Ivor Herbert, 1.1.1921 - 16.12.1998, dearly loved husband of Maureen Joy, loving father of Heather Lynette
ALCORN, James, 1862 - 1954, beloved father of Hazel, John and Max (with Clara)
ALCORN, John Garfield (Jack), 15.11.1907 - 6.4.2002, beloved son of James and Clara, loved brother of Hazel and Max
ALCORN, John, died January 3, 1903, aged 68 years (with Rebecca)
ALCORN, Kenneth Godfrey, 1.9.1916 - 21.10.2003, beloved son of Herbert and Maude, and brother of Ivor, Dudley, Beryl, Joan and Bruce
ALCORN, Maude, passed away 24 November 1948, aged 57 years, beloved wife of Herbert
ALCORN, Maxwell James, 3.12.1909 - 5.11.1996, beloved son of James and Clara, loved brother of Hazel and Jack
ALCORN, Rebecca, his (John) beloved wife, died June 25, 1903, aged 70 years
ALCORN, Robert, beloved husband of the above (Florence), died 8 March 1972, aged 77 years
ALCORN, William Godfrey, passed away 28 May 1968, aged 72 years
ALCORN, William, died March 29, 1942, aged 86 years (with Hannah)
ANDERSON, Robert James, dearly loved husband of Barbara, died 8 April 1977, aged 26 years
ARDERN, Eric, beloved husband of Kathleen, loved father of Phillip (dec), Madeleine and Elizabeth, passed away 17 November 1986, aged 69 years, loving grandfather of Tracy, Paul and Scott
ARDERN, Kathleen, beloved wife and mother, passed away 17 February 1989, aged 73 years loving grandmother of Tracy, Paul and Scott (with Eric)
ATTERTON, Fredrick, the beloved son of George and Elizabeth, who died 11 November 1875, aged 3 years

BAGSHAW, Donald Myles, 29.7.1900 - 9.5.1989, beloved husband of Irene Beatrice
BAGSHAW, Eleanor Elizabeth, wife of Ben, died June 30, 1945
BAGSHAW, Irene Beatrice, 30.6.1905 - 23.3.2000, (with Donald)
BAGSHAW, Irene Purefoy, beloved wife of William, died 16 January 1950
BAGSHAW, Mina, wife of the above (Reginald), died 12 June 1979
BAGSHAW, Reginald Stokes, beloved husband of Mina, died 12 January 1941, aged 51 years
BAGSHAW, William Edward, died 14 April 1954, aged 77 years (with Irene)
BARTLETT, Nathaniel Charles, died 27.12.1914, aged 41 years (with Rebecca), loved father of Edith, Thomas, Charles, William and Norman; remembered by their descendants October 1990 + broken tablet Jane and Charles Bartlett; Janice, Bob, Allison, David and Mandy and Kristen Smith; Loris, Barry and Martin Hector; and Sharon and Dave Searcy
BARTLETT, Rebecca Wilhelmina, died 14.8.1938, aged 64 years (with Nathaniel)
BARTLETT, Thomas Frederick, died 8.11.1919, aged 16 years, accidentally drowned, loved son of Nathaniel Charles and Rebecca Wilhelmina, loved brother of Edith, Charles, William and Norman, remembered by his descendants October 1990
BECK, Craig Andrew, 17.8.1965 - 31.10.1998, loved youngest son of Graham and Janette, loved brother of Keryn and John, brother in law of Tom, loving partner of Sue
BEENHAM, Herbert, died 3 June 1984, aged 86 years
BEENHAM, Mary Dorothy, died 22 June 1980, aged 77 years
BEYTELL, Anton Gerhardt, 21.7.1965 - 22.10.2002,
BOMFORD, Doreen Betty (nee Loxton), 7 April 1928 - 9 July 2002, wife of Al Bomford, loved Mum of Tom, Evan, David and Carolyn, and much loved grandma
BOWDEN, Edith, passed away 28 December 1988, aged 83 years, mother of Eva, Arnold, Olive, Dorothy and Pauline (with Ross)
BOWDEN, Phyllis, (Phyl), died 25 July 1978, aged 50 years, loved wife of Arnold, loving mother of Annette, Gregory and Philip
BOWDEN, Ross, passed away 6 April 1966, aged 60 years father of Eva, Arnold, Olive, Dorothy and Pauline (with Edith)
BOWEN, Patty, passed away February 4, 1947, aged 23 years, daughter of Mr and Mrs R Scadden, ever remembered wife of Vin Bowen
BRADLEY, Annie, passed away 21 March 1976, aged 77, loved mother of Dennis, Rose and George
BRADLEY, George Bradley, passed away 22 May 1947, aged 46, buried in London, England, father of Dennis, Rose and George
BRADLEY, George Frederick, 29.6.1928 - 7.1.2004, dearly loved husband of Olive, proud father of sons Roger and Paul, wise grandfather and great grandfather
BRANT, Jodie, 6.8.1977 - 18.10.1997, beautiful and caring mother of Tyler, adored daughter of Yvonne and Peter, loved sister of Belinda and Jay, reunited with Michelle and Sean
BRANT, Michelle, *24.1.1972 †15.5.1990, precious daughter of Yvonne and Peter, treasured sister to Sean (dec), Belinda, Jodie and Jay
BREALEY, Austin, the beloved husband of Bessie, died 24 June 1954, aged 70 years
BREALEY, Bessie, beloved wife of Austin, died 12 January 1971, aged 80 years
BREALEY, Constance Benita, (nee Phillips), 7.3.1902 - 27.8.1936, aged 34 (with Frank), loved mother of Walter
BREALEY, Evangeline Jane, beloved wife of Hurtle, died 13 February 1962, in her 81st year
BREALEY, Frank, 25.10.1888 - 26.3.1950, aged 61, loved father of Walter (with Constance)
BREALEY, Hurtle, beloved husband of above (Evangeline) died 12 August 1964, aged 83 years
BREALEY, Mark Darren, beloved son of Roger and Sandra, brother of Christopher, born 17.8.66, died 6.1.85, aged 18 years, rose garden
BREALEY, Ronald Austin, born 30.8.1916, died 20.7.1989, beloved husband of Hilda Jean, loving father of Marlene, Roger, Phillip and Robin, rose garden
BREEDING, Daniel Jeffrey, passed away 17 October 1995, aged 16 years, dearly loved son of Lucy and Jeff, loved brother of Adam
BROOK, Westley Tapscott, 17.1.1925 - 3.4.1999, age 74, loved husband of Iris, father of Ian and Carolyn, rose garden
BROOME, John William, 28.10.1946 - 27.10.2000, dearly loved husband of Jullian (sic) Margaret, cherished and devoted father of Derek and Jason
BURLEY, Elizabeth, beloved wife of William, died 7 June 1932, aged 75 years
BURLEY, William, beloved husband of Elizabeth, died 26 August 1932, aged 84 years
BURTON, Doreen, 1907 - 1989, loving mother of Maurice and Barbara (with Thomas)
BURTON, Thomas, 1905 - 1970, loving father of Maurice and Barbara (with Doreen)

