Headstone Transcriptions

Angaston Cemetery - Partial

Transcribed by Lorraine Larment
From photographs provided by photos by Val B and Peter C

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ANGAS, George Fife. Born Newcastle-on-Tyne, 1 May 1789 died Lindsay Park, Angaston 15 May 1829 aged 90 years. Husband of Rosetta.
ANGAS, Mary Ann. 10 July 1831 aged 4 years 11 months. Youngest daughter of George and Rosetta.
ANGAS, Rosetta. Died Lindsay Park, 11 January 1867 aged 74 years. Wife of George Fife.
ANGAS, William Henry. Born Ilford, Essex, 28 August 1832 died Tenby, Wales 20 July 1870 aged 47 years. Youngest son of George and Rosetta.

BASSETT, Sylvie M. 22 July 1979 aged 67 years. Mother.

DOUGLAS, Mary. 16 February 1875 aged 30. (with James Leonard)

, Caroline. 18 January 1965 aged 81 years. Wife of Carl.
GRAETZ, Carl Julius. 15 August 1944 aged 67 years. Husband of Caroline.

HANNAY, Rev. John. 28 July 1890 aged 68 years. Formerly minister of Baptist Church, Angaston.
HANNAY, Rosetta French. Died April 18??

JOHNSON, Gertrude Maude Livesey. Died Launceston 4 May 1965 aged 88 years.
JOHNSON, John Frederick. Died St Helens Tasmania 27 September 1960 aged 92 years.

LAMBERT, Alfred Charles. 28 November 1874 - 29 August 1953. Husband of Harriet. Erected by Grace and Colin, and Gwen.
LAMBERT, A E. 2255 Sergeant, 42 Battalion. 22 March 1953 aged 77.
LAMBERT, C A. 115839, LAC. 17 September 1985 aged 76 years.
LAMBERT, Harriet Jane. 6 October 1880 - 17 November 1967. Wife of Alfred. Erected by Grace and Colin, and Gwen
LAMBERT, Sydney Leith. 7 July 1908 - 24 August 1968. Son of Alfred and Harriet. Erected by Grace and Colin, and Gwen.
LEONARD, James. 15 August 1891 aged 66 years.

NOCK, Hannah. 22 September 1900 aged 24 years. Daughter of Thomas.
NOCK, Maria. 28 December 1870 aged 67 years. Wife of Thomas.
NOCK, Thomas. 4 November 1895 in his 94th years. Husband of Maria.

VERRALL, James Angley. 21 March 1997, stillborn. Son and brother of Sue, Bruce and Angela and Sam.

WALLACE, Leila Grace. 11 August 1993 aged 78 years. Wife of Norman, mother of Jon and Dian. Wife of Wilhelm (dec).
WRIGHT, Rev John George, Congregational Minister. 4 May 1916. Husband of Lydia Susan
WRIGHT, Lydia Susan. 1858 - 1930. Wife of late Rev John George.

ZADOW, Max Leland. 24 December 1935 - 26 October 1996. Husband of Una.

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