Headstone Transcriptions


Transcribed by Marylin and Steve Jones

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ADDISON, Cobin, born December 17, 1885, died August10, 1886
ADDISON, Fanny, beloved wife of C. [Addison], born August 17, 1860, died April 12, 1886

BACCHUS, George T. G., died 27 March 1913, aged 21 years (with Edmund, Alma and Edward Polkinghorne)
BARNET, Jessie Elizabeth, died 11 July 1995, loving mother of Christine, respected by Graeme, loved nanna of Jessica, Maior, Sarah and Aten, (with William)
BARNET, William Donald, died 22 September 1988, aged 75 years, beloved husband of Jessie, loving father of Christine, respected by Graeme, loved pop of Jessica, Maior, Sarah and Aten
BAYLIS, McDonald (Don) George, 10.5.11 - 12.6.92, darling husband of Enid, loving father of Gary, Grant, Ian, Jeffry and Freiderick, dear granpa to his family, niche wall
BERMOSER, Herta K., 11.5.1920 - 27.4.2003, RIP Bert, niche wall
BERRY, James Allen, died April 6, 1987, aged 82 years
BERRY, Millicent, wife of Timpron Martin Berry, 1869 - 1953, loved mother of Leslie, Richard, Kenneth, Allan and Jean,
BERRY, Timpron Martin, 1868 - 1956, (with Millicent)
BERTRAM, Myrtle Mary, 21.9.1911 - 18.11.2000, loved wife of Stanley, loved mother of Jan and Don
BERTRAM, Stanley Vincent, 25.8.1913 - 24.7.2001, loved stepfather of Jan and Don (with Myrtle)
BEVEAR, Jack, 24.1.1955 - 12.4.2004
BIRD, Alfred, who passed away 9 December 1934, aged 77 years (with Sarah and Sylvia)
BIRD, Charley George, beloved husband of Ella, died 19 October 1947, aged 65 years + tablet "Dad" remembered by Jo &Phyll
BIRD, Ella, loved wife of the above (Charley), died 28 August 1970, aged 85 years
BIRD, Joseph Alfred, 1901 - 2000 (with Phyllis) + cross 9.5.1909 -4.3.2000, aged 90 years
BIRD, Phyllis Valmai, 1920 - 2001 (with Joseph)
BIRD, Sarah Ann, loved wife of above (Alfred), died 13 December 1934, aged 76 years
BIRD, Sylvia May, loving daughter of above (Alfred and Sarah), died 26 April 1894, age 4 years
BLACKWOOD, William (Bill) Thomas, beloved son of Tom and Jane, brother of Carolyn, Liz, Wilma and Tracey, born 8 October 1957, accidentally killed 14 February 1988
BOLTE, Joyleen Fay, their beloved daughter (Frederick and Annie Cox), loved mother of Peter and Michael, died 19 January 1977, aged 34 years
BRITTAIN, Melvie Jean, beloved wife of Alfred, died 17 June 1989, aged 76 years, loving mother of Marlene and Joan
BURDORF-RINGERS, Josina Wilhelmina, 23.3.1915 - 30.7.2001, loving mother of Dick, Theo and Josina, niche wall
BURROWS, G. D., T28675, Private, 12/50 Infantry Battalion, 27 June 1949, age 25; dearly loved, sadly missed by his loving wife Joyce, and son Douglas
BUTTERWORTH, John, died 1.10.1958, aged 37 (with Stewart)
BUTTERWORTH, Stewart, died 9. 3.1959, aged 44 (with John), sons of Rose and Albert

