Headstone Transcriptions

Norfolk Island

Transcribed by Lorraine Larment
from photographs taken by Val Beck.

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ADAMS, Annie Maria. 3 September 1892 - 8 December 1896. Beloved daugter (sic) of Byron and Edith Adams.
ADAMS, Byron. 10 September 1902 aged 55 years. Dearly loved husband of Edith Adams. Accidently (sic) kill’d by a whale.
ANDERSON, Michael, who departed this life on the 23rd of September 1834 aged 21 years.
ANTONE, John. 5 November 1878 aged 31 years. Lat of ship California. By his shipmates.
ATKINSON, John. Aged 57 years. Prisoner of the Crown and Constable at Govt House. Who was drowned on the 5th of February 1840 while fishing for the Commandant. This stone is erected by Major Thos Ryan, 50th Regt to mark his deep sorrow at the sad event. Photograph provided by Fiona

BADCOCK, John. 1807. Hic Jacet (latin for Here Lies)
BAILEY, Clara H. Beloved wife of Herbert and our mother. Born 14 Feb 1883 passed away 7 December 1960
BAILEY, Charles. Beloved husband of Flora and father of Gwen ?????? remainder unreadable.
BAILEY, Herbert. Beloved husband of Sett and our Father. Born 28 June 1871 passed away 8th Aug 1936.
BAIRD, John. Late Private in His Majestys 50th (or Queens Own) Regiment who was accidentally drownd (sic) while on Duty (as one of the Guard) by upsetting of a boat off the harbour on the 1st August 1835 Aged 28 years, leaving a disconsolate widow and infant child to mourn his premature departure.
BALDOCK, Alfred Essex. late Chief Constable of the Island who was unfortunately drowned by the upsetting of a boat in crossing the bar on the 12th April 1848 aged 27.
BARRY, James. Native of Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland. Who departed this life January 6 1844 aged 36 years. Photograph provided by Fiona
, Mary. Beloved wife of Robert Bear. Died 18 September 1904 aged 39 years. Born at Ballarat, Australia.
BEECHEY, Samuel. Born 6 May 1799 died 17 July 1803. Loved son of Samuel and Margaret, bother of Thomas, James and Charles.
BEERS, John. Who died June 21st 1903, faithfuly unto death aged 64 years.
BERGIN, Thomas. Late Private in HM 50th or Queens Own Regiment who was accidentally drownd (sic) while on duty (as one of the Guard) by the upsetting of a boat off the Harbour on the 1st August 1835 aged 23 years. His loss is unversally regretted by his comrades at whose request this stone was erected.
BEST, Captain The Hon John Charles of Her Majesty’s 50th or Queens Own Regt, who was drowned on the 15th of Feby 1840 by the upsetting of a boat in attempting to cross the bar of the harbour. Aged 30 years.
BIDDLECOMBE, Thomas E. Master RN, late of HMS Falcon who departed this life on the 19th January 1867 aged 28 years.
BORGIN, Ann and her Infant Child. The wife and daughter of Corporal Will Borgin 50th Regt, who died the Former on the 8th and the latter on the 17th of March 1838 aged 30 and aged 10 months.
BOSSE, Gwen Rose. Beloved wife of Bill, loved mother of Florrie, Val, Kevin, Derek and Jackie. Passed away 1 December 1989 aged 71 years.
BOSSE, Stanley. Loved brother of Harry, Percy, Bill, Stella and Win. Died 11 September 1980 aged 54 years.
BOSSE, William. Passed away 27 July 2001 aged 85 years, beloved husband of Gwen Rose, father of Florrie, Val, Kevin, Derek and Jackie.
BROWN, John. Who departed this life Sept the 11th 1843 aged 30 years.
BRYAN, James. Native of County Tipperary who departed this life on August 1844.
BUFFETT, Augustus Wentworth. INfant son of Thomas and Louisa Buffet. Who died March 11 1863 aged 1 year and 7 months.
BUFFET, Charles. Infant son of Elizabeth and John Buffet Jun, who died November 23rd 1863 aged 4 months.
BUFFET, Elizabeth. The beloved wife of Mr John Buffet Jun, who died October 10th 1863 aged 37 years.
BUFFETT, David. Native of Pitcairn Island, died Augst 7th 1924 aged 96 years.
BUFFETT, Dinah. Beloved wife of John E Buffett, died June 1920 aged 32 years.
BUFFETT, Dorothy. Native of Pitcairn Island, wife of John Buffet Sen, who died April 23 1863 aged 63 years.
BUFFETT, Fletcher Christian, beloved son of Edward and Victoria Buffett. ?ember 10, ??? remainder undreadable.
BUFFETT, John. Native of Pitcairn Island. Born 21st July 1826 died 234d June 1906.
BUFFETT, John. Infant son of Martha and David Buffett who died April 9th 1872 aged 7 months.
BUFFETT, Louisa. Beloved wife of Thomas Buffett, died Feb 3rd aged 42 years and ? months.
BUFFETT, Martha. Affectionate wife of David Buffett, who departed this life on the 30th day of January 1872 aged 42 years.
BUFFETT, Robert Inskip, son oif Thomas and Louisa Buffett, who died July 15th 1871 aged 18 months
BUFFETT, Victoria L R. Loving wife of Edward Buffett, died 27 August 1892 aged 53 years.
BURKE, Walter. Native of the County Tipperary, who was executed for the Mutiny on this Island September 22 1834 aged 28 years.
BUTLER, John. who was executed on the 22 of September 1834 for the mutiny on this island aged 28 years.
BUTLER, Mary. 2nd Fleet. Arrived Norfolk Island 1790, died here c1812 aged 40. Wife of James Jordan, 3rd fleet Died VDL 1840.