CARBINS, Arnold Bruce, beloved husband of Edna (nee Reade), died 20 July 1998, aged 86 years, much loved father of Karyn and Sharron, son in law Dean, grandfather of Bryan and Andrew
CARBINS, Dorothy Pearl, died 11 November 1979, aged 71 years, beloved wife of Harold, loving mother of Vivian, Heather, Barrie and Robin
CARBINS, Edna Myrtle (nee Reade), 1 July 1914 - 18 June 1999, aged 84 years, beloved wife of Bruce, lovingly remembered by her nieces and nephews
CARBINS, Harold James, died 14 July 2001, aged 96 years, loving father of Vivian, Heather, Barrie and Robin (with Dorothy)
CARBINS, James Thomas H., died 11 August 1961, aged 78 years (with Martha and Stephen)
CARBINS, Martha Mary E., died 4 February 1970, aged 91 years (with James and Stephen)
CARBINS, Stephen Thomas, their great grandson (James and Martha), loved son of Barrie and Lorraine, died 31 January 1974, aged 4= years
CARBINS, Vivian James, 27/5/1938 - 18/5/2002, (with Dorothy and Harold)
CAREY, Erica Norma (Douglas), passed away 6.2.1983, aged 65 years (with John)
CAREY, John Maurice, passed away 14.10.1985, aged 71 years (with Erica)
CARN, Ellen of Houghton aged 23 years died 6 September 1876
CARN, Nancy of Houghton Hollow aged 82 years died 14 April 1885
CARN, William of Tea Tree Gully aged 80 years died 10 May 1927
CARPENTER, Alfred Ernest, loving husband of Hazel, died 23 May 1967, aged 66 years
CARPENTER, Cyril, loved son of Frank and Violet, passed away 20 December 1981, aged 59 years
CARPENTER, Edwin John, died 2 November 1981, aged 64 years (with Hartley)
CARPENTER, Edwin, beloved husband of above (Myrtle), died August 26, 1964, aged 79 years
CARPENTER, Frank, died 10 July 1951, aged 70 years (with Violet)
CARPENTER, Frank, died August 10, 1931, aged 76 (with Mary)
CARPENTER, Hartley Walter, died 9 October 1999, aged 83 years (with Edwin)
CARPENTER, Hazel May, beloved wife of Alfred, died 11 May 1976, aged 75 years
CARPENTER, Mary Ann, beloved wife of Frank, died June 5, 1923, aged 62
CARPENTER, Millicent, daughter of Frank and Violet, died 7 March1970, aged 60 years
CARPENTER, Myrtle, beloved wife of E. Carpenter, died November10, 1953, aged 67 years
CARPENTER, Ray, beloved son of Frank and Violet, died September31, 1934, aged 26 years 5 months (with Violet)
CARPENTER, Ray, born October 20, 1913, died September 21, 1934, a tribute from the young people
CARPENTER, Violet, beloved sister of Ray, died August 28, 1921, aged 8 years and 10 months
CARPENTER, Violet, loved wife of above (Frank), died 11 December 1955, aged 72 years
CARRICK, Eva, beloved wife of R H Carrick, and loving mother of Loyal, died October 20, 1925, aged 43
CARRICK, Robert H., beloved husband of Alicia, and father of Loyal, fell asleep 14 December 1955
CASSIDY, James, died August 5, 1926, aged 66, (with Matilda)
CASSIDY, Matilda, died May 18, 1935, (with James)
CASTLEDINE, Joel Stafford, 11.8.81 - 16.3.92, aged 10 yrs, 7mths, much loved son and brother of Stafford, Barbara, Simon and Mark
CHAMBERLAIN, Erroll B., beloved husband of the above (Lila) died 17 April 1997, aged 96 years
CHAMBERLAIN, Lila E., beloved wife of Erroll, died 9 January 1982, aged 79 years
CHAMBERLAIN, Verna Joyce, passed away 6 January 1999, aged 66 years, loving wife of Ronald Allan, dearly loved mother of Julie, Sharyn and Maree
CHAPMAN, Albert Roy, passed away 2 March 1972, aged 72 years
CHAPMAN, Albert S., loved husband of Edith, a loving father of six sons and six daughters, passed away 9 September 1943, aged 72 years
CHAPMAN, Albert, beloved husband of May, father of Gwen, died 15 February 1950, aged 57 years
CHAPMAN, Alice Mary, beloved wife of the above (John), died September 11, 1951, aged 81 years (with Wilfred)
CHAPMAN, Amelia Edith, loved daughter of the late A S & E M Chapman, died 8 August 1982, aged 86 years
CHAPMAN, Arnold David, died 17 January 1974, aged 77, beloved husband of May
CHAPMAN, Cecil Hubert, our beloved brother, passed away 16 March 1957, aged 54 years (with Keith)
CHAPMAN, Clara May, died 5 January 1987, aged 90 years, beloved wife and mother of above (Albert and Gwen)
CHAPMAN, Claude, 1900-1974, beloved husband of Grace, loved father of Douglas, Gilbert, Francis, Vicki, Enid and John
CHAPMAN, Doris, passed away 22 August 1992, aged 86 years, beloved wife and mother of above (Ernest, Harold and Ronald)
CHAPMAN, Douglas Kingsley, passed away 21 November 1986, aged 58 years, beloved husband of Laurel "Heather"
CHAPMAN, Edith Mary, our dear mother, passed away 17 February 1974, aged 97 years (with Albert)
CHAPMAN, Elizabeth Annie, beloved wife of the above (Isaac), died 5 August 1948, aged 84 years
CHAPMAN, Ernest Edgar, 6.10.1894 - 14.1.1976, age 82, niche wall
CHAPMAN, Ernest Harold, beloved husband of Doris, loved father of Harold and Ronald, passed away 7 May 1959, aged 61 years
CHAPMAN, George Hedley, died 17 June 1901, aged 8 months (with Sarah, Reuben and Harold)
CHAPMAN, Harold Edgar, died 23 December 1890, aged 1 year and 7 months (with Sarah, Reuben and George)
CHAPMAN, Harriet, beloved wife of above (Percival), died 24 October 1962, aged 82 years, and their daughters Mavis, Mildred and Merle
CHAPMAN, Isaac Robert, died 3 September 1947, aged 86 years (with Elizabeth)
CHAPMAN, James, beloved husband of Elizabeth James Chapman, died 11 November 1935, aged 47 years
CHAPMAN, Jean, beloved daughter of the late P R & H E Chapman, died 19 May 1980
CHAPMAN, Jessie Nell (nee Diment), 27.7.1894 - 25.2.1968, age 74, niche wall
CHAPMAN, John Reuben, died 21 May 1980, aged 82 years, beloved father of Joy, Dorothy, Lois and Rhonda (with Lorene)
CHAPMAN, John Reuben, died April 4, 1933, aged 64 years (with Alice and Wilfred)
CHAPMAN, Keith Harold, passed away 24 May 1965, aged 62 years, (with Cecil) beloved sons of John and Alice
CHAPMAN, Lorene Louie, died 16 July 1980, aged 77 years, beloved mother of Joy, Dorothy, Lois and Rhonda (with John)
CHAPMAN, May Sylvia, died 25 April 1979, aged 86 (with Arnold)
CHAPMAN, Michael James, born 16 June 1985, left us on 1 August 2001, aged 16 years, cherished son and brother of Martin, Jill and John
CHAPMAN, Percival Reuben, beloved husband of Harriet Edith, died 13 April 1939, aged 57 years, and their daughters Mavis, Mildred and Merle
CHAPMAN, Rebecca Sharron, born 1.9.1983, passed away 8.10.1991
CHAPMAN, Reuben, beloved husband of above (Sarah), died July 1, 1928, aged 71 years (with Harold and George)
CHAPMAN, Ronald Ernest, passed away April 6, 1996, aged 65 years, loving son of Ernest and Doris
CHAPMAN, Sabina Grace, 1903 - 1984, beloved wife of Claude, loved mother of Douglas, Gilbert, Francis, Vicki, Enid and John
CHAPMAN, Sarah Catherine, beloved wife of Reuben, who departed this life 23 August 1908, aged 45 years (with Harold and George)
CHAPMAN, Wilfred Douglas, killed in France, 16 February 1917, aged 19 years (with John and Alice)
CHRISTENSEN, Kaitee-Rose, born 26.7.2002, slipped away 26.7.2002
CHURCHETT, Alma M., beloved wife of Ernest S., died 21 March 1995, aged 88 years + beloved mother of Brenda
CHURCHETT, Clifford, beloved husband of Lavinia, died 8 October 1969, aged 77 years
CHURCHETT, Elizabeth Ann, loved wife of Maurice George William, died 12 August 1971, aged 87 years
CHURCHETT, Ernest S., beloved husband of Alva M., died 29 January 1971, aged 69 years, + beloved father of Brenda
CHURCHETT, George William, died May 9, 1927 (with Louisa)
CHURCHETT, Kathleen Lesley (Sis), beloved wife of Stanley (Pop), died 28 February 1973, aged 73 years
CHURCHETT, Lavinia, beloved wife of Clifford, died 26 July 1983, aged 92 years
CHURCHETT, Louisa, beloved wife of above ( George), died August 10, 1987
CHURCHETT, Maurice George William, loved husband of Elizabeth, died 28 June 1970, aged 84 years
CHURCHETT, Ronald Clifford, 11 March 1924 - 18 April 1997, dearly loved husband of Brenda Harriet, loving father of David, Kaye and Kathryn
CHURCHETT, Stanley (Pop), beloved husband of Kathleen (Sis), died 24 September 1983, aged 86 years
CLEMENTS, Ann, died June 12, 1912, aged 82 (with David)
CLEMENTS, David, beloved husband of the above (Ann), died August 25, 1924, aged 91 years
CLIFTON, Arthur, who passed away February 1, 1947, aged 89 years (with Sabina)
CLIFTON, Bruce, passed away 6.5.2001, aged 88 years, loving father of Ruth (with Gladys)
CLIFTON, Elizabeth, died 15 August 1926, aged 74 years 11 months
CLIFTON, Evelyn Olive, dearly beloved wife of Arthur Ronald, died February 13, 1995, aged 86 years, 7 months, loving parent of Peter
CLIFTON, George, died 15 May 1912, aged 72 years (with Elizabeth)
CLIFTON, Gladys May, passed away 15.11.1996, aged 81 years, beloved wife of Bruce, loving mother of Ruth
CLIFTON, Gordon John, dearly loved husband of Ruby, passed away 17 October 1965, aged 56 years
CLIFTON, John, dearly loved husband of Marion L., who passed away at (illegible) 31 March 1938, aged 53 years
CLIFTON, Marion L., beloved wife of above (John), who passed away 1 December 1955, aged 69 years
CLIFTON, Ruby, dearly loved wife of Gordon, passed away 23 December 1982, aged 73 years
CLIFTON, Sabina Ann, beloved wife above (Arthur), passed away January 31, 1960, aged 83 years
CLIFTON, Yvonne Frances, passed away 12 August 2000, aged 58 years, adored mother of Andrew, beloved wife of John Robert
CLUSE, Lorna Mayble, (Rudolph), (Graham), 29.8.1913 to 1.9.1996, loving wife to Bill Graham and Bill Cluse, loving sister of Jack, Yvonne and Rex, rose garden
COAD, Ethel Angelina, passed away 19 June 1963, in her 68th years
COLE, Alice Ester, beloved wife of WJC Cole, who died at Laura, 21 March 1915, aged 56 years (with Millicent)
COLE, Millicent Jessie, dearly loved daughter of WJC & AE Cole, of Laura, died 29 June 1910, aged 14 years
CONSTABLE, Edeth, died December 10, 1875, aged 3 months, 3 days (with James)
CONSTABLE, James, died March 9, 1864, aged 3 years 9 months (with Edeth)
COOKE, Doris, beloved wife of George, passed away 8 October 1964, aged 56 years
COOKE, George Westley, passed away 4 October 2001, aged 71 years, loving father of George and Cheryl
COOKE, George, beloved husband of above (Doris), passed away 27 January 1974, aged 70 years
COOKE, Harry, died 23 October 1933 (with Maria)
COOKE, Lindsay Gordon, 7.2.1914 - 4.11.1992, dearly loved husband of Elsie
COOKE, Maria Louisa, died 12 January 1953, (with Harry)
COOKE, Thomas E., born July 13, 1826, died July 17, 1866, buried in this grave - Thomas, his wife Ann died 9/12/1899, and their daughters Eva died 18/5/1862 and Katie died 5/8/1866 (copy of obituary and photos preserved on this memorial)
COOPER, Fiona Faye, 6 December 1997, aged 27 years (with Jeff and Jean Stone)
COWIE, Daphne Doris, 25.4.19126 - 6.8.1996, wife of Raymond, mother of Lorraine, Peter, Paul and Heather
COWIE, Raymond, beloved husband of Daphne, died 31 October 1976, aged 81 years, loving father of Lorraine, Peter, Paul and Heather
COX, Frederick, beloved husband of Katherine, died April 27, 1923 aged 94 years
COX, Kate, daughter of above (Robert John Cox), died 22 December 1974, aged 77 years, not interred here
COX, Katherine, died April 28, 1905, aged 68 yrs (with Frederick)
COX, Robert John, died 9 October 1938, aged 70 years (with Sarah and Kate)
COX, Sylvester, who died June 11, 1884, aged 78 years (broken halfway down)
CROUCH, Joshua, died 14 October 1887, aged 66 years
CROUCH, Sarah Ann, the beloved wife of Joshua, who died April 16, 1880, aged 59 years
CURTIS, Charles Ernest, dearly beloved husband of Mary, passed away 28 October 1961, aged 70 yrs
CURTIS, Edith Pearl, 7.4.1897 - 30.6.1987, loved daughter of Fanny and John Murphy, dear wife of Angus and mother of Ray, grandmother of Carlene
CURTIS, Edna Rose, 16.5.1915 - 1.2.2003, aged 83 years, (with Ronald), loved mother of [several children - illegible]
CURTIS, Edward John, beloved husband of above (Sarah), died 3 May 1965, aged 88 years
CURTIS, Mary Ann, passed away 16 March 1980, aged 85 yrs (with Charles)
CURTIS, Ronald Charles, 23.9.1914 - 9.1.2003, aged 88 years, dearly loved husband of Edna Rose
CURTIS, Sarah Elizabeth, beloved wife of Edward, died 6 May 1936, aged 60 years

