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Generously provided by Graham Barlow - Swan Reach Museum
who had transcribed to 1997
and Marylin and Steve Jones from 1997 onward

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ANDERSON, Elaine Marjorie Patricia, Pat, 1915 1999 [with Snow]
ANDERSON, Horace Alexander, Snow, 1907 1994, beloved husband of Pat

BENNETT, Aaron, our dear father, who died 21st February 1866 aged 59 years [with Catherine]
BENNETT, Catherine, our dear mother, who died 2nd August 1873 aged 55 years [with Aaron]; Erected by their children T.G., G.S.T. and J.W.
BENNETT, George, beloved husband of Mary Ann, who died 4th Dec 1924 aged 77 years 6 months
BENNETT, Mary Ann, dearly beloved wife of above [George] who died 10th Dec 1930 aged 82 years
BENNETT, Walter James, the son of G and M A Bennett, died 21 January 1875 aged 6 months
BLACKLOCK, Robert Edwin, (Publican Normanville Hotel), passed away 31st March 1994 aged 58 years, beloved husband of Beverley, loving father of Lesley, Rebecca, Racquel  and  Diana Boxer, Thomas, 18-4-34, 38 yrs
BREWER, Myrtle Christie, died 27th April 1964 aged 76 years, beloved mother of Jean, Olive  and  Audrey
BRYANT, Ann, died March 30th 1907, aged 73 years [with Thomas]
BRYANT, Thomas G., beloved son of the above [Ann], aged 24 years

CADD, Alice Maria, nee Miller, born at Randalsea, September 8th 1862, died at Yankalilla September 5th 1949, aged 86 years [with husband Joseph and mother Sarah Hills Miller]
CADD, Joseph, the beloved husband of A. M. Cadd who departed this life Nov 5 1914 aged 57 years [with Alice]
CAMERON, Hazel Gwen, daughter of Bessie and Ronald Willis, wife of James Whamond Cameron, 1923 1999 [with all of them and Thomas Rowlands], loved mother of Clova Hazel [Rowlands]
CAMERON, James Whamond, 1915 1943, ex RAAF, loved father of Clova Hazel [Rowlands]
CAMPBELL, Margaret, 22 April 04, 79 yrs
CANT, Florence, 14-11-23, 40 yrs
CHIRGWIN, Eliza, 4 August 07, aged 69 years
CHIRGWIN, Mary, our mother, 18 October1900 [with Noah]
CHIRGWIN, Noah, 10 December 1839, 68 years [with Mary]
CHRISTIE, Alexander, who departed this life 27th February 1883, aged 67 years [with Ann]
CHRISTIE, Alexander, died 30th November 1911, aged 27 years
CHRISTIE, Ann [Dowie], the beloved wife of above {Alexander] died 19th January 1897, aged 76 years
CHRISTIE, Edna E[stelle]., born 31 March 1905, died 19 December 1991 [with ashes of Mary and Maxwell]
CHRISTIE, Elizabeth, died 8th December 1960 [with Maxwell and A D and Amy Storey]
CHRISTIE, Mary [nee Robertson], the beloved wife of William, departed this life June 18th 1881, aged 40 years [with Mary]
CHRISTIE, Mary [1903], the second beloved wife of William, died Jan 10th 1903, aged 37 years [with Mary]
CHRISTIE, Mary E[llen] [nee Bennett]., born 5 July 1905, died 20 April 2000, aged 95, beloved mother of Tom and Marion [ashes with Maxwell and Edna]
CHRISTIE, Maxwell A., born 12 December 1894, died 22 April 1970, aged 76, beloved father of Tom and Marion [ashes with Mary and Edna]
CHRISTIE, Maxwell Alexander, died 3rd July 1926 [with A D and Amy Storey and Elizabeth Christie]
CLARKE, Roger Steven, 25 September1950 8 August 1990, aged 39 years
COAD, Bennett, 1875 1955 [with Pearl], father of Charles
COAD, John, 3 May 84, 34 yrs
COAD, Pearl, 1889 1962 [with Bennett], mother of Charles
COLE, Alfred, died 20th Dec. 1938, aged 84 years [with Sophia]
COLE, Alma Gladys, died 6th June 1967, mother of Mary  and  Ruth [with Ray]
COLE, Ellen, 22 October 32, 75 yrs
COLE, Ellen, passed away 20th October 1932, aged 75 years
COLE, Joel, 3-5-01, 80 yrs
COLE, Lillian Jemima, 4-5-06, 35 yrs
COLE, Mary, 11 September14, 84 yrs
COLE, Ray, died 22nd Sept 1965, father of Mary  and  Ruth [with Alma]
COLE, Sophia, beloved wife of above [Alfred], died 7th June 1940, aged 83 years
COLLINS, Florrie, died 31st May 1958, aged 70 years [with Walter and Malcolm]
COLLINS, Malcolm Charles, AIF, S56371, Private, 25 Garrison Bn, 8-10-1985, age 75 [with Walter and Florrie]
COLLINS, Walter Ernest, died 17th March 1955, aged 70 years [with Malcolm and Florrie]
COUSTLEY, Rebecca [nee Way], the beloved wife of William, and daughter of John  and  Catherine Way, died December 17th 1882, aged 24 years [with Catherine and John]
CROSER, Annie Marion, beloved wife of John R., died 24th March 1966 in her 81st year [with John]
CROSER, Arthur Woodman, died 13th February 1951, aged 67 years [with Augusta]
CROSER, Augusta Beryl, died 7th July 1952, aged 65 years [with Arthur]
CROSER, John Henry, our beloved son  and  brother, accidentally killed 29 June 1934, aged 23 years
CROSER, John Rapid, beloved husband of above [Annie] died 18th August 1969 in his 89th years
CROSER, Ruth Frederina, beloved daughter of E.  and  the late J. Croser, born March 14th 1888, died July 2nd 1907

