Headstone Transcriptions

Lennonville Cemetery

Transcribed by Lorraine Larment
From photographs taken by Marylin and Steve Jones

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Warramboo - Reserve 9404
The board and the wrought iron gates that have been placed at the entrance to the Lennonville (Warramboo) Cemetery have been kindly donated by MTF Mine Maintenance Pty Ltd, Mount Magnet - July 2009.
The gates were designed and crafted by Christopher Eastland of Mount Magnet

BATTY . Born Black Hill, Victoria. At age 26 married WJ Batty in St Kilda, Melbourne. daughter of Mary Jane (nee Hughes) and George Christie (farmer). . 18 June 1908 . Aged 42 years

CAMPBELL , Alexander. Died of diphtheria. Son of Sarah (nee Neale) and Dougald Robert (blacksmith) . 26 April 1909 . Aged 4 years
CAMPBELL , Lillias Ada. Daughter of Sarah (nee Neale) and Dougald Robert (blacksmith) . 8 May 1909 . Aged 8 years
CAMPBELL , William James. Son of Sarah (nee Neale) and Dougald Robert (blacksmith) . 25 October 1905 . Aged 6 years

† HARTRICK , Mabel. Wife of Charles . 28 September 1907 . Aged 33 years

MC GEE , Kathleen Agnes. Daughter of Kathleen (nee Brennan) and John (labourer) . 5 February 1908 . Aged 3 weeks
MORTON , John. Son of Elizabeth Ellenor (nee Hutton) and William (engine driver) . 15 May 1905 . Aged 15 hours

ALLEN , George. Son of Ethel May (nee Worth) and Robert Hamilton Allen (contractor) . 31 August 1903 . Aged 5 days
ALLEN , Robert. Son of Ethel May (nee Worth) and Robert Hamilton Allen (contractor) . 8 February 1902 . Aged 12 hours

BETTINI , Giacomo. Died of thirst at Moyagee. Buried by I Varisco of Lennonville . 23 January 1901
BUCKINGHAM , John. Son of Catherine (nee Norton) and Roger (prospector) . 7 January 1900 . Aged 11 months
BUCKINGHAM , William Colvin Dawson. Son of Catherine (nee Norton) and Roger (prospector) . 25 July 1900 . Aged 4 months

CAMPBELL , Donald Robert. Son of Sarah (nee Neale) and Dougald Robert (blacksmith) . 3 March 1903 . Aged 6 weeks
CAMPBELL , John Alfred. Son of Sarah (nee Neale) and Dougald Robert (blacksmith) . 19 April 1903 . Aged 3 months

DAFT , Thomas. Born Captains Flats, NSW. Son of Annie (nee McNerney) and George (miner) . 24 June 1901 . Aged 2 years 1
DAVIES , Caroline. Born Lennonville. Died of Gastro enteritis. Daughter of Caroline (nee Kemp) and John Price Davies (labourer) . 6 April 1901 . Aged 5 months

HUNT , George William. Born at Day Dawn. Died of Asthma and enteritis. Son of Minnie Violet (nee Doyle) and Charles James Louis Hunt (engine driver) . 1 November 1904 . Aged 5 months

MORRISSEY , Joseph John. Son of Mary Jane Morrissey . 16 May 1900 . Aged 8 months

SEGHEZZI , Domenico. Born Dalbi, Italy. Died after falling 40ft down the shaft in the Long Reef Mine. . 18 March 1903 . Aged 26 years
STARLING , Thomas Michael. Son of Mary Jane (nee Kirkup) and Robert (storekeeper) . 15 June 1903 . Aged 4 months

TELLINI , Giovanni (miner). Born Garno, Italy. Son of Mary and Robert . 31 January 1902 . Aged 39 years

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