Headstone Transcriptions

Cape Borda Cemetery
Kangaroo Island

Transcribed by Lorraine Larment
from photos provided by Jo-anne Graham.

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JENNESON, Lily. 14-7-1884.
JOHNSON, Infant. 19 July 1862 aged 1 month. Infant daughter of Charles and Mary Ann Johnson.

KERR, Edward, Captn. October 1885 aged 54 years.
KOPP, Irene. 17-9-1895. Daughter J.E.K.
KOPP, Jane E. . 19 April 1903. Wife of Light Keeper.

MAIN, Arthur. 30 November 1877. son of Light Keeper.
MAIN, William Thom. 9 May 1875 aged 7 years 6 months.
WELLS, 1873. Light Keeper.
WILLIS, Augusta. 22-8-1884. Wife of Light Keeper.
WOODWARD, G. 13-9-1858. First Light Keeper.
WOODWARD, G.W. 13 Sept 1858.

A plaque in this cemetery reads:
Early settlers in this area included Nat Thomas who, with his Tasmanian Aboriginal wife Betty, arrived on Kangaroo Island in 1827 and farmed the area at the Eastern end of Antechamber Bay until 1878.
This couple had 3 children, a son and 2 daughters. The elder daughter, Mary, born in May 1833, was the first documented child of a European born in South Australia.
While not always well treated, the aboriginal companions of the pre-1836 settlers made a significant contribution to the early development of the island, several were brought from Tasmania and others mainly from nearby Fleurieu Peninsula.
Betty died in 1878, and while the actual site of her grave is unknown, it is believed to be in this vicinity.
Kangaroo Island Pioneers Association Inc
Department of State Aboriginal Affairs.

BATES, Susan Elizabeth. 1-4-1874 - 19-1-1876 CLARK Alison. 17 Feb 1896 aged 67 years. Interred Portland, Victoria. Wife of Peter.
CLARK Ernest Peter. Grandchild of Peter and alison.
CLARK Gilbert. Grandchild of Peter and Alison.

CLARK May. Grandchild of Peter and Alison.
CLARK Peter. 23 March 1891 aged 67 years. Suddenly at Cape Willoughby Lighthouse. Husband of Alison.
CLARK, Roy Harwood. KIA in France 24 April 1915 aged 23(?) years 4(?) months.
CLARK, Thomas. 1894.
CLARK, William. 20 June 1918 aged 54(?) years 5(?) months. Father of Roy Harwood.
CONDON, Wayne.

DEED, David John. 20-4-1956 - 18-11-2005
LASHMAR, Jane. 1847 - 1866.

MARTIN, Patricia Fay (nee Cordes). 29-1-1977 aged 35 years. Daughter of Allan and Rene, sister of Neville, Dene and Colline, mother of Phillip, Nicolle, Tonia, Melissa and Philip.
MAY, Edmund Ernest. 13-3-1900 - 2-4-1901.,br/> MAY, Susan Elizabeth. 16-5-1881 - 30-6-1882.

Plaque in Memorial Rose Garden shows only names.

KLEINIG, Charmaine.
RILEY, Joel.
SHIRREN, Charlie.

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