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Transcribed by Marylin and Steve Jones

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APPLETON, Alice Lillian (Lil), beloved wife of Elijah (Jack), died 2 December 1952, aged 70 years
APPLETON, Artemis, 1831 - 1896 (with Marie and Dudley)
APPLETON, Dudley J., 1915 - 1918, grandson, (with Artemis and Marie)
APPLETON, Elijah (Jack), beloved husband of Alice Lilian, died 22 January 1962, aged 76 years
APPLETON, Marie Auguste C., 1855 - 1936, wife of the above (with Artemis and Dudley)

BAKER, Nathaniel Lee, our son, 17.6.84 - 12.10.84
BRINDLEY, Ann, the relict of the above (Robert), in her 68th year
BRINDLEY, James, who died January 11, 1890, aged 29 years, 6 months
BRINDLEY, Robert, who departed this life, October 15, AD 1882, aged 55 years (with Ann)

CARLING, Margaret, died 25 July 1967, aged 80 years (with Matthew)
CARLING, Matthew, beloved husband of Margaret, died 1 September 1951, aged 82= years

DICKSON, John, beloved husband of Annie, who died in the faith of the Lord, the 7th August 1880, aged 78 years
DOWNING, Donald, beloved son of Howard and Flora, died 11 February 1917, aged 21 years (with Flora)
DOWNING, Esther, the beloved wife of William, and eldest daughter of Peter and Esther Lewis, who died 7 January 1898, aged 25 years
DOWNING, Flora, beloved wife of Howard, died 5 June 1944, aged 50 years (with Donald)
DOWNING, Grace, who died November 14, 1891, aged 69 years
DOWNING, Howard, (Late AIF), beloved husband of Flora, who passed away October 5, 1932, aged 37 years
DOWNING, J. S. (Jack), the beloved son of Jane and the late Joseph, who died 7 October 1909, aged 31 years and 6 months
DOWNING, Jane, beloved wife of Joseph, died 21 February 1932, aged 88 years (all in dots)
DOWNING, John, who died 15 October 1906, aged 90 years
DOWNING, Joseph, beloved husband of Jane, died February 15, 1894, aged 49 years and 11 months
DOWNING, Louisa, died November 4, 1899, aged 45 years
DREWETT, Thomas, died January 2, 1907, aged 90 years (with Jane and Annie E. Jenkinson)
DREWITT, Jane, his (Thomas) beloved wife, died November 16, 1890, aged 70 years (with Annie E Jenkinson)

GRAEBER, Charlie, died 11 July 1930, aged 66

HANNAM, Lillias, beloved wife of W J Hannam, who died March 1, 1912, aged 49 years
HAY, Gladys Jean, died 5 January 1976, aged 68, loving wife of James Hamilton, loved mother of Marg, Jan, Ian ans Rob
HAY, James Hamilton (Ham), died 27th Octoer 1989, aged 77, loving husband of Elna, loved father of Marg, Jan, Ian and Rob

JENKINSON, Annie E., daughter of the above (Thomas and Jane Drewitt), died May 17, 1889, aged 29 years

MURRAY, Yvonne Dorothy, 1935 - 1999, dearly loved wife of Robert Bruce, loving mother of Christopher, Stephen, Julieann and David

NELSEN, Elizabeth, wife of the above (John), died 10 April, 1912, aged 72 years (with Ellen, Sarah and Clara)
NELSEN, Ellen, Sarah and Clara, daughters of the above, died in infancy (with John and Elizabeth)
NELSEN, John, beloved husband of Elizabeth, died 31 May 1898, aged 68 years (with Ellen, Sarah and Clara)

PEARSON, John, beloved husband of Agnes, of Sunny Side, died Frebruary 9, 1890, aged 38
POWELL, Harriet, beloved wife of S C Powell, died 25 January 1920, aged 66 years

SCHRIEVER, Veronica, 15.3.1924 - 23.10.2002, dearly loved wife of Jack, loving mother of Jeanette, Jill and Colin
SCHWAB, Caroline, 1864 - 1937, wife of Ernest, loved mother of Estelle, August, Charlie, Ern, Joe, Sophia, Minnie, Johnny, Anny, Fred, Bill, Barry, Alison
SCHWAB, Ernest, 1853 - 1914, (with Caroline), loved father of Estelle, August, Charlie, Ern, Joe, Sophia, Minnie, Johnny, Anny, Fred, Bill, Barry, Alison
SHEPHERD, Ann Ramsey, daughter of William and Grace, who died October 14, 1878, aged 14 years (with Robert)
SHEPHERD, Robert, son of William and Grace, who died December 11, 1878, aged 11 years (with Ann) ***
STAFFORD, Margaret A.,* died 20 January 1919, in her 78 year (with James)
STAFFORD, Obadiah, who died March 25, 1875, aged 54 years

TEAKLE, Johanna Amelia, died 15 December 1883, aged 38 years
TEAKLE, William Sydney, died 23 June 1939, aged 87 years (with Johanna)
TEMPLER, Barry John, 24.8.1984, age 52, loved father of Cherie
TEMPLER, Betty Mary (nee Schwab), beloved wife of Bill, loving mother of Virginia, Robert, Barry, Trevor and Catherine, in her 74th year, 9.5.1928 - 27.5.2002

VENNING, Allan James, died 8.3.1998, aged 77 years, dearly loved father of Rod and Mandy; Jim and Dorothy (with Anne)
VENNING, Anne Dorothy, died 22.10.1994, aged 76 years, dearly loved mother of Rod and Mandy; Jim and Dorothy (with Allan) + plaque 26.4.1918 - 22.10.1994. Loving wife of Jim

WATSON, A., died August 15, 1909, aged 29 years (with Edwin and Gilbert)
WATSON, E. [Edwin] # G., died July 6, 1889, aged 16 years (with A. and Gilbert)
WATSON, Gilbert, father of the above (Edwin and A) died May 5, 1905, aged 53 years
WATSON, John, (no details)
WATSON, Maria (no details)
WHITE, George Eric, beloved husband of Kathleen, died 12 October 1993, aged 75 years, loved father of Jim, Peter, Janet, John, Margaret and Karen
WHITE, George L., * died 6 March 1904, in his 6th year (with Margery and Thomas)
WHITE, James H.,* died 16 January 1900, in his 49th year (with Mary)
WHITE, James W.,* died 1 June 1946, in his 59 years (with Margaret)
WHITE, John, died June 1954, aged 64 years
WHITE, Lucy R.,* wife of Thomas, died 7 July 1928, in her 40th year
WHITE, Margrey,* wife of Thomas, died 11 January 1896, in her 80th year (with George)
WHITE, Mary L., *, wife of above (James), died 26 February 1928, in her 71st year
WHITE, Thomas, *, died 9 August 1952, in his 68th year (with Lucy)
WHITE, Thomas,* died 1 November 1898, in his 83rd year (with Margrey and George)
WINCH, John, our dear father, who died June 14, 1897, aged 71 years (with Sarah)
WINCH, Olive Mary, died May 26, 1910
WINCH, Sarah, beloved wife of the above (John), who died November 1, 1901, aged 71 years
WRAY, Benjamin, our beloved father, born June 17, 1819, died October 19, 1874 (with Mary)
WRAY, Mary, born June 15, 1818, died June 24, 1913 (with Benjamin)

* White - all on one headstone
# headstone reads E G Watson [Edwin] from CD of SA Deaths put out by Genealogical Society
*** Details on Robert Shepherd are difficult to decipher and do not match those on the CD so we have recorded what we think is on the headstone

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