DANIELL, Craig Douglas, 31 August 1960 27 June 1997, loving husband of Lisa, loved father of Ebony  and  Ethan, dearly loved son of Ken and Lyla, loved brother of Glen  and  family
DIEPENBROEK, Heinrich Friedrich, beloved husband of Jean, died 23rd Nov 1978 aged 64 years, father of Nicolas, Marten, Gerda  and  Bill [with William Vale]

FLORENCE, Alison Dodds, beloved wife of Peter, 1883 1957, mother of Alma, Stuart  and  Iris
FLORENCE, Peter Earls, 1877 1956, father of Alma, Stuart  and  Iris [with Alison]
FRASER, Betty, passed away 14th June 1985 aged 65 years [with Charles]
FRASER, Charles W., passed away 22nd May 1977 aged 69 years, loved husband of Betty

GARRETT, Richard Samuel, passed away 8th April 1980 aged 59 years
GREGORY, Sarah Maria, beloved wife of Leo, 1886 - 1956

JONES, Ann, 12 October 1905, 69 yrs
JONES, Adelaide Ann., 2 June 1891 22 June 1980
JONES, Alan Kevin, 21-1-1936 10-1-2002, loving father of Alan, Kevin, Dean and families
JONES, Albert James, 25-10-1927 11-4-2002, loved and loving husband of Bev and the late Jeanette, cherished father and friend of Robert, Kathy, Minette, Kerry, Sally, Michael and families [with Reginald]
JONES, Ann, 23-[month illegible]-28, 68 yrs [with Thomas, Eliza, Robert, Harry, Mary and Thomas]
JONES, Dinah Ruthina, 7 May 31, 73 years
JONES, Eliza Ann, 1860 1928, beloved wife of Thomas [with Robert, Harry, Mary, Ann and Thomas]
JONES, Ernest Alan, beloved husband of above [Jessie], died 28th Aug 1958, aged 59 years [with Lorna and Vida]
JONES, Francis Harold, 14-3-16, 24[?] years
JONES, George, 11-12-34, 76 yrs
JONES, Harry, 1894, son of Thomas and Eliza [with them, Robert, Mary, Ann and Thomas]
JONES, Jacob, 21-10-93, 27 years
JONES, Jessie Mary. A., beloved wife of Alan, died 17th Nov. 1948, aged 48 years [with Ernest, Lorna and Vida]
JONES, John, 9.[month illegible] 1939, 77 years
JONES, Lorna Ann, 1946 baby of Jessie and Ernest [with them and Vida]
JONES, Mary, 1884, daughter of Thomas and Eliza [with them, Robert, Harry, Ann and Thomas]
JONES, Mary Ann, 15-4-25, 35 years
JONES, Reginald Alan, 7 June 1925 5 November 1988 [with Albert]
JONES, Robert James, 1888 1956, son of Thomas and Eliza [with them and Harry, Mary, Ann and Thomas]
JONES, Sarah Jane, 11-10-24, 63 yrs
JONES, Thomas, 15 July 24, 80 years.
JONES, Thomas, 1857 1933 [with Eliza, Robert, Harry, Mary, Ann and Thomas]
JONES Thomas, [date illegible], 76 yrs [with Thomas, Eliza, Robert, Harry, Mary and Ann]
JONES, Thomas Edgar. AIF, 323, Private, 43 Battalion, 21st April 1955, age 70; dearly loved and sadly missed by wife Adelaide; Fight the good fight
JONES, Vida Mary, 30 June 1922 26 May 1971 [with Jessie, Ernest and Lorna]
JONES, William Daniel, 17 May 38, 84 years

