Headstone Transcriptions


Transcribed by Marylin and Steve Jones

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AGG, Harold Roy, born Geelong, 15 May 1916, died Barmera 29 Dec 1996, aged 80 years, father of David, Margaret, Rosemary, Bill and Heather, poppa of nine grandchildren & husband of Alma.
AHERN, Thomas Patrick, husband of Edith Alice and father of Jane, Mavis and Patricia, died l0 Nov. 1948, aged 62 years
AHRENS, Glenn Murray 6 May 1970 - 17 June 1980, Mum, Dad, Lianne, Nanna, Poppa, Grandma.
AIRD, Jean [with John], passed away 3rd May 1980, aged 72 years
AIRD, John (Skin), husband of Jean, passed away 13 Dec 1961 aged 56 years
ALBRECHT, A. G. Heinrich [with Lottie], died I Oct 1965 aged 78 years
ALBRECHT, Colin Elwyn, passed away 9  October 1996, aged 44 years, son of Dick and Maureen, brother of Helen (dec), and in law of Gary, uncle of Ben and Kate, lawn
ALBRECHT, Dalton I., passed away 1 July 1969, aged 38 years
ALBRECHT, Henry, passed away 10 Aug 1979 aged 55 years.
ALBRECHT, Lottie Maud, wife and mother, died 29 July 1962 aged 69 years
ALBRECHT, Reginald Thomas, 12 Nov1944 - 5 Jun 2000, husband of Maralyn, father of Tony and Kylie, pa of Jackson.
ALLEN, Alfred George, husband of Lucia, died 1 July 1942, aged 62 years
ALLEN, Lucia Wilhelmine, wife of Alfred George died 29 July 1967, aged 79 years
ALLFORD, Oswald, died 1 Feb 1971 age 70 years, husband of Ruby Doreen, father of Joan, Reg, Marjorie, Lloyd, Oswald, Harold, Ivan, Rae, Max, Robert
ALLFORD, Ruby Doreen [with Oswald] born 31 May 1907 died 19 Jul 1991
ALLWOOD, Bruce, died 27 October 1995, age 81 years, niche wall
ALTSCHWAGER, Herman Gustave, husband of Julia, died 3 Oct 1947 aged 63 years
ALTSCHWAGER, Michael Rex, son of Rex and Kath, died 26 March 1950 aged 4 years and 3 mths [with Herman Gustave]
ANDERSON, Doris Victoria, wife of Harry, mother of Marjorie, died 14 April 1959
ANDERSON, Henry Gunter (Harry), husband and father, died 24 Nov. 1963
ANDERSON, James Morrison, eldest son of John and Mary Anderson, died 30 April 1956 aged 67 years
ANDERSON, L T. 'Andy', died 14 Jan 1961 aged 51 years
ANUSZ, Andrew Michael, died 7 Nov 86, aged 21 yrs, son of Karol and Helena, brother of Richard and Marian, lawn
APLIN, Cody Ross, 30 Aug 1997 - 30 Aug 1997, Mummy, Daddy., brothers Beau and Michael, lawn
APPLEGARTH, Henry, died 10 June 1954 aged 61 years
APPLEGARTH, Mary, wife of Henry, died 30 May 1970 aged 75
APPLETON, Clyde Walter, son of Florence Eleanor, died 21 Aug 1988, aged 72 yrs, father of Bev, Grant and Trish
APPLETON, Florence Eleanor, our wife and mother, died 18 Dec 1938 aged 52 years
ARNOLD, Mollie Constance, wife of Frank S., died 5 August 1942 aged 37
ARNOLD, Frank S., died 8 April 1975 aged 67 years
ATKINSON, Beatrice Amy passed away 12 Oct 1992 aged 94 years
ATKINSON, Edwin William, passed away 7 April 1961 aged 84 years, husband of Beatrice Amy
ATKINSON, L. E, 15-5-2001
ATTREE, Ada, passed away 21 May 1995, wife of Len, lawn cemetery
ATTREE, Len, passed away 17Jun 1976, husband of Ada, lawn cemetery

BACKAI, grave 73, lawn cemetery
BAGG, Leonard L G, husband of Lydia, died 25 Jan 1954, aged 67
BAGG, Lydia Alice, wife of Leonard, died 17 October 1971, aged 71
BAIN, Annie Elsie May, 9 Dec 1909 - 3 Jan 1996, wife of Neil, mother of Margaret, Neil, Laurel, Joyleen, Malcolm and Lynette also Norman, Marian and Edna (dec), lawn
BAIN, Edna, 28 Aug 1939 - 30 Aug 1939, [with Marion] daughter of Neil and Annie
BAIN, Marion, 28 Aug 1939 - 30 Aug 1939 [with Edna], daughter of Neil and Annie
BAIN, Neil George, born 5 Jun 42 - 30 Oct 97, husband of Christine Mary, dad of Tanya and Karen, poppa of Reece, Jenna, Tori, lawn
BAIN, Neil John, 1881 - 1966, husband of Annie, father of Ann, Margaret, Marion (dec) and Edna (dec), Neil, Norman (dec), Laurel, Joyleen, Malcolm, Lynette
BAIN, Norman John, 1942 - 1955, son of Neil and Annie
BAIRD, Teresa Colleen, daughter of Connie and Alan died 13 Dec 67 aged 2 years
BALSHAW, Walter Richard, husband of Lorna, passed away 7th Aug. 1987, aged 59 yrs, father of Ron, Chris and Allan, lawn
BANNEAR, Douglas J, 11. 12.78 aged 62 years, niche wall
BANNEAR, Freda J, 19 Mar 97 aged 79 years, niche wall
BANNISTER, Abbey Louise, born 30 Mar 90, died 30 Mar 90, daughter of Robert and Sharon, lawn cemetery
BARBOUR, Kathryn Jean, 1 Sep 1946 - 6 Sep 1948 aged 2 years, daughter of Harold and Phyllis, sister of Lorraine, Peter and Roger
BARNETT, Doug, passed away 27 Dec 1974, aged 53 yrs, husband of Doris, father of Barb, Jamie, Wayne, Ken, Pat and grandchildren, lawn
BARNETT, Mary (Louie), wife of Duncan, first wife and mother of Morrie Richardson, Robert, Lois, Jill, John and Shirley, born 1. 11. 15 - 6 Mar 85, lawn cemetery
BARTEL, Dennis Harold, passed away 12 Sep 84 aged 56 yrs, Stepfather of Terry, Joy, Keith, Debbie. lawn cemetery
BARTEL, Ernest Albert, died 20 June 1946 aged 46 years
BARTEL, Joan Margaret, 18 Jun 1936 - 9 Aug 2001, wife of Eric, mother of Gary, Stephen, Karen, David and Mark
BARTEL, Maurice Allan, born 27-8-1925 died 22-7-1987, husband of Margaret Rose (Dixon), father of Graham, Terry, Jeffrey, Brian, Wendy, Anne, Paul, lawn
BARTEL, Phyllis [with Dennis], passed away 13 Oct 84 aged 60 yrs, mother of Terry, Joy, Keith, Debbie, lawn cemetery
BAWDEN, Henry Arthur (Jack), died 26th June 1996, aged 94 years, father of Anne, Max and Robin, lawn
BAWDEN, Nita Mary, died 15th January 1991, aged 84 years, wife of Henry, father of Anne, Max. and Robin, lawn
BAYNES, John Hardy (Jonny, 10-8-74, aged 46 years, husband of Betty, father of Vicki, lawn
BAYNTON, Hilda, wife of Stanley, mother of Nell, Gwen, Ruth (dec), Marion, passed away 17 Sept 1968 aged 73 years
BAYNTON, Stanley Richard [with Hilda], passed away 5 April 1978 aged 79 years
BEECH, Norma, Nov 50; RIP.
BENNETT, Leon Frank, 23 Dec 1910 - 1 Dec 1999, father of Marlene and Ron, Marie and Kevin, grandad of Danny, Kerry, Julie, Susan, Dot, Carolyn and Judi and 18 great grandchildren, lawn
BENNETT, Madelene, 7 Feb 1916 - 3 Jan 2000, mother of Marlene and Ron, Marie and Kevin, nana of Danny, Kerry, Julie, Susan, Dot, Carolyn and Judi and 18 great grandchildren, lawn
BERKELAAR, Franz Huug Marines (Frank), 19 Sep 1923 - 20 Mar 1998, lawn
BEST, Charles William, died 21 Oct 1995, aged 63, son of Harry and Alice, loved by his 5 sisters and 4 brothers, great travel mate of Ron Kinnish, lawn
BEVERLEY, Elaine Arnold, 21 May 1940 - 13 Jul 1996, wife of Peter, mother of Andrew and Kristina, niche wall
BEZOS, Alex, passed away 4 May 1994, aged 51 years, husband of Jenny, father of Jenny, lawn
BIGGINS, Regina, wife of Ron, passed away 13 Dec 82, aged 73 years, mother of Janet, Helen, Roger, Carol, Philip and Grant, lawn
BIGGINS, Ron, passed away 26 May 90 aged 84 years, father of Janet Helen, Roger, Carol, Philip and Grant, lawn
BIGGS, Irene May (Rene) passed away 16 June 1987, aged 78 years, wife of Bob, mother of Sandra, lawn
BIGGS, Lawrence Henry (Bob), passed away 8 June 1991, aged 89 years, husband of Rene, father of Sandra, lawn
BINGHAM-WILSON, Patricia ivy, 18 Nov 1947 - 11 Feb 1994, mother of Michael and Luke, daughter of Ivy, sister of Colleen and Kathi, niche wall
BIRCH, Edward Charles (Ted), 14 May 1897 - 26 Sep 1974, husband of Eileen, father of Lorraine and Maryann, lawn
BIRCHALL, -, AIF, 2nd July 1942 [illegible]
BISHOP, Eric (Bill) died 2 Dec 1939 aged 37 years [with Doris Maud]
BLACK, Dr. E. Couper, 12 November 1971, age 85 years, niche wall
BLACK, Julia, 20 June 1970, age 79, niche wall
BOADEN, Emma Melva, died 6-8-198 1, aged 72 years, lawn
BLIGHT, Gladirene, died 27 June 1932 aged 36, wife of W E M. (Dick) Blight, mother of Joan (Dec), Brian and Warren
BOADEN, lvan John, 19 Sep 1921, 5 Sep 1995, husband of Olive, father of Dawn, Peter, Russell, Dale, Graham and Terry, niche wall
BOLYOS, Karoly, b. 22-9-1951 - d. 28-5-1966, brother Les, sister-in-law Ibelya, and families, father Peter, mother Rosalia, sister Rosa and families
BONNAR, Donald Murray, 16-8-24 - 15-12-96, husband of Betty, father of Lindsay, Pal and David, lawn
BONNAR, Elsie Caroline, 1891 - 1992, aged 101 years, wife of Lin, mother of Mary and Don, lawn cemetery
BORMANN, Alice Ann, [with Rudolf] passed away 27 Aug. 2000, aged 88 years, lawn
BORMANN, Rudolf Alfred, passed away 28 Feb. 1985, aged 74 years, husband of Alice, lawn
BOURKE, Florence Alice, passed away 19 Jan 1991, aged 77 years, mother of Robert and John, lawn
BOURKE, Martin John, passed away 13th May 1977, aged 70 years, husband of Florence, father of Robert and John, lawn
BRAND, Cecilia Gertrude, [with Richard] died 16 Dec 2002, aged 108 yrs, mother of Eric, Francis, Mavis, Clyde, lawn
BRAND, Doris, passed away 3-4-1993, aged 82, loving wife, mother and grandmother, lawn
BRAND, Henry St Barbe, died August 27th, 1930 aged 50 years
BRAND, Michelle Louise, 18. 10. 81 aged 7 months, daughter of Don and Belinda, lawn cemetery
BRAND, Richard Randle, died 13 Jun 1985, aged 99 yrs, husband of Cecilia, father of Eric, Francis, Mavis, Clyde, lawn
BRAND, Robert T., husband of Eve passed away 16th June 1965 aged 65 years
BRIDGLAND, Harry Walter, husband of Emma Elizabeth, died July 1931 aged 62 years
BRIDGLAND, Lenthal Eric, son of Harry W and Emma E Bridgland, died February 1928 aged 11 years
BROCK, Aureol Ann, passed away 25 Nov. 2001 aged 62 years, wife of Ronald Jeffrey, mother of Karen, Yvonne and Heather
BROOKE, Janet, passed away to our Lord, 9th April 1996, aged 60 years, wife of Keith, mother of Petria, Peter, Cathy, Tim Richard and Christopher, lawn
BROSTER, Emmie, wife of L. Broster, mother of Colin and Hetty died 13 March 1938
BROWN, Florence Mabel, 4 Sep 1884 - 3 Jun 1974, mother of Betty and families, lawn
BRUCE, E, AlF, 21 Feb 1980
BRUHN, Betty Roma, died 4th Oct 1971 aged 28 years
BUCHLOVSKY, Josef, born 8 Mar 1909, passed away 27 May 1986, husband of Margaret [born 1 May 19141, born in Czechoslovakia, lawn
BUCHLOVSKY, Margaret, 11 May 1914 to 2 October 2005.
BUDZYN, Stanislaw (Stan), born 25 Sept. 1922, died 7 June 1997, aged 74 years, husband of Katrzyna, (Kathy), father of Helen John and Irene, lawn
BURFITT, Gary Raymond, died 18 Feb 86 aged 37 yrs, husband of Shirley, father of Tanya, Clinton and Scott, lawn cemetery
BURROW, Florence Charlotte Belinda, died 251h April 1946, aged 88 years
BURTON, Harding (Hardy), 10. 12.25 - 20 May 95, husband of Victoria Mary, father of Marilyn, Ron, Anne, Sandy and Nell and grandfather of Shane and Steven, lawn
BURTON, Marjorie Downs, 2 August 1970 age 71, niche wall
BUTTERWORTH, Corky, born 15 Aug 1928, died 16 Feb 1996, aged 67 years, husband of Betty, dad of Garry, Peter and Rocky, lawn
BUTTLE, AIF, Hedley Frank, 28-9-1920 - 14-8-1992, aged 7 1, husband of Shirley Irene, father of Patricia, and Helen, lawn

