Headstone Transcriptions

Frogmore - New South Wales

Transcribed by Marylin and Steve Jones
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BAKER, Louisa. 2 March 1893. 54 years. Daughter of Joseph Weekes and ???. M: George Herbert Baker. Died Frogmore
BAKER, Mary Ann. 5 June 1894. 26 years. Daughter of Alfred Chown and Harriet Jessop. M: ??? Baker. Died Hovell's Creek
BAKER, Matilda Jane Evalina Florence. 6 Mar 1893 aged 11 years. Daughter of George H Baker and Louisa Weekes. Died Frogmore
BAKER, Ruth Minnie. 16 Mar 1893. 7 years 9 months. Daughter of George H Baker and Louisa Weekes. Died Frogmore.
BAKER, Susan Delilah. 23 October 1913. 39 years. Daughter of Alfred Chown and Harriet Jessop. M: ??? Baker. Died Deep Creek, near Frogmore
BAKER, William. 27 Jan 1921. 60 years. Son of George Brougham Baker and Louisa Weekes. Died Forest Creek, near Frogmore
BALES, James. Born abt 1845, died 13 Mar 1882 aged 37 years. (Plaque on headstone of Jenkin Morgan). Son of James and Jane Bales. M: Maria Morgan.
BATKIN, David Jogan. 14 Feb 1892 AGed 3 years 4 months. Son of John Batkin and Martha ???. Died Frogmore
BATKIN, John. 15 Mar 1893. 3 1/2 years. Sn of John Batkin and Johanna Shea (?). Died Frogmore
BATKIN, Martha. 4 Mar 1892. 7 years. Daughter of John Batkin and Johanna Shea (?). Died Frogmore.
BOULDING, Gail Lynette. 12 Apr 1954. (child's grave ?)
BOURKE, John, died May 22, 1881, aged 16 years, son of Michael and Mary (with Michael and William)
BOURKE, Mary, beloved wife of above, died February 17, 1906, aged 63 years (with Michael)
BOURKE, Michael, died February 1, 1884, aged 44 years (with Mary)
BOURKE, Michael, died July 15, 1902, aged 33 years, son of Michael and Mary (with John and William)
BOURKE, William, died December 5, 1903, aged 19 years, son of Michael and Mary (with John and Michael)
BOYD, Caroline, died 26.8.1957, aged 82 years (with John and Harold)
BOYD, Harold, died 12.3.1913, aged 5= years (with John and Caroline)
BOYD, John Alfred, died 13 October 1986, aged 83 years
BOYD, John, died 3.5.1941, aged 89 years (with Caroline and Harold)
BOYD, Thomas Lloyd, died 24 June 1964, aged 26 years
GURNEY, Florence, died 19 June 1932, aged 18 years
GURNEY, James, passed away 5 July 1954, aged 79 yrs (with Rachel)
GURNEY, Rachel, passed away 22 December 1963, aged 77 yrs (with James)
BURNEY, William George, Bill, born 26.5.1910, died 30.4.1995

CAMERON, Johanna, our dear mother, who departed this life, 19 October 1934, aged 59 years
CARNE, John Frederick. 27 Aug 1913. 50 years. Died "Stanford", Frogmore.
CASSELLS, Bridget, died 3 June 1826, aged 80 years; erected by her loving family
CASSELLS, J. M., Gunner, NX35368, 2/9 Field Regiment RAA, 4 January 1994, age 78; loved husband of Heather, father of Frances, Anthony, Mark and Christopher
CASSELLS, Olive Lynda, passsed away 4 May 1981, aged 90 years (with William)
CASSELLS, Vincent Bernard, beloved son of WJJ and OL Cassells, died 6 February 1925, aged 2 years 3 months
CASSELLS, William J., died 10 September 1916, aged 64 years; erected by his loving wife and son
CASSELLS, William John J., died 29 October 1943, aged 57 years (with Olive)
CORCORAN, Agnes Winifred, our dear mother, passed away 13 April 1975, aged 72 years
CORCORAN, Allan Patrick, a devoted husband, father and grandfather, passed away 15 August 1968, aged 71 years
CORCORAN, Baby John, (no details)
CORCORAN, Desmond, passed away 2.5.1997, aged 60 yrs, beloved husband, father and grandfather
CORCORAN, Ellen Josephine (Josie), 7.6.1915 - 26.6.2000, loved mother and mother in law, of Greg and Jann*, loved grandmother of Matthew, Dean and Diana, great-grandmother with Sarah
CORCORAN, Henry, passed away 14.4.1980, aged 71 yrs; erected by his loving wife Irene and family
CORCORAN, Jane, died 25 June 1967, aged 92 years
CORCORAN, Noel, died 7 June 1968, aged 54 years
CORCORAN, Patrick, died 14 February 1933, aged 74 years
CROKER, James, died 12 March 1896, aged 58 years (with Martha Hudson)
CROKER, Kevan*, AIF, loved husband and father, 20.1.1922 - 27.5.1971
CROKER, Paul Andrew, 15.11.54 - 25.10.87, beloved son, brother and uncle
CUMMINGS, Arthur William, died 22 May 1914, aged 32 years (with Mary and Edward)
CUMMINGS, Charolette* Annie, died 4 June 1940, aged 61 yrs (with John)
CUMMINGS, Edward, died 25 January 1892, aged 13 years (with Mary and Arthur)
CUMMINGS, Francis Mark, my son, died 22.8.1922, aged 8 yrs
CUMMINGS, John Leslie, died 5 April 1951, aged 71 yrs (with Charolette*)
CUMMINGS, Mary, died 16 February 1939, aged 91 years (with Edward and Arthur)