DANIELLS, Gaius Francis, died August 18, 1919, aged 68 (with Jean)
DANIELLS, Jean, died November 28, 1927, aged 77 (with Gaius)
DANIELLS, Susan, beloved wife of W F Daniells, died September 13, 1919, aged 47
DAVIDSON, Barbara, wife and mother of the above (Thomas and Maggie), died 19 September 1888, aged 81 years
DAVIDSON, Barbara, wife of the above (Thomas), who died 19 September 1888, aged 81 years (with Maggie)
DAVIDSON, Maggie, daughter of the above (Thomas) died June 10, 1887, aged 33 years
DAVIDSON, Maggie, daughter of the above (Thomas), who died 20 June 1887, aged 35 years (with Barbara)
DAVIDSON, Thomas, departed this life October 6, 1871, aged 64 years (with Maggie and Barbara)
DAVIDSON, Thomas, who died 5 October 1872, aged 80 (with Maggie and Barbara) - headstone broken in two
DAVIES, Amelia, died 27 May 1945
DAVIES, Ann, Mother, died May 20, 1922, aged 89 years
DAVIES, John, passed away 5 June 1955, in is 90th year
DAVIS, Hilda Rose, beloved wife of Frank, born 13 April 1891, died 14 March 1984
DAVIS, Sydney Mervin, died 19 August 1990, aged 63 years, beloved husband of Dorothy Mavis, loved father of Byron and Lisa
DAY, Albert James, beloved husband of Ellen, died 21 September 1957, aged 78 years
DAY, Ellen, beloved wife of above (Albert), died 11 July 1969, aged 85 years
DAY, Elliot John "Jimmy", buried 27.1.1950, aged 65 years, son of John and Mary, uncle of Lois
DAY, John, aged 77 (with Mary)
DAY, Mary Augusta, aged 84 (with John)
DEARMAN, Adelaide, wife of above ( Frederick), died 21 April 1948, aged 81years
DEARMAN, Amelia Edith, loving wife of Leo Leslie, born 16.9.1892, died 18.4.1992, loved mother of Dudley, Marjorie and Kevin, rose garden
DEARMAN, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Thomas, who died 12 January 1890, aged 64 years
DEARMAN, Frederick George, beloved husband of Adelaide, died 4 December 1941, aged 75 years
DEARMAN, Leo Leslie, loving husband of Amelia, born 4.10.1888, died 15.8.1987, loved father of Dudley, Majorie and Kevin, rose garden
DEARMAN, Thomas, her beloved husband (Elizabeth), who died 20 April 1890, aged 62 years
DEARMAN, William, who departed this life 5 October, 1899, aged 43 years
DECOSTER, John Shelford, born 31.1.1929, died 29.6.1985, loving father of Carol Anne Mulhern, grandfather of Ryan and Katrina Mulhern (with Phyllis), rose garden
DECOSTER, Phyllis Anne, born 7.10.1932, died 30.10.1987, loving mother of Carol Anne Mulhern, grandmother of Ryan and Katrina Mulhern (with John), rose garden
DICKER, William Henry, 16.8.1909 - 23.10.1992, dearly loved husband of Esther Rose, loved father of Barry, Rosemary and Michael, rose garden
DICKERSON, G and J, infant sons of the above (William)
DICKERSON, William, died November 3, 1875, aged 41 years
DILLON, Charles F., beloved son of Henry and Elsie, who died November 25, 1913, aged 9 years
DILLON, Elizabeth Beattie, the beloved wife of J C Dillon, died February 17, 1898, aged 83 years
DILLON, Henry Hatch, beloved husband of Elsie A. Dillon, died September 27, 1936, aged 70 years
DILLON, James, beloved husband of above (Susannah), died 9 November 1955, aged 91 years
DILLON, John C., beloved husband of the above (Elizabeth), died April 28, 1906, aged 79 years
DILLON, Mary Ann, beloved wife of Robert Telfer, died September 5, 1954, aged 68 years (with Leslie)
DILLON, Private Leslie James, son of above (Robert and Mary), left this life in action on Tobruk, July 9, 1941, aged 25 years
DILLON, Robert, dearly loved husband of Mary, died September 9, 1942, aged 79 years (with Leslie)
DILLON, Susannah, beloved wife of James, died 11 September 1940, aged 73 years
DOCKRAY, Joseph, passed away 23 February 1981, in his 71st year, dear father of Wendy, Brenda, Carol, Linda and Susan
DORMAN, Leith Lionel, son of Rev. b. amnd E. M. Dorman, died 8 November 1901
DRAPER, Ivy E. M., 9.12.1906, 28.7.1980
DRURY, Alfred Edgar, beloved husband of Mary, died 5 September 1939, aged 49 years
DRURY, Alfred Henry, 30.4.1924 - 18.8.2000, loved brother of Gwen and Mona, beloved children of Alfred and Mary
DRURY, Ann, wife of above (Charles), passed away 7 June 1976, aged 89 years
DRURY, Charles, beloved husband of Ann(a), passed away 3 May 1965, aged 78 years
DRURY, Elizabeth, our dear mother, loved wife of above (Samuel), died 19 July 1956, aged 94 years
DRURY, Mary May, died 14 March 1972, aged 82 years (with Alfred Edgar)
DRURY, Samuel Henry, our dear father, died 2 February 1922, aged 69 years (with Elizabeth)
DRURY, Yvonne Lorraine, 1918 - 1986, loving daughter of Charles and Ann
DUNCAN, Margaret Hester, daughter of the above (Jessie and George McEwin), born January 11, 1842, died April 13, 1864
DUNN, Helen, beloved wife of William Sen., died 12 March 1894, aged 78 years

EDWARDS, Hannah, died 1 August 1980, aged 92 years (with Wilfred and Muriel)
EDWARDS, Mary Ann, beloved wife of T J Edwards, who died 26 March 1927, aged 68 years
EDWARDS, Muriel, loved daughter of above (Wilfred and Hannah), aged 7 years
EDWARDS, Murray Howard, 7.4.37 - 2.10.96, aged 59 years, beloved husband of Lynnette (sic), rose garden
EDWARDS, Peter, beloved son of above (Mary and Thomas), late 27th Battalion, killed in action, 7 October 1917, aged 25 years
EDWARDS, Thomas J., died 6 August 1942, in his 83rd year (with Mary)
EDWARDS, Wilfred, loved husband of Hannah, died 24 June 1952, aged 65 years
ELLIOTT, Roma, 1944 - 1994, wife of Malcolm, mother of Richard, Melinda, Timothy, Cathy-Jane and Matthew, niche wall

FABISH, Joseph John, passed away 11 August 1981, aged 23 years, beloved son of Merle and Dennis, brother of Sheryll, Michael, Wendy and Terry, fiance of Trudi
FLAVEL, Clarence E. J., 1922 - 1986, loved brother of Jessie, Sydney and Doris, rose garden
FLAVEL, Doris M. (Dorrie), 1929 - 1998, loved wife of Fred, loving mother and nana (with Clarence), rose garden
FLAVEL, Sydney Charles, 1927 - 1985, beloved husband of Doreen Edith, loved father of Carolyn, Joylene, Stanley, Jennifer and John+ plaque Founder of Flavel History Ass. Inc.
FLAVELL, John, 1803 - 1870 (with Sarah) erected by Flavel Family History Ass. Inc.)
FLAVELL, Sarah, 1804 - 1860 (with John)
† FOLEY, Elizabeth Kate, precious twin daughter of Mark and Robyn, 31.12.1989 - 25.7.1990
FRIMAN, Anders Nikolai, 1.3.1893 - 3.5.1945, loving and loved father of Eric, Adel and John (with Jessie)
FRIMAN, Jessie (nee Humphris), 14.5.1894 - 24.1.1990, loving and loved mother of Eric, Adel and John (with Anders)

GELLIGEN, Gwen, died 8 July 1954, aged 45 years, loved mother of Shirley, Iris, Bill, Lorraine, Pat, Bob, Barry and Graeme
GIDDINGS, Bessie, died 9 April 1905, aged 21 (with Nellie and A E Kite)
GIDDINGS, Elijah, husband of above (Elizabeth), died May 16, 1949, aged 92 years
GIDDINGS, Elizabeth, died June 20, 1945, aged 87 years (with Elijah)
GILBERT, Albert H. (Allan), 1911 - 1974, loved husband of Antiope (Peggy), loveing parent of Allan, Bruce and Barry
GILBERT, Douglas, loved husband of above (Lucy), died 14 July 1972, aged 84 years
GILBERT, Lucy May, loved and devoted wife of Douglas, died 3 August 1966, aged 74 years
GILMOUR, Eleanor Florence, loved wife of above (James), died June 25, 1942, aged 77 years
GILMOUR, Emma, beloved wife of R Gilmour, died 28 September 1954, aged 101 years
GILMOUR, Harris Bernard, beloved husband of Thelma Olive, died 27 November 1964, aged 48 years, treasured father of Melvyn, Merilyn and Kym
GILMOUR, Harris J., beloved husband of Rhoda, died November 2, 1951, aged 64 years
GILMOUR, James, loved husband of Eleanor, died November 14, 1894, aged 36 years
GILMOUR, Rhoda Beatrice, beloved wife of above (Harris), died July 18, 1964, aged 77 years
GILMOUR, Robert, beloved husband of E G Gilmour, died 7 November 1899, aged 50 years
GILMOUR, Thelma Olive, died 13 September 1995, aged 75 years, treasured mother of Melvyn, Merilyn and Kym (with Harris)
GIRDLER, Leone Brenda, dearly loved wife of Peter, loving mother of Todd and Bryce, passed away 22 July 1988, aged 45 years
GOLLOP, Elizabeth, beloved wife of George, died July 7, 191?, aged 73 years
GOLLOP, George, husband of above (Elizabeth), died October 29, 1917, in his 79 year
GOLLOP, John, beloved husband of Robenia, died May 28, 1935, aged 77
GOLLOP, Kezia, beloved wife of John who departed this life August 6, 1874, aged 70 years
GOLLOP, Robenia, died in Sydney, NSW, 11 June 1947, aged 90
GRACE, Dennis William, 1927 - 1980, beloved husband of Pamela Evelyn, loved dad of Linda and Cheryll
GRAY, Hilda E. F., 9 July 1959, sister of Margaret and Mary, and dearly loved wife of John R. Gray (with Margaret Thompson and Mary Lewis)
GREENING, Ellen Maud, died 26 December 1968, aged 85 years (with Willie)
GREENING, Willie A., beloved husband of Ellen, died 30 Janaury 1957, aged 74 years
GREETZ, Anna Maria, died September 24, 1917, aged 71 years
GREGORY, Rose, our sister, loved wife of T W F Gregory, died October 6, 1919, aged 33 years
GRIMWOOD, Rosa D., beloved wife of Harold, died 11 October 1968

