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Transcribed by Marylin and Steve Jones
and Lorraine Larment from photos provided by Jo-anne Graham.

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AISH, Alfred George, our beloved uncle, died 14 Feb 1906, aged 81 years

BENNETT, Ada Florence, died 5th Aug 1974, aged 89 years
BENNETT, Albert Edward, beloved husband of Ada F. Bennett, died 16th April 1958, aged 81 years
BENNETT, Alfred George, beloved husband of Jessie S., loving father of Mary, Hazel & George, died 1st Oct. 1938, aged 65 years [with Jessie, Jessie and Malcolm]
BENNETT, Daphne May, their daughter, died 19th June 1997, aged 75 years [with Ada and Albert]
BENNETT, Jessie, daughter of above [Alfred and Jessie] died Dubbo, N.S.W.
BENNETT, Jessie S., mother, died 15th July 1960, aged 80 years [with Alfred, Jessie and Malcolm]
BENNETT, Malcolm, infant son of above [Jessie] 1901 [with Jessie and Alfred]
BRITTON, Margaret, the beloved wife of George, who died April 6, 1895, aged 57 years [with John Walsh Smith]

CHIRGWIN, Catherine, beloved wife of John, loving mother of Richard, passed away 30th Jan 1970, aged 66 years
CHIRGWIN, John, husband of above [Catherine] passed away 11th April 1993 aged 82 years
CHRISTOPHER, Margaret, who died April 9, 1878 aged 58
CLARKE, Ada Walker, mother, died 23rd June 1902, aged 43 years
CLARKE, Catherine, great pioneer from Ireland; arrived 1838 and died 13.5.1893 aged 73 years, mother of four daughters and seven sons [with John]
CLARKE, Charles Joseph, beloved husband of Isla, loving father of Yvonne, Andrew, Beryl, Ruth, Valerie, Faye, Lynton & Brenton, died 22nd April 1984, aged 71 years
CLARKE, Ethel Mary, beloved wife of above [Frederick], died 29th July 1973 in her 90th year
CLARKE, Frederick Lawrence, beloved husband of Ethel Mary, died 17th April 1947, aged 62 years
CLARKE, James Andrew, died 20th Nov 1933 aged 82 years [with Ada and Joe]
CLARKE, Joe, died 4th Dec 1891 in his 3rd year, son of above [Ada and James]
CLARKE, John, great pioneer from Ireland; John arrived 27.11.1836 on the ’Tam-O-Shanter’ and died aged 78 years at ’Fern Hill’, Wattle Flat 28.11.1890, father of four daughters and seven sons
CLARKE, Lawrence Andrew, died March 9th 1978, aged 62 years, husband of Gwen, parents of Lorraine & Colleen
COLE, James, the beloved husband of Ann, who departed this life Feby 5th 1872 aged 45 years
COLE, George James, son of Ann & James, who departed this life Decr 6th 1875 aged 5 years
COLE, Richard William, passed away 28 January 1929 aged 69 years
COLLINS, Catherine, beloved wife of Frederick, died July 3rd 1930 aged 74 years
COLLINS, Charles William, father, died 26th August 1932, aged 86 years
COLLINS, Emily Eliza, mother, died 24th March 1938, aged 87 years [with Charles]
COLLINS, Frederick, beloved husband of Catherine, died May 14th 1923, in his 67th year
COLLINS, George James, beloved son of C. W. & E. E. Collins, who died 30th Dec 1894, aged 17 years
COLLINS, Harry, who departed this life 9 December 1887 aged 29 years
COLLINS, James, who departed this life June 13th 1882, aged 60 years
COOK, Ann Maria, the beloved wife of John, who departed this life August 23rd 1875 aged 41 years

DAVIS, Dr Peter Stanislaus, [born] Syd 12.12.1927 [died] Adl 11.9.1993, beloved husband of Pam, ’Dad’ of Douglas, step father of Mark, Jerry & Emma, father of Mike, Kitty, Tim, Zanna, Xave & Luke; a man of the Murray

FLYNN, Gregory David, 7.8.1964 - 27.4.2002, most loved youngest son of Ted and Marjorie, brother to Peter and Mark

FOWLES, Cecilia, infant daughter of G. W. & J. M. Fowles, who died 21st May 1891, aged 10 months
FOWLES, Charlotte, the beloved wife of Thomas, died 23rd Novr 1883, aged 61 years
FOWLES, Thomas, died April 4th 1904, aged 81 years [with Charlotte]

GRUNDY, Joseph, who departed this life October 9th 1886, aged 66 years
GRUNDY, Joseph, beloved husband of Sophie Helen, died Aug 9, 1909 aged 47 years
GRUNDY, Rosalie, beloved wife of Joseph, died Feb 7, 1888 aged 22 years
GRUNDY, Sarah, relict of the late Joseph, died June 12th 1914, aged 89 years
GRUNDY, Sophie Helen, beloved wife of above [Joseph d.1909] died March 5, 1925

HUNT, Mayo Thomas. 25-5-1917 - 10-8-2004. Husband of Tydfyl, father of Thomas and Glenys, grandfather of Penny.

