Headstone Transcriptions

Aldinga Anglican

Transcribed by Marylin and Steve Jones

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ATKINS, William George, 18.10.1915 - 24.10.2000, niche

BARBER, Glen, died 31 July 1982, aged 26 years, father of Jason, dearly loved son of Jim and Eileen, loving brother of Steve, Terry, Denise, Pat, Barry, Susie and Michael
BARRAS, William Stewart, 30.9.1921 - 2.3.2000, aged 78 years
BEAMISH, George Berry, 12.8.1932 - 30.11.1993
BECKLEY, Alfred, beloved husband of Emma, who died July 31, 1900, aged 39 years
BELCHAMBER-AROONSINI, Melanie Karina, (Mels), 1981 - 1994, always in our hearts, Mum and Kira + plaque grandma, grandpa and Uncle Ron
BENNETTS, James, who died January 15, 1883, aged 90 years, who arrived in Adelaide in the year 1835
BENNETTS, Mary, died 1888, aged 88 years *
BINNS, Nora, born 18.11.1906, died 6.12.1985, niche
BLADES, Isabelle Mary Lee, 30.5.1912 - 21.3.2003
BLAKEWAY, Marjorie Jean, died 16 October 1990, aged 76 years, beloved wife of Lionel Norman, loving mother of Helen
BOWDEN, Reginald Spicer, born 1907, died 1984, (with Sophie), niche
BOWDEN, Sophie Estelle, born 1907, died 1986, (with Reginald), niche
BOWERING, Edgar Mills, died 1875, aged 4 months, *
BRIGGS, Jean Isabel, died 5 May 1973, aged 53 years, beloved wife of Don
BROWN, James, died 29 May 1916, aged 64 years
BUTTERWORTH, Albert Broadbent, died 1956, aged 71 years (see Broadbent)
BUTTERWORTH, Broadbent, died 1928 aged 83 years, (with Mary, Albert and Joseph), white cross
BUTTERWORTH, Joseph Robert, died 1872, aged 2 days (see Broadbent)
BUTTERWORTH, Mary McGregor, died 1928, aged 84 years (see Broadbent)

CHALMERS, Emma, formerly Beckley, nee Pengilly, born 19/5/1868, died 1923, at rest with Alfred Beckley
CHAPMAN, Clement, 15 March 1989, age 85niche
CHAPMAN, Edna, 21 November 1978, age 71, niche
COOMBER, David Robert, born 28.5.1900, died 22.7.1990, niche
CORTVRIEND, Abigail Ann, 1.7.2000, niche
CROSER, Fred, died 18 July 1994, aged 65 years, beloved husband of Betty Marion, father of Richard, David, Barbara, Owen

DAVIES, Rita May, 1932 - 2004
DAVIES, Simon William Talfan, 6 June 1961 - 18 June 1981, aged 20 years
DELANEY, Effie May, died 10 June 2000, aged 88 years (with Frank)
DELANEY, Frank James, 2nd AIF, died 12 May 1982, aged 69 years, beloved husband of Effie
DOWNING, Carthy David, who departed this life, September 13, 1867, aged 60 years
DOWNING, Fanny, the dearly beloved wife of George David Downing, who died April 8, 1874, aged 25 years
DREWRY, (Norah) Ida Florence, died 12 November 1976, aged 66 years, beloved wife of William and mother of David
DREWRY, W. A., husband of the late Ida, loved father of David, passed away 24 September 1984
DRURY, James (Jim) Frederick, 14 November 1937, 2 July 1997, beloved husband of June, devoted dad and grandad of anne, Maria, Lisa and families, loved brother and friend (SA and UK)