HAINES, E., aged 78 Years (see John Harper)
HAINES, Ellen, the beloved wife of the above (William), died 5 May 1928, aged 81 years
HAINES, M A., aged 76 years (see John Harper)
HAINES, Percy, loved husband of Sylvia, and father if Lyall and William, passed away 3 June 1973, aged 77 years
HAINES, Sylvia, beloved wife and mother of above (Percy, Lyall and William), passed away 30 May 1988, aged 91 years
HAINES, William Jun., died June 1, 1902, aged 71 years (with Ellen)
HAMMOND, Lloyd, 18.1.1919 - 6.10.2001, loving husband of Claire, a very special poppa
HANCOCK, Karen Leslie, died 22 February 1975, aged 17 years, beloved daughter of Lorna and Warwick
HANNAFORD, Albert, beloved husband of Gladys, passed away 29 October 1972, in his 69th year, loved father of Ted, Patty and Marjie
HANNAFORD, Amy Elizabeth, beloved wife of Garnet, died 7 July 1946, aged 56 years
HANNAFORD, Annie Sarah, wife of above (George), died August 15, 1945, aged 81 years
HANNAFORD, Arthur, passed away June 30, 1934, aged 72 years (with Rebecca)
HANNAFORD, Ellen, died 4 May 1914, aged 85 years (with James)
HANNAFORD, Elliott Arthur, loved husband of Evelyn, passed away December 8, 1964, aged 67 years
HANNAFORD, Ethel, beloved wife of above (William), passed away 22 July 1963, aged 70 years
HANNAFORD, Eve Matilda, passed away 10 May 1987, aged 86 years, beloved mother of Connie and Rex (with Percival)
HANNAFORD, Evelyn, passed away September 26, 1990, aged 96 years (with Elliott)
HANNAFORD, George, beloved husband of Annie, died July 14, 1936, aged 79 years
HANNAFORD, Gilphen, loved son of George and Annie, 17.6.1907 - 5.11.1989
HANNAFORD, Gladys, beloved wife of above (Albert), passed away 24 April 1975, aged 67 years, loved mother of Ted, Patty and Marjie
HANNAFORD, Herbert Angas Dorham, passed away November 7, 1953, aged 57 years (with James)
HANNAFORD, James Ernest Murray, passed away June 18, 1950, aged 60 years (with Herbert)
HANNAFORD, James, died 25 May 1942, aged 72 (with Lucy)
HANNAFORD, James, died 4 June 1876, aged 47 years (with Ellen)
HANNAFORD, James, son above (William and Ethel), passed away 26 July 1931, aged 10 days
HANNAFORD, Lucy, loved wife of above (James), died 25 August 1950, aged 77, erected by their loving children
HANNAFORD, Margaret M., beloved wife of Will, died 2 May 1929, aged 67 years
HANNAFORD, Pauline Rosalind, *22.7.1921 †31.8.1989, loved mother of Ken, Bill, Paul and Rosalind (with Warren)
HANNAFORD, Percival George, passed away 9 June 1976, aged 87 years, husband of Eve, loved father of Connie and Rex
HANNAFORD, Phebe Helen, wife of above (Septimus), died 30 May 1964, aged 76 years
HANNAFORD, Rebecca Julia, dearly beloved wife of above (Arthur), passed away February 18, 1954, aged 89 years
HANNAFORD, Rosa J., died 8 August 1918, aged 51 years (with Septimus and Phebe)
HANNAFORD, Roy James, son of Rosa and Septimus, died 24 June 1975, aged 80
HANNAFORD, Septimus, husband of above (Rosa), died 2 November 1950, aged 85 years
HANNAFORD, Warren Peter, *26.7.1925 †24.3.1983, beloved husband of Pauline, loved father of Ken, Bill, Paul and Rosalind
HANNAFORD, William, beloved husband of above (Margaret), died 31 August 1943, aged 82 years
HANNAFORD, William, passed away 6 October 1961, aged 78 years (with Ethel and James)
HARPER, John, aged 74 years (with E & M A Haines)
HARRIS, Kenneth Wayne (Ken), 14.8.1947 - 16.2.1993, aged 45 years, dearest husband of Jane, proud father of Jason
HASTWELL, Maurice Trevor (Morry), 6.7.1926 - 18.3.1997, dearly husband of Joan Mavis, treasured father Graeme, Rosalie and Julie-Anne, devoted granfather of Ruby
HAWKE, Ann, aged 76 (with Richard)
HAWKE, Ernest, (with Ivy)
HAWKE, Ivy, (with Ernest)
HAWKE, Richard, aged 85 (with Ann)
HEAD, Elizabeth (Bessie), passed away 28 December 1998, aged 84 years, dearly loved wife of Ronald George
HEAD, Freda May, 9.9.1912 - 10.2.1998, loved wife of Jim, loving mother of Marion, rose garden
HEAD, Henry John (Jack), passed away 13 August 1989, aged 83 years, beloved husband of Doreen, loving father of Pam and Joy
HEAD, Henry, beloved husband of Melita, passed away 22 October 1967, aged 89 years
HEAD, Kenneth James (Jim), 18.5.1913 - 11.8.2002, loved husband of Freda, loving dad of Marion and father in law of Keith, rose garden
HEAD, Leslie Charles, born 11.4.1915, died 24.2.2004, aged 88 years, loving husband of Beryl Lois, loved father of Desmond, Raelene, Fay and Brenton
HEAD, Melita, loved wife of above (Henry), passed away 20 May 1969, aged 90 years
HEINZE, Laurel Thelma, 30.10.1919 - 4.3.1999, (with Percival)
HEINZE, Percival Victor, 28.6.1915 - 17.7.1973, beloved husband of Laurel
HEITMANN, Alice Agnes, died 24 October 1973, aged 82 years, loved mother of Roland and Gay (with Ernest)
HEITMANN, Ernest Victor, died 11 September 1965, aged 76 years, loving father of Roland and Gay (with Alice)
HEITMANN, Glenn John (Snowy), 7.2.1963 - 9.9.1991, dearly loved husband of Kate, son of Wendy and Roly, brother of Mark and ?? [illegible]
HEITMANN, Jessie, died 5 November 1939, aged 44 years (with Percival)
HEITMANN, Percival, husband of above (Jessie), died 8 April 1940, aged 52 years
HEITMANN, Roland Victor, dearly loved father of Mark, Glenn and Lyndie, fond grandad of Steven, loved brother of Gay, born 2.5.1925, died 29.7.1985
HIBBERT, George William, of Godley near Manchester, ….of Modbury SA, born 18 February 1849, died 2 August 1884
HOAD, Harriet, the dearly loved wife of G. W. Hoad, departed this life 23 February 1874, aged 21 years and 6 months
HODGES, Frederick, beloved husband of Kezia, who died on October 5, 1946, aged 83 years
HODGES, Kezia Margaret, loved and loving wife of Frederick, who died November 21, 1926, aged 65 years
HODGES, Malcolm George Falconer, beloved son of Frederick and Kezia, who died on October 9, 1974, aged 71 years
HODGES, Mary Matilda, beloved daughter of Frederick and Keziah, who died on June 24, 1985, aged 92 years
HOLZBERGER, Frederick John "Jack", died 17.4.1988 aged 69 years, dearly loved husband of Dorothy Jean, loved father of Janet and John, devoted pa of Deana, Jeffrey, Melissa, Julie and Kate
HUMPHRIES, William, beloved husband of Doris, passed away 16 November 1949, aged 59 years
HUMPHRIS, Gordon William, 16.7.1921 - 28.1.2000, husband of Margaret, son of William and Doris, brother of Valmai & family, rose garden
HUNTER, James, who died on January 10, 18??? (illegible)
HURST, Alfred Herbert, beloved husband of the above (Prudence), passed away 30 December 1954, aged 85 years
HURST, Caroline Margaret, beloved wife of James, died July 13, 1964, aged 87 years (with Elsie)
HURST, Coralie Isabel, called to God's care, 20.10.1944, aged 15 months (with Ernest)
HURST, Elsie J., daughter of above (James), born September 1, 1904, died October 23, 1905 (with Caroline)
HURST, Emma, beloved wife of above (Harvey), born in Suffolk, 5 November 1833, arrived Adelaide 18??, died 30 July 1915, aged 82 years
HURST, Emma, died 28 June 1961, aged 81 years, (with Samuel), loved mother of Elma and Ron
HURST, Ernest John, passed away 9.7.1982, aged 74 years, beloved husband of Lorna, loved father of Graham, Murray, Kingsley and (Coralie dec'd)
HURST, Francis Frederick, born 25 July 1901, died 8 August 1971
HURST, Gladys Muriel, 3.8.1907 - 29.12.2002, loving mother of Marie and Lance, much loved nana (with Percival)
HURST, Harvey, born in Wiltshire, England, 22 September 1832, arrived Adelaide 1852, died 1 June 1915, aged 83 years (with Emma)
HURST, James H., died May 13, 1950, aged 76 years (with Elsie and Caroline)
HURST, Mabel Amelia, died 24 August 1956, aged 85, (with Reuben)
HURST, Percival James, 8.10.1906 - 21.11.2002, loved husband of Gladys, loving father of Marie and Lance, much loved pop
HURST, Prudence Thompson, passed away 23 December 1947, aged 87 years (with Alfred)
HURST, Reuben Mark, died 11 January 1926, aged 56 (with Mabel)
HURST, Samuel Joshua, died 28 August 1962, aged 86 years, loved father of Elmo and Ron
HUTCHINSON, Lylie Eliza, passed away 31 July 1990, aged 95 years, loving mother of Myrtle and Lylie (with Walter)
HUTCHINSON, Walter, passed away 11 January 1973, aged 85 years, loving father of Myrtle and Lylie

JACKSON, Elva Tresna, passed away 24 January 1995, aged 69 years, loved wife of Ken, loving mother Lindsay, Rodney, Lorraine, Deanna, Sandra, Trevor and Philip
JACKSON, Kenneth Whitworth, passed away 27 June 1998, aged 76 years, loved husband of Elva, loving father of Lindsay, Rodney, Lorraine, Deanna, Sandra, Trevor and Philip
JACKSON, Robert, our dear father, died 7 February 1947, aged 68 years (with Vera)
JACKSON, Vera Lucy, our dear mother, died 11 December 1948, aged 57 years (with Robert)
JAMES, Esther, beloved wife of Samuel, died February 4, 1924, aged 62
JAMIESON, Karl Lloyd, born 13.3.1990 taken into God's care the same day, precious baby son of Paul and Phillipa, treasured brother of Candice, + Grandpa, Grandma, Aunties, Uncles
JAMIESON, Margaret Betty, born in Birmingham, England, 19.6.1925, died Salisbury SA, 9.12.2002, dearly loved wife of Ralph, much loved mother of Helen and Paul, loved and devoted mother in law and nanna
JASKO, Janos, szuletett 1921, meghalt 1990, draga sz|leim, halam, szeretetem vrvkke tietek Zsuzsika
JASKO, Maria, sz|letett 1924, meghalt 1979, pikenj bekeben, szerettek ferje, Janos, Kislanya, Zsuzsika
JEFFS, Kaye Lorraine, 16.11.1946 - 29.3.2003, loving wife of Rob, caring mother of Kate and John
JOHN, Ada, beloved wife of above (Stuart), passed away June, 16, 1961, aged 81 years
JOHN, Gilead, beloved husband of Maria, died March 25, 1933, aged 80 years
JOHN, Maria, beloved wife of above (Gilead), died January 12, 1936, in her 80th year
JOHN, Stuart, beloved husband of Ada, passed away July 20, 1955, aged 67 years
JOHNS, Arnold Ernest James, *1.1.1917 †2.11.1993, dearly loved husband of Alice, loved parent of Harold, Helen, Roger and Michael
JOHNS, Elsie, loved wife of Ray, died 29 March 1975
JOHNS, Heather Lynn (nee Clarke), born 19.2.1957, died 2.8.1994, beloved wife of Peter, loved mother of Timothy, Christopher, Andrew and Kirsten
JOHNS, Horace, beloved husband of above (Ruby), died 15 November 1963
JOHNS, James Henry, died 30 May 1925, aged 83 years (with Mary and Polly)
JOHNS, Mary, wife of the above (James), died 2 May 1925, aged 76 years
JOHNS, Peter, born 5.9.1931, died 7.7.1997, beloved husband of Lynn, loved Father of Timothy, Christopher, Andrew and Kirsten
JOHNS, Polly, daughter of above (James and Mary), died 3 October 1914, aged 18 years
JOHNS, Ray, died 1 January 1984 (with Elsie)
JOHNS, Ruby Jane Amelia, beloved wife of Horace, died 7 January 1959, aged 72 years
JOHNSON, Edward G., beloved husband of Ellen, died May 13, 1925, aged 71
JOHNSON, Edwin G., loved son of E and E C Johnson, died June 13, 1954 (with Mabel and Harold)
JOHNSON, Ellen, loved wife of above (Edward), died August 2, 1942
JOHNSON, George, the beloved husband of the above (Jane), who died June 30, 1886, aged 66 years
JOHNSON, Harold C., loved son of E and E C Johnson, died September 16, 1967 (with Mabel and Edwin)
JOHNSON, Jane, the beloved wife of George, who died 16 December 1881, aged 57 years
JOHNSON, Mabel A., loved daughter of E and E C Johnson, died December 18, 1942, (with Edwin and Harold)
JOHNSON, Private A. J., beloved son of E C and E Johnson, killed in action in France, April 2, 1917, aged 25 years
JOHNSON, Rita, darling daughter of G and L Johnson, died June 6, 1927, aged 8 days
JONES, Leslie, died 5 December 1973, aged 86 years (with Rebecca and Rodney)
JONES, Rebecca, died 29 November 1970, aged 87 years (with Leslie and Rodney)
JONES, Rodney, died 15 March 1974, aged 52 years, their son (Rebecca and Leslie)