LEAK, Daniel, beloved husband of above [Maria] died 9th Aug. 1919, aged 82 years
LEAK, Maria Sus[z]anna., beloved wife of D. Leak, who died Novemberr 6th 1909, aged 69 years [with Daniel]
LEONARD, Walter, 1791 1864, arrived on ’Casper’ 1849, dear father of John Clover, Sarah, James and Walter Thomas; Placed by descendants 1985
LIPPETT, Beatrice E., died 24th Jan. 1977 aged 81 years
LOCKE, Mary, died at Rapid Bay, April 6th 1904

MCINNIS, Duncan, 24-1-[year illegible], [age illegible] yrs
MILLER, Sarah Hills, wife of George, mother of Alice [Cadd] who arrived in South Australia on August 19th 1854 on the William Prowse, died at Randalsea, September 15, 1866 aged 38 years; Erected by her great grandchildren September 2001
MITCHELL, Fredk, our dear father, died July 17, 1914 aged 63 years
MITCHELL, Jemima, the beloved wife of F Mitchell, died July 1st 1901
MORRIS, Bertha Elizabeth., died 3rd Aug. 1964, aged 79 yrs
MORRIS, Bruce Ashley, beloved husband of Beverley, loved father of Sally  and  Kerry, died 15th Dec. 1978, aged 29 years
MORRIS, Elizabeth, passed away 12th Nov. 1940, aged 77 years [with John]
MORRIS, Emma, aged 3 weeks, infant daughter of G and M Morris, [with George and Sarah]
MORRIS, Eva, 8th Jan. 1955 aged 57 years, fond mother of Laurence, George, Rex, Rhonda  and  Mavis [with William]
MORRIS, Francis, 1883 [date and age illegible]
MORRIS, Garnet Thomas, died 26 May 1964, aged 58 years, loved father of Joy  and  Glenys [with Jean]
MORRIS, George Murray, peacefully 30 May 1998 in his 78th year beloved husband of Nell, much loved father of Yvonne and Nola
MORRIS, George Stanley, beloved son of G and M Morris, who died 28th March 1911, aged 14 years [with Sarah and Emma]
MORRIS, Janet May, died 3rd March 1991 aged 85, loved mother of Esme  and  Maureen [with Leslie]
MORRIS, Jean Davena, beloved wife of Garnet, died 3 May 1967, aged 55 years, loved mother of Joy  and  Glenys
MORRIS, John Henry, passed away 27th Oct. 1925, aged 64 years [with Elizabeth]
MORRIS, John Lloyd, died 29th Aug. 1974, aged 72 years
MORRIS, Joseph, 28 June 32, 72 yrs
MORRIS, Laurence William, loved son of William  and  Eva, brother of George, Rex (dec), Rhonda  and  Mavis, died 4 Sept 1985 aged 66 years
MORRIS, Leslie James, died 1st Nov 1968 aged 68, loved father of Esme  and  Maureen [with Janet]
MORRIS, Mercy, 1925/1928[date illegible] 64 yrs
MORRIS, Sarah Jane, aged 9 months, infant daughter of G and M Morris [with George and Emma]
MORRIS, William Arthur, 16th June 1962, aged 70 years and loved husband of Dolcie May, fond father of Laurence, George, Rex, Rhonda  and  Mavis [with Eva]

NEWBOLD, Jane, his [John] beloved wife, died April 28th 1905, aged 90 years
NEWBOLD, John Samuel, who died April 15th 1876, aged 72 years [with Jane]
NORMAN, Amelia, beloved wife of Isaac, died March 23rd 1912, aged 71 years
NORMAN, Isaac, 27 November 14, 78 yrs
NORMAN, Maria, wife of Walter James,  and  loving mother of ’Millie’ who passed away 30th April 1930, aged 56 years
NORMAN, Walter James, died 28th March 1955, aged 84 years

PALMER, George, beloved husband of Mercy Morris, died Nov 13th 1921 aged 65 years
PARLOR, Ernest, beloved son of F and T Parlor, died Jan 5, 1894, aged 9 years and 10 month
PAYNE, Edgar Samuel, died 11th Dec. 1925, aged 63 years [with Emma]
PAYNE, Emma, died 19th Nov. 1951, aged 84 years [with Edgar]
POPE, Raymond William, 4 April 26 30 March 01 [with Stanley and Reta Stevens]

RANDALL, Anne Girling, beloved wife of William, of Randalsea, born May 1st 1820; died July 8th 1864 [with Arthur]
RANDALL, Arthur Frederick, son of the above, who died August 11th 1860, aged 3= years [with Anne]
ROWLANDS, Thomas, 1922 2000, husband of Clova Hazel [nee Cameron] [with Bessie and Ronald Willis; Hazel and James Cameron]