CLARK, Margaret Violet, died 4.1.1967, aged 74 (with Mary and William)
CLARK, Mary Jane, died 18.7.1947, aged 79 (with Margaret and William)
CLARK, William Walter, died 21.5.1974, aged 80 (with Mary and Margaret)
CLARK, William, who died 16 June 1917, aged 75 years, brother of Mary Ann, James and John Clark
CLARKSON, Claude, born 8 October 1908, died 3 April 1990, loved husband of Alice, father of Elaine, Helen and Janette
CLIFF, Alfred, beloved husband of Elizabeth, and loving father of Ollie, Maurice, Pearl and Phyllis, who passed away 20 June 1938, aged 74 years
CLIFF, Elizabeth, loving wife and mother of above (see Alfred), passed away 14 March 1943, aged 80 years
CLIFF, Ida Pearl, died 29 April 1970, aged 76, loving sister (with Maurice)
CLIFF, John Burdett, died 9 July 1945, aged 82 years (with Selina)
CLIFF, Maurice James, died 13 January 1969, aged 76 years (with Ida)
CLIFF, Selina Augusta, beloved of above (John), died 13 September 1948, aged 84 years
COX, Alice Amelia, beloved wife of above (Frederick), died 7 September 1959, in her 83rd year, our loving mother (with Frederick and Harold)
COX, Annie May, devoted wife of Fred, mother of Joyleen, grandmother of Peter and Michael, friend of Sam, died 12 September 1982, aged 75 years
COX, David, who died July 29, 1878, aged 34 years (with Edgar)
COX, Edgar Wilton Blacker, son of the above (David), who died May 7, 1895, in his 19th year
COX, Elizabeth Anne, beloved wife and mother of above (David and Edgar), died 17 February 1916, aged 68 years [tablet on grave of David and Edgar]
COX, Frederick, beloved husband of Alice Amelia, loved father of Alice, Edith, Fred, Ethel, Ellen, Alfred (dec), Walter, Stanley, Annie, Elsie and Harold David, died 4 October 1938, aged 67 years (with Alice and Harold David)
COX, Frederick, husband of Annie, died 16 June 1952, aged 50 years (with Joyleen Fay Bolte)
COX, Gabriel, the beloved husband of Louisa Cox, who departed this life January 7, 1892, aged 76 years
COX, Harold David, beloved son of above (Frederick and Alice), died 20 November 1941, aged 22 years
COX, Louisa, the beloved wife of the above (Gabriel), who died May 11, 1909, aged 93 years
COX, Lucy, the beloved wife of Thomas, who departed this life 12 January 1896, aged 55 years
COX, Mary Ann, the beloved wife of David, who departed this life September 27, 1873, aged 28 years
CRISP, John Noah, died 7 September 1939, aged 80 years (with Sarah)
CRISP, Sarah Grace, died 17 August 1952, aged 91 years (with John)
CRISP, Theodora M. Louise, beloved wife of Ray, 1889 - 1970, mother of Dorothea, Glen, Betty, Shirley
CRISP, Vera Winifred, nee Wiseman, September 13, 1913 - June 5, 1998, loved wife of Glen, loved mother of Heather, Karen and Meredith, niche wall
CRISP, Wilton Raymond, beloved husband of Dora, 1889 - 1951, father of Dorothea, Glen, Betty, Shirley
CROSER, Frederick Charles, beloved husband of Margaret, and loving father of Dora, Anne, Fred and Beryl, died 22 January 1943, in his 70th year
CROSER, Margaret Melville, wife of above (Frederick), died 18 January 1955, aged 76 years
CULLEY, Asenath, died 28.11.1931, aged 69 years (with Thomas and Iverene)
CULLEY, Ashley Cox, beloved husband of Gertrude, loving father of Betty and Margaret, died 29 June 1956, in his 89th year
CULLEY, Claude Lancelot, died 27 February 1995, aged 92 years (with Grace)
CULLEY, Edith Gladys, beloved second wife of Melville Gordon, and dear friend of Mary Ann, died 19 October 1986, aged 88 years
CULLEY, Edith Louisa, of Glenelg, died 28 July 1943
CULLEY, Eric Percy, beloved son of J H &M Culley, died 28 June 1913, aged 10 months
CULLEY, Francis Ashley (Bill), who departed this life December 5, 1925, aged 20 years, 7 months, much loved son of Ashley and Gertrude, and brother of Betty and Margaret, our only son and brother
CULLEY, Francis, beloved husband of Treaza, and eldest son of the late Benjamin Culley of Trowie Hall, Norfolk, England, died 16 May 1908, aged 87 years
CULLEY, Gertrude, beloved wife of above (Ashley), died 11 August 1966, in her 82nd year
CULLEY, Grace Dorothy, beloved wife of Claude L. Culley, and loving mother of Dorothy, died 27 October 1943, aged 44 years
CULLEY, Iverene Sylvia, died 30.12.1984, aged 92 years (with Asenath and Thomas)
CULLEY, John Hurtle, husband of the above (Maud), died 27 August 1966, aged 94 years
CULLEY, Kenneth Gordon, beloved husband of Elvy D. Culley, loved only child of Gordon and Annie Culley, Farrell's Flat, passed away 13 July 1939, aged 25 years
CULLEY, M. A. Maud, beloved wife of J. H. Culley, died 12 November 1952, aged 78 years
CULLEY, Mary Ann, beloved wife of M. G. Culley, died 11 September 1950, aged 69 years
CULLEY, Melville Gordon, died 5 July 1963, aged 75 years (with Mary)
CULLEY, Thomas Henry, died 31.10.1955, aged 93 years (with Asenath and Iverene)
CULLEY, Treaza, beloved wife of Francis, born August 27, 1840, died August 29, 1935, aged 95 years, 2 days
CULLEY, Wilfred Keith, passed away 11 July 1988, aged 82 years, dearly loved and loving husband of Audrey Irene, loving father of Yvonne, Grahame and Philip

DENEYS, Pauline Emilie, 4 June 1915 - 14 September 1992, in our hearts always, Isobelle and Arnold; Lyndal and Andrew, niche wall
DENTON, Joseph, who died 22 November 1902, aged 64 years
DOLEY, Elba Muriel, died 13.8.1995, aged 90 years, loving wife of Harrold, loving mother of Bruce and Margaret
DOLEY, Harrold James, died 21.10.2000, aged 93 years, loving husband of Elba, loving father of Bruce and Margaret
DULDIG, Douglas Louis, 23.8.1915 - 1.11.1995, dearly loved husband of Helen, niche wall
DYER, Alice, beloved wife of Hedley, late of WA., dear mother of Thelma and Joyce, sister of Louie, died December 11, 1926, aged 42 years