CADDY, Daisy, [with Thomas] died 26th Nov 1948 aged 51
CADDY, Thomas Ernest, husband of Daisy died 1 Feb 1942 aged 47
CAIN, Thomas James, husband of Lena died 20 July 1944 aged 64 years
CARPENTER, S. E., wife and mother departed Aug 26, 1949
CATALANO, Mark Anthony, born 26-3-89, died 13-5-89, son of Biagio and Andrea, brother of Sam and John, lawn
CENTOFANTI, Lorenzo nato Le'Marane Italia 13 Dec 1913 - died 9 Jan 1999, husband of Serafina, father of Giacomo, Mario, Antonio, Rosa and Rita, nono of 13 grandchildren and 1 great grandson, lawn
CHAMBERLAIN, Brian Paul, 17 Dec 1959 - 28 Jan 2001, son of Petrea, brother of Rosemary, Margaret, Peter, Christine and David, father of Tyson and Leeanna, lawn cemetery
CHAPMAN, -, AIF, 12th Bn, 29th Aug 1929 [illegible]
CHARLTON, Lucinda Stella, our dear sister, died 27 December 1952, ever remembered by Gertrude, Victor and Merle
CHESMAN, Frederick Charles, died 24th May 1982 aged 75 yrs, father of Wilf, Joyce, Tom and Betty, lawn cemetery
CLARK, Albert Osborne, husband of Gwendoline Jane, died Oct 14 1934 aged 50 years
CLARK, Alfred John, passed away 9 Jan 1980 aged 74 years, husband of Edna Jean, lawn cemetery
CLARK, Barry Henry, passed away 7 Jan 96, aged 60 yrs, husband of Jean, step father of Gail, Lynette, John (dec), Janice and Ian, lawn CLARK, Edna Jean [with Alfred], passed away 26 Jun 1981 aged 71 years, loved father and mother of Betty, Avis, Fay, Barry, John and Raelene, lawn cemetery
CLARK, Elizabeth, [with daughter Frances Gardiner] wife of Frederick, died Oct 16, 1927 aged 75 years
CLARK, Gordon Churchill, son of H C and M Clark, died April 20,1921 aged 3 years and 10 months
CLARK, Merlene Rae, passed away 4 Feb 1955 aged 12 years
CLARKSON, Barbara Jean [with Elizabeth], 3 Jan 1957 - 4th May 1958 CLARKSON, Elizabeth (Jean), 26 Oct. 1920 - 26 June 1970, wife of Frederick, mother of Barbara Jean and Andrew, Elizabeth and Jennifer CLEMENTS, Ida Myrtle, beloved wife of Will passed away 31 Jan 1974 aged 79 years
CLEMENTS, Lancelot William, beloved husband of Ida passed away 19th Dec 1951 aged 54 years
CLEMENTS, Enid Alice, passed away 6th Aug 1933 aged 9 weeks
CLEWER, Justin W. S. [with Mona], son of Stanley and late Mona, accidentally killed 22 Oct 1965, aged 18 years, brother of Barbara, Hazel and David
CLEWER, Mona May Lucy, wife of Stanley, died 20 July 1954 aged 49 years, mother of David and Justin, step-mother of Barbara and Hazel
COATS, Dymphna Anne, 4 Oct 1933 - 9 Apr 2000, wife of Reginald, mother of Neville, Allan, Gregory, Jeffrey and Paul, lawn cemetery
COATS, Kathleen Grace, Wife of Ken, passed away 11. 11.87, aged 49 years, lawn cemetery
COATS, Reginald [with Dymphna] 10. 10. 1928 - 4 Nov 2000
COCKSEDGE, Alpha Elizabeth (Bid) [with Sydney], died 8 Sep 2000 aged 91 yrs, loved parents of Madge and Sydney, lawn cemetery
COCKSEDGE, Sydney Ernest, died 13 Sep 83 aged 77 yrs [with Bid], lawn cemetery
COCKSHELL, Mary Jean who left us on 5th Sept 1935
COCKSHELL, Ruby wife of JMA, passed away 11 Sept 1935 aged 44
COLE, Floris Ilma, wife and mother passed away 17th Feb 1976 aged 86 years
COLE, Horace Edward, husband of Floris, father of Kenneth, passed away 2 April 1962 aged 70 years
COLLINS, Alexander, died 19-9-1994, aged 79 yrs, husband of Ivy, father of Gerald, lawn
COLLINS, Ivy Esther, died 6-2-1996, aged 80 yrs, wife of Alexander, mother of Gerald, lawn
COMFORD, John Charles, born 2 Jun 1936, died 6 Apr 1995, husband of Hilda, Lorraine, father of Geoffrey and Sallyanne, lawn
COOK, Dorothy, wife of Henry Alfred, mother of Ralph, Margaret, Vera, Fred, Doris and Betty passed away 20 June 1963 aged 75 years
COOK, Henry Alfred, (Harry), [with Dorothy], our father, passed away 10 Dec 1966 aged 80 years
COOK, Lloyd C., 16 Jun 1923, 30 Mar 2000, husband of Mary (Elva), lawn cemetery
COOK, Mathilda, Alice, (nee Jaeschke) 2nd May 1905 - 30 Sept. 1961, much loved by husband Bill, Lorna and Doug and her grandchildren
COOK, Mona Elva, 18 Apr 1975 aged 55 years, niche wall
COOPER, Bernice [with Ted], passed away 19 Nov 93 aged 81 years, dad and mum of Peg (dec), lawn cemetery
COOPER, Edward (Ted), passed away 17 Sep 83 aged 72 years, husband of Bernice, lawn cemetery
CRACIUN, Remus, born Romania, 18-8-1979, 23-12-1996, son of Cornel and Alexander, brother of Cristi, Diana and Pavel, lawn
CRAMP, Kym Ronald, son of Richard and Kay, aged 2V2 years
CRASE, Irene Maud, passed away 13 May 1997, aged 84, wife of Simon, mother of Margaret, Patrick, Edith, Roma, Barbara, Fred and Mavis, lawn
CRASE, Simon, passed away 19 Aug 2001, aged 89, father of Margaret Patrick, Edith, Roma, Barbara, Fred and Mavis, lawn
CREEPER, David J. D., died 18 October 1974, aged 42 yrs, husband of Ruth, father of Andrew, Timothy and Miriam, lawn
CRERAR, Gladys Elsie, [with John] 1920 - 2000, parents of Joan, Janice, Kevin, Patricia, loved by the grandchildren and the great grandchildren, lawn cemetery
CRERAR, John F. W., 1919 - 1991
CROCKER, Annie Elizabeth [with Edward H and Harry] died 17th Dec 1960
CROCKER, Edward H., husband of Annie, father of Harry and Maude died 8 Dec 1943 aged 75 years
CROCKER, Harry, (Sgt Pilot), son of E and A Crocker, died 18 May 1942 aged 22 years and 8 months
CRUBB, Roy, husband of the late Jessie, father of Leith [?], died 22 July 1934 aged 38 years, late AIF [dots difficult to read]

DALZIEL, Aisne, wife of Don, mother of Donald, Marilyne and Heather died 2 April 1963 aged 45 years
DANSIE, Alma M, our dear mother, died 21 Aug 1952 aged 76 years
DANSIE, Annie Sarah, died 23 Dec 57 aged 64 yrs, wife of Charles Gordon, mother of June, Patricia, Kevin and Deidre
DANSIE, Bertram, husband of Alma M., died 28 May 1950 aged 77 years
DANSIE, Elliot Milton, son of Bertram and Alma died 19th Feb. 1938 aged 25 years
DANSIE, Graeme Stuart 7 Nov 1950 - 20 Jan 195 1, son of Joan and Kev
DANSIE, Joan Lenore, 6 Sep 1926 - 5 Nov 1994, wife of Kevin, mother of Graham (dec), Sue and Brenton, lawn
DANSIE, Kevin Stuart Gordon, 2 Aug 1926 - 16 Dec 1998, husband of Joan, father of Graham (dec), Sue and Brenton, lawn
DANVERS, Kevin Charles, 29 Apr 1929 - 26 Mar 1997, dad of Jenny, Lindy and Johnny, grandpa of six, lawn
DARBY, Maureen Ruth, daughter of Harold and Amy passed away 8 Jan 1942 aged 2 years 9 months
DAVIS, Dwayne John (D J), 29 Sep 1992 - 27 Jan 1994, son of Bev and Tony, grandson of Heather, Steve, Bev and Dick, nephew of Robert, Tina, Drue, Kelly, Natasha and Paul, lawn
DAVIS, James, died 2 November 1995, aged 84, husband of Merle, father of Colin (dec), Gordon and Murray, lawn
DAVIS, Merle Kathleen, died 4 March 1993, aged 76, wife of James, mother of Colin (dec), Gordon and Murray, lawn
DAVIS, Peter Arthur, died 27 April 1989, aged 43 years, husband of Merilyn Ruth, father of Narelle, Trenton and Kirrilly, lawn
DAYMAN, Glenice, loved baby of Mary, died 12 Jan 1933, age 20 mths
DE FRANCESCO, Anthony, 3 May 57
DE FRANCESCO, Rocco, born Ripa Teatino, Chieti, Italy 18 Apr 1932, died Barmera, South Australia 28 Sep 2002 aged 70 years, husband of Marietta, father of Robert and Oriana, father in law of June, papa of Brianna, Nerissa, Talissa and Liana
DI DONATO, Antonio (Tony), nato Manoppello, Italia, 12 Jun 193 1, deceduto in Barmera, Sth Aust, 16 Oct 97, eta 66 anni, husband of Amerina (Nora)
DOBROVOLSKI, Leonid, passed away 25 Oct 1984 aged 82 yrs, lawn cemetery
DOBROVOLSKI, Nadejda [With Leonid], passed away 2 Jun 1999 aged 90 yrs, lawn cemetery
DOHNT, Agnes Hermina, wife of J. F. Dohnt died 15th April 1961 aged 61 years
DOHNT, Dolla, ever remembered by the Pickering family, passed away 23 May 1951, aged 31 years
DOHNT, Johann Friedreich Wilhelm (Bill), [with Agnes] died 13th June 1971 aged 86 years
DOIG, Mary Ethel Grace, passed away 3 March 1965 loving mother of Doris and Daphne
DONALD, Amy Frear, passed away 23 Aug 1982 aged 67 years, wife of Douglas, lawn cemetery
DONALD, Douglas Keith [with Amy], passed away 14 Sep 1995 aged 87 years, mother and father of Margaret, Ian and Charles, lawn cemetery
DOWLING, Alfred Gilbert, passed away 1. 10. 1949 aged 42 yrs [with Nita]
DOWLING, Ann, born 19 Mar 1940, died 23 Mar 1940, daughter of Alfred and Nita, sister of Joan, Gil, Colin, Beverley, Peter
DOWLING, Mary-Caroline, (nee Lewis), born 23 Mar 1882 died 25 Jun 1935, mother of Fred, Kathleen
DOWLING, Nita, passed away 17 Nov 1989, aged 75 years, wife of Albert and mother of Joan, Gil, Colin Beverley [and] Peter
DRAPER, Linwood George [with Myrtle], died 3 June 1989, aged 89 years, lawn
DRAPER, Myrtle Ivy, died 6th Sept. 1974, aged 75 years, lawn
DRISCOLL, Wilfred, Late Sgt 2nd L. H., A. 1. F., Egypt 1915-1919 died Jan 18, 1932 aged 39 years
DROGEMULLER, Bruno Lows, 19 Sep 1883 - 10 Dec 1952, husband of Eva, parents of Daphne, Eric, Gordon, Caroline, Leo, Ronald, Lloyd and James
DROGEMULLER, Casey, passed away 28 Aug 88, aged 20 hrs, daughter of Glen and Debbie, little sister to Scott and Kirby, big sister to Callan, lawn
DROGEMULLER, Eva Caroline, 11 Mar 1885 - 2 May 1966, [with Bruno, Ronald and James]
DROGEMULLER, Helen, 10. 11.20 - 14 Jul 1995, mother of Ann, Gail, Lynne, Kay, Glen, Kym and Dean, lawn
DROGEMULLER, James Kenneth, 19 May 1923 - 13 Jul 1975, [with Bruno, Eva and Ronald]
DROGEMULLER, Leslie John, passed away 4 Sep 1981 aged 47 years, husband of Barbara, father of Jo, Des and Wayne, lawn cemetery
DROGEMULLER, Lloyd Ledgard, AIF, SX24831 148 Transport Co, 9 Feb 1921 - 1 Aug 1995, father of Ann, Gail, Lynne, Kay, Glen, Kmy (sic) and Dean, lawn
DROGEMULLER, Ronald Oswald, 10 Apr 1919 - 24 Oct 1919, [with Bruno, Eva and James]
DUFFY, Ryan Charles, [died] 24-4-85, aged 9 weeks, special son of Daniel and Veronica, lawn
DUNLOP, Hilda Maud, passed away 5th July 1978, aged 84 years, mother of Jean and Ron, lawn
DUNLOP, James Samuel, passed away 31 Aug. 1977, aged 82 years, husband of Hilda, father of Jean and Ron, lawn
DUNN, Gordon, son of Joseph and Olive A., died Dec 4 1922, aged 2 years and 4 months
DUNSTAN, Annette, daughter of John and Mavis, died 28th Sept 1956 aged 3 years
DUNSTAN, Geoffrey Bruce, son of W A and I M. Dunstan died I June 1944 aged 13 years
DUNSTAN, Ida Muriel, my dear sister, died 20 June 1972, wife of Bill, mother of Lyle, John and Geoff, all deceased
DUNSTAN, John, husband of Mavis. father of Joy and Billy died 23d May 1966
DUNSTONE, Howard Thorncroft, [with Olive] passed away 20 May 1975 aged 81 years, parents of Yvonne, Inez, Bernard, Joan, Barbara and Kevin
DUNSTONE, Olive May, wife of Howard passed away 3and May 1967 aged 72 years
DUTSCKE, Alan, died 11 Apr 2001 aged 76 yrs
DVORAK, Emil, 20 Jan 1927 - 2 Jan 1996, sadly missed by Joan and Eric, Else and Heinrich, Maria and his friends, lawn
DYER, Aileen (Joy), daughter of Ronald and Joyce, died 12th Jan 1958, result accident, aged 15 years
DYER, Dennis, infant son of ML and M Dyer, died Oct 1950 aged 2 days
DYER, May, [with William], passed away 17th Nov 1977 aged 96 years
DYER, Ronald Charles, 23 Mar 1917 - 20 Jun 2002, husband of Joyce Evelyn for 27 years, father of Joy, May, Ron, Sue, Jean and Colin, lawn cemetery
DYER, William Octavious, passed away 24th Feb 1965 aged 84 years, loving husband of May
DYMMOTT, Collie, 32 yrs, your loving daughter forever Tarshy, Tams and Nikea, loving son and brother of Bob, Sheila and families, lawn cemetery
DYMMOTT, Geoffrey Michael, killed result of accident 9 Feb 1969 aged 18 years, beloved son and brother of Sheila and Bob and family
DYMMOTT, Sheila [with Geoffrey] died 11 April 1990 aged 66 years

EASTHER, Bryant George, died 21 Jul 2001, aged 73 years, husband of Yvonne, father of Janne, lawn
EASTHER, Yvonne Winifred, died 3 Dec 1976, aged 50 years, wife of Bryant, mother of Janne, lawn
ECKERT, Gustav Franz (Frank), husband of Jessie, passed away 31 Aug 1958, aged 71 years
ECKERT, Jessie Miriam, passed away Jan 2 1958, aged 70 years, wife of Frank, mother of Nell, Flo, Harold, Dick, George, Jo and Frank
EDMONDS, Geoffrey A., 11. 11. 71 - 22 Jan 88, son of Bill (dec) and Jeanette, brother of Elizabeth and Sallyanne, Uncle of Joshua, niche wall
ELSDON, Tony Owen, 2 Oct 1978 - 3 Nov 2001, died in Scotland aged 23 yrs, eldest son of Sandy and Jim, brother of Peter and Melmida., half brother to Jack, dear friend of Phil, Tracey and Danika, lawn cemetery
ELSGOOD, Norma, died 25 April 1973, aged 68 years, mother of Irene, May, Ivy, Joyce, Mary, Jim and Bill (dec), lawn
ENGLISH, Mary Martha. died 1 Feb 1992 aged 81 years, mother of Avis, Phoebe, John, Claire and Robin, niche wall
ENGLISH, Theodore J., 24 January 1981 aged 84, niche wall
ENRIGHT, Peter John, accidentally killed 23 March 1978 aged 18 years, son of John and Jeanette, brother of Wayne, John, Paul and Shaun, lawn cemetery
EVANS, C. W. (Sid), AIF, SX12760 Trooper, 2nd Armoured Regt. l0 June 1953, aged 49 years; Always remembered by his daughters Fay and Pamela
EVANS, Eva B., died 8 May 7 1, aged 86 [with May Winterfield]

FABRICI, Eugen, born 5-5-1916 Croatia, died 4-8-1996 [with Irmgard], lawn
FABRICI, lrmgard, born 20 Feb 1922, Germany [with Eugen]
FARLEY, Eva Joy, 6 Feb 1925 - 31 Mar 1995, wife of Douglas, mother and father of Terence and Merrilyn, lawn
FARLEY, Morris Cecil, 15 Sep 1925 - 2 Dec 1995, husband of Diana Mary, father of Paul, Mark and Gary, lawn
FARROW, May, passed away 11 Sept 1978 aged 88 years, mother of Connie, Mavis and Jacqueline, lawn cemetery
FEDER, Helen Anne, 17 Aug 53 - 19 Dec 65
FEDER, Janet Lorraine [with her sister Helen], 27 Mar 49 - 24 Oct 81
FEWSTER, John Harold, husband of Mabel, father of David, died 30 Sept 1953 aged 73 years
FEWSTER, Mabel Maud [with John], our mother and grandmother, died 25 July 1971 aged 87 years
FIEGERT, Yvonne Kaye, our dear daughter and sister, died 27' Dec 1968 aged 14 1/2 years
FIELD, Brian Victor John, 26 May 35 - 6 Feb 62, son of Rene and Bert, brother of Beatrice, Dawn, Dorathy, Robert and Judith
FIELDER, Annie Ada, passed away 14th July 1968, aged 78 years
FIELDER, Carl Hugh [with Annie], passed away 25th April 1972 aged 82 years
FIELDHOUSE, Bethany, 4-8-94, daughter of Jenny and Bill and sister of George, lawn
FINN, Marilyn Marrie, (nee Mapley), 20 Jul 1948 - 7 Nov 2000, mother of Nikkii, Darrell, Joey, nanny of 5 grandchildren, lawn cemetery
FINN, Paddy, 1883 - 1949
FINN, Stanley Arthur, died 5-4-79, aged 61, friend of Josie, father of Tom and Peter, grandpa of 9 grandchildren, lawn
FINN, Thomas Edward, husband of Irene, father of Stan, Roma, Geraldine, Deidre and Margaret, died 29 Jan 1975, aged 81 years, lawn
FISK, Clarice, wife of Frank, mother of Gloria, died 27 Jan 1991, aged 77 years, lawn
FISK, Francis (Frank), husband of Clarice, father of Gloria, died 20 March 1972, aged 66 years, lawn
FORSTER, Bernard Aubrey, husband of Nance (died 4 Oct 2000), passed away 27 Oct 79 aged 52, Father of Ailsa, Mary, Wayne, Linda, Michelle, Keven, Sheryl, (David John (dec aged 2))
FORWARD, Alfred George, 17 Jul 1904 - 15 Feb 1980, husband of Jean, father of Shirley, Beth and Jim, lawn cemetery
FORWARD, Elizabeth M., [with Sarah], died 24th Dec 1971 aged 90
FORWARD, James H., died 2 Apr 1992, aged 85, husband of Winifred, father of Ted, Richard, Peter and Mary, niche wall
FORWARD, Jean Melrose, 20 Mar 1909 - 23 Nov 1993, wife of Alfred, mother of Shirley, Beth and Jim lawn cemetery
FORWARD, Sarah A, (Auntie Doll), died 7 Dec 1943 aged 61 years
FORWARD, Winifred Mary, died 15 Sep 2000, aged 85, wife of James, mother of Ted, Richard, Peter and Mary, niche wall
FOY, Robert Owen (Bob), died 6 June 1969 aged 60 years, husband of Norma, father of Robert and Judy
FRAGOMENI, Domenico, born 5 March 1914 at S. Nicola di Caulonia R. C. Italy passed away 18 August 1980 at Barmera aged 66 years, husband of Yolanda, father of Carmela John Larry Teresa and Rosa, father in law of Filippo, Lynette, Josef and Colin, lawn
FRASER, Philip, passed away 28 July 1979 aged 50 years, husband of Cissy, father of Philip and Richard, lawn cemetery
FROMM Charlotte Elsie nee Phelps, [with Johannes], born 28-4-1895, died 20-9-1994
FROMM, Johannes Paul, husband of Charlotte, passed away 23 May 1968 aged 82 years FROST, Gary lan, son of Brian and Glenys, brother of Tony and Carolyn, died result of accident 20 August 1976 aged 18 years, lawn cemetery
FULLER, Dora Adeline, died 7-11-84, aged 66 yrs, wife of Edgar, mother and nan of Marie, llene and families, lawn
FULLER, Edgar William, died 22-8-01, aged 89 yrs, husband of Dora, father and pop of Marie, llene and families, lawn

