Headstone Transcriptions

Cowra - New South Wales

Transcribed by Lorraine Larment
From photographs provided by Val Beck

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This cemetery contains 27 war graves from the Second World War, comprising 26 Australian soldiers and one member of the Royal Air Force.
Five Australian Army casualties of the Second World War and one from the First World War are buried in the Cowra General Cemetery.
In 1940 a major infantry training base was established at Cowra, providing reinforcements for the 2nd AIF
Cowra was also the location of No.12 POW compound, and it was there that 1,104 Japanese POWs launched a mass breakout on Sunday 5 August 1944.
Although the Australian military guards were able to contain the escape attempt, four Australian soldiers and 234 Japanese POWs were killed.
The Australian dead lie in this war cemetery; the graves of the Japanese are in the adjacent Japanese war cemetery, among those of other Japanese war dead and civilian internees.

ARNOLD , M D. N409377, Private, 22 Garrison Battalion. 14 February 1943 aged 43 years.
AULSEBROOK , A L. N52475, Lance Corporal, Army Canteens Service. 23 June 1945 aged 27 years.
BOURKE , J H. N389117, Private, Infantry. ?? November 1946 aged 57 years.
BOYD , A F. NX71232, Corporal, Infantry ?? October 1944 aged 37 years.
BOYLE , G D. VX94272, Private, Infantry. 31 August 1944 aged 18 years.
CAMPEY , E W. NX154963, Sergeant, Corps of Signals. 3 September 1945 aged 25 years.
CARTER , A J. SX33393, Private, Infantry. ?? December 1944 aged 19 years.
CARTER , R C. 1029571, Corporal, RAF. 2 December 1945 aged ??
CONNARE , J T. N2???2, Private, Infantry Battalion. 23 April 1944 aged 45 years.
DAVIS , G. NX51650, Corporal, Infantry. 27 February 1943 aged ??
DOMINICK , P J. N453802, Private, Infantry. 17 September 1945 aged 40
DONCASTER , ?. ?52878, Lieutenant, Infantry Battalion. 5 August 1944 aged 38 years.
FRASER , J C. VX94903, Private, Infantry. 8 July 1944 aged 19 years.
FRENCH , R K. ?224445, Private, Infantry. 14 March 1943 aged 17 years.
HARDY , B G. GC.N103951, Private, 22 GArrison Battalion. 5 August 1944 aged 45 years.
HARFORD , J. SX33588, Private, Infantry. 25 September 1944 aged 18 years.
JOHNSON , R W. SX19786, Private, Infantry. 7 July 1943 aged 18 years.
JONES , C W. NX177735, Private, Infantry. 31 August 1944 aged 18 years.
JONES , R. GC. N244527, Private, 22 Garrison Battalion. 5 August 1944 aged 43 years.
KARKOE , N F. NX40344, Private, 2/19 Infantry Battalion. 24 November 1945 aged 22 years.
MEDLEY , R D. N104256, Sergeant, Infantry. ? November 1945 aged 51 years.
READ , V C. Lieutenant, 2/5 Infantry Battalion. 31 August 1944 aged 33 years.
SCUTTS , H A. N104637, Sergeant, Army Canteen Service. 12 August 1943 aged 45 years.
SHEPHERD , C H. N387872, Private, 22 Garrison Battalion. 5 August 1944 aged 31 years.
TOOLE , C D L. NX195344, Private, Infantry. 16 January 1946 aged 19 years.
VIRTUE , W M. N272974, Lance Corporal, Infantry Battalion. 26 June 1943 aged ??
YOUNG , N B. VX94193, Private, Infantry. August 1944 aged 18 years.


BELESKY, Alfred Morris. N271647, Private, Australian Army Medical Corps. 30 July 1941 aged 45. Son of Frank and Emma Jane, of Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand. No photograph available.

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