EATS, Ada May, beloved wife of Thomas, who died August 25, 1970
EATS, Elizabeth, wife of above (Thomas), died July 22, 1930, aged 88 years
EATS, Olive L. C., daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth, died 10 March 1952, aged 65 years
EATS, Thomas Darwin, beloved husband of Ada, who died December 28, 1924, aged 38 years
EATS, Thomas, beloved husband of Elizabeth, died July 13, 1927, aged 79 years
EATT, Adeline, wife of above (Jonathan), died April 5, 1936, aged 85 years
EATT, Jonathan, died 30 August 1931, aged 83 years (with Adeline)
EATTS, Albert Henry, passed away 18 March, 1918, aged 44 years, beloved father of Henry, Reginald, Doris and Gladys, (with Thurza)
EATTS, Bernard Mansfield, passed away 22 September 1976, aged 70 years (with Glenrose)
EATTS, Connie, died 27 Janaury 1977, aged 58 years (with Edwin and Gretchin), sister of Barbara and Lenore
EATTS, Dianne Margaret, died 27 March 1970, aged 14 years, beloved daughter of Thelma and Austen, always remembered by her sisters and brother, Judith, Kevin and Susan
EATTS, Doris Winnie Elizabeth, died 4 February 1987, aged 86 years, beloved daughter of Albert and Thurza (with Gladys)
EATTS, E. Rose, died 16 April 1962, aged 86 years
EATTS, Edwin Hector, died 29 April 1967, aged 84 years beloved father of Connie, Barbara and Lenore, (with Gretchen and Connie),
EATTS, Florence Ethel, beloved wife of above (George), died 4 December 1971, aged 84 years
EATTS, George Lloyd, loved husband of Florence, died 24 January 1960, aged 75 years
EATTS, Gladys Muriel, died 2 July 1997, aged 81 years, beloved daugher of Albert and Thurza (with Doris)
EATTS, Glenrose Florence, passed away 13 October 1986, aged 77 years (with Bernard)
EATTS, Gretchen Helene, died 15 July 1981, aged 91 years beloved mother of Connie, Barbara and Lenore (with Edwin and Connie)
EATTS, Ida Beryl, wife of Max, mother of Brenton, died 11.11.2000, aged 86 years
EATTS, Jessie Reid, died 4 March 1953, aged 60 years,+ tablet loving mother of Helen, Gerard, Austen, Lindsay and Rosemary, + Early pioneer of Kimba District
EATTS, Mrs Lorys Ettie (Lol), 2.2.1937 - 20.3.92, loved wife of Geoff, loving mother of Kevin and Stephen, niche wall
EATTS, Octavius Charles, died 6 January 1941, aged 49 years, + tablet loving father of Helen, Gerard, Austen, Lindsay and Rosemary, + Early pioneer of Kimba District
EATTS, Sarah Ann, beloved wife of above (William), died 9 August 1964, aged 87 years
EATTS, Thurza, passed away 28 September 1946, aged 68 years, beloved mother of Henry, Reginald, Doris and Gladys, (with Albert)
EATTS, William Alfred, beloved husband of Sarah A., died 2 July 1950, aged 72 years
ELLBOURN, Arthur, my dear husband, who departed this life, November 30, 1911, aged 76 years (with Henry)
ELLBOURN, Charlotte, dearly beloved wife of the late Arthur, died 28 February 1933, aged 74 years
ELLBOURN, Elfrida, beloved wife of Walter, loving mother of Edna, Ben, Lloyd, Max and Valda, passed away 8 June 1963, aged 71 years
ELLBOURN, Henry, died 3 December 1936, aged 50 years (with Henry)
ELLBOURN, Joseph, our beloved husband and father, who passed away 6 March 1949, aged 77 years (with Maud)
ELLBOURN, Maud Emma, beloved wife of above (Joseph), who passed away 12 August 1972, aged 86 years
ELLBOURN, Walter, beloved husband and father of above (Efrida, Edna, Ben, Lloyd, Max and Valda), passed away 15 April 1965, aged 73 years

FIDGE, Elizabeth Knight, the beloved wife of Lewis, who died September 1, 1875, aged 45 years
FIDGE, Ernest Lewis, dearly loved husband of Rebie, who died August 3, 1935, aged 44= years
FIDGE, Lewis, dearly loved husband of Esther, who died July 15, 1911, aged 55 years
FIDGE, Lewis, who died December 21, 1895, aged 68 years
FIDGE, Winfred, who departed this life, February 25, 1893, aged 31 years
FOORD, Marjory Muriel, died 15 July 1993, aged 91 years,beloved wife of Noel, loved mother of Starre (Joy) and David
FOORD, Noel Augusutine, died 21 June 1998, aged 98 years, loved father of Starre (Joy) and David (with Marjory)
FOREMAN, Annie (Croser), 3.12.1912 - 10.11.2001, loving wife of Ronald, loving mother of Peter and June, niche wall
FOSTER, James Ian, beloved husband of Wilhelmina, loved father of Joan, died 4 October 1982, aged 57 years
FOUREUR, Reni Leon, 11.5.1916 - 31.8.1990, loved husband of Gwen, niche wall
FREEMAN, Neville Robert, 5.6.61 - 5.10.01, beloved husband to Janet, loving father to Natalie, Lorna [remainder illegible]

GOODE, Alfred Britten, the beloved child of William and Marion, who died 12 June 1882, aged 11 months
GRANT, Natalie Patricia, 25.1.1931 to 19.1.1998, adored and beloved wife of lan, loving mother of David, Stuart, Tina and Kim and all of her grandchildren, niche wall
GRAY, John Dean, 6/9/1932 - 14/5/2000
GUINEA, Robert Martin, born 25.6.1984, died 27.12.1991

