Headstone Transcriptions


Transcribed by Lorraine Larment
From photographs taken by Pat and Ron

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BOXLAFF, Mary Parkes. 1 August 1945 aged 82.

HAYES, George Hopetown. 26 September 1900 - 22 December 1901. Died of cholera.
HOGAN, Daniel. 31 August 1899 aged 22 years. Crushed by and explosion on the Field's Find Gold mine.

KING, Edward Era (Ned). 31 August 1899 aged 25. Crushed by and explosion on the Field's Find Gold mine.
PAYNE, William. 31 August 1899 aged 36. Crushed by and explosion on the Field's Find Gold mine.

SMITH, Frederick. 31 August 1899 aged 27. Crushed by and explosion on the Field's Find Gold mine.
SMITH, John. 22 September 1900? Aged 55. He was a water carter and committed suicided by strangling himself.

TOBIN, Patrick. 25 December 1941 aged 74. Miner, Innkeeper. Died of heart and lung disease.

WALSHAW / WELSHAW, Robert. 4 January 1927 aged 54. Died of heart failure, and he was a tool sharpener and prospector.

WILKS, Salina Pearl. 17 August 1911 aged 6 weeks. Died from convulsions.

UNKNOWN, Joe. Died 1915. Known as Joe the Pole - Local Character.


Yalgoo, September 1 1899.
The Warden left early this morning for Field's Find, to hold an inquiry touching the accident reported last night. No further accounts are to hand, but Mr. Chandler, who brought the report in, has stated that the explosion occurred in the main shaft on the night of the 31st ult., at 8 o'clock, or just after crib time, when the four men killed were the only miners in the shaft. Nothing wrong was suspected until a volume of smoke came up the shaft, when the driver in charge of the hauling gear attempted to work the cage and found it jammed. Mr. Martin, the underground foreman, hailed the men below, but receiving no reply, went down the shaft to the first plat and saw that the shaft from the plat down was wrecked. He called for volunteers, warning them that they would carry their lives in their hands. Almost all present volunteered to go down and assist to raise the debris to get at their mates. Four single men were ultimately selected, and they and Mr. Martin were let down. They managed to work down to the second plat and there found Daniel Hogan's body, which was terribly mutilated. The bodies of the other men must have been blown to atoms, as even no portions can be identified. The plat is described as being like a shambles. The scene on the dump is indescribable. When Hogan's body was brought to the surface, his two brothers were present, and were frantic with grief. The deceased were all well-known Murchison miners, Wm. Payne being the prospector of Paynesville. King comes from Ballarat, Victoria, Smith hailed from Greenough, and Hogan was a native of Moonta, South Australia. . .

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