FENNELL, Frederick Allan, 1924 - 1991, loved husband of Dorothy, loving father of Lynda, Kathryn and Beverley
FISHLOCK, Danny, 1959 - 1997
FORREST, Charlotte, beloved wife of C Forrest of Myponga, and eldest daughter of W Cliff of Aldinga, died October 7, 1888, aged 36 years
FORREST, Hellen, (Dow), 1821 - 12.3.1904, wife of Thomas Forrest, mother of Ann Rogers, James, Thomas, Charles, Rachel, Mary, Margaret McBurney, Phoebe Rowley and William
FORREST, May Charlotte, youngest daughter of C and C Forrest, died January 13, 1888, aged 7 months
FORREST, Thomas, 1820 - 16.5.1899, arrived SA 1844, husband of Hellen (Dow), father of Ann Rogers, James, Thomas, Charles, Rachel, Mary, Margaret McBurney, Phoebe Rowley and William
FOSTER, John Lillicrappe, beloved husband of the above (Emma), died July 10, 1921, aged 67 years
FOSTER, Benjamin, beloved husband of Mary, who died 21 January 1892, aged 70 years
FOSTER, Emma Jane, died December 6, 1930, aged 70 years (with John)
FOSTER, Mary, beloved wife of the late Benjamin, who died 22 April 1895, aged 77 years
FRITH, Ken, 21.7.1937 to 10.5.2001, niche

GILES, Christopher, beloved husband of Mary Rea Giles, died November 27, 1917, aged 77 years
GILES, Ealeanor Salome, 2.8.1880 - 26.9.1979 (with Elizabeth)
GILES, Elizabeth Irene, 17.4.1885 - 20.10.1975 (with Eleanor)
GILES, Mary Rea, beloved wife of above (Christopher), died June 13, 1937, aged 85 years
GILES, Rachael Eunice, died December 1, 1911, aged 33 years,
GIUMELLI, Sarah Tress, our beautiful little girl, 17.3.2001 -25.3.2001, cherished daughter of Chris and Belinda, much loved sister of Rachel
GREENLEES, Emily Mabel, their (Emily and James), daughter, born 1 January 1871, died 15 May 1871
GREENLEES, Emily, the beloved wife of James Jun., born 7 December 1855, died 4 February 1871(with Emily)

HALE, Doreen Asta, born 20/10/35, died 11/2/85, niche
HARRIS, Gwenda Hilda, born 20.6.22, died 7.9.98, loving mother of Jeanine, Christine, Philip (dec), and Neville, mother in law of Derek, Clive and Samantha, and cherished grandmother
HARRIS, Malcolm (Harry), much loved husband of Pauline, died 5 December 1987, aged 53 years, loved father of Anna, Guy and Laura
HART, Francis, dearly loved husband of Jane, loved father of Jenny, Susan (dec), who passed away 27 March 19??, aged 85 years
HART, Jane, beloved wife of the above (Francis), who died 28 August 1921, aged 77 years
HAY-TAYLOR, Alexander, 1900 - 1979 (with Elsa)
HAY-TAYLOR, Elsa, 1897 - 1989 (with Alexander)
HAY-TAYLOR, M, died 2003, *
HERRICK, Edward, husband of the above (Elizabeth), born 17 June 1845, died 26 August 1923
HERRICK, Elizabeth, born 9 February 1856, died 28 August 1921 (with Edward)
HERRICK, George Alexander, Late 43rd Batt. AIF, our dear brother, eldest son of late Edward and Elizabeth, died October 24, 1928, aged 39 years
HERRICK, Gwendolyn Nellie, died 14 May 1989, aged 93 years, loved mother of Barbara and Kathleen (with Robert)
HERRICK, Robert James, beloved husband of Gwendolyn, died 24 June 1975, aged 79 years, loved father of Barbara and Kathleen
HEYNEN, Mary, beloved wife of Charles, died 9 July 1905, aged 60 years
HILTON, Mary Ann, died 1876, aged 56 years, *
HILTON, Mary Ann, the beloved wife of William, died November 26, 1876, aged 70 years
HOW, Fanny, born 1853, died 1921 (with Henry)
HOW, Henry William, born 1852, died 1904 (with Fanny)
HUME, William, Nighle, beloved husband of Hilda, died 26 July 1964, aged 67 years
HUNTER, James, died 16.9.80, aged 43 years

