Headstone Transcriptions

Mogo - New South Wales

Transcribed by Marylin and Steve Jones
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ALLABIN, Alfred S., my dear husband and our father, passed away 20 April 1944, aged 73 (with Ethel)
ALLABIN, Daphne, our beloved daughter and sister, who passed away 18 August 1938, aged 18 years and 9 months
ALLABIN, Ethel, our dear mother, died 25 August 1967, aged ??
ALLABIN, Cecil, our darling baby, called home August 6, 1931, aged 4 years 5 months
ANDERSON, Mirl* J., died 28.10.1941, aged 37 yrs (with George Veitch and Mary Winley)
ANNETTS, Arthur Cecil, died 29 November 1943, aged 32 years (with Lucy and William); erected by Muriel
ANNETTS, Lucy, died 24 January 1943, aged 71 years (with William and Arthur)
ANNETTS, Naomi, his beloved wife, died January 9, 1915, aged 76 years (with husband Richard)
ANNETTS,Richard, died 16 December 1910, aged 76 years (with Naomi)
ANNETTS, William Joseph, died 12 April 1934, aged 34 years; erected by his father, mother, sisters and brother
ANNETTS, William Thomas, died 21 September 1938, aged 70 years (with Lucy and Arthur)
ARNOLD, Lawrence Bruce, 11.9.1924 - 25.8.1989, beloved husband and father

BARLING, F. E., NX72063, Private, 2/4 Pioneer Battalion, 15 August 1984, age 66; beloved husband of Wilma
BARLING, George Albert, our dear father, 1896 - 1979 (with Tryphenia)
BARLING, Lawrence Ambrose (Amby), 5.10.1902 - 14.10.2004
BARLING, Naomi, who died 26 August 1904, aged 31 years; erected by her husband
BARLING, Richard Henry, beloved husband of Rachel, who departed this life December 29, 1914, aged 76 years; erected by his wife and children
BARLING, Tryphenia May, 1885 - 1965 (with George)
BARLING, Violet Lily, 19.1.1909 - 12.12.1987, sadly missed by husband Amby and family (with Thomas Gorman)
BARTLETT, Emma, his wife, died 2 July 1939, aged 92 (with John)
BARTLETT, John, died July 16, 1926, aged 81 yrs; born Dorsetshire, England (with Emma)
BARTLETT, William, died September* 7, 1940, aged 59
BELLETTE, Edith Jane, died 11.3.1971, aged 74 years
BELLETTE, Eva, his dear wife, called home 2 December 1986, aged 71 yrs (with Reg)
BELLETTE, George Christopher, our dear father, died 12 August 1973, aged 83 years (with Teresa)
BELLETTE, Ivy B., born 24.11.1914, died 14.10.1993
BELLETTE, Margaret, his beloved wife, died November 14, 1914, aged 64 years (with Samuel)
BELLETTE, Reg, my dear husband and our father, called home 9 July 1971, aged 58 yrs (with Eva)
BELLETTE, Ronald James, born 6.6.1937, died 21.12.1993
BELLETTE, Samuel James, died 23.11.1968, aged 93 years
BELLETTE, Samuel, beloved husband of Margaret, died September 14, 1911, aged 84 years
BELLETTE, Stanley J., passed away 19.9.1930, age 19 mths, loving son of G and T Belette
BELLETTE, Teresa Jane, my dear wife and our mother, died 11 June 1967, aged 79 years (with George)
BRUNHUBER, Shirley Ann (Andy), 12/8/1941 - 3/5/1987, will never be forgotten husband and family
BURGESS, Agnes A., 1.12.1924 - 5.12.1992
BURK, Julie.  Daughter of Daphne and Jock Hendry. 12 Jul 1956 - 7 May 2008. (interred in family plot with Andrew, Daphne and Marjorie.).
BURKE, Annie Florence, died 1.8.1985, aged 87 years
BURKE, Arthur Stanley, died 3 February 1976, aged 63 years (with Evelyn)
BURKE, Eliza Ann, beloved wife of John, died December 29, 1918, aged 80 years
BURKE, Elsie, a beloved wife and mother, passed away 31.8.00, aged 87 years (with Frederick)
BURKE, Evelyn Ada, born 26.11.1919, died 3.2.1993, aged 73 years (with Arthur)
BURKE, Frederick, a beloved husband and father, passed away 8.6.?9, aged 71 years (with Elsie)
BURKE, John, her beloved husband, died July 17, 1925, aged 89 years (with Eliza)
BURKE, Nancy, our dear mother, died 27 October 1958, aged 81 yrs
BURKE, William Fredrick*, died 4 February 1976, aged 75 years
BURKE, William, our dear father, died 2 March 1948, aged 84 yrs