GAITANTZIS, Yianni (Johnny), passed away 16 Jun 00 aged 4 1/2 yrs, son of Michael and Irene, brother of Ethimios, twin brother of Evagelina, grandson of Yianni and Katerina Kouris and families, lawn cemetery
GALE, John (Jack), died 1 Apr 1988 aged 61, niche wall
GAMMON, Stephen-John, 26-5-59, beloved infant of Daphne and Torn, brother of Denise and Fiona [with Thomas-Mark]
GAMMON, Thomas-Mark, 23-12-72, beloved infant of Daphne and Tom [with Stephen John]
GARDINER, Frances C, daughter of Elizabeth Clark, died 1 Jul 1977, aged 85 years, wife of Ted, mother of Peggy
GARTNER, 1., 8-4-2001
GASK, Arthur, born 1899, died 1992, lawn
GAVA, Isidoro, 18 Mar 23 - 27 Sep 92, aged 69 years, husband of Laura, father of Liliana and Valerio, lawn
GAVA, Laura, 3 Mar 27 - 5 Sep 02, aged 75 years, wife of Isidoro, mother of Liliana and Valerio, lawn
GEUE, Douglas Melvin, passed away 25 Mar 90, aged 68 yrs, husband of Dulcie, father of Shirley, Ken, Beverley and Diane, lawn cemetery
GEYER, Margaret Ann, died - 195 1, aged 7 months
GEYER, Roy Louis, died March 5 1992 aged 66 yrs, husband of Maureen Margaret, father of Margaret (dec), Diana, Veronica and Debra, pa of 7 grandchildren
GILBERT, Frederick William, died 10 Dec 1989 aged 88 years, husband of Kathleen Joyce, lawn cemetery
GILBERT, Kathleen Joyce [with Frederick], died 21 Feb 1995, aged 91 years, lawn cemetery
GILBERT, Robert, died 5 Apr 82 aged 76 yrs, lawn cemetery
GILGEN, Art, husband and father, died 21 May 1949, aged 49
GILGEN, Grace Hilda, died 2 Feb 1999, aged 87 years, wife of Ted, mother of Les, Robert and Ron
GILGEN, Myrtle Ruby, our mother, 1901 - 1983
GILGEN, Theodor Otto, died 13 Dec 1999, aged 87 years, husband of Grace, father of Ron, step father of Les and Robert Drogemuller, lawn
GILLESPIE, Amelia, wife of Thomas died 9 Nov 44 aged 80 years, mother of Tom, Frank, Will, Clive, Alice, Gladys, Bernice, Hazel, Doris, Jack.
GILLESPIE, Elsie 17-6-58, aged 70 yrs
GILLESPIE, Mabel Louise, passed away 30th Sept 30th, 1996, aged 74 years, wife of Jim, mother of lan, Michael, Terry, Linda, nana of 8 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren, lawn
GILLESPIE, Tom 12-8-68 aged 78 yrs [with Elsie]
GLASOHM, Marcia Leeanne, daughter and sister, died 29th June 1961, aged 3 years
GLASSON, Kathryn Ann, age 33, born 3/11/45, died 6/5/78, mother of Joy, John, Darren, Jan, suddenly taken from us, lawn cemetery
GOGOL, Leonard John, born 26 May 1906, died 10 Feb 1982, lawn cemetery
GORDON, Ada, died 24 January 1970, aged 76; erected by her family
GORDON, Carmel Frances, passed away 10. 11. 91, aged 71 years, wife of Stan, mother of Trevor, Mervyn and Danny, lawn
GORDON, Leslie James (Tim), died 19 March 1963, aged 78 years; erected by his wife and family
GORDON, AIF, SX7284, Private Stanley G., 2/48 Battalion, 1 9th July 1992, aged 72, husband of Carmel, father of Trevor, Mervyn and Danny, Lest We Forget, lawn
GOW, Barbara May, wife of Garth, mother of Sandra, and Neil died 14 Jun 99 [with Nellie]
GOW, Nellie (Queenie), wife of Jim mother of Garth died 17 Sep 38
GOWER, Arthur Alexander, died 3 Mar 1993, aged 79 years, niche wall
GRAEFE, Margery, [with Victor], passed away 3 Oct 1999 aged 76 years, father and mother of Stephen, Sandra and Stuart, lawn cemetery
GRAEFE, Victor Edward, passed away 2 May 1976 aged 56 years, husband of Margery, lawn cemetery
GRAETZ, Blondina Esther [with Harold], died 17 Nov 98, aged 85 yrs, father and mother of Joyce, Robert, Gwen and Grace, lawn cemetery
GRAETZ, Harold Arthur, died 15 Jul 90, aged 79 yrs, husband of Blondina, lawn cemetery
GRAHAM, Gwendoline Joyce, 28 Apr 42 to 6 Sep 97, wife of Jonathon Richard, mother of Christine, Lynette and Richard, lawn
GRANT, Martha J., 1917 - 1992, from U. S. A. 1974, lawn cemetery
GRANT, William H., 1917 - 1983, from U.S.A. 1974, lawn cemetery
GREGORY, Doris May, wife of Kenneth, 9 Feb 1901 - 8 April 1985, lawn cemetery
GREGORY, Edith G., wife of Francis, died 14 Nov 1974 aged 85 years
GREGORY, James Paul, 3-6-92, son of Jasen (sic) and Joanne, lawn
GREGORY, Kenneth Ezekiel, husband of Doris, 6 March 1905 - 27 Oct 1981, lawn cemetery
GREGORY, Lionel Theodore, born 11 Apr 25, died 8 Jun 94, husband of May, father of Doug, Robert, Chris, Ben and Lee, lawn
GREGORY, Susan Margaret (Sue), passed away 28 Oct 97, aged 44 years, wife of Gordon William, mother of Kylie and Tracy, lawn
GREGORY, T W Francis, husband of Edith, died 2 Aug 1966 in his 93 year
GRENFELL, Dorothy May, born 22 Feb 1936 died 7 Nov 1975, wife of Len, mother of Christine, Kevin and Susan and grandmother of Joanne, lawn cemetery
GROPLER, Jessica and Jacob, 10 August 1996, beloved infants of Rosemarie and David, lawn
GROSE, Jim [with William Leeds], 25 Dec 1960
GROSE, Mary Martha [with Robert], died 27th May 1970 aged 67 years, parents of John and Alan
GROSE, Robert Vernon, died 22 Aug 1968, aged 77 years
GRUBB, Harry, died result of accident 1 CM Sept. 1962 aged 29 years, son of Annie Franklin, brother of Cissy, Ella, Sandy and Billy; erected by Mum and Alex
GUIDI, Giovanni, husband and father, died 25th Jan 1964 aged 36 years
GUIDI, Margaret Scott, [with Giovanni] wife and mother, died 18th Dec 1991, aged 69 years
GUIVER, Ellen Mary, died 6th August 1980, aged 90 years, lawn
GUTTE, Anna Lydia, died March 7, 1945 aged 82 yrs, wife of Johanne Hermann Gutte
GUTTE, Daphne Isabella, [with Edwin] 1908 - 1994, parents of Ken, Kevin and Brian, lawn cemetery
GUTTE, Edwin Herbert 1895 - 1973, lawn cemetery
GUTTE, F. K (Kath), 2 Oct 1932 - 19 Feb 2002, wife of Kevin, mother of Kerry, nan of Gavin, Aussi Mum of Dilhan and Dolores, lawn
GUTTE, Kevin Kingsley, 11 Jun 1930 - 8 May 1998, husband of Kath, father of Kerry, Peter, David and Kristen, poppy of Gavin, Bradley, Corey and Sarah, Aussi Dad of Dilhan and Dolores, lawn
GUTTE, Rudolf Herman, [with Selina] 9 Jul 1890 - 4 Nov 64, fond memories Helen, Lloyd and family
GUTTE, Selina, 28-10.1900 - 25 Jan 62, wife of Rudolf

HAINES, Isabelle, died 14 Dec 1986, aged 82 years, wife of Les, mother Randy and Ken, lawn
HAINES, Les M. L., died 6 Oct 1977 aged 79 years, husband of Isabelle, father of Randy and Ken, lawn
HALEY, J. E., AIF 761 Private, 12 Battalion 20 March 1942 age 82 years Erected by the members of Lone Gum and Monash and Berri S/B's R_ S. L. 'Lest We Forget'
HALLAM, Grace T., 17 Dec 1982 aged 84 years
HALLAM, Reginald G., 23 October 1966 age 67, niche wall
HAMOOD, Kemal, died 18 Feb 2000, aged 71 yrs, husband of Joan Helen, father of Wayne, Michael, Neville, Marcia, Terrie, Anthony, Ricky and families, lawn
HAMOOD, Stephen Shane, darling baby son of Joan and Kemal, 7 Jul 62
HANCOCK, Daphne Isobel, 20 Feb. 1923
HANSEN, Carolyn Amanda, born Barmera, 9-1-1961, passed away 24-5-1962, daughter of Ron and Dulcie
HANSEN, Ronald Joseph, 25 Oct 1915 - 28 Jul 2001, husband of Dulcie, father of Judith, Malcolm, Ellen, Phillip, Evelyn, Samuel, Allen, Carolyn and Trevor, always remembered by grandchildren and great-grandchildren
HARDWICK, Kenneth Alfred, died 10 Jan 1990, aged 89 yrs, husband of Veronica, lawn cemetery
HARDWICK, Veronica Gertrude Bride [with Kenneth], died 16th Aug 1999, aged 90 yrs, father and stepmother Doug and Bernice, mother and stepfather of Max, Veronica, Ray and Ian, lawn cemetery
HARFORD, Michael Clare, born 21-7-1905, killed by accident 18-3-78, brother of Mary, Olivia and Daisy. 'Bear through sorrow wrong and Ruth/In his heart the bloom of youth on his lips the smile of truth', lawn
HARLAND, Thomas Smith, died March 25 1927, aged 63 years
HARRIP, Ethel, our mother, died 15th Sept. 1941 aged 61 yrs
HARRINGTON, Elsie May, died 25-6-67 [with Jack Edgar]
HARRINGTON, Jack Edgar, died 8-1045
HARRIS, Jack, retired police sergeant, husband of Kathleene, father of Philippa and Stephanie, died 8th Dec 1985 aged 62 years, lawn cemetery
HARRIS, Alfred W. (Jock), 1921 - 1988, husband of Molly X, father of Dennis, lawn Hartley, Alfred John, died at Barmera 24th Feb. 1968 aged 67 years; Life member Port Adelaide Rowing Club; Always remembered by his many friends
HASLAM, Alex passed away 17 Dec 80 aged 65 years, husband of Phyl, father of Bert, Brian, Keith, Kaye, David and Craig, lawn
HASLAM, Phyl, passed away 11 May 94 aged 74 wife of Alex, mother of Bert, Brian, Keith, Kaye, David and Craig, lawn
HASTWELL, Florence [with Leslie], 1903 - 1977, parents of Maureen, Malcolm, Elaine and Graham
HASTWELL, Leslie, 1900 - 1964
HAYWOOD, H. D. &Mick&, died 29 Nov 1973 aged 70 years, lawn cemetery
HEFFORD, Ann [with Edwin] wife and mother of above, passed away 8 Sept 1960, aged 72 years
HEFFORD, Edwin Alick (Ted), born 12 Jun 27 died 15 Sep 83, lawn cemetery
HEFFORD, Edwin Lovell, husband of Ann, father of five daughters and seven sons, passed away 30 Sept. 1952, aged 70 years
HEFFORD, Glendys Joan [with Ted], nee Pfeiffer, horn 12 Sep 36 died 6 Sep 79, love your children Julie, Glen, Karen, David and families, lawn cemetery
HEFFORD, Hilda Rose, 23 May 1914 - 30.1,1996, wife of Charles, mother of Bevan and Rosemary, niche wall
HEFFORD, John Kelvin, passed away 13 Dec 1984, aged 58 years, husband of Rose, lawn
HEFFORD, Lindsay James, 17 Jun 1921 - 16 May 1998, husband of Joy, father and grandfather, lawn
HEINEMANN, Dora Bertha, 8-7-1998, aged 95 yrs, mother of Rosemary, mother 'm law of Ken, grandma of Michael and Lynette, lawn
HEINEMANN, Victor Wilhelm, 11-10-1989, aged 90 yrs, husband of Dora, father of Rosemary, father in law of Ken, poppa of Michael and Lynette, lawn
HENWOOD, Heather Gaye, 8 Jan 1954 - 17 May 2002, partner of Keith, daughter of Lance and Jessie, sister of Ross, Leeanne, Michele, Peter, John and families, aunty of 13 nephews and nieces, lawn cemetery
HENWOOD, Jessie Alison, 25 Mar 29 - 11. 11.00, aged 71 years, wife of Lance, mother of Ross, Heather, Lee-anne, Michele, Peter and John, nanna of 12 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren, lawn
HENWOOD, Ralph Dudley (Dad), born 9-12-1911, died 7-12-1992, father of Donna, Pain, Robert and Cheryl, lawn
HENWOOD, Ruby Constance (nee Pyers), born 6-9-1913 died 6-5-1985, mother of Donna, Pam Robert and Cheryl, lawn
HEPPNER, Baby, stillborn, 23 Mar 1959
HEPPNER, Gustav Ewald [with his bother, Norman], died 27th Jan. 1968 aged 72
HEPPNER, Norman Erhardt, died 7h April 1968, aged 67
HERMANSON, John, husband of Isabel father of Grace, Nita, William and Arthur died 23 June 1957 aged 70
HEY, Paul, 27 Dec 1946 - 12 Mar 1997, son of Paula and Pieter, brother of Anna and Eddie, father of Ruth, lawn
HILL, Algy Harold, died 17th June 1983, aged 75 years, father of six children, lawn
HILL, Alice Maude, aged 72 years died 9 Aug 1953
HILL, Desmond, passed away 6 Apr. 1983, aged 24 yrs, son of Des and Marilyn, brother of Roseanne and Tanya, lawn
HILL, Edward Norman, aged 70 years died 4 April 1948
HILL, Edward Ophir, husband of Margaret died 15th Dec. 1970 age 65, father of 10 children
HILL, Edward Rodney (Dusty), 27 Oct 42 - 18 Jul 99, beloved of Marlene, father of Christine, Shane and Darren, step dad of Wayne (dec), and Neil, poppa of 10 grandchildren, lawn
HILL, Ethel May, died 70 June 1987, aged 76 years, wife of Algy, mother of six children, lawn
HILL, Floss Jean, [with Alice Maude and Edward Norman] died 24 Feb 1974
HILL, Keith Luxmore, 2 Dec 1938 - 8 Feb 2000, husband of Rhonda, father of Debbie and Jackie, grandpa of Nyzia, Matthew, Caleb, Brodie, Joel (dec'd), Yolanda and Kira, father in law of John and Kym, lawn
HILL, Margaret, wife of Edward, died 27th May 2002 age 90, mother of 10 children
HILL, Renee Jade, 18 Apr 82, 1 Jun 82, daughter of Rodney and Cathy, sister of Shane, lawn cemetery
HILL, Terry John, son of Robert and Karen, brother of Lynette, 10. 1,88 - 12 Jan 88, lawn cemetery
HILL, Valma, Irene, 30 Oct 1940 - 16 Jan 2001 aged 60 years, wife of Ross Errington, mother of Sandra, Clinton, Nicole and Martin, lawn cemetery
HILSENITZ, Everlyn Rosa, mother of Margaret Rosie and Robin, died 12th Oct 1992, aged 65 yrs, lawn
HISSEY, Julie Ann, 17 Feb 1956 - 28 Mar 1957, daughter of Arthur and Margaret, sister of Arthur, Daryl, Beth, Grant, Robyn and Cheryl
HODGSON, Alexander [with Helena] died 22 May 1976, aged 83 years
HODGSON, Augusta Ida, wife of A. L. Hodgson, died 17th Feb 1950, aged 64 years
HODGSON, Colin, passed away 18 Jan 1997, aged 74, father, father in law of Annette and Andrew, Wayne, Bryan and Morna, grandpa of Robbie, Tanya, Daniel, Scott and Jason; AIF, SX25073, Sgt Colin Hodgson, 2/10 Aust. Inf. Batt., lawn
HODGSON, Helena Mary, died 1 Sept. 1956 aged 63 years, wife and mother
HODGSON, lan Bernard died 5th March 1943 aged 3 years 11 months, son of Beryl and Lew
HODGSON, Jeff [with Min], born 6 Jul 20 passed away 4 Jul 90, parents of Raelene, Maralyn, Les, Dennis, Pain, lawn cemetery
HODGSON, Mabel Maria (Jonny), passed away 19-8-1995, aged 69, wife of Colin, mother, mother in law of Annette and Andrew, Wayne, Bryan and Morna, nanna of Robbie, Tanya, Daniel, Scott and Jason, lawn
HODGSON, Min, born 10. 11. 20, passed away 9 Oct 84, lawn cemetery
HOFFMANN, Keith Gillen, 17,12.1920 - 21 Jul 1996 father poppa and great-poppa, niche wall
HOFFMANN, (Hoffy), William John, 24 Jan 1940,23 Apr 1999, love of my life, RIP. darling, Dayle, niche wall
HOFFMAN, Frances Winifred (Win), 26 Jan 1923 - 12 May 1993, wife of Rex, mother of Robyn, Paul, Mark, David and Simon, lawn
HOFFMAN, Mathilue Elsa, mother of Rex, Glenis, Aubrey and Donald passed away 25 April 1949 aged 53 years
HOFFMAN, Rex Louis, 21 Sep 1921 - 9 Jul 1998, husband of Win, father of Robyn, Paul, Mark, David and Simon, lawn
HOFMEYER, Jimmy, infant son of Ray and Evelyn, died 17 March 1954, loved brother of Rosslyn, Rosemary and Philip
HOGAN, lan, son of J G and D H Hogan who passed away 13th April 1945 aged 8 years
HOLME, Percy Frederick, 26 May 1916 - 13 Oct 1992 aged 76, husband of Elsie Patricia, father of 8 sons and 4 daughters, niche wall
HOLME, Trevor John, 4 Nov 48 - 5 Nov 48, son of Perce and Elsie
HOMBSCH, Carl Bernhard, passed away 5 February 1935 aged 63 years
HOMBSCH, Chloris Maud, passed away 11. 11. 1961 aged 56 years, wife of Walter, loving mother of Gloria, Edna, Loreen and Carol
HOMBSCH, Fred T. A., husband of Myrtle, died 23 Aug 1962 aged 59
HOMBSCH, Helena Elizabeth, [with Carl], passed away 2 December 1964 aged 86 years
HOMBSCH, Walter Herbert, [with Chloris], our beloved father, passed away 17 May 1971 aged 66 years
HOOPER, Herbert Douglas, born 19 May 16, died 17 May 02 aged 85 years, husband of Laurel and Nancy, mother and father of Daphne, lan and Lynette, lawn cemetery
HOOPER, Laurel Daphne, born 15 Jul 17, died 30 Apr 90 aged 72 years, wife of Doug, lawn cemetery
HORSELL, Mavis Eileen, wife of Allen, died 5th April 1953 aged 36 years
HOWSE, Allen, died 21 May 199 1, aged 75 years, husband of Joyce, father of Judith and Ross, lawn cemetery
HUBERT, Marj, [with Syd], 2 May 1983
HUBERT, Syd, 30 Jul 1976, loved always Brian, Marlene, Rodney and grandchildren
HUDSON, Frank, passed away 20 May 1994, aged 88 yrs, husband of Margaret, father of Peggy. lawn cemetery
HUDSON, Margaret (Dolly), passed away 1 June 1991, aged 84 yrs, wife of Frank, mother of Peggy, lawn cemetery
HUNT, Bartley Thomas, who died at Barmera 22 Dec 1935 aged 49 years
HUNT, Colin James, born 16 Oct 55, died 20 May 98, father of Marie, Julie and Jaimee, lawn
HUNT, Frank H. G, died 30-8-1982, father of Carmen, Peter (dec), Robert and David, lawn
HUNT, Hilda, passed away 23 August 1979 aged 90 years, wife of Milton, lawn cemetery
HUNT, Jessie, wife of Frank 1905 - 1972
HUNT, Milton Stanley [with Hilda], passed away 17 December 1982 aged 93 years, lawn cemetery
HUNT, Monique Ann, daughter of Peter and Ann, born 15-1-77, lawn
HYDE, David John, born 8 Mar 48, tragically taken 28 Jun 98, aged 50 yrs; life long husband and soul mate of Janet, father of Michael, Daniel, Sherri and Simon, step dad of Rob, Tania, Daniel and Scott. pop to Brayden; a musician to many/a mate to a chosen few. lawn
HYDE, Ettie, wife of Bill, passed away 1. 11. 1969 aged 73 years, mother of Lois, Melva, Aileen, Colin, Joyce, Thelma, and Betty
HYDE, William, loved husband of Ettie passed away 2-1-1980 aged 86 years, loved father of Lois, Melva, Joyce, Thelma, Aileen, Colin and Betty