HAILSTONE, Joyce, [illegible] 24 April 1984, Wife of Malcolm. Anthony, Mignonna, Leonie, Stacey, daughter of LS &BL Norman
HAMS, Desmond Howard, passed away 16.2.1991, aged 52 years and 11 months, dearly loved husband of Doris, loved father of Terry, Daryl, Debra, Grant and Donlee, rest in peace pop
HARVEY, Daisy Clarinda, beloved wife of Thomas L., loving mother of Rosslyn and Coral, died 8 January 1963, aged 75 years
HARVEY, Thomas Levi, beloved husband and father of above (see Daisy), died 24 May 1966, aged 78 years + service plaque, 2125, L/Cpl, 5 Pioneer Battalion, died 24 May 1966, age 78
HELE, Jean, 01.7.1981
HENSLEY, Susie Hannah, died 2 December 1977, aged 32 years
HEWITT, Alice (Betty) Lily, passed away 18 September 2001, aged 80 years, beloved wife of Archie, devoted mother of Ray and Chris, mother in law of Rita and Jan, nanna of Tina, Michael, David and Kym, great nanna of Emily, Daniel, Amanda, Kellie, Jennifer, Zachary, Nicholas and Lucy
HOBBS, Annie C., 'At Rest'
HOLBERRY, Margaret Mary, 3.11.1932 - 19.4.1999, beloved wife of Harvey for 44 years, loving mother of Helen, Jackie, Stephen, Wayne and David, cherished nana to her grandchildren and great grandchildren, niche wall
HOLBERRY,Stephen Francis, aged 30 years, 4.3.61 - 10.3.91, sadly missed by his children, parents and family, niche wall
HOLDING, Geofrey Bertram, 1.11.1913 - 5.12.1995, beloved father of Leigh, David, Richard, lived life to the full, remembered for his love of the Australian bush, niche wall
HOW, Alice Maud, beloved wife of above (Stanley), died August 18,1963, aged 79 years
HOW, Stanley James, my dear husband, died August 23, 1941, aged 53 years (with Alice)
HUMPHRYS, Loyde James, beloved husband and father of above (Meta, Gwenda and Max), passed away 1 July 1972, in his 72nd year
HUMPHRYS, Meta Catherine, beloved wife of Loyde J., and loving mother of Gwenda and Max, who passed away 12 January 1949, aged 44 years
HUNT, Charles H., died 7 June 1980, aged 78 years, loving father of Keith and Margaret (with Ivy)
HUNT, Elsie Olive (nee Cox), dearly loved and sadly missed by her family, died 12 October 1997, in her 81st year (with Thomas) + [born] 11.5.1916
HUNT, Ivy Lavinia, beloved wife of Charles H. Hunt, died 18 September 1947, aged 42 years, loving mother of Keith and Margaret
HUNT, Peter William, beloved husband of above (Ruth), died July 15, 1944, aged 81 years
HUNT, Phebe Alina, loved mother of Harry, Max and Dorothy, passed away 29 September 1965, aged 75 years
HUNT, Ruth, beloved wife of P. W. Hunt, died January 2, 1932, aged 61 years
HUNT, Thomas Albert, beloved husband of Elsie, and loved father of Valma, Moreen and June, died 2 May 1955, in his 65th year + [born] 17.5.1890
HUXTABLE, Thomas Leslie, *22.10.1944 07.11.1963

ILLMAN, Harry E., 1880 - 1954, sons of above (Harry and Mary) interred in W Aus
ILLMAN, Harry, dearly loved husband of Mary, died September 30, 1911, aged 70 years (with Mary, Herbert and Harry E.)
ILLMAN, Herbert J., 1877 - 1907 (with Harry)
ILLMAN, Louie, dearly loved daugher of H and M Illman, died September 7, 1906, aged 22 years (with Alice Dyer)
ILLMAN, Mary, beloved wife of above (Harry), died November 1925, aged ?1 years
ILLMAN, Rhoda Caroline, beloved daughter of Harry and Mary, who died October 8, 1956, aged 87 years

JOBSON, Albert William, 28.1.1891 - 9.1.1972 (with Hilda)
JOBSON, Clarence George, 2.7.1902 - 20.7.1973
JOBSON, Hilda Addie, his (Albert) wife, buried February 1954, West Terrace
JOBSON, John, beloved husband of above (Sophia), died 18 August 1947, aged 81 years
JOBSON, Renfrey Lionel, loved husband of Betty, loved father of Beverley and Dianne, died 21 November 1983, aged 72
JOBSON, Sophia C., died 18 November 1926, aged 56 years (with John)
JOHNSON, Leonie Stacey, daughter of Joyce and Johnny, sister of Anthony, [illegible] died 15 October 1961, in her 6th year
JUST, Ernest Herbert, beloved husband of Margaret, loving father of Diane and Andrew, born 26.8.1912, died 20.5.1993

KARLSSON, Jonas Fabian, beloved husband of Esther, died 2 March 1945, aged 76 years
KEITH, James Black, 6.8.1911 - 14.3.1982, father of John, Noelene, Kathleen, Lynette, Anne, Janet (with Norma), niche wall
KEITH, Norma Maria (nee Tompson), 6.9.1911 - 20.12.1992, loving wife of James, mother of John, Noelene, Kathleen, Lynette, Anne, Janet,niche wall
KELLY, James, (Jim), 6.6.1913 - 8.11.1990, ex Irish Guards 1940 - 1946, beloved husband of Monica, loved father of Barbara and Elaine, niche wall
KENDALL, Leila, born 4.5.1906, died 28.5.1963
KITSON, Edna, beloved wife of Wilf, died 5.10.1995, aged 84 years, loved mother of Margaret, Joan and Robert (dec)
KITSON, Wilfred John, beloved husband of Edna, died 11.12.1988, aged 73 years, loved father of Margaret, Joan and Robert (dec)
KUCHARZ, Viktor Robert, 1921 - 1993, niche wall

