Headstone Transcriptions

Baldry - New South Wales

Transcribed by Marylin and Steve Jones
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BARBER, Ivy Lylar*, our. dear daughter, who departed this life 26 March 1909, aged 2 years
BARBER, Kove* Ashley, beloved infant son of Janette and Lawrence, stillborn, June 15, 1980
BARBER, Lawrence Ray, 20 August 1944 - 10 November 2003, loving husband of Janette and adored father of Kove*, Amber and Zarin, cherished son of Ray and Myrtle
BRIEN, Mary Ann, our dear mother, at rest 20 November 1953, aged 69 years

CATHER, Mona Elizabeth, died 9 February 1998, aged 87 years (with Percy) - vase -Nin
CATHER, Percy Roderick, my beloved husband and our father, died 2 November 1983, aged 73 years, vase Pop (with Mona) Edwards, Wendy Jane, nee Heath, died 10.6.90, aged 32, dear wife of Brab*, loving mother of Haidee*, Kylie, Tegan & Danielle

FRANCIS, Adella Ivy, 4 September 1897 - 6 September 1994, sister of William
FRANCIS, Frances N., loved wife of William, dear mother of Ken and Colin, died 26.9.1977, age 79
FRANCIS, William C., loved husband of Francie, father of Ken and Colin, died 20.4. 1990, age 94, Rising Sun symbol Hodges, Aubrey Edwin, died 9.8.95, 79 years, loved brother of Arthur, Kevin, Jack & Lillian, fond uncle to his nieces & nephews

HODGES, Claude Harold, our devoted father, died 29 August 1971, aged 84 years (with Ida)
HODGES, Ida Ada, our devoted mother, died 29 December 1971, aged 86 years (with Claude)
HODGES, James Kevin, (photo) died 2 April 1990, aged 73 years, beloved husband, father and grandfather of Vera, Coralie, Bruce & Beverley
HODGES, Vera Dulcie (photo) died 19 April 1996, aged 77 years, beloved wife, mother and grandmother of Kevin, Coralie, Bruce & Beverley (with James)

JOHNSON, Jean May (nee Paddison), died 10 March 1990, aged 72 years, beloved wife, sister and aunty of Kitch, Vera, Roy and Ernie

LOWE, Edith Annesley Bewper born 20 March 1915, died 1 October 1995
LOWE, John Henry Mordaunt, born 4 April 1912, died 31 August 1998, foot "Yoorooga"
LOWE, Sybella. Marion, died 10.4.2000, aged 92 years Marriott, Joan Eleanor, died 6.9.04, aged 70 years

MAY, Thomas, our dear son, who departed this life 24 March 1904, aged 14 days
MCLEAN, Donald Frederick Harrison, my beloved husband and our father & Grandfather, passed away 20 June 1973, aged 63 years
MCLEAN, Donald Frederick, my dear husband and our loved father, died 14 June 1952, aged 74 years
MCLEAN, Sarah Elizabeth, our dear mother, died 6 October 1968, aged 90 years, foot - Nanna
MCLEAN, W. Norman, husband, father and our pop, born 19 August 1921, died 4 May 1990
MOORE, Erin Kate, died 11 August 1981, aged 9 weeks, beloved infant daughter of Lesley and Warren, loved sister of Clancy and Rebecca
MULLIGAN, Brian Alfred, passed away 23 April 1998, aged 58 years, loving husband of Janet and father of Brett

PADDISON, Eliza, my dear wife and our dear mother, died 19 December 1955, aged 68 years
PADDISON, Herbert Ernest, our dear father, died 25 February 1975, aged 87 years
PATTERSON, Aileen, died 29 January 1902, aged 5 years (with Burley and Jim)
PATTERSON, Bridget M., died 15 January 1947, aged 80 years (with Thomas)
PATTERSON, Burley, died 29 January 1902, aged 3 years (with Aileen and Jim)
PATTERSON, Jim, died 12 April 1905, aged 2 years (with Aileen and Burley)
PATTERSON, P. J.(Joe), Sigr, 4807, 13. Coy, 53rd Batt., killed in action in France, 4 July 1916, aged 33 years
PATTERSON, Thomas Hurley, died 11 July 1887, aged 9 years (with William)
PATTERSON, Thomas, died 9 April 1905, aged 49 years (with Bridget)
PATTERSON, William, died 11 November 1918, aged 14 years (with Thomas Hurley)

WATT, Lanclot* Armitage, died 7 November 1901, aged 4 years
WATT, Norman Charles, 30.8.1928 - 9.11.2002, 76 yrs
WOODHOUSE, Cecil Marriott, died 11 April 1972, aged 57 years (with Myra)
WOODHOUSE, George Arthur, died 29 October 1985, aged 73 years
WOODHOUSE, Myra Louise, died 31 March 2002, aged 85 years (with Cecil)

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