ILLMAN, Maude, passed away 20 April 1974, aged 78 years, wife of Spen, mother of John, Gwen and Joan, lawn
ILLMAN, Spen, passed away 25 April 1977, aged 83 years, husband of Maude, father of John, Gwen and Joan, lawn
IRWIN, Ada Myrtle, wife of John, mother of Bern, Graham and Margaret, died 3 l' Dec 1955, aged 54 years

JACKSON, Richard Trevor Bruce (Jacko), 24-11-46 - 23-2-92, husband of Gay, lawn
JAMES, Doris Maud, 24-4-1906 - 11-11-1985, wife of Bill [Bishop] (dec) Stan (dec) loved mother of Joan, John and Marion
JAMES, Jimmy, (Blacktracker), By Public Subscription
JAMIESON, Mary Philomena, passed away 30 Dec 96, aged 62 yrs, wife of Edward H; Forty four years was not long enough, lawn
JELAK, Dorothy Caroline, 3 May 1909 - 11 Apr 1992, mother of Patricia, wife of Ivan, lawn
JELAK, Ivan, 27 Jul 1910 - 27 Sep 1992, husband of Dorothy, father of Patricia, lawn
JELLETT, Gordon, husband of Mary (Mac), died 9th July 1979, aged 62 years, father of Ron, John and Graham, lawn
JELLETT, John Prest, husband of Julia died 10 Oct 1941 aged 62 years
JELLETT, Julia, wife of John Prest, died 10 Feb. 1976 aged 93 years, mother of Violet John Mavis Murray and Gordon
JELLETT, Mary (Mac) Beryl, wife of above [Gordon], died 5' March 1987, aged 65 years, mother of Ron, John and Graham, lawn
JENKE, John Robert. died 1 July 1989, aged 34 years, husband of Rhonda, father of Rebecca, lawn
JENKINS, Dennis, born 4 Aug 1943, died 31 Dec 1943
JENKINS, Ivy Delta, 18 Apr 1952
JENKINSON, Laurel Pearl, 7-3-1912 - 4-12-2002, wife of Olaf Murray, mother of Norm, Harry, Glad, Vie and Bet, lawn
JENKINSON, Olaf Murray, 10-3-1907 - 14-5-1993, husband of Laurel Pearl, father of Norm, Harry, Glad, Vie and Bet, lawn
JERICHO, Grace Marjorie, (nee Pahl), died 12th Dec 2000 aged 83 years, wife of Victor Samuel, mother of Stan, Roger, Leona, Denis and Neil, lawn cemetery
JOHNS, Natalie (Joan) passed away 10 Jun 2000 aged 67 years, wife of William (Bill) Howard, mother and mother in law of Ashley-Vicki, Darryl-Keryn and Lindy, Granny of Emily, Maddie, Daniel, Hannah and Kari, lawn cemetery
JOHNSON, Frederick Charles, Brother, ROAB, GLE, died Oct. 23. 1927 aged 40 years. Erected by the Officers and Brothers of the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes [GLE, Grand Lodge of England]
JOHNSON, Eileen [with Harold], died 20 June 1988, aged 91 years
JOHNSON, Harold Louis, husband of Eileen, father of Mary, Tom, Pat and Maureen, died 25th Dec. 1965 aged 71 years
JOHNSON, Phillis Irene, died 16-4-1985, aged 54 yrs, wife of Thomas, mother of Trevor, Peter, Christopher and KM. lawn
JOHNSON, Thomas Leo, died 13-5-1997 aged 71 yrs, husband of Phillis, father of Trevor, Peter, Christopher and Kym. lawn
JONES, Andrew G., died 23 Dec 85 aged 20 yrs, son of Margaret and Alex, lawn cemetery
JONES, Minnie Lillian, died 131 April 1944, aged 45 years, loved mother of Alex, Dorothy and Gwen
JULIAN, Emily W., wife of the late Walter, dear Aunt of Joan and Ron Stoeckel aged 81 years [with Ron Stoeckel]

KALISCH, Colin Roy, died 22 Jan. 1992, aged 62 yrs, husband of Audrey Ethel, father of Brian and Wendy, lawn
KALISCH, Paul, died 19 March 195 1, aged 53 years
KASSULKE, Clarrie, 03/12/31 - 25/07/97, lawn
KASTELIK, Richard, 20 Aug 1951 - 12 Mar 1991, husband of Mary, father of Amy, Sallie and Cindy, lawn
KEMPKA, Piotr, husband of Irena, father of Edmund, Yolanda and Melania, passed away 3-11-1971 aged 59 years
KEMPSTER, Alice, wife of William, passed away 16 Nov. 1966, aged 74 years
KEMPSTER, William [with Alice], passed away 23 May 1968, aged 78 years, mother and father of William, Laurie and Kelvin
KING, Doris [with Linden], our mother, died 20 Nov 1952, aged 59 years
KING, Ellen A., [with Walter], our dear mother, died 5th Feb 1965 aged 79 years
KING, Linden, our father, died 13th Dec 1952, aged 61 years, late 10th Btn King, Walter R, our dear husband and father, died 15 Feb 1956 aged 71 years
KING, Rebecca-Louise, 2-3-76 - 4-3-93, sister of Kim and Stephanie, lawn
KINNISH, Lucy (nee Slape), born Norwood 26 Feb 1905, died Barmera 26 Aug 1999, aged 94 years, mother of Doreen, Aileen, Margaret Colleen, Ron, Don, Max and William, lawn
KINNISH, Max, 3 Feb 1936 - 7 Jun 1996, Max the mechanic, lawn
KINNISH, William, stillborn 4 Mar 1943, son of Lucy and Fred
KLINGBIEL, Herb, passed away 25- 7-1983 aged 68 yrs, husband of May, father of John, Joy, Terry, Darrell and Des, lawn
KLINGBIEL, Janice Elaine, 24 Aug 1943, 28 May 2001, wife of Terry William, mother of Jamie, Lisa, Marcus and families, lawn cemetery
KLOEDEN, Lorna, 10 Aug 1919 - 13 May 1998, wife of Oscar, mother of Helen, Tony, Margaret and David, lawn
KLOEDEN, Oscar Walter, 7.11,1917 - 14 Jan 1995, husband of Lorna, father of Helen, Tony, Margaret and David,
KLON, S. P. W1adyslaw, ur. 20-6-1925 - zin. 29 Stycznia 1985, Spokoj jego duszy pozostaje w smutku zona, lawn
KNITER, Leon, born in Poland, 29-6-14, passed away 23-8-99, aged 85 yrs, husband of Irena, father of Jan (decd), John, Teresa, Lucia, Peter and Stan, grandfather and Dziadek of the grandchildren, lawn
KOGUT, Michael, died 3 Oct 1973 aged 52 years, lawn cemetery
KORONAS, Jozsef (Dodi), died 10-11-1987, aged 63 years, husband of Margit, lawn
KORONAS, Margit, died 12-10-1994, aged 72 years, lawn
KROLLIG, Matthew Leigh, 22-9-78 - 23-7-80, son of Leigh and Julie, brother of Bryon, lawn
KUCHARSKI, Stephan (Steve), 3 Mar 22 - 5 Nov 96, great friend of Alby and Mavis Yeo and family, lawn
KOUWEN, Jan 14 Feb 1921, 6 Oct 2000, lawn cemetery
KUCHEL, Clara Bertha [with Ardie] passed away April 21 1977 aged 76 years, parents of Joyce, Laurel and Bob, lawn cemetery
KUCHEL, Heinrich Adolph (Ardie) passed away Sept 5 1976, lawn cemetery
KRUGER, Charlie, husband of Gertrude, father of Rex, Joan, Marg and Nev, died 12 Aug 1954, aged 47 years
KRUGER, L. M., 27 Feb 2003, lawn cemetery

LACE, Emma, born July 20 1853 Cardiff, England, died August 28 1929, [at] Loveday
LAILEY, Alec Charles, born 29 Jul 1927, died 22 Jan 2003, husband of Lorraine, father of Murray, Dennis and Sharon, father in law of Betty, Mary and Neville; loved by many grandchildren and great grandchildren, lawn
LANCASTER-LIDDELL Nathan, born 25 Aug 76, died 11. 11. 79
LANG, Blanche Henrietta, wife of Francis Donald D. Lang, died 22 Aug. 1951, aged 76 years
LANG, Francis Donald, [with Blanche], died 16th Nov. 1956, aged 80 years
LANGE, Bert I, husband of Lydia, father of Hilda, Arthur, Norm and Eileen, died 5th Nov. 1959, aged 72 years
LANGE, Lydia [with Bert], died 11 April 1975 aged 85 years
LANGE, Rita Alice, 23 Feb 1920 - 8 Dec 2001, wife of Rodney and Norman, sister of Perc, Avis, Sylvia and Kevin, aunt of Ron and Pat Millington
LATHAM, Annie, died 19 Sep 1992, aged 76 years, lawn
LATHAM, Reg, died 15 Mar 1979, aged 62 years, husband of Annie, lawn
LAVAN, Muriel May, passed away, 2 Oct. 1951, aged 50 years
LEA, Helen J, 1933 - 1982, mother of Jessica, Katherine and Nerissa
LEACH, Mark Stennett, 1. 12.41 - 11 Dec 94, lawn
LEANEY, Ralph Craig, son of Claude and Mary, died 4 Jan 1942, aged 10 years
LEEDS, William: 2 May 1899
LEITH Charles Alexander, who departed this life on the 23 March 1922, aged 49. Erected by his associates of the Irrigation Officers' Mess, Barmera
LEWSON, Wilhelm, husband of Barbara, father of Jean, Alex, Andy, Doris, Edith, Barbara, Lucy, Bill and John, Alison dec, passed away 13th May 1940 aged 49 years
LEY, Blanche H, our mother, died 27th Aug 1960 aged 76 years
LEY, our father George T. J., died 10 Dec 1953 aged 76 years
LINKS, Alfred Karlis, 11 Mar 18 - 5 Jun 91, husband of Edeltraut Alice, father of Karina, Margie, Judy and Rita, lawn cemetery
LITTLE, Donald, 11. 12.1929 - 16 Apr 1994, husband of Josie, father of Amanda, Louise and Jeremy, lawn
LOCHERT, Emelie, died 26th Oct. 1972, aged 79, lawn
LOCHERT, Ernest Martin, died 2 Feb 1951 in his 4th year
LOCHERT, Jules, husband of Madeleine, father of Anna, died 20th Oct 1965, aged 67 years
LOCHERT, Mary Madeleine, [with Jules], wife and mother of above, died 7 Sep. 1987, aged 85 years
LOCK, Alby, passed away 3l March 1991, aged 62 years, husband of Lill, father of Janette, Bill, Trevor, Des, Ray, Helen and Peter, lawn cemetery
LOCKETT, Harley Donald, died 5 Sept. 1989, aged 61 years, husband of Doreen Elva, father of Jeffrey, Heather and Kevin, lawn
LODER, Norman Alexander, 25 Jun 1926 - 30 Oct 2000, husband of Dorrie, father of Susan, David, Michael, Patricia, Christine, Julie and Christopher, lawn cemetery
LOHMAN, Uwe, 31 Oct 1983 age 49, niche wall
LOWE, Emily A L., died 8 Feb 1979 aged 91 [?] years
LOWE, Robert, died 14 Dec 1939 aged ?? [illegible] years [with Emily]
LOWE, Robert E. A., died Jan 18th 1925 aged 15 years result of gun accident
LOXTON, Lorna M., 29th October 2000 age 81, niche wall
LOXTON, Reginald V-, 18th June 1973, age 58, niche wall
LUM, Ruby Constance, passed away 1 July 1986, aged 66 years, wife of Lester, mother of Lesley, lawn