CASSIDY, Mary Anne. A native of Drogheda who departed this life 11th February 1840 aged 36 years. Erected by her affectionate husband, John Cassidy, Sergt of HM 50th Regt.
CHRISTIAN, Andrew. Beloved son of Charles and Charlotte who died May 26 1862 aged 21 years.
CHRISTIAN, Charlotte. Beloved wife of Charles Christian Sr, who died August 16 1883 aged 61 years.
CHRISTIAN, Charles. Native of Pitcairn Island who died May 22 1886 aged 67 years. (beside Charlotte).
CHRISTIAN, Charles Driver. Choirmaster at Pitcairn and here, who departed this life Oct 22nd 1906 aged 77. Erected by his many friends.
CHRISTIAN, George Selwyn. Who died February 1 1889 aged 32 years.
CHRISTIAN, Jacob. Beloved husband of Maria Christian who died Oct 16 1877 aged 44 years.
CHRISTIAN, Lucy. Beloved wife of Charles Driver Christian who died October 13 1904 aged 65 years 4 months.
CHRISTIAN, Patricia Grace "Bebbie". Wife of Nick, mother of Jim, Trudy, Ken and Anne. 18 December 1922 - 9 May 1991.
CHRISTIAN, Peggie, the Loving wife of Fletcher Christain (sic) who died May 13th 1884 aged 64 years.

DALTON, William. Private, HM 99th Regt, drowned 29 Dec 1853 while bathing at Emily Bay, aged 31 years. This stone has been erected by his affectionate comrades.
DENNEEN, Patrick. A native of the County Limerick, Ireland. Who departed this life April 5 AD 1841 aged 40 years.
DEWEY, Minnie Maria (Mops). Of Hastings, England, who passed away 29 February 1960 aged 71 years. (buried between Robert and Percy).
DEWEY, Precy Edwin (Pops). Of Chesthunt, England, who passed away 15th March 1956 aged 81 years. (buried beside Minnie).
DEWEY, Robert Bevan (Bob). of Roydon, England. Who passed away 23 June 1966 aged 56 years.(buried beside Minnie).
DUFFY, John. Lance Corp of HM 99 Regt who departed this life 29th January 1852 aged 34 years. This stone has been erected by the Officers, Non Commd Officers and Privates of the Detachment 99 Regt at Norfolk Island, to mark their regret for the loss of an old and deserving soldier who had gained the good opinion of all who knew him.

