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Transcribed by Marylin and Steve Jones

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BARCLEY, Barrey* Ballington, 1912 - 1992, husband of Phyllis Grace, father of Peter and Suzanne
BARCLEY, Phyllis Grace, 1915 - 1996, wife of Barrey* Ballington, mother of Peter and Suzanne
BECKMAN, Norris Shelton, devoted husband and father, died 19 January 1947, aged 46
BEST, Ian Malcolm, loved son of Tom and Tes*, and loved brother of Tom, Helen and Kaye, age 24 years (photo showing him in uniform)
BEST, Teresa Joan, beloved wife of Tom, and loved mother of Tom, Helen, Kaye and Ian (dec'd), aged 57 yrs
BLACKETER, Fanny Jane, died April 1, 1928, aged 69 years (with Thomas)
BLACKETER, Helen M., dearest wife and mother, died 27 October 1963, aged 63
BLACKETER, Stephen Joseph, a dearest husband and father, Late 1st AIF, died 18 January 1942, aged 48
BLACKETER, Thomas, died July 27, 1928, aged 78 years (with Fanny)

CAMPBELL, Anthony McDonald (Tony), 25.3.1930 - 14.4.2003, loved and remembered by Pamela, Fiona, Allan, Gillian and families
CARTHEW, Fanny, wife of Isaac, died 26 June 1962, aged 73 years
CARTHEW, Isaac Henry, died 30 December 1968, aged 96 years (with Fanny)
CLIFFORD, Adam James, 29.3.97
CORIGLIANO, Charles, our dear father, born 29 May 1853, died 7 May 1933 (with Mary)
CORIGLIANO, Daisy Walker, 1900 - 1961
CORIGLIANO, Frances Elizabeth, (nee Hammond), 2.8.1904 - 20.9.1994, dearly loved mother of Maurice, Barbara, Frank, Rosemary and families (with Frank)
CORIGLIANO, Francis (Frank), 20.4.1901 - 12.2.1985, dealy loved father of Maurice, Barbara, Frank, Rosemary and families (with Frances)
CORIGLIANO, Gertrude May, passed away 18.7.68, aged 84
CORIGLIANO, Gregory John, 28.4.59 - 17.1.89, dearly loved son of Frank and Phyllis, brother to Kerry, Anthony and Jane
CORIGLIANO, John Vincent (Jack), RAN, Eng. Lieut. Commander; beloved husband of Gertrude, passed away 7 January 1956, aged 75 years
CORIGLIANO, Mary, our dear mother, born 17 January 1863, died 13 February 1902, with Charles
CROWE, Anthony William, killed at Beachport, 27 September 1937
CROWE, Hannah Louisa, 1875 - 1951, loved wife of Anthony, mother of Roy, Anthony, Kathleen, Edward, Patrick, Bridget, James, Leo and Frank

DANSWAN, Able Seaman W.L.E., and T. W. Todd were killed by an exploding mine, at Beachport, 14.7.1941. William Leonard Edward Danswan was buried here 16.7.1941, exhumed 1.12.1942 and re-interred at Junee, NSW, 4.12.1942. Erected by the Beachport and District Branch, National Trust of Sth. Aust. 26.10.1980
DUNSFORD, Barbara G., 26.7.1932 - 3.4.1992, nee Corigliano, beloved wife of Ron, and loved mother of Mary-Ann, David and Gary

ELDRIDGE, Douglas George, service no P.A.2979, 2.4.1924 - 26.10.2002, dearly loved husband of Claire, loved father of David, John, Peter and families, devoted pa to his grandchildren, niche wall, site 9

