Headstone Transcriptions

Bodalla - New South Wales

Transcribed by Marylin and Steve Jones
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AKERS, David George, 6.2.1964 - 22.8.2000

BROCK, Margaret (nee O'Connell), who died October 30, 1888, aged 55 years
BROCK, Robert. Husband of Margaret. who died on 31st March 1905 in Bodalla and is buried in the RC section of Bodalla Cemetery (according to his death certificate).

CALLAGHAN, Eleanor, who died 4 December 1910, aged 42 years
CALLENDER, George Elliott, died 14 April 1984, aged 54 years, always loved Dawn, Ian and Mark
CHAMBERS, Maurice Geddes, 24.12.1889 - 2.3.1951, loving husband of Mabel Maud (with Valma Griffiths)
CONNOLLY, Agnes, beloved wife of John, died August 26, 1923, aged 46 [?] years
CONNOLLY, Agnes, died 20 May 1901, aged 2 weeks (with Jack), beloved children of P and M Connolly
CONNOLLY, Jack, died 29 June 1916, aged 10 years 5 months (with Agnes)
CONNOLLY, Lily Eileen, died 20 March 1991, aged 82 years
CONNOLLY, Peter L., died 31 January 1932, aged 71 years
CONNOLLY, William Bede, died 17 August 1960, aged 64 years
CONNORS, Sarah Jane, our dear mother, passed away 11.7.56, aged 75 years (with William)
CONNORS, William Joseph, our dear father, passed away 5.1.51, aged 77 years (with Sarah)
CUZNER, Matilda Laurel, died 14 April 2005, aged 80 years

DICKENS, N. C., Signalman, NX 150784, Corps of Signals, 22 May 1993, age 76; loved husband of Clare, loved father of Beth, Beryl and families

EVANS, John William (Jack), born 3.1.1921, died 3.4.1991

GAMBLE, Allan Raymond, 24.4.1912 - 10.2.1998, devoted husband and father
GILLIES, Meg, died 28.11.92, aged 62 years, beloved wife of Norman (Toby), loved mother of Athol and Denise and their respective spouses Ingeborg and Robert and their children
GILLIES Norman (Toby) James, died 2.11.96 aged 71 years, loved father of Athol and Denise, and their respective spouses Ingeborg and Robert and their children (with Meg)

HEAD, Gertrude Jessie, died 15 July 1948, aged 73 years
HENRY, Enid, wooden cross, flowers, no details
HERMANS, Antonia Petronella, 30.8.1935 - 7.3.1990, loving wife of Bill, devoted mother, grandmother and great grandmother
HOLLAND, Colin Richard, Kate's brother, 23.7.32 - 14.4.96
HOPKINS, Dulcie Emily, departed this life 13.7.83, age 67
HUTCHINSON, Brian John, 1934 - 2002

JOHNSTONE, Reg, 30.9.1934 - 18.1.1993, much loved husband, dad and farvies; moe mai e to matou hao
JONES, Valerie Lynette, 4.11.1938 - 14.5.1992, daughter of Keith and Dorrie Pike, mother of Kate, Glenn and Vanessa, grandmother of Josh and Zac

KAYESS, Freda Anne &Kate&, wife of Lindsay, mother of Tania, nanna of Kiah and Taylor, 25.3.1929 - 22.3.1996
KAYESS, Lindsay, 4.3.1930 - 28.3.2002, father of Tania, pop to Kiah and Taylor (with &Kate&)
KAYESS, Sydney, 11.9.1925 - 29.3.1992, beloved husband, father and papa
KILMARTIN-DART, Alanna, 30 September 2003

LAWLER, Daniel Bede, 18.8.1909 - 26.11.1978, husband of Jessie, father of John, Kenneth, Margaret and Phillip
LAWLER, John Bede, our father, died 8.9.1964, aged 88 years
LAWLER, J. V., (Vin) Cpl, NX 136927, died 10.7.1979, aged 66 yrs
LAWLER, Marcella Esther, died 29 June 1900, aged 18= years
LAWLER, Peter William, born 22 March 1920, died 21 July 1996, age 76
LAWLER, Rosanna, died 25 August 1947, aged 92 years
LAWLER, Sarah M., died 27 March 1952, aged 73 years

