Headstone Transcriptions

American River Cemetery
Kangaroo Island

Transcribed by Lorraine Larment
from photos provided by Jo-anne Graham.

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ALLENDER, Jane Louise (nee Iliffe). Mother of Lee and Kate, Daughter of Ruth and Michael. Died 17 August 1988 aged 41 years.

BATES, Doris Irene. 23 February 1913 - 12 October 2000. Wife of Oswald, mother of Ronald, Daphne, Mavis, Nellie, Jean and Leonard.
BATES, Glen. 7 November 1914 - 24 February 1991. Husband of Marie, father of Doreen and Arthur.
BATES, Irene Dawn. 16 June 2002 aged 69 years. Wife of Ronald, mother and mother-in-law of Allan and Karen, Cheryl and Adrian, Gavin and Cheryl, Linda and Deon, Nanna of Meghan, Justin, Ben, Jay, Natasha, Dylan, Levi, Montana, Jack, Lilly and Ella.
BATES, Marie (Beat). 30 October 2907 - ? March 1991. Wife of glen, mother of Doreen and Arthur. (with Glen).
BATES, Oswald. 18 July 11902 - 24 May 1995. Husband of Doris Irene, father of Ronald, Daphne, Mavis, Nellie, Jean and Leonard.
BATES, Ronald Arthur. 3 November 1999 aged 64 years. Husband of Irene (Dawn), father and father-in-law of Allan and Karen, Cheryl and Adrian, Gavin and Cheryl, Linda and Deon, Papa of Meghan, Justin, Ben, Jay, Natasha, Dylan, Levi, Montana, Jack, Lilly and Ella.
BENNETT, Harold George (Harry). 13 August 1998 aged 79 years.
BERRYMAN, Collin James. 13 August 1980 aged 74 years. (with Effie Doreen).
BERRYMAN, Effie Doreen. 27 April 1992 aged 80 years (with Collin James).
BROOKS, Joan. 25 July 1919 - 3 February 2000. Wife of Lawrence, mother of Allan, Raymond, Shirley, Anne, John, Faye, Raelene, Ronald, Graham, Sheryl and Dianne.
BROWN, Douglas Albert. 30 May 1941 - 8 August 2003. Husband of Jean, father of Mark and Jacqueline, father in law of Ron and Lisa, Pop of John, Kate and James.
BUICK, Alma Helena (nee Sundberg). 25 September 1905 - 15 June 1999. Wife of Samuel Malcolm, mother of Doreen, Malcolm, Donald, Lena and Dick.
BUICK, Cecil Arnold Milner. 22 June 1902 - 8 June 1987. Husband of Ivy May, father of Melva, Dawn, Rhonda, Betty, June and George (with Ivy May).
BUICK, Ivy May. 12 May 1910 - 12 March 1997. Wife of Cecil, mother of Melva, Dawn, Rhonda, Betty, June and George. (with Cecil Arnold).
BUICK, Ronald William. 5 March 1972 aged 45 years. Husband of Daphne, father of Karen and Gail.
BUICK, Samuel Malcolm. 20 September 1908 - 27 December 1942. SX8787 AIF. Husband of Alma Helena, father of Doreen, Malcolm, Donald, Lena and Dick. Interred Bomana War Cemetery, Port Moresby, NG.
CAMERON, Adrian Glynn. 5 July 1957 - 19 January 1999. Husband of Cheryl, father of Ben, Jay, Natasha and Dylan.
CAMERON, Doris Edith. 2 July 1925 - 5 November 2006. Wife of George, mother of Jane, Alex, Ralph, Adrian and families.
CAMERON, Frederick George. SX23820 Cpl 2/10 Aust Inf Bn. 28 February 1992 aged 70 years. Husband, father and grandfather.
CRAGO, William John (Jack). 3 January 1914 - 28 June 2000. Husband of Challis, father of Maisie, John and Peter, son of Ethleen and John.

DARLING, Agnes May. 18 September 195\68 aged 65 years. Wife of John.

GREEN, Coral Agnes Ann. 17 July 1913 - 5 May 2009. Wife of Bill, mother of John, Barry and Trevor, grandma of Michael, "Mum" to Anne.
GREEN, Ernest William (Bill). 6 September 1921 - 2 May 2008. Husband of Coral, father of John, Barry and Trevor, grandpa of Michael, "Dad" to Anne.

HEINJUS, Alva Margret (nee Foot). 9 March 1997 aged 80 years. Wife of Charles, mother of Graham, Margret and Elaine.
HEINJUS, Charles Desmond. 19 March 1973 aged 68 years. Husband of Alva, father of Graham, Margret and Elaine.
HOWARD, Ken. 2 February 1986 aged 42 years. Husband of Bev, father of Don, Brett and Tracey.

JENKINSON, George Innes (Bill). 13 July 1906 - 22 August 1997. Husband of jean, father of Richard and Louise.
JENKINSON, Jean Annie Morze. 27 August 1907 - 23 January 1992. Wife of Bill, mother of Richard and Louise.
JOHNSON, Kyle Ann. 30 May 1883 aged 17 years. Daughter and friend of Beverley, Paul, Garry, sister of Donna and Darryn.

