Headstone Transcriptions

Mukinbudin Cemetery

Transcribed by Lorraine Larment
From photographs taken by Marylin and Steve Jones

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AITKEN , Edward (Ted) Isaac. 20 December 1939 - 20 October 2000. Husband of Maureen, father of Colleen, Phillip, Gary and Marnie.

BARKER Annette Faye. 1 July 1952 - 1 December 2009. Wife of Lionerl, mother of Michelle, Jason and Clinton.
BASHFORD Wally. 1931 - 2005. Husband of Val, father of Glen, Jeanette, Rory and Paul.
BATES Maureen Lynette. 15 September 1960 aged 2 years.
BECKINGHAM Alfred (Lon). 10 August 1963 aged 58 years. Husband of Gladys, father of Les.
BECKINGHAM Alfred. 1941 aged 55 years. (with wife Jessie)
BECKINGHAM Francis Leonard (Peter). 18 December 1988 aged 79 years. Husband of Dawn. Father of Noel, Leonard, Ruth, Stephen.
BECKINGHAM Gladys. 1 April 1984 aged 91 years. (with husband Alfred)
BECKINGHAM Jessie. 2 August 1958 aged 81 years. (with husband Alfred)
BECKINGHAM William George. 4 March 1975 aged 75 years.
BELL Allan. March 1993 aged 78 years.
BENT George Annesley. 4 August 1954 aged 47 years. Husband of Ethel Bent, father of Dick, Don and Peter.
BENT George, 1 November 1933 - 11 August 2002. Husband of Laurel, father of Maxine and Vernon, Eldest son of George and Ethel.
BLAIR Isabella Blair. 14 June 2002 aged 90 years. Wife of John West Blair, mother of Cathleen and Elizabeth.
BOWRON, Kodey. 13 November 2006 - 5 August 2008.  Dad, Mum, Clare and Kieron. N.B. Date of birth on plaque shows October - correct date is November.
BOYCE Aaron Charles. 1 September 1972.
BRANDIS Dean John. 29 November 1964 aged 19 onths.
BRIERLY Henrietta. 9 April 1906 - 2 July 1985. (with husband (Jack)
BRIERLY Jack M. 6 October 1902 - 13 February 1983. (with wife Henrietta)
BUTCHER Mary Agnes (May) [nee Copeland]. 9 May 1920 - 4 September 2006. Wife of Syd, mother of Beverley, Pauline, Elaine and Rodney.
BUTCHER Mary Jane. 5 December 1975 aged 90 years. Wife of charles John James (decd), mother of Mary, Ern, Sid (decd), Sam (decd), Bill (decd).
BUTCHER Sydney. 20 September 1962 aged 52 years. Husband of May, father of Beverley, Pauyline, Elaine and Rodney.