LAMBE, Ellen, died 3 October 1982, aged 77 years, (with Harold), loving mother and grandmother of Don, Rodger, Lorraine and families
LAMB Harold George, died 2 September 1982, aged 75 years, beloved husband of Ellen, loving father and grandfather of Don, Rodger, Lorraine and families
LAWRENCE, Patricia Dawn, 10.9.1930 - 17.11.2003, loved wife of Alfred Pope (dec), Mervyn Smith (dec), Ted Lawrence, cherished mother of Norman, Wayne, Chris and Rosalie, special nanna and great nanna
LEE, Albert George, loved husband of Hilda, died 27 April 1992, aged 81 years, loved father of Barry and Frances
LONGDIN, Eliza, the beloved wife of John, died 18 April 1886, aged 56 years
LONGDIN, John, died February 7, 1891, aged 62 years (with Eliza)
LOVELOCK, Albert Elijah, dearly loved husband of Bertha Millicent, died 19 May 1948, aged 79 years
LOVELOCK, Ann, wife of the above (George), died October 10, 1875, aged 70 years; arrived in the Colony September 27, 1839
LOVELOCK, Benjamin, died 6 November 1944, aged 63 years (with Eliza)
LOVELOCK, Bertha Millicent, died 16 May 1966, aged 82 years (with Albert)
LOVELOCK, Caleb, loving husband of Catherine, who died August 23rd 1956, aged 85 years
LOVELOCK, Catherine, beloved wife of above (Caleb), who died September 19, 1968
LOVELOCK, Christina Elizabeth, beloved wife and mother, died 4 April 1977, aged 81 years, (with Mansfield)
LOVELOCK, Eliza Amy, died 30 March 1973, aged 90 years, (with Benjamin)
LOVELOCK, Ellen Adelaide, loving wife of Henry, and loved mother of Maud, Doan [sic}, Gwen, Lance, Charlie and Cecil, died 27 August 1936
LOVELOCK, George, who died December 4, 1853, aged 51 years (numbers hard to read)
LOVELOCK, Grace, wife of Henry, died April 15, 1930, aged 91 years
LOVELOCK, Henry, husband of Ellen, died 8 June 1957, aged 92 years
LOVELOCK, Henry, who died January 10, 1899, aged 68 years (with May and Grace)
LOVELOCK, Lance, who passed away 14 June 1967, aged 70 years, beloved husband of Olive, loved father of Pam, Des, Russ and Kay
LOVELOCK, Levi, died 7 May 1907, aged 80 years (with Penberthy and Richard)
LOVELOCK, Mansfield Charles, dearly loved husband of Chris, loving father of Judith, died 23 May 1946, aged 46 years
LOVELOCK, May Maud, his (Henry) beloved daughter, who died December 26, 1880
LOVELOCK, Nellie Mavis, died 23.2.1995, aged 84 years, beloved wife of William, loved mother of Pam and Ken
LOVELOCK, Olive, who passed away 21 September 1996, aged 85 years, beloved wife of Lance, loved mother of Pam, Des, Russ and Kay
LOVELOCK, Penberthy, beloved wife of above (Levi), died 10 August 1910, aged 90 years
LOVELOCK, Richard, beloved son of the above (Levi and Penberthy), died 7 January 1937, aged 73 years
LOVELOCK, Wesley Howard, beloved husband of Ruby, loved father of John, Mary and Susan, died 13 July 1983, aged 63 years
LOVELOCK, William Edgar, died 17.12.1991, aged 86 years, beloved husband of Nellie, loved father of Pam and Ken