MACGILLIVRAY, Barbara L, born Ardersier, Scotland, died Barmera Aug. 31, 1955
MACGILLIVRAY, May Isobel, 8 July 1979, aged 77, niche wall
MACGILLIVRAY, Wiliam, born Ardersier, Scotland, died Adelaide, Nov. 15, 1975
MACGREGOR, Winnie Fay (nee Burton), 10 Mar 1923 - 17 Jul 2001, wife of Jock, mother and grandmother, niche wall
MACKENZIE, Alfred, 8 Nov 1983, 88, lawn
MACKENZIE, Ernest William, called home 8 Mar 1976 aged 87 years, husband of Ida Ottilie, lawn cemetery
Mackenzie, Herbert; 8 May 1979, 85, Lawn.
MACKENZIE, Johanna Augusta, died 30 August 1960, aged 95 years
MACKENZIE, John, her son [with Johanna] died 26th August 1975 aged 84 years
MALONE, Anthony Francis James, 1 Aug 1932 - 14 Aug 1989, son of Dorothy and Michael, nephew of Joyce, lawn
MANDS, James, 27 January 2000, lawn
MANNING, Mark Frances, son of George and Barbara, husband of Leonie, brother and friend of Jayne, Kym and Sheridan, departed result of accident 10 June 86 aged 32 yrs, lawn cemetery
MAPLE, Mark Robert 18/03/83 - 01/03/01, son of Roly and Lesley, brother of Michelle, Jocy and Steven, Uncle of Lochie; special friend of Nicole
MARKOW, Chris, loved father of Paul and Anthony, accidentally killed 22nd Oct. 1965, aged 35 years
MARKOW, Flora, died 15-6-1983 aged 76 yrs, wife of George, mother of Chriss (dec) Nancy and Tom, lawn
MARKOW, George, husband of Flora, father of Chriss dec. Nancy and Tom passed away 29th 3-1980 aged 75 years, lawn
MARKOW, Peg, [with Chris] loved mother of Paul and Anthony, accidentally killed 22 Oct. 1965, aged 31 years
MARKS, Ida Flora, born 5 Apr 01, died 21 Jul 93, mother of Colin (dec) and Ralph Kalisch, lawn
MARNIN, Laura Isabell, wife of Mick, mother of Jack and Daph, died 19th June 1945 aged 63 years
MARNIN, Michael John (Mick), our loving father, died 6 Oct 1953 aged 67 years
MARRETT, Myrtle May, our dear mother, passed away 7th Mar 1960 aged 56 years, from Lil and Teresa and loving family
MARSH, Thomas, late BEF. who fell asleep Jan 30,1921 aged 33 years
MARTENS, Daisy Joan, died 22-6-98, aged 75 yrs, wife of Henry Victor, mother of Joanne, Judith and Janet, lawn
MARTENS, Henry, died 14 Jun 2000, my darling husband, loved always Marie, lawn
MARTIN, Leonard, 23 Jan 1929 - 15 Feb 1997, husband of Valda. (dec'd), father of Lauren, Kevin, Phillip and Tracey, lawn
MARTIN, Valda Edith, wife of Leonard, mother of Lauren, Kevin, Phillip and Tracey, born 30-61932, died 17 Nov 1984, lawn
MASON, Alexander Hector, husband of Eileen, father of Brian, Lorraine, Beryl, Graham and John. died 27 Jul 84 aged 67 yrs, lawn cemetery
MASON, Catherine Everitt, our dear mother, born Seaton, Carew, England Sept 1854, died July 27th 1941
MASON, Eileen Gladdys, wife of Alec, mother of Brian, Lorraine, Beryl, Graham and John, ... passed away 12- 9-1978, aged 55 years, lawn
MASON, Grace Caroline, wife of William Alfred, mother of Vera dec, Leslie dec, Mavis, Ray, Hazel, Millie, died 31 July 1955 aged 71 years
MASON, Ruby Florence, born 5-1-1914, died 24-8-1991, wife of Leonard Leslie, mother of Bette, Frances, Rosalie and Lesley, lawn
MASON, William Alfred [with Grace], our father, died 19th July 1959 aged 76 years
MATHEWS, Edith Eliza, 19 June 1871 to 28 July 1922 wife of James, mother of Gordon, Lisle, Beryl, Vallentine and Sylvia
MAY, Kate Eliza, died 20 May 1955 aged 68 years, [with Thomas William] mother and grandmother of Phyllis and Harold, Lorraine, Kathryn (dec), Peter and Roger
MAY, Thomas William, our dear husband and father, died 9th July 1942 aged 62 years
MAYGER, Robert George, aged 53 husband of Eileen, beloved father of David and Genevieve
MCBRIDE, Doris, passed away 22 Dec 1999, aged 90 years, wife of Leonard, mother of Brian, lawn
MCBRIDE, Elizabeth, our mother, died 4th Nov. 1940 aged 75 years
MCBRIDE, Patrick Austin, died 5th June 1948, aged 57 years
MCBRIDE, Leonard W, passed away 5 Jan 1978, aged 76 years, husband of Doris, father of Brian, lawn
MCBRIDE, William Thomas, son of the late John James and Teresa Anne McBride, 6-12-25 - 28-11-73, lawn cemetery
MCLAREN, Geoffrey Raymond, age 37, husband of Margaret, father of Chris and Vicki, August 17, 1976, niche wall
MCDONALD, Blanche, died 23 July 1969 aged 76
MCDONALD, Jack, died 1922 aged 4 years [with Jacqueline], children of Elsie May and John Hunter, sister and brother of lan, Heather, Neil and Hugh
MCDONALD, Jacqueline, died 1922, aged 2 years and 6 months
MCDONALD, John [with Blanche], died 3 March 1971 aged 75, parents of Flora, Stewart and Ron
MCDONALD, Laura Kate, died 16th Nov 1945 aged 81 years
MCDONALD, Thomas, husband of Kate, died 4th Oct 1946 aged 87 years, father of Kenneth, Gilbert, Jack, Murray and Kathleen, remembered by their grandchildren, February 1998
MCFARLANE, Andrew Archie, 1888 - 197 1, our dear husband and father
MCFARLANE, Glady, died 9 Jan 1984 aged 57 years, wife of John, lawn cemetery
MCFARLANE, John [with Glady], died 12th Aug 1988 aged 71 years, mother and father of Joan, Steven, Daryl and Judy, lawn cemetery
MCFARLANE, Mavis Rose, 1. 1. 1927 - 27 Sep 200 1, wife of Ken, mother of Peter, Janet and Bruce, niche wall
MCFARLANE, Selina Agnes Freda, 1899 - 1992, our dear wife and step mother
MCFARLANE, Steven Andrew, accidentally drowned 26 Jun 1982 aged 31 years, husband of Cheryl Jane, father of Rebecca, lawn cemetery
MCFARLANE, Victoria Beatrice, died 1948 aged 53, wife of Andrew Archie McFarlane, died 1971, aged 83
MCKAY, Mavis Effie, 31 May 1916 - 11 Nov 2001, wife of Ronald, mother of Joan and Betty
MCKAY, Ronald Ormond, AIF, SX17169 Corporal, Army Provost Corps, 23 July 1968 age 55, husband of Mavis, father of Joan and Betty
MCKENZIE, Gertrude [with Gibson and Samuel Wilson], formerly Wilson, died 15,h Nov 1979 aged 77 years, mother of Kevin
MCLARTY, lan Charles Cameron, passed away 4 Feb 84 aged 44 years, husband of Carleen, father of Peta and Danilee, son of Arch and Win, lawn cemetery
MCRAE, William, son of John and Jane, of Sellicks Hill, died 16th June 1956 aged 71 years
MEDHURST, Ivo, [with Lorna], died 23 June 1960 aged 52 years
MEDHURST, Lorna Belle, died 6th Sept 1956 aged 43 years
MENHENNET, E. E., AIF, 3 5/42 Private, 10 Battalion, 11 January 1928 age 49. Greater love hath no man than this that he lay down his life.
MENHENNET, Sophia L. L, wife of Ernest, passed away 20 March 1969, aged 79 years, loved mother of Roy, Clive, Joan, Lois and Fay
MERCIECA, Joseph James, 21-2-30 - 29-9-1994, aged 64 years, husband of Margaret father of Hazel, Frances, Joe and Eleanor, lawn
MERRIFIELD, Beverley, [with Julie-Anne] born 16 July 1950 died 22 January 1987 beloved daughters of Joyce MERRIFIELD and sisters of Raylene and Heather
MERRIFIELD, Julie-Anne, born 23 March 1952 died 10 March 1953
MERRITT, Jean Dorothy, born 19 Dec 1929, died 30 Dec 1931, aged 2 yrs [with Martha Elizabeth Ida]
MERRITT, Martha Elizabeth Ida, mother and grandmother, born 1 Mar 1892, died 11. 10. 1969 aged 77 yrs [with Jean Dorothy]
MEYER, Johann Georg, passed away 26-7-1966 aged 82 years, brother of Hedwig, Toni, Helene
MICHALAK, Julian, died 24th Sep 1987, aged 70 years, husband of Marie, lawn cemetery
MICHALAK, Maria, died 3rd Sep 1992, aged 83 years, wife of Julian, lawn cemetery
MIDDLETON, Gerald Arthur Kennon, died 29th Feb 1956 aged 24 years
MIDDLETON, J. K-, AIF, 72003 Corporal, AHQ Egypt, 25th July 1972 aged 77 years, husband of the late Grace, father of Mildred, Helen, Ken (dec)
MIDDLETON, Mary Grace, died 25th March 1969 aged 74 years
MIGHELL, Agnes Freda, wife of G E Mighell, mother of Gwen, died 22' March 1946 aged 61 years
MILICH, Clarence C., husband of Edna, father of Yvonne, Kevin and Jillian, passed away 1 and Dec. 1966 aged 50 years
MILLARD, Ethel May, born 1-5-24, passed away 18-9-91, wife of Milton, mother of Dannie and Tony, lawn
MILLER, Darryl John, 14 Jul 47 to 16 Sep 48
MILLER, Robert G., passed away 26 May 1978, aged 71 years, father of Don, Joy and Helen, lawn cemetery
MILLINGTON, Emma Jane, born 8 Nov 1882 died 2 Mar 1980 [with William]
MILLINGTON, Maud Ellen, born 19 May 1901 - died 18 Jan 1974 mother of Margaret wife of Percy, lawn cemetery
MILLINGTON, Percy, [with Maud] died 5 Dec 1975 aged 68 years, lawn cemetery
MILLINGTON, William, born 10 Feb 1880 died 15 Aug 1939, father of Kevin, Perc, Avis, Sylvia and Rita, grandfather of Ron
MINNS, Frederick George, died 30 Apr 1992, aged 85 years, husband of Winnie, father of Cherry, Mike and Bill, lawn
MINNS, Linda Louise, 1941 - 1977, wife of Michael and mother of Susan, Freddy and Bill, lawn
MINNS, Winifred Maud, died 31 Aug 1990, aged 82 years, wife of Fred, mother of Cherry, Mike and Bill, grandmother of seven, lawn
MITTON, Dulcie Edna, departed 20 Nov 1983 aged 79 yrs, wife of John Robert, mother of Cynthia, Ronald and Leonie, lawn cemetery
MITTON, Ronald John, 24 Mar 1930 - 3 Sep 1999, father of Susanne, Peter and Kerry, companion of Leza, lawn
MOLAN, Patricia, 8 Sep 1910 - 25 Apr 2000, sister of Pearl, Charles, Doris, Melba, Phyllis, Billy, Alf and Betty, lawn cemetery
MONK, Alfred W. C_ 10. 1. 18999 - 12 Oct 1972, father of Marjorie, Alfred and Ann, lawn
MONK, Aureol S., 4 Aug 1910 - 6 Jul 2000, mother of Marjorie, Alfred, Ann, lawn
MORENA, Francesco, born Lanciano Prov. Chieta Italy 21 May 1905, died in Berri S.A. 29 Jun 1991, husband of Lucia, father of Emilio, Santino, Giuseppe, Amedeo, Luigia (dec), Anna (dec), Alberto (dec), Mario, Anna, Maria, Lidia, grandfather and great grandfather, lawn
MORENA, Lidia, born Lanciano Prov. Chicti Italy 10 Feb 1908, died in Adelaide, S.A. 4 Dec 1982, wife of Francesco, mother of Emilio, Santino, Giuseppe, Amedeo, Luigia (dec), Anna (dec), Alberto (dec), Mario, Anna, Maria, Lidia, grandmother and great grandmother, lawn
MORTON, Evelyn Joyce, died 10 Jul 1999, aged 76, wife of Eric, mother of Jennifer and Leanne, lawn
MOSELEY, Albert, 1884 - 28 Sep 55, 71 years
MOSELEY, Elsie [with Albert], 1884 - 29 Feb 72, 87 years
MPELEKAS, Apostolos, born in Greece, 15 Jun 23, died 5 Nov 98, husband of Efstratia, father and father in law of Susana and Jim, papou of Effie, Arthur and Maria, lawn
MUDGE, Cheryl Joy, wife of Russell, mother of Nathan and Kathryn, daughter of Joy and Harold, died 8-6-87, aged 35 yrs, lawn
MUDGE, Cicely Amy Elizabeth, 20 May 1978, aged 68 years, mother of Jennifer, Mary, Jean, Hazel, George, Leslie, Raymond, Frank and Richard, lawn cemetery
MUDGE, Eva, died 9 Oct. 1994, aged 81 yrs, wife of Horrie, mother of Barry and Rhonda, nanna of 9 grandchildren, lawn
MUDGE, Horrie, died 29 April 1997, husband of Eva, father of Barry and Rhonda, bumpy of 9 grandchildren, lawn
MUDGE, Richard, 28 Mar 1899 - 20 Mar 87, father of Jennifer, Mary, Jean, Hazel, George, Leslie, Raymond, Frank and Richard, lawn cemetery
MUDGE, Richard Harry, aged 29 years, remembered with love l' Jan. 1981, lawn
MUDRAKOVIC, Radoje, passed away 20 Apr 1977 aged 57 years, husband of Stany, father of Mitzi and Steve, lawn
MUIR, James William (Jimmy), died 28 April 1953 aged 77 years, erected by Jim and Rose
MULES, Florence Matilda, died 13th Nov 1968 aged 72 years
MULES, John Thomas, husband and father, died 12 Sept 1958 aged 64 yews
MULICK, Christa, 29 Jul 1985 age 45, loved mother of Mark and Anne, niche wall
MULICK, Joseph, 16 Feb 83 aged 44, husband of Christa, father of Mark and Anne, niche wall
MURPHY, John Joseph, our dear father, departed this life on March 7 1943 aged 88 years

NASH, Arthur Clarence, died 6 Feb. 1930, aged 16 years
NASH, Minnie Eva, wife of Richard John, died 5th Sept 1976 aged 93 years
NASH, Richard John, husband and father, died 23 Jan 1955 aged 65 years
NASH, William Osborne, 1852 - 1935, our dad
NEAL, Florence K, beloved wife of Bill, loved mother of Max, Des, Merle, Brian, lan and Ronald, passed away 1 Nov 1973 aged 60 years, lawn cemetery
NEAL, William (Bill), our loved father, [with Florence] passed away 6th June 1983 aged 79 years, lawn cemetery
NEINDORF, Arthur Wilhelm, husband of Hilda, father of Harold, Eric, Phyllis and Maxwell, died 12'h April 1968 aged 77 years
NEINDORF, Augy Brian Maxwell, 6 Jan 63 tragically taken 16 Aug 00, partner of Marg, father to Dakota, Shaniya, Michael and Nathan
NEINDORF, Hilda Gertrude, wife of Art, mother of Harold, Eric, Phyllis and Maxwell died 12 May 1994 aged 88 years
NEWTON, Albert John [with Ellen], passed away 24 Aug 1992 aged 88, lawn cemetery
NEWTON, Ellen Elizabeth, passed away 11 July 1986 aged 80, wife of Albert, lawn cemetery
NICKOLAI, Carl F. W, husband of Selma, father of Norm, Edna, Rose and Eddie, died 1 June 1964, aged 72 years
NICKOLAI, Selma, wife and mother, died 23 April, 1991, aged 93 yrs
NIEDING, Beryl Jean, died 10' Oct 1993, aged 79, wife of Karl Heirtz, mother of Betty, Christine and Nicholas, lawn
NIEJALKE, August Johannes (Jack), husband of Elvena, father of Jean and Robert died 27th Oct. 1964 aged 64 years
NIEJALKE, Elvena Nora [with Jack], died 15th Aug. 1981 aged 71 years
NIELSEN, Christian, husband of Selma, father of Elizabeth, died 26 Jan 1966 aged 69 years
NIEMZ, Bernhard Gustav, husband of Elsa, passed away 14th Sept. 1961, aged 72 years
NIEMZ, Elsa Cecilie [with Bernhard.], passed away 11 June 197?, aged 84 years
NITSCHKE, E. A. Jock husband of Ida, father of Beverley died 11 May 1989 aged 82 years
NITSCHKE, Herbert Ewald, beloved husband of Pearl passed away 27-11- 1973 aged 72 years
NITSCHKE, Ida Gertrude, wife of Arthur, mother of Beverley, died 31 Oct 1966 aged 59 years
NITSCHKE, Marjory Marlene, born 1 Mar 1937, passed away 3 Nov 1993, wife of Kingsford, mother of David and Jason, lawn
NITSCHKE, Pearl [with Herbert], passed away 31- 1- 1993 aged 89 years, lawn cemetery
NOACK, Gertie, died 17 Sep 86, aged 74 years, lawn
NOACK, Len, died 2 Mar 81 aged 69 yrs, husband of Gertie, lawn
NOLAN, Lillian Sylvia, passed away 15th May 1960
NOWICKI, Waclaw. Born 1940. Died 10.02.1989.
NOWICKI, William Robert (Bill) 30-7-1921 - 22-1-1989, husband of Thelma, lawn

O'LOUGHLAN, Herbert Neil, passed away 17 Apr 88 aged 42 years, beloved husband of Carol, father of Naomi, Gary and Neil, lawn cemetery
O'REILLY, Edith Mary born 9 Nov. 1918 died 2nd Feb. 1981 [with Ted] mother of Peggy, Geoffrey and Bill
O'REILLY, Edward Thomas, died 17th Sept 1966
O'REILLY, Helen, [with Edward] our parents, died 15 Oct 1968 aged 87 years
O'REILLY, Margaret Ann (Peggy) born 8 Feb. 1942 died 20 July 1943
O'REILLY, Thomas Edward John (Ted) born 21 Aug. 1911 died 1 June 1980, father of Peggy, Geoffrey and Bill
OWEN, Lionel Richard, passed away 6 Jun 1988, aged 71 years, husband of Margaret father of Michael, Geoffrey, Jennifer, Barbara, Robert and Stephen. lawn
OWEN, Margaret Joan, passed away 31 Dec 1980 aged 61 years, wife of Lionel Richard, mother of Michael, Geoffrey, Jennifer, Barbara, Robert and Stephen, lawn