CALVIN Mary. 19 April 1953 aged 85 years.
CARLTON Hazel. 22 March 1945 aged 26 years. Wife.
CARTER Harold Clifton. 1 May 1960 aged 67 years. Husband of Muriel, father of Roger (decd) and Robert.
CARTER Muriel Clara. Wife of Harold, mother of Roger (decd) and Robert. 31 October 1969 aged 74 years.
CLAMP George. 12 September 1964 aged 78 years. Father and Pa of Dolly, Jack and Robin.
CLAMP Martin. 14 August 1954. (with wife Mary Louisa)
CLAMP Mary Louisa. 29 January 1957 aged 67 years. (with Husband Martin)
CLAMP Minnie Augusta. Wife of George, mother of Vi and Dolly. 12 June 1958 aged 78 years.
CLARK John. "Pilwarren" Wialki. 3 December 1947.
CLEASBY Jack Edward James. Late 2/15 Btn AIF. 8 December 1961 aged 47 years
CLEMENTS Alfred Bertram. 15 May 1981 aged 77 years. Father of Sandra and Ken (with wife Gwendoline)
CLEMENTS Gwendoline Mary. 18 December 1967 aged 55 years.Mother of Sandra and Ken. (with husband Alfred)
CLOHESSY Jessie. Wife of Michael, mother of Pat and James. 15 August 1978 aged 77 years.
COLLINS Roy. 2 June 1939 aged 9 months.
CONGDON Paula Joy. (nee Williams) 19 May 1964 - 20 May 2004. Wife of Mark, mother of Benjamin and Briony.
CONWAY Elizabeth Janet. 3 September 1973 aged 76 years. Mother of Neil, Basil and Jean. (with husband Thomas)
CONWAY Thomas Basil. 28 August 1976 aged 82 years. Father of Neil, Basil and Jean. (with wife Elizabeth)
COOPER Timothy Frank. 17 August 1967 aged 8 days.
COPELAND Agnes Kerr. Wife of Edward, mother of May, Norma, Maurice and Teddy. 20 October 1978 aged 84 years.
COPELAND E. M. (Ted). Husband of Cath, father of Ian, Bronwyn, Desmond and Owen. 24 December 1928 - 28 June 1990.
COPELAND Edward. Husband of Nancy. Father of May, Norma, Maurice and Teddy. 9 November 1959 aged 65 years.
COPELAND Maurice Hood. 29 Februarty 1924 - 30 March 2004. Husband of Mary, father of Karen and Gary.
CRUICKSHANK George Hyden. Younger son of James and Nelly. 9 May 1969
CRUICKSHANK James> Husbande of Nell, father of Andrew, Helen and George. 5 September 1966 aged 84 years.
CRUICKSHANK Nelly Gladys. Wife of James. Mother of Andrew, Helen and George. 10 September 1962 aged 74 years

DAVEY Beatricer Enid (Trixie). Wife of Cyril William (died POW Borneo), daughter of Alfred and Rebecca Draper of East Beverley. Mother of Maureen, grandmother of Collen and Ric, Philip and Noela, Gary and Tracy, Marnie and Ross. 7 July 1909 - 5 June 2002
DAWSON Kathleen Margaret. Wife of Joe, mother of Margaret, Ronald and Alan. 13 February 1922 - 3 November 1999.
DAWSON Olivia (Peta). Wife of Owen, mother of Russtin Jayvis. 1977 - 2003
DENNIS Diana Flavel. 11 June 1958 aged 88 years.
DENNNIS Hamilton Hobart. Brother of Daisy Williams. 4 January 1974 aged 65 years.
DUNCAN Albert. 29 August 1954 aged 68 years.

EDWARDS Jack Leslie. Husband of Jeane, father of Winsome (dec) and Les.
EDWARDS Jeane Arnott. Wife of Jack, mother of Winsome (dec) and Les (dec). 23 May 1985 aged 91 years.
ENGLISH Infant. Stillborn June 1946
ENGLISH Mary Lilian. Wife of Wallace, mother of Patricia, Ralph, Ross, Teresa, Judith and Ruth. 31 March 1915 - 7 February 1984.
ENGLISH Wallace Francis. Husband of Mary, father of Patricia, Ralph, Ross, Teresa, Judith and Ruth. 7 June 1907 - 7 October 1988

FAGAN Patrick Joseph. 8 February 1907 - 18 January 2001. Father of Patrick and Robbie, grandfather of Joanna, Catherine, David, Paddy, friend of Peg.
FOGARTY William Harford. 6 November 1906 - 11 November 1972. Father of John, Wendy, Eleanor, Laurel and Robyn.
FORRESTER Olive Brenda. 1947 - 1988 aged 41 years. Daughter of Ron and Olive, sister of Iris, Margaret, June and Ronnie.
FORRESTER Ron. 31 May 1993 aged 79 years.
FORRESTER Ronald Arthur. 1922 - 1993 aged 71 years. Husband of Olive, father of Olive (dec), Iris, Margaret, June and Ronnie.