GRANZIERA, Ferrucino, 18.10.1934 - 9.3.1983 (Cancer), loving husband of Marie, and father of Mary Ellen (dec), and Angelo
GRANZIERA, Mary Ellen, loved daughter of Ferruggio* and Marie, 2.11.73 - 18.6.77; a little spina bifida called to angelic service
GREENFIELD, Clarence Edward (Clarry) born 21 October 1911, died 12 July 1999, aged 87 years, beloved husband of Mollie, loving father of Angela, Paul, James and Mark (with Leonard)
GREENFIELD, Leonard Paul, born 9 January 1945, died 8 February 1965, aged 20 years (with Clarry)
GREGURKE, Hugo Albert, 3.11.1919 - 6.4.1997, beloved husband of Joyce, loving father of Valmai, Peter, Bill, Pauline, Jenny and Leanne
GREGURKE, Joyce Eileen, 5.10.1923 - 5.11.1997, loving mother of Valmai, Peter, Bill, Pauline, Jenny and Leanne (with Hugo)

HALL, Gloria Joy, 11.3.32 - 23.7.96, beloved wife of Milton, loving mother of Peter, Cheryl, Lorraine, Lyn and families
HANN, Ross Emmanuel, 6.9.1913 - 28.7.1999, loved husband of Kathleen Merle, loving father of Malcolm, Graeme, Delma and Colin, devoted grandparent to all the grandchildren and great grandchildren
HEANINS, Albert Graham, 5th son of Thomas R. and Rose Leslie, died September 14, 1882, in his 9th year
HEANINS, Thomas, eldest son of Thomas Robert and Rose Leslie, died June 24, 1883, in his 25th year

KELLY, Michael Thomas, 2.7.1956 - 19.8.2003
KELLY, Thomas McCabe (Tom), passed away 10 October 2000, aged 73 years, dearly loved husband of Kathleen May (Kath), cherished and devoted father of Bryan, Graeme (dec'd), Patricia, Michael, Margaret and families
KEMP, Donald John Cameron, 8.11.1927 - 30.3.2003, dearly loved husband of Joan, loved father of John, Michael, Debra and families
KERR, Arthur, 1914 - 1987, beloved husband of Myffanwy*, loving father and pa of all his children and grandchildren

LANKY, police tracker, last of the local native tribe, died 1904
LAWRENCE, Willmett H., who departed this life at Beachport, July 3, 1880, aged 72 years
LITTLEFIELD, Charles, beloved husband of Marie, born at Rotherhithe, England, 15 March 1832, died 24 January 1884
LOXTON, Westley James, (The Captain), 2.8.1979 - 24.6.2000, loved only son of David and Mary-Ann, beloved brother of Erin and Tennille
LYONS, James, 1877 - 1960,

MADEX, Oliver, beloved husband of Ellen, died 4 February 1931, aged 42 years
MATTHEWS, May Augusta, 16.11.1920 - 1.11.1991, beloved wife of Ronald
MATTHEWS, Ronald William, 3.4.1922 - 22.9.1992 (with May)
MCARTHUR, Hilda Metcalf, 4.11.1912 - 13.11.2003, loving mother of Ian, Jean, Kim (dec'd) and Christina, cherished grandparent* of all the grandchildren (with John)
MCARTHUR, John Rudolph, "Jack", 24.1.1911 - 27.9.1998, beloved husband of Hilda, loving father of Ian, Jean, Kim (dec'd) and Christina, cherished grandparent* of all the grandchildren
MCCOURT, Ian Michael, beloved son of Tom and Heather, died 10 December 1967, aged 21 years
MCCOURT, Millicent, 1881 - 1959
MCCOURT, Thomas, beloved eldest son of Tom and Heather, loved father of Geoffrey and Teresa, died 12 April 1969, aged 32 years
MCCOURT, Thomas, beloved husband of Heather, died 18 Janaury 1981, aged 64 years
MCCOURT, Vincent C., died 15 February 1967, aged 76 years
MCNAMARA, Frank, 23.3.1910 - 10.8.1989, beloved husband of Bub, loved father of Kaye
MCNAUGHTON, Edward, who fell asleep 23 March 1944, aged 87; loved father of M. L. Samwell (with Margaret)
MCNAUGHTON, Margaret, who fell asleep 4 March 1945, aged 85, loved mother of M. L. Samwell (with Edward)
MILTON, David William, 2.7.1936 - 29.7.1998, beloved husband of Patricia Noreen
MILTON, Patricia Noreen, 14.9.1941 - 5.5.2001, beloved wife of David William, and mother of Robert, Maree, Sharon and Tania
MORRIS, Annie Jane, the beloved wife of G. P. Morris, who died 7 July 1883, aged 31 years
MUSTART, Muriel Alice Celia, 11.3.1890 - 11.3.1984