EVANS, Richard. Dearly loved son of Andrew and Phoebe Evans, died 14 January 1931 ages 23 years.
EVERETT, George Hart. Born 17 April 1847 died 3 February 1849.

FROST, Walter Rex MBBS FACMA. 20 March 1970, brother of Alan, brother in law of Anne, uncle of Gavin, Stuart, Penny and Candy.

GLENNY, Pat. Native of the County of Limerick who departed this life Sept 22 1894> aged ?9 years. (difficult to read).
GREGORY, Sarah. The exact wording on the grave is ’Here lise the body of Sarah wife of Thom Gregory who departed this life April the 20 1807 aged 67 years. Underneath this stone doth lie as much virtue as cooid die which when alive did w?? give to as much friendship as could.
GUEST, Mary. Born NI, died April 1804. Daughter of George Guest (first fleet) and Mary Bateman (second fleet). Erected by descendants 1988. Mary was born 1 May 1804. Her parents married 5 November 1791 on Norfolk Island. Her mother, Mary, a convict who arrived on the Lady Juliana in 1790

HALES, George. Comander (sic) of the ship General Boyd. Who departed this life August 16 1801 aged 47 years.
HALL, John. Native of the City of Dublin. Who departed this life on the 9th Sept in the year of our Lord 1843 aged 24.
HAMBLY, Mary (nee Springham). Arrived first fleet 26 January 1788 died 18 June 1796. Fellowship of First fleeters 2000.
HEADINGTON, Thos. Who died 13 January 1798 aged 40 years. Dear wife do not grieve nor children shed a tear.
HEARTWELL, P H. Late Assistant Surgeon who died Nov 3rd 1828 aged 45 years. This stone is erected by the Civil Officres of this est as a tribute of respect.
HUNTER, Thos, who departed this life Feb 17 AD 1843 aged 22 years. Native of Belfast Ireland. Affliction sore long time I bore, Physicians were in vain. Till God did think that death should call, and ease me of my pain.

JAYCOCK, Richard. Who was accidentally killed by a fall of earth July24 1838 aged 29.
JORDAN?, James. 3rd Fleet Died VDL 1840. Husband of Mary Butler. (see her plaque).

KNOWLS, Henry. Who was executed on the 22nd of Sept 1834 aged 29 years. Photograph provided by Fiona
KRISMAN, Gustav Adolph. Native of Stettin, Prussia who departed this life on the 7th of October 1860 aged 28 years.

L’HOPITAL, Madeleine. 1860 - 1932. Priez pour elle (fr: pray for her).
LAING, William. Born Scotland 20 January 1833 died 20 August 1915.
LAMBERTS, Fred. Native of Thetford who departed this life 6th February 1842 aged 22 years.
LILLIS, James. HM 99th Regt. who departed this life 8th May 1852 aged 28 years. This stone has been erected by his affectionate comrades.

MACAULIFFE, John. Private 39th Regt. 20 December 1831 aged 25 years.
MACENIS, William. who departed this life July 24 1841 aged 27 years.
MANSFIELD. Michael. Pt in HM XIth Regt of Infantry, who died Sep 13th 1847 from the effects of a fall from a horse the 22 year of his age. This stone was erected by Wm H Thornton, Cap f his Company, as a small mark of his regret for a good and promising young soldier.
MCCOY, Nathaniel. Beloved son of Samuel and Polly McCoy, who died January 27 1868 aged 27 months.
MCCOY, Phillip. Born Pitcairn Island 18 August 1830 died 28 July 1913.
MCCOY, Ruth. Who died Sep 29 1862 aged 34 years. Sister.
MCCOY, Thomas Wyatt. Infant son of Samuel and Polly McCoy who died March 7th 1870 aged 2 years.
MCCOY, Walter. 24 September 1947 aged 37 years. Son of Aunt Liz McCoy and father of ----
MC CULLOCH/MC GULLOCH, William. Who was executed on the 23 of Septer (sic) for the Mutiny on this Island 1854 aged 21 years.
MCLEAN, John, esq. Late Superintendent of Agriculture, who was drowned on the 15th of February 1840 by the upsetting of a boat in attempting to cross the bar of this harbour. Aged 43 years.
MENZIES, George Wilson (aka Simon Menzies). Born Norfolk Island 30 Aug 1898 - date of death unknown.
MENZIES, Georgina. 7 Aug 1916 (Sydney) - 15 Apr 1998.
MOORHOUSE, James. Who died 13 1930, eldest son of Dr Matthew Moorhouse.

