Headstone Transcriptions

Old York Cemetery

Transcribed by Lorraine Larment
From photographs taken by Marylin and Steve Jones

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Lives are commemorated – deaths are recorded – families are reunited – memories are made tangible – and love is undisguised. This is a cemetery.
Communities accord respect, families bestow reverence, historians seek information and our heritage is thereby enriched.
Testimonies of devotion, pride and remembrance are engraved in stone to pay warm tribute to accomplishments and to the life – not the death – of a loved one. The cemetery is homeland for memorials that are a sustaining source of comfort to the living.
A cemetery is a history of people – a record of yesterday and a sanctuary of peace and quiet today. A cemetery exists because every life is worth loving and remembering - - - always.

BRAND , James. died 19 June 1925. 55 years. Farmer. Plot number 304, no headstone.
BURGESS , Lucy Seymour, beloved daughter of Samuel E. and Vittoria J. Burges, who diedApril 25 1867, aged 11 years

CARR , Joseph William, who died 7th Feb 1883, aged 3 years and 4 months
CLIFTON , Caroline, beloved wife of William John Clifton, who departed this life 29thMarch 1886, aged 47 years
CLIFTON , William John, who departed this life 12th April 1885 aged 69 years
COWAN , Elizabeth, wife of Walkinshaw Cowan and her four infant children William, Arthur Ernest, Alexander Alfred, Walkinshaw
CRAIG , James Cornelius, son of Samuel Smale, who died March 15th 1861,aged 11 months. [Headstone no longer on grave]
CRAIG , Samuel Smale, native of Dimfrieshire, who died December 12th 1869, aged 68years

, Sophia, died 19 September 1881, aged 65 years
DONCON , William Edward, the beloved son of Edward and Sarah Doncon, who died May 131883, aged 14 years
DRAPER , Jane, who died Jan 6th 1865, aged 76 years#
DRAPER , Robert, who died July 1st 1863, aged 71 years#
DUPEROUZEL , John Amiable, who died 17th January 1884, aged 17 years

GREGORY , John , who departed this life on the 12 th of May 1866, aged 72 years
GREGORY , Mary, the beloved wife of the above [John Gregory], who departed this life onthe 10 th of October 1857, aged 68 years.

HATHAWAY , John Gordon Goowin. Born 27 November 1838, died 2 September 1930. Husband of Priscilla. [No photograph of headstone]
HUBBLE , Alfred, died 20 April 1887, aged 25 years, Go home dear friends dry up yourtears/You must be here when Christ appears/My debt is paid my grave yousee/Prepare yourself to follow me.
HUBBLE , William Martin, oldest son of Edward and Mary Ann Hubble died 15th Jany 1886,aged 3 years and 3 months, Our angel boy has gone to day/It was so dark he couldnot stay/Our blessed Lord who loved him well/Has taken him to heaven to dwell.

LANGSFORD , Elizabeth, the beloved wife of John, who died 23 d May 1870, aged 55 years,also four infant children of the above
LANGSFORD , Ellen, the dearly loved wife of Edward Langsford, who died on the 26th ofOctober 1888 aged 37 years, And Oh! When in the hour of death, I bow to Thydecree/Jesu, receive my panting breath;/Good Lord, remember me.
LANGSFORD , Maria, wife of John, died 15 th April, 1878, aged 56 years
LOTT , Edward Ernest, born December l0th 1864, died 7th July 1886, aged 21 years and6 months, "Blessed are the pure in heart/For they shall see God"
LOTT , George Henry, born December 27th 1861, died 3rd July 1885, aged 23 years and6 months

MEARES , Ellen Seymour, his [Richard's] most affectionately loved and gentle wife, who departed this life on the 20th January 1854
MEARES , Richard Goldsmith, late Government Resident of York, District Captain in the Second Regiment of Life Guards, who died on the 9th January 1862, aged 82 years

NELLER , Thomas. Born Dec 1843, died 30 July 1892 in train between Beverley and York. Buried York 615/1892 [No headstone]

PARKER , Frederick, who died 1st March 1871, aged 26 years, "Even so, Father; for itseemed good in Thy sight"
PIESSE , Isabella, dearly beloved wife of A. W. Piesse, died Mar 7 th 1884, aged 23years
PIESSE , Raymond, son of above [Isabella and A W], died April 8 th 1884, aged 3 years,We sleep but not for ever/there will be a glorious dawn/we shall meet to part"no never"/on the resurrection morn.
ROSER , Mary Ann - buried Toodyay. [No headstone]

SEABROOK , Violet and Myrtle, twin-daughters of John and Eva Seabrook, born Jan 25th1888, aged 6 weeks.
SEWELL , Anne, his [John's] wife who died 10th Jan 1872, aged 80 years
SEWELL , Frederick, who died 15th August 1888, aged 60 years, Father in Thy graciouskeeping/leave me now Thy servant sleeping
SEWELL , Jessie Souper, the wife of J. E. Sewell, who died on the 14th December 1873,aged 29 years
SEWELL , John, late of Maplestead, Essex. Who died 23rd April 1873, aged 87 years
SMITH , Maria, wife of the above [William] , who died Nov 26 th 1888, aged 78 years, Odeath where is thy sting
SMITH , William, who died Oct 23rd 1879, aged 75 years
STACK , Isabella. d. 23 May 1897, Typhoid. Buried 24 May 1897. 23 years. Isabella had been a singer in many York concerts. No headstone found.
STACK , Mary. d. 9 Aug 1911, Perth. Buried 11 Aug 1911, York. 68 years. Wife of Thomas. Maiden name TUFT. No headstone found.
STACK , Thomas. d. 10 Feb 1896, buried 11 Feb 1896. 60 years. Husband of Mary. Plot number 824. Thomas had been a policeman in Fremantle, Greenough, Dongara and Nannup. Publican in York in the 1890's. Double grave site, in good condition.

WILSON , Hilda, Rose, daughter of the above [Thomas], who died on the 3rd Nov 1874,aged 1 year and 1 month
WILSON , Thomas, who died 1st Feb 1877, aged 38 years
WITTENOOM , Henry, eldest son of the Revd J. B. Wittenoom, who died Feb 16th 1884, aged [blank] years
WITTENOOM , Sarah Elizabeth, wife of Charles Wittenoom of Gwambygine, who died March 3rd1861, aged 25 years
WITTENOOM , James Cornelius. Son of Sarah Elizabeth. 15 Mar 1861 aged 11 months

YORK , Harden Jarvie, died April - 1866, aged 21 months

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