LIERICH, Charles. 3 February 1956 aged 89 years, Husband of Martha.
LIERICH, Elenora Laura. 1 October 1978 aged 76 years. Wife of Percy.
LIERICH, Martha, 3 February 1965 aged 100 years. Wife of Charles.
LIERICH, Percy. 19 December 1987 aged 94 years. Husband of Elenora.
LINNETT, Dorothy. 24 April 1951 aged 31 years. Wife of Maxwell Keith, mother of Keith, Graham, Trevor, Brian, Gerald.
LINNETT, Fred Arnold. 17 April 1924 - 9 July 1998. Son of John and Valerie.
LINNETT, Jane Valerie Olive. 2 February 1967 aged 75. Wife of John Archibald.
LINNETT, John Archibald. 21 Oct 1954 aged 65 years. Husband of Jane Valerie Olive.
LINNETT, Maxwell Keith. 5 September 1992 aged 76 years. Husband of Dorothy, father of Keith, Graham, Trevor, Brian, Gerald.
LINNETT, Tricia. 15 July 1968.

MARTIENSEN, Julia Hania. 1899 - 1983. Wife of Albert, mother of Yvonne, Marie, John, Stanley, Naomi and Edward.
MCDONALD, A. H. SX15233 Gunner 2/14 Fd Regt RAA. 23 June 2007 aged 81 years.
MCINTYRE, C. J. VX6673 Private, 2/7 Inf Btn. 6 February 1996 aged 77 years.

O'BRIEN, Albert William (Bill). 1929 - 2008. Husband of Judith, father of Stephen and Jacqueline.

PORTMANN, Eunice. 5 May 1921 - 25 January 1997. Wife of Al, mother of Robert, Peter, Geoffrey and Margaret, grandma of Peter, Michael, Adam, Justin, Emily, Christopher, Lauren, aleisha and Jarrad.
PORTMANN, Jane (nee Johns). Born Balaklava 15 April 1887 died 21 February 1967. Mother of Myrtle, Doreen, Alois, Alice (dec'd).

RATCLIFF, Horrie. 27 Sep 1966 aged 64 years. Husband of Violet, father of Allen, Ken and Vivie.
RIGGS OBE, JP. Eldred Henry Verco. 24 February 1907 - 22 April 1992. Formerly of "Bentley" Gawler. Husband of Gwen Emma.
RIGGS Gwen Emma. 6 December 1906 - 2 August 1980. wife of Eldred Henry Verco.

SCHOLZ, Hilda Ida. 12 April 1995 aged 86 years. Wife of Walter, mother of Jaffrey and Kym, grandma of Trudi, Michael, Peter and Mary-Anne, great grandma of Luke, Chris and Sam.
SCHOLZ, Walter B. 9 November 1981 aged 72 years. Husband of Hilda Ida, father of Jaffrey and Kym, grandma of Trudi, Michael, Peter and Mary-Anne.
SHAKESHAFT, Lawrence. 5 July 1930 aged 38 years. Husband of ?larrie?a Bertha, father of Nell, Bill and Hilda.
STEFANOVIC, Ivan. born Belgrad, Yugoslavia 1 July 1910 - 4 January 1989. Husband of Brunhilde, father of Branka, Zoran, Karin and Ingrid.
STOECKEL, Doreen Rose. 29 July 1998 aged 86 years. Wife of Les, mother of Leslie and Barry.
STOECKEL, Leslie John. 2 July 1996 aged 56 years. Husband of Elaine Alva, father of David, Terry, Neil and families.
STOECKEL, Murray Arnold Leslie. 27 September 1989 aged 78 years. Husband of Doreen, father of Leslie and Barry.
SULLIVAN, Peter Rodney. 16 November 1947 - 28 April 1998. By his friends on KI.
SWANSON,, A. W. 5318 L/cpl, 10 Btn. 26 October 1966 aged 77 years. Husband of Ida, father of Jack (dec'd) R.A.N, Nils and Frank.
SWANSON,, Ida Sophia. July 1968 aged 76 years.

TAYLOR, Raymond Keith. 8 November 1907 - 13 April 2002. Husband of Ruby May, father of Keith, Colin, roger, Jeffrey and families
TAYLOR, Ruby May (nee Bates). 14 May 1912 - 19 January 2001. Wife of Raymond Keith, Mother of Keith, Colin, roger, Jeffrey and families.
TIPPING, Les. Oct 1978. Husband of Verna. Father.
TIPPING, Minnie Amelia. 24 March 1891 - 23 December 1980.
TIPPING, Myrtle G. J (nee Lee). 27 October 1984 aged 73 years. Wife of Roy Ernest.
TIPPING, Roy Ernest. 14 September 1989 aged 74 years. Husband of Myrtle G.J.
TIPPING, Verna. January 1979. Wife of Les. Mother.

WILLIAMS, Frank. 12 January 1963 age ??. Husband of Madge, father of Pauline and Rae.
WOODS, Harold Joseph. 21 November 1979 aged 57 years. Husband of Helen Winifred, father of Graham, Kenneth and Julie.
WOODS, Helen Winifred. 28 October 1976 aged 55 years. Wife of Harold Joseph, mother of Graham, Kenneth and Julie.
WYLE, Herbert Jesse. Born England 2 June 1891, died 10 October 1962. Husband of Hilda.

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