Headstone Transcriptions

Monteagle - New South Wales

Transcribed by Marylin and Steve Jones
I do not wish to offend anyone by listing this information on the website, as the work is done with the best intentions of providing vital information to family historians. All the information shown here is on public display at the respective cemeteries.
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ANDERSON , Alex, on his own, off to the side of the cemetery near the Wesleyan section
ANDERSON , Alex, on his own, off to the side of the cemetery near the Wesleyan section
ANDERSON , Donald, foot - Father, Wesleyan
ANDERSON , June, Baby, daughter of Gladys and Dave, aged 3 months, Anglican
ANDERSON , Oliver, no details, Wesleyan
BARTON , May, metal plaque, no details, Wesleyan
COBBAN , Glen Damien, 5 mths, Roman Catholic
CRAM , Annie, foot - mother, 1956, Wesleyan
CROWE. babies - triple concrete slab, no details, Roman Catholic
DALY , Maggie Rose. 11 March 1907 aged 49 years. Her maiden name was Cassidy and her husband was James Bernard Daly who was a teacher at the little school opposite.
DAWE. babies, no details, Anglican
DONGES , Frederick, age 67, Anglican
FREUDESTEIN , M. D., foot, Freudenstein, Wesleyan
GIBSON , Edgar George (Ted), foot, Pa, Roman Catholic
GIBSON , Mary Ellen, foot, Nan, Roman Catholic
LOWE , Hazel Lorette, foot, our darling Hazel, Anglican
MADDEN , Arthur Elijah, died 6 June 1969, Roman Catholic
MADDEN , John, foot, our darling Dad, Roman Catholic
MADDEN , Sarah, foot, our darling mother, Anglican
Mc.... , Luke Andrew, 1976 - 1997, Roman Catholic
MERCHANT , Francesca, (no details), Roman Catholic
MURPHY , Mary Benjam*, no details, Wesleyan
ROBINSON , Clive Mervyn, foot, Grandy, Wesleyan
ROBINSON , Eric, foot, Poppy, Anglican
ROBINSON , Evelyn K., our dear mother, passed away 29 November 1969, aged 83 years, foot - Mother, Wesleyan
ROBINSON , Jean Ella, foot, Granny, Anglican
ROBINSON , Louisa, foot, Mum, Wesleyan
ROBINSON , Morris John, our dearly loved son, passed away 10 October 1943, aged 13, foot - Son, Wesleyan
ROBINSON , Samuel, foot, James G. Philip, Wesleyan
ROBINSON , Thomas, foot, Dad, Wesleyan
ROBINSON , W. Bruce, foot, Granpoppy, Wesleyan
ROBINSON , William, our dear father, passed away 5 March 1946, aged 60 years, foot - Father, Wesleyan
SAM , Charles, on his own in middle of cemetery
SHELLEY , Frank, foot, Mother*, Anglican
SHELLEY , Lydia, foot, Father*, Anglican
SHELLEY , W. L., no details, Anglican
TAYLOR , Maurice Francis, Anglican
WALKER , Benjaman, (photo), foot, Beloved Son, Wesleyan
WARREN , Charlotte, Anglican
WARREN , Julia. 1879 - 1922, Anglican

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