MARLOWE, M., Private, NX 2192, 2/2 Infantry Battalion, 19 June 1994, age 78; loved father of Jim, John, Rex
McDONNELL, Bridget, who departed this life January 26, 1887, aged 25 years
McDOUGALL, Laurel May, 9.10.1920 - 5.2.2001
McGRATH, Catherine, mother of the above ( Eileen), died May 21, 1921, aged 64 years
McGRATH, Eileen Ettie, died 20 May 1914, aged 22 years (with Catherine)
McGRATH, Marie J., passed away 23.11.1983, aged 50 years, our dear mother; + white cross with Joan, born 3.7.1933
McGRATH, Patrick, died 24 November 1932, aged 82 years
McGRATH, Ronald V., a dear husband father and grandpop, passed away 16.11.1979, aged 51 years
McINTYRE, John Alexander, who departed this life 7 September 1943, aged 73 years
McINTYRE, Margaret Ann, who departed this life 22 November 1958, aged 77 years
McLEAN, Catherine, who died August 7, 1836, aged 23 years; erected by William McLean
MURPHY, Stanley Vincent, JP, 1.6.1927 - 8.11.1999

O'TOOLE, Kathleen Mary, (nee Connors), beloved wife and mother, born Ryde NSW, 29.12.1907, died 8.8.1987

PARSONS, Edith M., 1896 to 1987
PECEK, Martin, of Tuross Head, 12.3.1938 - 13.11.1989, aged 51 yrs, beloved partner of Joan
PRESTON, Lorraine, 16.12.1930 - 3.4.2003, dearly loved wife of Jim, beloved mother of Reid and Andrew, much loved grandmother and friend of Jaihya*, Maree and Zachary

RENEKE, Winona Daisy, nee Harman, 21.11.1922 - 9.8.1991, aged 68 years, much loved by Bill, Louise, Julie and Kerry
ROTUMAH, Vicky Lenore, 9.10.1958 - 3.1.1986, loving mother of Nigel and Corey, daughter of Doris and Daniel, special sister of Daniel (Towser), Dierdre, Dennis, Leslie, Janelle, Glenn, Damien and Vanessa (dec); Loving aunty

SMITH, Robert James, born 29.5.1953 - 30.5.1993, beloved father of Kristy, April and Stepdaughter Lisa; loved son and brother; (photo)
SWINBOURNE, Eric, 16.10.1919 - 18.8.1988

UNKNOWN, Elsie Ronald, born 1.4.????, died ????, age 22

VAGG, Allan, who died 27 July 1907, aged 43 years
VALENCI, Frank Joseph, 1.1.1968 - 21.10.2001; dearly loved son of Mika and Marla, cherished brother and friend of Peter and Caroline, Alison and Dave, adored uncle of Harry, Jayme and Gabriella, father of Brianna (photo)
VENDENBURGH, Donald John, 10.9.1913 - 22.2.1989, a beloved husband and father
VENDENBURGH, Dorothy E., (Dot), 28.3.1919 - 7.11.2000, a loving wife, mother and grandmother
VENDENBURGH, Hazel Alma, 73 years, 2.10.1985
VENDENBURGH, Maurice Howard (Dink), husband of Hazel, father of John, 6.12.1914 - 2.10.1998

WELLINGTON, Veronica Violet, 23.3.1950 - 1.5.2001
WESTAWAY, Margaret J., died 18 April 2005, aged 86 years
WHELAN, John, aged 95
WIGHTMAN, Cicely May, eldest daughter of Edward Littlejohn and Cecilia Backhouse, mother of John, died 17 April 1991, aged 87 years; founder of Highfields School, Lindfield
WILKIN, Alex, died tragically, 11.5.03, aged 19 yrs

* spelling as per headstone
(photo) on the headstone

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