Headstone Transcriptions

Graham - New South Wales

Transcribed by Marylin and Steve Jones

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BERRY, Hannah May, our dear mother, died 31 December 1984, aged 92 years (with Lindsay)
BERRY, Lindsay Jerome, my dear husband and our father, died 1 July 1979, aged 86 years (with Hannah)
BUSH, Wilfred M., 26.10.1910, age 19 days

HUDSON, Ellen Annie, our dear mother, died 23 November 1984, aged 89 years
HUDSON, George Thomas, a dear husband and father, died 19 June 1957, aged 67 years

JOHNS, Ellen, our dear mother, who departed this life 22 September 1899, aged 35 years (with Joseph Webster)

MILLANE, Patrick, who died 10 April 1902, aged 71 years
MURPHY, Denis, died 17 October 1959, aged 91 years; erected by his family
MURPHY, Mary Ann, my dear wife and our mother, died 11 March 1941, aged 64 years
MURPHY, Michael, died 13 August 1986, aged 83 years
MURPHY, Winifred Mary, died 13 July 1918, age 10 years

NEVILLE, Edmund, died June 20, 1910, aged 36 years

O'CONNOR, Cornelius, died 7 August 1943, aged 79 years (with William)
O'CONNOR, John Bede, 18.7.1921 - 31.7.1995, born Boorowa, interred Woden, ACT; erected by his loving wife Clare, sons John and Rodney and families
O'CONNOR, John James, our dear father, died 24 August 1940, aged 71 years (with Sarah)
O'CONNOR, John, died April 18, 1918, aged 83 years; erected by his loving children
O'CONNOR, Lucy Ellen, who passed away 19.5.1968, aged 87 years (with Thomas)
O'CONNOR, Mary Ann, died February 8, 1934, aged 70 years
O'CONNOR, Sarah Jane, our dear mother, died 10 November 1943, aged 62 years (with John)
O'CONNOR, Thomas Edmund, our darling boy, who died 1 September 1917, aged 4 years
O'CONNOR, Thomas Joseph, who passed away 7.9.1954, age 83 years (with Lucy)
O'CONNOR, William, died 25 March 1944, aged 77 years (with Cornelius)
O'LEARY, Bridget, his wife, died 21 October 1900, aged 81 years (with G. and Thomas)
O'LEARY, Christopher, his brother, who died 24 May 1909, aged 65 years (with Herbert)
O'LEARY, G., died 2 June 1895, aged 83 years (with Bridget and Thomas)
O'LEARY, Herbert, who died 19 April 1911, aged 62 years (with Christopher)
O'LEARY, Thomas, their son, died 5 March 1888, aged 32 years (with G. and Bridget)
O'NEILL, Nora, beloved wife of Thomas, who departed this life 1 December 1888, aged 37 years
O'NEILL, Thomas, her husband, died May 27, 1918, aged 70 years (with Nora)

PLATT, Alice Edith, died 19 October 1959, aged 73 yrs (with Richard)
PLATT, Richard, died 10 August 1968, aged 79 yrs (with Alice)

SLIGAR, George, a dear husband and father, died 24 December 1914, aged 41 years
SLIGAR, Infant babies of G. and E. Sligar (no details)
SLIGAR, Mary J., my dear wife, died December 16, 1908, aged 39 years
SMITH, George, died 18 November 1965, aged 54 years

TAYLOR, James, my beloved husband, died July 12, 1919, aged 28 years

WEBSTER, Joseph, our grandfather, who departed this life, 8 January 1916, aged 85 years (with Ellen Johns)

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