GERAGHTY Dudley James. 11 July 1928 - 20 June 2007. Husband of Wilma, father of Peter, Mark, Kim, Grant.
GILLESPIE Arthur James. Husband of Violet. 7 August 1976
GILLESPIE Douglas Harvey. 10 November 1920 - 2001. Husband of Joan, father of Ian-Lee
GILLESPIE Violet. Wife of Arthur. 29 January 1969.
GOFF George. 28 May 1947 aged 59 years
GREEN A. Husband of Ev, father of Coralie and Boy. 30 March 1961 aged 56 years. WX7682, signalman, Corps of Signals.
GREEN Karyn M. Born/died 17 March 1979. Daughter of Jill and Bob, granddaughter of DM and LV Jones, MM and NP Green.

HARBORD Florence Jessie. Wife of Sid (dec), mother of Ron, Pat, Murray, Pauline, Judith. 15 August 1984 aged 70 years.
HARBORD Sidney Frank. Husband of Flo, father of Ron, Pat, Murray, Pauline, Judith. 13 September 1979 aged 75 years.
HERMANS Olivia A. Daughter of Harry and Donelle, sister to Stevie and Astra. 26 April 1981 - 25 August 1981
HIGGINS Francis Hugh. 20 April 1955 aged 78 years

JAMES No details, footplate only
JAMIESON Andrew. September 1985 aged 80 years
JONES Bobby. No other details
JONES Dorothy (Dolly). [nee Clamp]. 11 November 1913 - 14 November 1998. Wife of Jack, mother of Robin. Pioneer of the Mukinbudin District.
JONES Esther Mary. 17 August 1982 aged 87 years. (with husband Herbert)
JONES Evelyn. July 1982 aged 58 years
JONES Frederick Gordon. Husband of Lilian, father of Roy, Ivy (decd), Stan, Keith, gordon, Alan, Joy and Robey. 5 September 1981 aged 84 years.
JONES Herbert Stanley. Husband of Esther, father of Bert and Laurie. 15 May 1955 aged 59 years.
JONES L. G. Husband of Dorothy, father of Robin. 14 June 1981 aged 70 years.WX5796, Sergeant. 2/16 Inf Battalion.
JONES Lillian Margaret. Widow of Frederick Gordon, mother of Roy, Ivy (dec), Stan, Keith, Gordon, Alan, Joy and Robey. 23 May 1908 - 14 August 1988
JONES Olwen Ivy. Daughter of F and L Jones, 22 January 1936 aged 2 1/2 years,

LANCASTER Neil. Only son of Peter and Dawn, brother of Tiffany, Danelle and Hayley, brother in law of Peter and Kim, uncle of Douglas, Andrew, Emily and Samuel. 10 January 1975 - 6 July 1996

MACKINTOSH Clara Maude. 8 April 1967 aged 65 years. Wife of Edward William, mother of Joyce, Jock, Olive, Jean (dec) and Betty (dec). Mother and Auntie of Billy Batty.
MADDOCK Edith Dorothy. 1926 - 2006. Mother of Dawn, Reg, Kay, Kim, grandmother of Gabrielle, Alistair, Verity, Julie, Damen, Sarah, Briella, Michylla, Adam, Hayley, Sharnee, Tammy, Chelsea, Riley, great grandmother of Lily, Cara, Zachary, Benson, Darcy, Phoebe, Emma.
MADDOCK George William. 14 January 1939 aged 75 years. Husband of the late Sophia, father of Norman and Bessie.
MADDOCK Mable Victoria. 14 August 1903 - 27 September 1976. Mother of Syd, Bert, Doreen and Joan. (with Norman George)
MADDOCK Norman George. 5 September 1898 - 19 August 1987. Married Mable at Mukinbudin 4 March 1926. Father of Syd, Bert, Doreen and Joan. Pioneers of Wilgoyne. (with Mable Victoria)
MADDOCK Sydney George. 1926 - 2008. Father of Dawn, Reg, Kay, Kim, grandfather of Gabrielle, Alistair, Verity, Julie, Damen, Sarah, Briella, Michylla, Adam, Hayley, DSharnee, Tammy, Chelsea, Riley, great grandfather of Lily, Cara, Zachary, Benson, Darcy, Phoebe, Emma.
MCINNES Lynley Joy. Wife of George Anthony, mother of Luke, Phillip and Julie. 11 October 1984 aged 39 years.
MCINTYRE John. 18 July 1954 aged 27 years.
MENEY Jacobina. 5 April 1948 aged 70 years. Mother.
MIELL Oscar Strudwick. Husband of Isabel, father of Lynley, Harold, Noelene and Douglas. 3 August 1957 aged 56 years.
MIELL Vera Isabel Walker. Mother of Lynley (dec), Harold, Noelene, Douglas, Gaye and Russell. 2 May 2008 aged 84 years. (with Oscar)
MONDY Albert James. Husband of Nell, father of Jim, Harold (dec), Keith, Margaret and Terry. 19 November 1963 aged 67 years.
MONDY Harold. Infant son of Albert and Nellie, brother of Jim, Keith, Margaret. 11 Nobember 1936 aged 3 weeks.
MONDY Nellie Pauline. Wife of Albert James (dec), mother of Jim, Harold (dec), Keith, Margaret and Terry. 13 December 1980 aged 73 years.
MORTIMER Denis Anthony. 1929 - 2008. Husband to Beth, father to Barbara and Lester.