KESTER, Annie, died 10 July 1971, aged 63 years
KESTER, Henry G., died 18 January 1972, aged 62 years
KESTER, James (Jim) Shepherdson, died 3 March 1982, aged 68 years, beloved son of Thomas and Adelaide, loved brother of Annie, Henry, Bill and Jennie, esteemed friend of Malcolm and Lois Butson and family
KESTER, William Thomas, died 21 August 1976, aged 69 years
KNIGHTLY, John Sowerby, 21.3.1924 to 15.1.1996, loving husband of Yvonne
KNIGHTLY, Yvonne Marion (Rudolph) (Leishman), 21.8.1919 to 17.3.1993, loving wife of John, loving mother of John and Stephen
KITE, A. E., husband of above (Nellie), died 22 June 1942, aged 55 (with Bessie Giddings)
KITE, Nellie, sister of above (Bessie Giddings)died 13 January 1937, aged 46 (with A E Kite)
KOLLASCHE, Margaret, died December 8, 1912, aged 1 year
KUNZE, Michelle Marie, 14.10.1953 - 13.9.1997, daughter of Alfred and Nora Cornish, beloved mother of Amy, Zachary and Remy, rose garden

LAMBERT, Edgar Owen, died 8 January 1962, aged 69 years (with Laura)
LAMBERT, John, died 7 March 1948, aged 78 years (with Nellie)
LAMBERT, Laura Phoebe, sister of above, died 4 August 1938, aged 54 years (with Edgar)
LAMBERT, Nellie Leavina, beloved wife of above (John), died 30 September 1972, aged 88 years
LAMBERT, Phillip John, passed away 29 September 1982, in his 53rd year, loved brother of Doris and Stella
LAMEY, Alexander James, our dear husband, father and pa, died 18 February 1976, aged 79 years (with Gladys)
LAMEY, Gladys Lillian, beloved wife, mother and gran, died 26 March 1991, aged 96 years (with Alexander)
LAMKIN, Bessie Lorna, loving wife of Fred, mother of Jim, Alan and Phil, died 6 April 1987, aged 73 years
LEITH, Jessie G. D., died 26 August 1985, aged 85 yrs, beloved wife of Robert, mother of David
LEITH, Rev. Robert, died 11 June 1980, aged 79 yrs, beloved husband of Jessie, father of David
LEONARD, Arthur Newell, beloved husband of Suvina, died 28 May 1938, aged 73 years, 6 months
LEONARD, Suvina Thomasine, bel;oved wife of Arthur, died October 2, 1943, aged 76 years
LEWIS, Frederick, 2 July 1911, beloved father of Margaret, Mary and Hilda; Anne, Isobel, Fred and Robert, family united 9 July 1959 (with Jessie)
LEWIS, Jessie, 17 October 1925, beloved mother of Margaret, Mary and Hilda; Anne, Isbobel, Fred and Robert, family united 9 July 1959 (with Frederick)
LEWIS, Mary, 17 June 1936, beloved daughter of Frederick and Jessie, (with Hilda Gray and Margaret Thompson)
LLOYD, Ann, died 6 June 1911, aged 75 years
LLOYD, Annie Pauline, beloved wife of Isaac, died 23 February 1948, aged 78 years
LLOYD, Isaac, beloved husband of above (Annie), died 21 October 1949, aged 75 years
LLOYD, Mary, beloved wife of William, passed away 17 March 1956,
LLOYD, William, dearly beloved husband of above (Mary), passed away 15 October 1956
LOECHEL, Nellie Ilene, 18.10.1924 - 16.7.1995, beloved wife of Albert John, loving mother of Lindsay, Barry and Christine
LOKAN, John, passed away 10 November 1956, dearly loved father of Zeta, Ray, Marj and Don (with Lila)
LOKAN, Lila, passed away, 17 December 1978, dearly loved mother of Zeta, Ray, Marj and Don (with John)
LOKAN, Rebecca, beloved wife of William, died January 17, 1912, aged 42 years
LOKAN, Zeta passed away 25 November 1978, dearly loved daughter of John and Lila, and loved sister of Ray, Marj and Don
LUMB, Ken, 18.4.1930 - 5.11.1988, dearly loved husband of Dorothy, devoted father of Chris and Mandy

MCALEAN, Ewenina, nee Nicholson, 4.8.1937 - 2.4.1999, born Baymore, Grimsay, N. Uist, dearly loved wife of Alexander Crawford, dearly loved mother of Alasdair, Colin and Kenneth
MANSFIELD, Alison, loving wife of above (Dennis), died 1 November 1986, aged 80 years
MANSFIELD, Dennis Eugene, loving husband of Alison, died 8 April 1957, aged 43 years
MAUGHAN, Marinus, died September 18, 1918, aged 54
MCEWAN, Mary E., died June 24, 1940, aged 76 years (with Robert)
MCEWAN, Robert W., loving father, died September 23, 1923, aged 61 (with Mary)
MCEWIN, Bertie, beloved son of Robert and Emily, who died 14 January 1883, aged 9 years (with Jessie)
MCEWIN, Emily, beloved wife of the above (Robert), born in York, England 1851, died November 5, 1939
MCEWIN, Emily, beloved wife of the above (Robert), born in York, England 1851, died November 5, 1939
MCEWIN, Essie, who died 25 December 1863, age 3 years, 6 months (with Bertie)
MCEWIN, G. K. (Bro), loved husband of Lorna Jean, died 31 December 1968, aged 55 years
MCEWIN, George Irving, beloved son of Robert and Emily, born October 30, 1872, died August 15, 1916
MCEWIN, George, JP., Glen Ewin, husband and father of above (Jessie and Margaret Duncan), born January 29, 1815, died August 8, 1885
MCEWIN, Glen Duncan, of Glen Ewin, 1919 - 1977 (with Glenroy and Hannah)
MCEWIN, Glenroy, of Glen Ewin, 1949 - 1975 (with Glen and Hannah)
MCEWIN, Hannah Jean, of Glen Ewin, 1914 - 2002 (with Glenroy and Glen)
MCEWIN, Helen Parkyn, of Glen Ewin, 1889 - 1974, beloved wife of Roy
MCEWIN, James, son of Robert and Emily, husband of Violet, of Glen Ewin, Houghton, born 9 April 1878, died 12 August 1966
MCEWIN, Jessie, beloved wife of George, Glen Ewin, born July 12, 1810, died September 21, 1884 (with Margaret Duncan and George)
MCEWIN, Mary, daughter of the late Robert and Emily, born 31 May 1876, died 27 July 1968
MCEWIN, Robert and (illegible), of Glen Ewin, dearly loved husband of Emily, born Glen Ewin November 23,1847, died September 20, 1920
MCEWIN, Roy, of Glen Ewin, 1886 - 1956, beloved husband of Helen
MCEWIN, Violet Mabel, the dearly loved wife of James, died 21 March 1952
MCGILTON, Clara Janet, loved wife of above (Robert), passed away 11 March 1983, aged 92 years
MCGILTON, Ellenor, born August 10, 1811, died August 11, 1893, aged 82 years (see John)
MCGILTON, John, beloved husband of Ellenor, died September 26, 1881, aged 80 years (with John, Ellenor and Mary)
MCGILTON, John, beloved son of above (John and Ellenor), died July 15, 1885, aged 37 years
MCGILTON, Mary Kate, dearly beloved wife of the above, died July 20, 1909, aged 56 years and 9 months (with John, Ellenor and John)
MCGILTON, Maxwell James (Max), 26.1.1927 - 14.3.2001, aged 74 years, son of Robert and Clara McGilton, father of Danny, Kim and Joy
MCGILTON, Robert, passed away 19 January 1943, aged 65 years (with Clara)
MCGLASHAN, Graham Keith, beloved husband of Mavis Edna, died 21 August 1991, aged 81 years, loved father of Dawn, Kevin and June
MCGLASHAN, Mavis Edna, beloved wife of Graham Keith, died 13 June 1974, aged 62 years, loved mother of Dawn, Kevin and June
MCGLASHIN, Kevin Graeme, died 29 July 1943, aged 12 days
MCLACHLAN, John, beloved husband and father of above (Mary, Katie and Sarah), died 21 November 1920, aged 80 years
MCLACHLAN, Katie, their daughter (Mary and John), who died 22 July 1880, aged 19 years
MCLACHLAN, Mary, the beloved wife of John, who died 31 October 1891, aged 58 years (with Katie, Sarah and John)
MCLACHLAN, Sarah, daughter of the above (Mary and John), died 11 May 1903, aged 30 years
MCNICOL, John, died December 15, 1904, aged 72 years
MCNICOL, Margret, daughter of the above (Margret), who died March 27, 1862, aged 11 months
MCNICOL, Margret, the beloved wife of John, who died March 23, 1862, aged 28 years (with Margret)
MCPHEE, Alan, our dearly loved husband and father, died 4 May 1974, aged 45 years
MILLAR, Cornella May, passed away 4 September 1987, aged 80 years, loved mother of Ross, Eric, Douglas and Ian (with Raymond)
MILLAR, Elizabeth, wife of the above, (Reuben), died January 5, 1915, aged 78 years
MILLAR, Flora Marie, died 28.7.1977, aged 78 years, loved mother of Eleanor and Howard (with Maurice)
MILLAR, James, son of Emily, died November 7, 1867, aged 27 years
MILLAR, Keith, died 12 Augusy 1995, aged 81 years, beloved husband of Edna, loving father of Judith, Valwyn, Patricia and Maxine
MILLAR, Maurice Howard, died 28.9.1975, aged 78 years, loved father of Eleanor and Howard (with Flora)
MILLAR, Raymond, passed away 29 June 1987, aged 82 years, beloved husband of Cornella, loved father of Ross, Eric, Douglas and Ian
MILLAR, Reuben, who died January 29, 1899, aged 67 years (with Elizabeth)
MILLS, Dorothy May, died 10.7.1989, aged 63 years loved mother of Janine, Julienne, Richard, Diedre (sic) and Annette (with Sid)
MILLS, Sid Kingston, beloved husband of Dorothy, died 20.1.1979, aged 57 years, loved father of Janine, Julienne, Richard, Diedre (sic) and Annette
MILTON, Royce, died 1 August 1970, aged 45 years, husband of Eleanor, and father of Kathleen, Neville, Valerie, Jeannette and Shirley
MORELAND, Mabel Ordrey, dearly beloved wife of Reginald William, died 12 August 1978, aged 71 years
MORPHETT, Violet, wife of Edgar, died 26 September 1947, aged 58
MORRIS, Henry Wakefield, passed away 31 May 1959, aged 68 years (with Ruby)
MORRIS, Ruby, beloved wife of Henry, passed away 11 January 1952, aged 66 years
MOULDEN, Jack Harold, passed away 1 October 1980, aged 73 years, loved husband of Stella, loved father of Margaret and Sonia
MOULDEN, Stella Elizabeth, passed away 8 September 1999, aged 97 years, loved mother of Margaret and Sonia (with Jack)
MOURBEY, Charles, 11.11.1898 - 11.8.1988, beloved husband of the late Kate, loved father of Irene and Alan, rose garden
MURDOCH, Keith, passed away 18 August 1989, aged 77, beloved husband of Lorna, loved father of Marlene, Warren and Daryl
MURDOCH, Lorna, passed away 14 January 1997, aged 82, loved mother of Marlene, Warren and Daryl (with Keith)
MURPHY, Antony John, 1954 - 1979, rose garden
MURPHY, Coral, loving wife and mother, passed away 4 June 1976, aged 70 years (with Eric)
MURPHY, Emily, beloved wife of William, died 24 June 1950, aged 77 years
MURPHY, Eric William, dearly loved husband of Coral, loving father of Terence and Gloria, passed away 17 September 1967, aged 65 years
MURPHY, Fanny Florence, our dear mother, passed away 9 April 1951, aged 85 yrs (with John)
MURPHY, John Terrence, passed away 25 March 1954, aged 86 years (with Fanny)
MURPHY, William, beloved husband of Emily, died 3 September 1957, aged 88 years
MYERS, Dora Grace, passed away 16 May 1974, aged 83 years, beloved wife of William, devoted mother of Frank and Audrey
MYERS, Elizabeth, beloved wife of the above (Frank), died September 28, 1919, aged 71 years (with Frank)
MYERS, Ellen Naomi, passed away 5 August 1998, aged 74 years, dearly loved wife of Frank, loved mother of Raelene and Rob, devoted nanna
MYERS, Frank Hilton, passed away 3 April 2003, aged 83 years, loved father of Raelene and Rob, devoted grandpa (with Ellen)
MYERS, Frank, beloved husband of Elizabeth, died March 17, 1906, aged 68 years (with Frank)
MYERS, Frank, son of the above (Frank and Elizabeth), killed in action in France, October 14, 1917, aged 32 years 'Somewhere in France he is sleeping. In a soldier's honor?? Grave.
MYERS, John Henry, died 19 November 1939, aged 58 years
MYERS, William, passed away 17 May 1975, aged 87 years, devoted father of Frank and Audrey (with Dora)

