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CLAUGHTON, Bruce. Husband of Lesley, father of Noela, Lynne, Julie and Ross. 28 June 1932 - 22 September 1995.
HARRIES, John Glyn. 27 July 1999.

BROWN , Alexander Horton . 23 December 1911 . Aged 5 months
BROWN , Baby . 4 May +1900 . Aged 24 hours

UTLEY Michael . Drowned at this point December 2010 - Memorial

GRAHAME Robert Archibald. By parents in England and Friends in Burtville . 20 June 1905 . Aged 32 years.

McGREGOR Hugh McLeod. Born Otago New Zealand. Son of Hector and Jessie . 27 December 1879 - 24 April 1912 . Aged years.

SCHROEDER Charles. By wife . 17 October 1910 - . Aged 47 years. Result of accident

HUGHES , Barry . 3 February 1941 - 30 November 2003 . Memorial plaque
KIELY , Liam . 24 April 1979 - 29 March 2006 . Memorial plaque

WHITEHEAD, Stanley Arthur. 8 April 1897 aged 7 months.

Buried at the western edge of Lake Dundas approx 3 miles east of Dundas Rocks near Norseman .

DENNIS, James. Who died through accident on November 14th 1895 Aged 27 years.
There is a site panel near the grave that states "inadvertent tumble down the Lady Mary South vertical shaft."
"Known to suffer from dizzy turns, his mates buried him here." James was a miner.
Buried on the old Cobb and Co Road, 6kms south of Norseman past the slurry pit.

FORBES , Troy Roxleigh . October/November 2005 . Aged 42 years.

MEEKE , David John . October/November 2005 . Aged 37 years.

PATUPIS , Gediminas (Steve) . 22 June 1927 - 12 July 2005

REDWAY Alfred Albert . 1912 1997

ABOTOMEY, Henry Patrick. 1919 - 1979. He was a thorough gentleman. "Sleep well, Bot."

GARDINER, Arthur Bradly. 16 October 1960. He was a good man.

LENNON, Prospector. 14 September 1908.

Lilian STOKES Grave

This could possible be Lillian Stokes who died in 1918

There is no headstone only a clear outline of a grave.
The grave is East of the rabbit proof fence.

MORTON John Duthie. Eldest son of James and Elizabeth. . 20 September 1904 . Aged 23 years. Result of accident

WHITE Alex R 'Nevill'. By his comrades . 29 October 1919 . Aged 35 years. Mine accident

SMITH, James. Drowned at Hamelin, 19 August 1897 aged 40 years
Erected by his friends at Hamelin.

Accidentally drowned in Hamelin Bay after apparently drinking to much of the local illegal brew. - Extract from "More Lonely Graves".

MUSK, Walter.  Died October 1911 aged 60 years.

ELVER , Robert. Named on his brother, Sidney's memorial plaque. I do not have Sidney's burial place.

PRICE , Taylor Jamie. 29 May 2000 - 15 January 2005. Memorial plaque only

John E JONES 14 August 1935
aged 70 years.

Entry in "More Lonely Graves"

Jones, John Ebenezer, died 14 August 1935 aged 70 years at Mt Palmer in the Yilgarn - buried in the Methodist cemetery at Mt Palmer by J Donald and Rev G A Jenkins, in witness of M H White, son-in-law, Mt Palmer.

Mr Jones died of cardiac failure and chronic bronchitis.  He was born in South Australia and had lived in Victoria for 35 years and Western Australia for 25 years.  He married Annie May Groves, and their children were - Gertrude, Ethel, Myrtle, Bertha and Charles,
Author's Note: There are 2 other burials alongside his grave in the Mt Palmer cemetery, but there is no evidence of its being a cemetery.

BROAD , Edward . 5 December 1921

FAWCETT , Robert . 5 December 1921

HORSFIELD , Nathaniel . 24 October 1859 . Aged 66 years.

OGILVIE , Andrew Jamieson . 8 October 1906 . Aged 52 years.


HARBORDT , Ernest. Accidentally killed . 10 February 1899 . Aged 23 years

BREEN , William. 1924. - Lonely grave - near an abandoned copper mine out from Marble Bar.

In memory of
James Henry & Anna Maria NEWTON
and John & Amy Elizabeth Lancaster CONNOR
who settled this property
known as Pretty Gully in 1922

CHOPIN , Alfred . 19 December 1898 - . Aged 23? years.

UNKNOWN , Angel . 1988 - 2002
UNKNOWN , No information on grave

CANUTE , Vivian John . 24 June 1915 - 19 October 1915

WILLOCK , Edward King . 1 October 1990 . Aged 81 years.
WILLOCK , Charled Leonard . 28 December 1902 - 2 June 1989

Rutter Soak - Lonely Grave
RUTTER William - buried 9 July 1894 at Rutter Soak, Cosmo Newbery Hill 130kms north east of Laverton. Aged about 27. He died of Tuberculosis. He was a pioneer of the Murchison Goldfields, and a member of a prospecting expedition from Cue when he died

Williams District
Lonely Graves
Albany Highway, 29km north of Williams on right

MARSH , John 70yr Died and buried on this reserve. Arrived "Sophia" 1850 from Dorset, England. Accompanied by seven of eleven children John and his son-in-law Thadeus Roberts were the original owners of Horses for the Perth to Albany Mail seervices. Erected by his many descendants. 1992the 83 mile tree "Baiting Place" established to provide a change 12 November 1871

Albany Highway, 30km north of Williams on left

HART Patrick "Paddy" 1872
From the book "Lonely Graves" by Yvonne and Kevin COATES :-
"He was a sandalwood carter, who worked in the Kojonup and Williams districts and also the districts further east. On the morning of his death the convoy of sandalwood carters harnessed up their horses as usual and as each team was ready it moved out. For some unknown reason no-one noticed that HART had not pulled out from the camp, and his absence was not discovered until later. A few teamsters returned and ...........they found Paddy dead beside his half-harnessed team."

Williams - Narrogin Road (north side), Williams

GRAINGER Anne Maria Mary Ann (born 22 May 1863, died October 1869), daughter of Henry and Mary Ann, was sent on a message to her uncle's camp and, being a very cold day, she stopped at a fire to warm herself, where her dress caught fire.  Before anyone could reach her she was so badly burned that she died next day; as there were no cemeteries in those days, her father buried her beneath a redgum on the bank of the river about 2 miles east of the homestead. 1869
GRAINGER Mary Ann Mary Ann (nee Longbottom), wife of Henry, was affected by the death of her daughter and two years after Mary's death fell ill so was loaded into a cart and started out for the Beaufort, 40 miles away, where Dr. Brown lived.  As there was no hope for her survival, Mary asked Henry to bring her back to be buried alongside her daughter.

BEHRENBECK , Robert. (erected by FWG Liebe and Klein Bros.) . 23/06/1917 . Aged 64 years.

UNKNOWN , Iron surround - no details .

HIGGINS , Clement Charles . 28 June 1922
HOLMES , Archie . 11 March 1929

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