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Photographed by Marylin and Steve Jones

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BRENNAND, Adelina, 80 yrs, born 1858, died 1938
BRENNAND, Francis Charles, LAC 141187, husband of Faith, 1920 - 1994, 73 years, father of Lynette, Terry, Wayne and Ian (with Ian)
BRENNAND, Ian Charles, son of Francis and Faith, 1957 - 1984, 27 years (with Francis)
BRENNAND, James, 76 yrs, born 1834, died 1910
BRENNAND, Margaret, 73 yrs, born 1836, died 1910
BRENNAND, Thomas, 87 yrs, born 1860, died 1947

CABOT, Lydia Grace, our dear mother, died 11 July 1916, aged 74 years, erected by her loving sons and daughters

FLEET, Ronald James, buried 4 August 1935, aged 4 years
FORREST, Margaret, who passed away December 20, 1919, aged 62 years
FUSS, Auguste Caroline Julie Elese, wife of above (Johann), died March 31, 1927, aged 78 years
FUSS, Johann Albert, died October 15, 1926, aged 80 years (with Auguste)

GARDNER, Blanche, 3rd daughter of G and A Gardner, died 6 December 1913, aged 12 years
GILL, Ella, the beloved daughter of W. C. and L. M. Gill, died at Koppio, August 3, 1916, aged 26 years

LEAR, Matilda J., our dear mother, died 23 October, 1952, aged 85 years (with Thomas)
LEAR, Thomas F., our dear husband and father, died 25 September 1933, aged 79 years (with Matilda)
LIDDY, Clarence Gerald, Husband of Rye, and Sheila. Father of Margaret and Geoffrey. 22 April 2006 aged 98
LIDDY, Darby, died August 31, 1917, aged 76 years
LIDDY, Hannah Maria, beloved wife of M. J. Liddy, and daughter of P. and H. Walsh, died July 13, 1907, aged 22 years
LIDDY, Michael J., our dear father and grandpa, loved husband of the above (Hannah), died October 11, 1956, aged 88 years
LIDDY, Rupara Rye, dearly loved wife of Clarrie, loving mother of Margaret and Geoffrey, passed away 21 January 1985, aged 78 years
LINES, Stan, 7.4.1914 - 24.7.1997, loving husband of Edna, sadly missed by his daughters Beth, Raelene, Sandra, Lorraine, Chris and Carmel (dec), and families

MAYO, Patricia Dawn, 1943 - 2002, loved wife of Bill, devoted mother of Cheryl, Phillip, Kevin, Darran, Narrell and all their families
MCCALLUM, George Adam, who died at Pillaworta, March 21, 1866, aged 4 years (with Robert) - sons of George and Mary
MCCALLUM, George D., who died May 21, 1872, aged 8 years (with Robert and Thomas) - beloved children of John and Elizabeth
MCCALLUM, Robert, who died March 21, 1866, aged 2 years (with George)
MCCALLUM, Robert, who died May 22, 1872, aged 5 years (with George and Thomas)
MCCALLUM, Thomas, who died May 25, 1872, aged 6 years (with George and Robert)
MCKAY, Relda May, eldest daughter of Elsie and Edward Walsh, and mother of Isobel, died August 15, 1937, aged 26 years, always remembered by loving parents, sisters and brothers. No photograph available
MCLEAN Margaret Ann, loved wife of Roderick Charles, loved and loving mother of Danielle, Shaun and Ursula, loving and only daughter of Rye and Clarrie Liddy, fond sister of Geoffrey, passed away 11 December 1993, aged 53 years
MURTON, William, buried 30 May 1909, aged 63 years
OLSTON, Francis, loved husband of Evangaline, 23.1.1934, pioneers 1902
OLSTON, John F. K., our dear son, died December 10, 1927, aged 23 years, 7 months

PORTER, Frederick William, 13.12.1870 - 29.4.1922, husband of Eliza Annie, father of 13 children

SCHULTZE, Alfred James (Jim), 30.4.1922 - 19.2.1993, father of Alf, Don, Rod, Trevor, Brian, Lorraine and Heather and families
SCHULTZE, Alice Mary Elizabeth (Bub), 2.12.1927 - 18.12.1998, mother of Alf, Don, Rod, Trevor, Brian, Lorraine and Heather and families, (with Jim)
SCOTT, Marie Ann, nee Marks, 3.10.55 - 21.11.92, beloved daughter. Sister and mother of Alyson and Anthony
SMART, Frederick William, buries 1 March 1932, aged 90 years
STEVENS, Donald Henry, SX23229, Trooper, 2/2 Independent Coy., 1 June 1993, aged 72 years; husband of Margaret, father of Helen, Milton and Anne
STEVENS, Georgia Helen, 11.3.1995 - 15.4.2003, precious daughter of Milton and Trish, beloved sister of Fletcher
TAPLEY, John Spencer, 3.8.27 - 28.11.98, beloved of [wife] Judith, a gentle man, loved father of Anthony, Peter and David
TAPLEY, Judith Rendell. 6 July 1933 - 13 March 2002.
TEAKLE, Caroline, passed away 21 May 1936, aged 43 years, much loved wife of Andrew Victor, mother of Milton, Alice, Lyla, Lloyd, Gweneth, Dorothy and Robert
TEAKLE, Mary Doris, mother of Tony, Christine and Kathleen. 5 September 1927 - 12 April 2013.
TEAKLE, Robert John, father of Tony, Christine and Kathleen. 20 October 1925 - 9 September 2012.
THOMPSON, Harry, buried 30 December 1936, aged 62 years

WALSH, Hannah Maria, beloved wife of P. J. Walsh, who died at Koppio May 31, 1921, aged 71 years
WINSTANLEY, R. H., buried 20 August 1907, aged 88 years

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