KERIN, Bernard D., passed away 26th Aug 1994, loved husband of Phyl
KERIN, Phyllis S., passed away 25th Nov 1986, loved wife of Don

LAFFERY, Alfred M., 1912 - 1978, beloved husband of Ruth 1916 - 1999
LEVENBERGER, Eileen Mary, 13.3.1923 - 11.10.1999, dearly loved wife of Ulrich (Rick), loved mother of Catherine, Elizabeth & David
LIMBERT, Jane, who died 20 September 1894, aged 76 years [with William]
LIMBERT, William Harvey, the dearly beloved husband of Jane, who died at Second Valley, Rapid Bay 26 November 1886, aged 60 years
LORD, Francis Elizabeth, beloved wife of John, died 10 Sept 1969, aged 88 years
LORD, Gordon John, 10th May 1905 - 25th Aug. 1992
LORD, John, beloved husband of F. E. Lord, died 21 Sept 1944, in his 77th year
LORD, Joseph, beloved husband of Mary, died May 8, 1891 aged 50 years: My God to thee I humbly bend,/and own thy power devine,/In mercy be the widow’s friend/The orphans make them thine [with Sarah]
LORD, Joseph Thomas, who died 29 November 1957
LORD, Mabel Maud, beloved wife of Samuel James & loving mother of Garnet & Kenneth, died 28th April 1956 in her 79th year
LORD, Mary, the beloved wife of Joseph, who died 9th June 1925, aged 84 years
LORD, Samuel James, beloved husband of Mabel Maud & loving father of Garnet & Kenneth, died 19th August 1923 in his 49th year
LORD, Sarah, infant daughter of the above [Joseph] died July 7, 1883, aged 11 weeks
LORD, Sarah, wife of Thomas, died Decr 5th 1880 aged 32: Ye cannot tell who next may fall/Beneath the chastening rod/Therefore I pray that you will all/Prepare to meet your God
LORD, Thomas, beloved husband of the above [Sarah] died August 4th 1917 aged 79 years
LORD, William, beloved eldest son of Thomas & Sarah , born 11th Nov 1869, passed away 11th Sept 1952

MCCULLAUGH, Margaret, sister, died Oct 1st, 1893, aged 74 years [with John Mowatt]
MCHENERY, Kathleen, passed away Dec 18th 1991, aged 85, mother of Peter & Molly [with William]
MCHENERY, William Vincent, passed away Nov 4th 1984, aged 79, loving husband of Kathleen, father of Peter & Molly
MANISTY, Agnes, the beloved wife of F. Manisty, who departed this life May 10, 1881 aged 27 years [with Frank]
MANISTY, Ann Sarah, who departed this life November 17th 1887, aged 85 years
MANISTY, Benjamin, died Aug 19, 1911, aged 30 years
MANISTY, Charles, who departed this life July 22nd 1895, aged 85 years [with Ann]
MANISTY, Frank, the beloved son of F. and A. Manisty, who departed this life April 22nd 1876, aged 1 year & 9 months [with Agnes]
MCCULLAUGH, Margaret. 1 October 1893 aged 74 years.. Sister of John Mowatt.
MOWATT, John, died June 18th 1888, aged 55 years [with Margaret McCullaugh]

NICHOLLS, Robert Oswald, Reverend, My beloved no further than my thoughts away, born 15.5.1927, died 5.6.2002, HMAS Heros 1945 - 1946, cherished husband of Verona, loving father of Heather & Michael; His life was always for and about love
NORMAN, Annie M., dearly loved daughter of C. and the late G. Solomon and wife of W. H. Norman, died Aug 10, 1897, aged 36 years
NORMAN, Eli S., beloved husband of M. A. Norman, died November 1st 1909, aged 46 years [with Mary]
NORMAN, Mary Ann, wife of the above [Eli] died 2nd Sept. 1956, aged 91 years

O'CONNOR, Mary, died 29 May 1941, aged 76 years
OLIFANT, Barbara, 1912 - 1995 [with Keith]
OLIFANT, Keith Morris, 1909 - 1983 [with Barbara]