NASH, Sath (sic). Who departed this life Feb 18 179? Aged 8 months
NASH, Rob (sic). Who departed this life Feb M??? Aged 0.
NEALE, James. Private in the 4th or Kings Own Regt, who departed this life on the 4th February 1832 aged 32 years. He met with an untimely end by the accidental discharge of a gun while shooting in the woods and was deeply lamented by all who knew him.
NELSON, William Hobson. Beloved Husband of Linda M Nelson. Born at Auckland May 5th 1879 died at NI 13th ??.
NOBBS, Alfred A. Died Sept 26 1906 aged 39 years. A faithful pastor of the Adventist Church - 1895 to ??
NOBBS, Emily Mary. The beloved wife of Alfred A Nobbs who fell asleep Nov 10 1896 aged 44 years 1 month.
NOBBS, Revd George Rawdon Ffrench. Husband of Emily H Nobbs, died 11th Ap[ril 1915 aged 54 years.
NOBBS, Francis Mason. who died 15 June 1909 aged 73 years.
NOBBS, George Hunn. Who was for 55 years the faithful pastor of the Pitcairn and Norfolk Island Community and was taken to his rest on the fifth day of November in the eighty fifth year of his age.
NOBBS, George Rawdon Ffrench. Killed in action at Romani 9th August 1916 aged 20 years. Son of Rev and Mrs Nobbs.
NOBBS, Sarah, beloved wife of George Hunn Nobbs, an affectionate mother who fell asleep on the 5 day of December 1899 in the 91st year of her age.

O’DONOGHUE, Michael. Private soldier XIth Regt who died August 19th 1840 at the early age of 33 years.
O’LOUGHLIN, John. Corp 50 or Queens own Reg. Who was drowned by the upsetting of a boat on the bar on this harbour on the 15th of February 1840 aged 27 years.
OLSSON, Oscar. Our dear father, died 4th November 1939 aged 42 years.
OWLES, John. Arrived first fleet 26 January 1788 died 14 December 1806. Fellowship of first fleeters.

PHELPS, A H. Born 15th August 1838 died 29th October 1890. Pastor and Mrs A H Phelps established the Methodist Church in Norfolk Island, holding the first service on 20th October 1884 under the motto : There's cleansing in the blood.

QUINTAL, Dinah. Widow of Edward Quintal, eldest daughter of John Adams of The Bounty, died 18 January 1864 aged 68 years. A beloved mother.
QUINTAL, Dinah. Beloved wife of John Quintal Senr who died May the 9 1881 aged 56 years.
QUINTAL, Jane A Nobbs, died 21 April 1929. Our dear honoured mother.
QUINTAL, Oliver Macey. Beloved husband of Jemima Quintal. Died 23 February 1927 aged 79 years.
QUINTAL, John. Beloved husband of Dinah Quintal, died 2nd Nov 19?2 ages 92 years.
QUINTAL, Maria. Who died January 12 1889 aged 73 years.
QUINTALL (sic), Jane. Wife of Gregory Quintall, died 7th May 1934 aged 74 years.
QUINTALL (sic), John T. Beloved husband of Jane A Quintall died 28 April 1907 aged 66 years. Dear Father.