SIMPSON, Hugh Bower, 26 June 1914 10 March 1998, dearly loved husband of Laurel
SIMPSON, Laurel Jean, 25 December 1915 18 September1998 [with Hugh]
SOLOMON JAMES, Albert, beloved son of George and Catherine, departed this life February 9th 1871, two years [and] seven months [with Henry]
SOLOMON JAMES, Henry, beloved son of George and Catherine, who departed this life January 8th 1871, aged eleven years and two months [with Albert]
STEVENS, Reta Alice, loved wife and mother of above [Stanley, Lawrence, Clive and Christine] died 23rd August 1986, aged 71 years [with Stanley and Raymond Pope]
STEVENS, Stanley Albert, dearly loved husband of Reta and father of Lawrence, Clive and Christine, died 6th March 1984, aged 72 years [with Reta and Raymond Pope]
STOREY, Amy Dowie., AIF, Sister, A.A.N.S., 1st September 1972, aged 82 years; Ever lovingly remembered by all members of her family [with Maxwell and Elizabeth Christie and Amy Storey]

TARRAN, Mary, dearly beloved wife of James, who departed this life on 26 December 1897 aged 81 years
THOMAS, Hester, 11 Dec 1908, 74 yrs
THOMAS, Maria, 13 Sep 1882, 62 yrs
THOMAS, William, 17 Sep 1899, 76 yrs
TONKIN, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of James, who departed this life October 14th 1871 aged 78 years
**TOURNER, Edward, 24 Oct[year illegible]?8, ?4 yrs
TOURNER, James, 2 Ict1906, 70 yrs

*UNKNOWN, C., J., 1861
UREN, Amelia Mary (Millie), 1905 1973, mother of Lillian and James [with Richard]
UREN, Richard Blight, 1905 1978, father of Lillian and James [with Millie]

VALE, William Thomas Joseph, beloved son of Jean  and  Joseph, died 3rd Feb 1993 aged 45 years [with Heinrich Diepenbroek]
VAN RAALTE, Henrie B. S., 12Nov 1929, 48 yrs

WAY, Catherine Treble, the dearly beloved wife of John, who departed this life 27th December 1894, aged 62 years [with Rebecca Coustley and John]
WAY, John, 3 Nov 1923, 84 yrs [with Catherine and Rebecca]
WHEATLAND, William, AIF, Private, 8th Battalion A.C.H., 26th April 1957, aged 76 years
WILKINSON, Russell Francis, 1 April 59 7 June 94 aged 35 years, much loved son of Ben, Jess and Sam
WILLISS, Eliza Annie, [date and age illegible] 14-4-83, 87 yrs [maybe]
WILLISS, George, 25-2-95, 89 yrs
WILLISS, Priscilla Ann (Bessie) (nee Biddle), wife of Ronald, 1895 1960 [with Ronald, Hazel and James Cameron, and Thomas Rowlands]
WILLISS, Ronald, died 20th June 1958 [with Bessie, Hazel and James Cameron, and Thomas Rowlands]
WILSON, Ann Jameson, 13 November 27 13 September91
WORRALL, Laurel Fersdon, nee Hooper, beloved wife of Norman, mother of Gwyneth, mother in law of Kevin, gran of Kathryn and Megan
WORRALL, Norman Robert. Private, 56005, West Yorks Regiment, 8th June 1967, age 71; Always remembered by his loving wife Laurel and daughter Gwyneth

***YOUNG, Charles Daniel, 15-10-3, 1? yrs
****YOUNG, George Oliver, 18.[month illegible].?5, ?3yrs
YOUNG, Harriet Jane, 27 July 26, 75 yrs
YOUNG, Herbert L., passed away 21 May 77 aged 73 years, beloved husband of Mollie, father of Dawn, Norma and Nancy
YOUNG, Mollie, 1901[?] 18 December 89, mother of Dawn, Norma and Nancy [with Herbert]
YOUNG, William Joseph, 2 January 87, 15 yrs

*headstone reads J. C. 1861
**After reference to Macbeth, South Australian Deaths, 1842 - 1915, this could be Tourner, Eliza Maria, 22 October 1898, age 64 years [the two Tourner graves are side by side]
***From Macbeth, South Australian Deaths, 1842 - 1915, Young, Charles Daniel, 14 December 1893, age 18 years
****From Macbeth, South Australian Deaths, 1842 - 1915, Young, George Oliver, 16.08.1905, age 33
The headstones that give the name, date and age only appear to be a project perhaps for the Bicentennial celebrations or similar.

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