MANLEY, Les, brother of Audrey and Ted, 1903 - 1978
MANNING, Percy John, son of W T &C J Manning, born December 7, 1886, died July 4, 1889
MANNING, Thomas James, son of W T &C J Manning, born May 20, 1885, died July 8, 1889
MAPLE, Elsie Beda, died 16 January 1964, aged 93 years, beloved wife of Howard, loved mother of Raymond, loved nanna of Anthony, Peter and John
MAPLE, Ethel M., dearly beloved daughter of J &R Pridham, who died 29 June 1903, aged 28 years
MAPLE, Howard Clifford, died 11 June 1997, aged 96 years, loved father of Raymond, loved papa of Anthony, Peter and John (with Elsie)
MAPLE, Raymond Kingsley, passed away 4 January 2004, aged 73 years, beloved husband of Dallas, loved father of Anthony, Peter and John
MARTIN, Catherine Marion, beloved wife of Wilton, loved mother of Melvie, Jack, Vera, Doreen, Reg and Geoff, passed away May 6, 1963, aged 69 years
MARTIN, Constance Mary, born April 1, 1901, died March 19, 1989 (with Mostyn)
MARTIN, Edgar Thomas, beloved husband of Martha Jane, died 17 August 1936, aged 72 years
MARTIN, Lilian Marion, died 10 October 1959, aged 76 years, loved mother of Ronda (with Maurice)
MARTIN, Martha Jane, beloved wife of above (Edgar), died 29 May 1952, aged 84 years
MARTIN, Maurice Victor, died 20 February 1969, aged 79 years, loved father of Ronda
MARTIN, Mostyn, beloved husband of Constance Mary, loved father of Barbara, Gregory and Jennifer, died 10 December 1972, aged 80 years
MARTIN, Reginald, 23.11.1924 - 28.6.2001, loved husband of Lorna, father of Christine, Bruce, Darryl and Julie, grandfather of 12, niche wall
MARTIN, Wilton Jack, passed away 23.7.77, aged 63, loved by Esma, John, Cheryl and David
MARTIN, Wilton, loved husband and father, passed away November 13,1980, aged 86 years (with Catherine)
MASLIN, Ann, who died February 3, 1911, aged 68 years
MASLIN, Sarah, relict of the above (Thomas), who died November 16, 1891, aged 89 years
MASLIN, Thomas W., died May 11, 1877, aged 38 years
MASLIN, Thomas, Sr., who departed this life 6 August 1890, aged 81 years (with Sarah)
MATTHEWSON, Ronald, 1.8.1926 - 4.9.2002, loving husband of Vera, loving father of Diane, John, Allan, Ian, Joylene and Kay, niche wall
MCCALLUM, Alexander Glanville, died October 15, 1888, aged 5 months
MCGAFFIN, Jane, 1877 - 1959 (with Samuel Valentine)
MCGAFFIN, William Henry, 1873 - 1952 (with Samuel Valentine)
MCKENZIE, Donald, of Sellick's Hill, aged 53 years,[verse]...fell asleep August 24, 1871
MCKENZIE, Hester Ann, beloved wife of above (Roderick), died 12 October 1953, aged 86 years
MCKENZIE, Roderick Colin, beloved husband of Hester Ann, died 10 October 1947, aged 84 years
MCKITTRICK, Bill, loving husband of Elizabeth, died 30 March 1989, aged 85 years, father of Jane, Anne and Jeffrey
MCMILLAN, Doreen, (nee Martin), 17.2.1919 - 20.2.1993, cherished wife of Ray, dearly loved by Brian and Wendy; Russell and Pam; Emma, Adam, Zoe, Jane, niche wall
MCMURTRIE, Mary Ann, the youngest daughter of Thomas, of Edinburgh, Scotland, died February 15, 1891, aged 49 years
MCMURTRIE, Phoebe, the dearly beloved wife of John Menzies, who died August 25, 1902, aged 36 years
MCRAE, Colin, born 4.7.87 died Eastbourne NZ, 6.10.62; David Beattie, born 27.6.83, died Sydney 11.2.61 (tablet on same grave as Mary Janet)
MCRAE, Kenneth, died August 29,1929, aged 87 years, (with Mary)
MCRAE, Mary Janet, 1855 - 1891; Colin, interred Willunga, 1851 - 1923; also their beloved children - John Pomeroy died 1892, aged 10 months; Marion 1881 - 1914; Alan 1889 - 1912 (missing SS Titanic); Ronald 1885 - 1947 (at Brisbane); Finlay Alex 1878 - 1947 (at Sydney); also Mary Emily, died 24 August 1954; also Elsie Isabel died 24 September 1954
MCRAE, Mary, beloved wife of Kenneth, who died October 2, 1915 at Aldinga, aged 74 years; a loved mother and grandmother
MILLER, Kenneth Gordon, 29.11.1918 - 25.8.1989, beloved husband of Roma, loved father of Sandra and Christine, poppa to Kylie, Nicole, Carley, Michael, niche wall
MILTON, Estelle Caroline, beloved wife of Walter Milton, daughter of the above (Roderick and Hester McKenzie), died 17 May 1972, aged 79 years
MORGAN, Betty May, loved wife of Rex, loving mum and gran, 12.7.1922 - 24.8.1994, niche wall
MORGAN, Rex Irwin, loved husband of Betty, dad of Chris, Kathy and Rebecca, poppa to 10 grandchildren, remarried in 1995; 23.8.1921 - 22.4.2001, niche wall
MORGAN, Sandra Peggy, dearly loved wife and friend of Chris, devoted mum of Craig, Scott and Darren, 1.2.1948 - 30.10.2001, niche wall
MORSE, Neville Frederick, beloved husband of Dorothy, and loving father of Jennifer, Karen and Pamela, died 7 December 1979, aged 52 years
MUNRO, Hilva Lillian, 27.3.1913 - 5.12.1989, beloved wife of George, mother of Maralyn, stepmother of Fergus and Celia, niche wall

NATION, Reginald Pierre Hyett Gillard, dear eldest son of Ethel and Alfred Gillard Nation, grandson of Elizabeth and Hyett Shepherd, born 9 May 1905, died 14 September 1982
NEWTON, Dane Clarkson, born 12 May 1969, died 21 August 1981
NICHOLL, John Anglesey, born 31 October 1917, died 18 April 1994, loving husband of Constance, loving father of Beverly and Graham
NORMAN, Blanche Eleanor, 7.6.1894 - 31.10.1995, beloved wife of Stan, mother of Ronald, Maurice and Joyce, grandparents of Anthony, Mignonne, Leonie and Wendy, great grandparents of Stacey, Daniel, Philip and Wayne
NORMAN, Maurice Albert, beloved husband of Tressie, passed away 22 July 1960, aged 67 years, father of Mavis, Keith and Shirley
NORMAN, Maurice, beloved son of I S and V E Norman, died 21 January 1950, aged 24 years
NORMAN, Stanley, beloved husband of Blanche, father of Ronald, Maurice, Joyce, died 3 September 1972
NORMAN, Tressie Bennetta, beloved wife of the above (see Maurice), passed away 5 February 1983, aged 88 years