REARDON, Bartholomew. Arrived 26 January 1788 died 1 May 1807. Fellowship of First Fleeters, 1997. Arrived NI on Sirius
REARDON, Steven and Daniel. Sons of Bartholomew Reardon. Commemorative Plaque.
ROBINSON, Hannah. Died 24 August 1914 aged 63 years.
ROBINSON, Isaac. Died 19 November 1912 aged 72 years. Buried at sea. (commemorated on Hannah's headstone).
ROGERS, Jane. The wife of Private Robert Rogers, 50th Reg, who died 15 December 1837 aged 36 years.
ROSE, George C. 1903 - 1943.
ROSSITER, William Franks. Eldest son of Thomas and Charlotte Rossiter, who died 1st March 18?8 aged 28 years.
RUDFORD, Jane. The beloved wife of George Rudford, private of HM 99th Regt who departed this life 17 May 1850 aged 26 years. This stone has been erected by her affectionate husband.

SAVAGE, William. Private. Remainder unreadable.
SELLHEIM, Susan Henrietta. Widow of Major General Sellheim, died 9 October 1944.
SELLHEIM, Victor, CBCMG. Major General. Permanent Staff, Australian Military Forces for 30 years. Adjutant-General 1917-1927 (2nd Military Member). Member of the Council of Defence. Served in the South African and the Great War. Administrator of Norfolk Island Jan 1927-Jan 1928. Born at Sydney 12 May 1866, died 25th January 1928 aged 62 years.
SHERIDAN, Bartholemew. Private, late of Her Majestys 50th or Queens own Regt. Who departed this life 15th August 1840 aged 32 years.
SHARP, John. Native of the County Dublin, who was accidentally drowned when fishing aged 28 years 1841.
SHEERS, Mary. (nee Smith). Arrived first fleet 26 January 1788 died 9 December 1792. Fellowship of first fleeters 2000.
SMITH, Stephen. Aged 40. Native of Dublin. Free overseer at NOrfolk Island, who was barbarously murdered by a body of prisoners on the 1st of July 1840 whilst in the execution of his duty at the Settlement Cookhouse. Leaving a wife and three children to lament his loss.

TANDY, William. Late private soldier in Her Majestys Regt who after many years faithful servitude to Major Arn?? of the same corps, was accidentally drowned bathing in Emily Bay, Dec 1815 in the 28 years.
THORBY, Elizabeth. Who died May 17, 1793 aged 30 years
THORBY, William. Died May 7, 1794 aged 1 year
THORBY, Elizabeth. Who died May 17, 1793 aged 30 years
THORBY, William. Died May 7, 1794 aged 1 year
THOMPSON, Mary. Beloved wife of Private Thomas Thompson of HM XIth Regiment of foot who died August 10th 1846 aged 44 years.
TURNER, Charles. Aged 20 years. Private of Her Majesty's 99th Regt of Foot, who was accidentally drowned when fishing at Rope Rock on the 1st of October 1850.

WADE, Joseph. Private of the XIth Reg of Infantry who departed this life October 2nd 1847 aged 23 years.
WARREN, Frank A. Native of Providence, Rhode Island, USA. Who was brutally murdered by a Greek miscreant on board AM ship Hope, August 11 1861 in the eighteenth year of his age. Alas! my brother.
WHITING, Peter Arthur. 30 November 1922 - 15 January 1976.
WHITTON, S G. Born 8 November 1865 at Panc???, Madras, India. Died at Norfolk Island 23 July 1942. Son of George Edward Whitton, MB. Brigadier Surgeon Madras.
WINGATE, James. Late Private in His Majestys 50th or Queens Own Regiment who departed this life on the 4 June 1836 aged 40 years. Was 21 years in the above corps, had a good character and his death is regretted by his comrades at whose request this stone is erected.
WRIGHT, Thos Saulsbury. Native of Frodringham, Yorkshire. Who died Feb 7th 1843 aged 105 years.

YORK, Thomas. Private in 4th Kings Own Regt, aged 22 years, who was accidentally shot by a brother soldier on the night of 17th January 1834 while in pursuit of Mutineers engaged with others in a disgraceful attempt against the peace of the settlement on the morning of the 14th of the same month.
YOUNG, Jemima. Who died May 5th 1868 aged 39 years and 6 months.
YOUNG, Katherine Susan. Beloved daughter of John and Louisa E Young, who died 22nd June 1903 aged 14 years.

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