NICOL Archibald. 19 May 1920 - 7 June 1989. Husband of Jean, father of Barbara, Allan, Graham and Craig, son of Robert and Jean of Wilgoyne.
NICOL Hazel Jean. 6 April 1924 - 15 March 1993. Wife of Arch (dec), mother of Barbara, Allan, Graham and Craig, daughter of Allan and Ellen Jones of Ejanding

OBRIEN Albert Edward. Husband of Pamela, father of Lurline, Samantha and John. 11 April 1976 aged 37 years.

PADDY Charlie. 8 December 1962 aged 70 years
PERRY Arthur. 28 February 1981 aged 78 years. Father of Margaret, Jeanette, Maureen and Max.

PERRY Dorothy. 29 February 1980 aged 73 years. Mother of Margaret, Jeanette, Maureen and Max. (with Arthur)
ROGERS Thomas. Husband of Norma. 19 August 2000 aged 79 years.,

SHADBOLT Albert Lawrence. 30 October 1989 aged 93 years. Father of Albert, Desmond (dec), Amy, Alma, Joan and Patricia. (with wife Ethel)
SHADBOLT Benjamin Robert. Husband of Dorothy, father of Kath and Bob. 22 November 1956 aged 44 years.
SHADBOLT Desmond. 5 September 1944 aged 5 years.
SHADBOLT Dorothy Amelia. Wife of Benjamin. Mother of Kath and Bob. 13 July 1994 aged 87 years.
SHADBOLT Edith Amy. 28 December 2000 aged 92 years. Wife of Harry, mother of Barbara, Margaret, Lynden and Noela,
SHADBOLT Edward Thomas. Eldest son of Edward Ernest and Dorothy Shadbolt. 19 March 1929 - 3 October 1995. Uncle Ted
SHADBOLT Edward. 11 May 1953 aged 89 years. Father of Harold, Ern, William, Albert, Hetty, Ray, Harry, Mabel, Annie, Lily, Daniel, Benjamin and richard. (with wife Emily C)
SHADBOLT Emily Charlotte., 20 August 1951 aged 76 years. Mother of Harold, Ern, William, Albert, Hetty, Ray, Harry, Mabel, Annie, Lily, Daniel, Benjamin and richard. (with husband Edward)
SHADBOLT Ethel. 11 August 1998 aged 89 years. Mother of Albert, Desmond (dec), Amy, Alma, Joan and Patricia. (with husband Albert)
SHADBOLT Harold Douglas. Son of Harold and Vera. 30 March 1946 aged 13 years.
SHADBOLT Henry James. Husband of Edith, father of Barbara, Margaret, Lynden and Noela. 25 June 1983 aged 81 years.
SHADBOLT Joseph Harold. Husband of Vera, father of Isobel, Bill, Joe, Len and Doug (dec). 25 August 1984 aged 92 years. Pioneer of Mukinbudin.
SHADBOLT Phyllis Elizabeth. Wife of Bill, mother of John and Anne-Marie, grandmother of Dylan, Anouska, Joshua, Chay, Eleasha, Claire, Kirsten, Gerard. 17 August 1988 aged 64 years
SHADBOLT Ray. 10 January 1984 aged 83 years. Father of Aileen, Betty and Brian. (with wife Thelma)
SHADBOLT Richard Daniel. Youngest son of Edward and Emily (dec). 2 December 1913 - 5 September 1993
SHADBOLT Thelma. 26 October 2002 aged 94 years. Mother of Aileen, Betty and Brian. (with husband Ray)
SHADBOLT Theresa. January 1979 aged 66 years.
SHADBOLT Vera. 27 February 1996 aged 93 years. A pioneer of Mukinbudin. (with Joseph)