JEANES, A. Keith, 9 May 1973, age 72, niche
JEANES, Merv. R., 23 June 1978, age 66, niche
JEANES, Pat McP., 20 March 1995, age 92, niche
JOHNS, Michael Jay, the little legend, 17.10.1991 - 11.5.1997, aged 5, loved, treasured and now deeply missed son of Michael and Denise, little brother to Mahala and Joshua, big brother to Michael, Patrick and Tamika Jay
JONES, Caroline, died 1896, aged 74 years, *
JONES, George, died 1889, aged 64 years, *

KIMBER, William, who died 3 June 1888, aged 63 years
KNIPE, James Fk, Surgeon, who departed this life December 29, 1869, aged 49 years

LAMB, Shane Paul, 25.3.1971 - 12.11.1999, aged 28 years, loving son of Denise, much loved brother of Adrian
LEONARD, Neville, born 24.9.1993, fell asleep 5.4.2002, beloved husband of Margaret, special dad to Stephen, Colette and Katrina
LEVI, A. James, born 6/12/1919, died 20/2/1980 (with Audrey)niche
LEVI, Audrey, born 26/10/1924, died 14/3/1984 (with A. James), niche
LITHGOW, Margaret Jane, beloved wife of the late William Thomas, died March 9, 1924, aged 69 years
LITHGOW, William Thomas, beloved husbands of M J Lithgow, died August 19, 1903, aged 51 years
LLOYD, Susannah, died 1875, aged 57 years *

MADGWICK, Arthur William, 29.6.1941, 24.1.2001, lovingly remembered by his family in England
MANN, Liam, [no details]
MCGAFFIN, Albert Francis (Bill), beloved husband of Myrtle, died 5 February 1989, aged 90
MCGAFFIN, Myrtle Ivy, beloved wife of Bill, died 19 August 1970, aged 69
MCKENZIE, Annabelle, died 9 August 1930 +
MCKENZIE, Annie, who died 11 November 1899, aged 80 years
MCKENZIE, Donald, died 24 July 1944 +
MCKENZIE, Hannah, died 3 June 1927 +
MCKENZIE, Jessie, who died 2 April 1889, aged 28 years
MCKENZIE, John, third son of John and Annie, died June 5, 1917, aged 67
MCKENZIE, John, who died 16 June 1890, in his 82nd year
MCKENZIE, Kenneth, died 3 May 1917 +
MCKENZIE, Margaret Hendry, died 12 September 1935 +
MCKENZIE, Mary, eldest daughter of John and Annie, died October 22, 1910, aged 70
MCKENZIE, Murdoch, died 19 July 1932 +
MONTEITH, Lindsay, died 2002, aged 82 years
MUMFORD, Alice, beloved wife of James, died 8 February 1938, aged 74
MUMFORD, J., died 1948, aged 74 years, *
MUMFORD, James Friend, beloved husband of Alice, died 6.8.1948, aged 74 years
MUMFORD, James, beloved husband of Sophia, who died 5 November 1899, aged 70 years
MUMFORD, Sophia, wife of above (James), died 22 February 1926, aged 94 years

NELSON, James Campbell, who departed this life, September 18, 1873, aged 54 years
NELSON, Susannah, the beloved child of James and Susanah, who died of Bronchitis, July 12, 1864, aged 11 months (with Thomas)
NELSON, Thomas Henry, [died] on March 8, 1875, aged 11 years, 7 months (with Susannah)
NORMAN, Alton Ross, beloved husband of Una, loved father of Lyn and Meridith, died 5 October 1971, aged 47 years
NORMAN, Garnet Lloyd, died 15 December 1987, aged 75 years, loved eldest son of the late Lloyd and Alice, loving brother of Myra, Lois, Vernon, Ross (dec), Ocie, Marjory and Jeffery

ORTIS, Brian Bruno 'Pio', beloved husband of Aline, died 2 January 1983, aged 62 years, loved father of James, Malcolm, Helen and Stephen