CARRIAGE, Gregory, 10.5.79 - 14.5.79
CASEY, Catherine, my beloved wife and our dear mother, who departed this life Sept. 10, 1933, aged 70 years
CAVANAUGH, Delia Debra, Hammond, Marshal, Morton, beloved mother of Pat, Robin, Ted Laura and Fred, 6.1.1918 - [incomplete] (with Victor Morton, Fred and Pat)
CLARKE, James Richard, passed away 17.3.?2 (with Lillian);Lest We Forget
CLARKE, Lillian May, passed away 10.9.62, aged 80 years (with James); Lest We Forget
COLLINS, Neville Patrick, 20.3.1929 - 21.3.1991 (with Patrick)
COLLINS, Patrick David, 20.5.1970 - 31.3.2002 (with Neville)
CONNELL, Mary Ann. Died 21 February 1955 aged 80 years.

DEAR, Jon, 1934 - 1995
DENHAM, Hannah, loved wife of William, died 9 August 1934, aged 71 yrs (with Stuart)
DENHAM, Stuart, their son (William and Hannah), aged 19 years
DENHAM, William M., our dear father, died 17 July 1945, aged 83 years

FELKIN, David Dean, 28.2.77 - 14.12.91
FORD, Mark Anthony, died 28.6.2001, aged 36 years

GLOVER, W. C. Bill, 1914 - 1995
GORMAN, Bertha Rosina, died 5 October 1953, aged 81 years
GORMAN, Thomas, died 29 Nov, 1938, aged 84 years; erected by his loving wife and family (with Violet Lily Barling)

HALL, Fanny Martha, our dear mother, died 18 November 1947, aged 70 years
HAWKE, Ellen Mary, beloved wife of Thomas A., died August 31, 1921, aged 48 years
HAWKE, Thomas Anderson, died 16 October 1927, aged 60 years (with Ellen)
HEDLEY, Gladys Edna, nan (with Keith)
HEDLEY, Keith, 'Uncle Keith', (with Gladys)
HENDRY, Andrew Miller, (Jock), 26.2.1965 - 1.11.2002,unforgettable dad of Jack and Erin, loving son, brother and uncle (with Marjorie and Daphne)
HENDRY, Daphne Joan, (nee Delaney), 26.7.1923 - 1.5.1962, loving wife and mother (with Andrew and Marjorie)
HENDRY, Marjorie Elizabeth, (nee Fisher), 23.10.1923 - 27.7.2000, loving wife, mother and grandmother (with Andrew and Daphne)
HENRY, Shannon Rose, 19.9.77 - 12.12.77
HEYCOX, David G., died 5 June 1971, age 2 years
HOLMES, ?. A., child size, weathered
HOLMES, Elizabeth, his beloved wife, died 11.4.77, aged 90 years (with Evan)
HOLMES, Evan, loving husband of Elizabeth Mary Jane, and our father, passed away 10.1.1969
HOLMES, Herbert John, accidentally killed 8 July 1953, aged 44 years
HOLMES, Margary*, our dear mother, 30.9.1919 to 13.8.1974; remembered always by her children and grandchildren
HOLMES, Raymond, died May 5, 1921, aged 9 years
HONAN, Patrick, our dear son, who was accidentally killed 2 Feb. 1911, aged 26 years

INGOLD, Albert, died 21 October 1984, aged 82 yrs (with Ronald)
INGOLD, Emily Ivy, died 13 July 1935, aged 31 years (with Miriam Veitch)
INGOLD, Frederick Victor, died 9.9.1976, aged 47
INGOLD, Gladys Florence, died 22.2.1986, aged 79
INGOLD, Ronald Philip, died 8 January 1963, aged 28 yrs (with Albert)
ISON, Alfred Charles, died July 4, 1917, aged 6 months
ISON, Bridget Mary, died 30 April 1920, aged 70 years (with Charles and Herbert); erected by dear mother (Bridget)
ISON, Charles R., our father, died 27 November 1971
ISON, Charles, dearly beloved husband of Bridget, died 10 July 1904, aged 59 years (with Herbert and Bridget)
ISON, Elizabeth, my dear mother, who died 29 January 1904, aged 96 years; erected by her daughter Naomi Annetts
ISON, Fred, passed away 10 September 1936, aged 32 years; erected by his loving mother, wife and children
ISON, Harry, died 6 July 1966, aged 86 years; erected by his brothers
ISON, Herbert Arthur, died 12.12.23, aged 7 days
ISON, Herbert Walter, died 29 February 1904, aged 31 years (with Charles and Bridget)
ISON, Levi, died 29 January 1924, aged 84 years

JESSOP, Shamicah* Catherine Patricia,

KIAPKA, Roy, my beloved husband and our father, 8.11.1920 - 22.8.1983
KING, Charles Harold, 13 January 1988
KING, John, 27.1.1967