PEARCE, Irene Linda, 17.4.22 to 20.8.92, loved wife of George, loving mother of Rosalyn, Neville, Annette and Mark, niche wall
PENGILLY, Hilda, dearly loved wife of Thomas, of Hilda's Dale Farm, died August 7, 1901, aged 48 years
PENGILLY, Shirley Bennetta, beloved wife of George, passed away June 1, 1996, aged 69 years, loved mother of Christine, Brian and Geoffrey
PENGILLY, Thomas, beloved husband of the above (Hilda), who died April 5, 1925, aged 81 years
PENGILLY, Violet May, loved wife of W. Roy, and loving mother of George, died 2 August 1947, aged 64 years
PENGILLY, Winford George, beloved husband of Shirley, passed away October 17, 1990, aged 68 years, loved father of Christine, Brian and Geoffrey
PENGILLY, Winford Roy, beloved husband of above (Violet), died 3 February 1956, aged 68 years
PENNY, Philip Roy, beloved husband of Vera, loving father of Diane and Sandra, passed away 25 June 1989, aged 63 years
PETHICK, Ruby, beloved wife of Walter, passed away 16 September 1985
PETHICK, Walter Rosslyn, beloved husband of Ruby, passed away 10 October 1967
POINTON, John, died 27 January 1935, aged 85 years (with Mary)
POINTON, Mary Ann Elizabeth, died 27 March 1927, aged 72 years (with John)
POLKINGHORNE, Adelaide, his (John) wife, died 26 August 1930, aged 72 years
POLKINGHORNE, Alma Hester, died 3 May 1947, aged ?0 years (with George Bacchus)
POLKINGHORNE, Edmund Thomas, died 14 March 1947, aged 35 years (with George Bacchus)
POLKINGHORNE, Edward Levi, died 10 September 1962, aged 76 years (with George Bacchus)
POLKINGHORNE, George Stanley, died 15 November 1962, aged 74 years, beloved husband of Irene, loved father of Ted, Bill, Joyce and May
POLKINGHORNE, Irene Maud, died 1 April 1971, aged 65 years, loved mother of Ted, Bill, Joyce and May (with George)
POLKINGHORNE, John Henry, who died 13 January 1936, aged 79 years (with Adelaide)
POLKINGHORNE, Modem Undine, their daughter, died 23 October 1966, aged 82 years (with John and Adelaide)
POMEROY, William George (Bill), dearly loved husband of Audrey, loved by his family, 22.3.1913 - 21.2.2002
PRIDHAM, Ann, the beloved wife of James, who departed this life June 6, 1869, aged 46 years
PRIDHAM, James, beloved husband of R. Pridham, died August 15, 1904, aged 84 years
PRIDHAM, Rebecca, beloved wife of the above (James), died March 30, 1914, aged 77 years

RADFORD, Henry, beloved husband of above (Julia), who died 16 July 1938, aged 80 years
RADFORD, Julia, who died 8 June 1934, aged 75 years (with Henry)
RANDELL, Olive Maud, wife of the late Gordon William Randell, born 27 December 1896, died 3 July 1992, loving mother of Constance Nicholl, nan of Bev and Graham
REDPATH, Shirley Joy, passed away 24 December 1997, aged 53 years, dearly beloved wife of Donald James
RISEBOROUGH, Fanny, of Port Willunga, died November 29, 1892, aged 75 years
RUSBY, Graham Lloyd, 1.1.1918 - 18.7.2003, loving husband Kath, loving father of Dennis and Ian, a gentle man with a cheeky smile, RAAF symbol, niche wall
RUSBY, Kathleen Ellen, 8.11.1920 - 12.10.2001, loving wife of Lloyd, loving mother of Dennis and Ian, positive lady in God's care, niche wall

SAMPSON, Charles, my beloved husband, died 29 January 1944, aged 76 years (with Julia)
SAMPSON, Julia May, beloved wife of above (Charles), who died 18 August 1952
SHEPHERD, Elizabeth Mary Wittiker, wife of Hyett, of Hawthorne Farm, Aldinga, born 18 June 1851 at Adelaide, died 19 February 1925 at Adelaide
SHEPHERD, Hyett, born 15 September 1845 at Hawthorne Farm, died 25 June 1936 at Adelaide (with Elizabeth)
SHERRIFF, Arnold George, passed away 25 December 1998, aged 86 years, beloved husband of Winifred Joyce, loved father of Joylene and Kevin
SHERRIFF, Daisy, beloved wife and mother of above (see George), passed away 16 February 1968, aged 82 years
SHERRIFF, George, beloved husband of Daisy, loving father of Jessie, Arnold, Dorothy, Thelma, Isabel and Allan, passed away 21 November 1958, aged 79 years
SHERRIFF, Winifred Joyce, beloved wife of Arnold, loved mother of Joylene and Kevin, died 27 February 1968
SIMMONS, Maria Anne, beloved wife of George Simmons, departed this life April 18, 1870; aged 64 years
SMITH, Amy Mary, died 20 August 1972, aged 92 years, eldest daughter of the late Sydney and Alice Jane
SMITH, Graham Harold, died 15 February 1962, loved son of Harold and Mary
SMITH, Harold Rupert, 28.2.1919 to 21.1.1987, aged 67, beloved husband of Mary, loved father of 9
SMITH, Mabel, loved wife of Sydney John, 25.9.1909 - 31.10.1989
STOCK, Roy, died 22 July 1991, aged 77 years, beloved husband of Isabel Margaret, loving father of Beverley, Pamela and Trevor
STONE, Amy Beatrice, belovd wife of William T., died May 8, 1925, aged 51
STONE, Rose Maud, died 16 March 1935, aged 60 years, beloved mother of Mer, Don, Ben and Ruby (with Thomas)
STONE, Thomas Watt, died 31 October 1951, aged 79 years, beloved father of Mer, Don, Ben and Ruby (with Rose)
STUBBINGS, Ethel, beloved wife of J. Stubbings, died 1 December 1952, mother of Clarrie and Ron
SYMONDS, Gordon, died 22 August 1995, aged 70 years, father of Christine and Robert (with Neva)
SYMONDS, Neva Joyce, died 22 May 1984, aged 56 years, loved wife of Gordon, mother of Christine and Robert

