Headstone Transcriptions


Transcribed by Marylin and Steve Jones

I do not wish to offend anyone by listing this information on the website, as the work is done with the best intentions of providing vital information to family historians. All the information shown here is on public display at the respective cemeteries.
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BORMANN, Anna Rebina. 18 Nov 1994. Aged 86 years. Last abode Claypans.
BORMANN, Hermann Llewellyn. 9 Oct 1993. Aged 92 years.
BRASELMANN, Fritz H. Abt 14 Feb 1917. Aged 7 weeks. Last abode Kunlara.
BRIGHT, Owen. Abt 5 May 1916. Last abode Mantung.

CRITTENDEN, Cuthbert S. Abt 13 Sep 1911. Aged 2 years. Last abode Bakara.

FIEDLER, No further information. Possibly reserved for husband of Sophie.
FIEDLER, Sophie Emma. 31 Jul 1938. Aged 59 years. Born 15 Jun 1879. Last abode Bakara.

GRAETZ, F. Last abode Bakara. No further information.
GROVES, Robert. Abt 30 Jul 1915. Last abode Wanbi.

HEIN, Adolph Gustav Bernhard. 13 Jul 1975. aged 76 years. Born 13 Mar 1898. son of Johann Hermann Hein and Johanna emma (nee Gierke).
HEIN, Alfred Paul. 30 Jan 1933 at Copeville. Aged 46 years. Born 13 Mar 1886 at Murray Bridge. Last abode Copeville.
HEIN, Edgar Harold. 7 Dec 1991. Aged 80 years.
HEIN, Emma. Last abode Bakara.
HEIN, Gweneth May. 14 Dec 1971. Aged 53 years. Last abode copeville.
HEIN, H (Miss). No further information. Possibly a reservation.
HEIN, Hermann Berthold. 24 Aug 1978. aged 83 years. Born 6 Apr 1895. Son of Johann Hermann Hein and Johanne Emma (nee Gierke). Last abode Bakara.
HEIN, Howard Malcolm. 7 Aug 1951. Aged 16 years 9 months. Adopted son. Last abode Copeville.
HEIN, Johann Hermann. Abt 3 Mar 1947. Aged 85 years. Born 17 Oct 1860. son of Gottlieb Hein and Anna dorothea (nee Birkmann). Last abode Bakara.
HEIN, Johannes Alfred. 24 Feb 1974. Aged 80 years. Born 18 Dec 1892. Son of Johann Hermann Hein and Johanne emma (nee Gierke). Last abode Nildottie.
HEIN, Maria Elizabeth. 29 April 1973. Aged 86 years.
HEIN, Mervin Gerhardt. 9 Jan 1994. Aged 53 years. Last abode Bakara.
HEIN, Reinhold Wilhelm. 8 Oct 1991. Aged 90 years. Last abode Bakara.
HEIN, Susana Amand. 13 Nov 1952. Aged 47 years.
HEIN, No further information. Possibly a reservation.
HOWARD, Rosa. 28 Jun 1963. aged 16 years.

KOSSATZ, Ludwig H. Abt 15 Sep 1994. Aged 88 years. Last abode Nildottie.
KOSSATZ, Ross Howard. Died 28 June 1963.

NAYDA, Johann Simon. 11 Apr 1915. Aged 50 years. born 17 Jul 1864. Last abode Bakara.
NEELY, Daniel. 16 May 1936. Father of 11 children. Last abode copeville.
NITSCHKE, alfred Wilhelm. 19 Oct 1917. Aged 31 years. Born 24 Apr 1886. son of Johann August and louisa (nee Reibke).
NUSKE, Bertha Louise. Abt 21 Sep 1928. Aged 84 years 6 months. Last abode Netherley.

PASCHKE, Herbert Gottlieb. 21 apr 1931. Aged 18 years. Last abode Copeville.
PASCHKE, Johann Bernard. 22 May 1912. Aged 11 months. Son of Johann Ferdinard Paschke. Last abode Bakara.
PASCHKE, Mrs. Doed 15 Jan 1934. Last abode Copeville.
PASCHKE, Johann Ferdinand Gottlieb. Died 21 July 1964. Last abode Copeville.
PASCHKE, Roger Michael. Died 17 November 1955.
PONTT, Bertha Maria. 21 Oct 1916. Aged 66 years. Last abode Eastern Well.
PONTT, Oscar Ferdinand. Abt 20 Feb 1930. Aged 47 years. Born 4 Jul 1882. Son of C F Pontt and Bertha (nee Strauss). Last abode Bakara.
PRATT, Ernest. 8 Sep 1913. Aged 37 years. A relative of Frederick James Pratt. Last abode Hd of Mantung.

REARDON, Lucy Agnes. 25 Feb 1921. Aged 35 years. Last abode Mantung.

SCHULZ, Paul Reinhold. 22 Mar 1913. Aged 41 years. Born 15 Aug 1871. son of William Schulz and Juliane (nee Lescke). Last abode Bakara.
SEIDEL, Harold Roy. Abt 24 Jul 1916. Aged 3 weeks.
SEIDEL, Johann Ernst Alfred. 22 Jun 1912. Aged 30 years. Born 9 Dec 1881. Son of Johann Ernest August Seidel and Maria (nee Eckett). Brother of G A Seidel. Last abode Bakara.
SEIDEL, Johann Ernst August. 15 Dec 1909. Aged 75 years. Born 16 Oct 1834 in Weizig, Steinao, Germany. Father of carl Ernst Seidel. Last abode Bakara.
SEIDEL, Maraget Mary. 8 Nov 1925. Aged 35 years. More information in the publication "Swan Reach through the eyes of it's correspondents" - Page 134.
SMITH, No further information.
START, George Henderson. 3 Aug 1913. Aged 47 years. Born 17 May 1866. son of Richard Start and Catherine 9nee Blackburn).

TRAEGER, Arnold. Abt 21 Dec 1918. Aged 1 years. Last abode Waikerie.

ZADOW, Hilda Pauline. 2 Oct 1944. Aged 35 years. Last abode Bakara.
ZADOW, Johann Arthur. 28 Jul 1993. Aged 87 years. Born 14 May 1882. Son of Johann Zadow and Emile (nee Kuhn). Last abode Fullaron.
ZADOW, Johann Theodore. 6 Sep 1942 at Mannum. Aged 81 years. Born 11 Nov 1867 at Palmer. son of Johann Ludwig Zadow and Anna Susanna (nee Zadow??). Last abode Bakara.
ZADOW, Ludwig Theodor. 30 Jun 1987. Aged 74 years.
ZADOW, Lydia amanda Mathilde. 22 Sep 1959 at Mannum. Born 23 Jan 1875 at Summerfield. Wife of Jahann Theodore. Last abode Bakara.
ZADOW (nee Wittwer), Norma Gertrude. 10 Sep 1992. Aged 78 years.
ZILM, Charles Gottlieb. 18 Nov 1953. Aged 69 years. Born 19 Oct 1884. son of John Gottlieb and Annie Mary Johanna (nee Schulz). Last abode Bakara.
ZILM, Victoria Clementina. 7 May 1957. Aged 72 years. Last abode Bakara.

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