Headstone Transcriptions

Wombat - New South Wales

Transcribed by Marylin and Steve Jones
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BAILES, Francis, foot - Dad
BAILEY, Henry Robert, 1710 Private, 58 Battalion, 19 May 1918
BAILEY, Lila May, foot - Nanna Lila May, your loving grandchildren
BAILEY, Victor, foot - Daddy Vic, your loving grandchildren
BIRCH, James Valentine, died 13 November 1952, aged 76 years
BIRCH, John Valentine, died 3.9.1921, aged 88 yrs (with Sarah)
BOLGER, Andrew, our dear father, who died 18 October 1958, aged 74 years
BOLGER, Elvira Elizabeth Burge, my wife and our dear mother, passed away 24 March 1937 Nicolls, William Alexander (Bill), born 26 July 1888, passed away 27 August 1967, aged 79 years
BOLGER, Emily Jane, beloved wife and our mother, who died 11 March 1946, aged 70 years

CHAMBERLIN, Robert William, May 2, 1881, aged 56 years

EASTLAKE, Laura, 15 January
EASTLAKE, Stuart Francis, died 19.3.1977, aged 26 yrs

FISHER, Susan, beloved wife of Henry, died June 18, 1881, aged 52 years

GEEVES, Gwedoline, 1913 - 198[?]1
GILL, Sarah, died 21.7.44, aged 62
GILL, Dennis, died 8.11.41, aged 77
GILL, Raymond William, died 21.10.50, aged 10 mths
GILL, Wayne Charles, died 2.7.83, aged 25

HEWSON, Gregory Adrian, aged 22 years

MASTERS, Margaret Jane, passed away 27 July 1955, aged 71 years

NICHOLLS, Henry Drew, foot - Dad

OLDFIELD, Catherine, 26.11.1862 - 6.8.1936
OLDFIELD, William, 22.12.1858 - 30.12.1928

PARKINSON, Joseph, died 1 November 1931, aged 77 years
PETTIT, George William,

SAM, William, died 18 January 1909, aged 78 years
SUMMERFIELD, foot - Hopwood

WAGENBAH, John Thomas, died 11 January 1950, aged 48 years
WAGENBAH, Mary Jane,
WHYBROW, William Henry, died 23 March 1889, aged 14 months
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth, nee Hughes, died 7.11.1891, aged 84
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Sarah, nee Hobson, died 15.8.1937, aged 82
WILLIAMS, John, died 11.11.1891, aged 87
WILLIAMS, John Thomas, died 20.7.1961, aged 69 (with Donald, Daphne and Margaret)
WILLIAMS, Daphne May, died 27.8.1914, aged 1 month (with John Donald and Margaret)
WILLIAMS, Donald Vivian, died 27.2.1954, aged 22 (with John, Daphne and Margaret)
WILLIAMS, Edward, our dear father, departed this life 9 December 1914, aged 71 years (with Mary)
WILLIAMS, Margaret Florence, died 28.5.1981, aged 69 (with John, Donald and Daphne)
WILLIAMS, Mary Ann, our dear mother, departed this life 5 November 1942, aged 85 years (with Edward)
WILSON, Pearlie Maryann, passed away 3.9.1983, aged 89 years
WINBANK, Edward William, Erected by one who loved him; foot - Barrett

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