NAIRN, Mary E., nee Moore, daughter of Sarah
NEALE, Alice Eva, died 13 January 1968, aged 88 years (with Daisy)
NEALE, Alma R., died 18 May 1960, aged 72 years (with Thomas)
NEALE, Charles Ernest, beloved husband of above (Emma), passed away May 1, 1974, aged 91 years
NEALE, Elizabeth, passed away 15.5.1941, aged 80, (with Walter)
NEALE, Emma Frances, passed away July 8, 1954, aged 67 years (with Charles)
NEALE, Leslie Charles, 5.6.193 - 10.4.1988, beloved husband of Mavis, loved father of David and Merrilyn, rose garden
NEALE, Maria (Daisy), died 8 July 1965, aged 89 years (with Alice)
NEALE, Maria, died March 17, 1927, aged 87 years (with William)
NEALE, Mavis, Evelyn, 19.12.1911 - 21.8.1999, beloved wife of Leslie, loved mother of David and Merrilyn, rose garden
NEALE, Thomas Edgar, died 15 March 1957, aged 75 years (with Alma)
NEALE, Walter, passed away 26.7.1926, aged 63 (with Elizabeth)
NEALE, Wilf, dearly loved husband of Elza, loving father of Arleen, Allan and Ian, passed away 23 November 1986
NEALE, William, died July 25, 1914, aged 79 years (with Maria)
NEWMAN, Annie, grand daughter and daughter of the above, born 11 August 1876, died 14 May 1879 (see Charles Vincent)
NEWMAN, Charles Frederick, their son (Charles and Margaret), born 7 May 1834, died 30 June 1899 (see Charles Vincent)
NEWMAN, Charles Vincent, born [illegible], died March 1879 (with Margaret, Charles Frederick, Mary, Annie and Harry)
NEWMAN, George F. V., beloved husband of Jane, died 31 August 1935, aged 75 years, erected by their loving sons and daughters
NEWMAN, Harry William, born 6 June 1869, died 24 September 1930, loved husband of Ethel Amelia (see Charles Vincent)
NEWMAN, Jane, beloved wife of George, died 27 May 1924, aged 57 years, + erected by their loving sons and daughters
NEWMAN, John William, born 16 May, 1861, died 21 January 1932
NEWMAN, Margaret, born April {illegible], died September 1830 (see Charles Vincent)
NEWMAN, Mary Ann M., dearly beloved wife of above (Charles Frederick), died 1 June 1897, aged 34 years (see Charles Vincent)
NEWMAN, Mary Ann, born SA 1838, died June 1931, a wonderful mother, erected by her daughter Hettie Folland
NICHOLLS, Florence Mavis, beloved wife of Ray, and loving mother of Marlene, died 30 July 1983, aged 70 years
NICHOLLS, Lily May, wife of the above (William), died 26 May 1961, aged 77 years
NICHOLLS, Patience Naomi, born January 23 1876, died March 20, 1876 (with William and Rebecca)
NICHOLLS, Rebecca, wife of the above (William), died April 5, 1907, aged 63 years
NICHOLLS, William Henry, belovd husband of Rebecca, died 14 February 1907, aged 67 years
NICHOLLS, William Henry, beloved husband of Lily May, died 16 July 1943, aged 66
NICHOLLS, William Raymond, beloved husband of Mavis, loving father of Marlene, died 29 July 1976, aged 70 years
NOBES, Edmund, passed away 4 July 1953, aged 60 years, beloved husband of Jessie and Florrie, loved father of Ron, Max and Lorna
NOBES, Edward, passed away 31 December 1947, aged 84 years (with Emily)
NOBES, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of William, died September 1, 1910, in her 88th year
NOBES, Emily Ada, beloved wife above (Edward), passed away 23 February 1950, aged 81 years
NOBES, Sarah, beloved wife of T S Nobes, died June 1, 1922, aged 62
NOBES, Thomas Edward, our dear uncle, 1901 - 1991
NOBES, Thomas, beloved husband of above (Sarah), died 14 February 1935, aged 75
NOBES, William, husband of the above (Elizabeth), died September 25, 1912, aged 92 years

O'CONNOR, Ester Vera, beloved wife of John, died 8 September 1987, aged 85 years
O'MANONY, Georgie Emily Forbes, beloved wife of above (Gormag), died 17 August 1967
O'MANONY, Gormag John, beloved husband of Georgie, died 22 October 1963, aged 70 years
O'NEILL, Beryl Olive, 21.6.1910 - 21.6.1989, dearly beloved wife of Henry, loving mother of Ken, Peter and Margaret
O'NEILL, Henry, 2.5.1909 - 14.11.1996, loving father of Ken, Peter and Margaret (with Beryl)

PAPPS, Dorine Stella passed away 5th April 2010 Aged 81yrs. Dearly beloved wife of Kevin and much loved mother of Barry, Graeme and Christine.
PAPPS, Kevin Archibald passed away 28th December 2010 Aged 91yrs. Dearly beloved husband of the late Dorine Stella and much loved father of Barry, Graeme and Christine. (With Dorine)
PARLETTA, Adam Benjamin, passed away 6 October 1995, aged 13 years, cherished son of Coral and Tony, loved brother of Alicia and Renae
PATRICK, Harry J., died 20 March 1953, aged 75 (with Ronald)
PATRICK, Kathleen (nee Baguley), beloved wife of Pat, loving mother of John and Elaine, born Alderley Ledge, Cheshire, 17.3.26, died 4.5.92
PATRICK, Ronald D., son, died 20 April, 1952, aged 34 (with Harry)
PHILLIPS, Cecil Garfield (Garth), passed away 5 July 2003, aged 91 years, beloved husband of Vera May, loved father of Leslie and June
PHILLIPS, Cecil James, who passed away November 29, 1946, aged 62 years (with Lillian)
PHILLIPS, Lillian Minnie, beloved wife of above (Cecil), died April 16, 1963, aged 73 years
PHILLIPS, Lois Isabel, beloved daughter of above (William), died July 13, 1945, aged 22 years
PHILLIPS, Marjory Jean, died 12 August 2001, aged 86 years, beloved wife and mother of above (Roy, Gordon and Dean)
PHILLIPS, Reg, 19.7.1910 - 3.1.2000, aged 89 years, dearly loved husband of Phylis, much loved father of Sandra, Ross, Gloria and Carolyn
PHILLIPS, Roy Warwick J., beloved husband of Marjory, and father of Gordon and Dean, died 29 May 1983, aged 69 years
PHILLIPS, William H. T., died January 1, 1936, aged 53 years (with Lois)
PISANI, Sarah Candace, born 15.6.1984 died 30.3.1995, dearly loved daughter of Gregory and Kathleen, loved sister of Donna, Janelle and Katie
† PITMAN, Ada, beloved wife of above (Alfred), died 13 July 1963, aged 85 years
† PITMAN, Alfred Maxwell, beloved husband of Marjorie, died 26 December 1959, aged 47 years
† PITMAN, Alfred Samuel, died 8 February 1956, aged 82 years (with Ada)
† PITMAN, Charlotte, my beloved wife, who died 21 October 1897, aged 80 (with John)
† PITMAN, David Jeffrey, beloved husband of Helen, loved father of Michelle, Beth and Steven, died 29 June 1990, aged 39 years
† PITMAN, Doris Annie, beloved wife of above (Percy), passed away 23 July 1979, aged 85 years
† PITMAN, Ella Olive, passed away 24 May 1961, aged 77 years (with Robert)
† PITMAN, Ernest James, beloved husband of Pearl, died 2 January 1955, aged 67
† PITMAN, George, beloved husband of above (Jane), died April 19, 1943, aged 84 years
† PITMAN, Jane, died June 19, 1913, aged 62 years (with George)
† PITMAN, John James, the beloved son of Samuel and Sarah Ann, who died November 30, 1885, aged 8 months
† PITMAN, John, beloved husband of the above (Charlotte), died 11 April 1907, aged 86 years
† PITMAN, Joseph, father, died 2 September 1925, aged 70 years (with Mary)
† PITMAN, Lyndon Ross, 25.10.1924 - 20.1.1990, loved husband of Patricia Joyce
† PITMAN, Marjorie Eleanor, loved wife of above, died 5 June 1981, aged 70 years
† PITMAN, Mary, dearly beloved wife of Walter Henry, who departed this life April 11, 1909, aged 26 years
† PITMAN, Mary, mother, beloved wife of the above (Joseph), died November 2, 1926, aged 80 years
† PITMAN, Mavis Violet, passed away 18 May 2002, aged 88 years, dearly loved daughter of Alfred and Ada, much loved and loving sister of Arthur, Ethel, Marjorie, Mamie, Alfred (Pat) and Thelma
† PITMAN, Olga Faith, passed away 30 May 1989, aged 68 years, beloved wife of Harold Dean, loved mother of Margaret, Raelene, Graham, Marlene, Jennifer and Robyn
† PITMAN, Pearl, beloved wife of above (Ernest), died 13 July 1966, aged 79
† PITMAN, Percy George, beloved husband of Doris, passed away 30 August 1974, aged 82 years
† PITMAN, Robert John, beloved husband of above (Ella), passed away 2 August 1961, aged 78 years
† PITMAN, Ronald William, 12 May 1917 - 21 November 1999, husband of Evelyn, father of Kathy & Julie, rose garden
† PITMAN, Samuel, the dearly beloved husband of Sarah, who departed this life July 19, 1893, aged 48 years, 10 months
† PITMAN, Sarah Ann, dearly loved wife of the above (Samuel), who died August 13, 1921, aged 72 years
† PITMAN, Steven James (Stevie), passed away 24 October 2003, aged 20 years, adored son of Helen and David, brother to Michelle and Beth
PITT, James Keith, died 14 November 1975, aged 59, (with Phyllis)
PITT, Phyllis Evelyn, died 9 May 1973, aged 53, beloved wife of James
POSSINGHAM, Alfred Harold, son of above (Alfred and Emma), killed in action in Gallipoli, May 1915, aged 30 years
POSSINGHAM Alfred Reeds, died 21 September 1903, aged 50 years (with Emma and Alfred)
POSSINGHAM, Emily, wife of above (William) (with Frances and John)
POSSINGHAM, Emma, beloved wife of above (Alfred), died 16 August 1936, aged 86 years (with Alfred)
POSSINGHAM, Erica Zella, died 4 November 1924, aged 23 years (with William and Irwin)
POSSINGHAM, Eva, their youngest daughter (John and Mary), died August 27, 1900, aged 26 years
POSSINGHAM, Frances Ann, daughter of the above (William), died 8 August 1909, aged 49 years (with Emily and John)
POSSINGHAM, Harold Kennedy, born 9 October 1915, died 30 March 1997, beloved husband of Yvonne, loving father of Garry, devoted grandfather of Anne, Mary and Helen
POSSINGHAM, Ida Beth, 2.4.1920 - 21.1.2002, daughter of Sidney and Jessie, sister of Ken, Allan and Don
POSSINGHAM, Irwin, died July 31, 1905, aged 14 months (with William and Erica)
POSSINGHAM, Jessie Kennedy, beloved wife and mother of above (see Sidney), passed away 27 December 1968, aged 83 years
POSSINGHAM, John Henry, (with William, Frances and Emily)
POSSINGHAM, John, died September 9, 1879, aged 55 years (with Mary and Eva)
POSSINGHAM, Mabel, wife of above (Robert), passed away 25 July 1960, aged 85
POSSINGHAM, Mary Ann, beloved wife of the above (John), died March 12, 1899, aged 64 years (with Eva)
POSSINGHAM, Robert James, passed away 10 March 1913, aged 42 (with Mabel)
POSSINGHAM, Sidney Thomas, beloved husband of Jessie Kennedy, loving father of Ken, Allan, Ila and Don, passed away 23 July 1961, aged 74 years
POSSINGHAM, William, died 5 March 1906, aged 80 years (with Frances, Emily and John)
POSSINGHAM, William, loved husband of the relict, died 6 August 1928, aged 68 years (with Irwin and Erica) - broken headstone
POSSINGHAM, Yvonne Rae, born 7 August 1915, died 27 July 1993, beloved wife of Ken, loving mother of Garry, devoted grandma of Anne, Mary and Helen
POTTER, Maxine Hildae, 1939 - 2002
PRICE, Leonard Lister, 8 November 1918 to 28 February 1993, husband, father and grandfather; Dunkirk veteran, rose garden
PRIDMORE, Nancy, 11.1.1898 - 9.4.1976, beloved wife of Stan, loved mother of Olive and Jean
PRIDMORE, Stan, 4.12.1900 - 10.2.1984, beloved husband of Nancy, loved father of Olive and Jean