NASH, Mary, died 8.12.30, aged 50
NOBLE, Eva May, re-united with Isaac, 22 November 1974, loving mother of Eileen, William, Ron and Lance
NOBLE, Isaac, passed away 7 April 1950, beloved husband of Eva, loving father of Eileen, William, Ron and Lance

PEARCE, Captain H. C., died 13 October 1898, aged 64 years (with E. E. Pearce); erected by his loving wife Isabel Pearce
PEARCE, E. E., died 19 January 1896, aged 66 years (with Capt H. C. Pearce)
PRATES, Anton, born Ohlarn, Austria, 31.5.1934, died Millicent 21.10.1998, aged 6? Years, dearly loved husband of Maria

RILEY, Collen* (nee Hood), age 64 years, 29.10.1935 - 2.8.2000, loved mother of Donella, Anne, Peter, Darren, Mark, Sharon and Kerry, best companion of Bernard, devoted grandmother to 19 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren
RYAN, Bill (no details)

SHINNERS, Anne Jessamy, June 6, 1929 to March 18, 2002
SLATER, Angus, died January 19, 1903, aged 65 years (with Margaret, Robert and Elizabeth)
SLATER, Elizabeth Manson, died February 27, 1898, aged 50 years (with Margaret, Robert and Angus)
SLATER, Margaret Jane, died February 14, 1890, aged 16 years and 3 months (with Robert, Elizabeth and Angus)
SLATER, Robert, died May 27, 1895, aged 84 years (with Margaret, Elizabeth and Angus)
SMITH, Eileen Coral May, (nee Hateley), (Corigliano), 18.5.1914 to 13.5.1998 (Sydney), loving and loved sister, wife, mum and nanna
SMITH, Gertrude Agnes, beloved daughter of Henry and Charlotte, born November 30, 1876, died April 16, 1882
SMITH, Henry Louiz*, beloved husband of Kate, died 5 July 1928, aged 63 years
SUTHERLAND, Colin Clancy, passed away 9 April 2003, aged 82 years, dearly loved husband of Dorothy Joan, loving and devoted father of Carlyne*, Heather, Leonie, Ricky, Terry and families

TODD, T. W. - see Danswan, W.L.E.

VARCOE, Betty Florence, (nee Dunsford), born 19 September 1928, passed away 2 June 1999, aged 70 years, dearly loved wife of Lance Sutherland, lovingly remembered by Sue, Judy, David, Prue, Andy, Rosie, Linda and their families
VARCOE, Lance Sutherland, born 19 March 1924 died 20 March 2004 aged 80. Loved husband of Betty, father of Susan, Judy, David, Prue, Andrew, Rosemary, Linda and families.

WALKER, James Kenneth, a devoted husband and father, 8.3.1936 - 26.7.1991
Warren, Hope Lorraine, died 17 April 1996, aged 74 years, dearly loved wife of Max, loving mother of Ann, Margaret, Graham, Robert, Susan and families, + service plaque 'VFX116451, Private, A.A.M.W.S.,'
WARREN, Sydney Maxwell, (Max), died 20 February 2003, aged 82 years, dearly loved husband of Hope, loving father of Ann, Margaret, Graham, Robert, Susan and families
WHITEHEAD, Wasley W., 14.5.1915 - 8.1.1993, friend of Alex and Doreen
WILSON, Samuel Oliver, result of accident, May 29, 1886, aged 63 years, beloved husband of Mary and dearly loved by his family
WILSON, William Wallace, 'Wally', died 13 June 2002, aged 85 years, remembered always by his nephews and nieces

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