PACKER, Irene Verna, 24 Dec 1924 - 5 May 1995, mother of Dianne and Gary, grandmother of Daniel, Aaron, David and Colin, husband of Arthur, lawn
PACKER, Robert (Bob) E., born 20 Nov 1931 died 14 Jun 1996 aged 64 years, niche wall
PACKER, Shirley I., 5th August 1982 aged 49, niche wall
PAHL, Martha Elizabeth *8 Jan 1888 - 14 Jan 1939 [with Ivy Woodhouse]
PARKER, Richard, born 17 Jul 13, died 10. 11.89, father of Rodney and Janice, lawn
PARKER, Ruby, born 9 Aug 12, died 12 Nov 89, mother of Rodney and Janice, lawn
PARKES, Elsie, wife of Litton, (Dec'd 26 Jan 66), mother of Murray, Bill and Barbara, died 28-1-67, aged 70
PARISH, Lilliam Mavis, passed away 6 Jan 1993, wife of William Thomas, [with Bill and Maurice Toull], 1940 - 1973, mother of Michael, Jeffrey and Christopher, lawn
PARISH, W. T. Bill, husband of Mavis, [with Mavis and Maurice Toull] passed away 4-2-1973, father of Michael, Jeffrey and Christopher, lawn
PASCHKE, Eugenia Katherine (Una), 29-10-1916 - 23-12-97, mother of Yvonne, nanna of Lianne, Sheree and Duran, lawn
PASCHKE, Lenhard Ernest (Len), 29-3-1914 - 7-7-94, husband of Eugenia, father of Yvonne, poppa of Lianne, Sheree and Duran, lawn
PASCOE, Annie Elizabeth, wife of the above [William Keaim], died 8th May 1966, aged 87
PASCOE, William Keaim, died 4 Mar 1951 aged 76
PATERSON, Jean Hagger, died 29 Feb 2000, aged 76, wife of William Leonard, mother of Raelene, Barbara and Trevor, niche wall
PATERSON, William Leonard, WX17650, 20th Field Baking, died 25 Jan 1997 aged 81, husband of Jean, father of Raelene, Barbara and Trevor, niche wall
PAULL, Janet Mary [with Keith], mother of Ivan, died 10 Nov. 1992, aged 79 yrs
PAULL, Keith, husband of Janet Mary, father of Ivan, died 2 July 1964, aged 52 yrs
PAVY, Carmel Marie.
PAVY, Maude Agnes, died 16 Oct. 1986, aged 81 years, mother of Norm, Doreen and Joyce, lawn
PAVY, Stanley Melville, died 21 Oct. 1977, aged 73 years, husband of Maude, father of Norm, Doreen and Joyce, lawn
PAYNE, Margaret May, died 22-8-1991, aged 71 years, wife of Roy, mother of Roger, Suzanne, lan, Graeme, Barry and Jillian, lawn cemetery
PAYNE, Roy Hubert, died 21 Aug 1996, aged 74 years, husband of Margaret father of Barry and Jillian, step father of Roger, Suzanne, lan and Graeme, lawn cemetery
PEARCE, Mary, passed away 28 Jan 1955 aged 73 years
PENGELLY, G. S., aged 25, drowned 12th July 1928
PENGELLY, J. aged 67, drowned 12th July 1928
PENNEY, Walter, passed away 21 Dec 1985 aged 79 years, husband of Rene, father and father in law of Valerie and Robert, grandfather of Trevor and Colin, lawn cemetery
PERKINS, Keith Thomas, 2 Apr 1920 - 9 Dec 1993, loved father and Grandfather, lawn
PERRY, Jack Edward Thomas, born 6 Mar 1921 passed away 29 Nov 1997, father of Allan, Billy (dec'd), Robert Kathy, Thomas, Walter and Peter (dec'd), grandfather of Kylie, Yvette, Anthea, Veronica, Angela, Ben, Damian and Mark, lawn
PERRY, Louise Sophia, born 22 May 1923 passed away 25 Sep 1991, wife of Jack, mother of Allan, Billy (dec'd), Robert Kathy, Thomas, Walter and Peter (dec'd), grandmother of Kylie, Yvette, Anthea, Veronica, Angela, Ben, Damian and Mark, lawn
PETERSON, Carl, died 16/12/47 aged 63 years
PETERSON, Daryl Paul, son of Ron & Win, born 25th Aug 1964 died 1 March 1965, brother of Barry, Lynette, Judith, Michael and Susan
PETERSON, Eileen Ellen, wife of Len, died I` July 1980
PETERSON, Keith, son of Len and Eileen, died result of accident 13th July 1947, aged 23 years
PETERSON, Leonard, husband of Eileen, died 1 March 1981, aged 88 years, father of Jim, Laurie, Cliff, Pearl, Keith (dec), Ron, Maureen and Mavis
PETTY, Jean, 22 Oct 1982 aged 61 years, niche wall
PFEIFFER, Pauline Meta [with Elsa], born 8 May 1899, passed away 29 July 1971, aged 72 years
PFEIFFER, Berthold Emil, born March 16, 1892 died Feb 21, 1966
PHILLIPS, Frederick William, born 26 Oct 1901 Bristol (Eng) passed away 1 Feb 1980, lawn cemetery
PICKERING, Alan Edward, taken suddenly on 25 Apr 2002 aged 58 years, husband of Carol, father of Sharon and Andrew, father in law of George, Poppa of Pamela, lawn cemetery
PICKERING, Catherine Harriet, wife of late Samuel Allen of Overland Corner, mother of Neil, passed away 24 Oct 1955 aged 51 years
PICKERING, Douglas F., our father, passed away October 3 1961 aged 74 years
PICKERING, Neil John, only son of Samuel Allen and Catherine Harriet, passed away 7th Dec 1969, aged 40 years
PICKERING, Sophie Gertrude, wife of Douglas, died 28 Aug 1956, aged 62
PIERCE, Margaret, 14 Jan 1923 - 2 Oct 1995, mother of Richard, Liz and Jenny, proud grandmother of Daniel, lawn
PIETROLAJ, Leon, died Sep. 20th 1977, aged 67 yrs, husband of Irmgard, father of Sonny, Leon and Rosemary, lawn
PIETSCH, Elizabeth Gardine, died 30 June 1953 aged 83 years
PIKE, Ian Cecil, 12 Jul 1925 - 24 Jul 1998, husband of Valerie, father of Bob, Elizabeth, Chris and Stephen, grandpa of 10 grandchildren, lawn
PINK, Clara Frances, 5-3-1908 - 25-9-1994, aged 86 years, wife of David (dec), mother and mother in law of Maureen and Norm, nanna of Cheryl, Valerie, Trevor, Garry and families, lawn
PINTILLE, Vasile (Bill), 26 Oct 1953 - 4 May 1999, lawn
PITTAWAY, Keith Allan, 23 Mar 37 - 29 Jul 01, father and poppy of Christopher, Carolyn, Katherine, Bruce and families; loving partner of Shirley
POBKE, Ernest, passed away 14 July 1994, husband of Selma, father of Beverley and Robert, lawn
POBKE, Frederich Wilhelm, died 3 May 1967, aged 75 years, brother of Wally, Ern, Elsie, also Albert and Arnanda deceased
POBKE, Selma, passed away 11 Nov. 1980 age 63 years, wife of Ernest, mother of Beverley and Robert. lawn
POBKE, Walter Werner, 21 Feb 1901 - 13 Jun 1989, brother of Ernest and Elsie, lawn
POWELL, Baden Alexander, died 2 Nov 86, aged 51 years, husband of Francis, father of Daryl, Gary, Baden, Grant and Tracey, lawn
POWELL, Baden Gregory, 22 Nov 1959 - 2 Feb 1998, father of Kelly, Jacqui and Mark, son of Baden and Frances, brother of Daryl, Grant and Tracey, lawn
POWELL, F H (Fred), 11 Sep 1930 - 17 Aug 1992, lawn
POWELL, Gary Douglas, 4 Mar 1958 - 4 Dec 1996, father of Melissa and Vanessa, son of Baden and Frances, brother of Daryl, Grant and Tracey, lawn
POWELL, Leila May, 30 Nov 1900 - 15 Apr 1988, wife of Frederick, mother of Patricia, Fred, Baden and Don, lawn
PRIEST, Charles, [with Unice], died 8th January 2000 aged 88 years, mother and father of Marlene, Chris and Jenny, lawn cemetery
PRIEST, Unice, died 4 April 1988 aged 67 years, wife of Charles, lawn cemetery
PRIOR, Elsie Caroline, died 15-7-92, aged 86 yrs, wife of Jack, mother of Betty, Tom, Wynice and Rosalie, lawn
PRIOR, H. R. J. (Jack), died 7-8-77 aged 76 yrs, husband of Elsie Caroline, father of Betty, Torn, Wynice and Rosalie, lawn
PRZYTULA, Irena, our dear daughter, died 30th Aug 1951 aged 11 years
RAINBOW, Alfred David (Bob), died 23 Oct 1983 aged 83 years, husband of Edith, lawn cemetery
RAINBOW, Edith [with Alfred], died 24 Feb 1991 aged 85 years, father and mother of Betty, Janet and Graham, lawn cemetery
RALPH, Robert Keith (Bob), 7 Feb 1930 - 14 Sep 1994, aged 64 years, husband of June, father of Dan and Andy, niche wall
RAPISARDA, Sebastiano, born Acireale, Sicily, 10 Jan 1923, passed away 28 Aug 1992, husband of Caterina, father of Angela, Camillo, Alflo, Francesca, Salvatore and Gionvanni beloved to 11 grandchildren, lawn
RAUBER, Bruna, died 25 Jan 97, aged 69 yrs, wife of Edwards, mother of Julie, Richard, Robert and Peter, lawn cemetery
RAUBER, (Ted) Edward, died 10-6-90 aged 63 yrs, husband of Bruna, father of Julie, Richard, Robert and Peter, lawn
REEVE, Lydia Ellen, our loved mother, 2nd Aug 1959 aged 76 years
REID, John Jacob, husband of Marcella, died 20th May 1957, aged 68 years
REID, Marcella Maud [with John], died 30 Oct. 1988, aged 78 years, parents of Alex and Earle
REIMAN, Adele Skinner, born 15 Sep 86, died 17 Oct 86, taken in her sleep, lawn
RENFREY, Ethelbert Luxmore, died 10 May 1938 aged 18 years, son of P H and M A Renfrey
RENFREY, Williarn Keith, died 13 Dec 1931 aged 19 years, son of P H and M A Renfrey
RENHOLD, Nichola Johan (Reny), passed away Jan 12 1958, aged 58
RICHARDS, Betty Loine, died Nov 22nd 1998, aged 76 yrs, wife of Leonard,, father of Kym and Denise, lawn
RICHARDS, Charles Henry, husband of Vera died 10 Sept 1963 aged 65
RICHARDS, Jack, husband of Madge, father of Trevor, Veronica, Kay, Dedrie, Leonie, Des, Kevin, Terry, Adrian and Aileen, died 3 Aug 1978, aged 53 years, lawn cemetery
RICHARDS, Leon Stanley, 8 Apr 38 - 6 Nov 98, husband of Lorraine June, married 23 Apr 60, father of Donna, Lisa, Peter and Scott, much loved poppy, lawn
RICHARDS, Leonard Oliver, died June 26th 1993, aged 83 yrs, husband of Betty, mother of Kyrn and Denise, lawn
RICHARDS, Mary Bridget, passed away 2 October 1992, aged 61 years, wife of Maxwell, mother of Teresa, Bernard, Colin and Angela, lawn
RICHARDS, Maxwell George, passed away 5th June 1993, aged 64 years, husband of Mary, father of Teresa, Bernard, Colin and Angela, lawn
RICHARDSON, Morrie, husband of Mary, [with Mary Barnett], father of Robert, Lois, Jill, John and Shirley died 7 Jan 1979 aged 72 years, lawn cemetery
RISTICH, John, passed away 8 Oct 1993, aged 67 years, husband of Maria, lawn
ROBERTS, Aileen-May, wife of Lin, mother of Muriel, Sylvia and Dennis passed away 27 Nov 1976 aged 67 years, lawn cemetery
ROBERTS, Elliot Lindley, [with Aileen-May], husband of Aileen and Hilda, father of Muriel, Sylvia and Dennis passed away 21 Mar 2000 aged 96, grandparents of 13 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren, lawn cemetery
ROBERTS, Winifred, Nurse, who fell asleep 2 Feb. 1941
ROE, H. H., our dear husband and father, late 0 L. H. Reg., A. I. F, died Oct 16 1936 aged 46 years
ROENFELT, Julie Maxine, accidentally killed 12th Nov 1975 aged 31 years, wife of Trevor Malcolm, mother of David and John, lawn cemetery
ROENFELT, Ella Dorothea [with Oscar], wife and mother, died 10 June 1999, aged 89 years, lawn cemetery
ROENFELT, Oscar Benjamin, husband of Ella, father of Heather, Trevor and Neil (dec), died 30th March 1988 aged 84 years, lawn cemetery
ROLLINS, Gwendoline Irene, wife of the above [Henry], died 20th Sept 1981 aged 81, lawn cemetery
ROLLINS, Henry Herbert, husband of Gwen, father of Alex died 28 Feb 1976 aged 73, lawn cemetery
ROONEY, Eileen, [with Henry] passed away 3 November 1998 aged 88 years, loved father and mother of Meredith and Craig, lawn cemetery
ROONEY, Henry Drennan, passed away 28 September 1979 aged 72 years, husband of Eileen, lawn cemetery
ROPPERWELL, 28-3-1993, lawn
ROSSACK, Vera, passed away 3 Nov 1947, aged 41 years
ROSSACK, Walter [with Vera], passed away 2-4-1963, aged 70 years
ROWE, George Corser, husband of Nancy died Jan. 1923 aged 54 yrs
ROWE, George Jeffrey, 4 Aug 04, 25 Sep 90, husband of Ruby, father of Graham, Judy and Kevin, lawn
ROWE, Nancy, wife of George Corser, died March 2,1954 aged 88 yrs
ROWE, Ruby Helen, 4 Nov 19,15 Aug 97, wife of George, mother Graham, Judy and Kevin, lawn
ROWLAND-BEECH, 31-7-66, loving husband of Marie, loved father of ten children.
RUBESSA, Alessandro, nato a Fiume, Italia, 28 Apr 22, morto a Barmera, 28 Nov 89, lawn cemetery
RUDIGER, Bemard Hugo [with Olga], peacefully at rest 19 Feb 1998 aged 82 years, lawn cemetery
RUDIGER, Olga Frieda, peacefully at rest 28 Jun 1982 aged 62 yrs, wife of Hugo, mother, mother in law and nana of Josephine, Kelvin, Nicole and Todd, lawn cemetery
RUDRICH, Richard Gerhard, passed away 1 Dec 1979 aged 61 years, husband of Emily Alina M. (nee Jenkins), father of Gerald and Margaret, lawn cemetery
RUMBOLD, Evelyn Lillian (nee Munks),born 31 May 1908 and died 6 January 1995 aged 86 years. Wife of Keith Dunstan Rumbold. Her gravesite is in the soldiers memorial section of the Barmera cemetery. Information provided by her grand-daughter
RUMBOLD, Helen Florence, passed away 16 Feb 1952 aged 74 years
RUMBOLD, Keith Dunstan. Born 4 Dec 1905 died 3 July 1974. Husband of Evelyn Lillian. Youngest son of Robert and Helen. His gravesite is in the soldiers memorial section of the Barmera cemetery. Information provided by his grand-daughter
RUMBOLD, Robert Dunstan, [with Helen Florence] passed away 17th Nov 1963 aged 86 years, father of Cyril and Keith
RUSSELL, Ruby Florence, 22-9-12 - 5-3-93, wife of Ken, mother of Pat and Peggy, lawn
RYAN, Elsie Catherine, daughter of Thomas James Ryan, died I August 1996 aged 81 years
RYAN, Thomas James, husband of Elsie May, father of Tom, Mary (dec), Kitty and Jim, died 5th June 1947 aged 73 years
RYZY, Bronislawa, wife of Henry, mother of Maria and Catarine, passed away 27 Jun 1979, aged 53 years; Wieczny odpoczynek, racz im dac panie, lawn
RYZY, Czeslaw, passed away 18 Jun 1973, aged 85 yrs, Wieczny odpoczynek, racz mu dae panie, lawn