SHADBOLT William Alfred. Husband of Phyl, father of John and Anne-Marie, grandmother of Dylan, Anouska, Joshua, Chay, Eleasha, Claire, Kirsten, Gerard. 26 October 2001 aged 77 years.
SHEEDY, Beverly Kathleen Anne. Wife of George, mother of Michael, Janene, Narelle and Murray. 4 June 1983 aged 40 years.
SHIELDS Adeline Mary. 25 November 1943 aged 74 years.
SHIELDS William John. 3 June 1950 aged 82 years.
SIRR Ada Adeline. 1892 - 1972. Wife of Alfred, mother of Annie, Peter and Robert
SIRR Alfred. June 1969 aged 71 years.
SIRR Alfred. 1897 - 1969. Husband of Ada, father of Annie, Peter, Robert.
SIRR Alma Jean. 25 July 1928 - 20 May 1999. Wife of Peter, mother of Helen, Peter, Robert, Marjorie, Sydney, Donald.
SMITH Stephen William. Son of Clare and Robin. 12 January 1988 - 1 October 1988
SPENCER Eric Wilfred. Husband of Violet May, father of Rodney and John. 19 June 1974 aged 69 years
SPENCER Violet M. (nee Dewar). 10 November 1910 - 7 May 1989. Wife of Eric (dec), mother of John
SPRIGG Florrie. Wife of Wilf, mother of Ruth and Annette. 23 August 1981
SPRIGG R. J. 5718122 Private, 4 Battalion. 21 September 1981 aged 21 years
SPRIGG Sheila Mary (nee Taylor). Wife of Percy, mother of David, Boyd, Stephen, Rod and Gillian. 26 September 1915 - 7 June 1996
SPRIGG Wilfred George. 20 August 1911 - 5 November 2008. (with wife Florrie)
SQUIRE Marjorie A.M.H. 18 April 1906 - 21 September 2003. Wife of Mick (dec), mother of John amd Michael.
SQUIRE Michael Burrow. 27 July 1997 aged 93 years. Husband of Marjorie, father of John and Michael.
STEWART Mary Alice (Molly). 2 June 1902 - 28 December 1986. Wife of Reg, mother of Jocelyn, Maddock,mo father in law of Bert, grandmother ofd Leith, Evan, Olwyn and Bronwyn Maddock.
STEWART Reginald Gale. 5 January 1901 - 15 November 1986. Husband of Molly, father of Jocelyn, Maddock, father in law of Bert, grandfather ofd Leith, Evan, Olwyn and Bronwyn Maddock.

TALLIS Dora Elsie (nee Coppin). Wife of Walter, mother of Anne, June, Maxine, Frances and Brenda. 19 April 1908 - 25 July 2001. A Carling pioneer.
TALLIS Walter George. Husband of Elsie, father of Anne, Jume, Maxine, Frances and Brenda. 13 September 1967 aged 65 years
TAYLOR Cleith Jay. 19 July 1982 - 10 September 1999. Son of Leonie and Mick, brother and mate of Wade and Jarrod
TAYLOR Clifford Edwin. Husband of Joan, father of Malcolm, Anthony and Joanne and pop of 6 grandchildren and the late Cleith. 7 September 1997
TAYLOR Joan Louise. Wife of Clifford, mother of Malcolm, Anthony and Joanne and nan of 7 grandchildren and the late Cleith. 11 June 2004 aged 73 years.
TROMP Fredrika (Rickie). 28 February 1926 - 30 March 2002. Mother of Maria, Frederika, Janette, Geraldine, Leonie and Coralie. (with husband Len)
TROMP Leendert Jan Frans. 8 March 1924 - 19 January 2006. Father of Maria, Fredrika, Janette, Geraldine, Leonie and Coralie. (with wife Rickie)