LISTON, Anne Josephine, his (Thomas) beloved infant daughter, aged 15 days
LISTON, Thomas, died 14 September, 1911, aged 54 years, (with Anne)
LOUTTIT, Albert Roy, died 12.5.1989, aged 82 (with Merle)
LOUTTIT, Merle, our dear mother, died 10.10.1985, aged 73 (with Albert)

MARSHALL, Patricia Dawn, beloved daughter of Delia Marshall, mother of Susan Sams, sisters Robin, Laura, brothers Ted, Fred, 19.10.1935 - 23.01.2003 (with Victor, Delia and Fred)
MOLLOY, Henry Edward Joseph, 30.7.1969 (with Janet, Henry and Herbert) + service plaque Private 2935, 19 Battalion, age 76
MOLLOY, Henry Edward Joseph, father, 10.2.1932 (with Janet, Henry and Herbert)
MOLLOY, Herbert Henry, brother, 21.10.1923 (with Henry, Janet and Henry)
MOLLOY, Janet, mother, 30.7.1950 (with Henry, Henry and Herbert)
MOORE, Elizabeth, died 6 Jan'y, 1905, aged 68 years; erected by her loving children
MORTLOCK, Thomas Victor, passed away 13.10.87, aged 82 years, in fond memories of our father, brother of Pearl, grandchildren and Debbie
MORTON, Frederick William, beloved son of Delia and Victor, sisters Pat, Robin, Laura, brother Ted, 23.11.1950 - [incomplete] (with Victor, Delia and Pat)
MORTON, Victor Clive, died 29.10.1994, aged 74, beloved father of Pat, Robin, Ted, Laura and Fred (with Delia, Fred and Pat)
MURPHY, Patricia Anne (nee Tanner), 1926 - 2000, wife, mother, ma
MURRAY, Doris E., (nee Bellette), 21.1.17 - 15.3.89
MURRAY, Hayden, my beloved husband and our dear father, departed this life 7.1.76, aged 64 yrs

NICHOLAS, Ronald James Cook, aged 92, 26 January 1933 - 17 December 2004
NUNAN, Frances Martha, my dear wife and our mother, died 17.4. 1971, aged 63 years (with John)
NUNAN, John Joseph, our dear father, died 29.12.1988, aged 73 years (with Frances)
NYE, Frederick B., died 10 July 2000, aged 48 years

POLLOCK, Alice, our dear mother, (with Pat, Alma and Granny)
POLLOCK, Alma (with Alice, Pat and Granny)
POLLOCK, Granny (with Alice, Pat and Alma)
POLLOCK, Pat, our dear father (with Alice, Alma and Granny)

READ, Margaret S?a? Ker, my dear wife, died 24 September 1959, aged 68 years (covered in lichen)
REID, George Harcourt, died 16 June 1971, aged 83 years (with Vera)
REID, mound, white post, no details
REID, Vera Andree*, died 28 June 1990, aged 87 years (with George)
ROBB, Catherine, his beloved and loving wife, died December 14, 1921, (with John) aged 92 years
ROBB, Hugh, our dear brother, who departed this life, Sept. 14, 19?? (worn and water stained), aged 64 years; erected by his loving brothers and sisters
ROBB, John, my dear husband, who departed this life February 16, 1915, aged 96 years (with Catherine)
ROBB, Keith Alphonsus, brother, died 13 April 1935, aged 18 (with Margaret and William); erected by Mavis
ROBB, Margaret Maria, died 13 Aug. 1954, aged 73 (with William and Keith)
ROBB, William Henry, died 18 June 1942, aged 69 (with Margaret and Keith)
ROSE, Henry, born at Stockport, Cheshire, England, 24 December 1820, died at Tomakin 4 July 1900
ROSE, Joseph, F., 1876 - 1964
RUSSELL, Edward William, 12.5.1920 - 26.1.1998 (with Madeline)
RUSSELL, Madeline, 1.8.1924 - 25.5.1983 (with Edward)