SANDER, Bevin Brian, died 29th March 1992, aged 62 years, son of Olga and Ben, husband of Irene Mary, father of Paul, Vondi, Uneata, Craig and Joffrey; Bevin died just as he lived life, peacefully, lawn
SANDER, Carl Bernhard, died 31 March 2001, aged 98 years, husband of Olga, father of Terence and Bevin (both dec), father in law of Nelda and Irene, granddad of 8, great granddad of 13, lawn
SANDER, Olga Esther (nee Rothie), died 1 May 1996, aged 95 years, wife of Carl Bernhard, mother of Terence and Bevin (both dec), mother in law of Nelda and Irene, grandma of 8, great grandma of 13, lawn
SANDER, Terence Aubrey passed away 5-9-82, aged 56 yrs, husband of Nelda Sylvia, father of Grantly, Stephen and Sue-Ellen, lawn
SANDOW, Arthur Cyril, husband of Hilda, died 18 April 1974 aged 64 years, lawn cemetery
SANDOW, Hilda Harriet Pridham, [with Arthur] died 10 Dec 1990 aged 81 years, loved father and mother of Ondrea, lawn cemetery
SANT, Dino Ugo, died 3 Apr 1998, aged 72, brother of Silvano and Ottelio and their families, lawn
SAPINSKI, Aleksandra, wife of Piotr, mother of Chester and Peter, mother in law of Helen and Erica, nan of Tania, Ryan and Emma, great grandmother of Caleb, passed away 13 January 2002 aged 79 years, lawn cemetery
SAPINSKI, Piotr, husband of Aleksandra, father of Chester and Peter, father in law of Helen and Erica, dziadka of Tania and Ryan, passed away 29 August 1978 aged 68 years, lawn cemetery
*SCADDEN, Barry Gordon, died June 20 1998 aged 52 years, father of Greg, Loretta, Fiona and Anthony, dear companion of Julie, lawn
*SCADDEN, Brian Reuben, died December 11 1988, aged 42 years, husband of Jennifer Margaret, father of Geoffrey, Letitia and Charmaine, lawn
SCARLETT, Mona Ivy, passed away 6th July 1979, aged 73 years, mother of Bob, lawn
SCHELL, Alma, May, wife of Len, mother of Bob, Len and Pete, died 27 Aug. 1947, aged 44 years
SCHELL, Andrew George [plaque with Kim], died 16th Aug 1966, cremated, always remembered by his brothers and sisters
SCHELL, Joyce, wife of Brian, mother of Debbie, Karen, Wayne, Darryl, died 17 July 1974, aged 35 years, lawn
SCHELL, Kim, passed away 25 Aug 1960, ever remembered by sisters and brothers
SCHELL, Maurice Lloyd, died 22 Aug. 1989, aged 82 years, husband of Dorean Mary, father of Dean and Rosslyn, lawn
SCHEINER, Elizabeth, died 28th Aug 1982 aged 79 years, lawn cemetery
SCHILLER, Ernst Wilhelm, husband of Helena, father of Stan and Beulah, died 2 1946
SCHILLER, Helene, wife and mother of Ernst, Stan and Beulah, died 21 April 1985, aged 80 years
SCHOUTEN, Martinus, passed away 13 Nov 1985 aged 65, lawn cemetery
SCHRAMM, Peter, 2 Oct 1929 - 4 Jul 2002, husband of Shirley, father of Helen, Jenny, Peter and Karen, Pa of Shawn, Matthew, Kelsey and Taylor, lawn cemetery
SCHULTZ, Brian Raymond, died 30 Dec. 1991, aged 51 years, husband of Pamela Mary, father of Richard and Deslea, poppa of 4 grandchildren, lawn
SCHULTZ, Clive passed away, 7th Nov. 1994 aged 83 years, father of Brian, Bruce and Beverley, lawn
SCHULTZ, Ella-Margaret passed away 8th Feb. 1981, aged 67 years, mother of Brian, Bruce and Beverley, lawn
SCHUMACHER, Concordia Sylvia, wife of Herbert, died 10 June 1968
SCHUMACHER, Herbert Edwin, husband of Concordia, passed away 25th Jan. 1958, aged 59 years
SCHUTZ, Elizabeth, born 13th October 1866 passed away 7th December 1960 aged 94 years
SCHUTZ, Margaret Rose, suddenly on 11 Sep 79 aged 26 yrs, sister of Judith and Gary, wife of Aubrey, mother of Adam, lawn cemetery
SCHWERTFEGER, Louis Victor, 6 Jul 1929 - 3 Sep 1995, aged 66 years, husband of Betty, father of Jill, Gail and Michael, father in law and poppa, lawn
SCOTCHER, Edward Percy, our father, 1872 - 1963
SCOTT, Catherine Doris died 20th Feb. 1970 aged 71 years
SCOTT, Clarence Leslie, [with Isabella], died 10 Jan 1976 aged 92 years, loving parents of Isabel, Barbara, Jim and Arch, lawn cemetery
SCOTT, Edward Rubert [with Catherine] died 11 Oct 1990 aged 94 years; AIF, 12823 Driver E. R (Rub) Scott, K Supply Column AS. C. 11 October 1990 aged 94 years; loved husband of Doris, father of Victor (Bill) and Shirley &Lest We Forget&
SCOTT, Isabella Miller, died 29 August 1973 aged 88 years, lawn cemetery
SCOTT Keith Malcolm, born 29 July 1904, died 26 June 1989, lawn
SEMMENS, Dulcie Verna, died 1 May 1966 aged 76 years, wife of Lewis Victor, mother of Lewis and Victor (dec), Edna, Doris, Clem and Vera
SEMMENS, Dulcie Verna, daughter of Dulcie Verna and Lewis Victor died 19th March 1920 aged 8 months
SEMMENS, Lewis Victor, died 10 May 1982 aged 88 years, husband of Dulcie Verna
SEMMENS, Lorna Dorothy, born 20 Feb 1919, died 14 Feb 1996, wife of Lewis, (Dec), lawn
SEMMENS, Winifred, wife of Lewis Victor, died 19th Oct 1981 aged 79 yrs, loved stepmother of Lewis and Victor (dec), Edna, Doris, Clem and Vera
SEYFANG, Thomas Leonard, died 16 Aug 1991, aged 77 years, husband of Vera, father of Kay and Colleen, niche wall
SHAW , Edith Isobelle Anne, [with Leslie] passed away 15th Aug 1982 aged 75 years, loved wife and mother of above [Leslie, Shirley and Mick]
SHAW , Leslie Cuthbert Henry, husband of Edith, father of Shirley and Mick passed away 2 Sept 1962 aged 70 years
SHEARER, Justus Garfield, husband of Elizabeth Florence, died V' July 1937 aged 52 years
SHEPHERD, Florence Margaret, wife of Vidal, mother of Robert and Beryl, died 11 July 1958 aged 52 years
SHEPHERD, Charles Hyett, 3 May 1915 - 6 Oct 2001, husband of Madge, father of Robyn and Janet, niche wall
SHEPHERD, Vidal, father of Linda (dec), Keith and Charles died 19 April 1978 aged 92 years
SHUEARD, Jessie [with Robert], our mother, died 16 July 1964, aged 74 years
SHUEARD, Robert Hurtle, husband and father, died 28 Dec. 1962, aged 79 years
SIENKIEWICZ, Antoni, born Poland 4 May 28, passed away 7 May 86, lawn cemetery
SIENKIEWICZ, Piotr [with Antoni], born Poland 12 Jun 25, passed away 5 Apr 88, lawn cemetery
SIKORSKI, Kazimierz, husband of Maria, father of Barbara, Christine and George, passed away 6th Nov. 1963 in his 47th year
SIMPSON, Catherine, born 28-1-21 Paisley, Scotland, died 27-7-92 Berri, SA, arr Aust 28-8-60, mother of Marilyn, lawn
SIMPSON, Heather Mackay, 15 Jun 1927 - 10 Jan 1983, nan of William and Mary Jane Robertson, mother of Andrew and Scott, niche wall
SIMPSON, Joseph, born 13-5-21, Middlesbrough, England, died 29-10-91, Mildura, Vic, arr Aust 28-8-60, father of Marilyn, lawn
SINDOS, Mrs Areti G., aged 24 years, 1-1-58, Greece, Barmera
SKREHUNEC, Michael, born 27 Oct 1924, died 29 Mar 198 1, lawn
SLAUGHTER, Lily Ethel, wife of Bert, mother of Perce and Les, passed away 18-9-1964, aged 75 years
SLAUGHTER, Robert James, our darling, passed away 7th May 1950, infant son of PJ and AE Slaughter
SMITH, Elvina-Beverley, daughter of Norman and Dorothy, born June 9th, 1944, died August 7, 1946
SMITH, Frederick Mervyn, died 7 Dec 1980, aged 67 yrs, husband of Grace, father of Robert, Eric, Bruce, Pauline and Keith, lawn
SMITH, Gordon Lindsay (Don), husband of Ruth, father of Colin, Neville and Dianne passed away 26-8 -8 1, aged 72 years, lawn
SMITH, Mary Matilda, wife of Robert J. W. Smith, mother of Doris, Eric, Alan, Betty, Ray, Bob and Audrey, passed away 8th September 1961, aged 76 years
SMITH, Norman Dudley, died 14th Nov, 1986, aged 75 yrs, husband of Dorothy Estelle, father of Elvina (dec), Peter and Wendy
SMITH, Phylis R., died 9 Mar 97, aged 71 yrs, wife of Raymond, mother of Glenda, Nola, Rhonda, George, Marie, Grant Kyrn, Karen, Dean (dec) and families, lawn
SMITH, Raymond L., died 9 Jun 93, aged 66 yrs, husband of Phylis R, father of Glenda, Nola, Rhonda, George, Marie, Grant KM Karen, Dean (dec) and families, lawn
SMITH, Robert lan (Bob), accidentally killed 26 Jan 78 aged 49 years, husband of Rita, father of Julie, father-in-law of Lindsay, Poppa of Jann-Marie and Gavin ... also Sherri
SNOW, John Henry, [with Lenore] my beloved parents, died 2 Nov 1961 aged 81 years
SNOW, Lenore Lillian, died 6 March 1960 aged 78 years
SPARNON, Arthur Clarence, 28 Nov 1925 - 17 Oct 1988, husband of Barbara, father of 3 daughters and 4 sons, lawn
SPEAKE, Agnes Annie May, 13 Jan 1913 - 29 Jul 1996, daughter of the late Adelaide and John Morgan, wife of Charles (dec), mother of Russell and Beverley, Raelene and Alan, niche wall
SPENCER, Albert, our dear husband and father died 14th Jan 1935 aged 50 years
SPENCER, Elenora Luise, died 27 July 2001, aged 88 years, wife of Merville, mother of Elaine, lawn
SPENCER, Len, passed away 10 Jan. 1977, aged 60 years, husband of June, lawn
SPENCER, Mary Bertha, [with Thomas] died 2 May 1970 aged 92 years
SPENCER, Merville Thomas, died 20 Nov. 1988, aged 85 years, husband of Elenora, father of Elaine, lawn
SPENCER, Norman Maxwell, 11-5-1921 - 6-6-1989, husband of June, father of Rick, lawn
SPENCER, Thomas, born 25th March 1869 died 16 Aug. 1943 aged 74 years
SPILLER, Muriel 1, 23 Mar 1974 aged 76 years, niche wall
SPILLER, Pal, 28th January 1979 aged 79, niche wall
SPRIGG, Neville Richard, son of Rae and Brian and brother of Vivienne and Geoffrey died 9 Feb. 1980 aged 28 years, lawn
SQUIRE, Valda, died 26 Mar 2001 aged 79 yrs
STAKER, Bernard John, 13-9-1958 - 28-1-1993, son of Brian and Patricia, brother of Trevor, Christine Kevin and families, lawn
STAKER, Olive Gladys, 25 May 1918 - 3-7-1999, wife of Lionel Maurice, mother of Brian, Bill, Pat, Pam, Colleen and Richard, nanna of 16 grandchildren, 17 great grandchildren, lawn
STAKER, Patricia Ann, 9 Feb 1940 - 3 May 2002, wife of Brian Bernard, mother of Bernard, Trevor, Christine and Kevin, grandma of Nicholas, lawn
STARICK, Arthur James (Jack), died 22 Nov 1992 aged 83, husband of Edith E.A, mother and father of Jamie, mother in law and father in law of Bev, grandmother and grandfather of Annmarie and Michael, lawn cemetery
STARICK, Edith Ethel Anne [with Jack], died 4 Apr 1986 aged 76, wife of Arthur, lawn cemetery
STEFOFSKY, A. D., died 7 Jul 61
STEGMAN, Walter Otto Emil, 22-4-29 - 18-7 -94, husband of Patricia Dawn, father of William, Christine, Paul, Anna, Albert and David, lawn
STEINERT, Paul Emil [with Selina], died 5 June 1962, aged 69 years
STEINERT, Selma Emelie, died 30 Aug. 1960 aged 65 years
STELD, David Andrew, our dear little son, [died] 15 Dec 1937, aged 3 years
STEVENS, Connie, 9-2-1896 - 4 Nov 1956, wife of Hedley, mother of Trevor, Rex, Dorothy and Margaret
STEVENS, Rex H., AIF 4/327 Private, 1 RAR 28 March 1986, aged 57 years, brother of Trevor, Dorothy and Margaret, lawn cemetery
STEVENS, Robert B., died result of accident 19 March 1988, aged 26 yrs, son of Trevor and Pauline, lawn cemetery
STEVENS, Trevor George, 16 Apr 28 - 12 Apr 95, husband of Pauline, father of Jenne, Christopher, Robert (dec), and John, father in law of Sharyn, special papa of Melissa and Caitlin, lawn cemetery
STIDIFORD, Benjamin Tillett, 18 Jun 1898 - 16 May 1966
STIDIFORD, Emilia Else, [with Benjamin] 12 May 1992
STIDIFORD, Maxwell Tillet, 7-1-1928 - 6-6-1983, lawn
STOKES, Robert Butler (Nobby), born 27-9-24, died 24-7-81, remembered by his children Christine, Roslyn, Lee, Robert, also by his mates from the Barmera Football Club, lawn
STOECKEL, A. Murray, 4 February 1966 age 64, niche wall
STOECKEL, Chris, passed away 31 Oct 1968 aged 19 years
STOECKEL, Mark, [with Chris and Tony] passed away 17 Jul 1973 aged 20 years
STOECKEL, Ronald, passed away 27 May 1990 aged 71 years, husband of Joan, father of Louine, Chris, Tony and Mark
STOECKEL, Tony, passed away 11. 10. 1966 aged 16 years
STOKES, J. R. 10 Mar 2003, lawn cemetery
STONE, Hazel Jean, died 14 Dec 1973 aged 55 years beloved wife of Raymond, died 24 Mar 81 aged 75 years loved mother and father of Trevor and Brian, lawn cemetery
STRONG, Emily Helen, passed away, 7 Jul 1997 in her 75th year, mother of William and Lindsay, lawn
STRONG, William Lewis, passed away, 3 Apr 1996, in his 75th year, father of William and Lindsay, lawn
SUCHENKO, Olexa, born in Ukraine 8 Mar 03 - 24 Nov 88, husband of Wilhelmina, father of Herbert, Olga, Rose, John and Robert
SUHAN, Kylie Michael, stillborn, 9 Mar 91, lawn
SUTTON, Elaine Ruth, passed away 13th November 1992, aged 49 years, wife of Kevin Joseph, mother of Jacqueline, Donna, John and Gaylene, much loved grandma, lawn
SUTTON, Wayne Francis, 31 Jul 63 - 1 Feb 96, fiance of Trudie, father to Deeanne Lee, Billy Jack Wayne and his little mate Cheyenne Rain; a dearly treasured son, brother, Uncle, lawn
SWEENEY, E. H. (Pat), wife of Sydney, mother of Margaret, Billie, Gwen and Graham, died 28 July 1992 aged 77 years
SWEENEY, Sydney Graham, husband of E. H. (Pat), father of Margaret, Billie, Gwen and Graham, died 6 Mar 1971 aged 54 years
SYMENS, Louisa, 18 Sep 1913 - 26 Feb 2000, wife of W. A. R_ (Bill), mother of Elaine, Dawn, Wendy and Peter, niche wall
SYMONDS, M. S., 28 Oct 1996, lawn