PENGILLY, Grace Jane, their (Henry and Jeannie) beloved daughter, who died May 13, 1872, aged 31 days
PENGILLY, Henry, who was accidentally killed, October 13, 1898, aged 55 years (with Jeannie and Grace)
PENGILLY, Jeannie, his (Henry) beloved wife, who died July 15, 1885, aged 35 years
PENGILLY, Susan, died April 24, 1953, aged 86 years
PETTMAN, Gwenda Maud, wife of Bert and Perce, mother of Ian, Bruce and Greg, 14.1.06 - 1.6.98

REDIN, James Watson, born 15 April 1813, died 22 August 1871
REGIONE, Susan Elizabeth, loving mother of Ayla, 2.7.58 (Sioux) 31.8.02 #
ROBINSON, May, died 2 October 1958, aged 85 years, loving mother of Charles Henry (with William)
ROBINSON, William Charles, dearly beloved husband of May, died 20 March 1954, aged 87 years, loving father of Charles Henry
ROGERS, Elizabeth, wife of the above (John), who died March 27, 1909, 85 years
ROGERS, John T., beloved husband of Elizabeth, died September 23, 1906, aged 86 years
ROGERS, Leslie, loved husband of Madge, father of Bernice and Gordon, died 3 December 1924, aged 37 yrs
ROWLEY, Robert, 19.8.1831 - 24.2.1872, arrived on 'Morley' 16.4.1840, husband of Maria (Polden), father of Elizabeth Batts; George, William Cornelius, Mary Attrill, Charlotte Aunger and Alice Attrill

SCHRAPE, Arnold Charles, passed away 9 April 2002, aged 82 years, much loved father of Lyndal and Andrew
SCHRAPE, Isobelle Emily, passed away 14 January 1999, aged 84 years, dearly loved wife of Arnold, much loved mother of Lyndal and Andrew
SEKULIC, Mico, passed away 15 April 1995, aged 83 years, dearly loved husband of Rajna, father of Vera and Milosh, 'Deka' to Andrew, Shaunagh, Karen, Matthew, Lisa, Shane, Rebecca and Jessica, father in law to Carol and Sonny
STONE, Nellie May, beloved wife of Ben, loving mother of Darrell, passed away 11 July 1993, aged 88 years
STRACHAN, Leonard, died 1999, aged 78 years, *
STUART, Arthur Henry, died 1875, aged 1 day, *
SYLOW, Frances Barbara, born 16.10.06, died 7.4.94, (with Niels), niche
SYLOW, Niels Kristian, born 31.8.05, died 16.8.88,( with Frances) niche

THOMSON, Mayo Harding, 26.2.1925 - 26.12.2003, niche
TREVENA, Dorothy Elvyn, loving wife of Gilbert, passed away 5 July 1972
TREVENA, William Gilbert, loved husband of Dorothy, passed away 14 May 1983

WADE, Audrey Jean, born 1.12.24, died 18.6.87, niche
WAKELY, Eliza, only daughter of John and Ann, died July 21, 1881, aged 24 years (with William)
WAKELY, William, beloved son of John and Ann, died July 15, 1877, aged 25 years (with Eliza)
WIGLEY, Gordon Ralph, beloved husband of Con, passed away 26 April 1992, aged 74 years, dearly loved father of Pat, Margaret and Mary
WILLIAMS, Frederick George, beloved husband of Ivy, father of John, also Freddy (dec), died 14 October 1985, aged 75 years

* details appear to come from Burial Records, probably identified by a Church committee
+Several McKenzie family members appear on one headstone, designated with +
#Regione - this monument is flat on the ground and is made in a beautiful mosaic pattern that is difficult to decipher
The niche in this cemetery is flat on the ground
We have consulted the SA Deaths CD for clarification of some of the dates and ages - we have remained true to the headstone info where the numbers became clear
We have checked some details on the SA Deaths CD produced by the SA Genealogical Society - sometimes resulting in more confusion - to try to clarify dates or ages
We have reproduced the headstone inscription as closely as possible

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