PENNA, Myra T., 26 February 1972, age 73; garden memorial
PENNA, W. H. (Bert), 21st April 1978, age 81; garden memorial
PUTLAND, John Murray, died June 7th 1967 aged 15 years, beloved son of Daphne and Murray, loving brother of Robin, Shirley and Ian

ROPER, Anne, dearly beloved wife of William H., died June 12th 1925 aged 94 years
ROPER, Douglas George, son of above [Miliora] died Jan 16th 1904 aged 3= years
ROPER, Ella Olive, died 20th Feb 1967, aged 80 years, loving mother of Myra, Reta, Hilda & Daphne [with John]
ROPER, Florence Olive, ’Flossie’, beloved daughter of J. & M Roper, who was accidentally killed July 4th 1911 aged 18 years
ROPER, George Vidle James, died 25th Aug 1947, aged 79 years
ROPER, John, the beloved husband of Maria, who died 19th May 1897 aged 42 years [with Maria]
ROPER, John Charles, beloved husband of Olive, died 27th Dec 1934, aged 47 years, loving father of Myra, Reta, Hilda & Daphne
ROPER, Lorna Maple. 5 Mar 2006 aged 93 years. Wife of William Frances, mother of Dorothy, David, Kath, Thelma and Bill.
ROPER, Maria, beloved wife of above [John] who died Dec. 2nd 1923 aged 63 years
ROPER, Miliora Matilda, dearly beloved wife of George V. J. Roper, died Nov 7th 1927 aged 65 years
ROPER, William Frances ’Frank’, beloved husband of Lorna, loved father of Dorothy, David, Kath, Thelma and Bill, died 22nd August 1974, aged 71 years
ROPER, William Henry, who died September 28, 1893, aged 60 years

SCOTT, Andrew, brother, who gave his life for his country in France, 2nd Nov. 1917, aged 22 years [with John and Anne]
SCOTT, Anne Gordon, sister of the above [John] died Sept 1899, age 7 years
SCOTT, John Goodger, brother, died 21st Sept 1943 aged 88 years [with Anne and Andrew]
SMITH, John Walsh, died 14th July 1924, aged 65 years [with Margaret Britton]
SOLOMON, Catherine, who died on October 12th 1910, aged 71 years
SOLOMON, George, the dearly loved husband of Catherine, who died June 9, 1895 in his 74th year

TURNER, J. W. (John), 8th March 1924 - 27th January 2001; garden memorial
TURNER, Sarah, 1816 - 1876, loving mother of Alfred, Eliza, John, George, Hannah & William; arrived in South Aust on SS Clara, 21.1.1859
TURNER, Thomas, 1813 - 1874, loving father of Alfred, Eliza, John, George, Hannah & William; arrived in South Aust on SS Clara, 21.1.1859

UNDERHILL, Emma Mary, 1.12.1967 - 24.2.1991 mother of Douglas & Katrina, daughter of Pam & Pat, step daughter of Peter, sister of Mark & Jerry Pukulpa Ngarima
UNKNNOWN, concrete slab
UNKNNOWN, concrete surround, tiled surface
UNKNNOWN, new mound with flowers

WALSH, Johanna, beloved wife of Richard Walsh, died Oct 2nd 1899, aged 72 years; erected by her loving daughter J. Hefferon
WALSH, Mary, wife of the late J. J. Walsh died 23rd Nov 1945 aged 82 years
WARDLE, Michael, the beloved husband of Ellen, who departed this life July 21st 1982 aged 51
WATSON, Hugh. who died 20th October 1882 aged 69 years
WHITTLESEA, Jean Evelyn, 25th February 1939 - 28th August 2001; garden memorial
WHYTE, Anne, the dearly loved wife of William, died 6th September 1905 aged 83 years and 10 months; a resident of over 50 years
WHYTE, William, dearly beloved husband of the above [Anne], died at Boothby, July 24th 1912 aged 79 years
WILLIAMS,Emily, died 13th Dec 1917, aged 64 years, erected by her son George
WILLIS, Benjamin Garnet., father, died 14-9-1953, 97 years [with Fanny]
WILLIS, Bernard Garnett, M.B.E., 12-7-1896 - 15-4-1975, loved father of Neville, Janet & Marie [with Joyce]
WILLIS, Clifford, beloved son of the above [Sarah] accidentally killed Septr 24, 1903, aged 16 years
WILLIS, Fanny E., mother, died 15-8-1950, 83 years [with Benjamin]
WILLIS, Joyce, 1-7-1923 - 10-9-1997, loved mother of Neville, Janet & Marie [with Bernard]
WILLIS, Sarah Kate, beloved wife of Benjamin C., died Nov 21, 1889, aged 23

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