TAMBLYN, Leslie William Charles, died 8 Nov. 1996, aged 83 years, father of Joylene, Vivienne, Brenton and Merilyn, lawn
TAMBLYN, Lorna Mary, died 4 Nov. 1989, aged 75 years, wife of Leslie, mother of Joylene, Vivienne, Brenton and Medlyn, lawn
TAYLOR, John, 7 Sep 1917 - 14 Oct 2001, husband of Phoebe, father of Pat, Bob, Brad, Shirley and Jan, lawn
TAYLOR, John Louis, 10. 12.68 - 28 Sep 97, only son of Pat and Grant, brother of Deborah, Cheryl and Michelle, lawn
TAYLOR, Phoebe, 11 Jun 1917 - 25 Jul 1995, wife of John (Jack), mother of Pat, Bob, Brad, Shirley and Jan, lawn
THIELE, Allan, died Dec. 11, 2000, aged 84 years, husband of Ivy, father of Grant Wayne, Anne and Jon, lawn
THIELE, Ivy, died May 26th 1986, aged 64 years, wife of Allan, mother of Grant, Wayne, Anne and Jon, lawn
THIELE, Jon-Lester, died 4 Sep 1973 aged 19 years, lawn cemetery
THOMAS, David, died 26 May 60 aged 63 yrs, our father
THOMAS, Iris, 31-3-1903 - 11-11-88, wife of Evan David, mother of Philip and Judith, lawn
THOMAS, Vera Doris, [with David] died 3 Sep 79 aged 81 yrs, our mother
THOMPSON, Elsa Eleonora, died 27th June 1985, aged 83 years, &beloved wife&, mother of Ward, Lorraine and Heather, lawn
THOMPSON, Henry W. J. (Harry), husband of Elsa, died 2nd Sept, 1991, aged 84 years, father of Laurel, Isobel, Gordon, Warren and Wayne, lawn
THOMPSON, Richard Elliot Marwood. husband and father, died 10 May 1961 aged 73 years
TILLETT, Ellie Millicent, died 29 March 1971 aged 88 years
TONKIN, James William, died 14 October 1992, aged 69, husband of Margaret, father of Chris, Ken, Jon, Anne and David, lawn
TOULL, Agnes V., 17th June 1979 aged 66, niche wall
TOULL, Maurice C. 21 August 1994 aged 82 years, niche wall
TOULL, Maurice Charles, 1981 - 1993, [with Bill and Mavis Parish], lawn
TOWNLEY, Eileen Joan, 25 May 1929 - 8 Sep 2001, wife of Kevin, mother of Audrey, Robyn, Robert and lan, grandma and great grandma
TROY, Augusta Chris, passed away, 2 Aug 1974 aged 92 years
TROY, J.G.L (Jack), passed away 31 Aug 1968 aged 49 years
TROY, John James, passed away 31 Aug 1971, aged 84 years
TRUSSELL, Charles Pittman, husband of Emily, father of Chloris and Aileen, passed away 22 Feb 1955
TRUSSELL, Emily Priscilla [with Charles], wife and loving mother of Aileen and Chloris (deceased) passed away 19* Jan 1963
TSAKONAKOS, Con (English version only), husband of Lygeri, born 20 Dec 1927, passed away 4 Jun 1997, aged 69, father of George, Peter and Lewey, grandfather and great grandfather, lawn
TSAKONAKOS, Lygeri, wife of Con, born 25 Aug 1929, passed away 13 Nov 1994, aged 65, mother of children and grandchildren, lawn
TSCHIRPIG, Eva Joan, wife of P. A Tschirpig, mother of Marlene and Janice died 27'h Jan 1948 aged 30 years
TSCHIRPIG, P. Alwin, 1 December 1973 age 63, niche wall
TUCK, Barbara [with John] died 12 Feb 01 aged 9 yrs
TUCK, John, died 2 May 2002 aged 71 yrs
TUIT, Aileen Laurel, died 13-1-93, aged 77 yrs, wife of Harold, mother of Marilyn, Christine and families, lawn
TUIT, Harold William, died 26-4-94, aged 78 yrs, father of Marilyn, Christine and families, lawn
TUNKIN, Arthur William, 30 Apr 1932 - 5 Mar 1988, husband of Beryl, father of Philip and Paul, lawn cemetery
TURNER, Grace Emily, died 10 May 1990 aged 71 yrs, mother of Maurice, lawn cemetery
TYTLER, Joel, 3-7-1992, son of John and Debbie, lawn
ULRICH, Klaus, died 11 Dec. 1988, aged 68 yrs, husband of Lisa, father of Jutta, Ruth, Martin and Helen, lawn
UNKNOWN. AIF - illegible
UNKNOWN. AIF, [illegible] January 1982
*UNKNOWN. Child grave, plaque broken and most of it removed, '19 Aug 1957' all that remains
UNKNOWN. Concrete block only
UNKNOWN. Concrete headstone, no name
UNKNOWN. Concrete surround, headstone missing - 2
UNKNOWN. Concrete surround only
UNKNOWN. Concrete surround only, child
UNKNOWN. Cross only - 190
*UNKNOWN. Darling Jane, loved every day, Mummy and Dad, Alan and lan
*UNKNOWN. Gwen, inscribed on vase, granite surround, no headstone
UNKNOWN. Headstone, broken, no inscription
*UNKNOWN, Jill [that's all there is]
UNKNOWN. Mound only - 76
UNKNOWN. No headstone - 5
UNKNOWN. Wooden surround only
UNKNOWN. Headstone removed, lawn
**UNKNOWN, Jean Clarice, &Mum&, Gran, 1902-1988, lawn

VAGG, John William, died October 17 1986, aged 80 years, husband of Thelma, father of Don and Barbara, lawn
VAGG, Thelma, died November 28th 1990, aged 85 years, mother of Don and Barbara, lawn
VALANDRO, Emil, born 21 Nov 1921, died 29 Mar 89, aged 67 yrs, husband of Faustina, father of Andrea, Mario and Rita, poppa of Micheal, Daniel and Katie, lawn cemetery
VAN DER BIEZEN, Christianus, 25 Aug 1919, 28 Jan 1994, husband of Mia, lawn cemetery
VAN DER BIEZEN, Connor, just 7 years old, 17 May 1994 - 21 May 2001, son and brother of Tony, Jayne and Reece, lawn cemetery
VAN DER BIEZEN, Maria Catharina [with Christianus], 24 Aug 1922 - 11 Nov 1989, wife of Chris, father and mother of Cathy, Jo, Connie, Pat, Leonie, Hady, Henk, Rudy, Tony, lawn cemetery
VAN ENKLIUYZEN, Pieter Albertus, passed away 25h July 1959 aged 48 years
VARDON, Dorothy May, born 1916 - 1974, aged 57 years, wife of Frank, mother of Donald, Richard, Elizabeth, Jane and families, lawn
VARDON, Frank, born 1918 - 1992, aged 73 years, husband of Dorothy May, father of Donald, Richard, Elizabeth, Jane and families, lawn
VASEY, Marianne Gordon, died 11 July 1958, wife of W. S. Vasey, mother of Marj, Bruce, Marie, Malcolm (dec'd), Bill and Jill
VIDOVIC, Edith May (nee Pedley) 1924 - 1995, wife of John, mother and grandmother, lawn
VIDOVIC, John Joseph, 1902 - 1984, husband of Edith, father and grandfather, lawn
VOGELSANG, Ivon Rupert, died 28 Nov 1996, aged 84 yrs, husband of Viola, father of Margaret and John, lawn
VOGELSANG, Viola Agnes, died 10 July 1992, aged 79 yrs, wife of lvon, mother of Margaret and John, lawn cemetery
VOJVODIC, Marica, died 14 May 1987, aged 92 yrs, wife of late Vice, mother of Sime, Irana, Danka, Ane, lawn

WAGENER, Henry Campbell de Passy, born 29 Nov 1911 - died 11 Jul 1992, aged 80 yrs and 2 months, husband of the late Florence Alma brother of Valentine and Harry, father of Maureen, Andrew, Robert, Daphne, Laurence, Brian, Yvonne, Elaine, Graham, Alice, Steven, Rodney and their families, lawn
WALSH, A. D., 24 Aug 1989, aged 93, niche wall
WALSH, Hubert, died 21 April 1951, erected by his brothers Nat, John and nephew Murray
WALSH, Mary Anne, cross only
WALSH, Peter L, passed away 3rd March 1947 aged 80 years
WARD, Amanda Marie, 26 Mar 1988 - 15 Apr 1988, daughter of Rob and Irene, lawn cemetery
WARRICK, Terrence Kenneth (Terry), husband of Raelene, father of Stephen and Sharon, born 6 Nov. 1945, passed away 6th Feb. 1967, aged 21 years
WASLEY, Beryl Daphne, 29 Aug 1922 - 18 Aug 2001, daughter of Frederick and Ethel Gardiner, wife of Howard James
WASLEY, mother of Maureen, Beverley, Denis and Carolanne, foster mother of Gillian, fond mother-in-law and grandmother of their families
WARTHOLD, W. E. (Bill), died 23 May 1990 aged 76 husband of Jean, father of Jennifer, niche wall niche wall
WATKINS, Elda S. A., died 6th Oct. aged 88 yrs, wife of Murray, mother of Gloria and Ron, lawn
WATKINS, Murray Robert, died 18 April 1990, aged 86 yrs, husband of Elda, father of Gloria and Ron, lawn
WAYE, Arthur John, passed away 30 Apr 1980, aged 81 years, husband of Irene, lawn cemetery
WAYE, Irene Lillian, [with Arthur] passed away 19 Apr 1997 aged 96 years, loved father and mother of Iris and Pat, lawn cemetery
WEBB, Anthony Craig (Tony), son of Daryl and Janet, brother of Wendy and Karen, tragically taken on 22 May, 1990, aged 22 years 10 months, lawn
WEBB, Melva Jean, wife of Merv, mother of Daryl, Janice, Yvonne and Sharyn, passed away 19 Aug 1975 aged 54 years, lawn cemetery
WELL, Kerry H., 24 Jan 45, 26 Jan 45
WELLBY, Edna Vera May, died 6 Sep 97, aged 87 yrs, wife of Ernest, mother of Margaret Graham and Yvonne, lawn
WELLBY, Ernest Joseph, died 17 Feb 98, aged 90 yrs, husband of Edna, father of Margaret, Graham and Yvonne, lawn
WEST, James, son of Agnes and James, died 10 July 1947 aged 27 years
WESTERN, -, AIF, 3rd ------ 1 Ph July 1933 [illegible]
WESTLEY, Kathleen, passed away 24 April 1988, aged 72 years, mother of Bill, lawn
WESTLEY, William, passed away, 10 May 1979, aged 66 years, husband of Kathleen, father of Bill, lawn
WESTON, Margaret Elsie, 8 Jul 1913 - 17 Apr 1999, mother of John, Lorraine, Alfred, Gordon, Peter and families, lawn
WESTPHAL, Gustav Carl, my father, died 15th Oct. 1962, aged 77 years
WEYDLING, Jenny, passed away 23d March 1980 aged 24 years, wife of Peter, daughter of Peter and Shirley Schramm, sister of Helen, Peter and Karen, lawn
WHENNEN, Burton John, died 19 May 98, aged 62 yrs, husband of Barb., father and step father of Donald, Heather, Peter, Shelley, Garry, lawn
WHITE, Ethel Lydia, wife of the late John, died 4 Jan 1959 aged 66
WHITE, Heather Belle, 4 Oct 1929 - 28 Sep 2001, mother of Helen, John, Betty, Geoffrey, Robert and Barbara, grandmother of 16 and great grandmother of 6, lawn
WHITE, Lisa Anne, born 23 Nov 89 died 9 Aug 90, daughter of Geoffand Dianne, sister of Michael, lawn cemetery
WHITE, Rachel Jayne, born 2 Mar 85, died 25 Jan 86, daughter of Geoff and Dianne, sister of Michael, lawn cemetery
WHITEBREAD, Bruce P. K., 1899 - 1972, husband of Ivy, father of Dawn and Bruce, lawn
WHITEHEAD, Ricky, passed away 7 May 76 aged 18 mths, son of Barry and Debbie, brother of Jackie and Billy, lawn cemetery
WHITELAW, Elsie Jane Isabella, passed away 140' June 1960 aged 71 years, wife of Edward Roy, mother of Heather, Audene, Jewel and Hollis
WHITTINGHAM, R. J. W., 1916 - 1972, husband of Laurel, father of Bob, Barry, Morris, Rex, Marilyn and Adrian, lawn
WIEDMANN, Mary, our dear mother, died 11 ' Aug. 1938
WILKINS, Allan Frederick, 17 Feb 1929 - 9 Sep 2000, husband of Joy, father of Peter, Rodney and Cindy, lawn cemetery
WILKINS, Peter James, [with Allan] Dec 10 Aug 1953
WILKINSON, Errol Charles, died 14 May 1962 aged 62 years
WILKINSON, Francis John, husband of Vera, 3 Jun 1917 - 22 May 1991, father of Eric, Val, Yvonne, Ken and Kay, lawn
WILKINSON, George Swan, died V1 May 1946, aged 64 years
WILKINSON, Harry, died 22d 8.1976 aged 60 years, husband of Flo, father of Daphne, poppa of Denise and Fiona, lawn cemetery
WILKINSON, Martha Platten, wife of George Swan Wilkinson, died 22 d Jan 1966 aged 83 years
WILKINSON, Vera Hazel, wife of Frank, 7 Mar 1921 - 13 Jun 1973, mother of Eric, Val, Yvonne, Ken and Kay, lawn
WILKSCH, Lewis L, 10 Jun 1939 - 29 Jan 1948
WILKSCH, Verno Louis 10 Aug 1928 - 10 May 2001, husband of Rita, father of Brenton, Darryl and Grantley
WILLMOT, Hector Norman, passed away Feb. 14 - 1975, aged 79 years, husband of Iris, father of Mary (Polly), lawn
WILLMOT, Iris Christina, passed away Sep. 24-1993, aged 84, mother of Mary (Polly), lawn
WILSON, Gibson, husband of Gertrude, father of Kevin, died 26th July 1956, aged 54 years
WILSON, Mollie, daughter of Andrew and Victoria N1c17arlane, died 1996 aged 81
WILSON, Samuel [with Gibson and Gertrude], died 0 Sept 1952, aged 48 years
WINDSOR, Isabell Rankine, wife of above [Robert George] died 20th July 1955 aged 82 years
WINDSOR, Robert George, husband of Isabell R Windsor, father of Lindsay and Jean, died 20 June 1954 aged 84 years
WING, John-James, passed away 19th Jan. 1967, aged 84 years
WING, Joseph [with Phyllis], husband and father, died 1 Sept. 1985, aged 73 years, lawn
WING, Maude [with John-James], passed away 22 Apr. 1974, aged 87 years
WING, Malcolm 1, 22nd April, 1982 aged 24 years, niche wall
WING, Phillip Merven, died 26 Jun 1992 aged 75 years, niche wall
WING, Phyllis May, wife of Joseph, mother of Leslie, Rhonda, Beverley and Christine, died 28th Aug. 1974 aged 57 years, lawn
WINTERFIELD, May Cameron, [with Eva Evans] loved widow of C. J. Winterfield, 1891 - 1948
WIRTH, Leslie Franz Carl, died 14 Mar 94, aged 80 yrs, husband of Nancy Adelaide, father of Neville, Ross and Eric, lawn
WISE, Slyness Jane, 12 Nov 1970 - 30 Oct 1994, daughter of Dorothy and Dennis, sister to Mark, Sande and Diep, partner of Chris Holmes, caring loving kind advent, lawn
WOOD, Allen Keith, passed away, 12th Feb. 1991, husband of Audrey Edith, father of Russell, Roger, Trevor and Chris (dec), lawn
WOOD, Chris, died 10 Dec 1953 aged 8 months, son of Aud and Allen
WOODHOUSE, Ivy Vivian (nee Pahl) *21 Apr 1914 - 2 Apr 1997
WRIGHT, Angela Joan born 21-3-59, died 19 Mar 64
WRIGHT, Daphne Helen, [with William] 5 Jul 1910 - 31 Jul 1998, lawn cemetery
WRIGHT, Edith Alice [with Gerald], born Oh May 1902 died 7th July 1989, lawn cemetery
WRIGHT, Edward James (Jim), 26 Jan 1912 - 22 Jun 1999, brother of Bill, Sandy and Mark, lawn
WRIGHT, Gerald, born 4th Sept 1901 died 50' Sept 1985, lawn cemetery
WRIGHT, Stanley Ernest, 10 Feb 1920 - 23 Dec 2000, husband of Eileen Dorothea (Betty), father of James, Christopher, Gary and Annette, lawn cemetery
WRIGHT, Vicki Lyn and Jodi Am, 15 May 1972, loved children of Brian and Rhonda, dear sisters of Angela, lawn
WRIGHT, William Frances, 2 Apr 1907 - 1 Jun 1998, husband of Daphne, lawn cemetery
WRONKOWSKI, Tadeusz, husband of Maria, father of Halina, Kristina, George and Irene, poppa of 4 grandchildren, passed away 19 Feb. 198, aged 60 yrs, lawn
WUNDENBERG, Ernest William, died 26 Sept 1993, aged 79 yrs, husband of Mary, father of Dean, Pauline, Ross, Brian and Adrian, lawn
WUNDENBERG, Mary Elizabeth, died 9th June 1986, aged 67 yrs, wife of Ernest, mother of Dean, Pauline, Ross, Brian and Adrian, lawn
WUTKE, Emilia Ida, died 28 February 1980 aged 86 years, lawn
WUTKE, Johann Alfred, died 13th October 1985, aged 92 years, lawn

YEO, Mavis Jean, 10 Jul 29 - 27 Apr 01 loved wife of Alby, mother of Joy, Bill, Annette (dec), Angela and Victor, nana of Carmen, Annette and Peter; nana Mavis of Kayla and Andrew

ZENTNER, Frariz-Z1atko, born 27 July 1947, passed away 11 March 1995, husband of Nedjeljka, father of Rosemarie and Linda, lawn
ZIBELL, Dorothy Ann 29 Jan 1905 - 4 May 1970 a dearly loved mother
ZIBELL, Ernst Otto [with Dorothy] 18 Jul 1899 - 29 Nov 1976 a dearly loved father
ZIEPSCH, L. M., 28-6-1994, lawn
ZOIS, Konstantinos, born 10 March 1941, Greece, passed away 8 February 1994, Barmera, aged 53 years, lawn.

DIONYSHS MLPATHS, born 15.04.24, died 10.08.96, lawn
*Scadden -'They came into the world together, united once more in heaven. In our hearts always'
** no surname

*There is no indication of a surname for these
The early headstones are quite brief, the area was settled by returned soldiers [WWI and they probably struggled in the early days which would also explain the number of unmarked graves.
In one old section there are a lot of crosses, The council had planned to put small plaques on them, or have the family put the plaques but it's only happened in a couple of cases; mostly the crosses are naked.
The AIF headstones are a cream stone they have not withstood the weathering process at all well and are mostly illegible. The ones we can read often just have the surname and a date - no initial or first name and no 'died'. Some of the names are unusual but as far as I can see we have reproduced them as they are on the headstone; the German influence is quite evident, along with Greek, Italian and Polish.
In some cases there are full stops after each word, in others there are none at all. I have put in commas to make the inscription easier to read or at the end of the line on the headstone.

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