DAVIS, Ada Catherine, eighth daughter of William and Annie Davis of Taylor's Flat, who died 28 February 1888, aged 11 years
DAVIS, Annie, died 19 November 1921, aged 77 years; erected by their loving children son and daughters (with John and William)
DAVIS, John, died 27 November 1916, aged 52 years and 5 months (with William and Annie)
DAVIS, William, our dear father, died 3 June 1918, aged 81 years (with John and Annie)
DOWNES, Edmund Thomas, died 10 November 1915, aged 30 years (with Johanna and Thomas)
DOWNES, Gus, our dear brother, died 2 November 1906 (with William)
DOWNES, Johanna, died June 6, 1934, aged 80 years (with Edmund and Thomas)
DOWNES, Thomas, died October 17, 1925, aged 72 years (with Edmund and Johanna)
DOWNES, William, our dear father, died 8 February 1932, (with Gus)
DRENKHAHN, Belinda Grace, died 26.11.1932, aged 34 years (with Mary Short)

GEMMELL, Ellen, our dear mother died 19 July 1943, aged 80 years (with Hugh)
GEMMELL, Hugh, our dear father, died 31 March 1944, aged 82 years (with Ellen)

HEARLEY, Alice Elizabeth Ann, died 21 July 1959, aged 81 years
HEARLEY, Michael Alexander, died 29 April 1965, aged 86 years
HOLMES, Ann, our dear mother, died 27 November 1934, aged 88 years (with Thomas, Robert and Charles)
HOLMES, Bernadette, died 6 December 1959, aged 33 years
HOLMES, Charles, died 3 October 1919, aged 65 years (with Robert, Ann and Thomas)
HOLMES, Mary Frances, died 22.3.1976, aged 75 yrs
HOLMES, Robert Bede, our dear son and brother, died 21 October 1927, aged 42 years (with Charles, Ann and Thomas)
HOLMES, Thomas Albert Allen, died 23 November 1957, aged 69 years
HOLMES, Thomas, died 4 March 1922, aged 73 years; erected by his loving wife and family (with Ann, Robert and Charles))
HUDSON, John, beloved husband of above, died March 4, 1918, aged 80 years (with Mary)
HUDSON, Martha, died 24 August 1881, aged 31 years (with James Croker)
HUDSON, Mary Jane, died December 4, 1917, aged 70 years (with John)

JONES, George Martin, died February 10, 1882, aged 15 months (with John, Mary, Minnie, John and William)
JONES, John, died December 17, 1891, aged 27 years (with John, Mary, Minnie, George and William)
JONES, John, died May 24, 1894, aged 64 years (with Mary, Minnie, George, John and William)
JONES, Mary Ann, died June 1, 1867, aged 7 weeks (with John, Minnie, George, John and William)
JONES, Minnie Agnes, died April 24, 1878, aged 16 months (with John, Mary, George, John and William)
JONES, William Paul, died March 19, 1893, aged 9 years (with John, Mary, Minnie, George and John)

MALONE, Patrick Thomas, died October 17, 1928, aged 86
MURPHY, Charlotte Edith, died 4 October 74, aged 86 (with James and John)
MURPHY, Elizabeth, (no details)
MURPHY, Elsie May, died 9 May 1985, aged 73 years (with John)
MURPHY, Jack, (no details)
MURPHY, James Garth, died 12 July 1924, aged 8 months (with John and Charlotte)
MURPHY, John, died 1 February 1952, aged 71 years (with James and Charlotte)
MURPHY, John, died 3 November 1969, aged 60 years (with Elsie)
MURPHY, Lawrence Vivian, (Viv), died 24.5.78, age 58 yrs, beloved father of Barry, Terry and Judy
MURPHY, Michael, (no details)
MURPHY, William, born 22.6.1908, died 9.2.1995, aged 86 years