SEBBENS, Albert Edward, died 20.9.1966, aged 63 yrs
SEBBENS, Alfred James, died 13 February 1962, aged 78
SEBBENS, Clyde, died 29 September 1962, aged 60 years
SEBBENS, Esther Eliza, died 11 July 1955, aged 83 years
SEBBENS, Henry, our dear father, died 7 May 1933, aged 69 years; erected by his wife and family
SEBBENS, Oswald Henry, died 25 July 1970, aged 71 years
SEBBENS, Reeves James, my dear husband and our father, died 18 October 1982, aged 76 yrs (with Sylvia)
SEBBENS, Sylvia Pearl, (nee Allabin), died 11 June 1990, aged 80 yrs (with Reeves)
SMITH, George, died 1951, aged 95 yrs
SMITH, Keith Henry, born 4.10.35, died 21.2.94, in loving memories from wife, sons, daughters, grandchildren, great grandchildren
SMITH, Rita M., my beloved wife, passed away 7.2.81, aged 66
SMITH, Ross Andrew, born 1.10.67, died 20.8.94, in loving memories from mum, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, great nieces, nephews
SPEERS, Rick, 23.1.1963 - 19.1.1999, aged 35 years, husband of Jenny, loving father of Thomas, Adam, Grace and Sally
STEIN, Mary, died 30 August 1940, aged 28 years
STEPHENS, Muriel Naomi, died 1 December 1961, aged 56 years, my darling; erected by her loving husband (with Stanley)
STEPHENS, Stanley Frederick, died 19 September 1985, aged 9? Years (water stained)
STEWART, Allan, aged 58 yrs, 6.4.74
STUBBS, Florence Elizabeth, died 27.8.1996, aged 79 years (with Henry)
STUBBS, Henry Charles, my dear husband and our father, died 6.1.1985, aged 74 years (with Florence)

TATE, William, died October 14, 1928, aged 70 years
TAYLOR, Phyllis Rita, my dear wife and our mother, died October 21, 1945, aged 36 yrs
THOMSON, Colin, died April 29, 1916, aged 69 years; erected by his loving wife and son, Mary and Colin Thomson
TYE, Frederick George "Digger", died 17.6.1987, aged 54, beloved husband of Robin, father of Robert, Jeffrey, Graham

UNKNOWN, Elizabeth (illegible) weathered

VEITCH, Arnold C., my dear husband and our father, died 12 August 1970, aged 62 yrs
VEITCH, Charlotte, our dear mother, died 19 May 1961, aged 78 years (with Sydney)
VEITCH, Clarence Charles, died 26.12.1996, aged 78, loved father of John and Russell
VEITCH, Clyde, our dear brother and father, called home 7 April 1982, aged 63 yrs
VEITCH, Edna Pearl, who died 11 June 1937, aged 30 years
VEITCH, Elizabeth, beloved wife of James G., died July 20, 1922, aged 63 years
VEITCH, Emily Ashley, died 30 October 1896, aged 3=
VEITCH, George J., died 23.6.1919, aged 41 yrs (with Mary Winley and Mirl* Anderson)
VEITCH, Margaret, passed away 24 February 1966, aged 85 years (with Richard)
VEITCH, Miriam Violet, died 25 July 1932, aged 19 years (with Emily Ingold)
VEITCH, Richard Albert, passed away 4 November 1951, aged 69 years (with Margaret)
VEITCH, Roy, died 29 July 1939, aged 38 years
VEITCH, Sydney, my beloved husband and our father, born Mogo 24.9.1879, died Bateman's Bay 28.5.1957 (with Charlotte)
VEITCH, Sylvester G., died 25 December 1963, aged 42 yrs
VITCH, James Gardiner, our dear father and grandfather, passed away 13 July 1932, aged 76 years (with Elizabeth)

WALKER, Maureen June, 1939 - 1989, [a quote from Baha'i]
WALKER, Ruth Enda (Aunty Ruth), 1918 - 1990, Elder of Yuin people, First woman Baha'I of Umbarra (Black Duck) Token
WALSTER, Phebe*, died 9 June ????, aged 59 years
WHEELER, Ada, our dear mother, aged 90 years, reunited 8 August 1959 (with George)
WHEELER, George Edward, my dear husband and our dear father, Rector of Moruya 1936 - 1951, called to higher service 2 August 1957, aged 77 years (with Ada)
WINDLEY, Charlotte (nee Thompson) 2 January 1906. Died at Benandra Station, Moruya. Interred in the Methodist Cemetery, Mogo.
WINDLEY, Ernest Roy, passed away 13 January 1953; always remembered by his loving wife and children
WINDLEY, James Ernest, died 1.7.61, aged 54 years
WINDLEY, Martha, beloved wife of Ernest, died June 17, 1912, aged 31 years
WINLEY, Arthur, our dear father, died 6 January 1971, aged 92 years (with Ethel)
WINLEY, Ethel, our dear mother, died 13 January 1927, aged 43 years (with Arthur)
WINLEY, Mary J. (nee Veitch), died 21.8.1961, aged 78 yrs (with George Veitch and Mirl* Anderson)
WORMSBECHER, Daphne May, our ever so dearest wife, mum and grandma, 4.8.1931 - 26.12.2001


* spelling as per headstone
### on a wooden cross, copied to our best efforts!
This is a very old cemetery in a wet area so several headstones were difficult to decipher

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