REDDEN, John, beloved husband of Susannah, died November 8, 1886, aged 66 years
REDDEN, Susannah, beloved wife of the above (John), who died April 7, 1906, aged 83 years, 11 months
REEDS, William, died January 8, 1873, aged 67 years
REEDS, William, died October 25, 1863, aged 34 years
REHN, Alice M., died 5 July 1983, aged 85 years, beloved wife of James, loved mother of Vernon, Cedric and Colin
REHN, Annie, beloved wife of Walter, died 30 March 1964, aged 80 years
REHN, Bruce, 1906 - 1995, loved husband of Lorna, niche wall
REHN, Colin Edward, 21.12.1934 - 20.7.2004, precious father of Peter and Julianne
REHN, Denzil Farnham, died 14 June 1994, aged 81 years, loving husband of Dora, niche wall
REHN, Eliza, the dearly beloved wife of John, who died November 19, 1888 aged 43 years (with Letitia and Father)
REHN, Elizabeth Anne, beloved wife of Geoff, loved mother of Darren and Grant, passed away 3 July 1989, aged 47 years
REHN, Euphemia Alice, beloved daugher of Eliza and John, passed away 26 May 1962, aged 75 years
REHN, Ian Jeffrey. Infant son of Jeff and Erna. Born 5 August 1939, died 4 September 1939
REHN, James, died 6 December 1992, aged 99 years loved father of Vernon, Cedric and Colin (with Alice)
REHN, John. Father, died February 10, 1922, aged 80 years (with Eliza and Letitia)
REHN, Laura Joy, died 12 October 1965, aged 40 (with Linda), loved wife of Vernon James
REHN, Letitia, beloved wife of the above, (John) died 13 July 1897, aged 60 years (with Eliza and John)
REHN, Linda Joy, died 1 May 1974, aged 15, loved daughter of Vernon James
REHN, Osbert, loved husband of the late Ethel, and loved youngest son of John and Eliza Rehn, died 20 October 1961, aged 76 years
REHN, Walter, beloved wife of above (Annie), died 18 August 1970, aged 90 years
RHYS, Gareth, 19.1.1953 - 3.3.1992, beloved son of Mabel and David, loved brother of Jenny
RICHARDSON, David Kenneth, B. 2.10.55 - D. 18.10.73, aged 18, beloved son of Ken and Margaret, dearly loved by all his brothers, sisters, families and friends (with Graham)
RICHARDSON, Graham Arthur, B. 5.11.60 - D. 11.12.88, aged 28, beloved son of Ken and Margaret, beloved husband of Lorna, dearly loved by all his brothers, sisters, families and friends (with David)
RICHARDSON, Margaret Joan, 26.11.1938 - 28.8.1994, loving husband Ken and families, rose garden
ROBERTS, Doreen, beloved wife of Gordon, passed away 18 October 1979, aged 67 years, loved mother of Peter and Claire, rose garden
ROBERTS, Gordon Frederick Henry, 8.10.1910 - 25.2.2003, husband of Doreen, father of Peter and Claire, rose garden
ROBERTS, Harold Norman, passed away 24 November 1999, aged 79 years, dearly loved husband of Margory June, loving father of June and Pauline
ROBERTS, Hurtle Edgar Henry, beloved husband of Mabel, passed away 17 July 1962, aged 77
ROBERTS, Mabel May, beloved wife of Hurtle, passed away 1 December 1979, aged 93
ROBINSON, Alick Stephen, beloved husband of Lillias, died 31 May 1956
ROBINSON, Eliza, died October 27, 1922, aged 76 (with James)
ROBINSON, Esther Ann, died 10 August 1958, aged 89 (with Walter)
ROBINSON, Herbert Charles, husband of J. Robinson, died January 1, 1948, aged 68 years
ROBINSON, James, died June 26, 1906, aged 61 (with Eliza)
ROBINSON, Janey, loved wife of above (Herbert), died November 15, 1964, aged 82 years
ROBINSON, Lewis J., died March 6, 1914, aged 44 years (with Mary)
ROBINSON, Lillias Baxter, died 14 August 1941 (with Alick)
ROBINSON, Mary Ann, loved wife of above (Lewis), died September 27, 1951, aged 74 years
ROBINSON, Robert Stanley, our dear 'Robo' born 26 April 1962, died 2 November 1985, rose garden
ROBINSON, Walter William, died 15 August 1953, aged 79 beloved husband of Esther
RODGERS, Sarah, sister of the above (Robert John Cox), died 8 September 1941, aged 77 years

SANDFORD, Florence Isabelle, wife of the above (William), died March 30, 1954, aged 72 years
SANDFORD, William, beloved husband of Florence, died June 22, 1951, aged 68 years
SAPHIEHA, Eliasz, 10.3.1915, 17.4.1997, loved brother of Anna, loved uncle of Lucy, Jeff, Daniel (dec) and Adam
SAUNDERSON, Ethel Victoria, 28.3.1917 - 25.5.1998, loving mother of Terry and Christine; Anne Marie and Rob; dearly loved grandma of Victoria, Georgina and kathryn (with Bert)
SAUNDERSON, Herbert (Bert) James, 18.1.1912 - 28.7.1995, beloved husband of Ethel, loving father of Terry and Christine; Anne Marie and Rob; dearly loved grandpa of Victoria, Georgina and Kathryn
SCADDEN, Clara, beloved wife and mother, passed away March 11, 1956, aged 73 years
SCADDEN, Reuben, our husband and father, died April 26, 1955, aged 75 years (with Clara)
SCADDEN, William Henry, born Cornwall 1844, died 1920, arrived Adelaide SS Trevelyn 1866, husband of Anne, Sarah and Elizabeth
SCHLOTFELDT, Hans Hinrich Wilhelm, 22.6.1932 - 13.7.1998, loving husband of Ilse, father to Anke, Gerhard, Birgit and Anette, cherished opa
SCHMIDT, Lewis Andrew, 31.3.1923 - 19.3.1995, in his 71st year, dearly loved husband of Aileen, loved father of Geraldine, Jennifer and Richard, loving and devoted pa
SCHULTZ, Arnold Leslie Edward, loved husband of Marjorie, passed away 8.5.1998, aged 82 years, loved father of Deane, Gregory and Christine, rose garden
SCHULTZ, Deane Leslie,1947 - 1997, loving husband and father, respected friend and colleague, rose garden
SCHULTZ, Ina Miriam, beloved wife of above (Walter), died 29 April 1962, aged 69
SCHULTZ, Marjorie Jessie,loved wife of Arnold, passed 18.11.1989, aged 71 years, loved mother of Deane, Gregory and Christine, rose garden
SCHULTZ, Walter Edward, dearly husband of Ina, died 20 October 1960, aged 75
SEABURN, Therese, 28.5.1928 - 14.5.2002, dearly loved wife of Jack, loved mother of Millena, Mandy, Vel, Alex, Peter, Greg and Mick, dear grandmother of 16 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild, loved sister of Anni
SHORT, June Maureen, June-e-Rose, 28.6.1932 - 17.7.1987, beloved wife of Raymond, loving mother to David and Geoffrey, Gram June to Rachel, Grant and Catherine
SKINNER, Marjorie, born 5 August 1913 in Caistor, Lincolnshire, died 18 May 1993, wife of the late Ernest, mother of Christopher and Anthea, dearly loved nan to us all, rose garden
SMITH, Allan Edwin, 1918 - 2001, beloved husband of Elsie, dearsest father of Jeffrey and Bronte
SMITH, John Edward, beloved husband and father, who passed away 18 November 1951, aged 66 years (with Mary)
SMITH, Mary, loved wife of above (John), died 5 December 1960, aged 79 years
SOMERVILLE, Charlotte, loving wife of above (Walter), died 4 April 1946, aged 65 years
SOMERVILLE, Clara, died August 28, 1937, aged 64 years
SOMERVILLE, Elizabeth, beloved wife of Jas., who departed this life 21 July 1908, aged 57 years
SOMERVILLE, James, husband of above (Elizabeth), who died 11 March 1931, aged 90 years
SOMERVILLE, Lyda, beloved wife of Percy, died May 20, 1927, aged 37 years
SOMERVILLE, Percy, passed away December 5, 1954, aged 70 years (with Lyda)
SOMERVILLE, Walter T., died 18 July 1946, aged 70 years (with Charlotte)
SQUIBB, Priscilla Eliza, died August 5, 1875, aged 56 years (with William)
SQUIBB, William Richard, died May 11, 1885, aged 79 years (with Priscilla)
STAFFORD, Frank, loved husband of Jo, died 26 April 1994, aged 86 years, loved father of Barbara and Mavis
STAFFORD, Jo, dearly loved wife of Frank, loving mother of Barbara and Mavis, * 21.2.1909 †19.4.1983
STEPHENSON, Arthur Ernest, passed away 2 November 1959, aged 72 years, loved husband of Rose
STOKES, Charles William, her beloved husband (Phebe), died October 21, 1923, aged 70 years
STOKES, Lillian Alice, died 19, March 1947, aged 69 years
STOKES, Phebe Ann, died September 13, 1923, aged 67 years (with Charles)
STONE, James, 1874 - 1919 (with Keith and Mary)
STONE, Jean Gladys, 6 August 1916 - 27 August 1999, beloved wife of Jeff
STONE, Jeff Walter Hilton, 11 March 1913 - 15 February 1979, beloved husband of Jean
STONE, Keith, 1911 - 1919 (with James and Mary), loved parents and brother of Edna, Maurice, Jeff and Ivy
STONE, Mary, 1878 - 1968 (with Keith and James)
STONHAM, Dawson, died 21 June 1926, aged 82 years (with Mary)
STONHAM, Mary Pagen, died 4 February 1929, aged 79 years (with Dawson), erected by their son Andrew
SYMONDS, Thelma, beloved wife of Murray, died September 6, 1947, aged 40 years