'THE STAR OF GREECE', erected by the residents of Aldinga and neighborhood, to the memory of Capt. H R Harrower, W R Waugh, R Muir, F C Blackman, G Irvine, W Oermirch, H J R Cork, C Carder, F C Carter, D Blair and A Orson, who lost their lives through the wreck of 'The Star of Greece' at Port Willunga, July 13, 1888
THOMAS, Leonard John, 18.7.1920 - 20.1.1991, precious husband of Gwen, loving father of Lynda, Patricia and Andrew
THOW, Edith J., 1908 - 1990, (with John)
THOW, John E., beloved husband of Edith J., son of Charles and Elizabeth, 1886 - 1953
TOWNSEND, Doris Ada, died 17.1.43, aged 38
TREASURE, Sarah, beloved wife of James, who departed this life October 4, 1881, aged 60 years; She and her husband arrived in the Colony on Passenger Ship Aberton (sic - believed to be Abberton), 1844
TYNAN, Edith Maud, beloved wife Tennyson George, died 12 March 1968, aged 75
TYNAN, Tennyson George, beloved husband of above (Edith), died 2 June 1979, aged 80

USHER, Annie Jessie, sister of Sheila, Doreen and Jean, daughter of the late Thomas and Mary (with Doreen)
USHER, Doreen Craige, sister of Sheila, Jessie and Jean, daughter of the late Thomas and Mary (with Annie)
USHER, Sheila Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas and Mary, died 3 December 1936, aged 40 years

VALENTINE, James, son of the above, (Mary and Joseph) who died 30 September, 1945, aged 80 years
VALENTINE, Joseph, who died on the 5 September 1917, aged 82 years (see Mary Ann)
VALENTINE, Margaret, 1855 - 1916 (with Samuel)
VALENTINE, Margaret, daughter of the above (Mary and Joseph), died 14 August 1888, aged 16 years
VALENTINE, Mary Ann, the wife of Joseph, who died on the 5 October, 1911, aged 78 years (with Joseph, Margaret and James)
VALENTINE, Samuel, 1838 - 1916 (with Margaret and William and Jane McGaffin)
VAN DUYVENBODE, Arie, *21.3.1928 - 25.8.1990, loved father of Jozef, Jacoba, Rosita and Harry (with Rosalia)
VAN DUYVENBODE, Rosalia Adriana, *29.5.1931 - 6.5.1986, beloved wife of Arie, loved mother of Jozef, Jacoba, Rosita and Harry
VEAL, Graham Stuart, born 26.6.1960, died result of accident, 9.5.1987, aged 26 years, cherished husband of Jan, devoted stepfather of Karen and Deborah, beloved son of Beryl and John, brother of Garry
VEAL, Peter John, born 20.5.1953, died result of accident, 9.5.1987, aged 33 years, dearly loved husband of Cheryl, devoted and loving father of Alisa and Krista, beloved son of Beryl and John, brother of Garry

WILIAMS, Rosina Millicent, 26.10.1906 - 14.7.1989, beloved mother of Margaret and Ian (with Aubrey)
WILLIAMS, Aubrey Stuart, beloved husband of Rose, 27.5.1906 - 28.5.1987, beloved father of Margaret and Ian
WINDSOR, George Ernest, born 23.4.1932 Manchester, UK, died 6.12.200, aged 68, husband of Flo (died May 1996), 'Ernie' a loving husband, brother, brother-in-law, uncle and friend
WINDSOR, Joyce (nee Morris), born Royal Birkdale UK 2.1.28, died 20.11.97, aged 69, a loving wife, mother, grandma, sister and friend
WINDSOR, Thomas Edwin, 3.7.1928 - 12.10.2001, beloved husband of Joyce, loving father of David and Denise, and grandpa of Clare and Becky
WOLPER, Alwine Emma, born 26 August 1901, died 4 September 1993 (with C F Eduard)
WOLPER, C. F. Eduard, born 2 October 1897, died 2 May 1991 (with Alvine)
WOLPER, Eduard, born 6 October 1925, died 14 October 2003
WRIGHT, Catherine, wife of the above (David), died 18 October 1916, aged 88 years
WRIGHT, David, the beloved husband of Catherine, died May 15, 1906, aged 76 years

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