O'CONNOR, Anne Jane, died 15 September 1906, aged 74 years; erected by their loving children, James and Kathleen, (with William)
O'CONNOR, Cornelius, our brother, died 23 June 1879, aged 13 years (with Cornelius and Katherine)
O'CONNOR, Cornelius, our uncle, died 29 January 1865, aged 36 years (with Katherine and Cornelius)
O'CONNOR, Eleoner*, our grandmother, died 17 August 1871, aged 79 years (with William)
O'CONNOR, Katherine, our aunt, died 9 January 1912, aged 72 years (with Cornelius and Cornelius)
O'CONNOR, William, our dear father, died 15 June 1912, aged 81 years (with Anne)
O'CONNOR, William, our grandfather, died 22 November 1871, aged 77 years (with Eleoner*)
O'NEILL, Elizabeth Josepha*, died 6 December 1979, aged 88 years (with Henry)
O'NEILL, Henry Joseph, died 25 September 1943, aged 64 years (with Elizabeth)
O'NEILL, Michael Laurence, died 21 September 1911, aged 37 years, Erected by his loving mother

PLATT, Leonard N., died 21 July 1938, aged 36 years
PLATT, Richard, died 10 March 1931, aged 78 years
PLATT, Robert J., died 28 February 1932, aged 39 years

QUINN, Catherine Teresa, died 21 May 1967, aged 86 years
QUINN, John Thomas, died 21 November 1965, aged 74 years

REYNOLDS, George, our beloved father, died January 31, 1925, aged 59 years
REYNOLDS, Joseph, erected by Margaret Reynolds in memory of her beloved sons, died 23 June 1900, aged 28 years (with William and Richard)
REYNOLDS, Margaret, died 14 July 1919, aged 81 years
REYNOLDS, Richard, who died on the 6 August 1880, aged 7 years (with Joesph and William)
REYNOLDS, Walter G., our beloved son, accidentally killed July 1, 1935, aged 28 years
REYNOLDS, William, who died on the 21 February 1889, aged 31 years (with Joseph and Richard)
ROBERTS, Connie, sister, died July 1918, aged 2= years (with Elizabeth)
ROBERTS, Elizabeth Charlotte, our dear mother, died 30 May 1980, aged 93 years (with Connie)
ROBERTS, Hilda Mary Ann, died 10 July 1977, aged 77 years
ROBERTS, James, our dear father, died 31 May 1949, aged 87 years (with Mary)
ROBERTS, Leslie John, my dear husband, accidentally killed 11 May 1953, aged 47 years
ROBERTS, Mary Ann, my dear wife and our mother, died 18 October 1937, aged 69 years (with James)
ROCHFORT, Brigid Mary, died 24 June 1938, aged 67 (with Thomas)
ROCHFORT, Thomas, died 2 April 1941, aged 83 (with Brigid)
RYAN, James, born at Lake George, 15 June 18?? (illegible), died at Frogmore 17 March 1889

SAYWAKER, Mary, died October 6, 1896, aged 84 years (with Philip)
SAYWAKER, Philip, died September 16, 1884, aged 76 years (with Mary)
SHEEDY, Bridget, died July 20, 1880, aged 61 years (with John and John)
SHEEDY, John, died July 7, 1899, aged 81 years (with Bridget and John)
SHEEDY, John, son of above, died December 27, 1884, aged 25 years (with Bridget and John)
SHORT, Hercules, died 13 November 1906, aged 10 years 11 mths (with John and Selina)
SHORT, John, died 18 August 1930, aged 87 years (with Hercules and Selina)
SHORT, Mary, died 17.3.1946, aged 83 years (with Belinda Drenkhahn)
SHORT, Selina M., died 25 October 1899, aged 12 years (with John and Hercules)
SLIGER, Robert Lawrence, died 21 July 1915, aged 5 years
SMART, Rosina, our dear mother, died 9 September 1898, aged 29 years

WEBSTER, Ellen, our dear mother, died 13 June 1898, aged 78 years

* Spelling as per headstone
Concrete plinth, headstone present, plaque removed - 1
Mounds, numerous
These headstones are behind Catholic Church, built 1925

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