TAYLOR, Alexander, died 29 February 1956, aged 71 years, loved father of Mervyn, Clive, Olive and Kevin (with Phebe)
TAYLOR, Donald Edwin, died 19 August 1987, aged 49 years, beloved husband of Heather Margaret, loved father of Gregory, Rosalie and Karen
TAYLOR, Elizabeth, died November 19, 1899, aged 71
TAYLOR, George, beloved husband of above (Elizabeth), died August 21, 1935, aged 96
TAYLOR, Gorden, daughter of above (George and Elizabeth), died January 5, 1943, age 77
TAYLOR, Phebe Jane, died 23 December 1957, aged 75 years, loved mother of Mervyn, Clive, Olive and Kevin (with Alexander)
THOMPSON, Margaret, 14 January 1936, beloved daughter of Frederick and Jessie Lewis (with Mary Lewis and Hilda Gray)
THOMSON, James, son of the above (James and Sarah), died October 29, 1885, aged 27 years
THOMSON, James, the beloved husband of Sarah, died January 1, 1877, aged 52 years
THURMER, James, our dear husband and father, died 9.4.1978, aged 60, loved father of Janet, Peter, Gordon and Robyn (with Lylie)
THURMER, Lylie Mavis, died 29.7.1987, aged 64, loved mother of Janet, Peter, Gordon and Robyn (with James)
TICHY, Ivan Vladislav, Spud, *28 September 1957 †25 December 1987, beloved and loving son of Connie and Vladislav, loved brother of Mick, Yvonne, Keith, Jan and David, cherished father of Chenoa
TILMOUTH, Margaret Annie, died 10 July 1978, aged 91 years, remembered by her brother and sister
TRAVERS, Frances Mary, passed away 19 June 1987, aged 39 years, loved wife of Bob, loved mother of Stephanie, Emmalene, Richard, Jonathan and Amy
TREGEAGLE, Edward, aged 81, 1858 - 1940 (with Elizabeth)
TREGEAGLE, Elizabeth, also his wife (Edward), 1863 - 1945
TRENORDEN, Leonard Ernest, 1918 - 1994, sadly missed by his loving wife Evelyn and children, rose garden

VERRALL, Albert, beloved husband of above (Hilda), died 18 November 1971, aged 95 years
VERRALL, Amelia Sarah, his (Charles) loving wife, 9.11.1863 - 31.10.1945
VERRALL, Blanche, beloved wife of Herbert, loved mother of Colin, passed away 12 August 1952, aged 78 years
VERRALL, Charles, 30.9.1851 - 24.12.1931 (with Amelia)
VERRALL, Clarence Hubert, our beloved husband and father, passed away 26 August 1953, (with Florence)
VERRALL, Elizabeth, wife of the above (George), died October 31, 1934, aged 82 years
VERRALL, Florence Agnes, beloved wife of above (Clarence), passed away 20 April, 1988
VERRALL, Geoffrey Charles, 29.4.1922 - 14.6.1998, husband of Frances (Fran), father of Heather and Chris and grandfather of their children
VERRALL, George who died December 13, 1933, aged 83 years (with Elizabeth)
VERRALL, Herbert, beloved husband and father of above (Blanche and Colin), passed away 18 September 1962, aged 73 years
VERRALL, Hilda Rose, beloved wife of Albert, died 7 July 1966, aged 73 years
VERRALL, Ivy Blanche, beloved wife of above (William), passed away 14 August 1966, aged 74 years
VERRALL, Jessie, daughter of George and Elizabeth, 1892 - 1982
VERRALL, May, died 4 August 1973, aged 90 years (with William) + on plinth are Donald and Irene Bagshaw
VERRALL, Raymond Wilfred, 11.2.1905 - 23.2.1976, son of Charles and Amelia Sarah
VERRALL, William Charles, who passed away 28 July 1939, aged 54 years (with Ivy)
VERRALL, William, loved husband of May, loving father of Irene and Freda, died 2 January 1966, aged 87 years

WAKE, Antiope, beloved wife of S V Wake, died 17 June 1932, aged 47 years
WAKEFIELD, Andrew Thomas, our dear father, died 24 March 1957, aged 83 years (with Lucy)
WAKEFIELD, Herbert Thomas, beloved husband of Edna, and only son of A T and L A Wakefield, died March 23, 1931, aged 26 years
WAKEFIELD, Lucy Ann, our dear mother, died 26 October 1938, aged 75 years (with Andrew)
WALKER, Nora May, 1935 - 1999, loved wife of Arthur, loved mother of Lance and Andrew, rose garden
WALLIS, Marjorie Joyce, nee Somerville, died 13 November 1999, aged 90 years (with Oliver)
WALLIS, Oliver A., died 13 June 1973, aged 66 years (with Marjorie)
WALSH, Frederick William, died 14 February 1970, aged 41, beloved husband of Betty May, loved father of Eric, Phillip and Sandra
WARNER, Alan, dearly loved husband of Helen, loving father of Mary and John, grandfather of Jacqui, Lucinda and Becky, passed away 6 February 1982, aged 83 years
WARNER, Amelia Elizabeth, beloved wife of Frank, died 20 November 1936, aged 66 years
WARNER, Ann, who died November 12, 1912, aged 81 years
WARNER, Edward, died 18 January 1933, aged 83 years (with Phebe)
WARNER, Emily Olive, died 22 December 1947, aged 54 years
WARNER, Frank Edwin, 1910 - 1967, loved husband of Jean
WARNER, Frank, husband of above (Amelia), died 4 July 1954, aged 91 years
WARNER, Helen Mary, dearly loved wife of Alan, loving mother of Mary and John, passed away 15 October 1988, aged 84 years
WARNER, John, who died October 15, 1899, aged 77 years (with Ann)
WARNER, Phebe Ann, wife of above (Edward), died 15 December 1930, aged 80 years
WATTS, William and Rosa.
WATSON, Allan Robert, who died 9 February 1948, aged 32 years (with Robert and Bessie)
WATSON, Bessie, who died 11 February 1973, aged 88 years (with Allan and Robert)
WATSON, Robert John, who died 25 June 1965, aged 86 years (with Allan and Bessie)
WAUGH, Nicholas Julian, beloved son of Pamela and Alan, and loving brother of Peter, Sara, Andrew and Suzanne, died 4 November 1977, aged 23 years
WEARING, James, died 8 September 1953, aged 92
WEARING, Nell, beloved wife of James, died December 11, 1933, aged 68
WEBB, Dorothy, passed away 3 June 1991, aged 87 years (with Eric)
WEBB, Eric, passed away 16 May 1971, aged 66 years (with Dorothy)
WEBB, Florence, 4 years,
WHARLLOALL, Albert, husband of Vi, died March 7, 1969
WHITAKER, Paul John, died 9 March 1985, aged 5 mths, beloved son of Joan and Barry, brother to Diane and Michael, Stephen and David; dear little Grumble Bum rest peacefully now; we will love you forever
WHITE, David Lawrence, 31.5.30 - 28.1.96, dearly loved husband of Dorothy, father of Paul, Sue, Andrew and Mary-Anne, pa of Tammie Jo and Cara, rose garden
WHITEHEAD, Mary, passed into eternal rest on January 8, 1923, aged 95
WILLIAMS, Kathleen Sandra, born 21.2.62, died 7.3.80
WOODYEAR, Lillian Kate, died 5 September 1980, aged 97 years
WRIGHT, Annie, beloved daughter of the late William and Martha, died 6 October 1939, aged 91 years (with George and Tilly)
WRIGHT, Arthur, the beloved husband of Emma, who died 3 September 1887, aged 36 years (also with Minnie)
WRIGHT, E L Matilda (Tilly), youngest sister of above (George and Annie), died 2 July 1947, aged 71 years
WRIGHT, Elva May, beloved wife of the above (Fred), passed away January 13, 1947, aged 50
WRIGHT, Emma, wife of above (Arthur), died 17 August 1927, aged 68 years
WRIGHT, Fred, dearly loved husband of Elva, who oassed away 5 November 1925, aged 62
WRIGHT, George, second son of the late W and M Wright, died 18 July 1944, aged 89 years (with Annie and Tilly)
WRIGHT, Martha, beloved wife of William, who passed away2 2 July 1876, aged 47 years
WRIGHT, Mary M., passed away 17 August 1953, aged 37
WRIGHT, Minnie, who died 27 June 1890, aged 5 years (with Arthur and Emma)
WRIGHT, Percy, beloved son of Harvey, and grandson of W. Wright, who died October 13, 1902, aged 12 years
WRIGHT, William, loved husband of above, who passed away [?] August 1923, aged ??[weathered along both edges]

YOUNG, Allan, my dear uncle, who died at Paradise, October 28, 1905, aged 80 years
YOUNG, Harriet, daughter of the above (Allan and Margaret), aged 6 months
YOUNG, Jane, beloved wife of the above (Allan), died January 9, 1889, aged 56 years
YOUNG, Margaret, the beloved wife of Allan, who died February 20, 1868, aged 34 years (with Harriet and Jane)

Mounds - 6
Slate headstone, illegible except for 'd.1876'
Headstone eroded - 1
Headstone broken and removed - 1
Marble surround - 1
Brick surround - 3
Headstone broken - 1
Slate headstone, flaked away
Headstone fallen - illegible

We checked the SA Genealogy CD's for some dates, ages, or names and found some differences. Where the information clarified what we could read on the headstone we copied the data.
Mostly we have adhered to what was on the headstone but we have left off the verses unless we felt they told us something extra about the deceased

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