VENTRIS Rosslyn. 10 December 1963 aged 24 hours

WALTON Thomas. Husband of Wendy, dad of Rowell, Jane, Treena and Sue. 20 Seoptember 1968 aged 37 years
WARMDEAN Gail. 28 August 1957 aged 10 months
WARMDEAN Kaylene Patricia. 30 October 1970 - 8 February 1971
WARMDEAN Yvonne Hazel. 19 October 1938 - 13 September 2000
WARMDEAN ? Gail Mary. 32 September 1956 - 26 June 1969.
WATKINS Alexander Hugh (Tig). Husband of Winsome, father of Robert, Alan, Jean, Frank and Lorna. 6 July 1976 aged 65 years
WATKINS Winsome May. Wife of Alexander Hugh, daughter of Jeane and Jack Edwards, mother of Robert, Alan, Jean, Frank and Lorna. 8 February 1960 aged 34 years
WHITCHER Louisa Margaret. 12 January 1901 - 13 March 1986 aged 85 years. other of Hermina Margaret, mother in law od Laurie. (with husband Robert)
WHITCHER Robert. Husband of Louisa Margaret, father of Hermina Margaret, grandfather of Owen, Laurie, Margaret, Gary, Ronald and Kevin.
WHYTE Alexander. Husband of Mary. 1901 - 1986. Father of Jim, Thelma, Irene and Raymond
WHYTE Mary Neill. Wife of Alexander. 1897 - 1996. Mother of Jim. Thelma, Irene and Raymond
WILLIAMS Desmond Gordon. 1925 - 1981. Father of Christine, Adrienne, Desiree, brother in law of Lil and Beryl. (with wife Dorothy)
WILLIAMS Dorothy Claire. 1927 - 1989. Mother of Christine, Adrienne, Desiree, sister of Lil and Beryl. (with husband Desmond)
WILLIAMS Guy. Son of Bev and Gil, brother ot Tracey and Kylie. 2 June 1971 8 May 1987.
WILLIAMS Harold (Dick) MBE, JP. Freeman of Mukinbudin. Husband of Daisy. 25 November 1979 aged 79 years
WILLIAMS Lavinia Daisy. 30 September 1987 aged 91 years. Wife of Harold, mother of Des, Beth, Barb, Gil, Mal, Val and Marg
WILLIAMS Steven Brenton. Only son of Mal and Joan, brother of Lee and Paula. 18 February 1975 aged 17 years.
WISE L. Mother of Phyl and Bill, grandmother of John and Anne-Mariel 15 March 1967 aged 77 years.
WYMOND Edgar Charles. Husband of Doris, father of Ken, Judy and Brian (decd), grandfather of Stephen. 26 December 1953 aged 67 years.
WYMOND Kenneth. Husband of Judith. 15 April 1976.
WYMOND Doris Priscilla. Wife of Edgar Charles (dec), mother of Kenneth (dec) and Judith, mother in law of Garnet, nanna of Stephen and Bradley. 11 January 1986 aged 89 years.

YATES Dolly. 13 June 1976 aged 74 years. Wife of Steve, mother of Mick, Alf, Dorothy, Marge, Mary, Ron anmd John
YATES Ronald Dennis. 29 January 1941 - 10 April 1993. Husband of Mary, father of Nola, Sharon, Stephen, Rhonda and Kaylene
YATES Steve. 11 December 1964 aged 66 years. Husband of Dolly, dad of Mick, Alf, Dorothy, Marge, Mary, Ron and John
YATES Vicki June. 20 April 1970 - 10 March 1996. Mum, Dad, Michael, Daniel, Suzanne, Julie and Adrian.

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